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"A Mouse On The Stairs" Can you tell me who sang I saw A mouse on the stairs ---- with cloggs on going clipclappty clap -----
Is it a lot to ask if you know all the song
I saw a mouse – where? There on the stair .... is the chorus to ...

(Dicks / Rudge)
sung by Ronnie Hilton

A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam
A windmill with a mouse in and he wasn’t grousin’
He sang every morning “How lucky I am
Living in a windmill in old Amsterdam”.
<< CHORUS >>
<< I saw a mouse – where? There on the stair
Where on the stair? Right there
A little mouse with clogs on – well, I declare
Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair - oh yeah >>

This mouse, he got lonesome, he took him a wife
A windmill with mice in, it’s hardly surprisin’
She sang every morning “How lucky I am
Living in a windmill in old Amsterdam”
First they had triplets and then they had quins
A windmill with quins in, triplets and twins in
They sang every morning “How lucky we are
Living in a windmill in Amsterdam – ya”
The daughters got married and so did the sons
The windmill had christenings when no one was listening
They all sang in chorus “How lucky we am
Living in a windmill in old Amsterdam”
A mouse lived in a windmill, so snug and so nice
There’s nobody there now but a whole load of mice
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thankyou for your site. Do you know who the musicians were who accompanied Ronnie Hilton on this track? The song was excellently performed.
Ronnie Hilton recorded his records first few with EMI, but from then on, through the 50's and 60s, all on HMV at Abbey Road Studios, he was accompanied by conductor/arrangers Frank Cordell and Harry Robinson and their respective orchestras. Ronnie didn't have his "own regular band", when on his radio shows etc .. he was backed by the Northern Dance Orchestra.
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Who is this Ronnie Hilton anyway?
Ronnie Hilton was a UK singer who came to fame in the 50's. His real name was Adrian Hill and he was born in Hull, UK. on 26th January 1926. He was a singer song writer and wrote many anthems for Leeds United Football Club. He performed on 3 Royal Variety Performances and also DJ'd on radio. He sadly died February 21 2001 at the age of 75. further reading on the two links below
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hiya, would like to download a backing track for ronnie hiltons song "a windmill in old amsterdam" by dicks and rudy can anybody help please . have got lyrics just need the backing track many thanks
You can get just the backing from the below link.. It plays automatically when you open the page ~ save it to your PC

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Hi, where can I download "A Windmill From Old Amsterdam" from???
you can download it free from SoulSeek .. But why not buy it??
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Thanks for the words, has your band got the tabs or music to A windmill in old Amsterdam?

No sorry they haven't .. But you can find the sheet music of A Windmill In Old Amsterdam available on this link http://www.sheetmusicwarehouse.co.uk/details.php?ref=3925
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What has Leeds got to do with windmills and amsterdam, it is a musical question! HELP
Ronnie Hilton who sang "Windmills In Old Amsterdam" was a huge Leeds United fan and wrote many anthems for the Leeds United Football Club.
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I have been looking for info on “A windmill in old Amsterdam” and came across your excellent site. I have been looking for an animation of clog wearing mice, perhaps dancing on a stair, but haven’t yet tracked one down. Do you know of such a link?
Is this a wind up!! LOL!!
Well here are some mice
with clogs on and dancing on animated stairs!!

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