Flowers ~ Fruit & Veg ~ Herbs, Nuts & Cereal
Trees ~ Countryside ~ Garden

If anyone has any other song titles PLEASE
email me

ASTER... ... lys. palg ...
As the Last Aster, The Last After - Tom Blood
Aster - Das Ich; Shuma
Aster Dutchie ~ Musical Youth

Aster Mambo - Fred Buscaglione ;
Asters Bloom in the Summerwind - Peter Braukmann
Cosmos and Asters - Stephanie Rearick

AZALEA... ...lys...
Azalea - Jefferson Ross
Azalea Flower - Karine Polwart .
Flor De Azalea - Vicente Fernandez / Pablo Montero / Los Panchos
The Azalea Festival - John & Mary

BLOODFLOWER... ... lys ... all
Bloodflower - Manface
Bloodflowers - The Cure.

BLOOM... ...lys ...
And Then Black Roses Bloom - Lost Infinity
Bland Street Bloom - Sikth
Bloom - Brian Eno
Bloom - Gain
Bloom - Radiohead
Bloom - Scale the Summit
Children In Bloom - Counting Crows
Flowers Bloom - Boyz II Men
Flowers In Bloom - Robin Thicke
From Ashes I Bloom - Sevenfield
I Bloom Blaum - Coldplay
I Bloom Blaum - Coldplay
In Bloom - Nirvana
In Bloom - Echo And The Bunnymen
In Full Bloom - Trip Fontaine
Late Bloom - Amy Ray
Little Girl In Bloom - Thin Lizzy
Love In Bloom - Bing Crosby
Move On (Bloom Like The Sunlight In My Song)- Mike Doughty
Never Bloom Again - The Perishers
Shine On Harvey Bloom - Allan Sherman
Some Flowers Bloom Dead - Wallflowers
Sonic Bloom - Daisy Tripping
Summer's In Bloom - Reef
The Bloom - Lumerians
Twilight Bloom - The Daysleepers
When The Apple Blossoms Bloom... - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
When The Cactus Is In Bloom - Arlo Guthrie
When The Roses Bloom Again - Glenn Miller /Billy Bragg /..et al
White Water, White Bloom - Sea Wolf
Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven? - Carter Family

BLOSSOM... (s) ...lys ...p10g
(I'll Be With You) In Apple Blossom Time - Barry Manilow
A Blossom Fell - Nat King Cole
/ Ronnie Hilton / Dickie Valentine
Answer To Little Blossom - Hank Snow
Apple Blossom - White Stripes
Ballad Of The Cherry Blossoms - Cynthia Hopkins
Blackberry Blossom - Michelle Shocked.
Blossom - Candlebox/James Taylor/Ayumi Hamasaki/Nirvana/Carole King/James Taylor/..et al
Blossom & Burn - Trash Talk
Blossom Friend - Nick Drake
Blossom Lady - Shocking Blue
Blossom On The Wind - Kevin Kern

Blossom, The Witch - Still Remains.
Blossom Tree - Zara McFarlane
Blossoms In The Springtime - Hank Snow
Broken Blossoms - Dusty Springfield
Cherry Blossom Clinic - The Move
Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited - Electric Light Orchestra .
Cherry Blossom Girl - Air ..
Cherry Blossom Love - The Wailin' Jennys
Cherry Blossoms - Tindersticks
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White -
Perez Prado/ Eddie Calvert /Billy Vaughn /et al ....
Death Blossoms - Rise Against
From Bud To Blossom - Xavier Rudd.
Garfield's Blackberry Blossom - Lyle Lovett
Gin Blossoms - Freddy Ruppert
Hyacinth Blossoms - Violet Uprising .
I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time - Louis Prima/ Connie Francis/ Andrews Sisters/et al
Little Blossom - Dolly Parton
Lotus Blossom - Michael Franks.
Lotus Blossom Days - Ronald Douglas ..
Midnight Lotus Blossom - Crepusculo ..
Murder Blossom - Pig Destroyer
Orange Blossom Lane - Glenn Miller
Orange Blossom Ring - Woody Guthrie

Orange Blossom Special -
Buck Owens /Bill Monroe /Johnny Cash /et al
Past Blossom Flesh -
Intervalle Bizarre
To Blossom Blue - Lake Of Tears
Up On Cherry Blossom Road - Heart
When You Were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane - Ted Weems & His Orchestra ..
Witches Blossom - The River Empires

BLUEBELL... ... (s)p10g.lys ...
Bluebell - Eddie Pennington
Bluebell Avenue - The Voodoo Economic
Bluebell Blues - Rob Colley
Bluebell Fields - The Celturian /Money
Bluebell Heart - Dodheimsgard
Bluebell Meadow - Celestial
Bluebell Morning - Ooberman
Bluebell Path - Nick Penny
Bluebell Polka - Jimmy Shand
Bluebell Spring - Omotion
Bluebell Waltz - The Staaf Quartet
Bluebell Wood - Philip John Brooks
Bluebells - Moon Safari
Bluebells and Cockleshells - Peter Breiner
Bluebells Goodbye - Ken Colyer's Jazzmen
Bluebells In The Snow - Pat Hamilton
Bluebells Of Scotland - John McDermott
Bye Bye Bluebells - Doc Watson
Dust Off the Bluebells - Cool Beyond Zero
Farewell, My Bluebell - Eddie Cochran
Goodbye My Bluebell - Merle Travis
Hello There Brother Bluebell - The Joy Singers
Horse Bluebells - Nikolay Kopylov
I Hear the Bluebells Sing - Teresa Brewer
Little Bluebell - Gerald Boy
Ring The Bluebells Of Scotland - Kenneth McKellar
Seashells and Bluebells - John Southworth; Kathy Williams
The Bluebell - Patrick Wolf
The Bluebell Herd - Yvette Staelens
The Bluebell Man - Charlie Landsborough

The Bluebell Wood - Robert Davies

The Bluebells in Kentucky - Mark Dvorak
The Bluebells of Broadway Are Ringing Tonight - Joan Regan
The Bluebells Of Scotland - Mary Sandeman & James Nicol
The Mill o' Dreams: Bluebells - Richard Edgar-Wilson
The Scottish Bluebell Polka - Ensemble
Virginia Bluebell - Miranda Lambert
Walkin' Naked Thru A Bluebell Field - Keziah Jones
Where the Bluebells Grow - Valerie Smith
Woodpeckers and Bluebells - John Meed

BOUGAINVILLEA... ... palg..lys ...
Beneath the Bougainvillea - Compass Rose Quintet
Bougainvillea - Dickey Betts & Great Southern
Bougainvillea Sunset - Leeann Atherton
Bougainvillea Waltz - Jay Spears
Bouncing Bougainvillea - Keiko Matsui
Jacaranda Bougainvillea - Al Jarreau
The Bougainvillea at Twilight - Colophon

Bull Rush - Paul Weller.
Bullrush - Melodyssey
The Bullrush - Thousand Suns
The Bullrushes Were Rustling - Ossipov Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra Soloists

BUSH ... ...p10g.lys...(s)...
Apple Bush - Alice Cooper
Barbara's Bush - Dead Cat Lounge
Beat Around The Bush - Endo
Beating Around The Bush - AC/DC /Mud
Behind The Bushes - The Knife
Bird In The Bush - John Tams
Black Bush - Mac Miller

Boys From The Bush - Lee Kernaghan
Burnin' Bush - Earth, Wind & Fire

Burning Bush - Tribe After Tribe
Bush A Bush - Burning Heads
Bush Bush - Elfferich Four
Bush Doctor - Peter Tosh

Bush Hog'n Man - Dm Bob & The Deficits
Bush Leaf Dreaming - Pan & Me
Bush Party - Rainforest Project
Bush Pilot Buckaroo - Tim Hus ..
Bush Plane - Ted Wesley

Bushes - Hot Chelle Rae / Fatby Slim
Bushes And Briars - Sandy Denny
Bushfire - The B-52's.
Catfights in Bushes - The Sick-Leaves
Crazy Bush - The Doo Wops
Devil Behind That Bush - The Cramps

F***in' In The Bushes - Oasis.
Fuck George Bush Like His Dad Did - Insane Clown Posse
George Bush - Lil' Wyte
Helmet in the Bush - Korn
Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush - Traffic / Spencer Davis Group .
If You Pay Me Enough (I'll Write A Song About Bush) - Tom Flannery
In the Bush - Musique

Kate Bush (Instrumental) - Viva City
Laughing In The Hiding Bush - Bruce Dickinson
Mulberry Bush - Cedarmont Kids .
Nut Bush City Limits - Ike & Tina Turner

Push Push In The Bush - Marz Vs. Musique
Shake That Bush Again - The Mooney Suzuki
Son Of A Bush - Public Enemy
Stone Cold Bush - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stop beatin' around the Mulberry Bush - Count Basie

Sugar Bush - Eve Boswell
The Bush - Special Ed
The Bush Girl - Seekers
The Dogs Among The Bushes - The Chieftains

The Ol' Beggars Bush - Flogging Molly
The Prickilie Bush - Judy Collins
The Prickly Bush - Steeleye Span
The Singing Bush - Randy Newman
Tired Fi Lick Weed In A Bush - Inner Circle
Young Country (Bush/Frist Campaign) - Hank Williams Jr.

BUTTERCUP... ...p15g.lys...(s)
Black Buttercups - Long Bone Trio
Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
Buttercup - Jackson 5; The Spinners; Jewel
Buttercup - Lucinda Williams
Buttercup A Golden Hair - Dean Martin.
Buttercup Days - Phil Woods
Buttercup Fairy Jamboree - Joy Electric
Buttercup (I'm A Super Girl) - Shonen Knife
Buttercup A Golden Hair - Dean Martin
Buttercup Joe - Adam Miller .
Buttercup Meadow - West Of Eden
Buttercup Monk - Keshco
Buttercup Necklace - Steve Orchard
Buttercup Stars - Renée Englot
Buttercup Stranger - Design
Buttercup Waltz - Ben Levell
Buttercup the Bovine - The Battersby Duo
Buttercuppin' - Zoe & The Buttercups
Buttercups - Fran Healy
Buttercups and Daisies - Baby Genius .
Buttercup's Lament - Brobdingnagian Bards
Buttercups Up - Love Of Everything
Cheer Up Buttercup - Luke Mandala
Concrete Buttercups - Mudmowth & Metabeats
Funky Buttercup - The Bamboos
Gloom Doom Buttercups - Kittens Ablaze
Hey Little Buttercup - The Happies
Honey and Buttercup - Linus!
I'm Called Little Buttercup - The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
Little Buttercup - Jeff Healey
My Little Buttercup - Randy Newman.
Picking Buttercups - Kathy Reid-Naiman
Pucker Up Buttercup -
Junior Walker And The All Stars
So Long, Buttercup - Dave Goodrich
Snow On the Buttercups - Mic Harrison
Waking Up Buttercup - Lazy Lane
What's Up Buttercup - Rock With The New Champs Tribute Band
Where The Butterflies Kiss The Buttercups Goodnight - The Gumm Sisters
When You Were the Blossom of Buttercup Lane - Ted Weems & His Orchestra ..
Yellow Buttercups - Andrei Smagin

CACTUS ... ... lys ... p-5...
Black Cactus Choir - Soiled Doves
Black Cactus Killers - Neon Blonde
Bullet Brain And Cactus Head - Split Enz
Cactus - Pixies
Cactus - David Bowie
Cactus Christmas - Cactus Country Band
Cactus Cumbia - Cactus Country Band
Cactus Dance - Bob Burford
Cactus Fiend - Hemingray 9
Cactus Flower - Jiggsaw
Cactus Flower Rag - Harper Simon
Cactus Funk - DJ Fresh
Cactus Heart - Charlie Roth
Cactus In The Valley - Lights
Cactus Kid - Chris Ho Band
Cactus On Mars - Mark Attebery
Cactus Pass - Chris Ho Band
Cactus Practice - Tori Amos
Cactus Rose - Rob Renfro
Cactus Spines - Buckethead
Cactus Town - Blunt Truth
Cactus Tree - Joni Mitchell
Cactus Wine - J.D. Monson
Carol of the Cactus - Paul "Cactus Jack" La Marr
Don't Sit On a Cactus - Joel Frankel .
Green Cactus - Danny Martin
Les Cactus - Jacques Dutronc

Lonesome Cactus Groove - Neptune Quartet
Song Of Cactus - M.T.
The Cacti & the Texican - Gussman & Stick
The Cactus - 3rd Bass
The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be - The Magnetic Fields
The Mexican Cactus - Jean Jacques Perrey
Welcome to Cactus County - Will Ryan and the Cactus County Cowboys
/ Klum & Rooby
When The Cactus Is In Bloom - Arlo Guthrie
Where The Cactus Grow - Christopher Sawyer

CARNATION... ... p10g.lys.(s)...
A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) - Marty Robbins ...
Beautiful Carnation - The Hula Honeys .
Black Carnation - The Blakes
Blue Skies And Pink Carnations - Jon Travers And The Now Country ...
Carnation - Manic Street Preachers / Oasis
Carnation Flower - Joe Virga .
Carnation Lily Lily Rose - David Arkenstone With Andrew White ..
Carnation Waltz - Al Meixner .
Carnations - The Farley Flower Band
Carnations Are Deadly - Nearest The Positive
Dead Carnations - Pig Destroyer
Dollar Carnation Kiss - The Lost Child Sound
Green Carnation - Gary Kalei Medeiros .
Lindenflowers and Carnations - Hans Christian .
Nani My Carnation - Gregory Zorzos
No. 2. Carnation - Risto Lauriala .
Nylon Carnations - Romak and the Space Pirates .
Pale Carnation - Smokey Smelko .
Pink Carnations - Phil Kelsall .
Pua Carnation - Arthur Lyman
Red Carnation - Bouzouki Kings .
Red Carnations And Bloodstained Lingerie - Black Countess
Semi-Automatic Carnation - Brutal Truth
Stone Carnation - William D Drake .
Three Gold Carnations - Andreas Andriopoulos ..

Tulips, Carnations, Chrysanthamums - Zoe Lewis ..
Violet Carnation - Kotey Extra Band & Max Skiba .
White Carnations - Kenosha Kid .

... palp.lys.(s)...
Tulips, Carnations, Chrysanthamums - Zoe Lewis ..

CLOVER... ... lys.p10g(s)
4 Leaf Clover - Smoov-E / Stryper ..
Burr Clover Blues - Muddy Waters
Clover - The Fuddy Duddie's
Clover - Sifow
Clover - Ramona Falls
Clover g Anthem - Lil' Flip
Clover Girls - Gary Murtha
Clover Over Dover - Blur
Clovers - Allred
Clovers & Acid - Mat Zo
Crimson and Clover - Prince/ The Hollies/Velvet Underground /Joan Jett /..et al
Dew On the Clover - Gary Murtha
Diamonds for Fields of Clover - Marv Machura ..
Fields of Clover - The Box Tops.
Four Leaf Clover - Mr Lager / Winger / Fats Domino..
I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover - Al Jolson / Art Mooney ...
In the Clover - The Specklers
King Of The Clover - C-Note
Lucky Clover - Brotherly
Lucky Clover Coin - Rocky Votolato..

My Four Leaf Clover Love - Eddie Rambeau
No Leaf Clover - Metallica .
One Shot Clover - Floral Terrace
Over The Clover - Sci-Fi Lullaby
Pigs in Clover - Pro-pain
Roses & Clover - Animal Liberation Orchestra
She's Rolling over & Over (In Someone Else's Clover) - B.J. Thomas
Sky Full Of Clover - Beth Hart
Standing On Clovers - Ghosts On the Radio
Three Leaf Clover - Whiting Tennis ..
Touch A Four Leaf Clover - Atlantic Starr ...


100% Cotton - Haim Cotton
A Summer Wind, A Cotton Dress - Richard Shindell
Black Cotton - 2Pac
Chaos and Cotton Candy - Maybe Crazy
Concrete & Cotton - Havis
Cotton - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
Cotton Ain't King - Chuck "The Charlyhorse" Johnson
Cotton Baggin' - Kenny Baker
Cotton Black - Andy Well
Cotton Boogie - James Cotton
Cotton Candy - Illumination
Cotton Candy Clouds - Daniel Long
Cotton Candy Coochie - Reno Coleyon
Cotton Candy Land - Elvis Presley
Cotton Candy Lies - Kellner
Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day - Nikki Giovanni
Cotton Candy Sunset - Dane Hinkle
Cotton Club Stomp - Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orchestra
Cotton Crop Blues - James Cotton
Cotton Crown - Sonic Youth
Cotton Dreams - Michael G. Ronstadt
Cotton Dust - Mannuel Pignon
Cotton Eyed Joe - Nina Simone; Rednex ..
Cotton Fields - CCR .

