'Scuse Me While I Touch The Sky


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A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky - The Atlas Moth
A Melody From The Sky - Scott Robinson
Amid A Starry Sky - Andrew Mataus .

Agent Orange Skies - Kill Hannah..

Alligator Sky - Owl City.
Amber Skies - The House of Usher
April Skies - Jesus and Mary Chain.
Azure Skies - Daniel May.
Ballroom in the Sky - Carlos Santana And Wayne Shorter
Beneath a Starry Sky - John Johns .

Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) - Vertical Horizon...
Black Ships In The Sky - Current 93
Blood Red Skies - Judas Priest
Blue As the Iowa Sky - February Sky ..
Blue Clear Sky - George Strait..
Blue Skies - Ben Selvin / Ella Fitzgerald .
Blue Skies And Pink Carnations - Jon Travers And The Now Country ...
Blue Sky - The Allman Brothers Band.
Blue Sky Mine - Midnight Oil.
Blue Sky Song - Michael Stanley Band .
Blue Skyed Day - Blackout
Break The Sky - The Hush Sound.
Bullet The Blue Sky - U2.
Burning Sky - Bad Company
California Sky - Seconds On End
Castles in the Sky - Rob Vischer
Change Of Sky - Tina May & Nikki Iles
Chasing Blue Sky - Queensrÿche.
Claw From The Sky - JBe .
Clear Skies - The Strokes.
Cold Starry Sky - The Blueberry Quaaludes .
Dark Now My Sky - Barclay James Harvest .
Don't Forget The Sky - Sky Cries Mary ..
Dusty Skies - Jody Reynolds
Earth And Sky - Andy Summers
Ebb Tide, Azure Skies - The Unicorn..
Endless Skies - Mangrove
Every December Sky - Mae Robertson .
Eyes in the Sky - Laughing Sky
Far Above the Starry Sky - Unity .
Fly In The Sky - Pauline London
From Pale Hands to Weary Skies - Darshan Ambient ...
Gemini Sky - Uncle Sal .
Ghost Riders In The Sky - Burl Ives / Johnny Cash
Goodbye Blue Sky - Pink Floyd.
Grey Sky Morning - Vertical Horizon..
He Fell Into the Sky - Todd Parker and The Witches
Hole In The Sky - Black Sabbath
I Saw The Sky - Melissa Walker
I'll Be In The Sky - B.o.B
In The Sky Today - Ken Navarro
Indigo Skies - Nicholas Gunn
It Came Out of the Sky - CCR
Kaleidoscope Sky - Gene Michael Best
Keep Your Eyes on the Sky - Kristilyn Robertson
Keep Your Head To The Sky - Wind & Fire Earth
Kiss the Sky - Corey Hart.
Knock On The Sky - Shedaisy
Jealous Sky - Negative.
Late For The Sky - Jackson Browne.
Lavender Skies - Grayson Wray Project
Light Up The Sky - Duncan
Light The Sky On Fire
- Jefferson Starship
Lights Out For Darker Skies - British Sea Power.
Lilac Sky - Tower of Foil.
Lonesome Sky - The Lost Patrol
Lost In The Sky - Peter Case
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles..
Magic Sundown Evening Sky - Gomer Edwin Evans ...
Manhattan From The Sky - Kate Voegele.
Medellia Of The Gray Skies - Smashing Pumpkins
Meet Me in the Sky - Supernova
Melancholy Sky - Goldfrapp
Midwest Skies And Sleepless Mondays - Augustana.
Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra
My Flower Sky - Innocence Mission.
Northern Sky - Kyle Elliott & Voodoo Soul
Not A Cloud In The Sky - John Bucchino .
November Skies (11-11-11) - Lea ..

October Skies - Snow Patrol .
Ole Buttermilk Sky - Hoagy Carmichael

On The Way To The Sky - Neil Diamond
One Big Sky - Kansas
Orange Colored Sky - Etta Jones
Orange Skies - Love.
Orange Sky - Alexi Murdock / Love .
Ouch The Sky - Odessey .
Out of the Sky - American Drag
Pictures In The Sky - Rich Mullins
Prairie Skies - David Hoffman

Purple Skies - Amy Jo Johnson.
Purple Sky - Jason Adamo

Raven Skies - The Tea Party.
Reach For The Sky - Alexander Zonjic

Red Skies - The Fixx .
Red Sky - Status Quo
Ribbon In The Sky - Stevie Wonder
Riders In The Sky - Vaughn Monroe
See the Blue Sky - Cannon Hill
See The Sky About To Rain - Neil Young
Seeing Sky - John Bostock
$Ell the Sky - Upwell

September Sky - Raymond Hayden .
Seven Starry Skies - Lost
Seven Trains for the Sky - Academy of Chess and Checkers..

Shining Silver Skies - Ashram.
Skies the Limit - Fleetwood Mac
Sky Blue And Black - Jackson Browne
Sky Dive - Freddie Hubbard
Sky High - Manfred Mann's Earth Band .
Sky High - Jigsaw
Sky Is Falling - Lifehouse
Sky Is Over - Serj Tankian
Sky Islands - Ramsey Lewis
Sky Might Fall - Kid Cudi
Sky Of July - New Jungle Orchestra & Pierre Dørge .
Sky Pilot - Eric Burdon & The Animals
Skyline - Court Yard Hounds
Skyline Pigeon - Elton John .
Skylines And Turnstiles - My Chemical Romance
Sky's The Limit - The Notorious B.I.G.
Featuring 112
Skyscraper - Demi Lovato
Soon We'll Reach The Starry Sky - Brian Harnetty .
South Side of the Sky - Yes.
Starin' at the Sky - Poco

Starry Sky Above - The 13th

Sunburst Sky - Gianni Mars .
Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum

Starry Skies - Martin Mittone .
Starry Skies And Sleepy Eyes - Shelli Mandeville .
Starry Sky - Smilla

Stormy Sky - The Kinks
The Last Blue Sky - Steve Fowler
The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky - Primus..
The Great Gig In The Sky - Pink Floyd..
The Limit's The Sky - Oli Silk
The Starry Sky - Barbara Higbie .
The Starry Skies Can Only Cry - Drazy Hoops .
The Sky Is Crying -
George Thorogood / Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble.
The Sky Is Not the Limit - Gary Nicholson
The Sky Moves Sideways (phase one & two) - Porcupine Tree.
The Sky Was Pink - Nathan Fake.
The Sky's the Limit - Ransom Briggs
Touch the Sky - John Sullivan / Kanye West
Two Comets in the Sky - Tribe ..
Two Skies - Rick Jennings .
Under Raven Skies - The Tea Party..
Under Paris Skies - Andy Williams / Quincy Jones & His Orchestra
Under Sunny Starry Skies - Don Mccabe .
Under The Red Sky - Bob Dylan.

Under The Starry Sky - Hans-André Stamm
Up From The Skies - Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Up In The Sky - Oasis.
Vanilla Sky - Paul McCartney.
Violet Skies - In This Moment
Waitress In The Sky - The Replacements / Kevin K. .
Watcher Of The Skies - Genesis
We've Got to Put That Sun Back in the Sky - Anne Johnson
Wheel In The Sky - Journey
When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky - Bob Dylan
Winter Sky - Big Country
You Were the Sky - Norman

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A Change of Atmosphere - Fishkill
Abstract Atmospheres - Christopher Quinn .
Amy Hit The Atmosphere - Counting Crows..

Atmosphere - Joy Division
Atmosphere 0 - Orbit Funk Sonik .
Atmosphere One to Ten - Joe Morris.......... Ten tracks in all
Atmosphere of Faith - Kevin LeVar & One Sound
Atmosphere of Heaven - Paul and Susan Hansen .
Atmosphere of You - Nate Maners
Atmosphere Strut - Cloud One .
Atomic Atmosphere - Fitalic .
Chaotic Mental Atmosphere - Technomind .
Change The Atmosphere - Christ Tabernacle Choir
Changes Of Atmosphere - Dela ft. Liza Garza
Casting Atmospheres - Steve Adams
Dawn Atmosphere - Norberto Tamburrino .
Dizzy Atmosphere - Dizzy Gillespie .
Echoes of the Atmosphere - Hello Bella .
Elektronic Atmosphere / Where Are You (Where Are You) - Exile .
Full Of Atmosphere - Loquai
Heavenly Atmosphere - Kostya Leontovich .
High Atmosphere - Diana Jones .
In Your Atmosphere - John Mayer / Marco Parisi
Jah Atmosphere - SOJA
Love Reclaims The Atmosphere - Burlap To Cashmere .
Memories Atmosphere - Norberto Tamburrino .
Metal Atmosphere - Rosenhaft .
Mississipi Atmosphere - Norberto Tamburrino .
Purple Atmosphere - Comatose In2 Addiction .
Oxygen & Atmosphere - Wideband Network .
Set the Atmosphere - Merlon Devine
Shifting The Atmosphere - Jason Nelson
Sustained Atmosphere - Guy Laden
The Atmosphere - And Then There Were None
The Lake Atmosphere - Norberto Tamburrino .
White Atmosphere - LTN .
Winter Atmosphere - Synergy .

A Cloud Of Black Birds - Joe Morris
A Face in the Clouds - Marshall Styler .
Above The Clouds - Guru / Anthony Rufo
Behind the Clouds - Brad Paisley
Beyond The Clouds - Journey.
Black Cloud - Crazy Town
Blue Clouds - Modeselektor .
Bouncing off Clouds - Tori Amos
Break In The Clouds - Elephant Revival .
Castle on a Cloud - Les Misérables Original London Cast .
Catch the Clouds - Eri Yamamoto
Chase The Clouds Away - Evidence; Chuck Mangione .
Chasing Clouds - Marsha Ambrosius
Clear Or Cloudy - Sting.
Cloud 9 - Gary B.B. Coleman / Rodd Keith.
Cloud City - Myk Bee .
Cloud Connected - In Flames .
Cloud Generator - Tycho .
Cloud Made Of Lead - Dash Total'D .
Cloud Nine - Temptations.
Cloud Of Glory - Rick Bye
Cloud Of Unknowing - Gorillaz / Jan Garbarek
Cloud On My Tongue - Tori Amos .
Cloud Shadow On The Mountain - Wolf Parade ..
Cloud Surfing - Nitin Sawhney
Cloudbusting - Kate Bush
Clouds - Letters and Lights / After Edmund / Montgomery Gentry

Clouds Across the Moon - Rah Band ..
Clouds and Wishes - Juergen Klimek
Clouds of Love and Fear - Zed Jones
Clouds Suite - David Gates
Cloudy - Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy
Cloudy Room - The Twang
Dance of the Clouds - Origen .

Dark Cloud - Arnold Tempo .
Dark Clouds With Silver Linings - The Allan Chase Quartet

Floating On a Cloud - Fred Henderson
From The Clouds - Jack Johnson
Get Off Of My Cloud - Rolling Stones
Grainy Clouds - Steve Kyri .
Gray Clouds - Ozgur Ozkan .
Head in the Clouds - Little Devils .
Heavy Cloud No Rain - Sting ..
Heavy Clouds - Guy Capecelatro III .

I'll Follow You (Up To Our Cloud) - George Jones .
I'm A Cloud - Boy Hits Car
In The Clouds - Cult; Under The Influence of Gia
Into the Clouds - The Sound of Arrows .

It's Raining Clouds - Blockhead .
July Clouds - Domenic .
Laughing at Clouds - Frederic Robinson .
Little Black Clouds - Kossak ..
Little Cloud - The Incredible String Band .

Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb ..
Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) - Mel Tormé ....
Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending - Tangled Blue
Lucky Cloud - Arthur Russell
Many Clouds Of Smoke - Total Devastation .

Mighty Clouds Of Joy - B. J. Thomas ..
Morning Clouds - Michael Dulin
Morphine Cloud - Draconian.

No More Clouds - Syne .
No More Rain (In This Cloud) - Angie Stone / Rhythm 'n' Jazz .
Not A Cloud In The Sky - John Bucchino .
On a Turquoise Cloud - Clare Fischer
On Cloud Nine - The Age Of Reason .

Other Side Of the Cloud - Danny Brooks & The Rockin' Revelators .
Over the Clouds - Alper Yilmaz
Painting The Clouds With Sunshine - Nick Lucas
Pale Clouded White - Cocteau Twins ..
Paper Clouds - Kevin Kern

Pink Cloud Tracing Paper - Asobi Seksu.
Road of Clouds - George Tintura

Sitting On a Cloud - Fabrice Sotton
Somewhere In The Clouds - Novalex

Stormy Clouds - The Verve .
Strange Clouds - B.o.B Ft Lil Wayne.
Sun Between the Clouds - Larsen Blues .
Sweepin' the Clouds Away - The Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra
Take Me To The Clouds Above - LMC v U2.
Tap Dance On a Cloud - Nielsen-Goodman Project

The Cloud Digger - Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey.
The Clouds Are Gwine To Roll Away - Doc Watson ft Merle Watson ..
The Little White Cloud That Cried - Johnnie Ray ...
Till the Clouds Clear - Lamb.
Till The Clouds Roll By - Paul Desmond
Uncloudy Day - Willie Nelson .

Up in the Clouds - Jack White .
Vanilla Clouds - Hedras Ramos .
Walking On Clouds - Tiësto .
When The Clouds Roll Back - The Southern Brothers Quartet ..
Whisper To The Clouds - The High Court.

20 Minutes of Oxygen - The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets ..
Ashes Like Oxygen - Doom of Babylon
Divine Oxygen - Pablo Perez
Electric Oxygen of Venus - Circusgirls
Guide to Oxygen - Ben Solo
Love Is Like Oxygen - Sweet .
More Oxygen, I Said - Mooncake
My Oxygen - Richard Page
No Need for Oxygen - The Donkeys .
Nylon Oxygen - Randon Myles
Oxygen - Hadouken!; Willy Mason
Oxygen - Spice Girls
Oxygen & Atmosphere - Wideband Network .

Oxygen Burn - Daath .
Oxygen Flash 1 (1to 9) 9 tracks in all - KK Null ..
Oxygen Mask - Eisley .
Oxygen, Please! - Serena Maneesh
Tearing Up the Oxygen - Maritime
You Are My Oxygen - Fracus & Darwin Ft Ant Johnson

Adam in Space - Dan Greene .
Back From Space - The Archie Herman Band
Bass Into Space - Elektrosmog .

Empty Space Cadet - One Inch Man
Empty Spaces - Anthony Rocha
Fandangos in Space - Carmen .
Heaven's Space - David Weissner
Killer Clowns From Outer Space - The Dickies ..

Lost in Space - Mark Young
Lust In Space - Gwar
Neglected Space - Imogen Heap .
Out in Space - The Archie Herman Band
Out Of Space - The Prodigy
Outa-Space - Billy Preston
Outer Space - Airstream
Outer Space Shit - Tedio Boys
Places And Spaces - Donald Byrd .
Somewhere Out In Space - Gamma Ray
Space: 1999 Main Theme - Original Television Soundtrack ft. Derek Wadsworth ..
Space Age 4 Eva - 8Ball & MJG ...
Space Age Love Song - Flock of Seagulls...
Space Age Pimpin' - 8Ball & MJG ..
Space & Time - Rainbox.
Space Blasters - Dubba Jonny .
Space Bound - Eminem
Space Cadet - Laurence Sive
Space City - Drive-By Truckers
Space Control - Dubby Dub
Space Cowboy - Steve Miller.
Space Diva - Luscious Jackson.
Space Dog - Tori Amos.
Space Funk - Manzel .
Space Hippies - Lazy Daisy
Space is Deep - Fooz
Space Is Only Noise If You Can See - Nicolas Jaar ..
Space Jam - Union Of Sound .
Space Lord - Monster Magnet .
Space Monkey - Laurence Sive
Space Oddity - David Bowie .
Space Orgy - Lungfish .
Space Station No.5 - Montrose ..
Space Truckin' - Deep Purple .
The Black Hit Of Space - Human League..
The Girl From Outer Space - Whitfield, Barrence & The Savages
The Great Space Coaster - Freighttrain
The Queen of Outer Space - Sloppy Seconds, Wedding Present
The Space Between - The Dave Matthews Band
Victorian Space Prostitute - MC Frontalot..
Walking in Space - Laurence Sive

We Came From Outer Space - Pet Shop Boys

Wide Open Space - Mansun

Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks
Zero From Outer Space - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers


40 Miles From The Sun - Bush ..
3rd Stone from the Sun - Jimi Hendrix Experience.
A Day In The Sun - Death By Stereo
A Place In The Sun - Stevie Wonder
A Thousand Suns - Abigail Williams .
Acapulco Sun - The Monkees
After Sundown - Don Redman
After The Sun Kissed The World Goodbye - Al Bowlly ...
Ain't Goin' Down ('Til the Sun Comes Up) - Garth Brooks
An Icicle in the Sun - The Boomtown Rats
Another Sun - Tracy Chapman .
April Sun In Cuba - The April Suns ..
Around The Sun - R.E.M.
August Sun - Ally Rhodes .
Away From The Sun - 3 Doors Down
Battle For The Sun - Placebo .
Beyond The Sun - Shinedown.
Big Yellow Sun - Alphaville
Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden.
Black Sun - Dead Can Dance.
Blinded By The Sun - Everlast
Blinding Sun - Mudhoney
Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
Born on the Sun - Dio
Bright As The Sun - Coolio
Bright Side of the Sun - Men Without Hats
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns - Iron Maiden

Brothers Under The Sun - Bryan Adams..

Burnt by the Sun - Talking Heads with David Byrne
Cage Around the Sun - Monster Magnet
California Sun - The Ramones
Catching The Sun - Spyro Gyra
Chase The Sun - Corey Hart
Child In The Sun - Nazareth
Children Of The Sun - Hawkwind
Cold Day In The Sun - Foo Fighters..
Colors of the Sun - Jackson Browne
Cruel Sun - Rusted Root
Cry In The Sun - Better Than Ezra
Dancing on the Sun - Admiral Twin.
Days In The Sun - No Fun At All
Diamond Sun - Glass Tiger
Distant Sun - Captain Beyond/ Crowded House
Do you Remember The Sun? - It's A Beautiful Day
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying - Jerry and the Pacemakers/ Gloria Estefan
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Elton John
East Of The Sun - A-Ha
Edge Of Sundown - Molly Hatchet
Face Toward The Sun - Died Pretty
Fat Old Sun - Pink Floyd
February Sun - Manu Katché .
Feet To The Sun - Dada
Flower In The Sun - Janis Joplin.
Fly Into The Sun - Lou Reed
From The Sun To The World - Electric Light Orchestra.
Frozen By The Sun - Entwine.
Fun In The Sun - China Blue
Give Back The Sun - The View
God Of The Sun - America
Gun Down @ Sundown - Hud
Halfway To The Sun - Night Ranger
He Dark The Sun - Linda Ronstadt
Hello Mrs. Sun - Carlo Ruetz ..
Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
Hey, Mister Sun - Bobby Sherman..
Hole In The Sun - Mr Big
Holiday In The Sun - Pennywise.
Holidays In The Sun - Sex Pistols.
I Remember The Sun - XTC
I Wanna Go To The Sun - Peter Frampton
I'll Follow The Sun - The Beatles
I'll Try For the Sun - Donovan
In The Sun - Blondie
Into The Sun - Grand Funk Railroad
Invisible Sun - The Police
Island In The Sun - Weezer/ Alcatrazz
It Don't Matter to the Sun - Garth Brooks
January Sun - Vanden Plas.
Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun) - Del Shannon
Kissed by the Sun - Kathy Sanborn/ Viking.
Knight of the Sun - Afterglow
Laugh At the Sun - Rusted Root
Like A Sun Risin' Thru My Garden - The The
Lilac Sun - Ottmar Liebert
Look Into The Sun - Jethro Tull /April Wine
Lost In the Sun - Dan Fogelberg
Love Me Till The Sun Shines - Dave Davies ...
Melting In The Sun - Electric Light Orchestra/ INXS /
Midnight Sun - Badfinger/ Duran, Duran /Herb Alpert.
Miss Sun - Toto
Mister Moon and Mister Sun - The Human League.
Night on the Sun - Modest Mouse
One in the Sun - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Hello! Orange Sun Rise - Judy & Mary.
Painted Sun In Abstract - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross .

