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AARON .... ... p24
Aaron It Out - Lonely Ninjas
Aaron Rodgers Seems Alright - The Replicates
Aaron's Blues - Aaron Sachs Sextet
Aaron's Groove - Aaron Bing
Aaron's Song - One Hundred Dollars .
Aaronic Benediction - Joshua Aaron
Oh Aaron - Aaron Carter ft Nick Carter and No Secrets

ABEL ... ...lys...
Abel - The National
Abel 82 - Ludwig Hirsch
Abel And Cain - Marc Almond.
Abel To Cain - D'espairs Ray.
Cain and Abel - Valley Maker .
Cain And Abel - Interference .
Cain And Abel - The Residents .
Cain And Able - Josh Kelley .
Guess God Thinks I'm Abel - Oasis
Kain And Abel - Protector.
Like Abel's Blood Cried For Revenge - Callisto
Ready, Willing, Cain And Abel - The Paper Chase..
Reaping For Abel - Monumentum

ABRAHAM ... ...lys...
(We Are All) Children Of Abraham - Patty Loveless
Abraham - Irving Berlin
Abraham and Isaac - Valley Maker .
Abraham Lincoln - Antonia Font
Abraham Lincoln's Head - Lemon Demon
Abraham, Martin And John - Marvin Gaye / Harry Belafonte / Marillion/..et al..
Abraham's Daughter - Arcade Fire
Bosom Of Abraham - Elvis Presley
Children Of Abraham - Arlo Guthrie
God Of Abraham - Bruce Ellis / Dean Friedman
Hey Abraham - The Online Romance
Isaac & Abraham - Joan Baez .
La Mémoire d'Abraham - Céline Dion
Shield Of Abraham - Kinky Friedman
Speedos And An Abraham Lincoln - Rappy McRapperson
The Rivers Of Abraham - Chris De Burgh

ACHILLES ... ...lys...
Achilles - Jag Panzer
Achilles Heel - Toploader
Achilles Last Stand - Led Zeppelin
Achilles Lung - Million Dead
Achilles Revenge - Warlord
Achilles' Heart - Stiff Little Fingers
Achilles, Agony And Ecstacy - Manowar
Cry Of Achilles - Alter Bridge
Temporary Like Achilles - Bob Dylan.

ADAM ... ...lys...
Adam - Eddie Reader / Richie Havens
Adam And Eve - Bob Marley / Elvis Presley / Paul Anka
Adam And I - Ray Thomas
Adam And Lorraine - Ben & Jason.
Adam And Nathan Totally Kick Ass - El Ten Eleven .
Adam And Steve - Spacehog.
Adam In Chains - Billy Idol.
Adam In Space - Dan Greene .
Adam Jr. - Interzone
Adam Raised A Cain - Bruce Springsteen.
Adam The Inventor - Pete Seeger
Adam's Apple - Aerosmith.
Adam's Atoms - Bad Religion
Adam's Eyes - Die Happy
Adam's Song - Blink 182 /Rodney Crowell .
Atom To Adam - Otep / Killah Priest.
I Am Adam - Micheal Sweet
Let's Give Adam and Eve Another Chance - Gary Puckett &th Union Gap.
Mr. Adam's Daughter - KMC.
New Adam New Eve - Embrace
Roket Adam - Athena
Song For Adam - Jackson Browne.
Song For Adam - Jackson Browne
The Adam Hillsong - Tim Minchin
The Fall of Adam - Marilyn Manson
The Temptation Of Adam - Josh Ritter
Xtc Vs. Adam Ant - They Might Be Giants

ALAN / ALLEN ... ...lysbth..p10gbth...
Alan Is A Cowboy Killer - Mclusky
Alan Jones Wins - Up The Fury
Alan Watts Blues - Van Morrison
Alan's On Fire - Machine Head
Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast - Pink Floyd
Allen's Alley - Miles Davis .
Allen Hotel - The Adolescents
Barbara Allen - Ritchie Blackmore / John Travolta /Joan Baez /Frank Turner/Dolly Parton/..et al
Barbara Allen's Grave - Adam Selzer.
Hello Sandy Allen - Split Enz.
James Alan & the Fire - Filligar.
Jane Allen - Billy Bragg & the Blokes.
Letter To Alan - Cold Chisel
Living Next Door To Alan - Kevin Bloody Wilson
Long Legs Like Alan Jackson - Leland Martin
Nightmare Allen - Allen Eager
Open Letter to Lily Allen - Dan Bull.
The Alan Shearer Song - Martyn Parker
The Ballad Of Barry Allen - Jim's Big Ego.
The Night G.g. Allen Came To Town - Drive-By Truckers
The Power Of Alan Watts - Joy Zipper
Woody Allen - Two Fingerz
Woody Allen - Allo, Darlin'
You Got Your Woody Allen In My Gerard Butler - Count To Four.

ALBERT... ...p10g.lys...
Albert - Phish
Albert And The Lion - Stanley Holloway.
Albert Balbert - Vibe Tribe
Albert Bridge - The Monochrome Set
Albert Einstein - Ellis Paul
Albert Flasher - The Guess Who.
Albert Goes West - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
Albert's Alley - The Robert Cray Band
Albert's Return - Stanley Holloway
Albert's Shuffle - Albert Collins
Albert's Stomp - Albert King
Can You Get Past Albert? - Buckethead
Frankie & Albert - Bob Dylan.
I Still Love Albert Einstein - Earthling
Misty Morning, Albert Bridge - Pogues...
Mon Cher Albert - Jean Yanne
Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favorite Dish?) - Macabre..
Nina And Albert - Joel Plaskett
The Lion And Albert - Stanley Holloway .
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey - Paul McCartney & Wings..
You're A Good Man Albert Brown (Curse You Red Barrel) - Dukes Of Stratosphear

ALEC ... ...lys......
Alec Baldwin - Caskey
Alec Eiffel - Get Up Kids / Pixies
Alec's Back - Toy Dolls
Alec's Gone - The Toy Dolls
Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness - Lemon Demon
Smart Alec - Adrenicide

ALEX ... ...lys...
Alex - Ezio
Alex - Punch Brothers
Alex - Amerris
Alex (Stolen Script) - Ghostface Killah
Alex And The Omegas - Guided By Voices
Alex Chilton - Patty Griffin / The Replacements
Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk/Korova 1 - U2
Alex English - Dance Gavin Dance
Alex In Transitland - Spencer Davis Group
Alex In Wonderland - This Time Next Year
Alex Kidd In Miracle World - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Alex Kona - Strand Of Oaks
Alex M - Alexander Marcus
Alex Mills Album Snippet - Wiley
Alex T - Russian Red
Alex Theme - Akira Yamaoka
Alex's Apartment - Orso
Alex's Song - Blur
Alex's Song - Knifefight
Apology Letter: To Alex - Show & Tell
Cause I'm Alex Branovich - Alexia Branovich
Chuck, Jf, Alex, Vince - Road Kills ..
For Alex - Ghost Thrower
Girl Called Alex - Kurt Vile
Happy Birthday Alex - Finco Mase
Heart Refuse to Pound (For Alex) - Big Sugar
Magic Alex - Ted Eliason
Oh Alex - The Wild
Owed T' Alex - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
Smart Alex - The Adicts
Song For Alex - Red Eye Express
Song For Alex - Dave Cousins

ALEXANDER ... ...lys....
Alexander - The Angels
Alexander - Daniel Jerome
Alexander And Diogenes - Peter And The Wolf
Alexander Beetle - Melanie
Alexander Graham Bell - Sweet .
Alexander Graham Bell - Richard Thompson .
Alexander In Charge - Tub Ring
Alexander Supertramp - Real Friends
Alexander The Burn Victim - Scarling
Alexander The Great - Iron Maiden
Alexander The Great - Stonehenge
Alexander The Great - Hordes Of The Brave (Part One) - Iron Mask
Alexander The Medium - Jefferson Airplane
Alexander The Metalworker - Mortification
Alexander's Bus - Fight From Above
Alexander's Ragtime Band - Emma Carus / Louis Armstrong / Ray Charles /et al ..
Brandy Alexander - Feist
Brandy Alexander - Ron Sexsmith
Brandy Alexander - The Walkmen
French Kissing Alexander Hamilton - Cleanteeth
If I were not Alexander, I would like to be - Blackout Beach
Joseph And Alexander - Of Montreal
Lullaby for Alexander [instrumental] - Beat Circus
Ode To Alexander - Rob Rock
Pope Alexander - Crywank
When Alexander met Emma - Chumbawamba .
Words From The Executioner To Alexander Pearce - The Drones

ALI ... ...p10..
Ali & Bert - Donald Dark.
Ali In The Jungle - Hours.
Ali-Baba's Camel - Bonzo Dog Band.
Ali For Cody - Senses Fail.
Ali With An "i", Daniel With An "l" - Eyes Upon Separation .

ALFONSO / ALFONZO ... p10g.lys...
Alfonso - Big Fish / Levante
Don Alfonso - Mike Oldfield
St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast - Frank Zappa...

AMADEUS ... ..lys...
Folk Me Amadeus - Momus
Pink Noise (Rock Me Amadeus) - Beck / Falco..
Turbo Amadeus - Yngwie Malmsteen
What Kind Of Name Is Amadeus Mozart? - Royal

AMOS ... lys.p8g...
Amos - Mode9
Amos In Ohio - Kyle Andrews
Amos Moses - Jerry Reed / Conway Twitty / Hank Williams Jr/..et al
Amos Sleeps - Marty Cain and the Humble Romans

ANDREW ... ...p30.lys(B)..
A Day With Andrew - Stiffed
A For Andrew - Attack! Attack!
Andrew - Bowling For Soup
Andrew Beard - Tom Flannery
Andrew Duffy's Jig - Jonatha Brooke
Andrew In Drag - The Magnetic Fields
Andrew McCarthy - Saint Etienne
Andrew's Blues - The Rolling Stones
Andrew's Break - Algorythmik
Andrew's Wizard Rock - Andrew Sims
Saint Andrew's Bridge - Hello Beautiful
St Andrew's Fall - Blind Melon
St. Andrew (This Battle Is In The Air) - The White Stripes
The Cross Of St. Andrew - Five Iron Frenzy

ANDY ...
Andy - Frank Zappa
Andy - Indigo Girls
Andy Lex - Ladybirds
Andy Norris - Badfinger.
Andy Warhol - David Bowie
Andy Warhol Was Right - Warrant.
Andy Warhol's Dead - Transvision Vamp
Andy You're A Star - The Killers.
Andy's Babies - Lloyd Cole.
Andy's Birthday - Randy Newman
Andy's Chest - The Velvet Underground / Lou Reed.
Andy's Song - What Cheer? Brigade
Dear Andy Griffith - Ray Stevens
Desperate Andy - Cranberries.
Guitar Solo Andy - King Diamond
Killing Andy Warhol - Simple Minds.
Last Time I Saw Andrew - Bubblegum Lemonade
Me And Little Andy - Dolly Parton.
Sadie & Andy - Princeton .
Song For Andy - Engineers.
The Ballad Of Andy And Peter - Interior
The Ballad Of Andy And Richie - Echos Myron

ANTON ... lys
All About Anton - The Gun Drops ..
Nu Flyver Anton - Björk
Squeeze Anton - Agathocles

ARCHIE ... ... lys....
Archie & Veronica - Lovage .
Archie's Fades - Xiu Xiu
Archie’s Funeral - Ry Cooder
Educating Archie - Van Morrison
Everything's Archie - The Archies

ARNOLD ... ...lys....
Arnold - The Knees
Arnold And Willis And Mr.Drummond - Five Iron Frenzy ..
Arnold Layne – Pink Floyd
Arnold Palmer - Jetpack Jones
Hey Arnold, Fuck You! - Atlantic Aftermath
Ode To Kevin Arnold - Ludo.
The Next Arnold Palmer - You Vandal
Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer - Blockheads

ARTHUR ... ...lys...
Animal Army [Arthur Plays With Animals] - Babylon Zoo
Arthur - Kinks
Arthur - Rick Wakeman
Arthur Brown's Whiskey Bar - Trouble
Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World - The Divine Comedy
Arthur McBride - Bob Dylan
Arthur Nix - Jupiter Sunrise
Arthur's Car - Ides Of Space
Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) - Christopher Cross / Burt Bacharach
Arthur's Poem - Hawkwind.
Be Careful Who You Love (Arthur's Song) - Hank williams jr / Harlan Howard...
Blind Arthur's Breakdown - Blind Blake ..
Free Arthur Lee - Hopkirk & Lee.
Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream - Sonic Youth ..
King Arthur - Stonehenge
King Arthur - The Epilogues
King Of Arthur Avenue - Robert Pollard
Mac Arthur's Park - Richard Harris / Donna Summer
Madame Arthur - Yvette Guilbert
Mr. Arthur's Place - Michael Johnson.
Oncle Arthur Et Moi - William Sheller
Ozzy Looked Like Bea Arthur On The Ultimate Sin Tour - 7000 Dying Rats
Port Arthur High School Reunion - Janis Joplin
The Abridged Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nantucket - MC Lars.
The Court Of King Arthur - Gruff Rhys
The Fight Of Moses Early & Sir Arthur McCloud - Prize Fighter Inferno
The Truth About Arthur - Golden Earring
Uncle Arthur - David Bowie.

ASHLEY ... ...........lys......................

A Song For Ashley - Bathroom Hieroglyphics
Ashes To Ashley - Mac Lethal / Sadistik
Ashley - Green Day
Ashley - Disco Curtis
Ashley - Temperance
Ashley - The Dodos
Ashley - Big Sean
Ashley - Unruly Helga
Ashley - Cake Like
Ashley - Laureli
Ashley - Escape The Fate
Ashley - Marla Sokoloff
Ashley Christian - The Sexy Accident .
Ashley Dunn - Joshygotechno!
Ashley Parker Angel (Inevitable) - Ela
Ashley Phosphate - Guilt Like Gravity
Ashley Please - Dreamfast
Ashley Sugarnotch - The Ergs!
Ashley's Big Adventure - Into It. Over It.
Ashley's Song - Des Ark
Ashley's Song - Set It Off
Bro, Ashley's Here - Attack! Attack!
Death To Ashley - The Models We Frame
Don't Tell Ashley - A Faster Ride
For Ashley - Reboot the Robot
Little Ashley - Bashy
Mary-Kate & Ashley - Dzk
Sad Ashley - Uncle Outrage
Talk With Ashley - Dj Dmd
Team Ashley Greene - Lakeland

AUBREY ... ...lys (b)...
Aubrey – Bread
Aubrey's House - The Know How
Aubrey's Lil Sister (Laurens Song) - Standing By Lou.

AXEL ... ...lys (b)...
Axel F - Crazy Frog
Axel F. - Harold Faltermeyer
Axel Lent - Bellini Boyz
Axel Springer - Ni Ju San
Double Axel - Zazie
The Demons Of Axel Casian - I Am Abomination

BARNEY ... ...lys...
A Boozehound Named Barney - The Simpsons
Bar-B-Q Barney - Sneaky Pete .
Barney - Loretta Lynn
Barney (...And Me) - The Boo Radleys
Barney Army - Gumbles
Barney Google - The Andrews Sisters
Barney Theme Song - Barney
Barney's Ball-a-rama - Sprung Monkey
Barney's Mozart - The Dubliners
Barney's On Fire - Weird Al Yankovic
Bowling With Bedrock Barney - The Dickies
Fuck Barney - Lil Italy
To Barney Kessel - Pete Townshend

BARRY ... ...lys...
Barry - GusGus
Barry Bonds - Kanye West
Barry Bonds Freestyle - Drake
Barry Horne - Inner Terrestrials
Barry Is The Babys Name - Allan Sherman..
Barry John - Chumbawamba.
Barry Prudom - Combat 84
Barry, Sagittarius - McFadden .
Barry Sanders Oughta Come Back to the Lions! - The Detroit Sports Band.
Barry's Kidnapping - John Williams
Dirty Barry - Barry Adamson
Dirty Barry Stole The Bluebird - The Fratellis
I'm A Hustler Barry - Cam'ron
Lights Of The Commodore Barry - Ryan Matthew..
Margaret Barry Broke My Heart - Brian Kennedy.
Seductive Barry - Pulp.
The Ballad Of Barry Allen - Jim's Big Ego
The Barry Williams Show - Peter Gabriel
The Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo - The Toy Dolls
The Way I See It, Barry - Frank Zappa
Tribute To Barry Martin - Rodney Carrington

BEETHOVEN ... ...p10g lys...
A Fifth of Beethoven - The Bee Gees.
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & Me - Phil Ochs
Beethoven - Union J
Beethoven (I Love to Listen To) - Eurythmics
Beethoven On Speed (Beethoven's 5th Symphony In C Minor) - The Great Kat
Beethoven Street - Rick Springfield.
Beethoven Street - Rick Springfield
Beethoven's Children - Circle Of Dead Children
Beethoven's Nightmare - Dragonland.
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony - Billy Joel
Give Me Beethoven - Citizen Fish
Difficult to Cure (Beethoven's Ninth) - Rainbow...
Fifth of Beethoven - Walter Murphey.
Jack The Ripper (Beethoven Was Deaf) - Morrissey.
Repose Beethoven - Eddy Mitchell
Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry/ ELO / Beatles/ Johnny Winters/..et al.
Savage Beethoven - Marc Bolan and T. Rex.
The Symphonies Of Beethoven - Momus
Ultra Violence and Beethoven - Baby Monster

BEETLEJUICE ... ...lys...
Beetlejuice - Charles Hamilton / Danny Elfman..
Beetlejuice Bukkake - Viral Load

Ben - Michael Jackson
Ben Wah Balls - Blink-182
Bill And Ben - Catherine Wheel.
Big Ben Chimes 12 - Tony Evans ...
Dear Ben - Jennifer Lopez.
Ol? Ben Lucas - Kinky Friedman .

