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July 1st:
1935 . . Benny Goodman and his band recorded the "King Porter Stomp".
1956 . . Elvis Presley appears on US Steve Allen Shown in black-tailed suit singing Hound Dog to a basset hound. Presley is instructed not to dance, and cameras shoot him from the waist up only, following complaints about his 'suggestiveness'
1963 . . Del Shannon's version of the Beatles' "From Me to You," which he'd learned while touring with them in England, becomes the first Lennon-McCartney song to make the U.S. singles chart, reaching #77.
1969 . . Sam Phillips sells Sun Records for undisclosed sum to Nashville mogul Shelby Singleton
1969 . . John Lennon, Yoko Ono and family were involved in a car accident in Golspie, Scotland. Both John and Yoko needed hospital treatment. Lennon, later had the car crushed into a cube and exhibited it on his lawn at Tittenhurst Park
1973 . . "Jesus Christ Superstar" closed in New York City after 720 performances on Broadway.
1983 . . Bon Jovi signed to Phonogram's Mercury records.
1989 . . The video for "If I Could Turn Back Time" takes place on board the battleship USS Missouri, where Cher, in her memorable, very revealing one peice black bathing suit, sings to a large group of sailors, while the ship was stationed at the former Long Beach Naval Shipyard at Pier D along with the crew.
2001 . . Rolling Stone Ron Wood was commissioned to paint a group portrait of diners who are regulars at the West End London restaurant The Ivy. Elton John and Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant were two pop stars to be included in the portrait.
2002 . . Six postage stamps designed by Sir Paul McCartney went on sale in The Isle Of Man. With proceeds from their sale going to the Adopt-A- Minefield charity.
2007 . . Concert for Diana takes place at Wembley Stadium in London. Performers include Duran Duran, Elton John, Fergie, Joss Stone, Kanye West, Nelly Furtado, Rod Stewart, and Tom Jones.

July 2nd:
1956 . . John Burnette Trio begin sessions at Owen Bradley's Barn Studios in Nashville. Oh Baby Babe and Long Train Kept a'Rollin' result
1962 . . Jimi Hendrix was honourably discharged from the 101st Airborne Paratroopers, after breaking his ankle during his 26th and final parachute jump.
1963 . . UK record companies increased the price of records, making singles 6 shillings and 8pence ($0.93) and albums £1.12 shillings, ($4.48).
1969 . . Bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchel quit the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
1973 . . Roxy Music's synthesiser player Brian Eno quit after personality clashes with the bands singer Bryan Ferry.
1976 . . Benjamin Britten is created Baron Britten of Aldeburgh in the County of Suffolk, less than six months before his death.
1980 . . Bob Weir and Mickey Hart from The Grateful Dead were arrested on suspicion of starting a riot at the San Diego Sports Arena after they tried to interfere in a drugs bust.
1982 . . Nicky Headon of The Clash was remanded on bail, charged with stealing a bus stop worth £30 from London's Fulham Road.
1990 . . Representatives of the Italian Catholic Church, angry about Madonna's alleged inappropiate use of crucifixes and sacred symbols,succeed in their attempt to halt her concerts in Rome
1991 . . Guns 'n' Roses' Axl Rose, sparked a riot during a concert outside of St. Louis when he jumped off the stage and attacked a fan who was videotaping the concert. 60 people were hurt.
2005 . . MTV and VH1 aired the eight hours of the Live 8 concerts. The performances, featuring artists U2, Coldplay, Madonna, Dave Matthews Band, Jay-Z and Destiny's Child among many others, were held in eight cities around the world to raise awareness of poverty in Africa.

July 3rd:
1950 . . West Indian jazz and classical pianist Hazel Scott premiered with her own TV show, The Hazel Scott Show, on the DuMont Television Network which made her the first coloured lady in the US to have her own TV show.
1957 . .
Ray Charles's first LP, Ray Charles, is released on Atlantic.
1969 . . Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones drowned in his swimming pool under mysterious circumstances at his home, Cotchford Farm, Hartfield, East Sussex.
1971 . . Doors singer Jim Morrison was found dead in a bathtub in Paris, the cause of death was given as a heart attack. On the 25th anniversary of his death an estimated 15, 000 fans gathered at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris to pay their respects.
1973 . . David Bowie 'retires' his stage persona Ziggy Stardust in front of a shocked audience at the Hammersmith Odeon at the end of his 60-date British tour.
1975 . . Lead singer from Three Dog Night Chuck Negron was arrested at his Louisville hotel room on the opening night of the bands tour and charged with possession of cocaine.
1976 . . Brian Wilson returns to stage for first time in twelve years at a Beach Boys concert in front of 74,000 people at Anaheim.
1981 . . Remaining Doors join hundreds of fans in a graveside tribute to Jim Morrison at Pere Lachaire Cemetery, Paris.
1995 . . Courtney Love's request to spread the ashes of late husband Kurt Cobain is turned down by Lake View Cemetery in Seattle.
2002 . . session violinist Bobby Valentino serenaded a High Court judge during a copyright battle worth an estimated £100,000. The case was over the rights to The Bluebells version of 'Young At Heart.' Bobby Valentino won his case as joint owner of the song.
2002 . . Sony/ATV Publishing announced it would buy a country music catalog from Gaylord Entertainment for $157 million.
2008 . . Opening of the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, London, UK

July 4th:
1952 . . Vera Lynn scores first British No. 1 in the US with Auf Wiedersehn Sweetheart
1964 . . All 5 members of The Rolling Stones appeared as judges on 'Juke Box Dury', this was the only time the show ever had five panellists rather than four.
1968 . . Elvis Presley donated a Rolls Royce to a Hollywood women's charity, which raised $35,000.
1973 . . Don Powell, drummer with Slade, is badly hurt in the car crash that killed his girlfriend Angela Morris.
1977 . . Bass player Gary Valentine quit Blondie, citing 'artistic integrity', as the cause of his departure.
1980 . . Beach Boys give a free concert to half a million people in Washington DC, the first of a series of Independence Day concerts.
1982 . . Ozzy Osbourne married his manager, Sharon Arden.
1992 . . John Phillips ex of Mamas And The Papas received a liver transplant at the Los Angeles Medical Centre
2000 . . A man fell 80 feet to his death during a Metallica concert at Raven Stadium, Baltimore.
2002 . . George Michael took part in a live phone interview on US news channel CNN, defending his new single 'Shoot The Dog'. Americans were upset by the controversial video, which had President Bush in bed with Tony Blair.