Pale Sun - Cowboy Junkies .
Paper Sun - Traffic/ Def Leppard.
People Of The Sun - Rage Against The Machine
Perverts In The Sun - Iggy Pop
Rainy Day Sun - Spinal Tap ..
Red Red Sun - INXS
Red Sails in the Sunset - Perry Como
Requiem For The Sun - Cathedral
Run To The Sun - Erasure
Salamanders In The Sun - Steve Vai.
Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jacks.
See The Sun - Dido
September Sun - Kodomo .
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - Pink Floyd..
Setting Sun - Flock Of Seagulls
Shadow On The Sun - Audioslave
Shine on Silver Sun - Strawbs..
Silent Sun - Genesis
Sitting in the Midday Sun - The Kinks.
Soak Up the Sun - Sheryl Crow
Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You - Jethro Tull..
Stare At The Sun - Blaze
Stick It Where the Sun Don't Shine - Nick Lowe.
Summer Sun - 4 Strings.
Sun - Donovan
Sun & Booze - Mario Chris .
Sun and Steel - Iron Maiden
Sun Arise - Alice Cooper
Sun Between the Clouds - Larsen Blues .
Sun City - Artists United Against Apartheid
Sun Doesn't Rise - Mushroomhead
Sun Giant - Fleet Foxes
Sun Gate - Tangerine Dream.
Sun Goes Down - Deep Purple
Sun In My Hand - Scorpions
Sun in the Night - Brand X
Sun Is Up - Inna
Sun Is Shining - Bob Marley and the Wailers
Sun It Rises - Fleet Foxes
Sun King - The Beatles
Sun Kissed Planet - Kakuzi ..
Sun Of A Gun - Oh Land
Sun, Sea and Piracy - Bow Wow Wow.
Sun Ship - John Coltrane
Sun Shower - Chuck Mangione
Sun Showers - Louis Armstrong.
Sun Sign Gemini - Willie Deane Carlos .
Sun Street - Katrina and the Waves.
Sun Sun Sun - The Belle Stars
Sun Up in Sundown - Scott Mcquade ..
Sun Zoom Spark - Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band.
Sunburn Sun - King Jogo .
Sunday Sun - Beck /Neil Diamond
Sundown in Sun City - Bruce Brittain ...
Taste Of The Sun - Meat Puppets .
That Lucky Old Sun - Asleep At The Wheel/Ray Charles
The Baltimore Sun - The Jayhawks
The Coldest Sun - Danzig
The Dark of the Sun - Tom Petty
The Girl With The Sun In Her Head - Orbital
The Great Sun Jester - Blue Oyster Cult
The House Of The Rising Sun - The Animals
The Same Old Sun - Alan Parsons Project
The Sun - Burning Spear/ The Flaming Lips
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - Walker Brothers/Cher.
The Sun Always Shines On TV - A-Ha.
The Sun Goes Down - Thin Lizzy.
The Sun Goes Down (Living it Up) - Level 42
The Sun In The Stream - Enya
The Sun is Burning - Simon and Garfunkel
The Sun Is Shining - Jimmy Reed
The Sun Maid - Soul Asylum.
The Sun Never Sweats - Spinal Tap
The Sun Will Never Shine - Barclay James Harvest ..
The Sun Won't Shine - Angelfish.
The Warmth Of The Sun - The Beach Boys
Third Stone From The Sun - Jimi Hendrix
Throwing Fire At The Sun - Heather Nova
Till da Sun Comes Up - Sir-Mix-A-Lot
Till the Sun Comes Up Again - America
To Match The Sun - Jane's Addiction
Too Close to the Sun - Alan Parsons Project
Too Early For the Sun - Kenny Loggins
Touched By The Sun - Carly Simon
Trip Around The Sun - Jimmy Buffett
Turn Up The Sun - Oasis
Under the Sun - Black Sabbath / Deep Purple /
Under My Sun - ABBA
Up On The Sun - Meat Puppets
Village Of The Sun - Frank Zappa, Mothers of Invention
Waiting For the Sun - The Doors
Walk In the Sun - McFly.
Walk in the Sun - Bruce Hornsby
Walkin' On The Sun - Smash Mouth
Watching the Sun's Trail - Head Candy
Way Beyond the Sun - The Byrds
When That Evening Sun Goes Down - Van Morrison
When The Sun Comes Out - Barbra Streisand
When The Sun Goes Down - Fleetwood Mac
When The Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys.
When the Sun Goes Down Tomorrow - Dolly Parton...
White Sun - Doobie Brothers.
Will the Sun Rise - Dokken
Wind and the Sun - Matthew Sweet.
Your Tongue Like the Sun in My Mouth - Sophie B. Hawkins
A Pair Of Sunbeams - Kaipa
Brighter Are The Sunbeams - Faye Dunbar
Broken Sunbeam - Chris Harvey
California Sunbeam - Alvino Rey
Can You Be a Sunbeam? - Christian Havel
Dancing on a Sunbeam - Kimera
Dreams With The Sunbeams - SevenEver
Happy Little Sunbeam - Chet Baker
Hideous Sunbeam - hehiders
I'm A Fly In A Sunbeam - The Flaming Lips
I'm Sailing On A Sunbeam - Paul Specht
It's Raining Sunbeams - Deanna Durbin
Into The Sunbeam - Hanspeter Kruesi
Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam - Nirvana
Let The Sunbeams Dance - Christie Baker
Lonesome Sunbeam - Jen Clapp
Mary Is A Sunbeam - Silouan .
Morning Sunbeam - Jay Holcomb
Quicksilver Sunbeam - The Romany Rye .
Save A Little Sunbeam - The Four Renegades
Sleep Tight, Little Sunbeam - Leon L'Abre
Sudden Sunbeam - Coffee Overdrive
Sunbeam - Spencer & Hill
Sunbeam First Ave - H.P. Zinker
Sunbeam Groove - Community Housin
Sunbeam Lights - Jason Reeves
Sunbeam Serenade - Jim Chappell
Sunbeam Smile - The Good Listeners
Sunbeam Stiletto - A Tribe Of Toffs
Sunbeam Targets - JFC
Sunbeams - Oyvind Ander
Sunbeams and Some Beans - Kimya Dawson
Sunbeams At Twilight - Richard Carr
Suspended In A Sunbeam - The Flashbulb
The Gayest Of Sunbeams - The Pink Mountaintops
The Sunbeam Story - Bill Perison
To Dreams, Rainbows and Sunbeams - Karina
Together With The Sunbeams - Bolot ft Top FX
Don't Let The Germans Nick Your Sunbeds - Barron Knights
Sunbed - Ed Pitishov
The Sunbed Song - Level 42
Another Sunburn - Chuck Loeb, New York Strings Thilo Wolf Trio ft. Randy Brecker
Baby's First Sunburn - Rollover
Collecting Sunburn - Plan B Pursuit
Deep Shit Sunburn - Keith Freund
Fire On My Cheap Sunburn - Stoop
Glacial Sunburn - 8yone
Gremlin Sunburn - Monster Beach Bums
Halloween Gremlin Sunburn - The Monster Beach Band
January Sunburn - Paul Rosevear .
Liquid Sunburn - Pierce and E.J. Maggi
Mild Sunburn - Brad Segal
Nappy Sunburn - Ribotto
Really Bad Sunburn - The Ziggens
San Berdoo - Sunburn
Eagles Of Death Metal
Siberian Sunburn - Gary Schutt
Sir Galahad's Sunburn - Gerd Bessler .
Sunburn - David Lee Roth / Big Guitars From Texas/ Muse / Owl City / Fuel / et al
SunBurn - Ohgr
Sunburn (Alka's The Future's So Bright Mix) - AT Work
Sunburn (Uplifting Trance) - ????
Sunburn & A Margarita - Robert Wellum
Sunburn And Summer Love - Like Clockwork
Sunburn Daze - Paradox
Sunburn Eyes - Cinema Cinema
Sunburn Goofin' All Day - Meeko
Sunburn Kids - Admiral Radley
Sunburn Peel - Fred Thomas
Sunburn, Pm - Jaime Morris
Sunburn Serenade - Dr. Pete E. Atric's Rock With the Doc
Sunburn Sun - King Jogo .
Sunburn Vs. Rhinovirus - The Matches
Sunburns - Run Kid Run
Zen and the Art of Sunburn - Betsy Rose
Avocado Sunburst - Billy Bowers .
Blackie And Sunburst - David Grisman & Andy Statman
Dark Sunburst - Tom Hanson
Electric Sunburst - Coyote
Manhattan Sunburst - Robert Farrell Band
November Sunburst - Jazz Compress .
Reverend Sunburst - Pegasus Actual
Sunburst - Lonnie Liston Smith / Ron McClure / DJ Drop / et al.....
Sunburst 2009 - John Ridout & Ross Self
Sunburst And Gloria - Lions!Tigers!Bears! .
Sunburst And Rain - Howard Green .
Sunburst Rag - Cory Hall / The Ragamuffin Players
Sunburst Ragtime - Rocky Mountain Monsters
Sunburst Finish - Utopia / Miracle Mile
Sunburst Golden Border - Rock Art of Joshua Tree
Sunburst Halloween Rag - he Piano Poltergeists
Sunburst (I Follow) - Silent Earth
Sunburst In Bognor - Lady Lake
Sunburst Sky - Gianni Mars .
Sunburst Song - Joe Gamble
Sunburst Spooky Rag - Cakewalk Creeps
Sunburst Streams - Randy Pevler
Sunburst Seduction - Pete Manley
The Sunburst Kid - Bonney & Buzz
Tobacco Sunburst - Douglas Levy / Lone Official
1000 Sundowns - Emma Louise .
Africa Sundown - Steve Marrocco
After Sundown - Anna Lefthander / Dan Junk
At Sundown - Artie Shaw and His Orchestra
At Sundown 2 - Glenn Miller .
Be There At Sundown - Radio Infinity
Before Sundown - Christine Vanhoy
Bells After Sundown - m0d
Bittersweet Sundown - Framing Hanley
Blues After Sundown - MacK Rhinehart & Brownie Stubblefield
Blues At Sundown - Amos Milburn / Duke Ellington
Cardboard Cutout Sundown - Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Coffee at Sundown - Rabid Romancer
Come Sundown - Kris Kristofferson / Sammy Davis Jr
Come Sundown (She'll Be Gone) - Bobby Bare
Crimson Sundown - Dani Vargas Group .
Doin' the Racoon, At Sundown, My Buddy - Billy Ternent Orchestra
Dont Hurry Sundown - Ron Overcash & the Nu Blooz Band
Downtown Sundown - Thin Lizzy
Easy in the Early ('Til Sundown) - Uncle Earl
Edge Of Sundown - Danny Joe Brown / Molly Hatchet
Evening Sundown - Chris Samson
Filth At Sundown - Luciano Galati
Followed Down Sundown - Angie Palmer
Ghost of Sundown Town - John Gignoux
Glory Bound Sundown - Doug Hough
Harlem Sundown - Chris Hopkins, Dan Barrett, Engelbert Wrobel /
Hello Sundown - Johnnie Taylor .
Her Side Of Sundown - Chamberlain
Hold On Sundown - Bluegrass Worship Band
Hour to Sundown - Shaka Man
Hunger At Sundown - Johnny B. Morbid
Hurry Now, Sundown - Doc Abbick in Trinity .
Hurry On Sundown - Hawkwind / MacHine Love .
Hurry Sundown - Outlaws .
Hurry Sundown Blues - Hugo Montenegro .
Island Sundown - Tim Hoare
I Found Sundown - Dustlot
I Should Say Sorry! Before Sundown - Ingrid DuMosch & The London Fox Players
It's Almost Sundown - Roscoe Shelton
Just Another Sundown - Toby Keith
Just Until Sundown - Further Seems Forever
Life After Sundown - Glass Candy
Lonesome Sundown - Tom Petty
Longer Sundown - Sheephead
Magic Sundown - Christoph Spendel Group .
Magic Sundown Evening Sky - Gomer Edwin Evans ...
Mellow Sundown - Zaptra
Moonrise Sundown - Ranga Pae .
My Sundown - Jimmy Eat World
Neverending Sundown - LiLi Roquelin & Hate Dies Hard
One Time At Sundown - Tom Verlaine ..
Paradise Sundown - Doug Williams
Peaceful Sundown - Jan Hammer
Polly Walks At Sundown - Randy Casey .
Quiet Sundown - Hugh Garland
Rides At Sundown - Cold Harbour
Riding Home At Sundown - Buddy Williams
Sadness is Sundown - Tom Hunnicutt
Salvation From Sundown - Lance Lopez
Seminole Sundown - Pete Wyoming Bender
Showdown At Sundown - Alleged Gunmen
Slowdown Sundown - Steve Winwood
Song At Sundown - Painted Raven
Stand Down At Sundown - Matt Mays & El Torpedo
Storm At Sundown - John Grout
Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot / ...et al
Sundown (different song) - Son House / ...et al
Sundown & Lawn Chairs - Paul Ryan
Sundown and Sorrow - Hank Williams / Dan Paisley & the Southern Grass
Sundown and the Cowboy - Brad Wilson
Sundown Angel - Black Diamond
Sundown Answers - Funky Dragon
Sundown At Cafe Del Mar - Las Dalias Ensemble
Sundown At the Ok Corral - Jason Savell
Sundown Blue - Sally Townes
Sundown Blues - Lonnie Johnson
Sundown Boogie - Bill Haley
Sundown Chase - Woop
Sundown Comin' - Bill King's Rhythm Express
Sundown Dance - Jon Hassell
Sundown Dogs - Junkanoo Brothers
Sundown Feeling - The Imperious 1
Sundown in My Heart - Karen Blixt
Sundown In Nashville - Marty Stuart
Sundown in Smallville - Jeff Tracy
Sundown in Sun City - Bruce Brittain ...
Sundown Legend - Jim Long
Sundown Motel - Stavesacre
Sundown Mystery - Don Kellar
Sundown of the Day - R'm Electro
Sundown On Beale - The Bo-Keys
Sundown On The Blaskets - Sam Dickens
Sundown Of Fools - Terence Boylan
Sundown Out On the Stoop - Dusty Keeler
Sundown Ridge - Gauge
Sundown Rise - Martin Herzberg
Sundown Serenade - Words Of Farewell
Sundown Silhouette - Light Rain
Sundown Sometime - John Dissed
Sundown Special - Okapi Guitars
Sundown Sunday - John Niems .
Sundown, Sundown - Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood
Sundown Sunset - Howard Berkman .
Sundown Take Away - Mist
Sundown To Midnight - The Dingees
Sundown To Sunrise - Blue Magic
Sundown Town - Ry Cooder
Sundown Waltz - Gator Beat
Sundowns Are Lonely - Mike Stack
Sun Up in Sundown - Scott Mcquade ..
Sundown Waker - John Vaughan
Sundown Yellow Moon - Paul Black Jo Dog Sonic Boom
Sun Up To Sundown - Sounds Of Blackness
Supper At Sundown - Buck 65
Sweet Sundown - Kelly Willis
Sydney Sundown - Quillroader
Teenage Sundown - Dry Conditions
The Screaming Starts At Sundown - Yea Big & Kid Static
They Call Me Sundown - Lonesome Sundown
Three For Sundown - Bob Holmes .
Thunder At Sundown - Walking Wounded
Union Sundown - Bob Dylan
Waiting For Sundown - Carnal Forge
Waitin' On Sundown - Andy Griggs
Welcome To Sundown - Vicki DeLor
West Coast Sundown - Gregg Stevens
What Sundown Does To You - Loretta Lynn
When Sundown Comes - Smokey Robinson
White Sand Sundown (Then What) - Conrad Greggor
Cheap Sunglasses - ZZ Top
Gas Station Sunglasses - Devin Scillian
In Your Sunglasses - Traci Kennedy
Red Sunglasses - Tony Voltaggio
Sunglasses (Keep Ya Shades On) - Bruckup
Sunglasses (Like Elvis Wore) - Terry Jackness
Sunglasses - Ashley Berndt /Tracey Ullman
Sunglasses After Dark - Kentucky Boys
Sunglasses All Day - The Ridler Brothers
Sunglasses and a Smile - Lex Zaleta
Sunglasses and Seatbelts - Warne Noyce And The Combine Pilots
Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart / Skepta / et al....
Tears Behind Sunglasses - Progresia
Sungravy - Motorpsycho
Afraid Of Sunlight - Marillion..
Angel Of Sunlight - Carlos Santana And Turiya Alice Coltrane
Broken Sunlight - Charge Group
Dream About The Sunlight - ED
Heavenly Sunlight - Bill & Gloria Gaither .
In November Sunlight - Soko .
Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The Moon Light - Tiny Tim / Ambrose & His Orchestra/ et al.....
Silent Sunlight - Cat Stevens
Sunlight - The Youngbloods / Herbie Hancock
Sunlight - Modestep
Sunlight Around You - Hedje
Sunlight & Moonshine - Trouble On Deck .
Sunlight Dancing - Deuter
Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid - Elefant
Sunlight of Your Love - Live Music Band
Sunlight Showers - 351 Lake Shore Drive feat. J'unique
Sunlight Squares - Get Better
Take in the Sunlight - Kin
Volcanic Sunlight - Saul Williams
Walking in Sunlight - Stephanie M.
We Control The Sunlight - Aly & Fila
On the Sunny Side of the Street - Louis Armstrong ..
One Sunny Day - Fleetwood Mac..
Seven Days In Sunny June - Jamiroquai ...
Sunny - Booker T.& The MG's
Sunny - Bobby Hebb
Sunny - Joey DeGraw
Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks .
Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin
Sunny Day - Brandy /Hi-Standard.
Sunny Day Strut - Hot Tuna ..
Sunny Goodge Street - Donovan .
Sunny Morning In Amsterdam - Vintage&morelli ..
Sunny Side Up - Martina McBride
Sunny Tuesday - CirKus .
Was A Sunny Day - Paul Simon
Sunray - Jesus and Mary Chain
Sunrays to Starlight
- Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause.
8 Minutes To Sunrise - Common.
Blues Before Sunrise - Eric Clapton
My Own Sunrise - Crash Test Dummies
Heart Of the Sunrise - Yes
Moonrise, Sunrise
- Desert Wind .
Pink Sunrise - Waveform.
(Reach Up for the) Sunrise - Duran Duran.
Sunrise - Grateful Dead/ Uriah Heep
Sunrise, September 18th - Nat Evans ..
Sunrise, Sunset - Bright Eyes .
Sunrise, Sunset & Moonlight - Collioure ..
Tequila Sunrise - The Eagles
California Sunset - Neil Young.
Early Sunsets Over Monroeville - My Chemical Romance.
Indian Sunset - Elton John
Ride Into The Sunset - The Church
Sundown Sunset - Howard Berkman .
Sunrise, Sunset - Bright Eyes .
Sunrise, Sunset & Moonlight - Collioure ..
Sunset - Ministry Of Sound
Sunset - Gary Moore
Sunset Boulevard - Charlie Robison.
Sunset Burgundy - Bobbi Humhrey
Sunset Grill - Don Henley
Sunset In July - 311 .
Sunset People - Donna Summer
Sunset to Moonrise
- Greg V .
Ain't No Sunshine (When She's Gone) - Freddie King
August Sunshine - Andrei Garthoff .
Beige Sunshine - Dead Milkmen.
Bright Sunshine On This November Day - J A Forster ...
Good Morning Sunshine - Aqua
Jukebax Sunshine - The Holloways.
Just Remember You're My Sunshine - Kenny Rogers
May The Sunshine - Nazareth .
Moonshine Is The Sunshine - The Youngbloods
Morning Sunshine - Doc Possum .
Mr. Sunshine - Barclay James Harvest.
My Daily Ray of Sunshine - The Winnerys ..
Sunshine - Aerosmith/Alice In Chains
Sunshine - Atmosphere / Jonathan Edwards / Steve Azar
Sunshine & Moonshine & You
- Willis Fireball With John Keech
Sunshine Babies - Justin Moore
Sunshine Daydream - Flatheads .
Sunshine Life for Me - Ringo Starr
Sunshine Light - 10,000 Maniacs
Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows - Leslie Gore.
Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream .
Sunshine of Your Love - Goo Goo Dolls (different song).
Sunshine On A Dull Day - Victor Feldman ..
Sunshine On A Rainy Day - Zoe
Sunshine On My Shoulders - John Denver
Sunshine People - Detroit Social Club
Sunshine Superman - Donovan
Sunshine Superstar
- New York to Tokyo .
Sunshiny Daydream - Splitsville .
Summer Sunshine -The Corrs
Sweet Sunshine - Beck
Wake Up Sunshine - Chicago
Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves.
You Are My Sunshine - Mississippi John Hurt/ traditional
Sunspot Baby - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Sunspots - Nine Inch Nails


Almost Full Moon - Enigma .
And The Moon Grew Brighter - Kirk Douglas
April Moon - Sam Brown
As The Moon Speaks (to the waves of the sea) - Captain Beyond.

August Moon - Dylan In The Movies .
Azure Moon - Every Little Thing.
Back O' Moon - 10,000 Maniacs.
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Bad Side Of The Moon - April Wine/Elton John.
Banging My Head Against The Moon - John David Souther

Banjos on the Moon - Trout Fishing In America .
Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
Barking at the Moon - Flash and the Pan

Between the Moon Ad Mercury - Aine Whelan
Big Bad Moon - Joe Satriani.
Black Moon - Black Sabbath/ Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
Black Moon Creeping - The Black Crowes
Blame It On The Moon - Katie Melua
Blue Moon - Elvis Presley/The Ventures /The Marcels/Daniel Ash.
Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Bill Monroe/ Patsy Cline/Paul McCartney /Hot Tuna.
Blue Moon Over Kentucky - Boxcar Willie.
Blue Moon With Heartache - Rosanne Cash

Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon - Foster & Allen.
Brother Wolf, Sister Moon - The Cult.
By The Light Of The Moon
- The Predenders
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon - Doris Day..
By the Moon and Stars - Charley Patton .
C Moon - Paul McCartney / Wings
Cajun Moon - J J Cale/ Maria Muldaur
Caribbean Moon - Enya.
Carolina Moon - Connie Francis

Child Of The Moon - The Rolling Stones
Children Of The Moon - The Alan Parsons Project

Circle Round the Moon - Charley Patton
Clouds Across the Moon - Rah Band ..
Conferring With The Moon - William Ackerman
Coon On The Moon - Howlin' Wolf

Coral Moon - John Cale.
Cornbread Moon - Joe Ely.
Coyote Moon - Terry Callier.
Culver Moon - Jackson Browne
December Moon - The Henry Girls .
Desert Moon - Great White .
Dolls For An August Moon - Flesh Eaters.
Dracula Moon - Joan Osborne.
Earth, Sun, Moon
- Love and Rockets

East of the Sun and West of the Moon - Diana Krall among many
Even The Man In The Moon Is Crying - Mark Collie
Everyone's Gone To The Moon - Nina Simone /Jonathan King
Fall Dog Bombs The Moon - David Bowie
Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra & others
Fool In The Full Moon - Violent Femmes ..
Fool's Moon - Government Mule

Full Moon - Kinks/ Busta Rhymes .
Full Moon Boogie - Jeff Beck..