BENJAMIN ... ...lys...
A Life In The Day Of Benjamin Andre - Outkast
Benjamin - The Eames Era
Benjamin - Céline Dion
Benjamin - Veruca Salt
Benjamin - Sanctus Real
Benjamin - Bobbie Gentry
Benjamin [instrumental]- James Taylor
Benjamin And Jumble - Abdoujaparov
Benjamin B. - Fresh Dumbledore
Benjamin Calypso (Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Benjamin Franklin Music - Grand Buffet
Benjamin Franklin Sucks - Anti-BenBenjamin Twine - George Ezra
Benjamin, Kill Your Genius - At Will
Benjamin Twine - George Ezra
Benjamin's Curse - Dre Murray
Breaking Benjamin's Neck - Deception Of A Ghost
Hello Benjamin - Melpo Mene .
It's All About The Benjamins - Puff Daddy Ft The Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim & The Lox ..
Questioning Benjamin Franklin's Ghost - Joan Of Arc
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg - Iron Maiden
The Story Of Benjamin Darling Part 1 - State Radio
Walter Benjamin - Let's Tea Party
Well, Benjamin - Shearwater

BENNY ... ...lys(bjn&by)...
Benny - Mike West / Alex Winston
Benny & Joon - William Beckett
Benny & The Jets - Elton John /The Beastie Boys.
Benny Bullfrog - Madness
Benny Gee - Barbara Dickson
Benny Got Blowed Up - NOFX
Benny Hill - Blue Ridge Mountain Banjo .
Benny The Bouncer - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Benny's Coming Home on Saturday - Ella Fitzgerald
Benny's Got A Cigarette - The Briefs
Bouncing Benny - The Residents
Crazy Benny - Safri Duo
Do the Benny Hop - Sesame Street
Little Benny - Bill Easley
Meet Benny Bailey - Manhattan Transfer
Whatever Happened To Benny Santini? - Chris Rea

BERT ... ...lys...
Ali & Bert - Donald Dark.
Bert Oh Bert - Lena Meyer Landrut
Bert’s Apple Crumble - The Quik..
Bert's Blues - Donovan
Bert's Theme - Monaco
Driving With Bert - Neil Halstead

BILL ... ...lys...
$5 Bill - Back Alley Hooligans
(Won't You Come Home) Bill Bailey - Louis Armstrong
A Girl Named Mary And A Boy Named Bill - Dean Martin.
Absolutely Bill's Mood - They Might Be Giants
Bad Eye Bill - Dr. Hook
Ballad Of Basphemous Bill - Hank Snow
Banjo Bill - Martin Simpson
Baseball Bill - Echo And The Bunnymen
Beste Bill Je Bent Te Lang - Tramps
Bet Your Bottom Dollar Bill You're A Playboy - Queen....
Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) - Van Halen/Merle Haggard/Leon Redbone.
Bill - Talking Heads
Bill And Ben - Catherine Wheel.
Bill Bailey - Sam Cooke / Al Hirt / Michael Bublè /..et al
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home - Bobby Darin/ Brenda Lee/ Patsy Cline/..et al
Bill Bellamy - Lil B
Bill Drummond Said - Julian Cope
Bill Frissell - Zoe & The Buttercups
Bill Gates - Lil' Wayne / Busta Rhymes
Bill Jones' Curse - Knucklehead
Bill Lee - Warren Zevon
Bill Murray - Gorillaz
Bill Romance - Lady GaGa
Bill Smith - Chris Moyles
Bill's Dream - Bill Monroe
Bill's River Blues - Little Feat
Blow Away ( For Bill ) - Kate Bush
Bonita And Bill Butler - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Buffalo Bill - Phish / Eminem
Buffalo Bill Blues - Hot Lips Page .
Charlie Bill Nelson - Lee Hazlewood..
Chicken Bill - Daniel Romano
Colonel Buffalo Bill - Irving Berlin
Cowboy Bill - Garth Brooks
Dollar Bill - R. Kelly.
Dollar Bill Blues - Townes Van Zandt ..
Don't Mess With Bill - The Marvelettes
Ferryboat Bill - The Velvet Underground
Fight The Alton Bill! - Chumbawamba
Five Dollar Bill - The Corb Lund Band ..
Funky Dollar Bill - Parliament/ George Clinton and the Funkadelics ..
Hobo Bill - Jimmy Rogers
Hobo Bill's Last Ride - Iris Dement / Doc Watson..
Hundred Dollar Bill - Jay-Z
I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman - Whistling Jack Smith..
I'm Just a Bill - Jack Sheldon
Icicle Bill - The Jamborees .
Jungle Bill - Yello
Juniper Bill - Branch Brothers
Just A Bill - Joan Osborne
Lonesome Cowboy Bill - Velvet Underground
Me And Ole Crazy Bill - Loretta Lynn
Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston ..
Money (dollar bill y'all) - Coolio
Mr. Bill Collector - Bone Thugs N Harmony.
Oops I Did Bungalow Bill - Rob Kendt ..
Pot Belly Bill - The Toy Dolls
Private Life Of Bill And Sue - Beach Boys
Railroad Bill - Lonnie Donegan / Van Morrison / Chas & Dave /..et al
See Ya Bill - Silverstein
Stay Away From Bill - Diane Schuur .
Telephone Bill - Johnny Guitar Watson
Tell Ol' Bill - Bob Dylan
The Ballad Of Bill Hubbard - Roger Waters
The Ballad Of Bill Thaxton - Marty Robbins
The Ballad Of Bill The Saint - Bayside
The Bill Collecta - Chamillionaire
The Bill Harper Collection - The Beastie Boys
The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill - The Beatles
The Dollar Bill Song - Livingston Taylor ..
The Failure Of Bill Dozer - The Bollweevils
The Private Life of Bill And Sue - The Beach Boys
Top Of The Bill - Scorpions
Two Dollar Bill - The Virginia Mountain Boys ..
Walking Dr. Bill - B.B. King
What's A Telephone Bill? - Bootsy Collins
When Big Bill Speaks / The Man Who Knew A Man - Ray Davies
Wild Bill - Lasse Lindgren
Wild Bill Donovan - Stan Ridgway
Wild Bill Jones - Alison Krauss & Union Station
Wit A $20 Dolla Bill - Bizzy Bone
Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey? - Harry Connick Jr.
Wrinkled Crinkled Wadded Dollar Bill - Johnny Cash
Your 10 Dollar Bill - Otis Taylor

BILLIE ......lys...
Billie - Chris Moyles
Billie Jean - Michael Jackson.
Billie Jean - Spencer Bell .
Billie Jeans - Jose Feliciano
Billie Listens (To Your Heartbeat) - Joan Osborne
Billie Serenade - Afterhours
Billie Sneaks Into Dean & Dean's Swingin Uptown - Diana Ross
Billie's Blues - Frida Payne/Lester Young/ Billie Holiday/ Al Casey/..et al
Billie's Bones - Janis Ian
Billie's Bounce - Charlie Parker & Miles Davis
Billie's Theme - Hoyt Axton
Jordan Billie Pets The Wild Horse's Mane - The Blood Brothers
Look For Love (Billie Joe 5 Years O
Ode To Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry
Roy and Billie - Brian O'Blivion .
Ruby Jean And Billie Lee - Seals & Crofts..

BILLY... lys
Ballad Of Billy Jo McKay - Shawn Mullins
Billy - Céline Dion / James Blunt
Billy (Title Theme) - Bob Dylan
Billy 1 - Los Lobos
Billy & Chuck - WWE.
Billy And Rex And Oral And Bob - Johnny Cash..
Billy And Sue - B.J. Thomas.
Billy Austin - Steve Earle
Billy B. Bad - George Jones
Billy Bad Ass Vs. Tommy Tough Nuts - Below The Tide ..
Billy Bad Breaks - The Damned
Billy Bayou - Jim Reeves / Kitty
Billy Bible and the Beast Boy - The Broadsides .
Billy Bones and the White Bird - Elton John...
Billy Boy - The Andrews Sisters
Billy Breathes - Phish
Billy Brown - Mika.
Billy Budd - Morrissey
Billy Christian - Margie Bowes .
Billy Davey's Daughter - Stereophonics.
Billy Dee - Kris Kristofferson
Billy Died - Young Rebel Set
Billy Don't Be A Hero - Paper Lace .
Billy Don't Fall - Terence Trent D'Arby
Billy Eye Dull - Monork to Die ..
Billy, Get Me a Woman - Joe Stampley
Billy Get Your Guns - Bon Jovi
Billy Goat - Tony Rich.
Billy Goat Hill - The Kingston Trio
Billy Hunt - The Jam
Billy Jack - Curtis Mayfield / Lenny Kravitz
Billy Jack Bitch - Prince
Billy Jean - Michael Jackson
Billy Liar - The Decemberists
Billy Paul - Vince Gill.
Billy Paul Said - Michael Roe.
Billy Porter - Mick Ronson
Billy Ruskin - Ed Sheeran
Billy Sparks - The Waterboys
Billy Spleen - Sum 41
Billy The Boy - Terry Allen
Billy The Kid - The Falcons/Marty Robbins/Tex Ritter/..et al .
Billy The Kid's Dream Of The Magic Shoes - The Mountain Goats
Billy The Mountain - Frank Zappa
Billy Tyler - Chas & Dave
Billy You're My Friend - Gene Pitney
Billy's Bones - The Pogues
Billy's Gone - Level 42
Billy's Got A Gun - Def Leppard.
Billy's Got a Gun - Def Leppard
Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On - Neal McCoy
Billy's Revenge - Robert Plant
Billy's Solo - Mr. Big
Billy's Third - Undertones
Billy-A-Dick - Bette Midler
Bongo Billy - The Stumbler's Inn
C'mon Billy - PJ Harvey
Charming Billy - Johnny Preston
Come Home Billy Bird - The Divine Comedy
Dear Billy - Janis Ian
Don't Be A Fool, Billy! - Super Furry Animals
It's Still Billy Joel To Me - Weird Al Yankovic
Little Billy - The Who
Mad About You (with Billy Thorpe) - Olivia Newton-John
Me And Billy The Kid - Pat Green
Milk (Ode to Billy) - Anthrax
Mr. Participation Billy - Joan Of Arc.
Ode for Billy Dean - Hot Tuna
Ode To Billy Joe - Patricia Barber..
Ode To Billy Joe - Ashley Gearing
Oh Billy Please - Donna Summer
One Tin Soldier (The legend of Billy Jack) - Coven
Pigsty Billy - The Oyster Band
Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose) - Joan Baez
Punk Rock Billy - Slightly Stoopid
Rock A Billy - Guy Mitchell / Buck-O-Nine
Rock Back Billy - John Hiatt
Rock-A-Billy - Holly Dunn
Rocker Billy - Chaos Z
Silly Billy - The Toy Dolls
Song For Billy - Young Jazz Giants
Song For Billy - Ursula Rucker
Stack Shot Billy - The Black Keys
Stagger Lee And Billy - Ike & Tina Turner
The Ballad Of Billy The Kid - Billy Joel
The Day That Curly Billy Shot - The Hollies
The Devil And Billy Markham - Bobby Bare
The Friends Of Billy Bear - Deacon Blue
One Tin Soldier (The legend of Billy Jack) - Coven .
The Many Adventures Of Billy Strong - Brandon Henderson
Wee Billy's - Mike Vass
Wild Billy's Circus Story - Bruce Springsteen..
(You Hit The Wrong Note) Billy Goat - Bill Haley & His Comets...
You're My (Billy) Idol - Mona Ray

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Bo Diddley - Buddy Holly / Bob Seger
Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Jeep - Spike Jones

B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) - Outkast...
Billy And Rex And Oral And Bob - Johnny Cash..
Bob - Weird Al Yankovic
Bob And Belinda - The Rejects .
Bob Bin In - Jim Ryan's Forward Energy Trio Portland .
Bob Dylan's 115th Dream - Bob Dylan..
Bob Marley - Gudda Gudda .
Bob Marley - Gucci Mane .
Bob Marley Prelude - Dean Brody .
Bob, Paul & Seneca - Daniele Groff..
Bob That Head - Rascal Flatts .
Bob Wills Boogie - Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys.
Cowboy Bob - Butthole Surfers .
Everybody Loves Bob Marley - Macka B.
Jesus' Brother Bob - The Arrogant Worms..
Play Bob Marley At My Funeral - Bent Left .
Talkin' Woody, Bob, Bruce & Dan Blues - Dan Bern..
Tribute To Bob Marley - Prince Far I / Christophe Maé .
Uncle Bob's Midnight Blues - Randy Newman...

BOBBY ... bts done ...lys...
Bobby - Barbara McNair
Bobby - Carmen McRae
Bobby - Eve Boswell
Bobby - Jerry Harrison
Bobby - Neil Scott
Bobby - Pete Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto
Bobby - Ricky Valance
Bobby - Robin Ward
Bobby & Mario - Latin Giants of Jazz .
Bobby And The Boys - Roy Orbison
Bobby Brown Goes Down - Frank Zappa..
Bobby Creep - Ja Rule
Bobby Did - Neil Diamond
Bobby In Phoenix - Bobby Womack / Gorillaz
Bobby Jean - Bruce Springsteen.
Bobby Kennedy - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Bobby Moore's Wine - The Chameleons
Bobby No Morals - Weezer
Bobby Peru - Luna .
Bobby Peru - Mary and the Boy .
Bobby Sox To Stockings - Frankie Avalon
Bobby Ray Intermission - B.O.B
Bobby Shaw Is My Tiga - Dre Dog
Bobby Sox To Stockings - Frankie Avalon
Bobby Strong - Eric Copeland
Bobby's Arms - Dolly Parton
Bobby's Back - Brian Setzer Orchestra
Bobby's Girl - Bon Jovi
Captain Bobby Stout - Manfred Mann's Earth Band ..
Go Bobby Soxer - Chuck Berry
Hey Bobby - Country Joe Mcdonald
I Wanna Be Bobby's Girl - Lesley Gore.
Little Bobby - Dynamite Boy
Love Song For Bobby Long - Grayson Capps..
Mary Lady Bobby Kins - The Melvins .
Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother - ABBA.
Me And Bobby Mcgee - Janis Joplin / Kris Kristofferson
Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother - Abba
Must Be Bobby - RZA
Ricky Bobby - Zebrahead
The Ballad Of Bobby And June - Mitch & Mickey
The Ballad Of Greyfriars Bobby - The Real Mckenzies
The Bobby Song - Totally Radd!!.
Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn - Sonic Youth
To Bobby - Joan Baez
Wrong About Bobby - Eels

BONAPARTE ... ...lys...
3 Minutes In The Brain Of Bonaparte - Bonaparte.
Bonaparte's March - Christian Wig & Mark Ward .
Bonaparte's Lament - Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson
Bonaparte's Retreat - Kitty Wells/Willie Nelson/Hank Locklin/Kay Starr
Done With Bonaparte - Mark Knopfler

BONZO... ...lys...
Bad Time For Bonzo - The Damned
Bonzo Goes To Bitburg - Ramones
Bonzo's Montreaux - Led Zeppelin.
Il Bonzo - Enzo Jannacci

BORIS... ...p10...lys....
Boris - The Melvins
Boris Dancing - Jethro Tull.
Boris Karloff Is Dead - Corn On Macabre.
Boris the Spider - The Who.

BRAD ... ..lys...
Brad - Hanson Brothers
Brad (song Four) - Little Rock Nine, The
Brad And Suzy - Jude .
Brad Jordan - Isaiah Rashad .
Brad Logan - Rancid
Brad Logan And Five More Days - Rendering Logan
Brad Nowell - Subb
Brad Pitt (Two Four Letter Words I Don't Mind) - A Stained Glass Romance
Brad's Death Wish - Human Collapse
Brad's House - The Uglysuit
Brad's Interlude - Crooked Lettaz
Mac And Brad - Beanie Sigel ft. Scarface .
New Brad - Volcano, I'm Still Excited!
The Untimely Death Of Brad - Five Iron Frenzy

BRADLEY... ...lys....
Anna Bradley - Anna Bradley .
Bradley - Coal Chamber
Bradley - Shootin' Goon
Bradley Bear - Holiday Shores
Bradley Smith - At The Drive-In
Buddy Bradley - Adam Green
Steve Bradley - Aces Over Kings .
The Bradley - Further Seems Forever
Young Bradley Diss - Super Dee

BRENDAN ... .palg......lys....
Brendan Kelly's Got A Blog - The Jukebox Romantics
Brendan's Death Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers..
St. Brendan's Voyage - Christy Moore
St. Brendan's Way - Lowest Of The Low

BRIAN ... ...bts.lys...
3 Minutes In The Brain Of Bonaparte - Bonaparte
Basic Brian - James
Brian - Christina Aguilera
Brian - Chumbawamba
Brian - Monty Python
Brian & Robert - Phish.
Brian And Vince Experience - Suburban Legends.
Brian Boru's March - Loreena McKennitt
Brian Eno - MGMT
Brian O'lynn / The Hag With The Money - Steeleye Span
Brian Song - Monty Python
Brian The Vampire - Xiu Xiu.
Brian Wallows - Family Guy
Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies
Brian Wilson Said - Tears For Fears
Brian Wins Again - Weatherbox
Brian's Song - George Shearing
Burn Brian Burn - Ash
Carol And Brian - Taking The Fourth.
The Life Of Brian - Little River Band
What Would Brian Boitano Do? - South Park

BRUCE ... ...lys...
Bruce - Foo Fighter / Rick Springfield
Bruce Lee - Dj Sammy / Mac Tyer
Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris - Jonathan Painchaud...
Bruce Lee Vs The Kiss Army - Guttermouth
Bruce Oh My Bruce - Fifth Hour Hero
Bruce Springsteen In Baghdad - Tom Flannery
Bruce Wayne - Kevin McCall
Bruce's Philosophers Song - Monty Python
Cousin Brucie Go Go - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons .
Cut Em' Loose Bruce - Happy Mondays
Eddie, Bruce And Paul - NOFX ..
Eulogy To Lenny Bruce - Nico.
Father Bruce - Grace Slick & The Great Society
Lenny Bruce - Bob Dylan.
News Of The World Bruce Foxton - Jam
Slaughter Of Bruce - The Gits
Talkin' Woody, Bob, Bruce & Dan Blues - Dan Bern..
The Bruce - Grave Digger
Who Is Bruce Wayne? - Esham

BUCK ... .......lys.
Go to : Money, Money, Money

BUBBA ... bts done...lys....
Baby Bubba - Timbaland.
Bubba Hyde - Diamond Rio
Bubba Shot The Jukebox - Mark Chesnutt / The Country Dance Kings..
Bubba Talk - Bubba Sparxxx.
Bubba's Bar B-Q - Milton Kerr .
Bubba's Blues - My bubba & mi
Bubba's Girl - Rascal Flatts.
Bubba's Sulky Lounge - Patty Griffin.
Damn You Bubba - Trace Adkins.
Hey Bubba - Primer 55
Hurricane Bubba - Anti-Heros
If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too) - Shenandoah
The Living Bubba - Drive-By Truckers
The Real Bubba - Jason Meadows
Willy Bubba - Insane Clown Posse

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BURT ... ......lys......
1970 Burt Blileven Rookie Card - Small Towns Burn a Little Slower
Burt Bacharach And Family - B-Side
Burt Reynolds Vs - Training For Utopia
Burt Rutan - Kids In The Way
Closer, The Ballad Of Burt And Linda - Cheap Trick
Diggin' Burt Bacharach - Status Quo
Lonesome Cowboy Burt - Frank Zappa
Ouch! Please Meet Burt - Billy Joslyn ..
Poppy Burt-Jones - Beady Belle
Yellow Burt - The Toy Dolls