July 5th:
1954 . . Working together for the first time in a recording studio with Scotty Moore and Bill Black, Elvis Presley fools around during a break with an up-tempo version of 'That's All Right.' Producer Sam Phillips had them repeat the jam and records it. It became Presley's first release on Sun Records.
1956 . . Billie Holliday's autobiography, Lady Sings the Blues, published by Doubleday in New York
1968 . . Bill Graham officially converts Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco to Fillmore West
1966 . . On the recommendation of Rolling Stone Keith Richards girlfriend, Chas Chandler of The Animals went to see Jimi Hendrix play at The Cafe Wha in New York. Chandler suggests that Hendrix should come to England.
1969 . . Rolling Stones give free concert in London's Hyde Park to an estimated 250,000 fans
1978 . . The EMI record pressing plant in Britain stopped printing the Rolling Stones album cover for "Some Girls" due to complaints from celebrities, including Lucille Ball who were featured in mock advertisements on the album sleeve.
1999 . . The Eurythmics announced there first world tour for more than 10 years and that all profits would be given to charity. The duo made the announcement from the Greenpeace boat 'Rainbow Warrior' moored on the Thames.
2000 . . Suede's management company sacked their accountants after becoming concerned about financial irregularities. A court order was issued to seize the group's accounts from the last eight years.
2002 . . It was reported that Dr Dre had become the richest music star after earning £62m in the last year, £37m from his own earnings plus £25m from his record label Aftermath.
2002 . . Jimi Hendrix's family won an injuntion against a New York-based music production company from releasing recordings that Hendrix had performed.

July 6th:
1957 . . John Lennon and Paul McCartney were introduced to each other at The Woolton Church Parish Fete where The Quarry Men were appearing.
1961 . . The Liverpool 'Mersey Beat' newspaper was founded.
1964 . . The Beatles' first film, "A Hard Day's Night," premiered in London.
1965 . . The Jefferson Airplane band was formed in San Francisco, CA.
1973 . . Rock band Queen released their debut single, in the UK. ( music & lyrics by their guitarist, Brian May) 'Keep Yourself Alive' . It has since been covered by Mark Boals, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge. Barry Mitchell, was the bassist of Queen at this time.
1975 . . Rolling Stone Keith Richards was arrested by the highway patrol in Arkansas on charges of reckless driving and possessing an offensive weapon, a seven-inch hunting knife.
1976 . . The Damned made their London debut supporting The Sex Pistols at the 100 Club.
1977 . . During a Pink Floyd concert before a crowd of 80,000 at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Bassist Roger Waters having become increasingly irritated by a fan until he exerts his frustration by spitting on him. The incident becomes the catalyst for the group's next album, The Wall.
1999 . . East 17 were dropped by their record company after the bands last album had sold less than 20,000 copies.
2002 . . George Harrison's widow Olivia put the couple's home up for sale for £20m saying she couldn't bear to live with the memories of the attack by schizophrenic Michael Abram who broke into the house in 1999.

July 7th:
1927 . . First British DJ, Christopher Stone, begins broadcasting his record show from BBC Studio, Savoy Hall
1956 . . Johnny Cash made his first appearance on "Grand Ole Opry."
1967 . . The Monkees opened a national tour with Jimi Hendrix as the opening act. Hendrix was dropped after eight shows after being told his act was not suitable for their teenybopper audience.
1968 . . The Yardbirds played their last gig before splitting up when they appeared in Luton.
1979 . . The Boomtown Rats made a personal appearance at the opening of the new Virgin Megastore in London.
1980 . . Led Zeppelin played their last-ever concert when they appeared in West Berlin at the end of a European tour. The set included 'Black Dog', 'Rock and Roll', 'Kashmir', 'Trampled Underfoot' and 'Stairway To Heaven'. They finished the show with 'Whole Lotta Love'.
1989 . . It was announced that for the first time compact discs were out selling vinyl albums.
1999 . . It was reported that to attract young people to their mobile vans UK ice cream sellers would start to play pop hits as music instead of the traditional chimes. Spice Girls and Oasis hits would be the first to be played.
2000 . . Eminem's wife, Kimberly Mathers, was hospitalised after she slit her wrists after her husband's show as part of the 'Up in Smoke Tour' at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.
2000 . . Patsy Kensit confirmed her separation from Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.
2000 . . The BBC imposed an early-evening ban on Robbie Williams' newest video entitled "Rock DJ."