Full Moon, Dirty Hearts - INXS ...
Full Moon Hustle - Green Street ..
Full Moon On Main Street - The Kinsey Report..

Gemini Moon - Bryan Ferry
Girl In The Moon - Icehouse
Girl On The Moon - Foreigner
Golden Sun, Golden Moon - Dion
Grapefruit Moon - Tom Waits
Gypsy Moon - Streetwalkers
Half Moon - Janis Joplin .
Half Moon Bay - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones/ Dan Fogelberg .
Halo 'Round The Moon - Steve Earle

Harvest Moon - Neil Young /Blue Oyster Cult .
Havana Moon - Chuck Berry/ Santana
Have You Ever Kissed The Moon Goodnight? - Blum .
Here At the August Moon - John Safranko .
Here Comes The Moon - George Harrison
Holiday On The Moon - Love And Rockets

Honey Moon Blues - Peter Green/ Robert Johnson
Honeysuckle Moon - Joel Mabus .
How High The Moon - Ella Fitzgerald/ Dianne Reeves
Howlin' Moon - John Mayall
Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La) - Ramones
Hung The Moon - Better Than Ezra
I See The Moon - Stargazers
I Was On the Moon - Apollo Sunshine

I Wished on the Moon - Billie Holiday
I'll Give You The Moon - Sail by the Stars
I'll Shoot The Moon - Tom Waits
Indigo Moon - Heather Myles
It's Only A Paper Moon - Nat King Cole/ Ella Fitzgerald
Jealous Of The Moon - Nickel Creek.
Johnny Moon - Heart.
Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune) - Joni Mitchell

July Moon - Will Hoge .
Jupiter Moon - Adam Michael Rothberg .
Just Beyond The Moon - Tex Ritter
Kiko And The Lavender Moon - Los Lobos.
Kiss You On the Moon - Xenophilia .
La Luna Che Non C (The Moon That Is Not There) - Andrea Bocelli
Lazy Moon - Harry Nilsson.
Lazy Mountain Moon - Chris Watkins ..
Let's Go Moon Some Cars - Beck
Life on the Moon - David Cook.
Like The Moon - John Scofield Band
Mad Man Moon - Genesis,,

Maiden Of The Cancer Moon - Quicksilver Messenger Service .
Man On The Moon - R.E.M. .
Marquee Moon - Television

Mexican Moon - Concrete Blonde.
Midnight on a Full Moon - Mannheim Steamroller.
Milk Of The Moon - Greg Brown/ Maynard Ferguson
Mister Moon and Mister Sun - The Human League.
Monkberry Moon Delight - Paul McCartney..
Monkey To The Moon - The Coral.
Moon - Bjork
Moon and Moon - Bat For Lashes
Moon Beneath My Feet - Wendy Matthews
Moon Crazy - Blue Oyster Cult
Moon Dreams - Miles Davis
Moon Going Down - Charlie Patton
Moon in Pisces - Hans Christian .
Moon Is Up - The Rolling Stones

Moon Madness - Don Nix .
Moon of Neptune - Venrez .
Moon Over Asbury - The Bouncing Souls
Moon Over Bourbon Street - Sting
Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedys
Moon River - Danny Williams/Andy Williams and others
Moon Rise Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins.
Moon Song - Nick Gravenites with Michael Bloomfield

Moon, Turn the Tides, Gently, Gently Away - Jimi Hendrix
Moon Upstairs - Flesh Eaters
Moon Was Yellow - Frank Sinatra.
Moon-calf Friend - 21 Rest..
Moons of Jupiter - Scruffy the Cat .
Moons of Saturn - Raphael Cruz .
Mountains Of The Moon - Grateful Dead .
My Moon My Man - Feist

Neon Moon - Brooks & Dunn.
New Blue Moon - Traveling Wilburys
New Moon At Deer Wallow - Rain Tree Crow.
New Moon On Monday - Duran Duran.
No Moon at All - Julie London
No November Moon - Lisa Clark .
November Moon - Lindsay Wynn .
October Moon - Michael Valentino .
Old Devil Moon - Miles Davis

Once In A Blue Moon - Van Morrison.
Once In A Very Blue Moon - Mary Black/ Nancy Griffin
Pale Moon - Wendy Rule .
Pale Moon Rise - Tyler Fortier .
Phone Call From The Moon - Adrian Belew
Pink Moon - Nick Drake.
Pisces Moon - Flash Silvermoon .
Poison Moon - Elvis Costello
Poor Moon - Canned Heat
Puttin People On The Moon - Drive-By Truckers
RC Cola and A Moon Pie - NRBQ ..
Red Hot Moon - Rancid

Rising for the Moon - Fairport Convention
Rock On The Moon - The Cramps

Roll On Texas Moon - Roy Rogers
Sacrifice Of The Moon - Ultimate Spinach
Sail Along Silv'ry Moon - Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra

Sail On White Moon - Boz Scaggs
Sail To The Moon - Radiohead

Save a Secret For the Moon - Magnetic Fields
Seven Moons - Jack Bruce and Robin Trower
Shame On The Moon - Bob Seger

Shine On Harvest Moon - traditional
Shoot The Moon - Norah Jones
Sister Moon - Sting/ Gene Clark

Sisters of the Moon - Fleetwood Mac/ Camper Van Beethoven
Some Blue Moons Ago - Patty Loveless
Song About The Moon - Paul Simon

Sorrento Moon - Tina Arena
Spanish Moon - Little Feat

Sugar Moon - Lang, K.D.
Tahitian Moon - Porno For Pyros
Tea House Moon - Enya

The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon - Eddi Reader
The Hare In The Moon - Angelo Branduardi.
The Killing Moon - Echo And The Bunnymen
The Moon, A Silver Dime - Leo DiSanto ..
The Moon And Sixpence - Falling Up.
The Moon and St. Christopher - Mary Chapin Carpenter..

The Moon is Always Bigger on a Saturday Night - Orrin Tucker and his Orchestra..
The Moon Is Down - John Prine/ Gentle Giant
The Moon is in the Gutter - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The Moon Is Mine - Fairground Attraction
The Moon Is Rising - Jimmy Reed

The Moon Is Shining - Doyle Bramhall
The Moon Is Shining So Bright On This November Night - J A Forster ....
The Moon Struck One - The Band

The Moon's A Harsh Mistress - Linda Ronstadt/Joan Baez
The Moons of Jupiter - Gina Desimone .
The Rising Of The Moon - Shane MacGowan
The Snake And The Moon - Dead Can Dance

There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon) - The B-52's
There's A Moon Out Tonight - Capris

They Moved The Moon - Warren Zevon
Third Man On The Moon - Masters of Reality

This Prison Moon - Gary Numan
Ticket To The Moon - Electric Light Orchestra

To The Moon And Back - Savage Garden
Turquoise Moon - Craig Chaquico.
Two Sides Of The Moon - Asia

Under A Pale Moon - Inner Voices ..
Under a Violet Moon - Blackmore's Night. .
Under The Cherry Moon - Prince. .
Under the Moon of Love - Curtis Lee/Showaddywaddy..
Underneath The Harlem Moon - Randy Newman..

Valentine Moon - Sam Browne
Virginia Moon - Foo Fighters

Walking On The Moon - The Police
Walking On The Surface Of The Moon - Wreckless Eric

Watch The Moon Come Down - Graham Parker
Watching From the Moon - Holding Mercury
Water from the Moon - Celine Dion.
What's Next To The Moon? - AC/DC

When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again - Eddy Arnold ....
Wolf Moon - Type O Negative.
Yellow Moon - Don Williams / The Neville Brothers.
Young Moon - America

2nd Honeymoon - Deaf School .
Aba Daba Honeymoon - Maria Muldaur
Another Honeymoon - Joe Molland .
Bombshelter Honeymoon - Fineas Gage
Bourbon Street Honeymoon - Artie Bressler
Bye, Bye Honeymoon - Bird Call
Carwash Honeymoon - Vance
Cowboy Honeymoon - Gary Mcmahan
Dark Side of the Honeymoon - L.J. Dopp
Electric Honeymoon - Porter Jones
Fried Chicken Honeymoon - Brent Burns
Gringo Honeymoon
- Robert Earl Keen

Gypsy Honeymoon - Kim Carnes

Hillbilly Honeymoon - Cledus T. Judd
Hometown Honeymoon - Alabama
Honeymoon - Latimore
Honeymoon? - The Protectors
Honeymoon Child - Bill Callahan
Honeymoon Croon - Bauhaus
Honeymoon Disaster - Frankenstein the Rock Opera
Honeymoon Eyes - Ryan Montbleau Band
Honeymoon Feeling - Roy Clark
Honeymoon Huckleberry - Matt Bowlin
Honeymoon In Beirut
- Rick Springfield
Honeymoon In Hell - Concombre Zombi .
Honeymoon In New York - B.E.F.
Honeymoon In Spain - Flamingo Express
Honeymoon On Mars - Be Bop Deluxe .
Honeymoon On A Rocketship - Hank Snow
Honeymoon Reel Set - The Kings River Band
Honeymoon Samba - Kd Moore
Honeymoon Song - Gib
Honeymoon Suite - Tony Sims
Honeymoon Waltz - Byron Berline
Honeymoon Without The Wedding - Bombskare
Honeymoon's Over - Justin Ballard
Hot Rod Honeymoon - Jeff Beck

Let's Honeymoon Tonight - The Wolverines
Living in a Honeymoon - Bill Carleton
Mississippi Honeymoon - David Yazbek
Motel 6 Honeymoon - The Blacktop Ramblers ..
My Honeymoon Hell - Always .
Our Honeymoon - Carl Smith
Outlaw's Honeymoon - Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band
Rainy Honeymoon - David Davis
Rock N Roll Honeymoon - Bay City Rollers
Second Honeymoon - Johnny Cash
Super Honeymoon - Owl City
Swinging Honeymoon - George Winston
The Butcher's Honeymoon - Accidental Orchestra
The Honeymoon Is Over
- Chumbawamba / Shannon Boshears Band
The Honeymoon's Over - Preacher's Kids
Lunar Afternoon - John Crawford
Lunar Camel - Siouxsie and the Banshees.
Lunar Dolphins - Soggydawgs
Lunar Dreams - Satya Graha
Lunar Hop - Rag-And-Bone
Lunar Love - Andy Redfearn
Lunar Nova - Red Rhodes
Lunar Sea - Camel

The Lunar Sea - Michelle Ende'
Moonage Daydream - David (Ziggy Stardust) Bowie
Moonage Nightmare - The Freejacks
Moonage Sister - We Will Be Lions
- Godsmack
Catch a Moonbeam - Paul Etzbach
Catch a Little Moonbeam - Kari Scott
Chasing Moonbeams - Rich Russell
Dances With Moonbeams - Fred Lykes
Dancin' On A Moonbeam - Bernadette Lawrence
Dreams and Moonbeams - Ross Douglas Jarvis & the Blue Horizon Band
Ebony Moonbeams - Freddie Hubbard
Girl in a Moonbeam Cloak - Paulina Cassidy
Hey Little Moonbeam - Joey Welz ..
I'll Send My Love On a Silver Moonbeam - John Martindale
Liquid Moonbeams - Way Out West
Magic Moonbeam Motel - Amy Fradon
Moonbeam - Gin Palace Jesters / Daisy May /
Moonbeam Child - Matty Patterson
Moonbeam! Kiss Her For Me - Nick Lucas
Moonbeam Monkey - Tanya Donelly
Moonbeam Over Texas Skies - Kenneth Weines
Moonbeam River - Lynda Johnson
Polkadots And Moonbeams - Wes Montgomery/ Lester Young/ Frank Sinatra/ Nat King Cole/ Count Basie
/ ...et al
Prairie Moonbeams - Eddie Dean
Red Yellow Moonbeams - Stark Reality
Shine A Light ' Moonbeams' - Barry Crocker vs Dino Jag
Stars Among the Moonbeams - The Wagon Masters Music Group
Swingin' On A Moonbeam - David Carroll And His Orchestra
The Moonbeam - Nemo James
The Moonbeam Song - Harry Nilsson
Lonely Moonchild - Albino & Callya feat. Absztrakkt
- King Crimson/ Iron Maiden
Moonchild Blues - Robben Ford
Moonchild Domain - Dimmu Borgir
Moonchild Electric Radio Mix - Jimmy D Robinson
feat. Melba Moore
Moonchild Lovers - Christian Sinner
Moonchild Mindgames - Shining
Moonchild Part 1 - Llewellyn
Moonchild River Song - Eric Anderson
Moonchild Vulcan - Chris Wood
Mr Moonchild - Infrasonic .
Sweet Moonchild - Ted Lukas and The Misled
Theme For The Moonchild - Pleasure
They Call Me The Moonchild - Travis Haddix
Mooncoin - The Irish Experience
Rose Of Mooncoin - Sean Dunphy / Johnny Carroll / Johnny McEvoy /...et al
The Mooncoin - Sean Maguire
The Mooncoin Jig - Steeleye Span.

The Mooncoin Set - Brenda Hunter
Willy Coleman S Mooncoin Carra - Randolph Visser
A Moondance Thing - Derek Haines
Dedicated To Moondance - Jill Ledet
Gypsy Moondance - Anomalous Visions
Imminent Moondance - Si Hayden
Latino Moondance - LiL LuLu
Magical Moondance - Ugetsu

Midnight Moondance - Mason Tyler
- Van Morrison
/ Michael Bublé / ...et al
Moondance In Tajikistan - Butch Coulter
Moondance Mandrell - Frances Wennes
Moondance Party - The Belvadares
Moondance Rock - Jb

Moondance Woman - Andreas Lundgren
The Famous Moondance - Charilaos Piperakis
The Mad Hatter's Last Moondance
- Cassiel

Nubian Moondance - Festagroup
Tulla Moondance - Seán Smyth
A Little Moonglow - Les Paradisiers
Blue Moonglow - Angelvoice
Hello Moonglow - Heart
It Had To Be Moonglow - Neil Richardson Orchestra & Singers
Mr Moonglow - The El Reyes
Moon-Glow - Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
Moonglow - Perry Como / Count Basie / Django Reinhardt / Billie Holiday / ...et al
Moonglow & Girl Talk - The Paul Moura & Cliff Korman Duo
Moonglow And Picnic - Tony Pastor
Moonglow And Them - George Cates
Moonglow and You - George Cates
Moonglow, Lamp Low - Eleni Mandell
Moonglow Motel - Hamilton Groove
Moonglow Music - Rosie Nimmo
Moonglow On the Snow - Patricia Tarentino
Moonglow Picnic - Boots Randolph & Richie Cole
Moonglow Rising - Tom Munch
Moonglow Stillettos - Nozebleed
Moonglow You Know - The Videos
She's My Moonglow - The Qualities
Sweet Moonglow (Carolina Night) - Anderson-Avery Tropical Band
Underneath the Moonglow - Marc Meyers
Moonglum - Hawkwind
Moonland - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
/ Marty Robbins /
The Department of Moonland Fear - Ross

Moon Life (Out of Reach) - Moonlife
- Dali's Car

This Is Moonlife - Lunar Maps
This Moonlife - No Knife
A Cup of Moonlight - David Lanz
Above The Winter Moonlight - Dragonforce
Big Wheels In The Moonlight - Dan Seals
Bluebirds in the Moonlight
- Glen Miller, et al
By Moonlight - Jon Schmidt
Can't Fight The Moonlight - Leann Rimes

Chapel in the Moonlight - Michael Bublé
Clear Night Moonlight - Golden Earring.
Crystal Moonlight - Rhapsody Of Fire
Dancin' In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me in Its Spotlight) - Thin Lizzy..
Dancing to the Moonlight - Oscar Barila & Maiki
Dancing with the Moonlit Knight - Genesis

Dreadlocks In The Moonlight - Lee "Scratch" Perry

Enchanted Moonlight - Lyriel
Gazing At The Moonlight - Hopsin
In The Chapel In The Moonlight - Dean Martin
In The Evening By The Moonlight - The Haydn Quartet
In The Misty Moonlight - Dean Martin/ Jerry Wallace
/ Jim Reeves
In the Moonlight's Ray - John Hassinger
Kisses In The Moonlight
- George Benson
Lady In The Moonlight - Tierra Tierra
Lady Moonlight - Narrow Mind
Last Time By Moonlight - Enya
Life Is Simple In The Moonlight - The Strokes
Listen To The Moonlight - Eloise Laws
Lonesome Moonlight Waltz - The Bluegrass Album Band
Lotus in the Moonlight - Tomas Michaud
Lovers In The Moonlight - Tom Barabas
Low Red Moon - Belly.
Magic Is the Moonlight - Los Jets
Manic Moonlight - King's X
Marfa Moonlight - Miles Zuniga
Midnight Moonlight
- Jerry Garcia
Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream) - Stevie Nicks
Moonlight - Bob Dylan/ Joe Jackson
Moonlight -
Moonlight and Blue Snow - Simen Flare
Moonlight And Madness - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Moonlight and Magnolias - John Brannon
Moonlight and Muzak - M
Moonlight And Roses - Daniel O'Donnell
Moonlight And Skies - Don Edwards
Moonlight Bay - Doris Day / traditional
Moonlight Becomes You - Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour / Bing Crosby / Johnny Mathis

Moonlight Children - Hirose katsuki
Moonlight Cocktail - Glen Miller
Moonlight Dance - Dan Ene & Pol Gabri
Moonlight Dancers - Sara Wheeler
Moonlight Dancing - Bette Midler
Moonlight Desires - Gowan
Moonlight Drive - The Doors
Moonlight Everywhere - Alan Jarvis
Moonlight Eyes - Nazareth
Moonlight Feels Right - Starbuck
Moonlight Fiesta - Duke Ellington
Moonlight In Glory - Brian Eno & David Byrne

Moonlight In Samosa - Robert Plant
Moonlight in Vermont - Jo Stafford/Margaret Whiting
Moonlight Kiss - Bap Kennedy
Moonlight Lady - Iggy Pop
Moonlight Love - Perry Como
Moonlight Lullaby - Liam
Moonlight Mambo - Chris Brian Gussa
Moonlight Masquerade - Claude Thornhill
Moonlight Matinee - Jerky Boys
Moonlight Mile - The Rolling Stones

Moonlight Motel - The Gun Club
Moonlight Motor Inn - Steve Spurgin
Moonlight Mystery - Bill Toms & Hard Rain
Moonlight On The Ganges - Teddy Wilson
Moonlight On Vermont - Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band

Moonlight Sonata -

Moonlight Serenade - Glenn Miller Orchestra / Carly Simon
Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield with Maggie Reilly
Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
Moonlight Swim - Elvis Presley
Moonlight Tango - Monte Montgomery
Moonlight Time - Masquerage
Moonlight Train - Julie Lee
Moonlight Viola - Salinas
Moonlighting - Al Jarreau
Morning Moonlight - Apple Juice
Mr. Moonlight - The Beatles .
Must Be the Moonlight - Key Lime Pie

October Moonlight - J A Forster .
On Moonlight Bay - Doris Day

Orchids In The Moonlight - Rudy Vallee .

Pale Moonlight (How Many Times) - Stephen Marley ...
Pale Moonlight Blues - Chris Clarke ..

Roses And Moonlight - Sheryl Crow

Sailboat in the Moonlight - Per Borthen Swing Department

Shadows in the Moonlight - Anne Murray / Tommy Shaw
Shaggin' in the Moonlight - Swingin' Medallions
Silver Wings In The Moonlight - Vera Lynn.

Sitting Alone in the Moonlight - The Bluegrass Album Band
Sunrise, Sunset & Moonlight - Collioure ..
Tequila Moonlight - Self Against City
The Graveyard By Moonlight - Cradle of Filth
(They Call Me The) Moonlight Gambler - Frankie Laine

Underwater Moonlight - The Soft Boys
Until Moonlight - Apple & Stone
Waiting In The Moonlight - Brandur
Walking in the Moonlight - Martens
What About the Moonlight? - Cher
What A Little Moonlight Can Do - Billie Holiday

Who Killed Mr. Moonlight - Bauhaus
Who Were You With in the Moonlight - Dollar

Whispers In The Moonlight - Omar Akram
Moonraker - Shirley Bassey / Hog Molly / Teebee & K
Moonraker Lake - Frank 'n' Davison
Moonrakers - The Shudders
The Moonraker - .22
The Moonraker Pond - Rick Wakeman
2 O'clock Moonrise - Parc-X Trio ..
Canyon Moonrise - Turlough
Celtic Moonrise - Derek Bell
Hurrian Moonrise - Janet Smith
Lonesome Moonrise - Part One - Dave Mitchell
Melody At Moonrise - New Concert Orchestra Conducted By Frederic Curzon
Mississippi Moonrise - Gwil Owen
Misty Moonrise - David Michael & Michael Mandrell
Moonrise (Through Mirrors Of Death)
- Nevermore

Moonrise - Sue Hoadley / John Wright /Amy Cook / et al
Moonrise and Its Duplicates - The Ocean As Mistress
Moonrise At Bell Rock - Ancient Brotherhood

Moonrise Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins.