CAESAR ... ...lys ......
Anonymous Caesar - Pale Forest
Arrival Of The Caesar - Naer Mataron
Big Black Bull Comes Like A Caesar - Munly And The Lee Lewis Harlots
Black Caesar - Debase
Caesar - Iggy Pop
Caesar - Typhoon
Caesar - I Blame Coco
Caesar - Kech
Caesar - 4th Avenue Jones
Caesar Forever - Reverend Bizarre
Caesar Palace - Booba
Caesar, Why Don't You Seize Her? - Frank Carter
Caesar's Palace - Morbid Angel
Caesar's Palace Blues - U.K
Caesar's Surrender - The Fauves
Fit For Caesar - Sun Araw
Give To Caesar - Alove For Enemies
Hail Caesar - Wolf
Hail Caesar - AC/DC
Hey Caesar - Ivy Quainoo
In Caesar We Trust - White Skull
Julius Caesar - French Montana
Julius Caesar - Finn
Iulius Caesar [Instrumental] - Dark Moor
Julius Caesar (Memento Hodié) - Nico
King Caesar - Head Automatica
Like Caesar Needs A Brutus - Simon Bonney
Little Caesar - Kiss
Little Caesar - Blondie
My Remembrance As Julius Caesar - I In Team (The)
The 13th Caesar - Cradle Of Filth
The Closer To Caesar - Playing Enemy
Then Kill Caesar - Current 93
Tony Caesar - Deaddoginblackbag
Tony Caesar - Deaddoginblackbag.
Unto Caesar - The Dirty Projectors
Young Caesar 2000 - The Mountain Goats

CAIN ... ..............lys.......
A Cross For Cain - The Hellacopters
A Merry Cain - A Love Like Pi
Abel And Cain - Marc Almond.
Adam Raised A Cain - Bruce Springsteen.
Bad News For Cain (Torture) - Snoop Dogg
Beyond The Light Of Cain - Aceria
Blame It On Cain - Elvis Costello.
Blood For Cain - Darklands
Brand Of Cain - Sitd
Brother Of Cain - Destruction.
Cain - Patty Griffin
Cain - Alice Donut
Cain - Ancient Rites
Cain - Bargain Music
Cain - The Choir
Cain - Tiamat
Cain - Flatfoot 56
Cain - Artemesia
Cain [instrumental] - P.O.D.
Cain and Abel - Valley Maker .
Cain And Abel - Interference .
Cain And Abel - The Residents .
Cain And Able - Josh Kelley .
Cain If You're Able - Blood Root Mother
Cain Novacaine - Dwarves
Cain Rose Up (Scream Bloody Murder) - Realm.....
Cain Sings The Blues - Crotchduster..
Cain Station - Tonight We Ride
Cain The Slayer - Agonizer
Cain's Blood - 4 Runner.
Cain's Way - Hate.
Candy Cain - Steve Miller.
Children Of Cain - Twilight Of The Gods
Children Of Cain - Marilyn Manson
Citizen Cain - The Black League
Coke Cain - Golliwog
Dogma Of Cain - Echidna
For The Love Of Cain - Roland Orzabal
Ghost Of Cain - Bruce Dickinson.
Go Cain - Najwa Nimri.
Hey Miss Cain - Devendra Banhart
House of Cain - Balance Of Power.
I Cain't Say No - Carol Burnett / Poe
If I Were Cain - Behemoth
Jim Cain - Bill Callahan
Kain And Abel - Protector.
Legacy Of Cain - Mind Eclipse
Lullaby For Cain - Sinead O'Connor.
Mac Cain - S-crew .
Mad House Of Cain - Jacob's Dream
Mark Of Cain - Sworn Vengeance .
Mark Of Cain - Therion .
Mark Of Cain - Noa .
Mark Of Caine - Billy Idol .
Mourning Cain - Soma
Pornographer Cain - Solefald
Prowl Great Cain - The Mountain Goats
Raising Cain - Rock, Paper, Cynic
Raising Cain - Gregory Alan Isakov
Raising Cain - The Mission
Ready Willing Cain And Able - The Paper Chase..
Shame Of Cain - Section 8
She Is My Cain - Wolfgang
Sons Of Cain - Forest Of Impaled
Suga Cain - Suga Free
Terra Nova Cain - The Church
The Blade Of Cain - The Flower Kings
The Crimes Of Cain - Joan Baez.
The Fall Of Cain's Contenance - Skycamefalling
The Ghost Of Cain - Bruce Dickinson
The Mark of Cain - The Stone Coyotes .
The Sons Of Cain - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
The Sons Of Cain - Amen Corner
Tribes Of Cain - Samael
Twist Of Cain - Danzig.
U Cain't Check Me - Penthouse Players Clique
Y Cain't Da Homies Hear Me? - Gospel Gangstas

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CARL ... .....lys.......
Carl An The King Come - Robert Burns
Carl Barker - Dance Gavin Dance
Carl Czerny Op. 849 - Master's Hammer
Carl Jones (You're Note Alone) - Man Factory
Carl Perkins' Cadillac - Drive-By Truckers
Carl Sagan - Loch Lomond
Carl Solomon Blues - Dear And The Headlights
Carl Streator Might Have Been On To Something - Amazing Transparent Man / Cursive
Carl Weathers - Busdriver & Radioinactive With Daedelus
Carl's Basement (The Noise From) - Inde 74
Carl's Big Chance - The Beach Boys
Carl's Song - The Magic Numbers
Hot Carl - The Presidents Of The United States Of America
Me And Carl - Sicko
New Years With Carl Weathers - The Wonder Years
Soul Searchin' (with Carl Wilson) - Brian Wilson
The Jimmy Carl Black Philosophy Lesson - Frank Zappa

CASANOVA ... ... lys ...
Bookshop Casanova - The Clientele
Casanova - Coffee
Casanova - Ultimate Kaos / Levert
Casanova - Gisela Lladó Cánovas
Casanova - Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music
Casanova - Luv
Casanova - Hoodie Allen
Casanova - Martina Sorbara
Casanova - Esmee Denters ft. Justin Timberlake
Casanova - Knapsack
Casanova - Lights
Casanova - Jacob Diefenbach
Casanova - Nova
Casanova (Fly Guy) - R.A. The Rugged Man
Casanova 70 - Air
Casanova Baby - Brigitte Nielsen
Casanova Brown - Gloria Gaynor
Casanova In Hell - Pet Shop Boys
Casanova Rodeo - The Word Alive
Casanova Solo - Annabelle Mouloudji
Casanova's Got the Blues - Richard Clapton
Casanova, Baby! - The Gaslight Anthem
Confessions of an Ineffective Casanova - Franz Nicolay
Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood.
Drop Dead, Casanova - Disco Ensemble
Foolish Casanova - Petek Dincöz
Hey Casanova - Duncan Sheik
La Cocina en La Casa de Casanova - Christian and the Hedgehog Boys
Madame Casanova - La Fille D'octobre
Mister Casanova - Indra
Rap Casanova - Baba Saad
Shaolin Casanova - Quantice Never Crashed
Theme From Casanova - The Divine Comedy
White Line Casanova - Brooks & Dunn

CASEY... ....lys....
Ballad Of Casey Jones - Grateful Dead /Dave Van Ronk
Ballad Of Casey Klock - Crimes Of The Conspiracy
Bar The Door Casey - The Rumjacks
Callin' Dr. Casey - John Loudermilk
Casey - Fweetma
Casey - The Menzingers
Casey - Jupiter Sunrise
Casey - Darren Hayes
Casey - Christy Moore
Casey - Jughead's Revenge
Casey At The Bar - The Mendoza Line
Casey Jones - This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb / Shannon Murray
Casey Jones - Johnny Cash / Eddy Arnold
Casey Jones Was His Name - Hank Snow
Casey Junior - Disney's Dumbo
Casey Loves Couture - The Semester Review
Casey, Write Me Off - Searching Streetlights
Sorry Seacrest It's Casey's Countdown - Burden Of A Day
The Ballad of Casey Deiss - Shawn Phillips.
The Battle Of J. Casey - Divine Heresy
The Ghost Of Preacher Casey - Dave Sharp
Walkin' Down To Casey's - Greg Brown
Casey Jones - Grateful Dead

Ballad of Charles Whitman - Kinky Friedman
Blame It On The Death Of Charles Kuralt - Tom Flannery
Boat On The Charles - Todd Rundgren
Charles - De la hoya
Charles (The Red One) - Magic Weapon
Charles Atlas Song - Frank:-Rocky Horror Show
Charles Birk - Dr. Ring-Ding
Charles Bronson Was Great In Deathwish 5 - Dissonant
Charles Bronson Will Not Turn Into A ____ Band - Charles Bronson
Charles Brown---please Come Home For Christmas - Aaron Neville
Charles Bukowski Is Dead - The Boo Radleys
Charles C. Leary - Devendra Banhart
Charles Ewert - End of a Year
Charles Goodnight's Grave - Ian Tyson
Charles In Charge - Loko Phylum
Charles In Charge - Relient K
Charles In The Park - Josephine Foster
Charles Mansion - Mood Rings
Charles Manson's Birthday - Otis Ball
Charles Martel - Folkearth
Charles St. - Amos Lee
Charles Windsor - Manic Street Preachers McCarthy
Chill Out, Charles - Maika Makovski
Crossing The Charles - Fred Small
Cryin' Time - Barbara Streisand ft. Ray Charles
Do The Charles Manson - Necro
For Charles Bronson - The Mountain Goats
Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones - The Cryan' Shames .
Hey Charles! - Alphaville
Lake Charles - Lucinda Williams
Lake Charles Shuffle - Harry Choates .

Little Stevie Ray Charles Mingus - Victor Wooten ..
My Eyes Murdered Charles Townsend - Across Five Aprils
Ray Charles - Bangladesh .
Ray Charles - Chiddy Bang .
Ray Charles Dream - Water Liars.
St. Charles - Jefferson Starship .
Sunshine & Charles - Pearls Before Swine
The Ballad Of Charles Whitman - The Geezers
The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles - Exodus .
The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward - Orphanage .
The Charles Atlas Way - The Fauves

Charlie - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Charlie And Fred - The Hollies .
Charlie And Freddy - Of Montreal .
Charlie Bill Nelson - Lee Hazlewood..
Charlie Brown - The Coasters / Coldplay
Charlie Chan In Egypt - Michael Franks .
Charlie Darwin - The Low Anthem
Charlie Don't Surf - Funeral For A Friend
Charlie Jordan - A .
Charlie Sheen Vs. Henry Rollins - Alexisonfire .
Charlie Sheen Vs. Henry Rollins - Moneen .
Charlie, Sky & Jupiter - Sparkles in the Milk
Charly - The Prodigy
Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie - Fletcher Henderson
Bonny Charlie - Tommy Makem.
Good Time Charlie - James Cotton ..
Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues - Danny O'Keefe / Leon Russell...
High Water (For Charley Patton) - Bob Dylan.
The Words of Charlie Oats - Backup Johnny .
Uncle Charlie - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band .
Why, Charlie Brown - Wynton Marsalis Septet

A Song For Chris - Elevate: I Am
Biggest G Is Chris Reed - D12
Chris - Luca Leoni
Chris And His Connor (Whom I Already Love) - Atom And His Package.
Chris And Kevin's Excellent Adventure - Liquid Tension Experiment .
Chris And Tony - Steve Towson.
Chris Barnes Is A Pussy - Anal Cunt
Chris Bedford - The Buddha Men
Chris Benoit - Insane Clown Posse
Chris Benoit You A G - Preschool Tea Party Massacre
Chris Cayton - Goldfinger
Chris Chambers - Stereophonics
Chris Chambers - My Sunrise
Chris Drives Me Home - Whatever It Takes
Chris F. - Effigy
Chris Farley - Hilltop Hoods
Chris Is Dead - Johnossi
Chris Is The Owner Of The Club - David Homyk
Chris Isaac - Lydia Loveless .
Chris Jericho (Break The Walls Down) - WWE
Chris Lighty - Busta Rhymes
Chris Lighty Skit - Uncle Murda
Chris Michaels - The Fiery Furnaces .
Chris Paul - CTE World .
Chris Pooped At The Skatepark - Spazz
Chris R - Swirlies
Chris Rea Full Of Grace - Best Before Today
Chris Rock In The Club - Lil Jon
Chris Rock Let's Be Friends - Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz
Chris Rock Was My RA - Jimmy Fallon
Chris Rodgers (And The Wiffle Ball Bat) - Piebald
Chris The Birthday Boy - Solex
Chris Tucker - J. Cole
Chris's Letter - Seventh Day Slumber
Chris's Song - Fifteen
Chris, Did You Ruin The Dance Party? - Wow, Owls!
For Chris - Matty Pop Chart
Goodbye Chris - The Kavanaghs
House Shoes Was Spinnin With Quelle Chris - J Dilla
Mc Chris Owns - Mc Chris
Mr. Chris T. Ian - Ill Harmonics ..
My Friend Chris - The Menzingers
Pieces Of Chris Trent - White Flag
The Ballad Of Chris McCandless - Ellis Paul
The Day Chris Ledoux Died - Spike Nicer
The Death Of Chris Palko - Cage
To Chris Carrabba - Chad Bradley
Yung Chris - Trae

Annie Christian - Prince .
Anti-Christian - Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Anti-Christian Warfare - Clandestine Blaze
As A Christian - Papa San
Ashley Christian - The Sexy Accident .
Be A Christian - Me + Ty
Begotten Christian Bastards - Lucifer
Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place - Good Clean Fun
Billy Christian - Margie Bowes .
Boneless Christian - Coven
Born Again Christian - Cats On Fire
Born Again Christian - Raheem
Christian - China Crisis
Christian Anarchism - Borgazûr
Christian And Pam - Mark Chadwick .
Christian and the Hedgehog Boys Theme - Christian and the Hedgehog Boys
Christian Animation Torch Carriers - Guided By Voices
Christian Brother - Elliott Smith
Christian, Christian - The Start
Christian Circus - Gianni Morandi
Christian Criminal - Amen
Christian Dear - Ari Herstand
Christian Death - Old Man's Child

Christian Dior Denim Flow - Kanye West
Christian Dior Denim Flow - Kanye West
Christian Fiction - Ancestral Malediction
Christian Girl - V. Rose
Christian Girls - Hefner
Christian Hate Mail - Calibretto 13
Christian Incoherent Drivel - Carpathian Forest
Christian Island - Gordon Lightfoot
Christian Meat - Lost Soul
Christian Meat'n'Chips - Dawn Under Eclipse
Christian Metal = Nazi Reggae - Swallowing Shit
Christian Militia - New Model Army
Christian Names - Atlas Sound
Christian Or Canadian - The Vandals
Christian Resistance - Holy Terror
Christian Rock Concert - Half Man Half Biscuit
Christian Says - Tones On Tail
Christian Sheeps - Mor
Christian Slaughter - Necrophobic
Christian Soldiers - Rasputina
Christian Song - Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub
Christian Street - Marah
Christian Termination - Grief Of Emerald
Christian Vengeance (Exodus 12) - If All Else Fails
Christian Woman - Type O Negative
Christian's Inferno - Green Day
Christian's Nightmare - Evilwar
Conservative Christian, Right Wing, Republican, Straight, White, American Males - Todd Snider
Crispy Christian Tea Time - Teh Robot Ate Me
Crushed Skull On Christian Shoulders - Gorelord
Dear Mr. Christian - Derek Minor .
Decay Of Christian Empire - Thyrane
Desecration Of Alleged Christian History - Phlebotomized
Dilacerate The Christian Meat - Abate Macabro
Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You - The Posies / The Bee Gees
Extermination Of Christian Mass I - Morbus
Failed Christian - Nick Lowe
Fallen Christian Empire - Mystic Circle
Good Christian - Warhead
Good Christian Men, Rejoice - Phil Keaggy
Good Christian Soldier - Kris Kristofferson
Great Capital, Judeo-christian Patriarchy, Love Letters And Tea - No Guts No Glory
Happy Birthday Mr. Christian - Appolonia 6.

Harvester Of Christian Souls - Dementor
Hate The Christian Right - Team Dresch
He's Kissing Christian - That Dog
Hey Christian God - Snog
Hunters Of Christian Souls - Murder Rape
I Am Christian Dior - Unarmed For Victory
I Wanna Be A Christian - Daniel B Marshall Band
I Want To Be A Christian - The Proclaimers
I'm A Christian - Bizzle
Incredible Christian - Da T.R.U.T.H.
Into Christian's Mind - Eternal Devastation
Kill The Christian - Deicide
King Christian - Mew
Liberal Christian Youth Ministry - Dustin Wong
Militant Christian Girlfriend - Third Try
Mission With Christian - Lackthereof
New Christian Music - Alien Sex Fiend
On Christian Funeral - Season's End
Onward Christian Slater - Bert Susanka
Porn Again Christian - December Wolves
Quench Your Thirst With Christian Souls - Suicidal Angels
Requiem For A Christian Era - Psyclon Nine
Run! Christian, Run! - Super Furry Animals
Sexy And Christian - MDC
Sister Christian - Coheed And Cambria / Night Ranger.