July 8th:
1958 . . The first gold record album was presented by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The award went to the soundtrack "Oklahoma!"
1969 . . Marianne Faithfull took an overdose of barbiturates on the set of the movie "Ned Kelly." She was admitted to a Sydney Hospital, and was later dropped from the movie.
1970 . . The Everly Brothers begin a run of two and a half months on ABC TV (US) as hosts of The Everly Brothers Variety Show
1971 . . A minor riot occurred during a Mott The Hoople gig at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Some fans were injured and two boxes were damaged causing a temporary ban on rock gigs. The group paid £1,467 for damages to property.
1978 . . Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon from The Clash were arrested for being drunk and disorderly after a gig at the Apollo in Glasgow, both were fined.
1981 . . Jerry Lee Lewis seriously ill following stomach operation
1985 . . "Playboy" and "Penthouse" magazines went on sale with nude pictures of Madonna.
1998 . . The Roy Orbison Estate filed a $12 million royalty suit against Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
1998 . . The Daily Mail hailed Billie Piper one of their "Top of the Poppets" as the unknown pop star hit the headlines when she went straight to No. 1 in the charts with "Because We Want To" at just 15 years old. It made Billie the youngest female star to reach the top spot since Helen Shapiro managed the same feat in 1961 with Walkin' Back To Happiness.

1999 . . Take That's ex manager Nigel Martin Smith started a new business, as an undertaker. It was reported that he was unhappy with a service he had used so he decided to buy a local funeral firm in Manchester.
2002 . . Michael Jackson spoke out against the music industry's treatment of artists, alleging that the business was rife with racism. Speaking at a civil rights meeting in New York, Jackson claimed there was a 'conspiracy' among record companies, especially towards black artists.

July 9th:
1954 . . Frank Sinatra makes solo debut on UK chart with 'Young at Heart'
1956 . . Dick Clark made his debut as host of "Bandstand" on a Philadelphia TV station. The name of the show was changed to "American Bandstand" when it went to ABC-TV
1958 . . Johnny Cash signed with Columbia Records.
1966 . . Rod Allen bass player with The Fortunes was taken to hospital after being injured when fans pulled him from the stage during a gig at The Starlight Rooms in Lincoln.
1969 . . John Lennon makes solo debut on UK chart with 'Give Peace a Chance'
1977 . . Elvis Costello quit his day job as a computer operator at Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics factory to become a full time musician.
1989 . . New Edition's production manager was charged with criminal homicide after allegedly shooting the support acts security man after they ran over their stage time.
1995 . . The Grateful Dead give their last concert with leader Jerry Garcia at Chicago's Soldier Field.
1998 . . MTV Networks Europe announced in London the launch of freeform music channel M2 Europe. It was the first TV station to be launched on the internet.
1999 . . Elton John had a pacemaker fitted in an operation at a London hospital following reports about his ill health. Sir Elton was forced to cancel a series of concerts.
2004 . . David Bowie was forced to cancel a string of European shows after emergency heart surgery. The 57 year-old singer had an operation last month in Germany, where he was on tour, to treat "an acutely blocked artery".

July 10th:
1900 . . 'His Master's Voice', was registered with the U.S. Patent Office. The logo of the Victor Recording Company, and later, RCA Victor, shows the dog, Nipper, looking into the horn of a gramophone machine.
1964 . . 200,000 Liverpudlians took to the streets to celebrate The Beatles return to Liverpool for the northern premiere of the groups film 'A Hard Days Night'.
1968 . . The band Nice are banned from the Royal Albert Hall after burning the American flag on stage, in an anti war protest
1968 . . Eric Clapton announced that Cream would break up following a farewell tour.
1969 . . The funeral of Rolling Stone Brian Jones took place at Hatherley Road Parish Church, Cheltenham. Canon Hugh Evan Hopkins read Jones' own epitaph, 'Please don't judge me too harshly'.
1975 . . Cher filed for divorce from Greg Allman, just ten days after the couple had married.
1978 . . Rocker Bill Wyman, of the Rolling Stones was knocked unconscious after falling from the stage during a Stones concert in the US.
1979 . . Chuck Berry was sentenced to four months in prison for income tax evasion.
1989 . . David F Pearsall age 18 from Manchester, New Jersey was charged with theft after stealing a guitar at a concert in Riverfront Park belonging to Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi.
1991 . . U.S. President George Bush presented a National Medal of Art to Roy Acuff.
1997 . . Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders and Lucho Brieva were married.
2002 . . A Scottish group who said they had the name 'Blue' first, took UK boy band Blue to court. Scottish group Blue who had a UK No. 18 hit in 1977 had issued the band with a writ over who had the rights to the name.

July 11th:
1959 . . Joan Baez makes her first recording, a duet with Bob Gibson, at the Newport Folk Festival
1962 . . First transatlantic TV broadcast made via Telstar Satellite. Raymond Baxter commentates from UK. The event is celebrated with a No. 1 for the Tornadoes some months later.
1967 . . Kenny Rogers forms First Edition after leaving the New Christy Minstrels.
1976 . . Andy Gibb married his girlfriend Kim. The couple divorced in 1978
1977 . . The opening night of The Vortex Club, Wardour Street, London with Siouxise, Adam And The Ants, The Slits and Sham 69.
1986 . . Queen headline at Wembley Arena
1992 . . A range of eight 'ties', designed by Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead went on sale in the US. President Bill Clinton bought a set. The collection grossed a million in the US by the end of the year.
1995 . . Mike Mills (R.E.M.) underwent emergency intestinal surgery in Germany. Seven shows of R.E.M.'s European tour had to be cancelled.
2000 . . Lars Ulrich (Metallica) was the first witness to testify at a U.S. Senate hearing over copyright law issues concerning free sharing of music files on Web sites such as Napster and MP3.com.
2000 . . After being sacked 'out of the blue' last year, Richard Ashcroft's ex- manger Jazz Summers issued a writ citing breach of contract for an undisclosed sum said to be 'in excess of £50,000'.
2002 . . The funeral of The Who's bass player John Entwistle took place at a church in The Cotswolds. More than 200 mourners filed into the 12th century church of St Edward in Stow-on-the- Wold.
2010 . . Little Feat's drummer, Richie Hayward's liver cancer seemed in remission and while waiting for a liver transplant, Little Feat played at Vancouver Island Music Festival. Richie was slated to play just a couple of tunes, but once he was sat behind his kit, he bravely finished out the night, played fantastically, filling out that Little Feat sound. He sadly died a month later on Aug 12th.