Moonrise Echos - Topwaya's Flute Melodies
Moonrise Fields Of Sorrw - Immortal
Moonrise, IA - The Pines
Moonrise in Mojave - Terra Nova
Moonrise in Paradise (Chance of a Lifetime) - Dave Robbins
Moonrise Love - Nosakhere (Papa Soul)
Moonrise Lullaby - Patricia Sereno
Moonrise Near Nepal - Cliff Boulder
Moonrise on Saturn - Water Sky
Moonrise On the Black Rock Desert - Philip Elcano
Moonrise On The Lowlands - King Oliver / Tommy Dorsey And Jimmy Dorsey
Moonrise Prelude - Matt Haviland
Moonrise Raven - Gregory Cain
Moonrise Sundown
- Ranga Pae .
Moonrise, Sunrise - Desert Wind .
Moonrise With Plane - Random Touch
Pavilion Of Moonrise - Bambus Flute Orchestra
Sahara Moonrise - Spencer Brewer
Starlight and Moonrise - Blake Linton .
Sunset to Moonrise - Greg V .
Tequila Moonrise - Fluchtweg
The Meeting Pool At Moonrise - Richard Osborn
The Moonrise - John Lister
The Moonrise Never Lies - Bruce McDermott

The Most Epic Moonrise - Levi Strom
Turkish Moonrise - Aaron Goldberg
Umbilical Moonrise - The Lotus
Venus Moonrise - Agua Trip .
Winter Moonrise - Gregory William Haddow

Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
pop 7

Electric Moonshine - Dr. Didg
Goodnight, Moonshine - Dusty Rhodes And The River Band
I'm Wild About Moonshine - Southern Negro Quartette
Little Bit of Moonshine - Fiddleworms
Mexican Moonshine - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Midnight Moonshine - Stuck oN Stupid
Moonshine - North Mississippi All-Stars / Paul Weller / The Jets / ...et al
Moonshine Alley - Henry Gross
Moonshine Bar - Sophie Young
Moonshine Can - Ian & Sylvia
Moonshine-Clarinet - Martin Zagrajsek
Moonshine Daughter - Roy Glenn Key
Moonshine Glow - Amir Arab ft. Dirk Lüking
Moonshine Is The Sunshine - The Youngbloods.
Moonshine Lady - Roy Martin
Moonshine Lullaby - Anne Tofflemire
Moonshine Mama - The Stumbler's Inn
Moonshine Porcelain - The Matt Burke Band
Moonshine Pub - Grenouille
Moonshine Reggae - Circus Ponorka
Moonshine Sally - Top Of The Poppers .
Moonshine Sky - Ozdog
Moonshine Song - Hillbilly Moon Explosion
Moonshine Superman - The Blind Pharaohs
Moonshine Tequila - Cain
Moonshine Valentine - Make Me Shiver
Moonshine Whiskey - Van Morrison

Mr. Moonshine - Fat Mattress .
My Moonshine - Hobex
Pass the Moonshine - Real Be Easys
Red Moonshine - DJ Gee & Slam Dunk Funk
Rodents of the Moonshine - Odaal
Sadie Moonshine - New Vaudeville Band.
Sister Moonshine
- Supertramp

Skating in the Moonshine - Sally Shapiro
Sunlight & Moonshine
- Trouble On Deck .
Sunshine & Moonshine & You - Willis Fireball With John Keech
The Moon Still Shines On The Moonshine Still - Judy Perkins
Walkin In Moonshine - Honky
When The Moon Shines On The Moonshine - Bert Williams
White Moonshine Whiskey Maker - AB/CD
Whiteline Moonshine - The Border Band



7 Stars - The Apples In Stereo .
A Star Is Bored
- Paul Westerberg.
A Thousand Stars - Kathy Young / Billy Fury .
Address In The Stars - Caitlin & Will
All Star - Smash Mouth
An Ant, the Stars, An Owl, and Its Prey - Sky Cries Mary
Andy You're A Star
- Killers.
Arizona Star - Guy Clark
As The Stars Fall - Cinematic Orchestra
Baby I'm A Star - Prince
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem - Rhonda Vincent
Behind The Stars - Paul Greene & The Other Colours
Bethlehem Star - Ray Boltz
Beyond the Stars - Evans Blue
Black Star
- Radiohead.
Blinded By the Stars - Pernice Brothers
Bling Bling Christmas Star - MC Radical ..
Blue Star (The Medic Theme) - Charlie Applewhite.
Bright Red Star - Stereophonics..
Bright Stars - Kurt Hunter
Brighter Stars Shine - June Star
Brightest Star - The Subdudes
Brightly Shining Stars - Pat Hargreaves

By the Moon and Stars - Charley Patton .
Cash Car Star - Smashing Pumpkins..
Cats Under The Stars - Jerry Garcia..
Copper And Stars - Planes Mistaken For Stars
Corn Star - Craig Morgan

Count Yer Lucky Stars - Gringo Star
Counting My Lucky Stars - Laustin
Country Rock Star - Marcel
Counting My Lucky Stars - The Piano Classic Players
Counting Stars - Sam Densmore / Augustana

Dad Caught Stars - Justin Roberts

Dark Star - Poliça
Dog Stars - KaiserCartel

Distant Stars - Nox Aurea
Daybreak Star - Iwori .
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes - Perry Como.
Dusting Down The Stars - Mobile
Evening Star - Dragonforce
/Kenny Rogers
Everybody is a Star
- Sly and the Family Stone
Everybody's A Star - The Kinks
Falling With The Stars - Skydiggers

February Stars - Foo Fighters.
Generation Fuck Star - Davey Suicide
God Makes Stars - Hal Ketchum

Golden Star - My Brightest Diamond
Gonna Make You A Star - David Essex
Hail the Lone Star - Dark Days Ahead

Have You Seen the Stars Tonight - Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship

Highway Star - Deep Purple.
Hillbilly Rock Star - Bridgette Tatum
How To Be A Country Star - The Statler Brothers

I Wanna Be A Baseball Star - Freddie Holt ..
Into the Stars - Amyst
Is It a Star? - Todd Rundgren

January Stars - Sting.
July 09, All-Star Groove - Mark Massey ...
Junky Star - Ryan Bingham
Kansas City Star - Roger Miller
Keeper Of The Stars - Tracy Byrd

Lazy Star - Big Dez .
Little Star - Elegants / Chuck Berry .

Look For A Star - Garry Mills

Lone Star Blues - Delbert McClinton
Lone Star Dime - Gauge ft. Zeal Truce
Lone Star State Of Mind - Nanci Griffith

Lucky Star - Madonna
Lucky Stars - Marti Jones & Don Dixon

Midnight Star - Weird Al Yankovic.
Million Dollar Stars - Lifestyl South Park Mexican ..
Morning Star - Grant Hart
Morning Star Moon - Jon Chandler
Movie Star - Cracker

My Stars - Alice Cooper
New Stars Are Born - Rpwl
Nineteen, One God, One Dull Star - Blackout Beach ....
Northern Star - Hole

November Star - Alex Roman .
Old Lone Star - Jackson Taylor Band
On This Night Of A Thousand Stars -
Madonna ..
One Star Flag - Casey Donahew Band .
Opera Star - Neil Young.
Pale Green Stars - Everclear
Pearl Of The Stars - Coheed & Cambria

Prelude to the Littlest Star - Conni Ellisor

Plastic Stars - Freezepop
Porn Star Dancing - Mr. Rockers
Reach For The Stars - Shirley Bassey
Red Star - Third Eye Blind

Redstars - The Birthday Massacre.
Rock Star On the Weekend
- Poor Man's Whiskey
Same Old Star - McBride And The Ride
Seeing Stars - Jack Ingram
Seven Stars - Peter Green
She Parties Like a Rock Star - Kent Gray
She's A Star - James
Shining Star - Wind & Fire Earth
Shoot for the Stars - Josh Byrd

Shooting Star - Badco / Bob Dylan / Bad Company
Shooting Stars - Edwin McCain
So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star - The Byrds / Tom Petty .
Someone Else's Star - Bryan White
Soot and Stars - Smashing Pumpkins

Stairway To The Stars - Blue Oyster Cult
- David Bowie / Primal Scream
Star 69 - R.E.M .
Star Baby - The Guess Who
Star Crossed - Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Star Cycle - Jeff Beck.
Star Eyes - Charlie Parker.
Star Girl - McFly .
Star Me Kitten - R.E.M..
Star No Star - Jack Off Jill
Star of Bannack - Montana Rose
Star Of Sirius - Steve Hackett
Star Of The County Down - The Irish Rovers

Star Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix / Lee Greenwood /...et al
Star Star - The Rolling Stones
Star Tiger, Star Ariel - The Delays

Star Track - Jefferson Airplane.
Star Wars Theme / Cantina Band - Meco
Starf--kers Inc. - Nine Inch Nails

Stars - Simply Red
Stars - Switchfoot
Stars All Seem To Weep - Beth Orton
Stars and Boulevards - Augustana

Stars and Midnight Blue - Enya...
Stars & Stripes Forever - Star Spangled Band

Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton
Stars Are Gone - Simon Wilcox
Stars Burn Out - Mary Lou Lord
Stars Come Out - Calvin Harris
Stars Crash Down - Hue and Cry
Stars Die - Porcupine Tree
Stars Fell On Alabama - Tara Nevins
Stars in Alabama - Jamey Johnson
Stars In Her Eyes - Sugarloaf
Stars in Your Eyes - Dwight Beckmeyer
Stars On 45 Medley - Stars On 45
Stars On The Water - George Strait
Stars Over Texas - Tracy Lawrence
Stars Tipped Over - Petree
Stars Tonight - Lady Antebellum
Street Corner Rock Star - Kevin Wayne
Thank You, Stars - Katie Melua .
The Cowboy Night of the Stars - Steven Stars
The Keeper Of The Stars - Tracy Byrd
The Stars and Stripes Forever - The Residents

The Stars Just Blink For Us - Say Hi

The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice - Jimi Hendrix .
The Stars That Hang Above You - Jesu
There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere - Jim Murphy

Three Stars - Eddie Cochran .
Three Stars Will Shine Tonight - Richard Chamberlain .
Thousand Falling Stars - Little & Ashley ..
Tonight The Stars Revolt! - Powerman 5000

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Fredrika Stahl / Jewel
Unlucky Stars - Todd Wright

Until The Last Falling Star - Matthew Perryman Jones
Video Killed The Radio Star - The Buggles /
Ben Folds Five
Wandrin' Star - Lee Marvin
Wandering Star - Lucero

Western Star - Chris Isaac.
When The Stars Begin To Fall - Nate Hall

When The Stars Go Blue - Tim McGraw .
When You Wish Upon A Star
- Billy Joel / Gene Simmons
Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly - Aaron Tippin
White Lines And Stars - Rosehill
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown - Jorma Kaukonen
Written In The Stars - Tinie Tempah
Wondrin' Star - Lee Marvin
Would You Catch A Falling Star - John Anderson
You Are the Most Beautiful Star I've Ever Known - Andy Davis

(You've Got) The Heart of a Star - Oasis
Your Star - Evanescence

Starbreaker - Judas Priest / Arch Enemy /... et al
Chasing the Stardust In Your Eyes - Kalin Alvey
Dancin' on Stardust - Count Drax of Jupiter
Emerald Stardust - Paul Hardcastle
Honky-Tonk Stardust Cowboy - Jonathan Edwards
In the Stardust - Barry Stardust
Lady Stardust - David Bowie
Lemonade Stardust - Lana Maree
Message From Stardust - Qumma
Pocket Full of Stardust - Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
S-T-A-R-D-U-S-T - Biggy Stardust and his Wretched Hive
Stardust (I Need You) - Manyus & Dario Guida
Stardust (Take 2) - Artie Shaw Orchestra
Stardust - Nat King Cole / David Essex / Willie Nelson / Hoagy Carmichael / Glen Miller /...et al
Stardust and Wine - Michael Wark
Stardust Blues - The Moderns
Stardust County Line - Nancy Louise Freeman
Stardust for Tomorrow
- Sun Ra.

Stardust Galaxies - The Parlotones .
Stardust Glitter - Millennium Fields .
Stardust In Her Eyes - Big Five
Stardust Land - Joe Virga
Stardust Tapestry - Missa Johnouchi & The Li-Hua Ensemble
Stardust To Heaven - Cecil Holden
Stardust V2 - Andrew Banner
Stardust We Are - The Flower Kings
With a Little Stardust - Jennifer Kathleen
Ziggy Stardust
- David (Ziggy Stardust) Bowie.
STARFISH :: -> Animals - FISH
Stargasm - Mastodon / Stereoglyph
And The Stargazers Gathered - Jim DeVault
Hey Stargazer - Tiny Specks of Many Things
Pondering Stargazer - Tony Aglione
Questions Of A Stargazer - Corey&Maple
Stargazer - Rainbow
Stargazer Lilly - Tony Kaltenberg & Michael Manring
Stargazers - Nightwish
Stargazer's Alphabet - John Farrell
Stargazers for Sarah - Mr Kie
Stargazing - Leon Jackson

The Starless Guy - Fall Of Death
We Are Like Stargazers - Katherine Schell

A Dark Starless Night - Mac Martin & The Dixie Travelers
A Starless Night - Coerce
Another Starless Night - The Gothees
Bible Black Starless Sky - Andy Fairweather Low
Another Starless Night - The Gothees
Lost On A Starless Night - Power Struggle
- The Unthanks
Starless Aeon - Dissection
Starless Fighter - The "Fuzz"
Starless Lounge - Elliott Carlson Botero
Starless Midnight - Ides Of Gemini

The Starless Guy - Fall Of Death
Wandering Starless - Pheroze

A Little Starlight - The Marrieds
Ancient Starlight - Burdine & Shaw
Bring On the Starlight - Craig of Farrington
By Starlight - Smashing Pumpkins
Captain Starlight - Ted Egan
Coast Starlight - My Lady's House
Composition of Starlight - JJ Ford
Dancing By Starlight - Jody Kruskal
Fighting Starlight - Benton Falls
Frankie Starlight - Suzanne Morales
Hey Mr. Starlight - Tarbox Ramblers ..
I Am The Starlight - Original Cast: Starlight Express
I Dreamed of Starlight -
Eric Galloway, Latin Orchestra
Lady Starlight - Scorpions
Lonely Starlight - FreddeGredde
My Starlight - Oliver Campana
Nothin' But Starlight - Lana Maree .
Silent Starlight - Buck Pryor
Silver Starlight - Cliff and Danielle Young ..
Slip Across the Starlight - Dave Boutette
Soaring Through The Starlight - Krause
Solo Starlight Night - Jared Michael Hobgood
Sparkling In the Starlight - Feature 4
- Slash

Starlight - Muse
- Jasmine Ash / Rachael Yamagata
Starlight - Matt Cardle
Starlight 2011 - Starlight .
Starlight And Firegazing - Wendy Allyn
Starlight And Moonrise - Blake Linton .
Starlight And Stone - Kris Kristofferson
Starlight and Tequila - Jackalope
Starlight and the Wind - Bill Decker
Starlight Cafe - Matt Lebar Ensemble
Starlight Chaser - Classified Project
Starlight Constellation - Geoff Hash and the Missing Scene
Starlight Darling - Spirathon
Starlight Dolphin - King & Jahr
Starlight Drive - Juno Falls
Starlight Express (Lay It Down) - Joel Hagman
Starlight from Above - Vince Amore
Starlight Haunted Ballroom - Judy Roberts
Starlight Hotel - Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers
Starlight In Your Afternoon - Samson & Delilah
Starlight Limousine - Kent Welton
Starlight Love - The Stutters
Starlight Mile - Eric Contractor
Starlight Mind - Tom Griffith
Starlight On The Rails - Utah Phillips
Starlight Over My Head - The Mystic Cowboys Chasing A Song
Starlight Parade - Jane Eamon
Starlight Rodeo - Dick Siegel
Starlight Solo - Yul Anderson
Starlight, Starbright - Linda Arnold / James Durst
Starlight Sufferin - Steve Digre
Starlight Voyage - David Michael
Starlight Waltz - Josh Graves
Starlights Are My Nightlights - Witness My Weakness
Steel and Starlight - Shok Paris
Stella By Starlight - Tuck Andress /Dizzy Gillespie / Ray Charles / Frank Caruso/...et al .
Sunrays to Starlight - Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause.
Sweet Dreams & Starlight - David Nevue
Sweetness In Starlight - Matt Wertz
The Brambles In Starlight - Sleeps In Oysters
The Starlight Mazurka - Rob MacKillop
The Starlight Polka - Rob MacKillop
Trio By Starlight - Royce Campbell
Utah On Starlight On The Rails - Utah Phillips
I Am The Starman - At Dusk
- David Bowie

Starman Calls - Scott Donaldson & Richard Nolan
Starman on Duty - Talessian El-Wikosian
Stranger Into Starman - Aimee Mann
The Starman Empire - Stephen Brannigan

Starrider - Foreigner
Starriders - Alpha Tiger

A Starry Night in Baghdad - Debby Dobbins
Amid A Starry Sky - Andrew Mataus .
Beneath a Starry Sky - John Johns .
Cold Starry Sky - The Blueberry Quaaludes .
Far Above the Starry Sky - Unity .
Far Beyond The Starry Sky - Cliff Carlisle .
It Was on a Starry Night - Ingrid DuMosch
It's A Very Starry Night - Of Montreal
Jazz Impression of Van Gogh's Starry Night - Michael Silverman Jazz Piano Trio
July 31, Such a Starry, Summer
- Mark Massey

Lone Starry Night - John Arthur Martinez
On a Starry Starry Night - Mary Stahl
One Starry Spirit - Tal Bachman
Seven Starry Skies - Lost
Songs of the Starry Skies - Blake Linton
Soon We'll Reach The Starry Sky - Brian Harnetty .
Starry - Purr MacHine
Starry Crown - Carolina Chocolate Drops
Starry Day - Wake
Starry Dynamo - 1.G.K
Starry Eyed
- Michael Holliday / Ellie Goulding
Starry Eyed Surprise - Paul Oakenfold
Starry Eyes - Mötley Crüe
Starry Eyes Gone Blank Tonight - Soren Well
Starry Gazey Pie - The Silver Seas
Starry Glow - Flash Fiktion
Starry Night - Chris August / Joe Satriani
Starry Night Blues - Irma Golubiani
Starry Night, Dali: Persistence of Memory, Fantasy - Montage Music Society
Starry Night, Ensor: Masks Confronting Death, Dirge - Montage Music Society
Starry Night Flight - Michael Nuzzolillo
Starry Night in a Cold November - Elara ...
Starry Night Lullaby - Vuk Uskokovic
Starry Night, Matisse: Piano Lesson, Etude - Montage Music Society
Starry Night, Mondrian: Broadway Boogie Woogie, Dance - Montage Music Society
Starry Night, Picasso: Harlequin, Caprice - Montage Music Society
Starry Night, Rousseau: Sleeping Gypsy, Berceuse - Montage Music Society
Starry Night, Van Gogh: Starry Night, Canto - Montage Music Society
Starry Skies - Martin Mittone .
Starry Skies And Sleepy Eyes - Shelli Mandeville .
Starry Sky - Smilla
Starry Sky Above - The 13th .
Starry Stairs - Okkervil River
Starry Tilting Sizzle - Muso
Story Of A Starry Night - Nelson Eddy
Sweet Starry Night - Gaby Hernandez
The Starry Sky - Barbara Higbie .
The Starry Sky Above Me - Prevail Over One's Horizon
The Starry Skies Can Only Cry - Drazy Hoops.
The Story Of A Starry Night - Ronnie Aldrich & His Two Pianos
Under Sunny Starry Skies - Don Mccabe .
Under The Starry Sky - Hans-André Stamm.
Vincent (Starry Starry Night)
- Don Mclean
Windswept Starry Night - Tim Janis
Dream of a Starship Cleaner - Tractum
Orion Starship - Froggy
Starship Trooper - Yes
Starship Universe - Mike Visaggio
Starships - Nicki Minaj
Starships And Rockets - 8Ball & MJG
When the Starships Fly - Jeff Griffin
ft Robert Welch
You Are My Starship - Norman Connors

Lady Starstruck - House of Shakira
Mr. Starstruck - Ella G'sell
Poor Little Starstruck - Gravity Engine
StarStruck - Jesse Fick
ft Anialation
Starstruck - Rainbow
/ Santigold / Robbie Williams / et al....
Starstruck - Lady Gaga / Space Cowboy / Flo-Rida
Starstruck Bastard - Leah Andreone
Starstruck Galaxy - Terrace
Starstruck Mind - Jonas Thomassen & Jt Scam
Starstruck Transfo
rmation - Gary D Matthews
Starstrukk - 3Oh!3


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ARIES j-all r-all pg-20
Afternoon in Aries - Hironobu Saito
Age of Aries - Kasuf & The Mazz Muvement
An Aries Aria - Norrie Paramor's Strings & Orchestra
Ari-es - Keenhouse
Aries - Dragonfly / Liz Story / Howlin' Wolf /
Aries & Leo - Rita Box Peek .
Aries Born Pisces - Nick Peace .
Aries Eyes - Allen Vizzutti & Jeff Tyzik
Aries Man - Erick Macek
Aries Mood - Dutch Jazz Orchestra
Aries Moon - Neville Lloyd
Aries On Libra - The Black Post Project .
Aries : Part 1 to 11 - Tony Ellinson
Aries Rising - Fred Bogert
Aries Slow Jive - Marc Reift Marc Reift Orchestra
Aries Suite No.2 - Mike Campese
Aries Sun Rising - Siamese Panda
First Point of Aries - System 99
I Am Aries - Cascova
Little Aries Girls - The Bros. Marler
Me, You and the Aries Mars - Timi Bumatay .
Night For Aries - The Modern Jazz Quintet Ft James Mooney
Ovis Aries - Brian Eaton
Prelude to Aries - Peter Pardine
Red Planet Mars, Sign of Aries - Len Guardino ..
Selections From Zodiac Suite Virgo,Libra,Aries - Dizzy Gillespie ..
Song for Aries - Blenderfish
You're An Aries - Andy Lindquist