Cotton Field Blues - Sylvester Cotton
Cotton Gin - Joey Curtin & Marc Cooper
Cotton Growing Man - Spooky Tooth
Cotton Jenny - Gordon Lightfoot
Cotton Mary Alone - Richard Robbins .
Cotton Mill Blues - The New North Carolina Ramblers
Cotton Mill Girls - Bev Grant
Cotton Mill Rag - The Jooks of Kent
Cotton Patch Blues - Tommy McClennan
Cotton Picker - Wortham Watts
Cotton Picker's Special - Paul Howard & His Cotton Pickers
Cotton Tail - Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra
Cotton Was King - Widespread Panic
High Cotton - Alabama .
Honey Cotton - Cebe
I Never Picked Cotton - Roy Clark
Jerry Cotton March - Peter Thomas Sound Orchester ..
King Cotton - US Marine Band & John Philip Sousa
Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town - Charley Pride
Oxy Cotton - Lil Wyte
Pick A Bale O'Cotton - Mungo Jerry
Pickin In High Cotton - Memphis Gold .
Red Hills and Cotton - King Cotton
Sheets Of Egyptian Cotton - Jesse Spencer

10 Foot Pink Daffodils - The Seventh Dawn
Awakening Daffodils - Subha
Bombshells and Daffodils - Brother Sly
Bumblebees and Daffodils - Hello Rio
Daffodil - Boxer Kid

Daffodil Banjo - Garage Sale

Daffodil Blues - Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three
Daffodil Lament - The Cranberries
Daffodil Rock - Jack Leonard
Daffodil Yellow - Fuzzpod
Daffodils - Angela C. Howell
Daffodils and Pills - Joshua Madore
Daffodils Aren't For Picking - Hello Vixen
Daffodils in Winter - Georgette Dashiell
Daffodils + Gasoline - Misty Murphy
Daffodils That Sway Just So - he Golden Motors
Dancing with the Daffodils - Solid Ground
Dear Daffodil - Enharmonic Souls
Devils and Daffodils - Beta Two Agonist
Dust and Daffodils - Asura
Hey Daffodil - Justin Love
Fair Daffodils - West Coast Mennonite Quartet
March Of The Daffodils - Ray Hearne
Morning Daffodil - Michael Marcus
My Baby Is A Daffodil - The Cas Carnaby Five
Golden Daffodils - Gary Prim
Rainy Days And Daffodils - Gary Smith
Ring Around the Daffodils - Ervin Litkei
Pain Pills and Daffodils - Witness My Weakness
Seven Daffodils -
The Limeliters / Jonathan Edwards & The Seldom Scene .
Seven Daffodils (Seven Golden Daffodils) - Lonnie Donegan ..
Spinning In Daffodils - Them Crooked Vultures
The Dance Of The Demon Daffodils -
John Kirkpatrick
They May Only Be Dafodils - Honour Before Glory ..
To Daffodils - Maria Lagios and Dalton Baldwin
Violets and Daffodils - Barefoot Jerry .
When the Daffodils Bloom - Kathy Reed
Where The Daffodils Grow - The Carny

A Daisy In December - Mick & Winifred Horan McAuley .
A Field Of Yellow Daisies - Charlie Rich ..

Buttercups and Daisies - Baby Genius .
Daisies of the Galaxy - Eels.
Daisy - Brand New
Daisy a Day - Jud Strunk.
Daisy Bell - Miss Aimee Leigh
Daisy Chain - Jane Jensen
Daisy Cutter - 311
Daisy Glaze - Big Star
Daisy Jane - America.
Daisy Jane - TNT .
Daisy Lady - Seventh Wonder .
Daisy Lane - Stereophonics.
Daisy Mae - The 5 Chords .
Daisy Petal Pickin' - The Fireballs Ft Jimmy Gilmer .
Daisys Up Your Butterfly - the Cramps.
Field of Yellow Daisies
- Tom Jones ..
Fresh As A Daisy - Emitt Rhodes.
Gypsy Daisy - Woody Guthrie .
Oopsy Daisy - Chipmunk.
Pickin' Daisies - Adam Sandler
Please Don't Eat the Daisies - Doris Day
Pull My Daisy - David Amram Quartet
Push The Little Daisies - Ween.
Pushing Up Daisies -
Garth Brooks
The Lazy Daisy Chain - Paul McBurney ..
Trample On Daisies - Ghosts of Jupiter
Trippin' On Daisies - Stone Poets .
Wake Up Daisy - B. Willie Dryden
White Daisy Passing - Rocky Votolato .
Whoopsie Daisy
- Terri Walker
Wilted Daisies - Joshua James .

Yellow Daisies - Fertile Ground .

A Dandelion Dies In The Wind - Elton John .
Dance Of The Dandelions - Soft Sounds
Dandelion - Rolling Stones
Dandelion Blue - Stillyano
Dandelion Blues - The Incredible String Band
Dandelion Bouquet - Merrily Wright
Dandelion Clock - Medwyn Goodall
Dandelion Days - Wendy Manley; Adam McHeffey
Dandelion Dreamer - Eien
Dandelion Dreams - Jett Kelly
Dandelion Garden - David Hakan
Dandelion Heart - David Gamboa
Dandelion Parachute - Magic Mushroom Band
Dandelion Pop - Yellow Drum Machine
Dandelion Rain - Dean Fields
Dandelion River Run - Mimi & Richard Farina
Dandelion Smile - Phil O'flaherty
Dandelion Snow - Rachel Kanter
Dandelion Star - Tim Janis
Dandelion Wine - Bonnie Leigh; Blackmore's Night .
Dandelion Wish - Brenda Wise
Dandelions - Eric Weber; Angela Turner;
Dandelions At Play - Boof
Dandelions Blues - Fc Five
Dandelions Cry - Master B
Dandelions in Bullet Holes - Sarah Harmer
Dandelions Meets Roses - China .
Dandelions On Fire - Simone Massaron
Dandelion's Roar - Sponge
Dandelions Suck - Worm Quartet
Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow - Franz Ferdinand
I Tell Time By The Dandelion Clock - Sarah Manning
Like Dandelion Seeds to the Wind - Nate & Kate
Little Dandelion - Rennie Foster
Marigolds and Dandelions - Jamie Rattner .
O Dandelion Yellow As Gold - Maria Sangiolo
Rose and the Dandelion - Nixons
Shake Your Dandelion - Ishi
Sunshine And Dandelions - Cosmo Jarvis
The Dandelion Song - Kaz Simmons
Where the Dandelion and Lily Abide - Natalie Farr .
Wherever The Dandelion Falls - Aslyn
White Dandelion - Mina Mauldin

Bring Me Edelweiss - Edelweiß
Edelweiss - Julie Andrews / Harry Connick Jr /...et al
Treffpunkt Edelweiss - Original Edelweiss Trio

33 Evergreen Lane - Blue In Green ..
Digging in the Evergreen - Chantilly Lace
Evergreen - Roy Orbison.
Evergreen - Faithless .
Evergreen - First State .
Evergreen - Jars of Clay .
Evergreen - Echo & the Bunnymen .
Evergreen Boy - Steve Forbert
Evergreen Christmas - Loni Rose
Evergreen Memories - Soft Sounds
Evergreens Of Jazz - George Scott-Wood
Evergreen Rag - Jazz Music Crew /The Foxtrot Players/... et al
Evergreen Shark - Aftah Sum
Evergreen Tree - Cliff Richard & The Shadows
Evergreens - Charlie Barnet
Evergreens of Eden - Minka the Elf
My Evergreen - Squirrel Nut Zippers
Ring of Evergreen - Bill Leslie
The Evergreen - Claudia Nygaard
Twisted Little Evergreen - Trade Martin
Under the Evergreen - Cathy Harley Trio
Wind Through the Evergreens - Buzz Rogowski

FERN ... ... lys.p8g ...
(Theme From) Blood Orgy Of The Atomic Fern - Dead Milkmen
A Tribute To Art Fern - US Navy Band
Cradle Of Fern - Atargatis
Fern - Zoe Keating
Fern and Robin - Loscil .
Fern Beard - The Submarines .
Fern Dell - Mandy Moore .

Fern Gully Skanking - Johnny Ringo .
Fern Winds - Todd Russell .
Little Fern - Portastatic
Maidenhair Fern - Don Tiki ..
Mountain Fern - Laura Cantrell .
Resurrection Fern - Iron & Wine
Sweet Fern - True Blue .

Where The Red Fern Grew - Nobody Knew

FLOWER ... ... p10g.lys.(s)...
(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess - John Lennon
(I Love) The Flower Girl - Cowsills (The)
(Listen To The) Flower People - Spinal Tap
(Nothing But) Flowers - Talking Heads
3000 Flowers - Destroyer
A Chain Of Flowers - The Cure
A Different Kind Of Flower - Ray Price
A Flower - John Cage

A Flower For The Mood - Raftside
A Flower Grows In Brooklyn - Positive K
A Flower In A Glove - Frog Eyes
A Flower In The Desert - The Cult
All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun - Jeff Buckley
All The Flowers In The Sky - Jade
Ancient Walls of Flowers - Marcy Playground.
Artificial Flowers - The Beautiful South / Bobby Darin
Automatic Flowers - Our Lady Peace
Autumn Flower - Aztec Camera
Autumn Flowers - Grim Skunk
Azalea Flower - Karine Polwart .
Beautiful Flower - India.Arie
Beware Of The Flowers - John Otway
Black Flower - Nuff Said / Salvador
Black Flowers - Chris Isaak
Blooming Flower - Hayley Westenra
Blue Flowers - Mazzy Star.
Brother Flower - Townes Van Zandt.
Broken Flower - Black Daffodils / Kimmie Rhodes
Buffalo Flower - The Mynabirds
Cactus Flower Rag - Harper Simon
Carnation Flower - Joe Virga .
Chain of Flowers - The Cure
Chinese House Flowers - The Mountain Goats
Clear Hearts Grey Flowers - Jack off Jill...
Curse Of The Wild Weed Flower - Porter Wagoner
Dead Flowers - Rolling Stones
December Flower - In Flames.
Desert Flower Bride - Peter Koppes
Don't Bring Me Flowers - Godflesh
Dream Of Flowers - Darkwood
Elephants And Flowers - Prince
Every Flower - Peter, Paul and Mary
Fading Like A Flower - Eric Prydz
Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) - Roxette.
Famous Flower Of Manhattan - The Avett Brothers
Fist of a Flower - Gemma Ray
Flower - Soundgarden
Flower - Moby
Flower - Liz Phair
Flower - L'Arc-en-Ciel
Flower - Sonic Youth
Flower - Kumi Koda
Flower - Tomiko Van
Flower - Gackt
Flower - Atsuko Maeda
Flower - Kylie Minogue
Flower And Beads - Iron Butterfly
Flower And Fireworks - All the Day Holiday
Flower Bomb - Ryan Bingham
Flower Child - Lenny Kravitz .
Flower Fight With Morrissey - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Flower Grown Wild - Bryan Adams
Flower In The Sun - Janis Joplin & The Big Brother Holding Company.
Flower In The Wasteland - Lisa Chappell
Flower Lab. - Blind Zero
Flower Man - Extreme
Flower Of A Zero - Stuart Davis
Flower Of Blood - Amos
Flower Of My Heart - Buddy Holly
Flower Of Scotland - Corries/..et al
Flower of the Apocalypse - Helium
Flower Power - Mud
Flower Punk - Frank Zappa
Flower Song - The Mountain Goats
Flower To Hide - Catherine Wheel
Flower, Fist And Bestial Wail - Adam West
Flowers - Sweet Female Attitude
Flowers - The New Radicals
Flowers - The Psychedelic Furs
Flowers After The Fact - Terri Clark
Flowers and Beads - Iron Butterfly
Flowers and Cages - Josh Todd
Flowers and Elephants - Buttercup .
Flowers are Red - Harry Chapin.
Flowers For Mama - George Jones
Flowers For Zoe - Lenny Kravitz .
Flowers Grave - Tom Waits.
Flowers In Bloom - Robin Thicke
Flowers In December - Mazzy Star .
Flowers In October - Tim Janis .
Flowers In The Rain - The Move
Flowers In The Sky : Revolving Paint Dream - Primal Scream
Flowers In The Window - Travis
Flowers In The Window - Travis
Flowers In Your Hair - The Lumineers
Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall - Simon & Garfunkel
Flowers Of Love - Bill Monroe
Flowers Of The Forest - Fairport Convention / Mike Oldfield
Flowers Of The Sea - Dead Can Dance
Flowers On The Wall - Brenda Lee/..et al
Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees - Jim Reeves
Forget The Flowers - Wilco
Full Flower - The Mountain Goats
Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet - Hank Williams / Kitty Wells
Ghetto Flower - J. Williams .
Give Me Flowers While I'm Living - Lester Flatt
Golden Flower - Shawn Phillips
Green Flower Street - Donald Fagen /Steely Dan..
Hands First Flower - The Melvins
Holy Flower Of The North Star - Minsk
Hospital Flowers - Owl City
House Of Flowers - Stephen Duffy
How She Could Sing The Wildwood Flower - Emmylou Harris
I Just Came To Smell The Flowers - Norma Jean
I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) - Sandi Thom..
Imaginary Flower - Hogwash
In Flowers - James Blunt
Incarceration Of A Flower Child - Roger Waters / Marianne Faithfull
Inside A Flower - Elisa
June's Flowers - Tirill .
Lady of the Flowers - Placebo
Last Flowers Till The Hospital - Radiohead
Leopard Flowers - Death In June.
Life Is A Flower - Ace Of Base
Life Is Flowers - Too Much Joy
Like A Flower - Madonna
Like Water Needs A Flower - Paul Weller
Lotus Flower - Killah Priest / Radiohead
Meteor Flower - July For Kings.
My Flower Sky - Innocence Mission.
My Flowers Are Still In Your Wastebasket - Fallen Angels
My Flowers Grow Green - Woody Guthrie
Never The Flowers - Die Happy
No Time To Smell The Flowers - Melanie
Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette - Cradle Of Filth
Passion Flower - Duke Ellington / Ella Fitzgerald / Johnny Hodges /..et al
Pink Flower - Daisy Chainsaw
Pollyanna Flower - Alanis Morissette.
Power Flower - Stevie Wonder .
Power Flower - Stevie Wonder
Pretty Flowers - Steve Martin
Purple Flowers - Yo Gotti
Red Flower Sunset - M People
Rotting Lovers, Withering Flowers - Beyond The Dream
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) - Scott McKenzie
Say It With Flowers - John Hiatt
Say It With Flowers - Big Fish
Send You No Flowers - Bad Brains
She's Not A Flower - Mr. T Experience
Sleeping In The Flowers - They Might Be Giants
Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky - Manic Street Preachers
Small Flowers Crack Concrete - Sonic Youth
Smell The Flowers - Tanya Tucker
Stone Flower - Santana.
Some Flowers Bloom Dead - The Wallflowers (The)
Sticky Flowers - The Wicks
Stone Flower - Santana
Storm Flower - Project Pitchfork
Stranger Flowers - Beat Radio
Straw-flower Me - Joni Mitchell
The Flower and the Young Man - The Strawbs
The Flower Called Nowhere - Stereolab
The Flower Duet - Charlotte Church / Richard Clayderman /..et al
The Flower Of Carnage - Meiko Kaji
The Flower That Shattered The Stone - John Denver / Olivia Newton-John
The Flowers - Regina Spektor
The Flowers O'the Forest - Barbara Dickson
The Flowers Of Evil - Marilyn Manson
The Flowers Of Guatemala - R.E.M.
The Flowers Of Romance - Public Image Ltd
The Flowers She Sent And The Flowers She Said She Sent - The Magnetic Fields
The Flowers Will Never Die - Elton John
The Little Flower Girl - Jethro Tull
The Metal Flowers - Blackdeath
The Passion Flower - Irving Berlin
The Rare Flower (Pick the Rare Flower) - Kate Bush
The Withering Flower Of Life - Black Swan
These Flowers - Martha Wainwright / Sammy Kershaw
Trees And Flowers - Dum Dum Girls
Urn With Dead Flowers In A Drained Pool - PJ Harvey
Watch the Flowers Grow - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons
We All Make The Flowers Grow - Lee Hazlewood
Wearing Only Flowers - Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Where Flowers Fade - Lightning Seeds
Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Joan Baez /Arlo Guthrie/ Marlene Dietrich/..et al
Wild Flower - Bing Crosby
Wild Flower - The Cult.
Wild Flowers - Emmylou Harris
Wild Flowers In A Mason Jar - John Denver
Wildwood Flower - 10000 Maniacs/ Carter Sisters /Joan Baez /Johnny Cash /..et al..
Yellow Flower - KT Tunstall
You Are The Flower - Toto
You Don't Bring Me Flowers - Neil Diamond
You Will Always Bring Me Flowers - Shannon and the Clams
You're as Welcome as the Flowers in May - Hank Snow
You're Just a Flower from an Old Bouquet - The Andrews Sisters

FORGET-ME-NOT ... ..p10.lys.(s)..
80 Proof Forget Me Not - Greg Hayward .
Down Forget-Me-Not-Lane - Flanagan & Allen
Forget Me Not - Martha and the Vandellas
Forget Me Not - Vera Lynn
Forget Me Not - Bad English
Forget Me Not - Dark Lunacy
Forget Me Not - Lucie Silvas
Forget Me Not - Lucie Silvas
Forget Me Not - Bonnie Pink
Forget Me Not Creek - Forest Tate Fraser
Forget Me Not Kids - Nana Band
Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen
Forget Me Nots In Your Eyes - Perry Como
Graceful & Charming (Sweet Forget-Me-Not) - Great Big Sea...

Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots - Saves The Day
Lots and Lots of Forget-me-nots - Blinders On
Moonbeams and Forget-Me-Nots - Black Tie
My Sweet Forget Me Not - Maria Forde
Promises and Forget Me Nots - A Silent Escape
Roses Are Forget-Me-Nots - Nat Shilkret And The Victor Orchestra Frank Munn
Sweet Forget Me Not - Daniel O'Donnell
The Forget-Me-Not Waltz - New Concert Orchestra
The Land of Forget Me Not - Deborah Capece
Where The Sweet Forget-Me-Nots Remember - Merle Johnston

FUCHSIA... ...p20g.lys.(s)...
A Clockwork Fuchsia - Marvel Muzic
Among The Fuchsias - Cynthia Hayman
Confucius' Fuchsias - Amy Fabry
Fuzzled and Fuchsia - Kentin Jivek
Fuchsia - Tedd Turton/ Adam Moore / Leafblade
Fuchsia Box of Pain - Soft Charisma
Fuchsia Skies & Butterflies - FunkySoulBrotha
Fuchsia Song - Trevor Watkis
Fuchsia Sunsets Disappear - Delicate Noise
Fuchsia Swing Song - Dylan Howe
Fuchsias - The Jeff Babko Group
Is There Fuchsia In Your Future, Felicia? - Nine Iron
Lady Fuschia - The Strawbs
The Fuchsias So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades - Timbuk 3
Unobtainable Fuchsia
- Yoshi

A Little White Gardenia - Stanley Black and his Orchestra
Blue Gardenia
- Dinah Washington; Nat King Cole
Blue Shadows And White Gardenias - Count Basie
Dos Gardenias -
Daniel Santos
Gardenia - Kyuss

Gardenia Breeze - King Orba
Gardenia Talk - Laura Nyro
Gardenias - Los Tecolines
Gardenias From Louis - Diana Ross.
La Gardenia - José Alfredo Jimenez
Perfume De Gardenia -
Sonora Santanera
Sweet Gardenia - Edy Richman
The Girl With Gardenias In Her Hair -
Marty Robbins
The Gardenia Waltz - Johnny Gimble
Yesterday's Gardenias - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra Ft Ray Eberle & The Modernaires

Bull In The Heather - Sonic Youth.
Dear Heather - Leonard Cohen
Heather - Carpenters
Heather A Lost Child - John Pucilla
Heather Lewis - Weston.
Heather Honey - Tommy Roe..
Heather in the Mist - Deborah Brown
Heather's Arms - Micki Free
Hi Hi Hazel - The Troggs .
My Heather Hills - Mara Shea & Dave Wiesler
Purple Heather - Rod Stewart
Queen Among The Heather - Belle Stewart; Heather Heywood
Rose In The Heather - Nazareth/ William Coulter.
The Heather on the Hill - Marion Bell & David Brooks; Laurence Hobgood.
Tulips and Heather - Vera Lynn .
Up Among The Heather - The Irish Rovers

544 Hemlock Street - Shelley Hirsch
625 Hemlock Street - Shelley Hirsch
Alongside a Hemlock Root - Thanassis Moraitis
Big House On Hemlock Street - Matt Muldoon
Hemlock - Eric Hardin; Woodenhorse
Hemlock Eyes - Bill Dicosimo Quartet
Hemlock Tree - Jonni Greth .
Hemlock and Nightshade - Orchestra Diabolica .
Hemlock Grotto - Sean Washburn
Hemlocks and Primroses - Longview; Ralph Stanley .
Highweeds and Hemlock - Jon Wilcox ..
Medusa and Hemlock - Cradle Of Filth.

My Hemlock - Late to Bloom
The Hemlock Sea - Elend
Tamable Hemlock - Frazier Riddell .
Under the Hemlocks - Sam Rizzetta

Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots - Saves The Day

Burn The Honeysuckle - The Gourds .
Honeysuckle - Current 93
Honeysuckle Again - Angelou .
Honeysuckle Baby - Blues Sisters .
Honeysuckle Blue - Drivin' N' Cryin'.
Honeysuckle Blues - Roosevelt Sykes .
Honeysuckle Cottage - Colleen Reed+Becky Ross+Liz Donaldson .
Honeysuckle Dew - Michael Ubaldini .
Honeysuckle Dog - Chris Smither .
Honeysuckle Dream - Heidi Winzinger .
Honeysuckle Lullaby - Michelle Malone .
Honeysuckle Madness - Davin James .
Honeysuckle Moon - Joel Mabus .
Honeysuckle Rose -
Lena Horne / Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks / Sarah Morrow / et al....
Honeysuckle Sweet - Jessi Alexander .
My Little Honeysuckle Rose - Jim & Jesse .
The Honeysuckle And The Bee - Belle Davis .
The Honeysuckle Breeze - Tom Scott .
The Honeysuckle Set - Natalie Mac Master

Wild Honeysuckle - Si Zentner .

Blue Hyacinth - Lee Shaw Trio
Grape Hyacinths - Isabella Rix .
Hyacinth - Chris Murphy
Hyacinth Blossoms - Violet Uprising .
Hyacinth Girl - Betty And The Werewolves
Hyacinth Grrls - Abe Vigoda
Hyacinth House - Doors.
Hyacinth Threads - Orange Bicycle
White Hyacinths - Carmen Moshier

IRIS... . ... pg-10 ...
El Arco Iris - Carlos Vives
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls; Rowland Keating; Leona Lewis; Miles Davis
; John Coltrane
Iris Blue - Johnsmith
Iris Fields - Alisia
Sobre el Arco Iris -
Carlos Campos
Through The Iris - 10years

... pg-14 ...
Following Ivy - Haunted Shores
For the Love of Ivy - The Mamas & the Papas / Quincy Jones & His Orchestra
Halls of Ivy -The Gene Lowell Chorus
Ivy Ivy Ivy - Primal Scream
Ivy League Circus - Gordon Voidwell
Ivy Of The Night - The Travelling So-and-So's
Ivy On A Windy Day - The Free Design
Ivy Parker - Boy Kill Boy
Poison Ivy - Coasters / Rolling Stones
The Holly And The Ivy - Annie Lennox .
Under The Ivy - Kate Bush

Who Poisoned Ivy - Rebekah

... pg-14 ...
Jasmine - Trisha
Jasmine Dragon - Jimpster
Jasmine Flower - Wu-Fang
Jasmine in June - Aiyana Cadwell
Jasmine Sand - Allisun Krauss
Jasmine's Lullaby - Teddybears
Winter Jasmine - Wang Aikang

... pg-all, ...
Flying Down Juniper - Lindsey Buckingham
Jennifer Juniper - Donovan
Jumpin' Juniper - Howdy Town
June Juniper - Delay 88
Juniper - Tyler Grant
Juniper Bear - Paul Winter
Juniper Bill - Branch Brothers
Juniper Bounce - Metameta
Juniper Boy - Suzy Connolly
Juniper Eve - Chris Nole
Juniper Falls - One Under
Juniper, Gentle And Rosemary - Jon Boden
Juniper Haze - Joe Thompson
Juniper Hill - Christopher Lewis
Juniper Jack - Basket Eddy
Juniper Rose - King Bee
Juniper Shade - Ben Franklin
Juniper Suction - Tyrannosaurus Rex
Juniper Tree - The Howling Hex /Tyler James/Gunsmoke
Lullaby for Juniper - Simon Rackham
Old Woman Juniper - Becky Reardon
The Ghost of Juniper Ledge - Steve Horowitz
Until I Dream of Juniper - Roger William
Under the Juniper Tree - Greg Wollan
When Juniper Sleeps - Seamus Egan

Into the Lavender - Rubyhorse
Kiko And The Lavender Moon - Los Lobos.
Lavender - Marillion
Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) - Leon Russell.
Lavender Loves Maroon - Don B. Dennison .
Lavender's Blue - Daniel O'Donnell.

A Wolf Among Lilacs - Medicated Kisses
Green Grow The Lilacs - Johnny Cash
Lilac - Circulations
Lilac In November - Donna Elaine Miller .
Lilac Lane - Acoustic Alchemy

Lilac Sky - Tower of Foil.
Lilac Sun - Ottmar Liebert
Lilac Wine - Jeff Buckley/ Katie Melua / Elkie Brookes/ Nina Simone
Lilacs - Mason Jennings / Matt Costa
Lilacs & Fire - George Morgan
Lilacs Are For Angels - Leanne Chalk
The Lilac Hand Of Menthol Dan - T.Rex.
We'll Gather Lilacs - Cerys Matthews

Carnation Lily Lily Rose - David Arkenstone With Andrew White ..
Down In Lily Valley - Chris Gage & Bobby Hughes.
Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo - Dinah Shore /Gene Vincent /Anne Murray /Manfred Mann /...et al.

Lili Marleen - Lale Anderson/ Al Martino/ Anne Shelton .
Lillies Dying - Curve
Lily - Kate Bush
Lily (My One And Only) - Smashing Pumpkins
Lily of the Bogs - Bogs Visionary Orchestra .
Lily Dreams On - Cotton Mather
Lily Of The West - Bob Dylan
Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts - Bob Dylan....
Lily The Pink - Scaffold..
Open Letter to Lily Allen - Dan Bull.
Pictures Of Lily - The Who

The Blackest Lily - Corinne Bailey Rae
Tiger Lily - Matchbook Romance
Tigerlily - La Roux

Waterloo Lily -
Where the Dandelion and Lily Abide - Natalie Farr .
White Lily -
Laurie Anderson

Don't Search For Lilies Of The Valley - Veniamin Basner
He's The Lily Of The Valley - Texas Jubilee Singers

I Found The Lily In My Valley - The Ben Speer Singers
Jesus, Lily of the Valley - Paul Talley
Lilies Of The Valley - David Byrne
Lily In My Valley - Brenda Grant
Lily Of The Valley - Queen
Nellie The Lily Of The Valley - Tim Mcnamara .
Peace in the Lily of the Valley - Duff Durrough
The Lily Of The Valley - Willie Nelson
Wild Lilies Of The Valley - James & Elizabeth Johnson

A Lotus For You - Carol J. Spears
Blue Lotus - Carrier Wave
Golden Lotus - Kenny Barron; Asiabeat
Into The Lotus - Chris Bell
Lotus - R.E.M..
Lotus Blossom - Michael Franks.

Lotus Blossom Days - Ronald Douglas ..
Lotus Eaters - Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
Lotus Elise Blues - Roxi & The Blue Cats
Lotus Flower - Radiohead
Lotus Leaf - Sergey Sirotin .
Lotus River - Tony Kosinec
Midnight Lotus Blossom - Crepusculo ..
Night Of The Lotus Eaters -
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Purple Lotus - Julie Southwell
Red Lotus - Roy Jones
The Lotus Unfolds - Gandalf
The Thousand Petalled Lotus - Adam Rudolph ..
With The Lotus - Dark Lotus

Magnolia - JJ Cale / The Hush Sound
Magnolia Half-Moon - Odin Dragonfly
Magnolia Mountain -
Ryan Adams.
Magnolia Soul - Unsorted
Miss Magnolia - Matt Costa
Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead
Sweet Magnolia - Dan Fogelberg

The Scent of Magnolia - David Sylvian

Marigold - Hollies
Marigold - Nirvana / Foo Fighters
Marigold Conjunction - Stackridge
Manny, Moe And Jack - The Dickies..
Marigold Sky - Hall And Oates
Marigolds and Dandelions - Jamie Rattner .

Under The Mistletoe - Justin Bieber


NARCISSUS... ... lys.p6g ...
As Narcissus Catches His Own Reflection In The Party Ball - 7000 Dying Rats
Black Narcissus - Lily Frost /Joe Henderson
Metamorphosis Of Narcissus - Baal
Michael X (Narcissus) - Anthony Joseph
Narcissus - Alanis Morissette
Narcissus At The Pool - Don Kidd
Narcissus Drowned - Angelo
Narcissus In A Red Dress - The Like
Narcissus Is Back - Christine And The Queens
Narcissus Reflects - Patrick Burke
Narcissus Road - The Hours
Narcissus Stash - Wishbone Ash
Paper White Narcissus - Tripping With Grace
Portrait of Narcissus - David Wolfenberger
Shut Up, Narcissus - Customs
Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis) - Marilyn Manson

NETTLE ... ...lys.p6g.(s)
A Lily Between Nettle - Ares Tavolazzi
Grasping The Nettle - Revelation
Nettle Crush (AudioCubist Mix) - Slytek
Nettle Jam Rap - DJ Wildfood
Nettle Wine - Ralph McTell
Nettles - Helvetia
Polar Nettles - Neko Case And Her Boyfriends
Some Prefer Nettles - Sister City
Stinging Nettle - North Ship/ Calexico/ Led Bib
The Nettle - Bryan Kearney
The Nettle Path Of Grief - Crown Of Autum
The Nettles - Arctic Monkeys

NIGHTSHADE ... Nature -> flowers & plants ...lys.p6g...
Bittersweet Nightshade - Magica
Drawn By Nightshade - The Jazz Subversives
Deadly Nightshade - Megadeth
Forever Nightshade Mary - Latin Playboys
Hemlock and Nightshade - Orchestra Diabolica .

I Left Alone (and Traveled Through Nightshade) - Hollywood Ave.
Lady Nightshade - Blood Of The Martyrs
Nightshade - Mike Oldfield
Nightshade - Mutiny Within
Nightshade Forests - Summoning
Nightshade Mary - T Bird and the Breaks.
Portrait Of A Deadly Nightshade - Graveworm
The Deadly Nightshade - Daniel Lanois

Black Orchid - Blue October.
Blue Orchid - White Stripes
In The Mandarin's Orchid Garden - Sarah Brightman..

Orchids In The Moonlight - Rudy Vallee .

... ... palg ...
Don't Be A Pansy - No Fun At All
Gorgon's Anxious Pansy - Harold Budd
Kiss Your Mansy Pansy - George Formby
Love Squirt Pansy - Carlos Valentino
Mandy (The Pansy) - Eddie Calvert /Russ Conway.

Pansy - Paw
Pansy Blossoms - Sue Keller
Pansy Metal - Mermaid Police
Partial To Pansies - Thrillcat
Poison Pansies - Roy D. Mercer
Pushing the Pansies - Grasshoppah
Rainy Pansy - On Crew !
The Pansy - Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra
Yellow Pages & Purple Pansies - David Greathouse

... ... p10g.palp.jalz.r7k ...
Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) - The Four Aces
Berkshire Poppies - Traffic
Black Poppy Wine - The Star Killers
Blood For Poppies - Garbage
Blues for Poppy - James Hogan
California Poppy - Troll
Dance of the Poppies - Davey Williams
Fields of Poppies - Blackgrass
Holly Up On Poppy - XTC.
Man Poppy Show - Hawkeye
Nine Black Poppies - The Mountain Goats
Pickin' Poppies - Gene Vincent
Poppies - Patti Smith /Nina Simone
Poppies In Heaven - Neal Storme
Poppies Lane Memory - Slank
Poppy - Beautiful South
Poppy and Pohutakawa - The New Zealand Army Band
Poppy Day - Stereophonics /Siouxsie And The Banshees
Poppy Girls - Diana Ross
Poppy Fields - Mia Doi Todd / Joe Creamer
Poppy Rock - Hippie Tendencies
Poppy's Grits - Poppy's Grits
Poppy's Groove - Urban Jazz Coalition
Poppy's Sweetheart Caroline - JJ Calicott
Poppy's To Be Picked - The Orange Groove
Pretty Poppies - Red Wire
Red Poppy - Vaselines
Tall Poppy - Hannah Rosa
Veteran's Day Poppy - Captain Beefheart

Wandering Thru the Poppies - David Young
We Hate Poppies - Silver Riot
When The Poppies Bloom Again - Dorothy Squires

... ... p12g ...
Banks of the Sweet Primroses - Fairport Convention / Tom Paxton
Hemlocks and Primroses
- Longview / Stanley Brothers .

Holla (There's Sun in Primrose) -
Primrose Hill -
Primrose Lane - Jerry Wallace
Primrose Stomp - Jelly-Roll Morton & His Red Hot Peppers
The Evening Primrose - The Shanghai Restoration Project
ft. Zhang Le
The Primrose Polka - Mick Foster
The Sweet Primroses - Shirley Collins / Ron Copper

... ...palg...
Goodbye Privet Drive - Ministry of Magic
Privet Dancer ~ Tina Turner
Russia Privet - Basshunter

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Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore - The Chieftans...

Sweet Pea - Amos Lee

Day of The Sunflowers (We March On) - Basement Jaxx ..
Sunflower Princess - Refused .


Tiptoe Through The Tulips - Tiny Tim .
Tulip - Jesca Hoop
Tulips and Heather - Vera Lynn .
Tulips, Carnations, Chrysanthamums - Zoe Lewis ..
Tulips From Amsterdam - Max Bygraves .

Tulip Or Turnip - Heather Bambrick .

When You Wore a Tulip - Judy Garland

The Tumbleweed in Me - Daydream Hostages

Honeysuckle On The Vine - Scott Boyer .

A Violet Fluid - Nine Inch Nails
Bruise Violet - Babes In Toyland
Como Violetas - Nicola Di Bari
Hear My Song, Violetta - Frank Sinatra .
Infrared And Ultra Violet - Utopia
My Shy Violet - The Mills Brothers .
Ramito De Violetas - Joan Manuel Serrat/ Mi Banda El Mexicano
Sweet Violets - New Christy Minstrels
The Violet Burning - John Butler Trio
The Violet Fire - Danzig.
The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf.
Violet - Hole / Courtney Love
Violet - The Birthday Massacre/Savage Garden
Violet - Miles Davis
Violet - Seal
Violet And A Rose - Skeeter Davis/Pam Tillis .
Violets and Daffodils - Barefoot Jerry .
Violet Carnation - Kotey Extra Band & Max Skiba .
Violet Eyes - Meat Puppets
Violet Hill - Coldplay.
Violet Light - Lrab
Violet Sauce - Namie Amuro
Violet Town - The Church
Violet the Organ Grinder - Prince..
Violets Are Blue - The Killing Tree
Violet's Dance - Collide.
Violets For Your Furs - Stacy Kent
Violets in September - Jamee .
Ultraviolet - Witchcraft
Ultraviolet - Plantaganda
Ultraviolet - McFly
Ultra Violet (Light My Way) - U2 / Peter Gabriel
Under a Violet Moon - Blackmore's Night..