July 12th:
1954 . . 19 year old Elvis Presley gave in his notice at his day job at The Crown Electric Company and signed a recording contract with Sun Records.
1959 . . Alan Freed began a 13 week Rock & Roll show on ABC-TV.
1961 . . Pat Boone began a 10-day tour of South Africa.
1962 . . The Rolling Stones made their live debut at the Marquee Jazz Club, London, with Dick Taylor on bass and Mick Avory on drums. The band was billed as Mick Jagger and The Rollin' Stones. They were paid £20 for the gig.
1969 . . Half of America's Top 40 AM stations ban the Beatles' new single 'The Ballad of John and Yoko' because of the line 'Christ, you know it ain't easy'
1970 . . Janis Joplin makes concert debut with new group Full Tilt Boogie Band in Louisville, Kentucky
1972 . . First performance of Peter Maxwell Davies's opera Taverner at the Royal Opera House.
1980 . . Ian Paice joins Whitesnake
1986 . . Boy George and singer Marilyn were arrested in London for possession of drugs.
1988 . . Michael Jackson arrived in the UK for his first ever-solo appearances. He performed a total of eight nights to 794,000 people.
1992 . . Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses) was arrested at New York's JFK airport on a warrant from St. Louis, MO. Rose was wanted on charges stemming from a 1991 Guns N' Roses concert.
1996 . . Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain was charged with drug possession after the death of the bands keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin in his New York Hotel room.

July 13th:
1939 . . Frank Sinatra made his recording debut with the Harry James band with the songs "Melancholy Mood" and "From the Bottom of My Heart."
1956 . . Gene Vincent enters UK chart with 'Be Bop A Lula'
1963 . . The Rolling Stones played their first ever gig outside London appearing at The Alcove Club, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire supporting The Hollies.
1965 . . Paul McCartney was presented with five Ivor Novello Awards at a lunch party at The Savoy, London. John Lennon refused to attend; Paul was 40 minutes late after he had forgotten about the engagement.
1973 . . Queen releases their debut album "Queen".
1973 . . 'The Everly Brothers died ten years ago', says Don Everly on the stage of the John Wayne Theatre, Buena Park, California. Just afterwards, brother Phil smashes his guitar and walks off, ending the career of the duo
1976 . . The first issue of UK punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue was published, with features on The Stranglers, Ramones and Blue Oyster Cult. Former bank clerk Mark Perry edited the fanzine.
1990 . . Curtis Mayfield was badly injured after a strong gust of wind blew a lighting rig on him during a outside concert in Brooklyn, New York.
1991 . . Bryan Adams's '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' begins record-breaking sixteen-week run at top of UK chart
1991 . . The Everly Brothers foundation bought 80 acres of land in the brother's hometown, planning to build a theme park and museum in honour of the duo.
1998 . . RealNetworks Inc. rolled out a test version of RealSystem G2. G2 is a streaming video and audio delivery system.
2002 . . Oasis played a version of "My Generation" during their set at T in the Park as a tribute to John Entwistle.

July 14th:
1949 . . English actress and singer Betty Driver's show "A Date with Betty", was first broadcast live from the People's Palace in London's East End.
1967 . .
The Who begin their first US tour as support band to Herman's Hermits.
1969 . . Bob Dylan made a surprise appearance with The Band at the Mississippi River Rock Festival. He performed three songs
1973 . . During a concert at the John Wayne Theatre in Hollywood, California, Phil Everly smashed his guitar and stormed of stage, Don finished the set by himself and announced that The Everly Brothers had split.
1973 . . Ray Davies of The Kinks makes an emotional outburst during a performance at White City Stadium, announcing he is quitting the group. He later withdraws the statement.
1980 . . Allen Klein ex manager of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones began serving a two-month prison sentence for falsifying tax returns.
1980 . . Bryan Ferry collapsed in his hotel room in France and was flown to London suffering from a kidney infection.
1982 . . Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', had it's movie premier in London.
1987 . . Steve Miller got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
1989 . . At The Peach Festival, South Carolina, 432 guitarists broke the world record for the most guitar players appearing in unison for the longest period of time, when they performed 'Louie Louie' for 30 minutes.
1989 . . Cyndi Lauper released the first closed-captioned video. The video was for the song "My First Night Without You."
1995 . . George Michael announces he's settled his long running dispute with Sony and has been released from his contract. He signed a contract with Dreamworks SKG label who allegedly pays Sony $40 million.
1997 . . Walkers Spice Girls Crisps went on sale in the UK, over 16 million bags were sold by the end of the year.

July 15th:
1958 . . John Lennon's mother Julia was killed when she was knocked down by a car.
1966 . . Percy Sledge earns gold disc in the US for 'When a Man Loves a Woman'
1973 . . At the 'The Great Western Express' festival, White City, London, Ray Davies announced that he was leaving The Kinks, saying he was sick of the whole thing and was retiring. After which e walked into the local hospital and collapsed. He returned to the group within the week.
1978 . . Bob Dylan performed before the largest open-air concert audience for a single artist (at the time) at Blackbushe Airport in England. Over 200,000 fans turned out.
1980 . . Linda Ronstadt made her dramatic debut in "The Pirates Of Penzance" at the New York Shakespeare Festival in Central Park.
1989 . . Pink Floyd play to more than 200,000 people in Venice at a free concert.
1998 . . Aerosmith were forced to cancel a forthcoming US tour after Joey Kramer was involved in a freak accident. The drummer's car set on fire and was completely destroyed as he was filling up with petrol. He was admitted to hospital with second-degree burns.
2000 . . a Manchester judge reprimanded Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder after he turned up a day late in court to give evidence. Ryder told the court he had been on a bender. A man was cleared of dangerous driving and assaulting Ryder.
2002 . . A boat captained by Bob Segar won its division in the 78th annual Port Huron-to-Mackinac Island Sailboat Race.
2005 . . Victor Edward Willis, the original policeman in the Village People, was arrested after police found a gun and drugs in his convertible in Daly City, south of San Francisco. Willis also had an outstanding $15,000 felony warrant for possession of narcotics.