A Taurus and a Sagittarius - Steve Taylor .
Dance Of Taurus - Hekate
Grampy's Taurus - The One-Eyed Show
Hymn of Taurus - Bruno Spoerri
I Monti Anti-Taurus - Exultet
Leo vs. Taurus - Blind Myself .
My Ford Taurus SEL - Sweet Claudette
Run Taurus Run - Panthère
Steve Dude Vs. Taurus Too - Calvin Krime ..
Taurus -
Spirit / Dennis Coffey
Taurus Avenue - Electric Air Project
Taurus Bulba - Steve Vai
Taurus Empire - Punish
Taurus Littrow 20.19080 - Progressivexperience .
Taurus Moaner - The Charlatans
Taurus Mood - Mary Lou Williams
Taurus Moon - Gerry Mulligan
Taurus : Part 1 to 10 - Ian Richards
Taurus People - John Nugent Quartet With David Liebman
Taurus Tango - Norrie Paramore & His Orchestra
Taurus Ten - Aun .
Taurus The 20th - Rufus Harley
Taurus the Bull - Roger Henderson / Valerie Lopez
Taurus, The Toreador - Jesse Cutler
The Taurus Battles the Cancer - Cody Adams .
The Way of Taurus - Taurus

j-all p-all f-all hh-20
All Gemini Die Young - Daybreak Ends .
Battle Cry of Gemini - Shattered Display
Being Gemini - Marty Olivas
Black Gemini - Sparzanza
Blues For Gemini - Les Spann
Cathedral Of The Waxwork Gemini - Mourningstar
Children of Gemini - Hypernova
Dear Gemini - Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams
Eyes of a Gemini Pt. 2 - Nightstar
Ft T.K.
Gemini (The Twins) - Sheavy
Gemini (The Two of Them) - Wil Hart Formerly of the Delfonics
Gemini - The Bomb Squad / Ron Zee / Jen Tonon / Matt Tebow / ...et al
Gemini and Leo - Colosseum II .
Gemini Blues - Sonny Landreth / Patrick Sweany Band
Gemini Bound - Emma Conquest
Gemini Boogie - The Jokers
Gemini Boys And Girls - Paul F. Cowlan
Gemini Butterfly - The Apes
Gemini Childe - The Mamas & The Papas
Gemini Cusp - Polvo
Gemini Dancer - The Ghosts of Highway 61
Gemini Days - Vonhummer
Gemini Delta - Rob Astor
Gemini Distance - Withdrawn
Gemini Dream - The Moody Blues.
Gemini Drinking Island - Canadian Invasion
Gemini Faktor - Nova Prospect

Gemini Flyin' High - Bob Babbit & Jerry Freidman & Steve Gadd & Joe Thomas;

Gemini Girl - Wilderness Survival
Gemini Girly Song - Katzenjammer Kabarett
Gemini Guy - Deena
Gemini Heart - Sean Nicholas Savage
Gemini in Motion - Rocky Gordon
Gemini Infinity - Sunset Session Group
Gemini Is The Snake - Devian
Gemini Lover - Elisa Victoria
Gemini Man - Abigail's Ghost
Gemini Minds - Bruce Williams
Gemini Mine - Harper
Gemini Mood - Greg Abate
Gemini Moon - Rivercat
Gemini On The Way - Maplewood
Gemini One - Torngat .
Gemini Outlaw - Havenstance
Gemini Rag - Doug Riley,Joan Besen, Scott Cushnie; /
Gemini Rain - Michael Coughenour
Gemini Rock - Marc Reift Marc Reift Orchestra
Gemini Queene - Licorice Roots
Gemini Sky - Uncle Sal .
Gemini Soul - Michael Buffalo Smith
Gemini Standing - Sandra Bazzarelli
Gemini Star - Billy Beam
Gemini Twins - Modey Lemon
Gemini Wind - Max Volume
Gemini Woman - Kostas Petropoulos
Gemini XII - Caves of Steel .
Gemini's Dream - Mike Cross Jazz Pianist
Gemini Yo Yo - Eric Bazilian
Gemma Gemini - Vantage Point .
Goodbye Geminis - Calley Bliss
Happy Gemini - Eddie Harris
I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship - David Bowie
I'm A Gemini - Ijahman Levi
I'm So Gemini - Martin Bernt
In Between Geminis - Blue Sinatra
In The Arms Of A Gemini - Pbii
Jumpin' Gemini - Barry Bergstrom and Eagle Wing
Left Eyed Gemini - genCAB
Lonely Gemini - Willie the Moak
Moon in Gemini - Justin Peake
Ms. Gemini - Micranots .
My Gemini - Resonant Reflections
Never Trust a Gemini - Nicolette Aubourg
Planet Gemini - Michael Angelo Batio .
Rebellious Gemini - Air & Air
Return of the Gemini - Sublymm & Metasin Baby C
Rhyme of the Gemini - Epileptic Disco
She's a Gemini - Leah Morise
Sun Sign Gemini - Willie Deane Carlos .
Tale of Gemini - The "O" Man Jam
The First Gemini - Jason York
The Gemini - Dr. Haze & The Circus Of Horrors
The Gemini Lounge - Ice Age
The Revenge Of Vera Gemini - Blue Oyster Cult .
Three Eyed Gemini - The Unpop Sound .
Tropic of Gemini - Mike Wexler
Two Geminis - Barnaby Bye
Venus in Gemini - Artur Bayramgalin .
You and I, Gemini - Mrnorth

CANCER r-9, j-all, p-6
A Cancer in Our Mist (Plague One) - Manes
A Cancer of Purity - Wolvhammer
After All Your Cancers - Me And The Bees
Age Of Cancer - Kiki
Beautiful Cancer - Ashley Berndt
Cancer - My Chemical Romance /Tommy Love /
Cancer Alley Rap - Michelle Shocked
Cancer & Capricorn - Paolo Apollo Negri .
Cancer & Wide-Eyed Looks - Silver Scooter
Cancer Blues - Blue Baby & Hired Guns
Cancer Dancer - The Restraints
Cancer For The Cure -Eels
Cancer in a Pack - Fred Savage and the Unbeatables
Cancer In My Head - Tolchock
Cancer Is Platinum Blonde - Nick Mancinelli
Cancer Kiss - The Spiral Sound
Cancer of Blades - Sorrowseed
Cancer of the Everything - The Killing Swarm
Cancer Of The Soul - Bloodbath
Cancer On the Photograph - Crazy Mary
Cancer Song - The Suburbillies
Cancer's Breath - Breakdown of Sanity
Cancer of the Everything - The Killing Swarm
Cancers & Scorpios - 7b .
Cellphones Give You Brain Cancer - Insomniac Folklore
Concrete Cancer - The Obsessed
Crackin' Cancer - Leigh Warren
Crowning King Cancer - Zonaria
Cure for Cancer - Dangers
Decent Cancer - Ashbury Heights
Diagnosis Cancer - Stuart Turner
Disco Cancer - Stronzo Gelantino & The Boo-Men
Escape from Planet Cancer - Showbread
Fuck You, Cancer - State of Franklin
God's Spreading Cancer - Headhunter D.C.
I Wish I Had Cancer - Mister X
In Love, Cancer? - Monochrome Set
Maiden Of The Cancer Moon - Quicksilver Messenger Service .
My Cancer - 15 Minutes Late
My Tears Cure Cancer - Capgun Coup
Ode to Cancers - Sam Rader
Patriotic Cancer - Vietnam Werewolf
Pride Like A Cancer - Flame To Fire
R&R Cancer - The Hentchmen ft Jack White
Religious Cancer - Nailbomb
Share the Cancer - Retrogramme
Sister Cancer Brother Dollar - Doctor Nerve
Stand Up To Cancer - Joss Stone & Dave Stewart
Tell Me, Cancer - Forest City Lovers
The Black Cancer - Damnation Angels
The Taurus Battles the Cancer - Cody Adams .
Tropic of Cancer - Curtis
Tropical Cancer - The Rockstone Players
Venus in Cancer - Emerson .
You Are The Cancer - Jack Frost
Your Love Is Like A Cancer -
Son Seals

LEO. pp-15, rk-16, j-10
A Ballad For Leo Parker - In the Tradition
Aries & Leo - Rita Box Peek .
Ballad For Leo - Søren Kjærgaard
Ballad Of El Leo Nora - Jerry Granelli
Da Leo - Gaetano Valli
For Leo - Rafael Jerjen Quartet
Gemini and Leo - Colosseum II .
I'm Leo The Magnificnet! - Leonid The Magnificent
Johann & Leo - Aram Shelton .
Leaping Leo - Gene Ammons
Leo - Sarah R. Holson / The Lightmen Plus One / Mary Lou Williams / Wabash
Leo Leaps In, Take 1 to 3 - Leo Parker .
Leo Leo - Bess Durey
Leo Rising - Frank Foster
Leo The Lion - Charlie Parker / Woody Herman
Leo vs. Taurus - Blind Myself .
Leo's Baby - Robert Fairweather & Luv Machine
Leo's Cat - Will Bernard
Leo's Dance - One Spirit
Leo's Dream - Makinto
Leo's Lament - John Westmoreland
Leo's Lullaby - Groove Apparatus
Leo's Mode - Cam Newton
Leo's Party - Max Paparella
Leo's Place - Dave Brubeck
Leo's Ringing - Aaron Rashaw
Leo's the One - DGBuchanan
Leo's Tune - T.K. Gardner
Little Leo - Claus Raible
Lonely Leo - Norrie Paramore & His Orchestra
Lunch at Leo's - Jack Silverman
Maybe I'm A Leo - Deep Purple
Per Leo - Eugenio Mori
Poor Leo - Northamorica
Portrait Of Leo Smith - Steve Mccall & Henry Threadgill Air with Fred Hopkins /
Sick Leo - Jerome Sabbagh
Slow Down Leo - Mark Thibodeau
Song For Leo - Guffi Pallesen
Soul-Leo - Mark Weinstein
Turkey Leo's Theme - Gruntled
Walking Leo - The Other Quartet
Wild Leo - Gene Ammons
With Leo - Francesco Mazzeo
Zig & Leo - The Brothers Goldman

VIRGO p-all, r-all, j-all, r&hh-all
Gift From Virgo - Beyonce
Here Is Virgo? - Eishin Nose
Moon In Virgo - Quangou
Prince of the Virgos - Alias
Selections From Zodiac Suite Virgo,Libra,Aries - Dizzy Gillespie ..

The Impatient Virgo - Norrie Paramore & His Orchestra
Under Virgo's Sun - Melting Euphopria
Venus & Virgo - Joshua Lanes
Vierge Virgo - Richard Clayderman
Virgo - Wayne Shorter/ Mary Lou Williams/ José Feliciano/ Lee Harper/ Max Leake Trio/ ...et al
Virgo Dance - Pat Labarbera
Virgo Girls - Ian Cross
Virgo Intacto - Greedyfeedr
Virgo Red - Roy Ayers
Virgo Rising - Onaje Allan Gumbs
Virgo Vamp - Albert Pla
Virgo Vibe -Ilhan Ersahin
Virgo Vibes (Outside Blues) - Roy Ayers
Virgo's Back - Rio
Virgo's Dream - Jordan Oliver
Virgo's Wings - Rio
West Virgo - Disco Deck
Where Is Virgo? - Eishin Nose
Your Virgo - Lovie

LIBRA. r-all, j-all, cr-all, fk-all, na-all
3 Libras - A Perfect Circle
420 Libras - Los Deltonos .
A Libra Rhapsody - Norrie Paramor
Aqua Libra (Down Beat Mix) - Cool Blu
Aries On Libra - The Black Post Project .
Capricorn and Libra - Paul Mandaca .
Cuba Libra - Festival Of Four
Del Signo Libra - Grupo Libra
Delilah Was A Libra - Edwing .
For Libras - Brian Charette
Grace Of Libra - Fez Combo .
In The Sign Of Libra - Dusko Goykovich
Libra - Max Roach /
Hal Mooney
Libra Action - The W-Vibe
Libra Alt Tk. - The Terrance Hazly Quartet
Libra Ascending - Sonny Greenwhich Quartet
Libra Fog - The Burning Dirty Band
Libra Moon - Sapphron
Libra Rising - The Sabir Mateen Quartet
Libra Song - Jessie Modic
Libra Steam - Andrew Neff
Libra Sun - Daniel Fernandez
Libra Tapes - Shane Turner Overdrive
Libra's Fall - Azure Agony
Lilith in Libra - You Shriek
Lucky Lady Libra - Byron King
Selections From Zodiac Suite Virgo,Libra,Aries - Dizzy Gillespie ..
The Libra Way - New Soul Orchestra
Triple Libra - Peter Ind & Martin Taylor
Triple Libra Blues - Peter Ind

SCORPIO ... ...all p
Black Scorpio - Mott The Hoople
Blues For Scorpio - Gerald Wilson And His Orchestra
Cadillac Scorpio - Sozyone Gonzalez
Cancers & Scorpios - 7b .
Cruel Scorpio - Mariel
Day Of The Scorpio - Born From Pain
Den of the Scorpio - Ink & Dagger
Eye Of The Scorpio - Buckshot
Father Scorpio - Demonika and the Darklings
Freaky Scorpio - Verbal8tor
Full Moon in Scorpio - Wendy Rule
Harem Of Scorpions - Cancer Bats
Horses Over Scorpio - Nicholas Wexler
I Know You Scorpio - Steve Turner & His Bad Ideas
I'm a Scorpio - Russ Ballard
Lady Scorpio - DJ Auerbach DJ Genna
Like A Scorpio - The Ghost Rockets
Malus Scorpio Ritus - The Danish Radio Big Band
Mars In Scorpio - Max Highstein
Miss Scorpio - Babyjane .
Moon In Scorpio - The Family Stand
Moon in the Scorpio - Limbonic Art
Moon Of Scorpio - Esther Galil
O Scorpio - Jaggery
October Scorpio Me - Infinito 2017 .
Oh No Scorpio - Tyra From Saigon
Pandora In The Age Of Scorpio - Legend's Ghost
Revenge Of Scorpio - Ted Hawkins
Ring Of Scorpio - Mike Batt
Rite of Scorpio - Paul Hanson
Rockin' Scorpio - Faustix
Scorpio - The Trax
Scorpio - Grandmaster Flash
Scorpio - E-40
Scorpio - The Simpsons
Scorpio - Eternity X
Scorpio - Stephen Kellogg
Scorpio - The Dutchess And The Duke
Scorpio [instrumental] - Blutengel
Scorpio 6 - Satan'S Pilgrims .
Scorpio 66 - Action Plus .
Scorpio and Me - Jay Sims
Scorpio and Orion Go Round - Becky Reardon
Scorpio Boy - Tom Baxter
Scorpio City - Dred.I
Scorpio Cha-Cha - Marc Reift Marc Reift Orchestra
Scorpio Curse - Electric Wizard
Scorpio Eyes - XP8
Scorpio Flower - Ever Orchid
Scorpio Girl - Terry Steven
Scorpio Girls - Supergroove
Scorpio In The Sand - Nature Lounge Club
Scorpio Joe - Bright Lightning .
Scorpio Moon - Electro Illusion
Scorpio Moons - Bob Mitchell
Scorpio Rising - Brett Anderson
Scorpio Rising - Death In Vegas
Scorpio Rising - Adam Ant
Scorpio Rising - 10000 Maniacs
Scorpio Rising - The Comedians
Scorpio Rising - Cinnamon
Scorpio Rising - Army Of Lovers
Scorpio S Dance First Movement - Shocking Blue
Scorpio Season Intro - Nelly
Scorpio Skies - Virginia Ashby
Scorpio Son - George Bohanon
Scorpio Song - Candice Ivory
Scorpio Smile - Longo
Scorpio Swings Again - Humphrey Lyttelton
Scorpio Sword - The Flaming Lips
Scorpio Tequilla - Trish Murphy
Scorpio Twins - Sunny Murray & Lee Smith Odean Pope /
Scorpio Woman - Liz Woodworth / Gary Fane
Scorpio Writing - Adam & The Ants
Scorpio vs. Shocker - Ivanovich
Scorpio, You Bitch - Sean Jackson
Scorpio's Dance - Kyle Turner / Shocking Blue
Scorpio's Kiss - Irmie Vesselsky
Scorpio's Revenge - Step Lively
Scorpio`s Theme - Oddjob / Poesh Wonder
Scorpio's Trouble - Chlorine Free
Seductive Scorpio - Norrie Paramore & His Orchestra
Son Of Scorpio - Dennis Coffey
Starlight Scorpio - Osiris the Rebirth
Stung By a Scorpio - Tommy Edward
Swinging Scorpio - Buddy Tate With Humphrey Lyttelton
The Last Days of Scorpio - Joe Deninzon Trio
The Scorpio - Poesh Wonder
The Scorpio Heart Never Forgets - David Brookings
The Scorpio Letter - The Lee Harvey Oswald Band
The Swinging Scorpio -
Humphrey Lyttelton
The Yellow Scorpio - Beggar's Bride
Venus in Scorpio - Rev. Wyrdsli .
Walkin' Under Scorpio - Elaine Silver

SAGITTARIUS .......lys.... pg-all ..................
A Taurus and a Sagittarius - Steve Taylor .

Alpha-Sagittarius - Dj Dr.Plutonium
Ballad for Sagittarius - Sándor Szabó
Barry, Sagittarius - McFadden .
Dope Sagittarius - Dope Sagittarius
Fall in Love With Sagittarius - Dellie Hoskie
Sadist Sagittarius - Cinema Strange
Sagittarius (mix) - Tommy Love
Sagittarius (mix) - Daniel Kandi
Sagittarius A - Born To Suffer
Sagittarius Black - Timothy McNealy
Sagittarius Face - The Codetalkers
Sagittarius Flower - Wishmaster
Sagittarius Foxtrot - Marc Reift Orchestra
Sagittarius, Part 1 to 11 - Paula Lewington
Sagittarius Rising - Mickey Bass & the Co-Operation
Sagittarius Silver Announcement - The Flaming Lips
Sagittarius Twice - Thilo Berg Big Band
Sagittarius Woman - Barry McLoughlin
Son Of Sagittarius - Eddie Kendricks
The Four Seasons Of Sagittarius - John Erwin .
The Sagacious Sagittarius - Norrie Paramor's Strings & Orchestra

A Unicorn From Capricorn - Bernhard Zimmermann
Below Capricorn - Melanie Blizard
Black Capricorn Day - Jamiroquai
Blue Light Of Capricorn - Impala
Cancer & Capricorn - Paolo Apollo Negri .
Capricious Capricorn - Norrie Paramor
Capricorn (A Brand New Name) - 30 Seconds To Mars
Capricorn - Motorhead
Capricorn - Trina / Miles Davis / ...et al
Capricorn & Hominy - Laura Love
Capricorn and Libra - Paul Mandaca .
Capricorn at Her Feet - Moonspell
Capricorn Animal - Band Of Joy
Capricorn Blues - Martin Donnelly
Capricorn Cat - Pegz
Capricorn Coast - Dale Nougher
Capricorn Day - Gabriel Gordon
Capricorn Dogs - The Beefeater Project
Capricorn Fever - Thank God for Astronauts
Capricorn Field - Gecko
Capricorn Gowns - The Hepburns
Capricorn Love - Cy Payne Orchestra
Capricorn Man - Oz
Capricorn Moon - Marion Brown Quartet
Capricorn One - Jerry Goldsmith .
Capricorn, Part 1 to 11 - Julie Khan
Capricorn Rain - Pigram Brothers
Capricorn Rising - Mike Simonetti
/ Thomas Channell
Capricorn Sister - Mother Love Bone
Capricorn Soul - Hammond Express
Capricorn Women - Rick Ruskin
Capricorn's Blues - Stephan Langenberg
Capricorn's Paycheck - Phantom Tollbooth
Capricorn's Rag - Maria Linnemann
Capricorn's Thing - Dennis Coffey
Colours of Capricorn - De Souza
Dance Of The Capricorn - Ro Gebhardt
In The Capricorn's Cradle - Catamenia
Jesus Was A Capricorn - Kris Kristofferson
Journey into Capricorn - Stan Kenton
Last Day of Capricorn - Anthony Donovan
Love for a Capricorn - Rashaad
North of The Tropic Of Capricorn - Joel Smoker
Quest Under Capricorn - The Shaolin Afronauts
Sea Breeze On Capricorn Night - Charles Rahmat Woods
South of Capricorn - Vince Norman & Joe McCarthy Big Band
Spirit Of Capricorn - Grupo Aye
Summer for Capricorns - Horse Feathers
Sunset Capricorn - Deville
The Doorway to Capricorn - Ben Klein
The Lion And The Capricorn - Forager
Tropic Of Capricorn - Syncronauts Beat Squad /The Rippingtons
Under Capricorn - Gil Mellé
Under the Capricorns - Goathemy
When Gemini Meets Capricorn - Marilyn Cooper & Elliott Gould

AQUARIUS p-30, j-all, hh-all, bl-all,
6th Race of Aquarius Age - Living Corpse
Aquarius - Barry Jay / Cilla Black / Woody Herman
Aquarius - Within Temptation
Aquarius Age - Kenio Fuke / Lil Sneaks
Aquarius Bleeding - Super Invader
Aquarius By Day - Lynwood King
Aquarius Dance - Axel Rudi Pell
Aquarius Dreams - Cornelia
Aquarius Dwarf - J.Verner
Aquarius, Let The Sunshine In aka The Age of Aquarius - The 5th Dimension
Aquarius Piranhis - Luke Vajsar
Aquarius Recaricatus - Thomas Alisson
Aquarius Rising - John Shough
Aquarius Sabotage - The Flaming Lips
Aquarius Samba - Marc Reift Orchestra
Aquarius Skies - Mama's Cookin'
Aquarius Star - J Dovy
Aquarius with Quartz and Copper - Michael Bonaventure
Autopsy of An Aquarius - SYX
Daisy Aquarius - Lola Kite
Darkside Of Aquarius - Bruce Dickinson
Deep In Aquarius - Dope Hex
Halfway House Of Aquarius - Noah23
Hello Aquarius - Emm Gryner .
I'm Aquarius - Buck Hill
Mood Aquarius - Norrie Paramore & His Orchestra
Moon in Aquarius - Sadik Hakim
Shawty Is an Aquarius - Yung Crucial
Solar Aquarius - Davis Redford Triad
The Age Of Aquarius - The Fifth Dimension
The Aquarius Era - John Sposito
The Sins of Aquarius - Mongrels Cross
Vision Of Aquarius - Dennis Coffey