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A Wave Of Wildflowers - Dan Gibson's Solitudes
Among The Wildflowers - Andrew Fitzgerald
Big City Concrete Wildflowers - The Terms
Corpse In The Wildflowers - Nick Keupfer
Dance Of The Wildflowers - Dan Gibson's Solitudes
Dirt And Wildflowers - David Jacobs-Strain ft. Bob Beach .
Corpse In The Wildflowers - Nick Keupfer
Crown of Wildflowers - Boom Chick
Little Wildflower - Magnolia Mountain
My Wild Texas Wildflowers - Ron Daisley
Pickin' Wildflowers - Keith Anderson
She's A Wildflower - Lauren Alaina
Taming Wildflowers - Greg Schroeder
The Wildflower Wreath - George Shirley
Waltz Of The Wildflowers - John Albert Thomas
West Virginia Wildflower - Stacy Grubb
Wild-Flower Child - Steve Toll
Wildflower - Skylark

Wildflower & Hailstone - The Water Monkeys
Wildflower Annie - Memphis Crawl .
Wildflower Falling - The Tony Auton Band
Wildflower Girl - James Tobin
Wildflower Guitar - Arthur Smith & Benny Martin
Wildflower Hills - April Cope
Wildflower Moon - Alan Munde & Joe Carr
Wildflower Song - Joe Canzano And The Rhythmic Revolution
Wildflower Waltz - Ken Skeens
Wildflowers Never Last - Ronald Tucker
Wildflower Rag - Clarence Williams And His Orchestra
Wildflower Spice - Quintin Stephens
Wildflower Waltz - Melinda Starnes
Wildflowers - Tom Petty
Wildflower's Lullaby - Bud Shank
Wildflowers Made In Heaven - Theodore A. Henning II
Winter Wildflowers - Jack Erdie

Darling Buds Of May - Viva Brother ..

4 Leaf Clover - Smoov-E ..

Autumn Leaves - Nat 'King' Cole
Blowing Leaves of October - J A Forster ..
Read the Tea Leaves - Paul Martin ..
Four Leaf Clover - Mr Lager ..
I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover - Al Jolson; Art Mooney ...
Lotus Leaf - Sergey Sirotin .
No Leaf Clover - Metallica .
Three Leaf Clover - Whiting Tennis ..
Touch A Four Leaf Clover - Atlantic Starr ...

PETAL ... ... lys .. p3gj4zp5p ...
A Fallen Petal - Beloved
A Petal from a Faded Rose - George Morgan / Hank Snow
A Thorny Branch With A Blood Stained Petal - Dimitri D. Kwenda
A Thousand Petals - Son Of Saturn
Bury Me In A Rose Petal Coffin Stitched Together With Love And Longing - Sora
Daisy Petal Pickin' - Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs
Drifting Petals - Ralph Towner
Fatal Petal - Abomination of Chaos
Lust Petals - The Violet Jive
Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal - Paul Robeson
Petal - 50 Foot Wave / Lori Carson / Kristin Hersh
Petal by Petal - Steve Bourgeois
Petal For Petal - Dear Juliet
Petal to the Metal - Roy Buchanan
Petals - The Officers
Petals of Peace - Kyle Vincent
Petals On Fire - La Fleur
Petals On The Pond - Toni Harper
Pretty Petals - Groove Trio
Single Petal Of A Rose - Duke Ellington
Spring Petals GJ - Marshall
The Last Petal On The Flower - Gingerly
The Petal House - Alondra Bentley
The Thousand Petalled Lotus - Adam Rudolph ..

Root Beer Rag - Billy Joel .



Thorn In My Side - Eurythmics

APPLE... ...lys...
1-2-3-Apple-Tree - Herman Düne
Adam's Apple - Aerosmith
American Apple Pie - Devil Monkeys
American Is Apple Pie - Eric Carmen
An Apple for the Teacher - Bing Crosby
An Apple A Day - Aqua
Another Apple In My Mouth - Sugarplum Fairy
Another Bite Of The Apple - Naomi
Apple - Atmosphere
Apple a Day - David Wilcox
Apple Blossom - The White Stripes
Apple Bottom Jeans - Avtar Rai
Apple Bomb - Deerhoof.
Apple Bush - Alice Cooper
Apple Cobbler - LL Cool J
Apple Jack - Dolly Parton
Apple Kisses - Alison Moyet
Apple Of My Eye - Badfinger
Apple Of Sodom - Marilyn Manso
Apple Of Your Daddy's Eye - Peter Cetera
Apple Of Your Eye - Peter Frampton
Apple Pie A La Mode - Destiny's Child
Apple Pie Moonshine - Jake Owen
Apple Scruffs - George Harrison
Apple Shampoo - Blink 182
Apple Suckling Tree - Bob Dylan
Apple Tree - Gram Parsons / Justin Roberts .
Apple Trees - Eels
Apples - Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Apples and Bananas - Raffi .

Apples And Oranges - Pink Floyd
Apples Don't Fall Far From The Tree - Cher

Apples Raisins And Roses - Eddy Arnold
An Apple For The Teacher - Bing Crosby.
Bert’s Apple Crumble - The Quik..
Big Apple - Kajagoogoo
Big Apple Blues - Slade
Big Apple Dreamin' - Alice Cooper..

Big Apple Heartbreak - Yellowcard
Big Apple Waltz - Sweet
Bad Apples - Guns N' Roses
Blessed Wild Apple Girl - T. Rex
Cat's Eye, Apple Pie - Nazareth
Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Cheerios - Weird Al Yankovic
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado / Eddie Calvert
Chewin The Apple Of Yer Eye - Flaming Lips
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado And His Orchestra ....
Come Bite The Apple - Pearl Jam
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree - Glenn Miller Orchestra/ Barry Manilow
Golden Apples of the Sun - Judy Collins
Green Apple Quick Step - The Byrds
Happy Apple Poison - Lovedrug
I Love Apple - Jon Langford
I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time - Louis Prima/ Andrews Sisters
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree - Duke Ellington / The Ink Spots
Little Green Apples - Roger Miller / Dinah Shore/ Dean Martin/..et al
My Apple Heart - Lisa Stansfield
On an April Apple Bough - Donald George ..
One Bad Apple - The Osmonds
One More Bite Of The Apple - Neil Diamond
Pass the Apple Eve - B.J. Thomas
Peeled Apples - Manic Street Preachers
Poison Apple - Charlene Kaye
Poison Apples - Mötley Crüe
Poison Apples (Hallelujah) - Joan Osborne
Rotten Apple - 50 Cent / Alice In Chains
Rotten Apples - Smashing Pumpkins
Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy - Dinah Shore / Stan Kenton / Ella Fitzgerald
Silver Apples Of The Moon - Grateful Dead
The Apple - Eminem
The Apple Stretching - Grace Jones
The Apple Tree - Nina Nesbitt
The Laughing Apple - Cat Stevens
The Rotten Apple - Prodigy
The Worm In Every Apple - Kevin Devine
These Apples - Barenaked Ladies
When The Apple Blossoms Bloom... - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
When Will The Good Apples Fall - The Seekers
Where's My Apple Pie? - Joan Baez

APRICOT ... ...lys...
Apricot - Sven Vath
Apricot Brandy - Rhinoceros/John Bunyan's Progressive Pilgrims
Apricot Marmalade (fallin') - Melody Fall
Apricot Morning - Quantic
Apricot Stone - Eva Rivas
Apricot Tea - The Robot Ate Me
Apricots - Poema / The High Llamas
Kiwi And The Apricot - Keller Williams.

AVOCADO ... ... lys ...
Avocado Baby - The Wave Pictures
Avocado Cure - Jack Rubinacci
Avocado Eyes - Grass House
Avocado Green - Johnny Winter.
Avocado Sunburst - Billy Bowers .

Drives An Avocado - The Dagger Brothers
Fanta & Avocado - Kaysha
The Avocado Tree - Shel Silverstein

BANANA ... ...p20g.lys.(s)...
30,000 Lbs. Of Bananas - Harry Chapin .
Apples and Bananas - Raffi .

Are You The Motherfucker With The Banana? - Dillinger Four

Banana Baby (Tomorrow Comes Today) - Gorillaz
Banana Banjo - Steve Martin .
Banana Banjo - Steve Martin
Banana Boat Song - Harry Belafonte
Banana Clips - Gunplay
Banana Co. - Radiohead
Banana Joe - Fernando Express
Banana Republic - Boomtown Rats
Banana Ripple - Junior Boys
Banana Smoothie - Naked Brothers Band
Banana Split For My Baby - Louis Prima
Banana Splits (The Tra La La Song) - The Dickies
Bananas - Deep Purple
Bananas And Blow - Ween
Bananas And Cream - Kinky Friedman
Bananas To The Beat - Yello
Big Banana - Havana Brown
Go Bananas - Rikee West
God's Great Banana Skin - Chris Rea
Green Bananas - Jake Owen
Guru Banana - Kevin Ayers.

Guru Banana - Kevin Ayers
Have A Banana! - The Beatles
I'm Going Bananas - Madonna
Ode To The Banana King (Part One) - Tori Amos
Please No Squeeza da Banana - Louis Prima & His Orchestra
Poison Bananas - The Game
Straight Banana - Suggs
The Banana Boat Song - Harry Belafonte..

Toast & Bananas - Blink 182
Why Does Banana Get Shotgun? - The Fullblast
Yes, We Have No Bananas - Louis Prima

BEAN... ... lys (s) ....
After The Bean Stalk - Mark Knopfler
Aligators, Gumdrops, Jelly Beans - Casual
Baked Bean - Haircut 100
Bean - Blonde Redhead
Bean Counter - Graham Parker
Beans - Nirvana
Beans For Breakfast - Johnny Cash
Beans Taste Fine - The Brothers Four
Big Eyed Beans From Venus - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
Black Bean Soup - David Soul
Flicking The Bean - Whitmore
Have You Ever Bean Green? - The Soft Machine
Heinz Baked Beans - The Who
Jelly Bean - Eddie Cochran
Joe Bean - Johnny Cash
Joe Bean's Theme - Donovan
Jumping Bean - Tracy Bonham
Oats and Beans and Barley - Raffi ..
Pork And Beans - Weezer
Red Beans - Faye Wong
Red Beans & Rice - Bryan Cole / Spearhead
Red Beans N' Rice - Lil' O
Sister Soak the Beans - Joe Ely
Spotted Pinto Bean - The Residents
String Bean Jean - Belle & Sebastian
Stringbean And His Banjo - Stringbean .
The Ballad Of Butter Beans - Man Man

The Ballad Of Stringbean And Estelle - Sam Bush ..

Walking The Beans - Greg Brown
We Want Beans Not Goals - Chumbawamba
You Mess With One Bean, You Mess With The Whole Burrito - Death By Stereo

BERRY... Nature -> fruit & veg ...lys.(s)...
Berry - Courtney Love
Berry Metal - Metallic Falcons
Berry Rides Again - Steppenwolf
Chuck Berry - Galaxie/ The Toasters
Fresh Berries For You - Mountain Goats, The
Pam Berry - The Shins
Pine Cones And Holly Berries - Beatles..
Poison Red Berries - Wynn Stewart / Eddy Arnold
Sweetest Berry - Guy Sebastian / Wayne Brady
The Berry Patch - Joy Electric
The Blacker The Berry - Chaundon

BLACKBERRY... ... lys.(s) ...
Blackberry - The Black Crowes
Blackberry Blood - Natalie Farr
Blackberry Blossom - Vic Jordan /Tony Rice .
Blackberry Boogie - Tennessee Boys
Blackberry Stone - Laura Marling
Blackberry Time - Luka Bloom
Blackberry Way - The Move .

Blackberry Wine - Gordon Lightfoot

BLUEBERRY... ...lys..(s)...
Blueberries - Pete Francis
Blueberries For Breakfast - The Mamas And The Papas
Blueberry - Snoop Dogg
Blueberry Boat - The Fiery Furnaces
Blueberry Day - Gaia Mesiah
Blueberry Frost - The Mountain Goats

Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino .
Blueberry Kisses - Lady GaGa
Blueberry Pancakes - Fink
Blueberry Pies
- Prefab Sprout..

Blueberry Waves - Wolftron
Blueberry Wine - Tom Flannery
Eyes As Black As Blueberries - The Bonaduces
La Colline De Blueberry Hill - Eddy Mitchell

BROCCOLI... ...lys...
Beef & Broccoli - Immortal Technique
Broccoli - McFly

Broccoli & Cheese - Devin The Dude
Broccoli & Chocolate - Olsen Twins
Eat Your Broccoli - Brave Combo
Lonely Broccoli - Uncle Jim
Respect The Broccoli Cock - Sage Francis
They Said Eat The Broccoli - Barry Louis Polisar

Porcupine Eating A Carrot - Parry Gripp..

Black Cherry - Tribal Tech / Goldfrapp.
Black Horse and The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall ...
Cherry Beat - Leon Russell.
Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited - Electric Light Orchestra .
Cherry Blossom Girl - Air .
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways / Joan Jett.
Cherry, Cherry - Neil Diamond
Cherry, Cherry Christmas - Neil Diamond
Cherry Cola - The Eagles Of Death Metal
Cherry Lime Rickey - Deep Blue Something..
Cherry Lips - Garbage
Cherry Oh Baby - The Rolling Stones
Cherry Pie - Warrant
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White - Perez Prado ....
Cherry Poppin' - Mitch Ryder
Under The Cherry Moon - Prince ..
Sweet Cherry Wine - Tommy James And The Shondells .
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb - Spoon.

Clementine - Bobby Darin.

Cranberry Bog - Sebadoh .


Seeing-Eye Fruit Bat - Training For Utopia...

Gooseberry Pie - The Spring Hillbillies .

Barley & Grape Rag - Rory Gallagher . .
Grape Hyacinths - Isabella Rix .

Grapefruit Moon - Tom Waits .

Kiwi And The Apricot - Keller Williams.

A Lemon Creamsicle - Sasha Gordon .
Bitter Lemons - Donnie Iris
Blind Lemon - Leadbelly
City Boy Lemon - Hotel St. George
Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime - Muscles
Gin Lemon - Gigi D'Agostino
Ginger and Lemon - Looptroop.
I Am the Lemon - Arielle Bryant
Lemon - U2
Lemon Crush - Prince.
Lemon Dream - 183 Club
Lemon Frosting - Bunny Knutson
Lemon Grove Avenue - Mason Jennings
Lemon Incest - Serge& Charlotte Gainsbourg
Lemon Juice - Dipnoi .
Lemon Kush -Ozric Tentacles .
Lemon Love - Aslyn
Lemon Millennium - The Beloved Few
Lemon Meringue - Fishbone.
Lemon Meringue Pie - Jeremy Fisher..
Lemon Meringue Tie - Dance Gavin Dance.
Lemon Parade - Tonic
Lemon Pie - Strawbs
Lemon Road - Gulliver
Lemon Three - Velvet .
Lemon Tongue - Honeymoon Suite
Lemon Tree - Beatles/ Peter, Paul and Mary/Blind Melon/Oasis
Lemon Water - Guttermouth.
Lemons - Limpopo
Life Is A Lemon & I Want My Lemon Back - Meatloaf
Morning Lemon - The Chemical Brothers
Mr Lemon - Mr Lemon
Pink Lemonade - Addictive Behaviour..
The Lemon Song - Led Zeppelin
Yellow Lemon Tree - Fools Garden

Cherry Lime Rickey - Deep Blue Something..
Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime
- Muscles
Corona And Lime - Shwayze
Key Lime Pie - Kenny Chesney..
Lime and Limpid Green - Dry Heeves
Lime House - The Breeders
Lime Velvet Love Seat - Morella's Forest
Limelight - Rush/ Alan Parsons Project.
Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song - Negativland
Put The Lime In Da Coconut - Cobblestone Jazz / Kermit The Frog
Spritzer and A Lime - Blisters


Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush - Traffic .
Mulberry Bush - Cedarmont Kids .

The Canary and the Mushroom - Moss .

OLIVE ... ....lys........
An Olive Grove Facing The Sea - Snow Patrol
An Olive Tree - Basia Trzetrzelewska
Down Amongst The Olive Groves - Political Asylum
Enter The Olive - Peace Aiwa
In The Olive Garden - Jethro Tull
Olive - Schaft
Olive - Choke Up
Olive - Bikelock
Olive - The Empty Mirror
Olive & An Arrow - Nick Jonas & The Administration
Olive And Gray - The Residents
Olive And Otherwise - Geoff Farina
Olive and the Mouse - Classic Tribe
Olive Branch - Avery
Olive Drab - Thingy
Olive Drab Spectre - Smog
Olive Green - Joe Banfi
Olive Me - NOFX
Olive Oil - Chris Rea
Olive Oil - Happy Mondays
Olive Scaling Meek. - Mars
Olive Tree - Eddy Arnold
Olive You - DaveDays
Sweet Olive Tree - Langhorne Slim
Taupe Olive Gold - So Long Forgotten
The Olive Branch - Sullivan
The Olive Tree - Scale The Summit
The Olive Tree - Seekers
Tick Eats The Olive - Devendra Banhart
Woman In The Olive Groves - Zara McFarlane

Farm Fresh Onions - Robert Earl Keen.