July 16th:
1934 . . The NBC Red radio network premiered the musical drama, "Dreams Come True."
1960 . . Hank Ballard and the Midnighters become the first group to place three records at the same time on Hot 100 - 'Poppin' Time, Let's Go Let's Go' and 'The Twist'
1962 . . The Beach Boys signed to Capitol Records in the US.
1966 . . Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker formed the band Cream.
1970 . . Janis Joplin joined Ron "Pigpen" Mckernan onstage at the Euphoria Ballroom in San Rafael with the Grateful Dead to sing his signature "Turn On Your Lovelight".
1972 . . Smokey Robinson made his last appearance with The Miracles at a concert in Washington DC.
1976 . . Allman Brothers go thier seperate ways
1980 . . 'No Nukes' concert film with Bruce Springsteen and Doobie Brothers premieres in New York
1986 . . 'Dollywood', Dolly Parton's theme park opens in Tennessee
1995 . . Rap singer Queen Latifah was the victim of a car-jacking attempt that went wrong, leaving her bodyguard shot and wounded.
1996 . . Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries accepted an undisclosed settlement after a London newspaper reported that she appeared on stage without panties.
2000 . . The Corrs presented a petition to the European Commission demanding legislation to end piracy on the Internet.

July 17th:
1946 . . Child star Petula Clark made her first appearance on British TV, aged 13.
1954 . . The first Newport Jazz Festival was held at the Newport Casino, in Newport, RI.
1961 . . Motown Records released The Supremes' first single, "Buttered Popcorn."
1972 . . A bomb placed under a ramp at the Montreal Forum blows out cones of 30 speakers stored inside one of Rolling Stones' equipment trucks. No one knows who did it or why. 'Why didn't that cat leave a note?' says Mick Jagger
1974 . . Moody Blues open their recording studio in West Hampstead, the first quadraphonic studio in the UK
1979 . . Lead guistist, Gary Moore left Thin Lizzy during a US tour and was replaced by ex Slick & Rich Kids guitarist Midge Ure.
1986 . . Tower Records open their first major UK store, at Piccadilly, London.
1987 . . Rolling Stone, Keith Richards signed a solo deal with Virgin Records.
1995 . . Robbie Williams left Take That. The group had scored six UK No.1 singles with Robbie in the group.
2003 . . Several of Hong Kong's biggest music stars and industry figures were arrested as part of an investigation into corruption in the music industry after allegations that chart positions and music awards had been rigged.
2009 . . Paul McCartney performs 3 sold-out concerts (17 July, 18 & 21) at Citi Field to open the stadium with The Script. Also Billy Joel joined them on the first night.

July 18th:
1953 . . As a gift for his mother, Elvis Presley recorded "My Happiness" and 'That's When Your Heartaches Begin'. It was his first recording, and cost him $4.
1960 . . Hank Ballard and the Midnighters released "The Twist." The song didn't become a hit until later in the year when Chubby Checker covered it.
1970 . . UK's BBC Radio 1 DJ, Kenny Everett, was sacked after he joked on air that the wife of the conservative transport minister Mary Peyton had 'crammed a fiver into the examiner's hand', when taking her driving test'.
1972 . . During a US tour, members from Sly and the Family Stone were arrested after police found two pounds of marijuana in the group's motor home
1974 . . The U.S. Justice Department ordered John Lennon out of the country by September 10. The Immigration and Naturalization Service denied him an extension of his non-immigrant visa because of his guilty plea in England to a 1968 marijuana possession charge.
1978 . . Def Leppard made their live debut at Westfield School, Sheffield, England in front of 150 students.
1988 . . A California appeals court upheld a lower courts' decision to dismiss a case against Ozzy Osbourne and CBS Records. In 1984 a teenager allegedly killed himself after listening to Ozzy's "Suicide Solution."
1992 . . Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were married.
1993 . . Rage Against the Machine protested against the PMRC at Lollapalooza III by standing naked onstage with duct tape covering their mouths and the letters PMRC on their chests. The band used up their 14-minute performance time without playing any songs. The only sound emitted was audio feedback from Tom Morello and Tim Commerford's guitars. The band later played a free show for disappointed fans.
1995 . . The oldest known musical instrument in the world was found in the Indrijca River Valley in Slovenia. The 45,000 year-old relic was a bear bone with four artificial holes along its length.
2000 . . Metallica played in Los Angeles at the House of Blues, CA. The crowd was made up of 1,000 contest winners of the "Blind Date" competition organized by Miller Genuine Draft.

July 19th:
1949 . . Harry Belafonte began recording his first sessions for Capitol Records. They included the songs "They Didn't Believe Me" and "Close Your Eyes."
1958 . . The manager of The Drifters, George Treadwell, sacked the entire group and hired the unknown Ben E King and The Five Crowns as their replacements.
1966 . . Frank Sinatra, at the age of 50, married the 20-year-old actress Mia Farrow.
1974 . . The first Knebworth Concert is held, headling The Allman Brothers Band.
1976 . . Deep Purple announce they are splitting.
1980 . . Billy Joel earned his first gold record with "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me."
1984 . .
The flamboyant American female impersonator, Divine, sang his hit ‘You Think You’re A Man’ on well-known UK music show Top Of The Pops, resulting in a barrage of complaints to the BBC.
1989 . . After large amounts of money were found in his cell, James Brown was moved from a minimum- security prison to a medium security jail.
1991 . . Steven Adler ex drummer with Guns N' Roses, filed a suit in Los Angeles county court alleging that he was fraudulently removed from the group and that the band introduced him to hard drugs.
1995 . . Dr. George Nichopoulous, Elvis Presley's former doctor, loses his medical licence for being "too liberal" in prescribing addicitive drugs.
2001 . . Wu Tang Clan rapper ODB, (Russell Jones), was sentenced to spend between two and four years behind bars after being found guilty of drug possession. He was arrested in July 1999 when police found cocaine and marijuana in his car after he was pulled over for driving through a red light.