PISCES... ... lys.palg ...
2 Pisces - Muphen .
A Day Before Pisces - Faspitch
Age of Pisces - Vain
Autumn Pisces - Aether
Aries Born Pisces - Nick Peace .
Brightest Star in Pisces - Gordon Rowland
Fly Ass Pisces - Cocaine 80s
Goodbye Pisces - Tori Amos .
I Don't Care If You're A Pisces - Have Fun Dying
I'm A Pisces - Dre Dog / Andre Nickatina
I'm Not Pisces - Dj Enfoe
In True Pisces Fashion - Rosaline
Mid Life Pisces - Stephen R. Duhart
Moon in Pisces - Hans Christian .
Not a Pisces - The Dunes
Ode To Pisces - Norrie Paramor's Strings & Orchestra
Pieces of Pisces - Pixelh8 / Creepy Murdle
Pisces (More Than Meets The Eye) - Meelah
Pisces - Tommy Love / Jimmy McGriff / Mariah Carey
Pisces and Cancer - Palantir
Pisces and Cancer II - Palantir
Pisces Apple Lady - Leon Russell
Pisces at Night - Jon Parmentier
Pisces Babies - Kenny Young / Fox
Pisces Feet Foundations - Diane Booth Gilliam
Pisces Fish - George Harrison
Pisces, I Believe - Jeffrey Baker
Pisces In February - Virginia Nascimento .
Pisces Legs - Full Of Hell
Pisces Marina - Dave Harnetty
Pisces Moon - Flash Silvermoon .
Pisces Morning - Schawkie Roth
Pisces Pace - Dave Hamilton
Pisces Paradise - John McClellan
Pisces Pt 1 to 11 - Alan Summers
Pisces Revenge - Fleshies
Pisces Rumba - Marc Reift, Marc Reift Orchestra & Philharmonic Wind Orchestra
Pisces Song - Wildwood Holler!
Pisces Soul - Devin Kelly Organ Trio
Pisces Suite - Columbia River Entertainment
Pisces Swims Away - Meaty Ogre
Pisces Tramp - 9811
Poor Pisces - Weekends
Rhapsody In Pisces - Deno
Rhyme of the Pisces - Epileptic Disco
Song About a Pisces - Jeff Caudill
The Age of Pisces - Chembo
Two Pisces In Alto Mare - Pino Daniele
Under a Pisces Moon - Mike Desroches
Venus In Pisces - Arc Of Doves / Obsidian Blue ft Laif .
Virgos & Pisces - Neviss
Want To Be A Pisces - Jin Shi

Dont Kiss The Zodiac - Space Probe Taurus

PLANET... ...lys p10g ...
10th Planet - Hot Snakes
A Hard Day On The Planet - Loudon Wainwright III
A Planet Made Of Rain - Blink
A Planet Wide - Barrit
A Prayer To The Planet - Transit Poetry
An Electronic Fugue For The Imminent Demise Of Planet Earth - Exit-13
Animal Planet - Genius & GZA
Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones Cover) - Babyshambles / Blink 182 / The Cure
Another Planet - Creatures
Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men) - Queen.

Arrest The Planet - Lost Secret
Attack Of The Planet Smashers - Planet Smashers
Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars - Weird Al Yankovic..
Back On The Planet Earth - Ayreon
Beyond Planet Earth - Shelter
Beyond The Crimson Planet - Rosin Coven.
Black Planet - The Sisters of Mercy.
Blue On A Green Planet - Big Country
Blue Planet - Donna Lewis / The Flower Kings
Bored With This Planet - Chinese Stars.
Boring Planet - Millencolin
Born On The Wrong Planet - String Cheese Incident
Bortom Apornas Planet - Mimikry
Breathing On Another Planet - No, Really!
Brutal Planet - Alice Cooper
Citizen Of The Planet - Simon & Garfunkel / Alanis Morissette
Daily Planet - Arthur Lee
Dark Sweet Planet - Fat Man Boogie
Dead Planet - Front Line Assembly / Sonic Syndicate
Dead Planet Janet - Barry Drive
Death To Planet Earth - Craft
Doomed Planet - Cirith Ungol
Dorians – Lonely Planet
Dorothy's a Planet - Boston Spaceships
Drunk On Another Planet - Great Glass Elevator
Dynasty Of The Planet Chromada - Army Of Lovers
Ego, The Living Planet - Monster Magnet
End Of The Planet - The Adventures Of Jet
Enjoy The New Planet - The Deathray Davies
Envisaging The Ideal Planet - Transcending Bizarre?
Escape From The Planet Of The Ant Men - Jermaine Jackson
Escape From The Prison Planet - Clutch
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz
Exit Planet - Gold X
False Planet Lifestyle - Mexican Dubwiser
Fantastic Planet - Little Tybee / Jawbreaker
Far Planet - 44 Magnum
Fear Of A Black Planet - Public Enemy..
Fear Of A Brown Planet - Brown Brigade
Feels Like Another Planet - Pride of Lions
Fistfucking God's Planet - Marduk
Flying Killer Cobs From The Planet Bob - Lawnmower Deth
Forbidden Planet - Michale Graves / MC Frontalot
From Another Planet - Terri Hendrix
From The Richest Planet - Herman Dune
Get Off This Planet - Beth Waters
Goodbye Planet Earth - Atomic Rooster
Hard Times On Planet Earth - Apathy
Her From Planet Fur - Ruth Ruth
Hot Magic, Red Planet - Orange Goblin
Hungry Planet - The Byrds
I Feel The Air (Of Another Planet) - Stereolab
I Know What I Am Doing (Planet Treason) - Combichrist
I Was A Planet - Versus The Robot!
I Wish I Was a Planet - Flipp
Impeach The Planet - Naughty By Nature
Impressionist Piece For A Free Planet - 32crash
Infected Bastard Planet - Nomenmortis
Interlude (This Used To Be A Planet) - Amplexus
It's A Sad Sad Planet - Evil Superstars
Janet's Planet - Haste The Day
Jisgsaw Of Planet Earth - Captain Polaroid
Keeping the Planets - Joy Salinas
King Planet - Echoing Green
Kinky Planet - Mother Bunch
Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled - Porcupine Tree
Late Great Planet Earth - Plumb
Laugh Planet! - Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub
Leave The Planet - Galaxie 500
Leave this Planet - Seth
Let's Build A Planet - Half-handed Cloud
Life On Planet Earth Is Fucken Cancerous - Defecation
Life On Planet Reebok - I Farm
Lift This Planet - Rogue Traders
Light The Planet - INXS
Little Planet - Cobalt 60
Live From Planet Death - Xo Skeletons
Living On Planet 9 - Quakes (The)
Living On The Same Planet - Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
Lonely Planet - The The / Dorians / Oddisee
Lonely Planet Boy - New York Dolls / Johnny Thunders
Lost On A Silent Planet - U2
Morning On the Red Planet - Evil Giraffes On Mars
My Planet Is Dead - Beware Of Darkness
New Planet - Smash Mouth / Sun Ra
Nice Planet, We'll Take It - Rory
On The Planet - Mad Man and the Metaloids
Out Of The Silent Planet - Iron Maiden
Party Planet - Cosmos Black
Partytime On Planet Earth - Mark Oh
Pave The Planet - Toxic Narcotic
People Of Planet Earth - Basement Jaxx
Phantom Planet - Beat Crusaders
Planet - The Sugarcubes
Planet 10 - Mike Ladd
Planet 50 - 50 Cent
Planet Blue - Golden Earring
Planet Boom - Mötley Crüe
Planet Booty - Puppetmastaz / Germart
Planet Caravan - Pantera / Black Sabbath
Planet Chia - Chick Corea
Planet Claire - The B-52's
Planet Crusher - Cage
Planet Cuckoonuts - Telenovela Star
Planet D'rhonda - Donald Fagen
Planet Dance - Macross 7
Planet Disco - Egotronic
Planet Dogmatic - Scarub
Planet Earth - Michael Jackson / William Shatner
Planet Earth 1988 - The Ramones
Planet Earth Is Blue - Demis Roussos
Planet Gemini - Michael Angelo Batio .
Planet Girls - Sponge
Planet Hate - The Browning
Planet Hell - Voivod / Nightwish .
Planet Her - Craig Morgan
Planet Home - Jamiroquai
Planet In The Ocean - Salad
Planet Joe - Henry Rollins
Planet Kyrah - Antichrisis
Planet Lesbodian - Rappy McRapperson
Planet Love - The Dylans / DJ Quicksilver
Planet Me - Donna Regina
Planet Of A Thousand Lies - Atomic Swindlers
Planet Of Apes - 50 Cent Haircut
Planet Of Love - Belle Perez / Mandy Barnett / Patricia Kaas
Planet Of My Dreams - Frank Zappa
Planet Of Sound - Pixies / Face To Face
Planet Of The Apes - They Might Be Giants
Planet Of The Clowns - Bruce Cockburn
Planet Of The Dead - No Redeeming Social Value
Planet Of The Penguins - Lake Of Tears
Planet Of The Sun - Negative
Planet Of Visions - Kraftwerk
Planet Of Weed - Fountains Of Wayne
Planet of Women - ZZ Top
Planet Phoenix - Raven Charter
Planet Queen - T. Rex
Planet Rain - Devin Townsend
Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force / Tech N9ne
Planet Schmanet, Janet - Rocky Horror Picture Show
Planet Shhh - Cap'n Jazz
Planet Solitude - Shai
Planet Soul - Wayne Beckford
Planet Telex - Radiohead
Planet Trash - Sham 69
Planet Trouble - Naked Earth
Planet Us - More Amor
Poison Planet - Corrosion Of Conformity
Postcard From Planet Earth - Skyclad
Private Lessons On Planet Eros - Mike Patton
Punk Rock Planet - The Eyeliners
Red Planet - Little Mix
Red Planet Mars, Sign of Aries - Len Guardino ..
Renegade Planet - Admiral Twin
Rock This Planet - Billy Ray Cyrus
Rubbish Planet - Fear Of God
Sad Day On Planet Earth - Lillian Axe
Save The Planet - Jimmy Cliff
Save The Planet - White Skull
Sex Planet - R. Kelly
Shave The Planet - Guttermouth
Small Planet - Ferraby Lionheart
Song For A Dying Planet - Joe Walsh
Stars And Planet - Liz Phair
Stone Planet - Masterminds
Stranger On This Planet - Dj Shog
Sugar Planet - Flunk
Sun Kissed Planet - Kakuzi .
The Ballad Of Planet Earth - Adept
The Daily Planet - Talk Talk
The Man From The Planet Marzipan - Marillion
The Planet - Gang Starr
The Planet Doesn't Mind - New Musik
The Planet Maker - Becoming The Archetype
The Planet Of New Orleans - Dire Straits
The Planet's Hum - Spock's Beard
The Planets Bend Between Us - Snow Patrol
The Vampire Planet - Mortiis
Third Planet - Modest Mouse
This Planet And Me - Diamond Head
Tiny Planet - Cliff Richard
Ugly (Planet Joe) - Rollins Band
Warm Lonely Planet - The Mountain Goats
We All Live On This planet - Shakra
We Want Our Planet Back - Spirit and Dust
Welcome To Planet Motherfucker / Psychoholic Slag - White Zombie
What Planet You On - Bodyrox
Wild Planet - Boney M.
Woman - Sam Farrar Of Phantom Planet - Maroon 5
(You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes - The Mummies
Zurg's Planet - Randy Newman

'49 Mercury Blues - Brian Setzer
7:30 Mercury - Logoseye ..
Between the Moon Ad Mercury - Aine Whelan
Buy Me A Mercury
- Alan Jackson
Gathering Mercury - Colin Hay

I am the Mercury - Jimmie Spheeris
Inch of Mercury - Medusa Cyclone
Joe Mercury - Jimmy Byron .
Leads To A Lifetime On Mercury - The Atlas Moth

Les Eaux De Mars - Monica Freire & Ariane Moffat
Mary Mercury - Peter Lindahl .

Mercury Tears - Chromeo
Mercury - The Clarks/ Counting Crows/ Ronnie Montrose/ Anberlin /Bloc Party
Mercury 7 - Derek Sherinian .
Mercury 13 - Moon Furies .
Mercury Blues
- Canned Heat / Steve Miller Band
Mercury Direct - Tim Reynolds & TR3
Mercury Embroiled - Water Sky
Mercury Falling - Split Nixon
Mercury Girl - The La La's
Mercury Immersion - Ian Naismith
Mercury Is Rising Alone - Colin Nagle
Mercury Man - Blindside Blues Band
Mercury Poisoning - Graham Parker
Mercury Retrograde - Helo
Mercury Rising - From Autumn To Ashes / Asheni
Mercury Room - Tom Cloud
Mercury Rose - 2=3
Mercury Shadow - Soilwood
Mercury Star - Tongue Dried Sun
Mercury Summer - Fightstar
Mercury the Courier - Alpha Zentradi
Mercury, The Winged Messenger - London Philharmonic Orchestra
Miss Mercury - Lara Macmillan .
Mr Mercury
- Freddie Mercury

Moving Like Mercury - Brooks Reid

On Mercury - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Red Mercury - Corduroy
Red Planet Mars, Sign of Aries - Len Guardino ..
Running to Mercury - Crooked Crow
Sand & Mercury - The Gathering

Saturn Dreaming of Mercury - Merzah .
Shopping Trip to Mercury - The Original Sins
The Crying Tree of Mercury - Smashing Pumpkins
The Mercury Rising - Stiff Kittens Uk
The Wings Of Mercury - Man

Walking On Mercury - Terry F. Justice
Wild Thin Mercury - Remedy

21 Seconds to Venus - The 7-11 Curb
53 Miles West of Venus - B-52's .
After The Guidung Venus - Koan
Arms of Venus - Scarlet Theory
Barco a Venus - Fey
Beauty-Of-Venus - Software
Big Eyed Beans From Venus - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Black Venus - Peter Covent Orchestra
Blonde Venus - Glass Wolfe
Bloody Venus - Sugar of Lead
From Venus to Mars - Lust Under Virgo .
Genius Venus - cc-live project
Girls From Venus - Hammerstock
Good Ship Venus - Oscar Brand
Hello From Venus - The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies
Horns of Venus - Lock Up
Hurricane Venus - Patricia Kline
I'm Your Venus - Shocking Blue
Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus - Be Bop Deluxe
Jupiter and Venus and Mars - Shawn Brush ..
Life On Venus - The Tornados
Maidens Of Venus - Fireball Ministry
Mars and Venus - Stu and the Gurus .
Mars Loves Venus - The Brunettes ..
Mars Meets Venus - Duran Duran .
Mars Vs Venus - Usher .
Memories of Venus - The Radiators

My Sweetheart's Like Venus - The Priory Singers
Naked Venus - Pack of Wise
Night Flight To Venus - Boney M
Oceans of Venus - Dengue Fever
Pluto, Mars und Venus - Tom Wendt ..
Rosa Venus - Fobia
Romulus and Venus - Tear Garden
Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak - Macy Gray
She's A Venus Fly Trap - Slippery When Wet
Shut Up Venus - The Pale

Solitary Venus - Spicy4
Subway To Venus - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
(The Short Distance Between) Venus and Uranus - Jupiter Lion ..
The Birth Of Venus - Stephen Rhodes
The Way to Venus - Nebula
Uranus In Latex/Venus In Furs - Neon Zoo .
Venus - Frankie Avalon
/ Paul Anka
Venus - Shocking Blue/Bananarama
Venus - Miles Davis/Butthole Surfers/Prince and the Revolution
Venus (In My Hands) - Mike Nolan
Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover) - DJ Cor Fijneman Ft. Jan Johnston
Venus 2001 - Bananarama
Venus & Jupiter - Sotantar .
Venus & Mars -
Paul McCartney & Wings.
Venus & Neptune - Sotantar .
Venus As A Boy - Bjork
Venus Asleep - Otto's Daughter
Venus Blue - Acid Tank
Venus de Milo - Boomshanka

Venus Doom - HIM

Venus Fly By
- Water Sky
Venus Flytrap - Impala
Venus Gospel - The Foxy Foxes
Venus In Blue Jeans - Mark Wynter
/ Billy Fury
Venus In Chains - U96
Venus In Furs - Velvet Underground / Nico
/ Smashing Pumpkins
Venus in Cancer - Emerson .
Venus in Gemini - Artur Bayramgalin .
Venus in Overdrive - Rick Springfield
Venus In Pisces - Arc Of Doves .
Venus In Scorpio - Rev. Wyrdsli .
Venus In The Morning - Mayo Thompson
Venus In White - My Silent Awakening
Venus in You - Whispered
Venus Isle - Eric Johnson
Venus Kings - Karl Steudel
Venus Man Trap - Veruca Salt

Venus Moonrise - Agua Trip .
Venus Motel - 4 Out of 5 Doctors
Venus on Saturn - Randi Russo .
Venus Plus X - Rebel Rebel
Venus Reprise
- Eric Johnson
Venus Victoria - Versus
Venus Whispers to Mars - Peglegasus .
Venus With Arms - The Scones
Voyage To Venus - Ron King
Walking on Venus - John Booth
When Venus Comes - Daddy's Hands
Wild Venus on Wheels - Ronnie Rocket & The Subcandies

Above The Crippled Earth - Carrier Flux
Allergic (To Thoughts Of Mother Earth) - Placebo
Ash and Earth - Velvet Crush
Back Down To Earth - Carly Simon

Back On Earth - Ozzy Osbourne
"Belle" Of The Earth
- Manfred Mann
Charmicarmicat Shines to Earth - ISIS
Come Down To Earth - The Divinyls
Corner of the Earth - Jamiroquai
Earth A.D. - Misfits

Earth Ah Run Red - Richie Spice ...
Earth and Sun and Moon - Midnight Oil
Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) - The Penguins/Death Cab for Cutie /Tiny Tim
Earth Anthem - Dan Fogelberg
Earth Blues - Jimi Hendrix

Earth Calling - Hawkwind
Earth Dance - Andrew Cheshire
Earth Day Every Day (Celebrate) - John Denver
Earth Diving - Just Plain Todd

Earth Girls Are Easy - Julie Brown
Earth Hymn - Manfred Mann's Earth Band .
Earth Hymn Pt 2 - Manfred Mann's Earth Band .
Earth Is Not Room Enough - Groundhogs
Earth Mofo - The Cult
Earth Mother - Nucleus/ Adam Sherburne
Earth Rhythm - Galahad
Earth Sign Man - Donovan

Earth Song - Michael Jackson/ Suzi Quatro
Earth Stopped Cold at Dawn - Hootie and the Blowfish

Earth to Doris - Was (Not Was)
Earth To Grandma - Ass Ponys
Earth To Mickey - Chaka Khan

Earth Walk - Kevin Corren
Earth, The Circle Part 1,2 - Manfred Mann
Earthborn - Mephistopheles
Earthbound - King Crimson
Earthcrosser - Veruca Salt
- Water Sky
Earthling - Jobriath

Earthlite - Innersense
Earthly Paradise - Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
Earthquake and Hurricane - Tina Turner
Earthrise - Camel

Earthshine - Rush
Earthwish On Saturn - Jade Leary .
Earthworks - Kerbdog

Fall of Earth City - Hawkwind
Fire Of Heaven/Altar Of Earth - Matisyahu
Flat Earth Society - Bad Religion
For Earth Below - Robin Trower
Freaks Inherit The Earth - 2 Live Crew
Garden Of Earthly Delights - XTC
Ghost of the Earth - Inner Surge.