Green Onions - Booker T and the MG's

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PEA... ... p10g.jalz ...
Beautiful Pea Green Boat - Laurie Anderson...
Blue-Eyed Peas - Karl Denson
Chick Peas - Rob Garcia
Chick-A-Pea - Ken Blankenberger
Collared Greens and Black Eyed Peas - Bud Powell
Hommage Swee Pea - Sidney Bechet
I Got A Pea - Bryant Oden
Goober Peas - Burl Ives
Kay Pea - Art Blakey & His Jazz Messengers
Mama Don't Want No Peas An' Rice An' Coconut Oil - Count Basie & His Orchestra
Pass The Peas - The J.B.'s
Pea - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Pea - Codeine
Pea Eyes - Clark Terry
Pea Patch Jig - Robert Winans
Pea Soup - Woody Herman Sextet
Peas in Our Thyme - Jon Hartmann
Peas 'n' Luv Dub - Cloud Nine
Peas 'n' Rice - Ken McIntyre / Ella Fitzgerald
Pigeon Peas - Pat Mallinger
Shelling Green Peas - Stanley Holloway
Sno' Peas - Phil Markowitz Trio / Bill Evans
Swee' Pea - Count Basie & His Orchestra
Sweet Pea - Amos Lee / Miles Davis
Sweet Pea - Tommy Roe
Sweet Pea's Dilemma - The Dave Costa Trio
Sweet Pea's Revenge - Dave Le Febvre
You Pea Ess - Dave Milne

... ... p15g.jalz ...
Ain't That A Peach - Jeff Hamilton Trio
Apples, Peaches and Cherries - Peggy Lee
Apples, Peaches, Bananas and Pears - The Monkees
Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie - Jay & The Techniques/Frank Yankovic
Blue Peaches - Keith Burton Orchestra
Big Red Peaches - Art Ensemble Of Chicago
Fallen Peach - Mike Scott
Funky Peaches - The City Boys Allstars
Georgia Peaches - Lynyrd Skynyrd.
If Life Were All Peaches And Cream - Cannonball Adderley
Into The Peach - Randy Newman
Life Is Peachy - Korn .
Little Peach From East Orange, New Jersey - Ray Anthony and His Orchestra
Peach - Prince
Peach - The Front Bottoms
Peach Beach - Stockholm Jazzbeat Project
Peach Extracts - MF Doom
Peach Fuzz - KMD
Peach Of A Pair - Roy Fox Band
Peach Pie - Michele Mele
Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia
- Jimmie Rodgers
Peach, Plum, Pear - Joanna Newsome..

Peach Rag - Broadway Ragtime Players
Peach Tree Street - Woody Herman
Peaches - The Stranglers
Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America
Peaches & Cream - Beck/John Butler Trio/Outcast .
Peaches & Diesel - Eric Clapton .
Peaches And Possums - Jerry Clower .
Peaches En Regalia - Frank Zappa
Peachy - Missy Higgins/ Family Force 5

Peelin' The Peach - Paul Whiteman's Swing Wing
Rusty Peaches - Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Strange Peach - The Dutch Swing College Band
Sweet Georgia Peach - Russell Malone
The Peach - Chris Barber's Jazz Band
You're a Peach - The New Jazz Collective

... jalz.caly.ralk ...
Grow A Pear - Ke$ha
Peach, Plum, Pear - Joanna Newsome..

Pear Blossom Highway - The Warren Hood Band
Pear Pouch - Mattias Lejdal Jazz Quintet
Pear Shaped Blues - Dave Cremer
Pear Shaped Girl - Lenny Savage
Prickly Pear - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
Under the Pear Tree - David Ruddle
You Eat Them Pears - The Muffins

... . .... p18g ....
Diced Pineapples - Rick Ross Ft. Wale &Drake
Funky Pineapple - The Naked Tangerines
Orange Pinapple Juice - Common..

Pigs & Pineapples - The Alter Boys

Pineapple And the Monkey - Faces
Pineapple Delight - Rickey Woodard
Pineapple Express - Huey Lewis And The News
Pineapple Head - Crowded House
Pineapple Pickers - Mario Lanza
Pineapple Princess - Annette Funicello
Pineapple Rag - Scott Joplin /Jelly Roll Morton
Son of Pineapple - Head Onion Butt & The Love Monkeys
Sweet Pineapple - Mr. Vegas

PLUM... ... lys ... p11g ...
At Madam Plum's - Stephin Merritt
Candy Cane Sugary Plum - Danny & the Juniors
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy - Classic Classical...
Dr Plum - Fly My Pretties
Dreaming Of The Plum Trees - Casey Dienel / White Hinterland
Gelatin, Ice Cream, Plum - Guided By Voices
Le Plum Deux - Telenovela Star
Mr. Plum - Robert Charlebois
My Favorite Plum - Suzanne Vega
Peach, Plum, Pear - Joanna Newsome
Pee Wee Plum - Dennis Grier
Plum - Mike Keneally
Plum Dumb - The Dead Milkmen
Plum Fierce - Harkonen
Plum Nellie - Small Faces
Plum Nuts - Etta James
Professor Plum In The Ballroom With The Candlestick - Buried In Verona / The East End
River Runs, New Grown Plums - Neil Diamond
Sugar Plum - Teddy Wilson
Sugar Plum Arches - Elysian Fields
Sugar Plum Strut - Sue Keller
Sugarcane Plum Fairy - Steve Forbert
The Plum Blossom - Vangelis
The Plum Song - Snow

The Red Plum - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
This Plum Is Too Ripe - Rita Gardner

POTATO... ... lys .. p12g ...
Arming The Proletariat With Potato Guns - NOFX
Baked Potato - Leatherface
Boiled Potato - Blake Babies
Charlie Big Potato - Skunk Anansie
Chocolate And Potato Chips - Mike West
Computer Graded Jacket Potato - Visually Impaired Placenta
Couch Potato - Weird Al Yankovic / Knuckle Sandwich / Sudden Death
Diggin' My Potatoes - Paul Butterfield & Elvin Bishop James Cotton
Friend Of A Friend Of A Rapping Potato - Lentil
Hot Potato - La Toya Jackson / Naughty By Nature
I'm A Potato - Devo
Mashed Potato Girl Intro - Prince
Mashed Potato Light - Marshmallow Coast
Mashed Potato Time - Chubby Checker
Meat And Potato Man - Alan Jackson
Mr. Potato Head - The Game
Mr. Potato Head (Dissin' The Game) - Young Buck
New Potato Caboose - Grateful Dead
Night Shift At The Potato Factory - Modern Life Is War
No Potato Chippin - Young Sicc
Potato Chip - The Shadows Of Knight /The Dayton Family
Potato Famine - The Hysterics
Potato Girl - Our Lady Peace
Potato Head In Wonderland - Hatsune Miku
Potato Junkie - Therapy?
Potato Music Machine - Linea 77
Potato Slaw - Slowdown Virginia
Stage Potato - Internal Affairs
Sweet Potato - Isle of Q /Cracker /Imperial Teen
Sweet Potato Pie - Ray Charles/James Taylor/Al Jarreau/Glenn Miller
The Atomic Potato - Atomic Potato
Yamaha Potato Head - A Minute To Pray A Second To Die
You Geranium, You Potato - Shelby Sifers
You Say Potato, I Say Aardappel - Solex

Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon & Lime
- Muscles
Raspberry Beret - Prince
Raspberry Swirl - Tori Amos

Sloe Gin - Tim Curry

Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles ..
Strawberry Koolaid Smile - Poole
Strawberry Soda - Royal Trux .
Who's in the Strawberry Patch With Sally? - Tony Orlando and Dawn.


Tangerine - Led Zeppelin
Tangerine - Moist
Tangerine - Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass
Tangerine Puppet - Donavon


Tulip Or Turnip - Heather Bambrick .

.. pg-all....
Candied Yams - Fat Cat Five
Candy Yam - Lee Dorsey
Far East Yam - Boo Boo Dan and the Loopadelics
I Yam What I Yam - Af Scherp
Keys & Yams - Still Trill Christians
O'Nkosi Yam - Soweto Gospel Choir
Sweet Yams - Carlos Da Silva
Tasty Yams - The Wiz Bang Gang
The Yam - Benny Goodman
The Yam Steps - Fred Astaire
Yam -
/Looping Lizards
Yam Twist - The Yambos
Yams -
Jackie McLean Ft. Herbie Hancock
Yamzilla - Yam Yam
Yellow Yam Blues - Sonny Boy Williamson



ALMOND... ... lys ...
Almond - Lemon Demon /
Ore Ska Band

Almond Beauty - Sculptured
Almond Colored Sheets - Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
Almond Eyes - The Snow Fairies
Almond Kisses - Spacehog
Almond Tree - Jenix
Almonds - Dinky
Goodbye Almond Eyes - Tokyo Rose
The Almond Slice - The Other Two

BARLEY... ... p20g.lys...
52 Acres of Barley - Maggie Young .
All Among the Barley - The Singing Milkmaids
Barley and Corn - The Barley Boys .
Barely and Hops - Scott Streader Victor Imbres .
Barley & Grape Rag - Rory Gallagher . .
Barley Breathing - Bob Mitchell
Barley Dreams - Craig Werth
Barley Fever - Jack Fruit
Best O' the Barley - Jiggernaut
Boys From Barley Hill - Animal Haus
Corn Rigs and Barley Rigs - Elyse O'Connor .
Hops & Barley - Leatherface .
John Barleycorn – Traffic (traditional).

Juice Of Barley - Bare Necessities
July's Barley - Flori
Jump Back Barley - Russ Barenberg
King Of The Barley - Jackie Leven
Malt And Barley Blues - McGuinness Flint ..
Mowing Of The Barley - Sydney MacEwan
Oats and Beans and Barley - Raffi ..
Over The Wheat And The Barley - Isobel Campbell
Pot of Barley Soup - Daniel L. Lovell
Riggs O' Barley - Emily Smith
Ripe and Bearded Barley - Coyote Run
She Barley Hoe 4 U - The Cherry Chuck Gang .
Stack Of Barley - Alison Krauss
The Ballad Of MC Barley Crusher - Mc Mabon
The Barley And The Rye - Bill Jones .
The Barley Bree - Robin Laing
The Barley Grain - Austin Flanagan .
The Barley Grain for Me - O.J. Abbott .
The Barley Mow - Seamus Kennedy
The Little Barley-Corne - Toronto Consort ..
The Maid That Sold Her Barley - Déanta
The Rigs O' Barley - Celtic Wonder Band
The Wind That Shakes The Barley - The Clancy Brothers
Velvet Barley Bed - Little Miss Higgins


Cinnamon - The Long Winters/ David Lynch/ Derek
Cinnamon Girl - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Cinnamon Park - Julie Sobole
Cinnamon Road - Tangerine Orange
Cinnamon Spider - Jack Off Jill
Sally Cinnamon - Stone Roses.
Sugar Cinnamon - Portugal, The Man

Coconut Cream - The Tragically Hip.

Barley and Corn - The Barley Boys .
Corn Rigs and Barley Rigs - Elyse O'Connor .
Cornbread Moon
- Joe Ely.

Green Corn - Leadbelly/ NOFX .
Horny Ponycorn Horns - Atmosphere...

John Barleycorn – Traffic (traditional).

The Little Barley-Corne - Toronto Consort ..

Bitter Crop - Kaje .

Grainy Clouds - Steve Kyri .
The Barley Grain - Austin Flanagan .
The Barley Grain for Me - O.J. Abbott .

Bitter Harvest - Mary Hopkin .

Harvest Moon - Neil Young /Blue Oyster Cult .


Barely and Hops - Scott Streader Victor Imbres .
Hops & Barley - Leatherface .

The Martian Hop - The Ran-dells.

Malt And Barley Blues - McGuinness Flint ..

One Mint Julep - The Clovers.

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NUT... ... lys(s)..p6gj6z...
Beer Nuts - Exit Left
Billy Bad Ass Vs. Tommy Tough Nuts - Below The Tide ..
Bitch Went Nuts - Ben Folds
Boots n Nuts - Chuck Love
Check Ya Nuts - Steady Mobb'n
Do Nuts - The Ink Spots
Donuts, Go Nuts! - Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney
Drive Me Nuts - Do As Infinity
Everybody Loves A Nut - Johnny Cash..
Funky Nuts - Dirty Dozen
Gin and Coco-Nut Water - Nina & Frederik
Goin' Nuts - Duke Ellington
Got Ma Nuts From A Hippie - The Fratellis.
Hillbilly Nut - Asleep at the Wheel
Hot Nuts Swing - Stella Johnson
Humm Deez Nuts - King Sun
I'm Nuts About Screwy Music - Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Co-Coa-Nuts - Ray Cooper
It's Da Nuts - The Beatnuts
Kick Him In The Nuts - Matt Mulholland
Let My Nuts Go - Lil' Jon And The Eastside Boyz
Let's Go Nuts - Chuck Zeuren
Little Nut - Tree Brent Dowe
Loose Nuts - Long Boards / Errol Garner
Loose Nuts On The Velandrome - Liars
Love and Nuts and Noodles - Rosemary Clooney
Mixed Nuts - Dj Krush
Niggy Nuts - LL Cool J
No Nuts - Hieroglyphics
No Nuts, No Glory - James White
Numb Nuts - Snuff
Nut Case - Buzz Bros Band
Nut Crackin' - Scott Kemp
Nut House Stomp - King Mutt & his Tenessee Thumpers
Nut Magnet - Peter Kovacs
Nut Rocker - B. Bumble & the Stingers
Nutbush City Limits - Ike & Tina Turner
Nuts - Roy Eldridge
Nuts And Berries - Eric Serra
Nuts Bolts And Screws - Slade
Nuts n Milk - Unicorn Kid
Nuts, Seeds & Life - Eric Burdon & War
Ogden's Nut Gone Flake - Small Faces
Palm Nut - The Headhunters
Raise up off These Nuts - Amuru Shakur
Sweet As a Nut - The Greg Englert Jazz Band
Tarzan's Nuts 7 - Madness
Techno Nut - DJ Harp
The Swingin' Nut - The Classical Jazz Quartet
Two Little Squirrels (Nuts to You) - Louis Jordan...

W.s.s. Deez Nuts - Xscape
We Are Squirrels And This Is Nuts - The Love Machine
We Just Go Nuts At Christmastime - They Might Be Giants
Whipped Cream, Nuts And Cherries - Goldy
Why Do You Think You Are Nuts? - Sharon Needles

NUTMEG ... ..lys.palg
My Nutmeg Phantasy - Macy Gray
Nutmeg - Fishbone
Nutmeg - Art Pepper
Nutmeg Nick - The Sign Posters
Nutmeg's Wellys - Smithfield Fair
Nutmegs And Ginger - The York Waits
The Nutmeg Tree - Craig Morrow
Wicked Nutmeg - The Dirt Surfers

... rkallpg12
Funk's Oats - Jimmy Smith /Sonny Clark Trio
Girls Sew Wild Oats Too - Jean Foster
Gotta Sow My Wild Oats - The Spectors
Haulin' Ass & Oats - Isabelle'S Gift
Haulin' Oats - The Cavalier Crooks
Let's Sow a Wild Oat - Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra /Jazz Lips
Oats - Guttermouth
Oats and Beans and Barley - Ellie Gray / Raffi ..

Oats In The Water - Ben Howard
Rolled Oats - Mr Bill
Rolly Oat Mama - The Rowdymen
Sea Oats - Dale Crider / Jerome Gilmer
Sow Y'oats! - Dave Stauffer and the Corvettes
Sowing Wild Oats - Jimmy Dorsey /Blind Joe Death
The Words of Charlie Oats - Backup Johnny .
Wild Oat - Fleurs de Bach
Wild Oat Joe - Miff Mole'S Molers .
Wild Oats - Sunjet /Ian Charles /Bill Doggett /Billy Butterfield And His Orchestra
Wild Oats And Whiskey - Gordon Ellis
Wild Oats in Eden -

PEANUT... ......lyc...
$20 Peanut - Weedeater
(We All Love) Peanut Butter - Ass Ponys
Found A Peanut - Macabre Minstrels
Hypocritical Peanut - Project: Bad
Peanut - The Pavers
Peanut Butter -
The Doo Wops
Peanut Butter & Jelly - Beastie Boys
Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Jimmy Buffett
Peanut Butter Girl - Teen Idols
Peanut Butter Jelly - Buckwheat Boys
Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Family Guy
Peanut Man - Tim Buckley
The Peanut Vendor - Stan Kenton / Dean Martin
You Put Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter - NOFX

PUMPKIN... ... p12g ...
A Pumpkin Down in Florida - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Angry Pumpkins - Vampire Voice
Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie - Done Again / Jay & The Techniques
Boil That Pumpkin Down - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Crumpkin's Pumpkins' Pumpkin Song - Johnny Curtis
Highwood Pumpkin Fest - Matt Feddermann
Jump Down Turn Around Pick Yourself a Pumpkin - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Light Up My Pumpkin - Jazz Up My Pumpkin
Lil' Pumpkin Lullaby - Baby Pumpkin Band
Orange Pumpkin Song - Flowerpot Press
P-U-M-P-K-I-N - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band/ Peter Pan Pixie Players
Pick the Pumpkin - Joseph Cotton & Horace Martin
Picking a Pumpkin (Waltzing Matilda) - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Prettiest Pumpkin - Daniel Freedman / Pearl Sun
Pumpkin - Nin B / Sander Van Doorn / Jack Erdie
Pumpkin Banger - The Pumpkin Heads
Pumpkin Bread - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Pumpkin Dance Yea - Crossbox
Pumpkin Doo Dah Day - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Pumpkin Head Harvey - Dennis Morgan
Pumpkin Patch - The Bloody Oranges
Pumpkin Patch Valley - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Pumpkin Pie Crustacean - The Boorays
Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast - Brian Hall
Pumpkin People - Michael Douet
Pumpkin Smashing - DJ Drac
Pumpkin Soup - Kate Nash
Pumpkin Terror - The Brothers Riedell
Pumpkin With A Face - Jack Erdie
Pumpkins, Witches and Ghosts - The Learning Station
Purple Pumpkin - The Neft + The Other Side
Queen Of Pumpkins - The Pumpkin Heads
Smashin Pumpkin - Jetsetta
Splashin' Pumpkins - Evenwave
Supple Pumpkin - Luther Red
Sweetie Pumpkin - Elektropusher
The Great Pumpkin Roll - Jim Armenti
The Pumpkin On the Vine - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
The Pumpkin Twist - Victor R. Vampire And Friends
Them Old Pumpkin Fields Back Home - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
Way Down Yonder in the Pumpkin Patch - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band
You Picked a Jolly Good Pumpkin - Earthlings Electric Washboard Band

Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts - Bob Dylan...
Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse.
Rosemary - Lenny Kravitz
Rosemary (Remember Me) - Suzanne Vega

Why Didn't Rosemary? - Deep Purple

Catcher In The Rye - Guns N' Roses

Rye Whiskey - Woody Guthrie .
Seven Seas Of Rye - Queen..
The Barley And The Rye - Bill Jones .