July 20th:
1967 . . Jerry Lee Lewis returns to the UK for the first time since 1958.
1968 . . Jane Asher announces that her engagement to Paul McCartney is off.
1974 . . Joey Ramone became the lead vocalist for the Ramones.
1975 . . Guitarist Steve Van Zandt performed for the first time in concert as a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.
1983 . . Prince Charles and Princess Diana attend Mencap charity concert at Dominion Theatre, London. Duran Duran top the bill.
1986 . . Premiere of 'Sid and Nancy', the film about the life of Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, is held at Limelight Club in London
1995 . . Public Enemy member Flavor Flav broke both his arms when he was involved in a motorcycle accident in Milan.
1999 . . Church groups in middle America claimed that pictures of Britney Spears printed in Rolling Stone magazine encouraged child pornography. The shots showed Britney with not many clothes on in her bedroom
2003 . . A tooth said to have been pulled out of Elvis Presley's mouth after an injury, failed to sell on the auction site eBay. The tooth had been put on a 10-day sale with a reserve price of £64,100. The tooth was also accompanied by some of the singer's hair.

July 21st:
1958 . . Pittsburgh radio station WAMP drops 'all rock and roll discs and other raucous tunes' in the 'so-called Top- 40 charts' as part of the anti-Top 40 backlash that also includes KSEL in Lubbock, Texas
1963 . . First real hint of Beatlemania: 4,000 ticketless fans try to gain entry to the band's gig at the Queen's Theatre, Blackpool. The crush is so deep that Beatles are forced to enter via the roof
1983 . . Diana Ross plays free concert in Central Park. Heavy rain forces her off stage early in the set and concert is re-staged the following night.
1990 . . Roger Waters 'The Wall' took place at the Berlin Wall in Potzdamer Platz, Berlin. Over 200.000 people attended and the event was broadcast live throughout the world, Van Morrison, Bryan Adams, Joni Mitchell and others took part.
1990 . . BBC's Radio One apologized to listeners after Madonna repeatedly cursed during a live concert broadcast.
1994 . . Oasis played their first ever American gig as part of the New Music Seminar at Wetlands in New York.
1996 . . The tour bus carrying members of Terrorvision inadvertently ran over sleeping festival fan Daniel Duffy as he lay in his tent breaking his hip.
1999 . . Charley Pride received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was the 2,140th star to be dedicated.
2003 . . Coldplay singer Chris Martin was charged with malicious damage in Australia after he allegedly attacked a photographer's car after he had taken pictures of him surfing at Seven Mile Beach. Martin admitted he had lost his temper due to the constant harassment by that journalist, and consequently smashed his windscreen and let the air out of his tyres.

July 22nd:
1933 . . Caterina Jarboro became the first black prima donna of an opera company. She sang "Aida" at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.
1955 . . UK crooner Michael Holliday made his first TV appearance on The Centre Show, which led him to be signed as a solo artist to EMI's Columbia label.
1965 . . Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Bill Wyman from The Rolling Stones were each fined £5 at East Ham Magistrates Court, London after being found guilty of insulting behaviour at a Romford Road service station. The three had all urinated against a wall.
1967 . . Vanilla Fudge made its concert debut in New York.
1969 . . Aretha Franklin was arrested for disorderly conduct after creating a disturbance in a Detroit parking lot.
1972 . . Paul and Linda McCartney were arrested in Sweden for possession of drugs.
1977 . . Tony Orlando announced his retirement from show business.
1977 . . The BBC Proms is broadcast by BBC Radio 3 for the first time in quadraphonic sound.
1979 . . Little Richard, also known as Reverend Richard Penniman, spoke at a revival meeting in North Richmond, CA. He warned the congregation about the evils of rock & roll music, declaring 'If God can save an old homosexual like me, he can save anybody.'
1985 . . Country singer Dolly Parton announced plans to open a 400 acre theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The name for this new amusement park will be named 'Dollywood'.
1996 . . The parents of a teen-age murder victim sued the band Slayer contending that the band's lyrics were "satanic" and inspired 3 teen-age boys to rape, torture and stab the girl to death.
1997 . . Elton John and Sting are among the mourners at designer Gianni Versace's funeral in Milan. Elton and Sting sang an arrangement of Psalm 23.

July 23rd:
1950 . . "The Gene Autry Show" premiered on CBS-TV
1977 . . Carly Simon hits US chart with James Bond film theme 'Nobody Does It Better', her fourth Top 10 single.
1977 . . Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and group manager, Peter Grant were charged with assault after a fight broke out backstage during a US concert with employees of the promoter Bill Graham. Judas Priest was the support act.
1980 . . Cliff Richard received his OBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
1988 . . After forty-nine weeks on the US album chart, 'Hysteria' by Def Leppard went to the No.1 position.
1992 . . Chicago received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
1993 . . A gunman fired into the New York club Danceteria. Eric Tallman (Erotic Exotic) was injured when the bullet grazed his skull.
1995 . . Two R.E.M. fans died during the bands Dublin's Slane Castle gig. One drowned in the River Boyne and the other was allegedly pushed from a bridge.
1998 . . It was announced that Iron Maiden would have to cancel the remainder of its U.S. tour. The doctor of Blaze Bailey advised him to not sing for one month.
2003 . . The Sun Records studio in Memphis was designated a national historic landmark.
2005 . . Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass gave their final public performance at the Colonnade in Ringgold, GA. Danny was eighty years old at the time. The group performed two shows and received standing ovations for each