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) - George Harrison
Give Me Peace On Earth - Modern Talking
Give Me The Good Earth - Manfred Mann's Earth Band ..
God's Green Earth - Idaho

Golden Earth Girl - Paul McCartney
Goodbye Planet Earth - Atomic Rooster
Heaven is a Place On Earth - Belinda Carlisle .
Heaven On Earth - Asia

Heaven's Here On Earth - Tracy Chapman
Hello Earth - Kate Bush
Here On Earth - Crash Test Dummies/ Love and Rockets
Hole in the Earth - Deftones
I Feel The Earth Move - Carole King
I Love You, Earth - Yoko Ono (including John Lennon)

Last Night On Earth - Elsesphere
Letters From Earth - Black Sabbath
Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos
Minor Earth, Major Sky - A-Ha
Monuments On Earth (Sub Dub) - Crooklyn Dub Consortium

Mother Earth - Rush/ Crass
Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) - Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Mother Earth Blues - Heart

N.E.O. (Near Earth Objects) - Thomas Dolby
Next Stop Earth - Steve Vai

Night On Earth - Bouncing Souls
No One Else On Earth - Wynonna Judd

No One On Earth - Right Said Fred
Not Of This Earth - Joe Satriani/ Prong/ Angry Samoans
Not To Touch The Earth - The Doors
One Earth - Art of Noise
Orgy Of Unearthly Delights - Forest Of Impaled ..
Peace On Earth - U2/Adrian Belew /Cock Robin/ Lee Aaron
Planet Earth - Devo/ Duran Duran
Planet Earth 1988 - Ramones
Prayer For The Earth - Mike Oldfield
Quakers Earthquake - Andy Cahan

Revolution Earth - B-52's
Safe On Earth - Edmund's Crown
Salt of The Earth - The Rolling Stones

Save Mother Earth - Jerry Garcia
Scum of the Earth - The Kinks/ Rob Zombie/ Mentallo and the Fixer

Standing At The Edge Of The Earth - Blessid Union of Souls
Tales Of A Scorched Earth - The Smashing Pumpkins
The Day The Earth Caught Fire - City Boy

The Earth Below - Arcana
The Earth Dies Screaming - Tom Waits/ UB40
The Earth Is - Air Supply
The Earth Is Never Satisfied - Ladysmith Black Mambazo

The Flat Earth - Thomas Dolby
The Good Earth - The Monkees
The Greatest Love on Earth - Chicago
The Greatest Show On Earth - Cher
The Last Day On Earth - Marilyn Manson
The Last Man On Earth - Pendragon
The Last Show On Earth - Baal

The Lines of My Earth - Sixpence None The Richer
The Night Heaven Kissed Earth - Ernie Haase & Signature Sound ...
The Space In Between Earth - Spectre General

The Spinning Turning Of The Summer Earth - Anne Clark
This Bitter Earth - Dinah Washington .
This Island Earth - Bryan Ferry/ Glass Tiger
Turn Into Earth - The Yardbirds
Under Earth - Amir Baghiri

Unearthly - Malevolent Creation
Weary Mothers of the Earth - Joan Baez
When The Earth Moves Again - Jefferson Airplane
Who on Earth - Anneli Drecker

MARSpp12, j10, cw-all, hm-all
A La Vibora De La Mar - José Ferreiras
A Week At Mars - DJ Lazz
Alone On Mars - Kamy Kei
Ants On Mars - John Wolf Brennan+Peggy Lee+Dylan Van Der Schyff
Army From Mars - Falling Leo
Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars - Weird Al Yankovic..
B.B. On Mars - Alice Cooper

Back from Mars - Aqua
Between Earth & Mars - Dave Samuels & Andy LaVerne
Billy Mars - Jay Chance & the Chancellors
Blues From Mars Anthem - Barry Richman /Elliott Caine Quintet
Body From Mars - Radiovipers
Breakfast On Mars - Fly2 Project
Bug Attack On Mars - The Dude From Mars
Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars - Bon Jovi....
Concert Tour of Mars - Shep Cooke
Demons From Mars - The Vigilante Punks
Dixieland To Mars - Driftwood
Face On Mars - Kriss Smith
Fields Of Mars - Bad Religion/The Church
Free Mars -Lusk
From Mars to Africa - Scream
From Venus to Mars - Lust Under Virgo .
Girl From Mars - Ash

Heaven on Mars - Josh Netsky
Hitchhike to Mars - Tim Birchard
Holiday On Mars - Zolar X
Honeymoon On Mars - Be Bop Deluxe .
I Want My Baby on Mars - Bow Wow Wow

Invaders from Mars - Crack the Sky
Jupiter and Venus and Mars - Shawn Brush ..
Jupiter's Critic And The Mind Of Mars - DJ Quik & Kurupt ..
King of Mars - Monster Magnet .
Life on Mars - David Bowie

Linda Goes to Mars
- John Prine
Man from Mars - Joni Mitchell
Marching To Mars - Sammy Hagar .

Mars - John Coltrane/Cause & Effect/Rise Robots Rise/Warrior Soul
Mars and Venus - Stu and the Gurus .
Mars Attacks - The Misfits
Mar's Cry - The Larry Keel Experience
Mars in October - Mike Fageros .
Mars Loves Venus - The Brunettes ..
Mars, Massachusetts - Edmonton Block Heater
Mars Meets Venus - Duran,Duran .
Mars Needs Guitars! - Hoodoo Gurus..
Mars Needs Women
- Rob Zombie /Bela Fleck and the Flecktones/ Peter Wolf.
Mars On The Rim - Paul Winter
Mars Outback - Mike Campbell
Mars, the Bringer of War - Gustav Holst
Mars Vs Venus - Usher .
Martiian Ruins - Water Sky
Maybe I'll Move to Mars - Klaatu

Meanwhile, Back On Mars - Shep Cooke
Me, You and the Aries Mars - Timi Bumatay .
Merry Christmas From Mars - Michael Hall
Message From Mars - Anchovy / Echoes of Swing
Might As Well Be On Mars - The Strawbs /Alice Cooper
Moongliding On Mars - Mark Austin Band
Morning Eden Mars - Josh schroeder & meredith adelaide
Mototboat to Mars - Chicago.

Mountains Of Mars - Electric Wizard .
Nightmares On Mars - In Cold Blood
No Response From Mars - Mercury Four
One Way Trip To Mars - Skull & Bones
Penguins On Mars - Guitares Cinématiques
Pharaoh Of Mars - David Cortopassi .
Planet Mars - The Dude From Mars
Pluto, Mars und Venus - Tom Wendt ..
Pyramids of Mars, Reprise - Mark Dwane
Sands of Mars - The Daniel Nathan Band
Sunrise On Mars - Threshold
Take Meta Mars - The Flaming Lips
That Man From Mars - Jörg Fleer
The Fires of Mars - Manilla Road
The Moon And Mars - Garrick Alden
Uncle Sam On Mars - Hawkwind

Up Here On Mars - The Andy Rau Band
Uranus is Bigger than Mars - The Hershey Squirts
Venus And Mars - Paul McCartney.

Viva Life On Mars - Robbie Williams ..
Welcome to Mars - Marsraps
When Did You Get Back From Mars? - I Mother Earth
Woodpecker From Mars - Faith No More

JUPITER... ... pg-15 ...
Beams of Jupiter - Elchemistjazz
Bones On Jupiter - Gerd Bessler
Buy the Moon of Jupiter - Acid Mothers Temple
Daughters Of Jupiter - Max Vasquez
Drops Of Jupiter - Vitamin String Quartet /Taylor Swift
Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) - Train

Eyes On Jupiter - The Russell Fortunato Project
Ghost Of Jupiter - Lettuce
Good Sushi On Jupiter - Pete Nelson ..
Hey Jupiter - Tori Amos,
Holst Jupiter - Christopher West
Jumpin Jupiter - Adam Holzman
Jungles of Jupiter - Toyah .

Jupiter (Swallow the Moon) - The Sidekicks
Jupiter - 30 Seconds From Mars
Jupiter - Katy McAllister/Jewel/Presidents of the USA/Escalator Hill/Goldrush /
Jupiter and Luna - Ken Pfeifer
Jupiter And Sage - William Eaton .
Jupiter and Venus and Mars - Shawn Brush ..
Jupiter Beat - Bill Grah
Jupiter Breath - Short-N-Morton
Jupiter Brings My Protection - The Native Guerrillas
Jupiter Café - Thermal and a Quarter
Jupiter Crash - The Cure

Jupiter Hat - Lee Feldman
Jupiter Hollow - The Band
Jupiter Jazz - Galaxy 2 Galaxy.
Jupiter Jubilee - Uncle Art
Jupiter Jupiter - Sputnik Weazel
Jupiter Love - Trey Songz .
Jupiter Mission - Beta Hector
Jupiter Moon - Adam Michael Rothberg .
Jupiter Morning - Royce Hood
Jupiter Needs Truckers - Lyle's Porn Shop
Jupiter Soulstar - Run From Red
Jupiter Spin - Cornelius Bumpus
Jupiter Step - Kurt Ribak Trio
Jupiter Variation - John Coltrane
Jupiter Watches - Greg Grant
Jupiter's Child - Steppenwolf
Jupiter's Critic And The Mind Of Mars - DJ Quik & Kurupt ..
Jupiter's Last Jig - Gary Christiansen
Jupiter's March - Oliver Praxton
Jupiter's Moon - Wet Paint
Looking For Jupiter - Bad Jazz Troupe .
Lord Jupiter - Guess What
Moons of Jupiter - Scruffy the Cat
On Jupiter - Sun Ra
Ping Jupiter - Algernon
Seven Miles Past Jupiter - Tommy Stewart .
Strollin' On Jupiter - Dry Jack
The Darkside of Jupiter - John Catney
The Jupiter & The 119 - Railroad Earth .
The Jupiter Line
- Seamus Blake Quartet
The Man in a Jupiter Hat - Lee Feldman
The Moons of Jupiter - Gina Desimone .
The Return Of Jupiter - Daniel Pezzotti
Through Jupiters Clouds -
Stellae Errantes
To Jupiter and Back - Kebu
Uranus & Jupiter - Virtual Alien .
Venus & Jupiter - Sotantar .

r-6 pp-8 j-all rb-all
Adios Saturn - Jon Hassell
Aloha From Saturn - Pawnshop
An Eagle to Saturn - Leg
Arrival at Saturn - Miguel Lugo
Aurora On Saturn - Thomas Becker
Back to Saturn X Radio Report - Guided by Voices
Because Of Saturn - Alessandro Pace
Black Saturn - George Centeno
Blue Moons Of Saturn - Freesound
Boomerang Saturn - Habit To
Circling Saturn - The Arma Mirage
Crossing Saturn's Rings - Marc Ceccotti
Earthwish On Saturn - Jade Leary .
Edge Of Saturn - Michael S Glenn
Flyaway Saturn - Flyaway Saturn
From Stonehenge to Saturn - Heavy Hands
Gently Riding the Rings of Saturn - Don Shearer
Gig On Saturn - SodaCup Killer
Headed for Saturn - Medicine Hat
Highway To Saturn - D-Pulse
Holiday on Saturn - Paul Tanner
Jazz Above Saturn - Los Hermanos
Knights of Saturn - Aqua Ape .
Last Call to Saturn - Desert Wizards
Leaving Saturn - Jason Kruk /Cheryl Sim
Light Year Saturn - Overwhelmed
Little Saturn - Tom Hedrick
Lost Souls of Saturn - Russ Garcia
Magic Saturn - Bob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet
Man on Saturn - His Majesty feat. Blake Worrell
Moonrise on Saturn - Water Sky .
Moons of Saturn - Raphael Cruz .
Mountains of Saturn - John Kesler
Mr Saturn - Eldorado .
My Shining Purple Saturn - Brian Weeks
Ninth Ring of Saturn - Zuela .
Pigboy From Saturn'S Ring - Cyod
Rendezvous At Saturn - Gary Schutt
Return, Saturn, Return - Up Dharma Down
Road to Saturn - Pitch & Scratch
Rockin' On Saturn - Ray Campi
Ridin' The Rings Of Saturn - Johnny Blood
Ring of Saturn - Hiroshi Fukutomi Quintet
Rings Of Saturn - Merrick / Jomama Jones
'Round About Saturn - Clark Baldwin
Sail You to Saturn - The Reminders
Samba Saturn - Kebu
Saturday Night On Saturn - Les Baxter & His Orchestra .
Saturn - Sun Ra/Stevie Wonder/John Coltrane / Skillet
Saturn III - Fu Manchu .
Saturn 5 - Inspiral Carpets/Tribal Tech
Saturn Returns Today - Hearios
Saturn Blue Smoke - The Sunny Era
Saturn Brotherhood - Pathology
Saturn Burning - Overcurve
Saturn Butterfly - Ascarice
Saturn Can You Hear Me? - Gifted but Twisted
Saturn Child - Jody Whitesides
Saturn Day - The Lovethugs
Saturn Daze - Thee American Revolution
Saturn Doll - The Raymen
Saturn Dreaming of Mercury - Merzah .
Saturn Drive - Alan Vega
Saturn Five - Clutch Jones .
Saturn Flyby - Michael Wark
Saturn Guitar - Torrey Ranucci
Saturn Ice Bar - Hans Peter Salentin
Saturn in Rain - Alpha
Saturn In The Summertime - Barry Adamson .
Saturn Girl - Paula Cole / Sleeping Dogs Lie
Saturn Hoola Hoop - Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra
Saturn Man - Ena Vie
Saturn Nights - America
Saturn Over Sunset - Jayne Dracula
Saturn Return - R.E.M.
Saturn Returning - Karl Ratzer
Saturn Returns - Pack of Wise / Dialog
Saturn Rise - Licorice Roots
Saturn Smiles - Michael Beechler
Saturn Somewhere - Alien Creation
Saturn Song - Marilyn Mazur
Saturn Stomp - Lost Sounds
Saturn Way - Solar Wind Featuring Sean Mason
Saturn Zoom - Foley Tones
Saturns Ambush - Giampiero Boneschi
Saturns' Eye - Scott Kelly
Saturn's Moons - Graveyard Fields
Saturn's Orbit - Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band
Saturn's Blues - David Womack
Saturn's Child - Durango Bones
Saturn's Fields - Sandra McCracken
Saturn's Finger - Maybe Monday
Saturn's Moons - Graveyard Fields
Saturn's Return - Marc Cary
Saturn's Ring - Serah
Saturn's Rings - Dancing with Socrates / Chip McNeill
Saturn's Sun - Tin Scribble
Saturn's Waltz - Darkfold
Saturnine - Smashing Pumpkins
Shuttle To Saturn - Gil Bergerac
Signals From Saturn - Rose Du Bats
Sister Saturn - Sonic Cyclone
Sleeping Under Saturn - Milan Jay
Standing On Saturn's Rings - Lyra the Harp
South Saturn Delta - Jimi Hendrix
Sunday On Saturn - Albert Van Veenendaal, Alan Purves & Hans Hasebo .
Surf Me to the Moons of Saturn - Surfadelica
Symphony on Saturn - Electric Candy Shop
Take Me To Saturn - Hania Yiska
The Ice Demons of Saturn - Nathan Zalman
The Last Time I Saw Saturn - River Cow Orchestra
The Saturns Light - Zodiaks
The Sun is not as Bright from Saturn - Bill Crozier
The Synastry of Saturn - The Jordan Klemons Trio
To the Rings of Saturn - The Razor Mephistos
Too Much Saturn - Francis Dunnery
Towards Saturn - Sun Dru-Thi
Under A Saturn Moon - Chris Janz
Under Saturn's Shadow - Tiger Army
Under Saturn's Wheel - Chris Rawlings
Under the Surface of Saturn - Triptet
Venus on Saturn - Randi Russo .
Waiting For Saturn - Perpetual Drifters
Warlord of Saturn - Sapos Muertos
While On Saturn's Rings - Ernest Gonzales
Wired to Saturn - The Hyperjax

URANUS... p-all, j-all, bl-all, r-all, pg-8
50 Foot Buttplugs From Uranus - The Buttplugs ...
A Song Of Uranus - John Handy
A View from Uranus - Back to Front

Back from Uranus - Space Runner
Cast Your Spell Uranus - Argent
Circles of Uranus - DJ MNX
Clowns From Uranus - Moronica
Drive My Rocket Up Uranus - Alien Sex Fiend

Explosion On Uranus - Prisoners
First Probe To Uranus - Hellbillys
Fly Me To Uranus - Bloodloss
Girls Are From Uranus - Fred Figglehorn
Grand Polka from Uranus - The Big Bottom Band
Groove On Uranus - Lee Negin
Hanus Of Uranus - Dee Long
I Saw Something Moving on Uranus - Popeye's Dik
It Feels Like Uranus - The Mammy Novas
Jazz Club On Uranus - Ian Stephen ..
Laughing on Uranus - The Alien Mike E.T.
Letters From Uranus - Richard Désilets
Life On Uranus - Prince Jammy
Love Train to Uranus - Tight Fitting Pants
Mission On Uranus - The Bahareebas
Moonrise on Saturn - Water Sky
Nagasaki Sails From Uranus - Tom Ball Harmonica Orchestra
On Uranus - Sonic Destiny
Out of Uranus - The Killing Floor
Party On Uranus - Robert Phoenix

Ring Around Uranus - Eskit
Surfin' Uranus - The Terrornauts
Return To Uranus - Wicked Minds
Roadhouse On Uranus - The American Space Cadets
Rocket Ship to Uranus - The Frylators
Rockets from Uranus - Hymen Holocaust
(The Short Distance Between) Venus and Uranus - Jupiter Lion ..
The Falls of Uranus - Water Sky
The Jackson of Uranus - Woody of Indianapolis
The Rings of Uranus - Garry Judd
The Rise and Fall of Johnny Starlight and the Bugs From Uranus - Dr. Zilch
The Pigs Of Uranus - The Pink Fairies
The Thing From Uranus - Sloppy Seconds
Transmissions from Uranus - Man Or Astroman? .
Twister Uranus - Bob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet
U-Uranus - Man Or Astroman?
Up Uranus - KMFDM
Uranus (a World On It's Side) - Nathan Loggins
Uranus (from That's It!) -The Booker Ervin Quartet
Uranus - Motocaster/ Pole Position/ Descendents/ Brute Force/...et al

Uranus! - Robert Lund
Uranus and Jupiter - Virtual Alien .
Uranus Breaks Down - Comeback My Daughters
Uranus Cancelled - Skinny Puppy
Uranus Door - Alfredo Gilé
Uranus In Latex/Venus In Furs - Neon Zoo .
Uranus is Bigger than Mars - The Hershey Squirts
Uranus Is Bleeding - Bet
Uranus is Out Tonight - James Lee Meadows
Uranus, Neptune ou Pluton - Ramon Pipin .
Uranus Rock - Jimi Hendrix

Uranus, The Magician - Chorus & Geoffry Simon & London Symphony Orchestra
Uranus Unmasked - Stuart Phillips & His Orchestra Harry Revel
Uranus Uranium - Bicoma .
Voyage to Uranus - Crazy Mary
When You Wish Upon Uranus - Marc Pratt
Winds of Uranus - The Dockers

NEPTUNE pp-10 pg-10 r-6 hh-all j-all
Beyond Neptune - Roscoe Mitchell
Blue Neptune - Tarika Blue
Brides Of Neptune - Cracker
By the Time We get to Neptune - Thomas Makucevich
Captain of Neptune - Trevor Thompson
Clouds of Neptune - Adam Law
Cyber Neptune - Claire Vezina
Dead Neptune - Dark Prioriti
Deep Blue Neptune - Michael Wark
Dunes of Neptune - James Weekes
From Europa to Neptune - Goddard
Frozen Neptune - Russ Garcia
Funky Neptune - Shout
He Took A Cab To Neptune - Art Ensemble Of Chicago
High Tide On Neptune - Thee Swank Bastards
In Neptunes House - Jabluezz
Invasion of the Neptune Men - Vinyl Dog Toy
Kidnapped By Neptune - Scout Niblett
King Neptune - Phil Stöckli Quintet
King Neptune's Fortune - Jason Price
Kong Neptune - Dexter Gordon
Light Year Neptune - Overwhelmed
Long Way to Neptune - Skull and Bone Band
Moon of Neptune - Venrez .
Nep-Tune - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Neptune 66 - Chris Lightcap
Neptune - FireBlankets / Justin Robinson & the Mary Annettes
Neptune 2 AM - Blue Basement
Neptune & Pluto - The End Times Spasm Band .
Neptune Blue - Mighty Oaks
Neptune Breeze - Sun City Girls
Neptune Boogie - Per Tjernberg
Neptune City - Death In Vegas
Neptune City Blues - Colie Brice
Neptune Diner - Gluestick
Neptune Diner Blues - Cady Wire

Neptune Dream - Harold O'Neal
Neptune Goddess - Kit Watkins
Neptune Head - Go! Go Robot
Neptune Hotel - Christoph Spendel Trio
Neptune Nights - Stacey Blood
Neptune On the Left - Spaceseed
Neptune Pool - Adrian Belew
Neptune Rising - Jim Steele
Neptune Stomp - The Neptones
Neptune Towers - Darkthrone
Neptune's Beard - The Moles
Neptune's Blue Seas - Stephanos Terremoto
Neptune's Convoy - Fu Manchu
Neptune's Crown - Max and the Wild Things
Neptune's Daughter - Luminescent Orchestrii
Neptune's Forest - Scott Huckabay
Neptune's Mirror - William Parker
Neptune's Mist - Water Sky
Neptune's Revenge - Spheric Universe Experience
Neptune's Suicide Master - Pumpkin Buzzard
Neptune's Sunday - Arne Donadell .
Neptune's Taming of the Seahorse - Jared Anderson
Neptune's Walk - Orchestra Pete Jacques
Neptune's Wall - Clive Wright
Neptune's Waltz - Les Sabler
Nervous On Neptune - The Aqua Velvets
Nocturne From Neptune - Sam Crain
One Fine Day On Neptune (Tribute to Steve Vai) - Rob Silverman
Past Neptune - Terence Higgins & Swampgrease
Realm of Neptune - Benjy Wertheimer
Rings of Neptune - Michael Keller
Rivers of Neptune - Universal Reversal
Sailors Of Neptune - Sailors of Neptune
Soldier Of Neptune - The Grammers
Squabble Near Neptune - Crispy Bess
Sunset On Neptune - Curable Interns
Surfing on Neptune - Ghostdriver
Valleys Of Neptune - Jimi Hendrix

Venus & Neptune - Sotantar .
The Neptune Pool - John Albano
Under Neptune's Hand - The Alun Parry Band
Under the Seas of Neptune - Electro Illusion
Uranus, Neptune ou Pluton - Ramon Pipin .
Walking With Neptune - Billy Capuano
Waves of Neptune - Denny and the Dendrites
Wizard's Eye of Neptune - Astroknotics .