Some Kinda Christian - David Hopkins
Sometimes I Feel Like Fletcher Christian - Jon Langford
Tearing The Veil Of Christian Ignorance - Accursed (US)
The Alchemy Of Sacred Evil (Christian Holocaust) - Goetia
The Christian Dance Song - Dog Fashion Disco
The Christian Life - The Byrd
The Christian's Testimony - Mahalia Jackson
The Christian - Jimmy Buffett
The Only Good Christian Is a Dead Christian - Foetus
To Be a Christian - Jonathan Pierce
Torment Their Christian Souls With Infernal Powers - Demonic
Tormentor Of Christian Souls - Dimmu Borgir
Wading Through Christian Blood - Morkriket
Wake Of The Christian Knights - Inkubus Sukkubus

CHRISTOPHER ... ....................lys..............................
88 Christopher Street - Dirt Bike Annie
Bring Me The Head Of Christopher Walken - Van Cleef Continental
Christopher - Amen Dunes
Christopher - Orphans And Vandals
Christopher - Véronique Sanson
Christopher - Emm Gryner
Christopher - Reeve Oliver
Christopher - Stargazer Lily
Christopher - Kinky Machine
Christopher And Anthony - Jape .
Christopher Columbus - Duke Ellington / Guy Mitchell / Dinah Washington / The Ink Spots.
Christopher Columbus - Nazz .
Christopher Columbus - Gruff Rhys.
Christopher Columbus - Andy Kirk & His Clouds of Joy .
Christopher Isherwood - Kyle Fischer
Christopher Lydon - The Dresden Dolls
Christopher Robin (is Saying His Prayers) - Melanie .
Christopher Says - Brenda Kahn
Christopher Street - Brian Kennedy
Christopher Tracy's Parade - Prince .
Christopher Walken - Still Life
Christopher Williams - Liza Manili .
Christopher's Walkin' - The Scenic Route
Christopher's River - Biffy Clyro
Christopher's Rose - Cat
Christopher, Mr. Christopher - Styx
Christopher, You're A Soldier Now - Kat Flint
Dan's Christopher Walken Impersonation - Dads .
Don Christopher - Bishop Allen .
Driving With Your Chin (The Ballad Of Christopher) - Pitboss 2000
Hang On St. Christopher - Tom Waits / Rod Stewart.
I Salute You Christopher - IAMX
Saint Christopher [instrumental] - Bibio
So Long St Christopher - Goldheart Assembly
St. Christopher - The Farewell / Devil Doll .
St. Christopher Is Coming Home - Frank Turner .
St. Christopher's Last Stand - Ed Motta .
The Daredevil Christopher Wright - The Daredevil Christopher Wright
The Drowning Of St Christopher - Piano Magic .
The Ghost Of Christopher Wallace - Jay Electronica
The Moon And St. Christopher - Mary Chapin Carpenter ..
Watch Where You're Christopher Walken - Scarlett O'Hara

CHUCK ... ...lys...
Ballad Of Chuck - Steve Poltz
Billy & Chuck - WWE.
Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris - Jonathan Painchaud...
Chuck - Agent 51 / Waterview / Blatz
Chuck Berry - The Toasters
Chuck Berry Fields Forever - Gal Costa
Chuck Chuck - Frets On Fire
Chuck-E's in Love - Rickie Lee Jones
Chuck, Jf, Alex, Vince - Road Kills ..
Chuck McChip - The Dillinger Escape
Chuck Norris Doesn't Sleep, He Waits - Rosematter .
Chuck Norris Is A Sick Ass Whiteboy - Sycamore Dreams.
Chuck Norris Vs. David Hasselhoff - Undergod..
Combat Chuck - Five Iron Frenzy
Cool Hand Chuck - Latin For Truth
Crew Cut Chuck - Mad Caddies
Face Of The Earth/Chuck @ Artist Development - Toby Mac
Hey Charlie Hey Chuck - Bearsuit
My Chuck T's - Taylor Hodak Band
Song For Chuck - The Roy Clark Method
Stuck Like Chuck - Crease
What Would Chuck Norris Do - Attila

CISCO ... ...lys...
Cisco Clifton Had A Fillin' Station - Johnny Cash
Cisco Kid - War /Cypress Hill /Sublime /Method Man
Hey Cisco - Deep Purple
Little Cisco - The Reds

CLANCY ... ...lys...
Clancy's Tavern - Toby Keith
Mr. Clancy - The Walkabouts .
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing - The Carpenters / Buffalo Springfield ..

CLARENCE ... ...lys...
Clarence Frogman Henry - Al Stewart .
Clarence In Wonderland - Kevin Ayers
Clarence White - Low
Simple Clarence - Danja Mowf
Vote For Clarence Mudd - Lee Hazlewood

CLARK ... ... lys ...
Banjo Clark - Darrell Scott
Belmont And Clark - Glue
Clark - Kid Valiant
Clark And Rightwood - Fire Divine
Clark County Record Fair - Saint Etienne
Clark Gable - The Postal Service
Clark In My Car - Men's Recovery Project
Clark Kent - Fullerton.
Clark Kent - Fullerton
Clark The Monarch - Torture Division
Clark's Nutcracker - Throwing Muses
Collect From Clark Kent - Braid.
Don't Throw Me Down, Clark - Spraynard
Gene Clark - Teenage Fanclub
Henry Clark - Seth Lakeman
Janet Clark - Meryn Cadell
Lewis And Clark - Wax .
Lois & Clark & Lake - Mazes
Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale - Love
Mike Clark - Spinvis
Miss Clark And The Computer - Roy Wood
Old Joe Clark - Hank Williams / Charlie Haden
Old Joe Clark - The Kingston Trio
Old Joe Clark - Jerry Rivers
Old Joe Clark - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
Old Joe Clark - Dan Zanes
Poor Wee Jockey Clark - Richard Thompson
Roy Clark In Vegasstay Through The Credits - Tom Smith
Tracey Clark - The Amplifetes

CLAUDE ... ........lys......
Claude - The Melvins
Claude Dallas - Ian Tyson
Claude Monet - Thirsty Merc
Jean Claude Jackette - The Mighty Boosh
Oops Claude - Doug Pitts .
Puffy Cloud (Puffi Claude) - Ween
Saint Claude - Christine And The Queens
Save Me Claude - The Gossip
The Coats Of Claude - Bucketheadland

CLIFF ... ...lys...
A Cliff In Colorado - Steve Holy
A Sunset Walk To The Cliff - Still Life
Cliff Hanger - Blackalicious
Crowd Surf Off A Cliff - Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
From The Sea Cliff - Elbereth
Gila Cliff Dwellings - The Postmarks
Oak Cliff Bra - Edie Brickell ..
Off A Cliff - The Spill Canvas
On The Edge Of A Cliff - Theb Streets
The Cliff - Pelican / Emily Jane White
The Cliff Before The Fall - Salt The Wound
The Cliff Is Nigh - Over The Edge
The Cliff of Suicide - Gothica
To The Cliff - Goat Horn
Walking Off A Cliff Again - The Mint Chicks
You Make Me Want To Drive Off A Cliff - Happy Campers

CLIFFORD ... ... lys ...
Clifford - Kech
I Remember Clifford - Dinah Washington
Justin Clifford Rhody - Captain Chaos
Oh Yes, I Remember Clifford - Manhattan Transfer

CLINT ... ...lys...
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz / Shaun Ryder
Flicking Clint - The Velvet Teen

CLYDE ... ...lys...
'03 Bonnie & Clyde - Jay-Z ft Beyoncé.
'97 Bonnie & Clyde - Eminem .
2 Bonnies & 1 Clyde - Luni Coleone.
Bad Boy Clyde - Esthero
Bonnie and Clyde - Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.
Bonnie and Clyde - Splean.
Bonnie & Clyde - Die Toten Hosen .
Bonnie & Clyde (Part II) - Foxy Brown ft Jay-Z.
Bonnie & Clyde II - Martina Sorbara.
Bonnie & Clyde Freestyle - Kanye West.
Bonnie & Clyde 2000 - Moses Pelham.
Bonnie N Clyde - Papoose.
Clyde - J. J. Cale
Clyde Skit - Ghostface Killah
Clyde Warrior & Jessy Colt - The Gang.
Clyde's Bonny Banks - Christy Moore.
Diggity Cow And The Dandy Mr. Clyde - Idiot Flesh.
Feather On The Clyde - Passenger
Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde - Travis Tritt .
River Clyde - Annie Keating .
Ronnie And Clyde - Rihanna .
So Far From The Clyde - Mark Knopfler
Take A Walk With Bonnie & Clyde - Wait What.
The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde - Georgie Fame..
The Bonnie and Clyde Theme - Yo-Yo.
The Legend of Bonnie & Clyde - Merle Haggard.
Turn Clyde - Bloodhound Gang

CODY... .......lys........
Ali For Cody - Senses Fail.
Are You Familiar With The Work of Zach and Cody? - Spraynard
Cody - Bowling For Soup
Cody - We Set The Sun
Cody - Smile Empty Soul
Cody - Mogwai
Cody [Instrumental] - Low + Dirty Three
Cody Alaska - Jordin Goff
Cody, Cody - Flying Burrito Brothers
Cody, Yr Breaking My Heart - Joe Yoga
Cody's Song - Kenny Loggins
Cool Cody - Rose Hill Drive
Mr. Cody - The Honeycutters
The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody - The Twins

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COLIN ... ......lys...................................
Callin Colin - Mental As Anything
Colin - Baddies
Colin The Copper - Glasvagas..
Colin Zeal - Blur
Colin's Farewell - Kate Rusby
Colin's Song - The Mowgli's
It Must Suck To Be Colin Powell - Tom Flannery
Mel And Colin - Pretty Balanced
Sir Colin Is In Da House - DJ Sir Colin

CONNOR ... .........lys.........
Brave Connor Mac - The Lord Weird Slough Feg .
Chris And His Connor (Whom I Already Love) - Atom And His Package.
Coach Connor - All Get Out
Connor - The Feeling
Connor Kizer Wearing Bead Jewelery - Dan Deacon
Connor's Life - Lorne Balfe
Connor, Welcome - Atom And His Package
Erin O'connor - The Long Blondes .
Flannery O'Connor - Simon Joyner
Scott And Connor Are Both Dorks - The Pettit Project
Sinead O'Connor On MTV - Alice Donut
The Death Of Dan Connor - The Evening Raid

CORTEZ ... ..........lys...........
Black Cortez - King Lil G
Cortez Sail - Terry Allen
Cortez Shoes - Lil' Rob
Cortez The Killer - Neil Young / Zodiac / Screaming Females / The Church / Dave Rawlings Machine / Matthew Sweet/..et al
Ernie Cortez - Hoods .
Nike Cortez - Brown Boy
Sea Of Cortez - The Promise Ring

CYRIL ... .....lys....
1 Less Cyril To Live With - Obscene Jesters
Cyril - Sexy Sushi
Cyril Davies - Ginger Baker Trio
Mad Cyril - Happy Mondays
Nice one Cyril - Cockerel Chorus
Pour Cyril - How To Dress Well

DALI ... ......lys......
Da Da Dali - Todd Rundgren
Dali - Martin Grech
Dali (Ferry Me Over) - Kate Bush
Dali & the Hallucinating Bullfighter - John Danley ..
Dali Thought - Echostream
Dali Tzerni - Charming Hostess
Dali's Car - Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band / Dali's Car
Dali's Picture - The Chameleons
Dali's Praying Mantis - Botch
Kay Dali - Sam Concepcion .
Salvador Dali - Loona
Save Me from Dali - Snakefinger

Cowboy Dan - Midnight Cattle Callers
Dan The Banjo Man - Dan The Banjo Man ..
Dan's Christopher Walken Impersonation - Dads .
Danzig Needs A Hug - Sugar Ray.
Surfer Dan - The Turtles .
Talkin' Woody, Bob, Bruce & Dan Blues - Dan Bern..
The Lilac Hand Of Menthol Dan - T.Rex.
The Paul The Dan - Drapht.

DANI ... ......lys........
Dani - A Smile From The Trenches
Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dani's Song - Gone Wrong
Dani's Story - Bligg

Ali With An "i", Daniel With An "l" - Eyes Upon Separation .
Battle of a Swan Lake, or, Daniel's Song - Swan Lake
Brooke Daniel's Tiny Broken Fingers - Carissa's Wierd
Come On Daniel - The Wave Pictures
Daniel - Elton John / Jose Feliciano / Glee Project / Thia Megia / Jeff Gutt
Daniel - Fuel / Tori Amos
Daniel - Mt Eden
Daniel - Bat For Lashes
Daniel - Aggression Tales
Daniel - Joshua James
Daniel - The Rumble Strips
Daniel - Joss Stone
Daniel - Burn Down Rome
Daniel - Veronica Falls
Daniel - Twin Sister
Daniel - Lior
Daniel - Juliane Hatfield
Daniel - Something Really Dirty
Daniel - Devendra Banhart
Daniel 10 - Flame
Daniel 12:8 (Third) - The Mountain Goats
Daniel And The Sacred Harp - The Band
Daniel and the Sacred Harp - The Band.
Daniel Boone - Caleb Stine
Daniel Cowman - Regina Spektor
Daniel Dolphin - The Free Design
Daniel Flop - R. Stevie Moore
Daniel In The Den - Bastille
Daniel Larusso Is Going To Fight! - The Know How
Daniel Mclean - The Fire Tonight
Daniel Nivel - Christian Seel
Daniel O'Donnell - Chris Moyles
Daniel Plainview Has A Drinking Problem - Lexington Field
Daniel Prayed - Loveless Patty
Daniel Prayed - Patty Loveless
Daniel Saw The Stone - Phish
Daniel Striped Tiger - Tiny Hawks
Daniel The Jack - Virgin Snatch
Daniel Was A Player - Act As One
Daniel Was A Timebomb - Snowman
Daniel's Blues - Strand Of Oaks
Daniel's Cove - Erin Regan
Daniel's Lament - Busman's Holiday
Daniel's On The Run Again - Marielle
Daniel's Song - The Finches
Daniel, My Brother - Broadway Calls
Daniel, Where's The Boat? - Drop Dead,Gorgeous
Darren, Daniel, Dave - The Others ..
Decoration Daniel - The Terrordactyls
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel - Paul Robeson / Manic Street Preachers
Dirty Daniel - Big D And The Kids Table
Hay Daniel - Depuis
Jack Daniel - Boom Gang .
Jack Daniel's - V-Mann.
Jack Daniel's & Jesus - Chase Rice.
Jack Daniel's & Pizza - Carnivore.
Jack Daniels - The Automatic .
Jack Daniels - Miranda Lambe.
Jack Daniels - Ski's Country Trash.
Jack Daniels - Eric Church.
Jack Daniels And Michelle - Bill Pekar .

John Daniel - Dolly Parton .
Justice for Daniel Faulkner [Instrumental] - Better Dead Than Red
Levi and Daniel - Elephant Micah .
Maybe Daniel's All the Push I Need - Johnny Foreigner
Me And Daniel Tosh - Krispy Kreme aka Froggy Fresh
Someone Like Daniel - Cut Off Your Hands
Song For Daniel - Bishop Allen
Song For Daniel - Ana Silvera
The Book Of Daniel - Mf Grimm
The Name Is Broder Daniel - Broder Daniel
When Daniel Goodings Made It Rain - Fever Marlene

Dance Danny Dance - Los Coronas
Danny & Lucy (11 PM) - Volbeat .
Danny Boy - Traditional
Danny Boy - Rufus Wainwright
Danny Boy, Danny Boy - House Of Pain
Danny Callahan - Conor Oberst
Danny Carlisle - Vic Chesnutt
Danny Come Inside - White Rabbits
Danny Deever - Celtic Folk
Danny Diamond - Squirrel Nut Zippers
Danny Don't Cry - Zascha Moktan
Danny Don't Rapp - Daniel Johnston
Danny Elfman Got Me Dressed Today - Luckie Strike
Danny Glover - Slim Thug
Danny Glover - T.I.
Danny Glover Ain't My Lover - Everyone Everywhere
Danny Hates And Danny Fights - Backside
Danny Hippo - Heffer85
Danny Is A Wimp - Screeching Weasel
Danny Likes Emo - The Atoms
Danny Partridge - Mr. T Experience
Danny Phantom - Danny Phantom
Danny Saucedo USA! - Danny Saucedo
Danny Says - Less Than Jake
Danny Says - Tom Waits / Foo Fighters / The Ramones
Danny Thomas - Diana Ross
Danny Vapid - The Queers
Danny Velasco's Testimony - The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Danny Wilde - Les Innocents
Danny Zuko Made It Look So Easy - Such A Mess
Danny's All-star Joint - Rickie Lee Jones
Danny's At The Wedding - The Walkmen
Danny's Chant - Fleetwood Mac.
Danny's Downs - Peter, Paul & Mary
Danny's Problems - The Lillingtons
Danny's Song - Loggins and Messina / Anne Murray / Gator Creek /...et al.
Danny's Song - Jamie McDell
Danny's Valentine - The Chupacabras
Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well - A Silent Film
Detox Danny - Flip Kowlier
Donegal Danny - The Dubliners / The Tossers / Phil Coulter
Dope Danny - Daniel Lioneye And The Rollers
Girls Want Danny B - Saaa
Jay Dee’s Revenge With Danny Brown - J Dilla cuts By D.j. Dez ..
Keep Lookin` For Tumbleweeds Danny - NRBQ
Mr. Danny Boy - Pearl Jam / Mother Love Bone
My Name Is Danny Glover - 6 Fifty Per Shoe
Ride Danny Ride - Nekromantix
The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34) - Elton John
The Ballad of Danny Dinorawrrr - Monomate
The Devil And Danny Cohen - Danny Cohen
The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy - Joe Jackson
The Sad Ballad Of Danny Boy - Floater
The Songs Of Danny Galway - Prefab Sprout
Uncle Danny - Astronautalis
Where Is Danny? - Danny!
Will The Real Danny Radnor Please Stand? - American Analog Set

Darcy - Bored Nothing
Darcy - The Acorn
Darcy Farrow - Nanci Griffith / John Denver
Darcy's Donkey - Gaelic Storm.
Dear Darcy - Joshua James
Farrow, Darcy - Jimmie Dale Gilmore
I Wanna Look Like Darcy Clay - Chris Knox


Darren - Allo, Darlin'
Darren & Dan - Newham Generals
Darren, Daniel, Dave - The Others ..
Darren's Roof - I Hate Myself
Fat Darren - Life Before This

DAVE ...
Arkansas Dave - George Strait
At Dave's - King Missile
Black Dave - Get Low - The Smokers Club & Jonny Shipes
Bring It To Dave (Interlude) - Dave Hollister
Chas 'n' Dave - Chris Moyles
Cowboy Dave - Happy Mondays
Dagenham Dave - Morrissey .
Dagenham Dave - The Stranglers
Darren, Daniel, Dave - The Others ..
Dave - Boomtown Rats
Dave - Baken Beans
Dave - The Pale
Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist) - Boards of Canada
Dave And Brook - Lost-minded
Dave And Mary - Hotknives
Dave Brubeck - Tom Flannery
Dave Feels Right - Saves The Day
Dave Ghetto - Mystic
Dave Goes To Hollywood (Vice Campaign) - The Black Dahlia Murder
Dave Grohl - Wesley Willis
Dave Has A Problem... Seriously - De La Soul
Dave Jones' Locker - David Gray
Dave Mackinder Vs.the World - Fireworks
Dave Matthews Band Live - The Reptilian
Dave Matthews Ripped Me Off (And So Did Opeth) - Anti-Ben
Dave Mustaine - Name
Dave Mustang - Slowdown Virginia
Dave Navarro's Goatee Fucking Sucks - Bugs
Dave Steib - Sewing With
Dave, Stop Killing Prostitutes - Mclusky
Dave The Butcher - Tom Waits
Dave The Dope Fiend - Pigeon John
Dave The Moon Man - Looper
Dave Thomas - Taking The Fourth .
Dave Vs. US - The Roots
Dave Winfield - Sean Price
Dave You Were Right - Wilt
Dave's Blues - 77s
Dave's Dream - The Czars
Dave's Friend - The Slackers
Dave's Gone Skiing - Toto
Dave's Possessed Hair - Sum 41
Dave's Song - Swiz
Dave-Id Is Dead - Virgin Prunes
Diamond Dave - The Bird and the Bee / Lena Meyer Landrut .
Don't Tell Dave - Dance Gavin Dance
Drummin Dave, Hunter Up - Down By Law
Famous Dave - M. Ward
Hello Dave! - I Mother Earth
Hey Dave! - Skylar
Husker Dave - Armalite
Lonesome Dave's Lovesick Blues - David Bromberg
Maggie & Dave - The Sainte Catherines .
Memoriam For Dave Thomas - Baltimore Shrubbers
One Dollar Dave - Baskerville
Rave Dave - Trash Fashion
Rave Me Dave - E-Rotic
Snowy Dave - 22 Pistepirkko
Thanks To Dave - Gangajang
The Ballad Of Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh - Pat Green
The Fake Rat Of Dave Navarro - Swingin' Utters
Tonight, Dave Perry Will Be Rod Stewart - Wild Blue New Mexico ...
Trudy and Dave - John Hiatt.
Uncle Dave - Guided By Voices
Waiting For Dave - Sunday Facade
Where's Dave And Jason? - Men At Large .
Whistling Dave - Scooter
You & Me & Dave - Gazebo Penguins
Young Dave - Coney Island Dream

Ballad Of Davey Crockett - Smokey River Boys
Billy Davey's Daughter - Stereophonics
Black Jack Davey - The White Stripes / Bob Dylan /..et al .
Black Jack Davy - Pete Seeger / Steeleye Span .