July 24th:
1849 . . Georgetown University in Washington, DC. presented its first Doctor of Music Degree. It was given to Professor Henry Dielman.
1938 . . Artie Shaw recorded "Begin the Beguine."
1967 . . All four Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein signed a petition printed in The Times newspaper calling for the legalisation of marijuana.
1978 . . Robert Stigwood's film of 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', starring Bee Gees and Peter Frampton, opens in New York. It flops
1997 . . Police gave Oasis singer Liam Gallagher a formal caution after admitting criminal damage following an incident with a cyclist in Camden, London. Gallagher had grabbed the rider from the window of his chauffeur driven car and broke his Ray- bans.
1998 . . Tanya Tucker filed a $300,000 lawsuit against Capitol Records Nashville. The charge was that the label has willfully neglected her career.
1998 . . Aerosmith announced that they were postponing the first 13 dates of their U.S. tour. Drummer Joey Krammer had received second-degree burns in a gas station fire.
2002 . . A garden centre was sued over claims it killed a collection of the late singer Freddie Mercury's prized koi fish. Mercury's former partner, Mary Austin who inherited the Japanese koi collection claimed 84 fish, one of the best collections of the fish in the UK, died when the electricity powering a temporary pond was accidentally turned off by a worker from Clifton Nurseries, of Maida Vale, West London. One koi can be worth £250,000.

July 25th:
1963 . . Cilla Black made a recording test for EMI Records after George Martin had spotted her while at a Gerry And The Pacemakers gig in Liverpool.
1965 . . Bob Dylan went 'electric' at The Newport folk Festival and was booed off stage after three songs. It was his first ever non-acoustic set.
1969 . . Neil Young made his first appearance with Crosby, Stills and Nash at a concert at New York's Fillmore East. .
1975 . . "A Chorus Line" debuted on Broadway. The show closed in 1990 after 6,137 performances.
1980 . . KISS introduced their new drummer, Eric Carr, at a concert at the Paladium in New York City.
1990 . . Rosanne Barr sang the National Anthem in San Diego before a Padres baseball game. She was booed for her performance.
1992 . . Bruce Springsteen became a father when Patti Sciafa gave birth to a baby boy, Evan James.
1995 . . Nina Simone was put on 18 months probation and ordered to seek psychological counseling. She fired a gun at a pair of noisy teenagers playing next door to her home in southern France.
1999 . . Woodstock Festival 2 ended with riots resulting in 120 people being arrested. Three people died during the 3-day festival in separate incidents and many were hospitalised after drinking polluted water.
2010 . . Emerson, Lake and Palmer played a one-off 40th anniversary concert, headlining the High Voltage Festival event in Victoria Park, London. The entire concert was later released as the double-CD live album "High Voltage".

July 26th:
1939 . . Kay Starr recorded "Baby Me" with Glenn Miller and his orchestra.
1976 . . Led Zeppelin US tour ends early, with sad news of the death of Robert Plant's six year old son, Karac.
1977 . . Elvis Costello was arrested as he performed outside a CBS Records sales conference at The London Hilton Hotel and was fined £5.
1977 . . Led Zeppelin cancels the last seven dates of their American tour after lead singer Robert Plant learns that his six-year-old son Karac has died of a respiratory virus. The show two days before in Oakland proves to be the band's last ever in the United States.
1969 . . Elvis Presley opened his first live engagement in almost eight years, a four week run at the Las Vegas International Hotel. He reportedly netted $1.5m for the shows.
1980 . . Police headline at Milton Keynes Bowl
1984 . . Prince's movie "Purple Rain" premiered in Hollywood, CA.
2000 . . A U.S. federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against Napster, Inc. The injunction had been requested by the Recording Industry of Association of America (RIAA). The website was ordered to cease trade in music covered by RIAA member copyrights by midnight July 28, 2000.
2000 . . Oasis were booed off stage during a show at the Paleo Festival in Switzerland after singer Liam Gallagher had insulted the 35,000 strong audience.
2000 . . The celebrity management company Cassandra left dozens of acts out of pocket when it was rocked by fraud charges, filing for bankruptcy at the Manhattan Bankruptcy Court. Clients included Alanis Morissette, Pish and Afghan Wiggs.

July 27th:
1927 . . BBC broadcaster Christopher Stone, Britain's first ever disc jockey started playing records on air.
1958 . .
fan's of rock & roll music were warned that tuning into music on the car radio can cost you more money. Researchers from the Esso gas company said the rhythm of rock & roll can cause the driver to be foot heavy on the pedal, making them waste fuel.
1968 . . Bee Gee Robin Gibb collapsed, as the group were about to set out on their first US tour, suffering from nervous exhaustion.
1976 . . John Lennon finally had his request for permanent residency in the United States approved.
1976 . . Bruce Springsteen sued his manager Mike Appel for fraud and breach of trust. The case dragged on for a year halting Springsteens career. An out of court settlement was reached the following year.
1979 . . Alice Cooper's Indian art store in Scottsdale, Arizona was hit by a firebomb.
1986 . . Rock band Queen became the first act since Louis Armstrong to play in Budapest, Hungary. The gig was filmed and released as 'Queen Magic in Budapest'.
1987 . . U2 filmed their video 'Where the Streets Have No Name' the rooftop of a building L.A. causing traffic chaos below.
1989 . . Michael Jackson sued the Daily Mirror for libel after they printed a less than flattering colour photo of the ever-changing singer on the front page.
2002 . . Mariah Carey checked herself into an undisclosed hospital suffering from "extreme exhaustion." The singer cancelled all public appearances, including her headlining appearance at MTV's 20th birthday party.