Jupiter And Sage - William Eaton .

Strawman - Lou Reed


Vanilla Clouds - Hedras Ramos .
Vanilla Fudge - Ebony Rhythm Band
Vanilla O' Lay - Marianne Faithfull
Vanilla Queen - Golden Earring.
Vanilla Sex - NOFX
Yo Vanilla - Vanilla Ice

July 30, Waves of Wheat - Mark Massey...

The Wheat Colored Car - Matthew Murray
Wave Across the Wheat Field - Wayne Gratz

ACORN ... ... (s) ... lys...
Acorn Factory - The Dodos
Acorn In The Meadow - Harry Belafonte
Acorn Kisses - Elm
Acorns - Max Tundra
Acorns And Acrobats - Roster McCabe
Little Acorns - The White Stripes
Of Acorns That Gather - Enchantment
Rolling Acorn - Lisa Loeb
The Acorn Is Spinning - Ace Frehley
The Little Acorn - The Fruit Bats

ASH ... ... (s) ... lys.jalz...
14 Years And A Pile Of Ashes - Silverfrail
A Will Remains In The Ashes - Envy
Amber In Ashes - The Bleeding Alarm
Arising From The Ashes - Corpus Christii
Ash - Ben Webster
Ash Can Blues - Cliff Carlisle
Ash Wednesday - Harry Connick Jr.
Ash Tray Blues - Papa Charlie Jackson
Ash Trays For Two - Bob Crosby
Ashes - SNFU / Ben Harper / KT Tunstall
Ashes & Fire - Ryan Adams.
Ashes & Ghosts - The Cult
Ashes And Diamonds - Feargal Sharkey
Ashes And Dreams - Theatre Of Tragedy
Ashes And Snow - On Broken Wings
Ashes And Water - Chip Greene
Ashes And Wine - A Fine Frenzy
Ashes Are Burning - Renaissance
Ashes By Now - Emmylou Harris / Lee Ann Womack
Ashes In My Hand - Marianne Faithfull
Ashes In My Whiskey - Walter Davis
Ashes In The Air - Flaming Lips (The)
Ashes In The Fall - Rage Against The Machine
Ashes In The Wind - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
Ashes In Your Mouth - Megadeth
Ashes Of A Hearth - Damnation Immortal
Ashes Of American Flags - Wilco
Ashes of Dreams You Let Die - B.J. Thomas
Ashes Of Love - Buck Owens / Kitty Wells
Ashes Of The Innocent - Bullet For My Valentine
Ashes Of The Witch - Tristitia
Ashes The Rain And I - Joe Walsh
Ashes To Ashes - Steve Earle/ Saxon/ David Bowie/...et al
Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust - Woody Guthrie
Ashes To Ashes, Lust To Lust - Morrigan
Ashes To Dust - The Great Kat
Ashes To The Wind - Manfred Mann's Earth Band .
Beauty For Ashes - Crystal Lewis
Before Burning To Ashes - Lost Eden
Beneath The Ashes - Maroon
Blood And Ashes - Black Flag
Blunt Ashes - Nas
Christians To Ashes, Angels To Dust - Satan's Blood
From The Ashes - Rosanne Cash / Mike Oldfield /..et al
King Of Ashes - David Knopfler
Memories In Ashes - The Knockouts
Pash Of Ash - Justine Jones
Out Of The Ashes - Symphony X
Raining Ashes - The Generators
Rising Up From The Ashes - Living End, The
Rose Among The Ashes - Inhale Exhale
September Ashes - Draconian
She Left Ashes - Big Sugar
Smoke And Ashes - Tracy Chapman
Sweeping The Ashes - Serena Ryder
The Ash Grove - Hannah Caroline
The Ashes in Her Breath - Ashbury Heights
Thorns And Ashes - Autopsy
Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes - Modest Mouse
Up From The Ashes - Patrick Hemer/Gothic Knights/The Letter Black
We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning - Gram Parsons
White Ashes - Peter Gabriel
Your Ashes - Saving Face

BEECH ... ... lys.(s) ...
Beech Avenue - Mike Vass
Beech Creek Dirge - Old Crow Medicine Show
Beech Like The Tree - Lower Than Atlantis
Blood Beech - Kashmir
Neath The Beeches - The Frames

BOUGH ... ...lys...
All The Flowers Of The Bough - Karen Matheson
Before The Bough Breaks - Mortal Sin
Bough Will Break - Waterdeep
Break Off The Bough - Cary Brothers
Gone In Bloom And Bough - Caspian
On An April Apple Bough - Donald George ..

The Golden Bough - The Coral
The Heritage Bough - Joy Electric
When The Bough Breaks - The Agonist / Bill Ward

BRANCH... ... lys..(s)...
Bare Bones And Branches - Lewis & Clarke
Bend Down The Branches - Tom Waits
Big Branch -
M.I.A./ Gangstagrass
Bitter Branches - PJ Harvey
Breaking Branches - Slowdown Virginia
Branch Breaker - Old Man Gloom
Candyfloss Branches - Kat Flint
Crooked Branches - JBM
Executive Branch - Snoop Dogg
Holy Branches - Radical Face
Hung Upon The Weakest Branch - Age Of Ruin
I Have A Crush On Michelle Branch - Emo Side Project
Michelle Branch - Branch Michelle
My Wrecked Branch - Forgive Me
New Branches - The Little Ones
Ribbon On A Branch - Younger Brother
Roots Before Branches - Glee Cast / Jethro Tull
Styx and Branches - The Lovely Bad Things
The 4th Branch - Immortal Technique
The Highest Branch - Waterdeep
The Olive Branch - Sullivan
Unionhouse Branch - Alison Krauss & Union Station
Way Through Woven Branches - Isis


C Is for Conifers -
They Might Be Giants.




Aunt Hazel - Andrea Ferlin .
Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson.
Hazel - Bob Dylan
Hazel Eyes - The Darkness
Hooray For Hazel – Tommy Roe .
Slow Fast Hazel - Stereolab..


Holly Holy – Neil Diamond
Holly Up On Poppy - XTC.
Holly Wood Died - Yellowcard..
Pine Cones And Holly Berries - Beatles..
The Holly And The Ivy - Annie Lennox .

Lindenflowers and Carnations - Hans Christian

Lady at Mahogany - Dwele
Mahogany - Eric B. and Rakim/ Snow Patrol/ more...
Mahogany Hall Stomp - Louis Armstrong
Mahogany Walled Executive Office - Cream Abdul Babar

Yellow Maple - Caira.

OAK... ... pg5pp6rk6
A Dove On Distant Oaks - Chuck Elmore
Big Mouth and the Old Oak - Micah O'Connell & The Bruce Street Bandits
Black Oak Gone Bad - Ace..
Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree - James Vincent McMorrow...
From Mighty Oaks - Ray Thomas
Hearts Of Oak - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists.
Hup Them, Big Oak Trees - Wonder Stuff..
It's The Northern Red Oak - The Farley Flower Band
Neath the Oaks in the Grove - Carl Jackson
Oak Cliff Bra - Edie Brickell..
Oak Island - Mash.
Oaks Of Time - Allan Stuart
Oh, The Oak and The Ash - Elizabeth Harwood+Pro Arte Orchestra
Old Pop in an Oak - Rednex..
Poison Oak - Bright Eyes.
Story Of An Oak Tree - Yoko Ono.
Strong As An Oak - Rachel Proctor.
Tall Oak Tree - Dorsey Burnette/Bobby Bare..
The Ghost in the Oak - John Law
The Green Oak Tree - Carl Peterson
The King of Oak Street - Kenny Rogers..
The Twisted Oak - Elizabeth Zekley
The Old Oak Tree - Steve Thornhill
Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'round the Old Oak Tree - Tony Orlando & Dawn...
Under the Ancient Oak - Moonroot
White Oak Doors - Defeater.

... j6z.r7k.p7p...
29 Palms - Robert Plant.
All I Want For Christmas Is A Big Palm Tree - Gene Mitchell
Cross My Palm - Andy Hague
Down Among The Sheltering Palms - Boswell Sisters/Earl Hines/Al Jolson
Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique - SixDaySober
Girls In The Palm Of My Hand - Mac Miller
Glitter Palms - Scarlet Lake
Gravel in My Palm - My Friend Autumn
Heart Inside Your Palm - Laura Roppe
In the Palm of My Hand - Dick Halligan
In The Palm Of Your Hand - Buck Owen /Ali
son Krauss
Keys Under Palm Trees - Nicki Minaj
Lick The Palm - Zola Jesus
Little Coco Palm - Jerry Wallace
Lone Palm - Jimmy Buffett
Palm - Possum Moods
Palm Canyon Drive Ray - Kelley Band
Palm Court Strut - Funky Butt Brass Band
Palm Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin
Palm The Joker - Brother Ali.

Palm Tree And Moon - Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks
Palm Trees - Tygra
Palm Tree Sea - Urban Funk Monkeys
Palm Trees and Trailer Parks - The Dustin Pittsley Band
Palm Beach Coconuts - Louie Fitzgerald
Palm Grease - Herbie Hancock
Palm Of My Hand - The Pale Fountains
Palm Of Your Hand - Ingrid Michaelson
Palm Springs Jump - Slim Gailard & His Flat Foot Floogie Boys
Palm Tree Farm - Jim Morris
Palm Wine Drunkard - Paul Benoit
Palm Wine Sunday Blue - Eric Lichter
Palms and Opium - Weedeater
Palms Down - KevLee feat PZ Watkins / JTC
Palms Island - Robby Nelms
Palms Of Paradise - Dorothy Lamour
Palms to Heaven - Nancy Donnelly
Pennies for Your Palms - Zelda Pinwheel
Power Lines and Palm Trees - Gooding
Right In The Palm Of Your Hand - Alan Jackson
The Lady From 29 Palms - Tony Pastor & His Orchestra
The Last Samba in Palm Springs - John Mackay /Peggy Lee and Woody Herman With Dave Barbour
Under Palm Trees - Area 203 / King Chip
Walk On Palm - Guitarist Robin Lahiri
West Palm Beach Blues - Doc Dasher
White Palms - Black Rebel

PINE... ... p12g ...
9th At Pine - Less Than Jake.
A Little Box Of Pine On The 7:29 - Hank Snow...
Ah, Leave Me Not To Pine Alone - Gilbert & Sullivan
Ancient Pines - Loreena McKennitt
Beside the Pines - Possum Jenkins
Carolina in the Pines - Michael Martin Murphy.
Georgia Pine - Echolyn.
Grace Beneath The Pines - The For Carnation .
High Is The Pine - Cobra Killer.
I'd Be Better Off in a Pine Box - Doug Stone.
In The Pines
- Lead Belly / Dolly Parton / Bill Monroe
Jack In The Pine Box - Curtis Plum.
Knotty Pine - Gordon Lightfoot
Lone Pine Canyon - Golana
Lonesome Pine Special - Carter Family..
Meeting In Lone Pine - Mark Olson
Mr. Pine - The Renaissance.
Old Pine - Ben Howard
Old Pine Box - They Might Be Giants's.
Pine - Basement
Pine And Stew - K.D. Lang.
Pine Apple Rag - Scott Joplin
Pine Away - Superdrag
Pine Box - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Pine Cone Homies - Spy Picnic
Pine Cones And Holly Berries - Beatles..
Pine Creek Crossing - The Toasted Ponies
Pine Oil Heaven - Evereve.
Pine, Pine, Pine - Joel Plaskett
Pork-U-Pine - Jeff Beck
Royal Pine - Blackwülf
Snow On The Pines - Yonder Mountain String Band
Splitter Pine - Dumdum Boys
Sweetheart Of The Pines - Emmylou Harris
Tall Like Pine - Jr. Oscar Brown
The Old Pine Tree - The Country Gentlemen
Tall Pine Trees - Peter, Paul & Mary..
The Pine Tree - Johnny Cash.

The Pines - Phantom Limb
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine - Laurel & Hardy
Timber - Pitbull ft Kesha
Up the Hickory Down the Pine - Shelly Colvin
Whispering Pines - The Band

A Thousand Trees - Stereophonics .
Apple Tree - Justin Roberts .

Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men) - Queen..

Black Horse and The Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall ...
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead .
Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree - James Vincent McMorrow...

Hemlock Tree - Jonni Greth .
Story Of An Oak Tree - Yoko Ono.
Tall Oak Tree - Bobby Bare..
Tall Pine Trees - Peter, Paul & Mary..
The Fiddler Around The Fairy Tree - Michael Fitzpatrick / Doonan Family Band..
The Money Tree - Blue October .
The Pine Tree - Johnny Cash.
The Trees - Rush
Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'round the Old Oak Tree - Tony Orlando & Dawn...
Hup Them, Big Oak Trees - Wonder Stuff..


Goat Willow - Hawkwind.

BOG... ...p10g...
Beetles In The Bog - War .
Bog Breakdown - Bogs Visionary Orchestra .
Bog Down In The Valley-O - World Music ..
Bog La Bog - Carlinhos Brown
Bog Songs - Blaggards .
Bogs of Mayo - LagansLove .
Cranberry Bog - Sebadoh .
Frog Bog - Doug Sternberg & Dianna Miller .
Hi, Ho the Rattlin Bog - The Nields
Lily of the Bogs - Bogs Visionary Orchestra .
Mary the Fairy from the Bog - Richi.h ..
Mud Bogs and Beer - Austin Boggs ..
Pollywog In A Bog - Barenaked Ladies
The Bog - Bigod 20
The Old Bog Road - The Gallowglass Ceili Band ..
The Queen's Bog Roll - Howard Emerson ..
The Rattlin' Bog - The Pubcrawlers

Clay - Atmosphere
Georgia Clay - Josh Kelley .

A Jukebox With A Country Song - Doug Stone..
Big Green Country - Neil Young..
Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues - Charlie Daniels...
Country Girl With An Attitude - Shane Lee ..
Countryside - Flower Orgy
Funky Fresh Country Club - Ugly Kid Joe...

October Country - David Hb Drake .
Punk Country Love - Ray Stevens..
Tearin' Up the Country - CCR.
The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ...

Miss O'Dell? - George Harrison.
Fern Dell - Mandy Moore .
Travertine Dell -
50 Cent Haircut

Desert Moon - Great White .
Desert Orgy - Phace & Misanthrop .

Honeysuckle Dew - Michael Ubaldini .
The May Morning Dew - The Chieftains ..
Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew - Alison Krauss...

Dirt And Wildflowers - David Jacobs-Strain ft. Bob Beach .
If Dirt Were Dollars - Don Henley .

Red Dirt Road
- Brooks & Dunn ..

Ditch Digger - 16 Horsepower.
The March Ditch - Colum Sands .
Witch in the Ditch - Erasure.

Driftwood: A Fairy Tale - Cursive .

Angel Dust - New Order .
Another One Bits The Dust - Queen ..
Dust In The Wind - Kansas .

A Field Of Yellow Daisies - Charlie Rich ..
Cotton Fields - CCR .
Field of Yellow Daisies - Tom Jones ..
Fields of Clover - Gary Murtha .
Fields of Gold -
Eva Cassidy / Sting.
Fields of Rape - Saigon Kick
On Frozen Fields - Dismember.
Out in the Fields - Gary Moore & Phil Lynott
Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles ..
The Fields of November - Norman Blake .
Three Leaf Clover - Whiting Tennis .

A Forest - The Cure
Forest Lawn - John Denver.

59 Lyndhurst Grove - Pulp
China Grove Lyrics - Doobie Brothers
Coconut Grove - David Lee Roth
Cypress Grove - Clutch
Garden Grove Lyrics - Sublime.
Hickory Grove - Dan Fogelberg.
Huckleberry Grove - Ocean Colour Scene
Lemon Grove Avenue -
Mason Jennings
Olive Grove Facing The Sea - Snow Patrol
Shady Grove
- Bill Monroe
Stacey Grove - Marc Bolan and T. Rex
The Grove Of Eglantine - Styx.

Fern Gully Skanking - Johnny Ringo .

Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush


A Mansion On The Hill - Hank Williams .
Banjo in the Hills - Edward James Richard .
Benny Hill - Blue Ridge Mountain Banjo .
Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino .
Car On A Hill - Joni Mitchell
Craigie Hill - Cara Dillon.
High On A Hill - Scott English .
Hill Of Thieves - Cara Dillon
House On A Hill - Kamelot /Leonard Mynx .
Joe Hill - Joan Baez
Mansion On The Hill - Bruce Springsteen .
On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
One Tree Hill - U2
Over the Hill to the Poorhouse - Denny Carleton ..

Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin / Gary Moore ..
Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush.
Primrose Hill -
Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
The Fool On The Hill - The Beatles
The Heather on the Hill - Laurence Hobgood.

These Thousand Hills - Third Day .
The Side Of A Hill - Paul Simon
Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie - John Hartford ..
Violet Hill - Coldplay.

Banjo In The Hollow - The Dillards .

JUNGLE... . ... pg-12 ...
Ali In The Jungle - Hours.
Bungle In The Jungle - Jethro Tull
Concrete Jungle - Bob Marley
Cowboy In The Jungle - Jimmy Buffett.
Deep In The Jungle - Blackalicious
Fast Jungle - White Zombie
George Of The Jungle - Weird Al Yankovic.
Hobo Jungle - Band .
In The Jungle - Vines
Into The Jungle - Alphabeat
It's A Jungle Out There - Randy Newman
Lipstick Jungle - Newman Faulkner.
Jungle - Electric Light Orchestra
Jungle Bell - Yello
Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang.
Jungle Fever - Pitbull
Jungle Gym - Jack Johnson
Jungle Love - Steve Miller.
Jungle Man - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jungle Of Cities - Armoury Show
Jungle Telegraph - Eels.
Jungle Train - Babes In Toyland.
Jungles of Jupiter - Toyah .
King Of The Jungle - Steven Chapman.
Naked In The Jungle - Van Morrison
Run Through The Jungle - Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Ruff In The Jungle Bizness - Prodigy
Soul Power (Black Jungle) - Wu-Tang Clan...
Straight Out The Jungle - Jungle Brothers
The Jungle - Kiss
The Jungle Cat - Tiger Army.
The Jungle Line - Joni Mitchell.
This Jungle - John Foxx
Welcome To The Jungle - Guns 'n' Roses

LAKE... . ... pg-5, pp-8, jz-12 ...
Ballad of Lake Erie - Lakeland Rangers
Be The Lake - Brad Paisley
Blue Lake - Don Cherry
Cranberry Lake - Ari Hest
China Lake - David Baerwald.
Crater Lake - Liz Phair
Crater Lake - Rogue Valley
Dead Lake Bay - Lakeland Rangers
Deep Forbidden Lake - Neil Young
Deep Lake - Bruce Cockburn
Devil's Lake - Aaron Schroeder /Patrick O'Hearn
Down By the Lake - McFly .
Fire Lake - Bob Seger.
From Silver Lake - Jackson Browne.
Frozen Lake - Buffalo Tom.
Great Lake Love - Wakey!Wakey!
Groom Lake - Kenny Texeira .
I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City - Louis Armstrong
In The Bench Near The Lake - Mashina .
Lady Of The Lake - Acker Bilk /Rick Wakeman / Rainbow
Lake Brenda - Ass Ponys.
Lake Charles Shuffle
- Harry Choates .
Lake Marie - John Prine.
Lake Of Fire - Nirvana .
Lake Of Memory - Bendik
Lake of Memories
- Golgotha
Lake Of Tears - Devil's Diner
Lake Pontchartrain - Ludo
Lake Shore Drive - Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah..
Lake Shore Driving - Duran Duran..
Lakeside Park - Rush.
Looking Over Eastlake - David Benoit.
Saline the Salt Lake Queen - Rasputina
Seven Devils - Florence & the Machine
Silver Lake - Dark Moor
Silverlake -
The New Amsterdams
Sleepless In Silverlake - Les Savy Fav
Swan Lake - The Church/Madness.
The House at Creepy Lake - Kenny Young and the Eggplants
The Gosso King Of Crater Lake - Desert Sessions
The Great Salt Lake - Band of Horses
The Lake - King Diamond / Antony And The Johnsons
The Lake Atmosphere - Norberto Tamburrino .
Voodoo Lake - Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Up At The Lake - The Charlatans

. ... jz-10, pp-10 ...
A Land Called Paradise - Kareem Salama
American Land - Bruce Springsteen
Borderlands - Quincy M.E.
Broken Land - The Adventures
Come And Go To That Land - Sam Cooke
Crash Land - Twin Atlantic
Cuts Across The Land - The Duke Spirit
Distant Lands - Mc Chris
Down Under aka Land Down Under - Men At Work
Dream Land - Bunny Wailer
Dude, What Is A Land Pirate? - The Wonder Years..
Eden's Land - Jesse S
Exodus (This Land Is Mine) - Pat Boone
Fantasyland - Blood on the Dance
From the Land of Sky Blue Water - The Andrews Sisters
Glory Land Train - Bobby G Berney
Hallowed Land - Paradise Lost
His Land - Cliff Richard
I Want To Go To Santa Claus Land - Bobby Helms
In The Land Of Grey & Pink - Caravan
In The Land Of Hi-Fi - Georgie Auld And His Orchestra
Jesus Is A Rock In A Weary Land - Bing Crosby
La La Land - Eldon Brown Band
ft Sean McGroarty
Land - Patti Smith
Land Ho - The Doors
Land Locked Blues - Bright Eyes
Land Of 1000 Dances - Chris Kenner / Sam & Dave /Wilson Pickett ..
Land Of A Thousand Words - Scissor Sisters
Land Of A Thousand Kisses - Hugh Cornwell ..
Land Of Broken Hearts - The Five Satins
Land Of Confusion - Genesis .
Land Of Dreams - Charles Davis /Rosanne Cash
Land Of Hope & Dreams - Bruce Springsteen
Land Of Hope & Glory - Edward Elgar & A. C. Benson
Land Of Milk And Honey - The Vogues
Land Of My Fathers - Traditional
Land Of Pure Delight - The Haven Quartet
Land Of Secrets - Max Middleton
Land Of Sunshine - Faith No More
Land Of The Endless Summer - Cindy Combs
Land Of The Midnight Sun - Al Di Meola
Landed - Ben Folds
Landing In London (All I Think About Is You) - 3 Doors Down
Lands End - Clifford Brown & Max Roach & Harold Land
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
Law Of The Land - The Temptations
Lay of the Land - Chris Chandler
Lullaby of Bird Land - New Glenn Miller Orchestra /Ella Fitzgerald/Sarah Vaughan/...et al
Merry Old Land Of Oz - Wizard Of Oz
My Land - Sonata Arctica
Native Land - Joe La Barbera Quintet
Native Lands - Will Calhoun
Nether Lands - Dan Fogelberg
Never Never Land - Todd Rundgren
Never Neverland - Stephanie J. Block
No Man's Land - Beverley Knight / Billy Joel
Nowhere Land - Manticora
Of Near and Distant Lands - Billy Eric
Paradise Land - Dionysus
Peace Land -
Promised Land - Elvis Presley / Chuck Berry
Share The Land - Guess Who
Sing To The Lord, Ye Distant Lands - Isaac Watts
Strange Land - Clannad
Stanger In A Strange Land - U2.
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz - Pee Wee Russell
The Glorious Land - PJ Harvey
The Land of Lots of Time - Slim Dusty
The Land of Make Believe - Bucks Fizz
The Land of Nod - Natalie Merchant
The Land of the Fear of Men - Jason Harms Quintet
The Plane Land - Richie Spice
The Promised Land - Bruce Springsteen
This Is Your Land - Woody Guthrie
This Land Is Mine - Dido
This Land Is Your Land -
Peter, Paul & Mary
Troubled Land - John Mellencamp
Waste Land - Dream Park
Wonderful Land - The Shadows
You're The Sweetest In The Land - Petula Clark

. ... pp-10, pg-10 ...
Back in the Lava Again - Gorebag & the Grunts
Hot Lava Death - Beatnik Turtle
Hotta Lava - Shabba Ranks
Lake Of Lava - Lemongrass
Lava - Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles
Lava Lagoon - The Robert Deller Band
Lava Lamp - Blood Pump
Lava Lava - Boys Noize
Lava On My Tongue - Lillian Axe .
Lava Rock
- Crumbacher
She Hot Like Lava - Colorban

Loch Lomond March - Mitch Miller ..
Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster - Battlefield Band..

Sad Eyed Lowlands - David Thomas And Two Pale Boys ..



Down The Moor -
Maura O'Connell .
Nettie Moore
- Bob Dylan
Waltz Moore - From First To Last.
Who Killed Davey Moore? - Bob Dylan


Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross
Banjo On The Mountain - Carl Story .
Beyond The Mountain Of Frozen Spell - Castrum..
Billy The Mountain - Frank Zappa.
Black & White Mountains - Snowblink ..
Bluebirds Over the Mountain - Ersel Hickey.
Cloud Shadow On The Mountain - Wolf Parade ..
Crystal Mountain - Death .
Daybreak in the Mountains - Fiddle Fever .
Fire On The Mountain - Grateful Dead /
The Marshall Tucker Band .
For Every Mountain - Kurt Carr
Go Rest High On That Mountain -
Vince Gill
Go Tell It On The Mountain
- Garth Brooks
Goodbye Precious Mountain - Quickspace ..
Hall of the Mountain King - Savatage.
Hares On The Mountain - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.
Hug You Like A Mountain - Eliza Carthy.
Hushabye Mountain -
David Gilmour
King Of The Mountain -
Bon Jovi
Lazy Mountain Moon - Chris Watkins ..
Magnolia Mountain - Ryan Adams.
Man On The Silver Mountain - Rainbow ..
Midnight Mountain -
Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin
Mountain Fern - Laura Cantrell .
Mountain Of God - Third Day
Mountain Top - Amy Grant
Mountains of Groom - Tara Putra .
Mountains Of Mars - Electric Wizard .
Mountains Of The Moon - Grateful Dead .
Over the Mountain - Ozzy Osbourne
Over The Mountain Across The Sea - Johnnie Richardson..

Promise Made On Signal Mountain - Chad Lawson . .
River Deep Mountain High - Tina Turner
Rocky Mountain High - John Denver
Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh
Sugar Mountain - Neil Young.
Taking Tiger Mountain - Brian Eno.
Tamborine Mountain - Rick Price.
Up To The Mountain - Patty Griffin

White Mountain - Genesis

Wolverton Mountain - Claude King
You Gave Me A Mountain - Elvis Presley

Mud Bogs and Beer - Austin Boggs ..
Mud Digger - Lenny Cooper.

NATURE ... Nature -> the countryside ...lys...
2nd Nature - Che'Nelle
Act of Nature - Cheryl Wheeler
Against Nature - Revelation
At Nature's Mercy - Hot Rod Circuit
At War With Nature - Toxic Narcotic
Beautiful Mother Nature - Ziggy Marley
Beautiful Nature - Finley Quaye
Better Angels Of Our Nature - The Black League
Black Nature - Georgia Brown
Child Of Nature - The Beatles
Come On Nature - The Proclaimers
Contre Nature - Céline Dion
Dead Nature - Savages
Death Of Mother Nature Suite - Kansas
Don't Leave It To Nature - Feargal Sharkey
Evil By Nature - Monster
Force Of Nature - Manic Street Preachers / Pearl Jam / Oasis
Forces Of Nature - Backstreet Boys
Freak Of Nature - Liz Phair /The Ramones .
Graphic Nature - Deftones
Human Nature - Quincy Jones / Michael Jackson
I Believe In Mother Nature - Enola Gay
In My Nature - Poison Clan
In Our Nature - Blue Rodeo
In Our Nature - Josè Gonzales
It's Nature's Way (No Problem) - Dollar
Killers Nature - Embracing
Kissed By Nature - Eliane Elias .
Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way - Faron Young
Look After Nature - Ice MC
Making The Nature Scene - Sonic Youth
Mama Nature Said - Thin Lizzy
Man Vs Nature - Killdozer / Margins
Miracles of Nature - Christy Moore
Mother Nature - The Temptations / Desmond Dekker / Alannah Myles
Mother Nature Goes To Heaven - A-Ha
Mother Nature's Final Dance - Magnum
Mother Nature's Recipe - Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
Mother Nature's Revenge - Scapegoat
Mother Nature's Son - John Denver / The Beatles
Mother Nature's Writing - Del Amitri
Mother's Nature Matinee - Styx
My Snare (A.k.a : Nature Is Ancient) - Bjork
Nature - Howlin' Wolf
Nature 1 - Muse
Nature Boy - Rick Astley / Massive Attack / Nick Cave / Grace Slick
Nature Child - David Byrd
Nature Feels - Frank Ocean
Nature Freestyle - Dj Clue
Nature Of A Man - Heather Headley
Nature Of A Sista' - Queen Latifah
Nature Of The Beast - Rippingtons / Spandau Ballet
Nature Shines - Nas
Nature Trail To Hell - Weird Al Yankovic..
Nature Vs. Nurture - The Fall of Troy
Nature's Dark Passion - The Damned
Nature's Disappearing - John Mayall
Nature's Law - Embrace
Nature's Way - Spirit / Christopher Cross
New Mother Nature - The Guess Who
New Mother Nature/Verwirrung - Wolfgang
Niggaz Nature Remix - 2Pac
S.O.S. (Mother Nature) - Will.I.Am
Science & Nature (Pump It Up) - Inkubus Sukkubus
Second Nature - Rush / Clannad .
Some Kind Of Nature - Gorillaz
Song for Nature - Tommy Emmanuel
Stranger By Nature - China Crisis
Strength Of Your Nature - The Style Council
Sword Of Nature - Deluge
The Mounted Animal Nature Trail - Arrogant Worms
The Nature Of Love - Poco
The Nature Of Music - Autumnblaze
The Nature Of The Game - Dan Fogelberg
The Nature Of Virtue - The The
This Bitter Earth/On The Nature Of Daylight - Dinah Washington
True nature - Jane's Addiction
Two Against Nature - Steely Dan
Urban Nature - Sammy Figueroa
Violent By Nature - Darkest Hour
We Are Nature - Enigma
When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby - Bing Crosby
Yeah, We Call It Human Nature - Out Of Reverie

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... p5g.r10k,c5y...
A Long Cold Night on the Prairie - Joe Kile
All Roads Lead to Howell Prairie - Oregon Valley Boys
Asphalt Prairie - Steve Williams
Black Prairie Blues - Big Joe Shelton
Blue Prairie - Sons Of The Pioneers
Burning Prairie - Ron Bush
Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie - Eddy Arnold
Dakota Prairie Flower - The Railheads
Echoes of the Prairie - John Arcand and the Sons of the Early Settlers
Goddess On The Prairie - Hot Hot Heat
Grand Prairie - Cheap Trick ..
Gray Prairie Dawn - Dennis Roger Reed
I Just Want a Prairie Christmas - Connie Kaldor
Little House on the Prairie - David Rose Project Orchestra
Lone Prairie - Matt Brown
Moonlight On The Prairie - Hill Billies
North Reids Prairie - Don Carroll
O, Bury Me not on the Lone Prairie - Roger Wagner Chorale / Burl Ives
Old Prairie Queen - Clyde Lucas
On the Prairie - Denny James
One Prairie Outpost - Carbon Leaf
Prairie Angel - Steve Hackett
Prairie Banjo - Jenny Blackadder .
Prairie Belle - Lisa Nicole Grace
Prairie Chain - The Primevals
Prairie Crocus - Smokin Joe Wiseman
Prairie Dog - Laika
Prairie Doggin' - Beatnik Turtle
Prairie in the Sky - Mary McCaslin / Bill Staines
Prairie Fire - Marty Robbins
Prairie Fire That Wanders About - Sufjan Stevens
Prairie Lullaby - Leon Redbone / Randy Hale /Diana Krall
Prairie Moon - Rex Allen Jr.
Prairie Nights - Jetboy
Prairie Rose - Big Country / Roxy Music
Prairie Serenade - Riders In The Sky
Prairie Song - Jeff Gold
Prairie Spring - Southern Raised Bluegrass
Prairie Surfin' - Tele Ranch
Prairie Town - The Wailin' Jennys / Randy Buchman
Prairie Vortex - Church of Hed
Prairie Wedding - Mark Knopfler
Prairie Wind - Neil Young
Prairie Woman - John Wiggins
Pretty Prairie Princess - Riders In The Sky
Princess Of The Prairie - Carly Ritter
Roll Along Prairie Moon - Al Bowlly
Set The Prairie On Fire - Shawn Colvin
Stars Over the Prairie - Paul Metsa
Sunset On the Prairie - The Erasables
Sweet Prairie - The Ridge Riders
Vanishing Prairie - Sipario Power Metal Act
Wide Prairie - Linda Mccartney


Sandy Ridge - Bluegrass Banjo .

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Rural Route - Chris Knight .

Positive Scene - Youth Attack.
Shower Scene - Brand New.

Silver Screen Shower Scene - Felix Da Housecat...


The Scenic Route - Panacea .

Downstream - Supertramp
Endless Stream of Tears - Dolly Parton.
Gulf Stream - Thomas Leer
Island In The Stream - Kenny Rogers/ Dolly Parton/Fates Warning
Leaf And Stream - Wishbone Ash
Mainstream - Outkast
Queen Of The Slipstream - Van Morrison
Slipstream - Jethro Tull
Stream - Moby
Stream of Thought - Lemonhart

The Pond And The Stream - Sandy Denny.

Marlene On The Wall - Suzanne Vega.