But Davey - Pushover
Davey Crockett - Fang Island
Davey Crockett - Silent Drive
Davey Destroyed The Punk Scene - Anti-Flag
Davey Hatrick - The Zambonis
Davey Jones Locker - Pepper
Davey Jones' Locker -David Gray
Davey Moore - Phil Ochs
Davey Rockit - Pigeon John
Davey's Days - The Toy Dolls
Davey's Last Picture - Nanci Griffith
Davey's Stung - Iain Matthews
Davy You Upset My Home - Joe Tex .
Diamond Davey - Mark Olson
Dirty Davey - The Levellers
Gypsey Davey - Fotheringay
Gypsy Davey - Arlo Guthrie
Jimmy Davey - Condemned 84 .
The Night That Davey Hit The Train - Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts
Who Killed Davey Moore - Pete Seeger

Chuck Norris Vs. David Hasselhoff - Undergod..
David Watts - Kinks
Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones - The Cryan' Shames .
Little David - James Taylor
Once In Royal David's City - Mantovani / traditional carol
Who's David - Busted

A Dash Of Dean Martin - Potentially Yours.
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - Stay...
Harry Dean Stanton - Pop Will Eat Itself .
Hey Jean, Hey Dean - Dean & Jean .
Is That You Mo-Dean? - The B-52s.

Delaney's Donkey - Val Doonican.

Dexter Morgan - My Rockets Up .
The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward - Orphanage .

Dennis Dupree from Danville - The Cryan' Shames .

Dick and Jane - Bobby Vinton .
Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin.

Digsy's Dinner - Oasis.

Django - River Jetty

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Dominick the Donkey - Lou Monte.
Donkey Riding - Great Big Sea
St. Dominic's Preview - Van Morrison.

Call Donovan - JaR
Don Christopher - Bishop Allen .
Don Quixote - Gordon Lightfoot
Modern Don Juan - Buddy Holly
The Ballad of Donald White - Blind Boy Grunt (Bob Dylan) ..

Doug The Jitterbug - Louis Jordan..
The Love Song Of B. Douglas Wilson - Splitsville ..

DUPREE ... ....lys..........
Betty & Dupree - Peter, Paul & Mary .
Betty An' Dupree - Harry Belafonte /The Brothers Four /Billy Lee Riley .
Betty and Dupree - Brownie McGhee / Taj Mahal / Sonny Terry / Chuck Willis .
Big Dupree - Bobby Bare
Cousin Dupree - Steely Dan .
Dennis Dupree from Danville - The Cryan' Shames .
Dupree's Diamond Blues - Grateful Dead
Dupree's Paradise - Frank Zappa
I Have Dreams About The Man(an Ode To Will Dupree From Lucas Turner) - Recall.
Mitzi Dupree - Deep Purple .
The Ballad Of Frank Dupree - The Deep Dark Woods .

Ballad of Dwight Fry - Alice Cooper..

11th Earl Of Mar - Genesis.
Duke Of Earl -
Earl Jean - Beachwood Sparks .
Earl's Breakdown - Dueling Banjos .
Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks .

Eddie - David John
Eddie Are You Kidding - Mothers
Eddie, Bruce And Paul - NOFX ..
Eddie's Coming Out Tonight - Night Ranger.
Eddie's Lane - The Reptilian.
Eddie the Eunuch - Kris Kristofferson.
Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder - Quicksilver..
Mr. Ed Theme (A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course) – TV Theme ..
My Baby's in Love With Eddie Veder - Weird Al.
Roy Jordan And Ed Morgan - Dave Lippman ...
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald - Gordon Lightfoot
Uncle Eddie's Blues - Home By Midnight

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Elmer's Tune - Glen Miller.
St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) - John Parr..

Calling Elvis - Dire Straits
I Try To Think About Elvis - Patty Loveless .
Velvet Elvis - Weird Al Yankovic

EMMANUEL ... ...lys...
Emmanuel - Norman Hutchins
Emmanuel - Blackmore's Nigh
Emmanuel - Hillsong United
Emmanuel - Kathy Mattea / Janis Ian
Emmanuel - Typecast
Emmanuel - JJ Heller
Emmanuel - Jason Morant
Emmanuel - Æon Spoke
Emmanuel - Amy Grant
Emmanuel [instrumental] - Paul Williams
Emmanuel (hallowed Manger Ground) - Chris Tomlin
Emmanuel Chant - Passafist
Emmanuel Hall - Favez
Emmanuel My Provider - Anah Aevia
I Will Find A Way (The Song Of Emmanuel) - Jason Gray
King Emmanuel - Fidel Nadal
O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Traditional Hymn covered by many
O Emmanuel - Killah Priest

ERIC ... ...lys....
A Letter To Eric - Going Nowhere Fast
A Road Trip With Eric - Daniel The Photographer
Ask Eric's Dad What Esquidy Means - Blast The Stereo
Eric - Agents Of Good Roots
Eric And The Digger Blue - Evergreen.
Eric B. Is On The Cut - Eric B. & Rakim
Eric B Is President - Funkmaster Flex / Eric B. & Rakim
Eric Estrotica - Man Or Astroman?
Eric Forman - Nai Harvest
Eric Forrester III - Claire's Birthday
Eric Fucked His Sister's Tits - Walrus Man and Mighty Tighty Rhymefish
Eric Hall - End of a Year
Eric Idol - Gaze
Eric Melvin Vs. PCP - NOFX
Eric Needs A Hug - John's Gross Finger
Eric Remains - Big Heavy Stuff
Eric The Gardener - The Divine Comedy
Eric The Half A Bee - Monty Python
Eric The King - Manchester United Football Club
Eric The Red - Rebellion
Eric The Red - Týr
Eric Wright - GLC
Eric's Bar - Racoon
Eric's Had A Bad Day - SNFU
Eric's Parking Lot - The New Harmful
Eric's Song - Vienna Teng
Eric's Song - 12 Stones
Eric's Trip - Sonic Youth
L'amour Existe Encore Duo Avec Eric Lapointe - Céline Dion
Oh Noble Eric - The Kunek
Shorty Got Back (feat. Sean Kingston & Eric Jay) - Francisco
Song For Eric - Tori Amos
Song for Eric - David Rovics
Song For Eric Solomon To Sing - Elway
Sure Count Eric - 7000 Dying Rats
The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue - Frank Zappa
Untitled (Eric Talks To Much) - New Bruises
Why Is Eric So Cool? - 3 Feet Short

Erin O'connor - The Long Blondes .

Ernie Cortez - Hoods .

EUGENE ... ... lys ...
Careful With That Axe, Eugene - Pink Floyd
Eugene - Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub
Eugene - Andrew Bird
Eugene - Greg Brown
Eugene - Tim Hutton
Eugene - Spencer Bell
Eugene And Diane - Carrie Hassler
Eugene Florestant - Locale A.M.
Eugene You Genius - Bryan White
Eugene's Lament - The Beastie Boys .
For Eugene - Kevin Devine
Hey Eugene! - Pink Martini
One For Eugene - The Gc5
Poor Eugene - Tinkture
Renee and Eugene - The Daffodils .
Scheme Eugene - Red Light Company
Thanks Eugene - The Misadventures

FLOYD ... ...lys...
Floyd - Old Crow
Floyd - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Floyd County - Dwight Yoakam
Floyd Mayweather - Trae
Floyd the Barber - Nirvana .
Gary Floyd - Butthole Surfers.
Ghost Of Floyd Collins - Black Stone Cherry
Here Come Floyd - Cheryl Wheeler
Hey Floyd - Jamiroquai
Pink As Floyd - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Pink Floyd And Alison - Chris Porro.
Pink Floyd Cowboy Song - Dosh
Pink Floyd Suck - Belly-button
Pretty Boy Floyd - Country Joe Mcdonald/Joan Baez/Bob Dylan/Woody Guthrie/Arlo Guthrie/..et al
Punk Floyd - Vices, live in 3D!

FONZ ... ...lys...
Everybody's Got A Lil' Fonz N'em - A Static Lullaby
Fonz - Eugene McGuinness
Fonz Pond - Insane Clown Posse.
Fonz You! - Monkey Swallows The Universe
Robo Fonzie Meets Frank - Reggie And The Full Effect.
The Fonz - Drop City Yacht Club ft. Carlito
The Fonz - Smash Mouth

FRANK ... ...lys...
Anne Frank - Telephant .
Ben Frank - One.Be.Lo
Big Frank - Kool Keith
Blank Frank - Brian Eno
Blunt And Frank - Shawn Phillips
Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man) - Merle Haggard And The Strangers .
Dirty Frank - Pearl Jam
Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink (Frank) - Lorrie Morgan
Dr. Frank Was Right - The Benjamins
Dude Frank - Mutual Disrespect
Feel Better (FRANK) - The Family Rain
For Frank - Mark Lind
For Frank (the Tank) - Wish Upon A Star
Frank - Matt & Kim
Frank - Ween
Frank - Silke Bischoff
Frank - The W's
Frank & Ava - Suzanne Vega.
Frank And Jesse James - Warren Zevon ..
Frank And Lola - Jimmy Buffett.
Frank Booth - Super Snake
Frank Castle Is Dead - Barriers Now Bridges
Frank D Fixer - Jason Mraz
Frank Forgets - Leo Kottke
Frank James Farewell - Michael Martin Murphey.
Frank Left - Margot & The Nuclear So And So's
Frank Miller - Kollegah
Frank Miller Tank Killer - 7L & Esoteric
Frank Mills - Hair the Musical / many covers
Frank Murdah - Madcon
Frank O'hara Hit - Chelsea Light Moving
Frank Propose - Ceschi
Frank Sinatra - Cake
Frank Sinatra - Benett
Frank Sinatra - Miss Kitten
Frank Sinatra Said - John Eddie
Frank The Bunny (Segue) - Maida
Frank V And Crimes - Mr. Criminal
Frank White - The Offseason
Frank Zito - Necro
Frank's 2000" TV - Weird Al Yankovic.
Frank's 2000 TV - Weird Al Yankovic
Frank's 5 Minuten - Franky Kubrick
Frank's Furious Eliksir - Furious Frank
Frank's Place I (Interlude) - Made Man
Frank's Wild Years (For Frankie Z.) - Tom Waits
Frank, AB - Rural Alberta Advantage (The)
Frank: A Rock Opera - Icky Boyfriends
Gangster Frank White - Fler
Gotta Have Something In The Bank Frank - Frankie Vaughan & The Kaye Sisters
He's Frank - Brighton Port Authority /The Monochrome Set
He's Frank (Slight Return) - The BPA (same song as above)
Hello Frank - Sumo
Hey Frank - Marybell Katastrophy
I'M FRANK - The Fall
If I Could Be Frank, You're Ugly! - Greeley Estates
In The Manner Of Anne Frank - Portastatic
Just Like Frank - Less Than Jake
Love Frank - 3D House Of Beef
Matching Wits With Flaming Frank - Girls Against Boys
Mr. Frank Lee - Gie Few ..
Ol' Frank - George Jones
On Being Frank - Ben Folds Five
Our Frank - Morrissey
Pippo & Frank Sound Of Love - Mof
Recovering Alcoholic Visits Musso & Frank - Lodger
Robo Fonzie Meets Frank - Reggie And The Full Effect.
Robot Sings (As If He Were Frank Sinatra With A Half-Boiled Egg And The Salt Shaker On A Breakfast Table) - Buffalo Daughter
Ship Named Frank - Spirit Of The West
Shoot Frank - Cage
So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Simon & Garfunkel ..
Terror & Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard - Lamb Of God
The Ballad of Frank and Jesse James - Johnny Dowd..
The Ballad Of Frank Dupree - The Deep Dark Woods .
The Decadent Mind Of Patient L54; Frank - Ivan
The Frank N Dank Story - Frank N Dank
The Frank Sinatra Blues - Kid Gorgeous
The Frank Sonata - Longpigs
The Theme From Frank Jugga - FannyPack
Tina & Frank - Abfallsozialprodukt.
Un Monde à Nous (avec Frank Sherbourne) - Lââm
Uncle Frank - Drive-By Truckers
When Frank Became An Orb - Fossil Collective
When Frank Dux Sold Out - Surefire Loss

FRANKIE ... ...lys...
Albino Franki - Bob Hamilton Trio .
Blow Frankie - Gush
Evil Frankie - Mclusky
Frank's Wild Years (For Frankie Z.) - Tom Waits
Frankenstein (Frankie Swing) - Edgar Winter
Frankie - D Generation .. Frankie baby wears leather boots
Frankie - Sister Sledge .. Hey Frankie?! I was walking down the street one day
Frankie - Bruce Springsteen .. Dark weekends in the sun out on Chelsea Road
Frankie - Bambix .. Frankie's never been to school but she's nobody's fool
Frankie - Connie Francis .. Frankie, Wherever you are, I love you Aaah
Frankie - Melody Fall .. That's the way you Bug out everyday and
Frankie - Betty Blowtorch .. Patty Patterson was my best friend
Frankie [instrumental] - Randy Newman
Frankie & Albert - Bob Dylan.
Frankie & Sue - Darden Smith .
Frankie and Johnny - (traditional)
Frankie Belle - Rhonda Vincent .
Frankie Carroll - Thin Lizzy
Frankie Freestyle Throwback - Max B
Frankie Goes To Hemel - Lower Than Atlantis
Frankie Goes To North Hollywood - Css
Frankie Is A Cutter - Embrace The End
Frankie Lee - Leo Sayer.
Frankie Mae - Looking For Alaska.
Frankie Please - Rodney Crowell
Frankie Pyroman - A Toys Orchestra
Frankie Says - Phish
Frankie Silver - Lil B
Frankie Stubbs' Tears - Franz Nicolay
Frankie Teardrop - Suicide
Frankie Vs. God - Traces David
Frankie Wants To Be Alone - My Little Airport
Frankie's Bike Is Cool - 12cent
Frankie's Got The Blues - Toy Dolls (The)
Frankie's Groove - Dred Scott
Frankie's Gun! - The Felice Brothers
Frankie's Song - Sci-Fi Lullaby
Frankie's Trade - Celtic Folk
Fuck Frankie - Marilyn Manson
Goodbye Frankie - Danielle Ate The Sandwich
Hold Me Back (Frankie & Johnny) - Michelle Shocked
I'll Have My Way With You, Frankie - The Ark
In The Manner Of Anne Frank - Portastatic .
Like Frankie Knuckles - Miguel Picasso .
My Name's Frankie - Jon Windle
Oh Frankie, We Are All Architects - Tora! Tora! Torrance!
The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest - Bob Dylan....
The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) - George Harrison...
The Kid Frankie - Wiz Khalifa
The New Frankie And Johnny Song - The Brothers Four
Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes To Hollywood) - Counting Crows
Upset Frankie Hustle - Precious Fathers .
Walking Without Frankie - Okkervil River
Yo Frankie (She's All Right With Me) - Dion

FRED ... ...lys...
Charlie And Fred - The Hollies .
Come Fred Astaire - Claudio Lolli
Could We Kill Fred? - Kashmir
Cousin Fred - Kill Your Idols
Dedication: Fred Neil - Currituck Co.
Drip Fed Fred - Madness
Egg Shaped Fred - Mansun
Fabuloso Fred - Dildo
Fred - Rodney Carrington
Fred - Barry Louis Polisar
Fred - Kid Rock
Fred - Nobodys
Fred - Busman's Holiday
Fred [instrumental] - Vanaheim
Fred And George - Harry And The Potters.
Fred And Rose - Kunt And The Gang
Fred Army - Sick Of It All
Fred and Ginger - Brad Hatfield .
Fred Astaire - Donna Summer
Fred Astaire - San Cisco
Fred Astaire - Lucky Boys Confusion
Fred Astaire - The Applemoths
Fred Bear - Ted Nugent.
Fred Come To Bed - E-Rotic
Fred Dekker - End of a Year
Fred Freud - Lee Hazlewood
Fred Heavy - 3rd Revelation
Fred Jones Part 2 - Ben Folds Five / John McCrea
Fred Mercure - Stuck In The Sound
Fred Mertz Was Most Likely A Bad Poet And A Pervert - I Hate Myself
Fred Meyers - Glen Phillips
Fred Neil Medley - Jerry Jeff Walker.
Fred Not Amused - Fred Roth Revue
Fred Olivier - The Toy Dolls .
Fred Partington's Daughter - Del Amitri
Fred Phelps: American Terrorist - Lisabi
Fred the Fish - Daevid Allen
Fred Tube - Fred De Palma
Fred's Ahead - Dom Salvador
Fred's Bus - Jettingham
Fred's Dead - Gred And Forge
Fred's Dollar Store - Super Chikan ..
Fred's Got Slacks - The Fullblast
Fred's Winter Song - Michelle Shocked
Fred: The Bear - As Above, So Below
Friend Called Fred - Spunge
Frozen Fred - Nits
George And Fred - Ginny And The Heartbreakers .
God Hates Fred Phelps - The Jammy Dodgers
Hello, My Name Is Fred - The National Bank
Hey Fred - Rehab
Hey Fred Phelps! Have Fun Burning In Hell! - Hallowed Butchery Of The Son
Honk If You Love Fred Durst - TISM
I Am Fred Astaire - Taking Back Sunday
I May Not Be Fred Flinstone But I Can Make Your Bed Rock - Set It Off
Is This Fred? - No Motiv
It Beats Fred - Pornorama
Just Like Fred Astaire - James
Kill Fred Penner - Black Market Farts
My Name Is Fred - The Great Luke Ski
Ode To Fred - The Quibblers
OK Fred - Errol Dunkley
Ok Fred - Wizo
Radio Fred - Fred Hammond
Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins
Right, Said Fred - The Mathletes
Special Fred - Stephen Lynch / Avril Lavigne
The Ballad of St.Fred - Kevin Devine
To Fred - Potter Noyz