July 28th:
1954 . . The first press interview with 19-year-old Elvis Presley was published in the 'Memphis Press- Scimitar'.
1956 . . Gene Vincent appeared on the Perry Como TV show in the US.
1969 . . Police in Moscow reported that thousands of public phone booths had been vandalised after thieves stole the parts of the phones to convert their acoustic guitars to electric. A feature in a Russian youth magazine had shown details on how to do this.
1970 . . 'Ned Kelly' film, starring Mick Jagger, premieres in Australia
1973 . . The world's biggest-ever rock festival audience gathers at Watkins Glen Festival in New York State. Over 600,000 attend to see The Band, Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead
1991 . . Around 100 arrests were made after an estimated 2,000 Youths rioted after a MC Hammer concert in Penticon, Canada.
1993 . . 10,000 Maniacs play their last show with lead singer Natalie Merchant. Merchant leaves the group to pursue a solo career
1995 . . Jimi Hendrix's father, James Al Hendrix, wins back the rights to his son's name, likeness, image and music.
2003 . . The wine Sir Cliff Richard made from his Algarve estate started a UK supermarket battle. Fans were asking all the stores when the wine would go on sale with the Tesco chain saying they would be the first, but the Waitrose shops had been selling the £8.49 a bottle red for the last week.

July 29th:
1962 . . Bob Dylan makes his first radio appearance on WRUR-FM in New York as part of a 21-hour Hootenany Saturday special.
1966 . . Bob Dylan was seriously injured when he crashed his motorcycle near Woodstock, NY.
1968 . . The Byrds left on their tour of South Africa without Gram Parsons. He had refused to set foot in a country where apartheid was official policy.
1972 . . Screaming Lord Sutch was arrested in London after jumping from a bus in Downing Street with four nude women to publicise forthcoming gigs.
1973 . . $180,000 was stolen from Led Zeppelin's deposit box at the Drake Hotel in New York City, NY.
1975 . . Elvis loaned his friend and personal physician, Dr. George C. Nichopoulos, $200,000 to build a dream home in Memphis.
1980 . . David Bowie opened in the title role of the stage play "Elephant Man" in Denver, Colorado.
1982 . . The Asgard Hotel in Dublin owned by Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott was completely destroyed by fire.
1987 . . Michigan's governor announced an annual "Four Tops Day" honouring the group for its contribution to American music.
1998 . . Miramax Films announced that they had purchased the rights to the Beatle's movie "A Hard Day's Night" with the intention of releasing a remastered version on the movie's 35th anniversary.

July 30th:
1792 . . The French national anthem "La Marseillaise" by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, was first sung in Paris.
1942 . . Frank Sinatra recorded the last of 90 recordings with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra on Victor Records. His last side was 'There are Such Things', which became number one in January of 1943. Sinatra moved on to Columbia Records as a solo singing sensation.
1968 . . The Beatles closed their Apple Boutique in London, giving away all the stock to passers by. The last thing left was a naked female dummy labelled 'For the attention of John Lennon'
1978 . . Thin Lizzy officially announces that Gary Moore has replaced Brian Robertson on guitar.
1986 . . Boy George was fined £250 by a London court for possession of heroin.
1987 . . David Bowie played the first show of his "Glass Spider" tour in Philadelphia,
1991 . . A police officer was forced to tear up a traffic ticket given to the limousine that Axl Rose was travelling in after it made an illegal turn. Rose threatened to pull that nights Guns N' Roses gig if the ticket was issued.
1992 . . Many Motown stars gathered for a memorial service for Mary Wells, who died of cancer at the age of 49. Smokey Robinson sang a medley of Wells' hits.
2000 . . Nine Pearl Jam fans were killed at this years Roskolde festival in Denmark during the bands set. The victims, all men and aged between 17 and 28, were trampled to death close to the stage.
2005 . . A new book published to mark the 35th anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix claimed the guitarist pretended to be gay so he would be discharged from the army. "Room Full of Mirrors" by Charles Cross said army records showed Hendrix was discharged from the 101st Airborne Division aged 19 in 1962 for "homosexual tendencies."
2006 . . The last ever weekly edition of the British television chart show, Top of the Pops, is broadcast.

July 31st:
1845 . . The French Army introduced the saxophone to its military band. The musical instrument was the invention of Adolphe Sax of Belgium.
1964 . . Rolling Stones play Belfast. The concert is stopped after only twelve minutes because of rioting fans.
1967 . . Mick Jagger was sentenced to three months' imprisonment for possession of four amphetamine tablets; Keith Richards was found guilty of allowing cannabis to be smoked on his property and sentenced to one year in prison. Both Jagger and Richards were imprisoned at that point, but were released on bail the next day pending appeal.
1969 . . Making his first live concert since 1961, Elvis Presley played the Las Vegas International Hotel at the start of a four week run, he reportedly netted $1.5million for the shows. On the menu an Elvis special, polk salad with corn muffins and honey.
1971 . . a security guard was stabbed to death during a concert by The Who at New York's Forest Hill Stadium.
1975 . . Irish pop group, Miami Showband, are ambushed and murdered by Protestant gunmen
1979 . . James Taylor played a free concert in New York's Central Park to help the city's campaign to restore the park's Sheep Meadow.
1980 . . Jon Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas was apprehended by FBI narcotics agents for possession of cocaine, he was later sentenced to 250 hours community service giving anti-drug lectures.
2000 . . Eighties pop maestro Mike Stock was declared bankrupt. Mike who was one third of 80's hit factory Stock, Aitken and Waterman had been involved in several court battles over copyright issues.


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