Over the Waterfall - Possum Ridge String Band ..
Waterfalls - TLC

Babe's In The Wood - Matchbox
Belleau Wood - Garth Brooks.
Choppin' Wood - Van Morrison
Creep Out Of The Woodwork - Ed Harcourt.
Frosted Flake Wood - Hooverphonic.
Gypsies In The Wood - Blood Brothers
Holly Wood Died - Yellowcard..
Knock On Wood - Otis Redding
Look At The Wood - Paul Kantner
March Of The Wooden Soldiers - Tchaikowsky / et al ..
Morning Wood - Rodney Carrington.
No More Walks In The Wood - Eagles.
Norwegian Wood - The Beatles.
November Woods - Acoustic Eidolon .
Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes
Rosewood Bitters - Michael Stanley .
Songs From The Wood - Jethro Tull.
The Wood Song - Indigo Girls.
Tiger Woods (Get 'em Tiger) - Maino.
Time for Tiger Woods to See Porn ,Burgler, Shoplifter Waitress Jaimie Nude Round 300 - Chief Kooffreh.........
Trolley Wood - Eisley
Wild Wood - Paul Weller
Wildwood Flower - 10000 Maniacs..
Woke Up With Wood - ZZ Top.
Working On Wood - Raised Fist
Wood Work - Proximity
Woods - Bon Iver
The Yellow Woods - Braend .

Bog Down In The Valley-O - World Music ..
Down In Lily Valley - Chris Gage & Bobby Hughes.
Orgy Valley - Jimmy Gourley .
Peace In Valley - Elvis Presley
Red River Valley - Arlo Guthrie ..
Valley of the Pharaohs - The Hellecasters .
Valley Winter Song - Fountains of Wayne..

B-B-Q... ...p10g ...
100% B.B.Q. - Michel F Côté .
All White Bar B Q Party - Marcus D. Wiley
Aussie B.B.Q. - The Goanna Gang
B.B.Q. & Foam - Joe Ely
B.B.Q. U.S.A. - Mojo Nixon
Bar-B-Q - ZZ Top / 6 Pack Deep / Brown Child
Bar-B-Q Barney - Sneaky Pete .
B.b.q. Girl - Barrelhouse Chuck
Bar-B-Q of Souls - Hank Ray
Bar-B-Q Pope - Butthole Surfers .
Bar-B-Q You - E-Cuz
Beale Street Bar-B-Q - Memphis Boys
Boogie Woogie Bar-B-Q - Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88'S
Bubba's Bar B-Q - Milton Kerr .
It's B.B.Q. Time - Da Gryptions
Live @ the Bar B Q - K-Drama & Mc Till
Queen of the Bar-B-Q - Hickoids
Struttin' With My Bar B Q - Bix Beiderbecke
Sweet Bar-B-Q - Albert Earl Crabtree
Zoo Zoo B.B.Q - Aoa

BARROW ... ... lys ... p3g...
Barrow Gurney - Beak
Barrow Gang Will Get You Little Man - Flatt and Scruggs.
Coming To Barrow - Lisa Gerrard
Dunk Barrow Le Baron! - Watcha
Eli, The Barrow Boy - The Decemberists.
Starless State Of The Moonless Barrow - Paul Thomas Saunders
Swimming in the Barrow - Lynn Hilary.

BED ... Nature -> garden ... p15.lys(s) ...
Alone In This Bed - Framing Hanley
Bed - Brand New
Bed And Breakfast Man - Madness
Bed Bully - Spy Island .
Bed Of Coals -
Warren Zevon .
Bed Of Lies - Matchbox Twenty
Bed Of Nails - Alice Cooper
Bed Of Razors - Children Of Bodom
Bed Of Roses -
Bon Jovi
Beds - Lil Fizz
Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil
Beds Are For Sharing - The Love Of Everything
Beds Too Big Without You - The Police
Best Friends And Hospital Beds - Funeral For A Friend
Black Coffee In Bed - Squeeze ..
Breakfast In Bed - Dusty Springfield .
California King Bed - Rihanna..
Come Back To Bed - John Mayer
Curse The Bed -
Laura Bell Bundy
Don't Bring the Blues To Bed - Leon Russell .
Don't Smoke In Bed - Nina Simone.
Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed - Matt Bianco .
Hospital Bed
- Ben Kweller
If Beds Could Talk - Chris De Burgh
In My Bed - Dru Hill / Amy Winehouse
God In My Bed - K'S Choice
Grandma's Feather Bed - John Denver.
Lay In My Bed
- Mario
Let's Get Back To Bed Boy - Sarah Connor
Never Gonna Leave This Bed -
Maroon 5
Oh The Beds We've Made - Jay And The Lovebirds
On Beds, Once Again - Jon Crocker
Pink Bedroom - John Hiatt / Rosanne Cash.
Remember The Mountain Bed - Billy Bragg/ Wilco
Right Side Of The Bed - Atreyu.
Satan's Bed - Pearl Jam
Separate Beds - Johnny Dowd
Stand By Your Beds - Nazareth
The Bed - Lou Reed
The Bed's Too Big Without You - Police
The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn - Pogues
Three Days In Bed -
Holly Williams
Two Beds And A Coffee Machine - Savage Garden...
Warm Beds, Cold Winters - Diesel Boy
We Make Our Beds - Now And Forever
Wet The Bed - Chris Brown
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? - Shania Twain..
Yo Side Of The Bed - Trey Songz

BENCH ... ...lys.p5g...
Bench Warmer - Kid Dynamite.
He Awoke On A Bench In Abergavenny - Tubelord.
In The Bench Near The Lake - Mashina .
Makeout Bench - Superchunk
Park Bench - Deep Blue Something.
Park Bench Blues - Ralfe Band
Piano Bench Breaks - Desert Sessions.
Sittin' On A Bench - Jeff Burgess Band
Sittin' On My Park Bench - US3
Sleeping On A Bench - Lovespoon
Take The Bench - Sloan
The Mourner's Bench - Death In June.
Train Station Bench - Claudio Niniano
Two Skulls Outlined In Dust On A Park Bench - Flesh And Blood Robot
Writers Bench - Task Force

BUCKET ... .... lys ...
(Bucket Of Shoes In My Foyer) - Mike Doughty
2 Tears In A Bucket - Ruff Ryders/Redman/The Lox/Method Man
A Hatchet, A Hammer, A Bucket Of Nails - Perry Como
Bucket - Greg Brown
Bucket Bong - Frenzal Rhomb
Bucket Brigade - Michael Penn
Bucket Full Of Hate - Accept
Bucket Full Of Shit - Peter Pan Speedrock
Bucket Head - Wasted Youth
Bucket Of Blood - Steed Lord
Bucket Of Rocks - Racer X
Bucket Of Sorrow - Born Blind
Bucket Of Whiskey - Moon Taxi
Bucket Shop - The Libertines
Bucket T - The Who
Drop In The Bucket - David Lee Roth
Glam Bucket - Underworld
Gomez In A Bucket (A Seaside Town Made Of Ice Cream,slowly Melting) - Gomez
Hell In A Bucket - Grateful Dead
Hole In Da Bucket - Michael Franti And Spearhead
Hole In The Bucket - Spearhead
Honey Bucket - The Melvins
In A Bucket - E-40
Kick The Bucket - Charlie Winston
Lobster Bucket - The Aquabats
Longshot Kick De Bucket - The Specials
My Bucket's Got A Hole - Dwight Yoakam
My Bucket's Got A Hole In It - Willie Nelson / Hank Williams Jr/ Van Morrison
Pass the Bucket - Eight Legs
Shouting In a Bucket Blues - John Cale /
Kevin Ayers
The Bucket - Kings Of Leon
There's A Hole In The Bucket - Harry Belafonte
Troy's Bucket - Kid Dynamite

Angry Chair - Alice In Chains.
Beach Chair - Jay-Z.
Big Chair - Travis
Blue Chair - Elvis Costello.
Carnival Chair - Embodyment.
Captain's Chair - Sanctus Real.
Chair - Sister Soleil
Electric Chair - Christina Aguilera.
Kick the Chair - Megadeth
Lawn Chair High - Rehab..
Little Electric Chair - Iggy Pop.
Old Blue Chair - Kenny Chesney.
Rockin' Chair' - The Band / Oasis.
Rocking Chair - Cyndi Lauper.
The Big Chair - Tears For Fears
The Chair - George Strait
Thrift Store Chair - Everclear.
Wicker Chair - Kings Of Leon.


Diggin' My Potatoes - Paul Butterfield & Elvin Bishop James Cotton
I Dig Rock and Roll Music - Peter, Paul and Mary ..

Three Coins In The Fountain - Frank Sinatra/Ray Conniff/Judy Garland/et al..

Atomic Garden - Bad Religion.
Aunt Maudie's Fun Garden - Jerry Reed ...
Desert Garden - Vast
Empty Garden - Elton John.
Garden - Guns n' Roses / Pearl Jam
Garden - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Garden Grove - Sublime.
Garden Party - Marillion / Ricky Nelson.
Garden Song - Peter, Paul & Mary.
Hong Kong Garden - Siouxie and the Banshees .
In The Garden - Van Morrison/ Anne Murray / Elvis Presley
In The Mandarin's Orchid Garden - Sarah Brightman..
Johnny's Garden - Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Magic Garden - Dusty Springfield.
My Secret Garden - Depeche Mode.
Octopus's Garden - The Beatles.

Rose of the Devil's Garden - Tiger Army..
Promise Me A Rose Garden - The M Machine ..
Secret Garden - Bruce Springsteen / Madonna
The Garden from Frog and Toad Together - Bellavente Wind Quintet ..
The Garden Of Allah - Don Henley
The Hanging Garden - The Cure
There's A Fairy In My Garden - Dorothy Squires .
This Twilight Garden - The Cure.
Wicked Garden - Stone Temple Pilots.

And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind - Neil Diamond
As Long As The Grass Does Grow - Johnny Cash
Buffalo Grass - Todd Rundgren.
Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You - Wilson Pickett...
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam - Steppenwolf ..
Grass is Greener - Marques Houston.
Grazing In The Grass - Raven-Symone
Greasy Grass River - Black Crowes..
Green Grass - Cibelle / Scarlett Johansson.
Green Grass And High Tides - Outlawz...
Green Grass Grows All Around - George Jones.
Green Green Grass Of Home - Tom Jones..
God Grows Grass -Tree.
I Can Hear The Grass Grow - The Move /Blues Magoos / Status Quo
Lunatics In The Grass - B-Real
September Grass - James Taylor.
Snake In The Grass - Waka Flocka Flame.
Splendor In The Grass - Pink Martini
Teeth In The Grass - Iron & Wine
The Grass Is Blue - Dolly Parton.
The Grass Is Green - Nelly Furtado.
The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener - Petula Clark.
Walking On New Grass - Jack Greene / Ray Price..
Whisper Grass - Elbow



Grow Old With You - Adam Sadler.

. ... pg-10, rk-7 ...
Faceless Landscape - The Comrades
Frozen Landscape - Enter Shikari.
Irish Landscape - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
In a Shifting Landscape - Nat Evans
Landscape of Souls - Liturgia
Landscapes - Cooly G
Landscapes in Rock - Mr. Faz
Leaving the Landscape - Freddy And The Phantoms
Martian Landscape - UFO
Silent Landscape - Hellsaw
Wind-Up Landscape - The Brazz Brothers

Bongos On The Lawn - The Slits.
Cruiskeen Lawn - Clancy Brothers.
Forest Lawn - John Denver.
Gator On The Lawn - Tom Petty.
Grandma's Lawn - Caravan.
Heroes On Your Lawn At Night - Flashbulb..
Keep Off The Lawn - Aesop Rock
Lawn - Jawbreaker
Lawn and So On - Grandaddy
Lawn Boy - Phish.
Lawn Chair High - Rehab..
Over The Lawn - Blueline Medic.
Mr. Johnsons Lawn - Terrence Howard
Potholes In My Lawn - De La Soul
Trelawny Lawn - Marc Bolan and T. Rex
We Could Have Sex On The Lawn - MC Lars Horris.

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PLOT... ...lys...
A Small Plot of Land - David Bowie
A Suitor's Plot - Midnight Renewal
Diabolic Plot - Holy Moses
Doot Doot Plot - Hidden Cameras (The)
Easy Pickenz As The Plot Thickenz - Mc Kanye Rex
Family Plot - Spook Houses
Full Scam Plot - Doja Click
God Is A Plot - Millionaire
Lost The Plot - Newsboys
Plot Murder - Mr. Doctor
Plot Two - With Honor
Strange Plot - Herman Düne
The Fun Powder Plot - Wild Beasts
The Plot - Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo
The Plot - Arrows In Her / White Rabbits
The Plot Against My Love - Coalesce
The Plot Is Lost - Rydell
The Plot That Weaves - Brothers Martin (The)
The Plot Thickens - Anachronaeon /Node
The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle - A Day To Remember
The Plot To Kill Bob Barker - My Hero Is Me
The Plot To Save The World - Jesty Beatz
The Plot Twist (You've Been A Bad Girl) - Dating Delilah
The Poison Plot - Brother's Keeper

POND... ... lys ...
A Door by the Pond - Midi & the Modern Dance
A Little Fish In A Big Pond - Irving Berlin
Andrew's Pond - Cadywoompus

Beep Beep Johnson's Pond - The Drive..
Big Fish, Small Pond - Monomate
Bring It On Golden Pond - Pretty Girls Make Graves
Ducks On A Pond -
The Incredible String Band.
East Of The Pond - The Uptones
Fonz Pond - Insane Clown Posse.
Lilly Pads Upon The Pond - Michael Hurley
Lily Pond - Vashti Bunyan
Little Fish In A Big Pond -
Mr Pond - Chameleon Circuit
Over The Pond - Jay Sean
Pond Of Desperation - Aggressive Mind
Pond Song -
Dinosaur Jr.
Snake Pond - Raekwon.
Somehow A Frog Finds A Pond -
Lunch Money.
Strays At The Ice Pond -
Cherry Ghost.
The Glistening Pond -
Kevin Kern
The Little Pond - Ash
The Pond And The Stream - Sandy Denny.
The Pond Song - The Zambonis
Tickle Cove Pond - Great Big Sea..

You're The Only Duck In My Pond - Drederick Tatum

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RAKE ... ...lys...
20th Century Rake - Lubricated Goat
Face Rake - Half Japanese
I'm A Rake And Ramblin' Boy - The Kingston Trio
Limerick Rake - Christy Moore
Mower And Rake - The Online Romance
Only A Rake - Holly Throsby
Rake - Steve Earle
Rake And Rambling Boy - Joan Baez / Don Williams
Rake At The Gates Of Hell - Pogues, The
Rake It In - Imogen Heap
Rake Your Leaves - Grey Does Matter
Rake Your Nails Across The Firmament - Devil's Blood
Rusty Rake - SNFU
The Limerick Rake - The Pogues
The Rake's Song - The Decemberists

Bitter Shovel - Outspoken .




.. pg-5, jz-6,fr-all, hm-all, pp-8
100 Yard Dash - Raphael Saadiq
1,000 Yards - Spring Heel Jack /Black Ritual
A Bird in Igor's Yard - Buddy DeFranco
Back In Your Own Back Yard - Peggy Lee /Billie Holiday
Back Yard - Louis Hayes
Barn Yard Blues - The Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Bertha's Big Back Yard - Clutch
Blanket In the Yard - Alexa James
Blues for Yard - Nat Su Quartet
Boat Yard - Joss Stone
Broken Heart Yard - Thirteen Arrows
Church Yard - Blood Runners
Clean Up Your Own Back Yard - Elvis Presley
Devil Was In My Yard - The Sleepy Jackson
Down In Your Own Back Yard - Ted Heath
Fifty Yards Of Soul - Whitefield Bros.
Fresh From Yard - Beenie Man.

Funk Yard - Joe Krown Organ Combo
Get Outta My Yard - Gretchen Wilson
Groove Yard - The Montgomery Brothers
Hang Him from the Yard Iron - Paul TJ O'Neill
Jenning's Yard - Sixgun Symphony
Junk Yard Blues - Eddy and the Bluetones
Junk Yard Dog - Winger
Lying in the Yard - Tangerine
My Yard - Jamie Cullum
Nine Yards - Paperboy
One Yellowman Ina the Yard - Yellowman & Fathead
Oregon Yard - Rin Tin Tiger
Owner Fe De Yard - The Ethiopians
Playin' In The Yard - Rose Lemmers with Top Hat Trio
Please Leave My Yard - Honchie
Singin' in Our Own Back Yard - Jack Pearson
Sorrow Is My Own Yard - Bryan Murray
Stars In The Yard - Jim Chappell
Stock Yards Strut - Freddie Keppard
Suite in the Yard - Heinz von Hermann Trio
Sweet Birds Yard - Buddy Charles Concert Jazz Orchestra
Ten Yards - Zero By None
Tenament Yard - Irie Love /Jacob Miller
The Old Church Yard - Larry Sparks
The Whole 9 Yards - Eric Stone
Thousand Yard Stare - Kevin Cadogan / Craig's Brother
Too Many Cars in My Yard - Black Bottom Biscuits
Twenty Yard Hero - Cold Hard Truth
Twenty Yards Behind - Dr Feelgood
Water In The Yard - Double Joe
Worlds Away, Yards Apart - Hiding in Public
Wrecking Yard - Cousin Jake
Yard - Jazz Mix Band / James Jones Band
Yard Bird Suite - Miles Davis
Yard Dog - Roy Eldridge Orchestra
Yard Dog Mazurka - Jimmie Lunceford
Yard Sale - Sammy Kershaw
Yard Space - Funky Ones
Yard's Pad - Red Rodney
Yellow Yard -
The Wilderness of Manitoba









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