PLUTO ... In The Heavens -> the planets ... plys.p-all ...
Bombshell Pluto - Christine
Breakfast On Pluto - Don Partridge
Bring Back Pluto - Aesop Rock
Dregs Of Pluto - Full Of Hell
Elegy for Pluto - Ben Rogers' Instrumental Asylum
Hallucinating Pluto - The B-52's
Leaving The Party On Pluto - Paul Burnell
Neptune & Pluto - The End Times Spasm Band .
My Little Piece of Pluto - Trapper Robbins
Ode to Pluto - Carey Newton
Oh Dear, Pluto! - Tom Hedrick
One Way Ticket To Pluto - Dead Kennedys
Rendez-Vous On Pluto - The Spacelovers
Pluto - One1even / Bjork / Slaves To Gravity
Pluto! - Pluto!
Pluto Drive - The Creatures
Pluto The Dog - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Pluto, The Lord Of The Underworld - Gustav Holst
Pluto, Mars und Venus - Tom Wendt ..
Pluto's a Planet - Tom Knutson
Plutoman - Inspiral Carpets

The Polarity of Pluto - Water Sky
To Pluto's Moon - My Brightest Diamond
Trip To Pluto - The Tornados
Twice Around Pluto - Racebannon
Waves Of Pluto - Liquid'Z
When I Was Your Age, Pluto Was A Planet - Outlet

7 Minutes In Heaven - School Boy Humor ..
Atmosphere of Heaven
- Paul and Susan Hansen .
Banjo Heaven - Handa-McGraw and the Internationals .
Brother Up in Heaven
- Alan Parsons Project..

Drug Machine In Heaven
- The Flaming Lips..

Green Heaven
- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Heaven - Bryan Adams
Heaven And Hell - Black Sabbath.
Heaven Can Wait - Iron Maiden
Heaven, I Need A Hug - R Kelly.
Heaven In Your Heart - Rik Emmett
Heaven is a 4 Letter Word - Bad English..
Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carslile.
Heaven Is A Truck - Pavement.
Heaven Knows - Robert Plant
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - The Smiths

Heaven Must Have Sent You - Bonnie Pointer
Heaven Nor Hell - Volbeat .
Heaven Tonight - Cheap Trick
Heaven For Everyone - Queen

Heaven's Bright Shore - Alison Krauss..
Heaven's On Fire - The Radio Dept.
Hillbilly Heaven - Tex Ritter .
Hound Of Heaven - Michael Card.
Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel - Frank Zappa...
Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile) - Van Morrison..
Knocking On Heavens Door - Bob Dylan/ Guns n Roses/ Paul McCartney
Kiss Away From Heaven - Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Made In Heaven - Queen
Monkey Gone To To Heaven - Pearl Jam / Pixies .
My Blue Heaven -
Fats Domino / Taking Back Sunday.
One Kiss From Heaven - Louise.
Only Heaven Knows - Dokken / Eddy Grant
Outside Of Heaven - Eddie Fisher
Pennies From Heaven - Billie Holiday .
Pine Oil Heaven - Evereve.
Refrigerator Heaven - Alice Cooper
Seventh Heaven - Deep Purple.
Sex in Heaven - Xenophilia
Sheep Go To Heaven - Cake.
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven - Phil Collins
South of Heaven - Slayer
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
The Closest Thing To Heaven - Neil Sedaka
The Night Heaven Kissed Earth - Ernie Haase & Signature Sound ...
Three Steps To Heaven - Eddie Cochran
Too Much Heaven - The Bee Gees
When I Take My Vacation In Heaven - Johnny Cash.

Heavenly Atmosphere - Kostya Leontovich .
Heavenly Bank Account
- Frank Zappa.
Heavenly Creatures
- Betty Blue.

Heavenly Hell -
Heavenly Sunlight - Bill & Gloria Gaither .

HELL... 7
All Hell's Breakin' Loose - Kiss
Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf
Been To Hell - Hollywood Undead
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers - ZZ Top.

Born To Raise Hell - Motörhead
Burn in Hell - Twisted Sister
Burnin' Hell - John Lee Hooker
Burning Hell - Tom Jones
Cold Day In Hell - Boondox
Cooler-N-Hell - Ray Wylie Hubbard
Cowboys From Hell - Pantera
Down Here In Hell (With You) - Van Hunt
Drunk As Hell - Whiskeydick
Every Minute Of Hell - Kashew
Facing Hell - Ozzy Osbourne
From Hell to Texas - Nashville Pussy
Give 'Em Hell Kid - My Chemical
Gives You Hell - All-American Rejects / Glee Cast /Daniel Blunt
Go To Hell - Alice Cooper / Megadeth
Gold from Hell - Freyja
Gonna Raise Hell - Cheap Trick
Green Hell - Metallica/ Misfits
Heaven And Hell - Black Sabbath.
Heaven Or Hell - Lecrae
Heaven Nor Hell - Volbeat .
Heavenly Hell -
Hell - Disturbed
Hell Bent For Leather - Judas Priest
Hell Broke Luce - Tom Waits .
Hell Hole - Spinal Tap
Hell Hound On My Trail - Eric Clapton..
Hell In A Bucket - Grateful Dead
Hell in My Hands - Skinner
Hell Is Chrome - Wilco
Hell Is For Children
- Pat Benatar.
Hell Is Round The Corner - Tricky
Hell March - Frank Klepacki .
Hell No (I'm Not Alright) - Nanci Griffith
Hell No (Leave Home) - Monica ft Twista
Hell No - Melanie B
Hell No, I Ain't Happy - Drive-By Truckers
Hell Of A Fight - Adam Hood
Hell Of A Life - Kanye West / T.I.
Hell Of A Ride - Saving Abe
Hell Of A Season - The Black Keys
Hell On An Angel - Brantley Gilbert
Hell On Earth (Front Lines) - Mobb Deep
Hell On Heels - Pistol Annie.
Hell On The Heart - Eric Church
Hell On Wheels - Brantley Gilbert /Cher
Hell Or High Water - AC/DC..
Hell Raiser - Sweet
Hell Wit Ya - P!nk .
Hell Yeah - Rev Theory / Montgomery Gentry / Neil Diamond .
Hell Yeah I Like Beer - Kevin Fowler .
Hell Yes - Beck .
Hells Bells - AD/CD
Hell's Ditch - The Pogues
Hells Eight Acres - Adam Ant .
Hells Kitchen - Andre Nickatina
Hells To Come - The Dead End Guys
Highway To Hell - AC/DC .
Hillbilly Hell - Virgil .
Honeymoon In Hell - Concombre Zombi .
Hot Rail to Hell - Blue Oyster Cult
Hotter Than Hell - Kiss.
I'd Love To Knock The Hell Out Of You - Hank Williams Jr.
I'm Catching Hell (Living Here Alone) - Natalie Cole
I'm The Only Hell (My Mama Ever Raised) - Johnny Paycheck
If Hell Had A Jukebox - Travis Tritt.
Into The Mouth Of Hell We March - Trivium
It Hurt Like Hell - Aretha Franklin.
Little Hell - City And Colour
Long Hard Road Out Of Hell - Marilyn Manson
Love Is Hell - Theory Of A Deadman
Mad As Hell - 2N
My Honeymoon Hell - Always .
My Own Hell - Five Finger Death Punch

Nature Trail To Hell - Weird Al Yankovic..

New Maps Of Hell - Bad Religion..
No Chance In Hell - Jim Johnston with Peter Bursuker
On Earth As It Is In Hell - Hell
Planet Hell - Nightwish .
Private Hell - Alice In Chains
Psycho Bitch From Hell - Roger Alan Wade
Raise A Little Hell - Trooper
Raising Hell - RUN-DMC
Riding Through Hell - Hammercult
Rock And Roll Hell - Kiss
Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd.
See You In Hell - Grim Reaper
She Came Like A Bat From Hell - Jerusalem.
Shoot First and Run Like Hell - Nashville Pussy
Six Surprises Waiting in Hell - Romport .
Stepping Stone to Hell - Metal Duck
Storm The Gates Of Hell - Demon Hunter
Straight To Hell - Drivin' N' Cryin' / The Clash / Lily Allen Ft Mick Jones
Surf Hell - Little Barrie
Tate's Hell - Will McLean
The Bells of Hell - Kevin Quain
The Blessed Hellride - Black Label Society.
The Hell Song - Sum 41
The Queen of Hell - Witchtrap
The Road To Hell - Chris Rea.
To Hell With Poverty - Gang Of Four
To Hell With The Devil - Stryper
Vacation To Hell - The Chiodos Bros.
Walk with Me In Hell - Lamb Of God
Welcome 2 Hell - Bad Meets Evil
Welcome To Hell - Trace Adkins
What The Hell - Avril Lavigne
What's That Hell in Your Heaven - Anders Manga
When Hell Comes Home - Alice Cooper.
Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound - Hank Williams Jr.
Who the Hell Is Alice - Scooter Lee .
Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell - Iggy & the Stooges

... ... p-al ....
Hellhound - Sqz Me /Tonia Reeh
Hellhound Blues - Shayne Berlin
Hellhound Callin' My Name - Tom Hook and the Black Dogs
Hellhound for Booty - The Demonics
Hellhound On My Trail - Robert Johnson /John Hammond
Hellhound Train - Dale Arning
Hellhounds - Concombre Zombi
Hellhounds Of A Rare Breed - Swartalf
Hellhounds On My Back - Hellbound Hayride
Old Blue Was a Hellhound - Satan's Preacher Man
Skinflint Hellhounds - Craig Weaver
Spellbound Hellhound - Hot Rod T
The Hellhound - Kimberly Allison
The Hellhound's Address - Amy Annelle
Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again - Tiamat
We Are the Hellhounds -
The Taxpayers
When Hellounds Meet Angels - Ron Lasalle

... al ....
5 Hellish Minutes - Haiku
Hearty and Hellish - Shawn Rohlf and The Buskers
Hellish - Presence
Hellish Beast - Xeno Cypher
Hellish Blasphemy - Murder Squad
Hellish Cargo - Red Shamrock
Hellish Clown - Vastator
Hellish Heaven - Ars Manifestia
Hellish Priest - Carlos Lichman
Hellish Old Feeling - Tampa Red
Hellish Orbit - Maelstrom
Hellish Overdose - Nachtmystium
Hellish Pride - Overkill
Hellish Rag - Ma Rainey
Hellish Ride - Spilout
Hellish Slaughter - Warcry
Hellish Torment - Arsenic
Hellish Ways - Frank "Springback" James
Hellish Wings - Ear Danger
Hellish World - Diabolic
Siren of the Hellish Seas - Mistweaver
The Hellish Mrs. Haskell - Bruz Fletcher .
Your Hellish Ways - Georgia White

HELLRAISER ... .... al ....
Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers - ZZ Top
Heaven's Got a Hellraiser - Jamie Lee Thurston
Hellraiser - Motorhead /The Sweet
Hellraisers - Demiricous
Hellraisers Ball - L.A. Guns
Hellraisers on Harleys - Jim Boyd
Hellraiser On Jupiter - John Graf
I Am The Hellraiser - Lil B
Psycho Boogie Hellraiser - The Headless Horsemen
Smoking On the Hellraiser - Metalrob4662
The Hell Raisers - Syd Dale
Theme from "Hellraiser"
- Matt Fink

... .... al ....
82 Hours Bus Hellride - Gutbucket
Goddamn Hellride - Tri-State Lovers
Heaven Is a Hellride - Strikers
Hell Ride - The Progenitors
Hellride - Free Ride /Soul Boys/Baton Rogue Morgue/The Vibes/...et al
Join The Hellride - Electro Baby
Suicide Hellride - Blood Rooted
The Blessed Hellride - Black Label Society

A Marshmallow World
- Bing Crosby
A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme) - Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle
A World Of Fantasy - Triumph
A World Without Love
- Peter & Gordon
After The Sun Kissed The World Goodbye - Al Bowlly ...
All Around The World - Oasis .
All Over the World - ELO ..
All The Lovers in The World - Gowan..
All The Time In The World - Climax Blues Band ..
All The World Is Green - Tom Waits..
Angel (What In The World's Come Over Us) - Atlanta Rhythm Section ....
Angry World - Neil Young.
Another Green World - Brian Eno
Any Other World - Mika
Around The World - Neil Young
As Good As You've Been To This World - Janis Joplin.
At War With The World - Foreigner
Beautiful World - Coldplay.
Best Of All Possible Worlds - Kris Kristofferson.
Best Of Both Worlds - Miley Cyrus.
Blues Got The World By The Balls - Catfish Hodge.
Buck The World - Young Buck .
Cold Dark World - Weezer..
Colour My World - Chicago.
Crash Your World - Victoria Herrmann .
Crazy World - ABBA.
Dream World - ABBA
From The Sun To The World - Electric Light Orchestra.
Gained The World - Morcheeba
Girls Around The World - Lloyd .
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing - New Seekers
If The World - Guns 'n' Roses
If The World Crashes Down - Enrique Iglesias ..
In Another World - Brian May.
It's The End Of The World & We Know It - REM
Joy To The World
- Neil Diamond
Jealous Of The World - Descendents.
King of the Night Time World - Kiss...
Kiss the World - Caterwaul.
Mad World - Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules /
Tears for Fears.
Man Of The World - Fleetwood Mac
Map of the World - Monsters Of Folk / Marillion

Mean Old World - Eric Clapton..
Misery Is The River Of The World - Tom Waits..
My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left) - David Ruffin
My World - Guns 'n' Roses
My World Is Empty Without You - Stevie Wonder
My World Keeps Slipping Away - Neil Sedaka
Not Enough Love In The World - Don Henley
O Green World - Gorillaz.
One Sweet World - Dave Matthews Band..
Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna .
Peaceful World - John Mellencamp .
Rock n Roll All Over The World - Beach Boys.
Rockin' The Free World - Neil Young..
Rocking All Over The World - Status Quo..
Sad Sad World - Gabriella Cilmi .
Set The World On Fire - E.Type..
Sick, Sad, Little World - Incubus...
Spirits In The Material World - Police
The Day The World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails.
The Real World - Bruce Springsteen
The Whole World Lost Its Head - Go-Go's
The World As We Know It - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
The World Has Turned And Left Me Here - Weezer
The World Is A Ghetto - War
The World Is Black - Good Charlotte.
The World Is Getting Bored - Randy.
The World Is My Oyster - Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
The World Is Not Enough - Garbage
The World Is Yours - Nas
The World Needs A Hero - Megadeth..
The World Should Revolve Around Me - Little Jackie

The World Of Abstract Thought - Karmahacker ..
The World Through A Tear - Neil Sedaka
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World - The Ramones
Turquoise World - R. Carlos Nakai.
Walk Through This World With Me - George Jones.
Weapon World - Prince Paul.
What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong/Eva Cassidy & Katie Melua.
What Means The World To You - Cam'ron.
Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
What In The World - David Bowie
When The World Was Woken - Barclay James Harvest
Wicked World - Black Sabbath.
Woman Is the Nigger of the World - John Lennon .
Wonderful World - James Morrison.
Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Jimmy Cliff..
World Away - Emery .
World Fame - Sun City Hustlers .
World Gone Mad - Rhino Bucket.
World of Glitter - A.D. And The Icons .
World Of Wonder - Rik Emmett.
World Turning - Fleetwood Mac
World's Forgotten Boy - Billy Idol

You Mean The World To Me - Toni Braxton.
You're My World - Cilla Black


Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
Blackhole - Beck.
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse.

Two Comets in the Sky - Tribe ..

Cosmos Rockin' - Queen

Radiant Eclipse - Avenged Sevenfold .
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler

GALAXY ... ............lys.......
7th Galaxy - Dennis Coffey
A Galaxy Apart - Element 101
A Galaxy Untamed - The Upset Victory
Across The Galaxy - Grailknights
Another Galaxy - Paul Simon
Anywhere In The Galaxy - Gamma Ray
Bambi Galaxy - Florent Marchet
Basement Galaxy - The Spinanes
Bedroom Galaxy - Secret And Whisper
Befouled Galaxy - The Wake
Black Eye Galaxy - Anders Osborne
Boy From Another Galaxy - Carnation
Daisies of the Galaxy - Eels.
Dancing Galaxy - Astral Projection
Embrace The Galaxy - Space Odissey
Fall Of The Marbeled Galaxy - Troll
Galaxy - The Lilac Time / Stephen Duffy
Galaxy - Marc Bolan & T Rex
Galaxy - Annisokay
Galaxy - Macross 7
Galaxy - Curve
Galaxy - Peter Kingsbery
Galaxy - 311
Galaxy - Rip Slyme
Galaxy - Recall
Galaxy - Pulsedriver
Galaxy - Dance or Die
Galaxy - Northern Room
Galaxy - Jason Mraz
Galaxy - Cherish
Galaxy [instrumental] - Oratory
Galaxy [instrumental] - Skythrone
Galaxy - War
Galaxy (Rest In Peace) - Like A Storm
Galaxy 32 Star - Chick Corea
Galaxy 500 - Reverend Horton Heat
Galaxy Bounce - The Chemical Brothers
Galaxy Detour - The Phenomenauts
Galaxy Express - D.O.H
Galaxy Gang - Iceman
Galaxy Girl - Cosmos Black
Galaxy In Janaki - Flying Lotus
Galaxy Milk - The Irish Front
Galaxy Of Emptiness (Alternate Version) - Beth Orton
Galaxy Of Loneliness - Love of Lesbian
Galaxy Of Obliquity - Mordab
Galaxy Of Stars - Duped
Galaxy Of The Black Sun - Intestine Baalism
Galaxy Of The Lost - Lightspeed Champion
Galaxy Of The Lost - Florence And The Machine
Galaxy Paradise - Stevie Wonder
Galaxy Punk - Sleepy Sun
Galaxy Rise - Nik Turner
Galaxy Skirt - Emi Meyer
Galaxy Song - Bree Sharp
Galaxy Traveller - Neelix
Galaxy's Wall - The American Tragedy
Guide To The Galaxy - Show & Tell
I.O.U. One Galaxy - The Ataris
Into The Galaxy - Midnight Juggernauts
Iron Galaxy - Cannibal Ox
Kissing Galaxy - Scruffy the Cat.
Lady Galaxy - BoA
Light Of Her Galaxy - Jelly Planet
Lonely Galaxy - The Minus 5
Lost Galaxy Theme - Power Rangers
Outside Intro (To Galaxy Song) - Clint Black
Peace In The Galaxy - Mortification
Phantom Of The Galaxy - Saint
Radio Galaxy - Fred Numf
Satan's Galaxy - Abigor
Spiral Galaxy Arms - Living Room
Stardust Galaxies - The Parlotones .
Subsequent Emissions From A Frozen Galaxy - Setherial
The Galaxy - Dethklok
The Galaxy Express 999 (ginga Tetsudo 999) - Animetal
The Galaxy Is Gay - Butchies (The)
The Galaxy Is Ours - Proto Zoa
The Galaxy Song - Eric Idle/Monty Python
True Love In The Galaxy - Nuno Bettencourt/Mourning Widows
Twilight Galaxy - Metric
Two Worlds And A Galaxy - Capital Eye
White Russian Galaxy - The Crimea
You Say You Want Space? I'll Give You The Fucking Galaxy! - Divide The Day

... ............lys.......
As The Globe Turns - Mr. Sos
Bright Green Globe - Down By Law
Call From the Glass Globe World - Common Shiner
City In A Snow Globe - Before Their Eyes
Dance Around Di Globe - Ricky Blaze
Dark Globe -
Syd Barrett / R.E.M / Placebo
Globe Alone - Blur
Golden Globe - Mario Dones
July 21, Global Villager - Mark Massey ...
Measure the Globe - Astronautalis
Roads Girdle The Globe - XTC
Roun' The Globe - Nappy Roots
Sad Preview Of Sip & Globe - Mars
Snow Globe - Matt Wertz
Snow Globe - Armor For Sleep
Snow Globe - Chely Wright
Snow Globe Tragedy - Jacks Broken Heart
Spin The Globe - Reel Big Fish
The Fifth Quarter Of The Globe - The Notwist
The Globe - Big Audio Dynamite
The Globe - Ben Sollee

Wicked Gravity - Jim Carroll.

Meteor Flower - July For Kings.
Meteor Shower - Owl City.


Orbits - Jared Astin Trio with Leo Goya

Bull Black Nova - Wilco..
Champagne Supernova
- Oasis

UNIVERSE... .. pp-6, jz-10, rk-5 ...
Across The Universe - The Beatles.
All the Love in the Universe - Jack Schell
Arms That Hold The Universe - 33Miles .
Around the Universe - The Hondo Three
Blue Universe - Craig Chaquico
Big Old Universe - In Exile
Cheap Universe - V for Volume
Children of the Universe - John Denver
Chromatic Universe (Pt. 1, 2 & 3) - George Russell
Cool Cool Universe - Ima Robot.
Dance Of The Universe - Peter Sprague
God of the Universe - Jessica Rushton
Hello There Universe - Mose Allison
Heroes of the Universe - Marcus Dagan
Hey Universe! - Wright Brothers
High in the Universe - Tom Roble
Holy King of the Universe - Martyn Wright
Home Universe - Chick Corea Elektric Band
Hot Universe - Mike Schindler
King of the Universe - Richard Ruttenberg
Lonely Universe - Monkey Chow
Master Of The Universe - Hawkwind /Pulp
Merry Go Universe - Jam
Mother Universe - The Soup Dragons
Mr. Universe - Adam Scone/Ian Gillan .
Princes Of The Universe - Queen.
Princess Of The Universe - Utopia .
Queen of the Universe - Slippery When Wet
Rhythm of the Universe - Chris Rossi
Somewhere in the Universe - Sonic Pulsar
Song of the Universe - Baby-Face Willette
Somewhere in the Universe - Sonic Pulsar
Symptom Of The Universe - Black Sabbath

The Universe Is Going To Catch You - The Antlers
The Universe Loves Lily - Steve Koven Trio
The Universe of Blue - Nicky Campbell/Mark Moraghan
Universe - Acker Bilk & Strings /Dave Edwards
Universe Of Love - The Gods
Universe Theme - Joey Negro
Wonderful Universe - Kele Le Roc

Nebula Blue - Plantaganda .
Southern Cross
- Crosby, Stills & Nash
The Pharaoh Sails To Orion - Nightwish ..















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