FREDDIE ... ...lys...
Do The Freddie - Freddie & The Dreamers
Fast Buck Freddie - Jefferson Starship.
Feelin' Like Freddie - Inspection 12
Freddie - Thunderheist
Freddie And The Trojan Horse - Radio Dept.
Freddie B-R-U-know - Freddie Bruno
Freddie D Totally Fucked Up '99 - Adelleda
Freddie Feelgood / And His Funky Little Five Piece Band - Ray Stevens
Freddie Foxxx Is Here - Freddie Foxxx
Freddie Freeloader [instrumental] - Miles Davis
Freddie Laker - Waltari
Freddie Mercury - Voodoo Grace Notes
Freddie Said - Barry Manilow
Freddie’s Dead [Theme from Superfly] - Curtis Mayfield
Freddie's Lilt - Steve Martin
Freddie's Yen for Jen - Kurt Elling
Freddie, Please - Derek Webb
Let's do the Freddie - Chubby Checker
The Saga of Freddie & Sam - David Roth
Touching Freddie Mercury - Along Way Home
Who Is Freddie Cougar? - The Postage Era

FREDDY ... ...lys...
And Then I Touched His Freddy Krueger - Clifton
Badder Badder Schwing (Freddy Fresh) - Fatboy Slim
Charlie And Freddy - Of Montreal .
Do The Freddy - The Adolescents
Freddy - Jenny Bruce
Freddy & His Mother - Toys That Kill
Freddy & Maddy - Gasnervino
Freddy And Me - Little Annie
Freddy Kreuger - Stormtroopers Of Death aka S.o.d.
Freddy Kreuger - Reuben
Freddy Krueger - Weekend Nachos
Freddy Lightyear - Witness To A Change
Freddy Mercury (Will Suck Yo Dick Off From Beyond The Grave) - Affiliated
Freddy Morris Monologue - Manhattan Transfer
Freddy My Love - Olivia Newton-John / Glenn Frey / Cindy Bullens
Freddy's Dead - Bound For Glory
Freddy's Store - Jim Caroll Band
Freeloader Freddy - Fastball
Jared's Back And Freddy's In The Trunk - Jared Anderson
Jason Vs Freddy Vs Ash - The Hextalls
Jereon Tel vs Daddy Freddy (Interlude) - Dubmood
Listening To Freddy Mercury - Emery
Tina N Freddy - Mister Monster

GARY... ...lys...
(Looking Through) Gary Glitter's Eyes - The Briefs
A Love Song For Gary Numan - Astronautalis
Ask Gary G - The Mai 68's
Be Like A Dosed Black Eyed Gary - Norwegian Recycling
Dysentery Gary - Blink 182
East Of Gary - Darrell Scott
Gary And Melissa - King Missile .
Gary Condit - Cymbals Eat Guitars
Gary Drug Abusey - 7000 Dying Rats
Gary Floyd - Butthole Surfers
Gary Gilmore's Eyes – The Adverts.
Gary Gilmore's Eyes - The Adverts
Gary Gilmores Eyes - Armsbendback
Gary Glitter - The Methadones
Gary Glitter Bonehead - Blunt
Gary Glitter Fan Convention - Bitter Springs
Gary Got A Gun - Sonic Boom Six
Gary Indiana - Meredith Willson.
Gary Indiana Blues - Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Gary Lou - Neri Per Caso
Gary Monardo's Record Vault Shirt - Spazz
Gary Numan's Porsche - The Fatima Mansions
Gary Oak (I Knew You Were Trouble) - NateWantsToBattle
Gary Payton - Mike B
Gary Preview Page In Pink - None More Black
Gary Song - Alice Smith
Gary Webb - Natural Snow Buildings
Gary's Girl - Tori Amos
Gary's Got A Boner - The Replacements
Gary's In Trouble - Randy Newman
Gary's Song - Spongebob Squarepants
Gary's Teeth - Presidents Of The United States Of America (The)
Gary, Indiana 1959 - Dave Alvin
Gruesome Gary - Down By Law
Last Orders For Gary Stead - Saint Etienne
Not Good Enough, Gary - Spraynard
Pump Lube And Gary The Bear - Daggermouth
The Ballad Of Gary Hart - John Denver
To Gary And Marcus: The Sovereignty Of God Is Omnipresent - Anathallo
When Larry And Gary Get Married - AMFM.

GAWAIN ... ...lys...
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Heather Dale.

GENE ... ...lys...
'Billy-Gene' - Nice & Smooth
Bloody H (The Hurt-Gene) - Endstille
Charlene Gene - Aaron Watson
Come Along (There's A Gene) - Johnossi
Defect 1: Gene - Tom Zé
Dirty Blue Gene - The Captain Beefheart
Drive (For Daddy Gene) - Hit Crew / Tom Ball
Gene And Paul I Hate You Most Of All, Ace Your The Ace And Peter Your The Cat (Kiss Song) - No Use For A Name
Gene Autry - Beulah
Gene By Gene - Blur
Gene Ciampi - Twin Sister
Gene Clark - Teenage Fanclub
Gene Freeze - A State of Mind
Gene Genius - Avalon (Metal)
Gene Machine/Don't Bother Me - Bad Brains
Gene Pool Style - Whirlwind Heat
Gene Simmons Is My Daddy - Amanda Sommers
Gene Thomas Medley: Sometimes / Cryin' Inside - The Texas Tornados
Gene Vincent - Luke Haines .
Gene-ocide - The Lord Weird Slough Feg
Gene.sys - T3chnophob1a
Hedonistic Gene - Inkubus Sukkubus
My Selfish Gene - Catatonia
Papa Gene's Blues - The Monkees
Reviver Gene - Foil
Selfish Gene - Walter Becker
Shallow End Of The Gene Pool - Austin Lounge Lizards
Sharks In The Gene Pool - Jello Biafra / NoMeansNo
Sometimes, I Wonder If Idiocy Is A Gene - Klaus Pyro
Suicide Gene - Man Must Die
Sweet Gene Vincent - Ian Dury and the Blockheads / Robbie Williams ..
The Dreamer's Gene - Sarah's Redemption
The Gene Machine - Frameshift
The Give Up Gene - Deus
The Last Words Of Gene Autry - Franz Nicolay
The Latent Gene - Threshold
The Legend Of Gene Wilder - Rosematter
Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons - Frank Turner
Willie Gene - David Crosby

Chewin' George Lucas' Chocolate - Butthole Surfers .
Fred And George - Harry And The Potters.
George & Cindy - Action Figure Party (Greg Kurstin).
George And Fred - Ginny And The Heartbreakers .
George Lucas Is The Biggest Douche This Side Of Tattooine - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual .
George Of The Jungle - Weird Al Yankovic.
Georgie Porgie - Jewel Akens
Madam George - Van Morrison.
Our Friend George - Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
Sweet Georgie Fame - Blossom Dearie ..

You Got Your Woody Allen In My Gerard Butler - Count To Four.

GORDON ... p16, pp25, j12
A Gordon for Me - Kenneth McKellar
Eye of Gordon - John Hadfield
Gordon Freeman Saved My Life - Miracle Of Sound
Gordon Getty Is a Prick - Grant Macdonald
Gordon Paul - The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die .
Gordon's Farewell - Gordon Bok
Jilted John (Gordon is a Moron) - Jilted John
Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream - Sonic Youth ..
Meet Mister Gordon - Bob Gordon
Peggy Gordon - The Dubliners
The Abridged Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym Of Nantucket - MC Lars
The Ballad of Gordon - Barenaked Ladies.
The Gay Gordons - Jim MacLeod & His Band

Alexander Graham Bell - Sweet .
Alexander Graham Bell - Richard Thompson .

GREG ... ...lys...
Go-Getter Greg - Ludo.
Good Morning, Greg - The FM104 Openline
Greg - Eminem
Greg - The Abbreviators
Greg Allen - Rosa
Greg Ex-masturbator - Your Mother
Greg Kurka - Selena Gomez
Greg Loses Jinx - Randy Newman
Greg Mervyns - Alo
Greg Street Countdown - Big Tymers
Greg! The Stop Sign!! - TISM
Greg's Anthem - Saving Boy Wonder
Greg's Estate - Bad Astronaut
Greg's Last Day - The Starting Line
Greg's Love Song - Swingin' Utters
Greg's Song - Mike Pinto
Greg's Storm - Greg O'Quin & Noyze
Grizzled Greg - Displaced
Hey Greg, Do You Like To Party? - Take Steady Aim
In And Aroung Greg Lake - Wondermints
Tom Savini Versus Greg Nicotero - A Black Rose Burial

Alright Guy - Gary Allan .
Black Chick, White Guy - Kid Rock..
Dime a Dozen Guy - Marshall Crenshaw ..
Girl All The Bad Guys Want - Bowling for Soup ..
Jealous Guy - John Lennon .
Lazy Guy - Slobberbone .
Ordinary Guys - Blue Scholars
Rap Guys - Bizarre.

Hey Gyp - Donovan

Aunt Hagar's Blues - Paul Whiteman Orchestra + Jack Teagarden ..
Aunt Hagar's Children - Ladd's Black Aces ..

Hank's Back! - Hank Sundown & The Roaring Cascades
If You Don't Like Hank Williams - Kris Kristofferson

HARRY ... ...lys....
A Bathing Harry - Lupe Fiasco
Another Harry's Bar - Jethro Tull
Billie & Harry, Don't Explain - Diana Ross
Dirty Harry - Adam Ant / Gorillaz
Don't Bring Harry - The Stranglers
Harry - Janis Joplin & Big Brother & The Holding Company
Harry and Bess - Ferraby Lionheart.
Harry And Joe - Don Williams .
Harry And Maggie - Swervedriver .
Harry Braff - Bee Gees
Harry Bridges - Rancid
Harry Crews - Men Without Hats
Harry Cross (A Tribute To Edna) - The Toy Dolls.
Harry Dean Stanton - Pop Will Eat Itself .
Harry Don't You See - A Petty Pensieve
Harry Frazee And No, No, Nannette - Forgive Durden.
Harry Gato - Supernova
Harry Goldthorpe - Chumbawamba
Harry Hippie - Bitter Springs
Harry Hippie - Bobby Womack
Harry Hood - Phish.
Harry Irene - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band.
Harry Knuckles - Project Grand Slam
Harry May - Business .
Harry Patch (In Memory Of) - Radiohead
Harry Pollitt - The Limeliters
Harry Rag - The Kinks
Harry The Beast Stomp - Charlie Hager & The Captain Legendary Band .
Harry The Hairy Ape - Ray Stevens .
Harry The Head - The Residents
Harry The Scary Canary - Bruce Foulke ..
Harry Truman - Chicago
Harry Up - Corona
Harry Worth - Elvis Costello & the Imposters
Harry, You're a Beast - Frank Zappa .
Harry's Circumcision - Lou Reed
Harry's Dream - Phil Keaggy
Harry's Game - Clannad
Harry's House - Joni Mitchell
Harry's Lament - Mudbloods (The)
Harry's Last Call - Bill Morrissey
Harry's Place - Bruce Springsteen
Harry's Song - Ringo Starr / Barclay James Harvest
Harry's Vodka - Giorgio Bassetti .
Highland Harry - Barbara Dickson
Hurry Up Harry - Sham 69 ..
I'm Just Wild About Harry - Judy Garland / Louis Prima / Al Jolson
Ire Harry - Eddy Grant
King Harry - John Cale
Lazy Harry's - The Brothers Four
Mash It Up Harry - Ian Dury And The Blockheads
Run, Harry, Run! - Lemon Demon
The Ballad Of Harry Bridges - Pete Seeger
The Ballad Of Harry Lewis - Allan Sherman.
The Third Man Theme (Harry Lime Theme) - Jimmy Dorsey
The Trouble with Harry - Alfi and Harry
Uncle Harry - The Living End

HARVEY ... ...lys......
Harvey - Ambrosia
Harvey And Sheila - Allan Sherman.
Harvey Bodine - Brad Paisley
Harvey Dent - The Saturdays
Harvey Djent - The Endless Steppe
Harvey Glataman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot) - Macabre
Harvey Korman Is Gay - Anal Cunt
Harvey Liston - Grey Does Matter
Harvey Logan - Dock Boggs
Harvey Milk - Stars Of Sunday League
Harvey Milk Shit On The Table - Crywank
Harvey Nicks - Mitchell Brothers (The)
Harvey Quinnt - Urban Dance Squad
Harvey The Wonder Hamster - Weird Al Yankovic.
Harvey Wallbanger - Less Than Jake
Harvey's Bar - Kim Larsen
Lee Harvey - This Evening.
Mr. Harvey Wall Banger - Buddha Monk.
Steve Harvey - Rapper Big Pooh
The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave - Butthole Surfers

(Fucking) Henry (fucking) Kelly (you Fucker) - Last Years Youth.
A Touch Of Henry Moore - Nits
An Afternoon With Henry Rollins. - Beans On Toast
Ballad Of Hard Luck Henry - Hank Snow
Cass & Henry - Von Bondies (The)
Charlie Sheen Vs. Henry Rollins - Alexisonfire
Charlie Sheen Vs. Henry Rollins - Moneen
Clarence Frogman Henry - Al Stewart
Common Henry - Amanda Jenssen
Dance With Me Henry - Georgia Gibbs
Don't Go Henry - Stuck In The Sound
Go Henry - Hey Rosetta
Go Tell Henry - The Greenhornes
Graham 'abo' Henry - Frenzal Rhomb
Green Henry - Dada.
Hallie And Henry - Say Hi To Your Mom
Henry - The Cliks
Henry - Bif Naked
Henry - Emma Dean
Henry - Grateful Dead
Henry - Bodi Bill
Henry - Keb Mo
Henry - Josh Joplin
Henry - Thomas Dybdahl
Henry - Pale Saints
HENRY - Sam Brown
Henry #83 - The Brodys
Henry And Mabel - Pothead
Henry Bemis's 115th Dream - Henry Bemis is a Superhero
Henry Cartwright's Produce Stand - Trent Tomlinson
Henry Clark - Seth Lakeman
Henry D. - Peter And The Wolf
Henry Darger - Natalie Merchant
Henry Fonda & Co. - Giorgio Conte
Henry Ford - The Drones
Henry Ford Was A Fascist - David Rovics
Henry Fussy - Justin The Red
Henry Goes To Work - Randy Newman
Henry Greene - Ghosty
Henry Hammers Harder - Knapsack
Henry Hudson - Nico
Henry IV - Elephanz
Henry Joy - Clancy Brothers
Henry Joy McCracken - Dick Gaughan
Henry Kissinger - Monty Python
Henry Kissmyassinger - MDC
Henry Lee - Nick Cave / Dick Justice
Henry Martin - Figgy Duff
Henry Martin, folk song - Andreas Scholl
Henry Miller - Lula
Henry My Son - Arlo Guthrie
Henry Nearly Killed Me (it's A Shame) - Ray LaMontagne
Henry Needs A New Pair Of Shoes - Lowest Of The Low
Henry Parsons Died - Widespread Panic
Henry Rollins Don't Dance - Allo, Darlin'
Henry Rollins Is No Fun - Chixdiggit!
Henry Street - Barbra Streisand
Henry The 8th - Army Of The Pharaohs
Henry The Herbalist - Dubplate 48
Henry The Hexapus - +\-
Henry VIII - The Tyde
Henry VIII - Soma
Henry Went To Paris - Tellison
Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer - Fantômas
I Hope They Call Me Henry When I Die, Too... - Hometown Letdown
I'm Henry The VIII, I Am - Herman's Hermits / The Chipmunks
It's Not The Thing Henry - Alison Moyet
Jesus, I [Henry Francis Lyte] - Zwan
John Henry - Joan Baez / Woody Guthrie/Van Morrison / Bruce Springsteen / et al
John Henry - Wookiefoot
John Henry - Si Kahn / Sonny Terry
John Henry - Harry Belafonte
John Henry - Huddie Ledbetter
John Henry - Cows
John Henry [Instrumental] - Aaron McDaris
John Henry Lives - Laura Veirs
John Henry, Where'd You Go? - Waterdeep
Just Like Henry - Dressy Bessy
King Henry - Steeleye Span
King Henry - Pete Seeger
King Henry V's Conquest Of France - Richard Thompson
King Henry's Madrigal - Jethro Tull
L'infinita Gioia Di Henry Bahus - Verdena
Last Night I Dreamed Of Henry Thomas - Deacon Blue
Let's Be Bad Henry, Let's Be Real Bad - The PAper ChAse
Lily, Henry, And The Willow Trees - Marissa Nadler
Love Henry - Bob Dylan
Lucky Henry - Steely Dan / Walter Becker
Marty And Henry - Randy Newman .
Monsieur Henry - Skoll
Mr. Henry Rubin - Suburban Riot
My Little John Henry - The Brothers Four
Oh Henry - The Civil Wars
Oh Henry - Dionne Bromfield
Papa Won't Leave You, Henry - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds .
Paul Henry - Assembly Of Dust.
Please Mrs. Henry - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Poor Robert Henry - Sixty Watt Shaman
Portrait Of Henry - Grip Inc.
Roll With Me Henry (The Wallflower) - Etta James / Christine Mcvie
Savage Henry - Amplexus
Save the Bones for Henry Jones - Johnny Mercer
Sense Of Henry - I Mother Earth
Skit Henry - Aventura
Sorry Henry Maartens - Flop
The Ballad Of Cape Henry - Todd Snider
The Ballad of Henry Darger - Natalie Merchant
The Ballad Of John Henry - Joe Bonamassa
The Ballad Of John Henry Faulk - Phil Ochs
The Ballad Of Poor John Henry - Cuff The Duke
The Closets Of Henry - Guided By Voices
The Day John Henry Died - Drive-By Truckers
The Late King Henry - Wooden Sky (The)
The Legend Of John Henry - Hugh Laurie
The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer - Johnny Cash
The Secret Life Of Henry - 10cc
Theo And Weird Henry - John Mellencamp
They Killed John Henry - Justin Townes Earle .
Walter Henry Hagan - Dolly Parton .

HERNANDO ... .....lys....
Hernando's Hideaway - Johnston Brothers

HOLLIS ... ...lys...
Christmas In Hollis - The A.K.A.S
Dancing With Ms. Hollis - Halfway To The Moon
Hollis Crew (Krush-groove 2) - Run-D.M.C.
Hollis To Hollywood - LL Cool J
The Ballad Of Hollis Brown - Bob Dylan/Neville Brothers/Nazareth/et al .

HORACE ... ...lys...
Demon Bell (The Ballad Of Horace Pinker) - Dangerous Toys
Horace - Jeff Lorber Fusion
In Walked Horace - J.J. Johnson .
Les 3 Horace - François Perrot
The Diary Of Horace Wimp - Electric Light Orchestra

Catherine Howard's Fate - Blackmore's Night .

HUMPHREY ... ...lys...
Humphrey Bogart - Donald Dark
Humphrey Bogart Doesn't Have Shit On Me - The Premier
Humphrey The Blue Nosed Pumpin - Cracker Jacksons
Humphrey The Whale - MC Lars
The Amorous Humphrey Plugg - Scott Walker.

Mr. Chris T. Ian - Ill Harmonics ..

The Ballad Of Ira Hayes - Johnny Cash.

ISAAC ... ..lys...
Abraham and Isaac - Valley Maker .
Chris Isaac - Lydia Loveless .
Isaac & Abraham - Joan Baez .
Story Of Isacc - Guignol

IVAN ... ...lys...
Dear Ivan - Jimmy Dean
Dinner With Ivan - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
Ivan Archivaldo - Arley Perez
Ivan Draago Is Not My Mentor - Thirty Called Arson
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe - The Clash..
Ivan Revenge - Mystik Journeymen
Ivan The Birdman - Leningrad Cowboys
The Rise And Fall Of Belinda And Ivan - Dogwood.

JACK ...... lys ...
13 Jack O' Lanterns - Murderland
22 Au Black Jack - Christophe Hondelatte
23 Jack Of Hearts - Dirty Beaches
A Dance With Jack Ketch - Curse The Mariner
A Jack With One Eye - Texas Is The Reason
A Mundane Phonecall To Jack Parsons - A Sunny Day In Glasgow
A Tune for Jack - Simon Franglen / Lemon Jelly
Ace, King, Queen, Jack - Herman's Hermits
All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy - Sounds Of Swami
Alright Jack - Leatherface
Alright Jack - John Tams
Apple Jack - Dolly Parton
Atom Jack - Drive Like Jehu
B's Jack Too - Ghetto Twiinz
Backbones of Jack Asses - Locust, The
Backlash Jack - Naked Raygun
Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage - Tenacious D
Ballad Of Jack Frost - The Triffids
Ballin' The Jack - Dean Martin / Brenda Lee
Bareback Jack - Chris Ledoux
Billy Jack - Lenny Kravitz / Curtis Mayfield
Black Jack - Fist Of Fury
Black Jack - The Hives
Black Jack - The States States
Black Jack Blues - Fleetwood Mac
Black Jack Davey - The White Stripes / Bob Dylan /..et al .
Black Jack Davy - Pete Seeger / Steeleye Span .
Black Jack Fletcher And Mississippi Sam - Montgomery Gentry
Blackjack - Airbourne
Blue Black Jack - Mos Def
Boss Jack - Johnny Cash.
Bragg Jack - Mano Negra
Cadillac Jack Favor - Clint Black
Calico Jack - Running Wild
Captain Jack - Dance Dance / Captain Jack
Captain Jack - Billy Joel.
Captain Jack - Joel Billy
Car Jack - The Madd Rapper
Cigarettes, Jack Daniels and Caffeine - Alan Jackson...
Circle-Jack (Chase The Magic Words, Lego Lego) - Melt Banana
Coke & Jack - Mark Lind
Cousin Jack - Show Of Hands
Crack In The Union Jack - Suede
Cracker Jack - Starlight Mints
Cracker Jack - Ol' Dirty Bastard
Cracker Jack Diamond - Don Williams
Cracker Jack Kid - Melissa Ferrick
Cracker Jack Sunday - Rusty Truck
Crooked Jack - Dick Gaughan / Paddy Goes To Holyhead
Daniel The Jack - Virgin Snatch
David Lo Pan Versus Jack Burton - Kane Hodder
Diamond Jack - Wishbone Ash
Dirty Jack - Warrant
Down At The Jack Shack - Nashville Pussy
Down Where The Jack O'lanterns Grow - Irving Berlin
Drink Jack - Wehrmacht
Dublin Jack Of All Trades - The Dubliners / The Chieftains /..et al
Egg Hit And Jack Too - Grandaddy
Everything I Do (Red Jack) - Young A.C.
Fairies Wear Boots / Jack The Stripper - Black Sabbath
Fat Jack - Steppenwolf
Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peter Sellers - Albert Hammond Jr.
Fiery Jack - The Fall
Firey Jack - The Toy Dolls
Flappy Jack's Spectacular Fruit Party - 30 Years Too Late
Flying Jack - Pep's
Fool Metal Jack - Os Mutantes
For Jack Tymon - Scott Miller
Forget (two Inch Punch's 'new Jack Thing' Rework) - Lianne La Havas
From A Jack To A King - Ned Miller
Gentleman's Jack - Machete
Get Up Jack - Joan Osborne
Ginger Jack - Chandeliers .
Goodnight Jack - Saint Etienne
Gotta Have Money (If You Ain't Got Money, You Ain't Got Jack) - Ed O.G.
& Da Bulldogs
Grindcore Jack - Excrementory Grindfuckers
Guilty of Being Innocent of Being Jack Sparrow - Hans Zimmer
Half Jack - The Dresden Dolls
Happy Jack - The Who.
Hello, Jack - Philmont
Hey Jack - Alpha Blondy
Hey Jack I'm On Fire - Ladybug Transistor
Hey Jack Kerouac - 10000 Maniacs
Hey Jack! - 2 Live Crew (The)
Hey Jack, What's In The Sack? - Barry Louis Polisar
Hey Momma / Hit The Road Jack - Pentatonix
Hey No Jack - Son
Hi Jack - Barrabas .
Hi Jack! - Bodo Wartke
Hi-Jack - Aspekt
High Tide Or Low Tide - Ben Harper feat Jack Johnson
Hit That Jive Jack - Diana Krall..
Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles /..et al ..
Jack - Toploader
Jack - Tall Midgets
Jack - Pixie Lott
Jack - The McClymonts
Jack - Children 18:3
Jack - Aurora
Jack - 7 Year Bitch
Jack - Iced Earth
Jack - Aimless
Jack - Widespread Panic
Jack - Le1f
Jack - Sixwire
Jack - Breach
Jack - Xavier Rudd
Jack - And Also The Trees
Jack - Red Knife Lottery
Jack - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Jack - Millionaires
Jack (All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy) - HVOB
Jack (Pepsi) - Tad
Jack (Ruby Shoes) - A Hero en Route
Jack Action - W.A.S.P.
Jack And Coke - Alex Day
Jack And Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp/Countdown Singers/Aural Pleasure/Angry String .
Jack and Ebony - Fire Murphy .
Jack & Ginger - Oedipus
Jack & Ginger - We Are Scientists
Jack And Ginger - From Autumn To Ashes
Jack And Ginger - The Bo-Keys .
Jack & Jill - Avant.
Jack & Jill - Big Fish.
Jack And Jill - Kim Richey / Katie Herzig.
Jack And Jill - The Lift Band.
Jack and Jill - Raydio.
Jack And Jim - Michelle Branch .
Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come - Tom Waits .
Jack And The Bean Stalk - WC
Jack And The Beanstalk - Tyler The Creator
Jack And The Waltz - Vincent Minor
Jack And Tina - Morphine .
Jack And White - Bleed The Dream
Jack Ass - Green Day
Jack Ass Brigade - Fishbone
Jack Ass Ginger - Poi Dog Pondering
Jack Au Banjo - Jacques Higelin
Jack B. Nimble - Masta Ace Incorporated
Jack Be Nimble - Hello Marquee
Jack Beats Jim Leads - Dúné
Jack Blue - Chris Knight
Jack Boots And Leather Caps - Mandator
Jack Boyz - Gucci Mane
Jack Bumper - Backjumper
Jack Burton Is Not Goingto Have Any Revenge - To Kill
Jack Candy - The Walkabouts
Jack Chirac - Ultra Vomit
Jack Daniel - Boom Gang .
Jack Daniel's - V-Mann.
Jack Daniel's & Jesus - Chase Rice.
Jack Daniel's & Pizza - Carnivore.
Jack Daniels - The Automatic
Jack Daniels - Miranda Lambe
Jack Daniels - Ski's Country Trash.
Jack Daniels - Eric Church.
Jack Daniels And Michelle - Bill Pekar .
Jack Eats Much Cake - Adelphi
Jack Em Up - Grandaddy Souf
Jack Flask - Lettuce
Jack Frost - Ras Kass
Jack Frost - Saint Vitus
Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow - Jethro Tull
Jack Gets Up - Leo Kottke
Jack Hammer - The Odds
Jack Hinks - Great Big Sea
Jack Horner - Chumbawamba
Jack In A Bottle - Fluent
Jack In A Box - Jack Savoretti
Jack In The Box - Elysian Fields
Jack In The Box - Ice Cube
Jack In The Box - Clodagh Rogers
Jack In The Box - Howling Syn
Jack In The Box - Not Available
Jack In The Box - Jack Slater
Jack In The Box [instrumental] - Tu Cara
Jack In The Crack - Revolting Cocks
Jack Is A Punk Rocker - Totalfat
Jack Is In A Hotdog - Talibam!
Jack In The Green - Jethro Tull.
Jack In The Pine Box - Curtis Plum.
Jack It Up - Ying Yang Twins
Jack It Up - Fatboy Slim
Jack Jack - Hakalagea
Jack Jeckel - Insane Clown Posse
Jack Johnson - This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb
Jack Kerouac - Brooke Fraser
Jack Killed Mom - Jenny Lewis And The Watson Twins
Jack Knife - The Tellers
Jack Knife - Crossover
Jack Knife - Strung Out
Jack Knife - The Pants Situation
Jack Knife Ginal - Skunk Anansie
Jack Lament - Danny Elfman
Jack Line - Mavericks Punk
Jack Lo Squartatore - Francesco Baccini
Jack Lovely - Two Hit Creeper
Jack Luminous - Voivod
Jack Miraculous - Gino Vanelli
Jack Mode - Comptons Most Wanted
Jack Move - Hi-C
Jack Move - More To Pride
Jack Move - Kurupt / Daz Dillinger
Jack My Dick - Obie Trice
Jack My Rabbit - Opus Podunk
Jack N Tha Jacka - Moochie Mack
Jack Names The Planets - Ash
Jack Nance Rising - Comet Gain
Jack Never Crashes - The Deathray Davies
Jack Nicholson - The Mayan Factor
Jack Nicholson Style - Coming Soon
Jack Nimble - Lady of the Sunshine
Jack O Diamonds - Lonnie Donegan
Jack O'Diamonds - Fairport Convention
Jack O' Leary - Massimo Bubola
Jack Of All Parades - Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Jack Of All Trades - Bruce Springsteen .
Jack Of All Trades - The Stanfields
Jack Of All Trades - Eurythmics
Jack Of All Trades - Hot Water Music
Jack Of All Trades - Aceyalone
Jack Of All Trades - Soul Asylum
Jack Of Diamond - Jesse Thomas
Jack Of Diamonds - The Mike Mcclure Band
Jack Of Diamonds - Sonic Syndicate
Jack Of Diamonds - David Crosby
Jack Of Hearts - Bonnie Tyler
Jack Of Hearts - Sarah Darling
Jack Of Hearts - Roy Harper
Jack Of Shadows - Hawkwind
Jack Of Spades - Boogie Down Productions
Jack Of Speed - Steely Dan
Jack Of The Jackers - Master P
Jack Off - Clee & Drank-A-Lot
Jack On Fire - The Gun Club / Blanche
Jack One - Project Pat
Jack Rabbit - Elton John
Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest - You Never Can Tell
Jack Ruby - Deep Purple.
Jack Ruby - Camper Van Beethoven
Jack S Lullaby - Alexz Johnson
Jack S Song - Jack Black
Jack, She's on the Ball - Sugar Ray Norcia
Jack Shots - Pries
Jack Singer - Deacon Blue
Jack Sparrow - The Lonely Island
Jack Straw - Grateful Dead
Jack Talked - Stan Ridgeway
Jack Tarr The Sailor - The Byrds
Jack Tars - Saxon
Jack The Bastard - Faster Pussycat
Jack The Bear - Duke Ellington .
Jack The Dripper - The Hairbrain Scheme
Jack The Flipper (Where's My Bodyguard) - One Morning Left
Jack the Giant Killer - The Nields
Jack The Idiot Dunce - The Kinks
Jack The Knife - Falconer
Jack The Lad - Pet Shop Boys
Jack The Leach - Sweeney Todd
Jack The Lion - Harvey Danger
Jack The Mack - Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
Jack the Riffer - The Left Rights
Jack The Ripoff - Julia Marcell
Jack The Ripper - Motorhead
Jack The Ripper - Error
Jack The Ripper - Misfits
Jack The Ripper - Morrissey / AFI
Jack The Ripper - Nick Cave
Jack The Ripper - Short Stack
Jack the Ripper - Hobbs Angel Of Death
Jack The Ripper - Malevolent Creation
Jack The Ripper - dragon blood
Jack The Ripper - My Chemical Romance
Jack The Ripper - The Horrors
Jack The Ripper - LL Cool J
Jack the Ripper [instrumental] - Link Wray
Jack The Ripper (Beethoven Was Deaf) - Morrissey.
Jack the Sax - No-man
Jack The Smoker - Mondo Marcio
Jack The Stripper - Nekromantix
Jack The Toad - Savoy Brown
Jack The World - Gwar
Jack Thriller Interlude - Wyclef Jean
Jack To The Rescue - Randy Newman
Jack To The Sound Of The Underground - Hithouse
Jack Torrance - Combichrist
Jack Torrance's Heritage - Jari Ylamaki
Jack Torrino - Dj Fede
Jack Tripper - Kutt Calhoun
Jack U Off - Prince
Jack U. Back - Lifers Group
Jack Vegas - Mnemic
Jack vs. Joe - Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
Jack, Where You At - Caitlin Park
Jack White - Pintandwefall
Jack Who, Take What - Hot Boys
Jack Won?t Let You Go - Francis Dunnery
Jack Worm - Entombed
Jack You Back - Cypress Hill
Jack You Up - Mindless Self Indulgence
Jack, You're Dead! - B.B. King / Joe Jackson
Jack's Baby - Jan Josef Liefers
Jack's Broken Heart - It's All Gone To Hell
Jack's Diary - Robert Deeble
Jack's Dream - M83
Jack's Drunk Again - Jackson Taylor
Jack's Got A Problem - 20/20
Jack's Hat - Dez Mona
Jack's Heroes - The Pogues
Jack's Lament - The All-American Rejects
Jack's Land - Bill Ward / Ozzy Osbourne
Jack's Letter - Grant Wish
Jack's Music - Lacrim
Jack's Peak - Blinker The Star
Jack's Place - Seanan McGuire
Jack's Room - Katie Melua
Jack's Shadow - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Jack's Slumber Party - Galleon
Jack's Smirking Revenge - Epicure
Jack's Song - Geri X.
Jack's Valentine - Over The Rhine
Jack-a-roe - Bob Dylan
Jack-Ass - Beck
Jack-In-The-Box - Dominium
Jack-N-Da Weedstalk - Danja Mowf
Jack-O'-Lantern Man - The Bravery
Jack-potes - 113
Jello Jack: The Boneless Boy - The Residents
Jill And Jack - Rendezvous With The Kidnappers .
Jill Plays Tricks, Jack Plays God - Sent By Ravens .
Jim, Jack, And Rose - Johnny Bush ..
Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues - Jim Jackson ...
Jitterbug Jack - Just Like T.H.A.T.!
Joke's On You Jack - Kid Capri
Jose And Jack - Django Walker
Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones /Peter Frampton /Johnny Winter/Vains Of Jenna/...et al
Jumpin' Jack - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Jumping Jack - Tune-Yards
Jumping Jack (The Kick Hurts) - Holly Palmer
Juniper Jack - Basket Eddy
Laughing Jack - Dictafone
Legendary Jack - Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space
Letter to Britannia from the Union Jack - Ian Hunter Band
Li'l Jack Horny - Extreme
Lil' Jack Slade - Dixie Chicks
Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts - Bob Dylan...
Little Jack - The Velvet Underground
Little Jack Frost - Kate Rusby
Little Jack Frost Get Lost - Bing Crosby
Little Jim, Little Jack, Little Joe - Udo Jürgens ..
Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John - Belle And Sebastian / Norah Jones
Lo Pan And Jack Burton - Crimson Addict
Looking For Jack - Colin Hay
Lumber Jack - Joe Cleere
Mad Jack - The Chameleons
Man In Cage Jack Wilson - Zao
Manny, Moe And Jack - The Dickies..
Master Jack - Four Jacks and a Jill
Manny, Moe And Jack - The Dickies
Master Jack - Four Jacks And A Jill
Me & Jack - Eli Young Band
Mighty Jack's Song - Animetal
Miller, Jack & Mad Dog - Wayne Hancock
Monterey Jack - Dr. Hook / Shel Silverstein
Mother And Jack - Robin Gibb
Mr. Jack - System Of A Down
My Brother Jack - Paul Colman
My Friend Jack - Hazel O'Connor
My Friend Jack - Boney M / Death By Chocolate / Wondermints / The Smoke
My Name Is Jack - Manfred Mann
My Name Is Jack - Pizzicato Five
My Name Is Jack - Wise Guys
Neal And Jack And Me - King Crimson.
New Jack [instrumental] - Justice (FR)
New Jack - Agnostic Front
New Jack City - Guy
New Jack City - M.O.P.
New Jack City - The Game
New Jack City - DJ Kayslay ft. Poster Boy, Shells, Cassidy, Grafh & Jae Hood
New Jack Hustler - Ice T
New Jack Hustler - Dope
New Jack Swing 2 - Wreckx-N-Effect
New Jack Theme - Living Colour
Nice Man Jack ( I Kensington Gardens) - John Miles
Ode To Jack Kevorkian - Joshua Fit For Battle
Ol' Jack Tar - Kula Shaker
Old Jack's Charms - Marc Almond
On That Jack - Mayday!
One Tin Soldier (The legend of Billy Jack) - Coven .
Pack My Jack - JJ Cale
Pat & Jack's Blues - Pat Green.
Paul Kersey To Jack Kimball - P.O.S..
Penny And Jack - The Essex Green .
Poor Jack - Nightmare before Christmas
Pump Jack - Toby Keith
Ramblin' Jack - Kris Kristofferson
Ramblin' Jack And Mahan - Guy Clark
Ranger Jack - Rednex
Razor Jack - Blood Red Throne
Reality vs Fantasy feat Jack Thompson - Pure Pwnage
Run Home Jack - Mouth (The)
Saint Jack - Massimo Volume
Saucey Jack - Russell Allen's Atomic Soul
Sister Jack - Spoon
Sleep Over Jack - Guided By Voices
Smack Jack - Nina Hagen
Smackwater Jack - Carole King /James Taylor / Bob Belden / Buffy Sainte-Marie /Kate Meehan
Song For Jack - Jason Reeves
Spanish Jack - Willy Deville / Mink De Ville
Spring Heeled Jack - Nerve Agents / Lemon Demon
Strange Days Of Uncle Jack - Poison
Strip Jack Naked - Rebecca Lavelle
Surfing Jack - Laurent Voulzy
Take Down the Union Jack - Billy Bragg & the Blokes
Tempted By the Jack - Liquid Daydream
Thank God For Jack Daniels - Sex Slaves
Thank You Jack White (For The Fiber-Optic Jesus That You Gave Me) - The Flaming Lips
The Ballad of Black Jack Jezebel - The Clockwork Dolls...
The Ballad Of Jack And Amy - Fact Not Fiction .
The Ballad Of Lazy Jack - Lazy Jacks ..
The Ballad Of Sarah And Jack - David Holmes .
The Death Of Jack The Ripper - The Legendary Pink Dots
The House Jack Built - Metallica
The House Jack Kerouac Built - The Go-betweens
The House That Jack Built - Aretha Franklin
The Jack - AC/DC
The Jack of All Trades - Accuser
The Jack Pine - Hem
The Jack Slap Cheer - The Matches
The Maudlin Jack - Slim Twig
The Subsequent Rating Given To The Life And Times Of Jack Valentine - Tub Ring
They Don't Know Jack - Professor X
Thick Bitch (Hit My Jack) - Rockie Fresh
Three Jack Swing - Julee Cruise
Tony Little, Jack Daniels, And The Open Road - Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Trigger Happy Jack - Poe
Two Against One Feat. Jack White - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
Two And A Shot Of Jack - Nora
Uncle Jack - Mötley Crüe .
Union Jack - The Babys / John Waite
Union Jack - Magellan
Union, Jack - Big Audio Dynamite
Waltzing Skip-Jack - Mechanical Poet
Ware Wolf Jack - Larry And His Flask
Weird Poetry By Jack - Grimfaith
What's The Count Jack? - Eerie Von
Wild Jack Hammer - The Bevis Frond
Where Is Jack? - Dirtyfake
Where's Jack? - Codename: Rocky
Wolfman Jack - Todd Rundgren
You Don't Know Jack - Luke Bryan
You Don't Know Jack - The Great Luke Ski
You Don't Know Jack - Step Lively
You Don't Know Jack - Montes Rook
You Don't Know Jack - Spies Like Us
You Don't Know Jack (About Magic) - Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls

JACOB ... ......lys......
Brother Jacob - Head East
Jacob - Valley Maker
Jacob - Gargantua Soul
Jacob - Lennon
Jacob - Hot Box
Jacob - Kiersten Holine
Jacob & Sons - Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Jacob And The Angel - Suzanne Vega
Jacob And Two Women (The World As Best As I Remember It) - Rich Mullins
Jacob Black - Mitch Hansen Band
Jacob Burke - Knucklehead
Jacob Doesn't Speak - Blondelle
Jacob Dumb - Munly And The Lee Lewis Harlots
Jacob Marley's Chain - Aimee Mann .
Jacob Shock - Himsa
Jacob Thinks I'm Gay - Allister
Jacob Wells Message - Tech N9ne
Jacob's Choice - The Super Smash Brothers
Jacob's Dream - Jason Upton
Jacob's Dream - Alison Krauss
Jacob's Dream - Day Of Fire
Jacob's Ladder - Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie/Doris Troy/Bruce Springsteen /Greg Brown/Jane Siberry/et al
Jacob's Ladder - Huey Lewis & The News / Bruce Hornsby & the Range
Jacob's Ladder - Rush
Jacob's Ladder - The Greenhornes
Jacob's Ladder - Chumbawamba
Jacob's Ladder - Broken Bones
Jacob's Ladder - The Monochrome Set
Jacob's Ladder - Julia Fordham
Jacob's Ladder - Converge
Jacob's Ladder - Mark Wills
Jacob's Ladder - Patrick Wolf
Jacob's Ladder [Instrumental] - Elvira Madigan
Jacob's Song - Heath McNease
Jacob's Well - Sugar Bayou
Jacob's Word - Insane Clown Posse
Old Man Jacob's Well - Boogiemonsters
Rasslin' Jacob - The Gaither Vocal Band
Song For Jacob - The Bravery
The Battle Of Jacob's Ford - Astral Doors
Voice Of Jacob - Seven Witches
Wake Up Jacob - Harry Belafonte

JAKE ... ......lys.......
A Jake Supreme - Primal Scream
Alcohol And Jake Blues - Tommy Johnson
Boby By Jake - Count Bass-D
Brother Jake - Neville Brothers
Bye Annie, Bye Joe, Bye Michael, Bye Jake - El Ten Eleven ...
Comparable To Jake - From Idle Hands
Feed Jake – Pirates of the Mississippi
For Jake - Sacred Sunday
Get Up Jake - The Band.
He Could Be Her Jake - Jenn Crosbie
Hey Jake - 1 Beat Off
I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake - Buck Owens
Jake - Stoney
Jake - Lisa Loeb
Jake (When The Smoke Clears) - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Jake & Eggers - The World/Inferno Friendship Society
Jake Brakin' - The Dead Kenny Gs
Jake Burns Interview - Stiff Little Fingers
Jake Costello - Luckystar
Jake Frost - Mission To Felspar
Jake Is Cooler Than Kelly - Set The Trend
Jake Jeckel - Insane Clown Posse
Jake Lamotta - Vinnie Paz
Jake Leg - Baroness
Jake Mate - Cartel De Santa
Jake Shit His Pants - Unbreakable
Jake Summers - Fight Like Apes
Jake The Peg - Rolf Harris
Jake The Snake - South Of Sound
Jake To The Bone - Toto
Jake, What A Snake - Louis Jordan.
Jake's Apartment - Head North
Jake's Backache - The Herbaliser
Jake's First Flight - Avatar Soundtrack
Jake's Frilly Panties - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Jake's Song - Wake Up Jane
Lauren McCann Loves Jake Corrigan - Daughter Darling .
Less Than Jake - Less Than Jake
My Brother Jake - Free
My Friend Jake - Barry Louis Polisar
My Nigga Jake (R.I.P.) - Drunken Master
Pagan Jake's Dream Girl - World Entertainment War
Sally, Sue, Jake And Paul - Monte And The Machine...
The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake - Humble Pie
The X's Jake Wears - Senseless Beauty
You And Jake - Evening Hymns

Dinner for One Please, James - Nat King Cole .
Frank And Jesse James - Warren Zevon ..
Frank James Farewell - Michael Martin Murphey.
James & Larry Earley - Blitzen Trapper .
James Alan & the Fire - Filligar.
James And The Cold Gun - Kate Bush..
Jamie's Crying - Van Halen.
Jesse James - Ry Cooder.
Joker James - The Who.
Just Like Jesse James - David "Honeyboy" Edwards.
Peter, James and John - Gold City ..
Oliver James - Fleet Foxes .
Ruben James - Kenny Rogers.
Saint James Infirmary - Louis Armstrong / Van Morrison / Django Reinhardt /...et al ..
St. James Infirmary Blues - The Doors /Artie Shaw/...et al .
Sweet Baby James - James Taylor.
The Ballad of Frank and Jesse James - Johnny Dowd..
Went Down To St. James Infirmary - Cassandra Wilson .

Where's Dave And Jason? - Men At Large .


Jay Dee’s Revenge With Danny Brown - J Dilla cuts By D.j. Dez ..

The Ballad of Jed Clampett - The Banjo Troubadours .

JEFFREY ... .....lys..........
A Song For Jeffrey - Jethro Tull
Fleshy Jeffrey - Joan Of Arc
For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me - Jethro Tull.
Jeffrey - BeerBong
Jeffrey Dahmer - Soulfly
Jeffrey Dahmer And The Chocolate Factory - Macabre
Jeffrey Jesus, Son Of Jesus - The Love And Terror Cult
Jeffrey Lee - The World/Inferno Friendship Society .
Love Song for Jeffrey - Helen Reddy
Mr. Arnold Palmer? Nice Meal For Jeffrey Dahmer - Godstomper
Song For Jeffrey - Rolling Stones / Jethro Tull.
Suzy & Jeffery - Blondie.
The Jeffrey - Brave Combo
Under The Gun (For Jeffrey Lee Pierce) - Blondie .

JEREMIAH ... ....lys................
Jeremiah - John Lampson
Jeremiah - Starsailor
Jeremiah - Bobbie Gentry
Jeremiah - Sara Groves
Jeremiah 1 - Scribe
Jeremiah Blues - Sting
Jeremiah Buys A Field - Gwen Stacy
Jeremiah Johnson Says, "Red Crow, You Ain't Gettin' My Scalp!" - Divide The Sea
Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick Dissolving Fast Acting Pleasant Tasting Green And Purple - Ray Stevens
Jeremiah Weed - Dos Gringos
Jeremiah's Last Ride - Brenn Hill
Jeremiah's Prayer - Marc Broussard
Jeremiah, Stop Taking Bukowski So Seriously... - Peachcake
Joy To The World (Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog) – Three Dog Night .
Roll Jeremiah - Chris Robinson Brotherhood
The Ballad Of Jeremiah Peacekeeper - Poets Of The Fall

JEREMY ... .........lys...
Backwards Bound/Jeremy's Jam - Amadan
Jeremy - Joni Mitchell
Jeremy - Elan
Jeremy - Donna Summer
Jeremy - MiG
Jeremy - The Magnetic Fields
Jeremy - Pearl Jam
Jeremy - Big D And The Kids Table
Bender - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Jeremy Can't Hack It - Seven Days Of Samsara
Jeremy Drinks Bleach - Boys No Good
Jeremy Fisher - Heisman Hopefuls
Jeremy Kyle - Kitten And The Hip
Jeremy Parker - Swirlies
Jeremy's Couch - Diana Gone Wrong
Jeremy's Song - City Lights
Jeremy's Storm - Tame Impala
King Jeremy - Comadre
Ron Jeremy (Skit) - Necro .
Today Jeremy Challenges The World - Folly

JEROME ... .......lys................
Bring It To Jerome - Bo Diddley
Dr. Jerome (Love Tub, Doctor) - The Bogmen
It's A Perfect Day Jerome - Plankeye
Jerome - Lykke Li
Jerome - Barenaked Ladies
Jerome Avenue - David Berger Jazz Orchestra .
Jerome Jerome - Mark Medlock
Me And Jerome - Sarah Slean
Saint Jerome - Coconut Records
Saint Jerome, My Baby Tames Lions - Chet

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - Stay...
Hikin' Jerry - Guy Davis.
Jerry Cotton March - Peter Thomas Sound Orchester ..
Jerry Old Man - J.J. Johnson & Milt Jackson ..
Jerry's Breakdown - Carl Verheyen Band
Le Fils De Jerry Lee Lewis - Eddy Mitchell ..
Where's Jerry Lewis? - The Frogs .

Jesse - Carly Simon
Jesse James - Ry Cooder.
Jesse Jane - Matt & Kim .
Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
Just Like Jesse James - David "Honeyboy" Edwards.
The Ballad of Frank and Jesse James - Johnny Dowd..

Chocolate Jesus - Tom Waits.
Cocaine Jesus - Sister Machine Gun.
Jesus - Queen
Jesus & Austria - Cake Bake Betty.

Jesus' Brother Bob - The Arrogant Worms..
Jesus Freak - DC Talk.
Jesus Is Just All Right - Byrds/Doobie Brothers.
Jesus, Name Above All Names - Bill Gaither Band / others
Jesus, Oh What A Wonderful Child - Mariah Carey..
Jesus on the Mainline - Ry Cooder.
Jesus Was A Carpenter - Johnny Cash.
Jesus Was An Alien - Tabitha's Secret.
Jesus Was Way Cool - King Missile..
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
Pete, Jesus And Me - Jack Ingram .
Rock Me Sexy Jesus - The Ralph Sall Experience...
Shine, Jesus, Shine - Cliff Richard.
The Rebel Jesus - Jackson Browne.

Blue Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn) – Burl Ives.
Blues for Jimmy - Kid Ory
Go Jimmy Go - Jimmy Clanton.
Hey Jimmy - Flash and The Pan .
Jim, Jack, And Rose - Johnny Bush ..
Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues - Jim Jackson ...
Jimi Speaks - Christian Schwarzbach ft Rocco Recycle
Jimi Thing - Dave Matthews Band .
Jimmie The Kid - Jimmie Rodgers .
Jimmy & Josie - Kyle Bennett Band .
Jimmy Davey - Condemned 84 .
Jimmy Jazz - Frantic Flintstones .
Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne – Looking Glass ..
Jimmy Mack - Martha & the Vandellas
Jimmy Meets Andrew - Andrew Campbell.
Jimmy Olsen's Blues - Spin Doctors.
Jimmy The Gent - Homma Honganji
Jimmy's Talking Pants - The Weasels
Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed - Thin Lizzy...
Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello - Elvis Presley .
Little Jim, Little Jack, Little Joe - Udo Jürgens ..
One Eyed Jimmy Jive - Jim Mason and the Dreaded Bubbles
Waiting For Jimmy To Kick - Butthole Surfers

Ballad For Joe - J.J. Johnson .
Buckaroo Joe - Jeremy Collins .
Buffalo Joe - Fat Paw .
Buttercup Joe - Adam Miller .
Bye Annie, Bye Joe, Bye Michael, Bye Jake [instrumental] - El Ten Eleven ...
Joe Cool's Blues (Snoopy's Return) - Wynton Marsalis Septet .
Come Around G.I. Joe - Rapper G.i. .
Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex ..
Diamond Joe - Allen Christie
Flow Joe - Fat Joe .
Four String Joe - Joe Venuti'S Blue Four ..
Get Me the G.I. Joes - Henry Jackman .
Harry And Joe - Don Williams .
Hello Joe - Beatsteaks.
Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix/The Leaves/Frankie Laine
I Keep Going Back To Joe's - Curtis Stigers
Ivan Meets G.I. Joe - The Clash..
Jive Around Old Joe Clark - Gabe Tucker .
Jo The Waiter - Tubeway Army.
Jo's Lament - Rod Stewart .
Jockey Joe - Russel Jacket.
Joe Don't Kill the Centipede - Marcella and George ...
Joe Knows How To Live - Eddy Raven
Joe Mercury - Jimmy Byron .
Joe's Head - Kings of Leon .
Joey - Bob Dylan
Joey - Concrete Blonde
Joey's Aria - Sky Cries Mary .
Jolly Jo - Jo Stafford & The Dave Lambert Choir
Junky Joe - The Jive Aces .
Killer Joe - The Rocky Fellers .
Little Jim, Little Jack, Little Joe - Udo Jürgens ..
Little Joe From Chicago - Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy
Mighty Joe Moon - Grant Lee Buffalo
Ode To Billy Joe - Patricia Barber..
Old Joe Clark - Dueling Banjos .
Plastic G.I. Joe - Chetan .
Piroque Joe - Charlie Pride
Ragtime Cowboy Joe - Bob Roberts / many others..
Scorpio Joe - Bright Lightning .
Smokey Joe's Café - The Robins..
Surfer Joe - The Surfaris .
The Ghost Of Smokey Joe - Cab Calloway
The Story Of Jitterbug Joe - Carson Robison .
Touch My Joe Camel - Pansy Division.
Uncle Joe's Spirit House - William Parker .
Wild Oat Joe - Miff Mole'S Molers .

Abraham, Martin and John - Dion / Marvin Gaye /..et al ..
Barry John - Chumbawamba.
Ballad of John & Yoko - John & Yoko Lennon
Behold The Pale Horse (For Vinnie And John) - Sleeping Giant.
Big John - Jimmy Dean
Big John Big Suzy - Jewly .
Bootleg John - Ralph Stanley .
Farmer John - Neil Young & Crazy Horse.
Fat Old John - Dave Van Ronk..
4 Finger John - David Stoddard .
July 06, When John Met Paul - Mark Massey ...
Johann & Leo - Aram Shelton .
John & Josie - David Roth ,
John & Marsha - Stan Freberg .
John and Yoko - John Lennon .
John Barleycorn - Traffic (traditional)..
John Brown - Blind Boy Grunt (Bob Dylan) ;
John Brown's Fort - Wadada Leo Smith & Jack Dejohnette
John Daniel - Dolly Parton .
John Deere Green - Joe Diffie..
John Hardy - The Dillards (traditional)
John Henry - Van Morrison.
John, I'm Only Dancing - David Bowie.
John The Gun - Sandy Denny.
John The Revelator - Blind Willie Johnson
John Wesley Harding - Bob Dylan
Lazy John - April Verch .
Like A John Needs A Yoko - Atomic Swing .
Long John Blues - Terra Hazelton ft Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards.
Lost John - Leo Kottke
Louisiana Lou And Three Card Monty John - The Allman Brothers ..
My Little John Henry - The Brothers Four .
No Xmas For John Quays - The Fall .
Oh John! (Please Don't Kiss Me) - Eartha Kitt..
Old John Wagner - Charlie Cheney .
Peter, James and John - Gold City ..
Pope John Paul - The Lovely Feathers.
Pope John Paul The 3rd - The Left Rights .
St. John - Aerosmith.
Summer Of John Wayne - Tom McRae .
Sweet Papa John - Johnny Winters.
The Ballad Of John Henry - Joe Bonamassa .
The Ballad Of John Henry Faulk - Phil Ochs .
The Ballad Of Spider John - Sam Bush ..
They Killed John Henry - Justin Townes Earle .
Uncle John From Jamaica - Vengaboys..
Uncle John's Band - The Grateful Dead..
Uncle John's Bongos - Johnnie & Jack .
Unlucky John Polka - Al Otzel .
Walter And John - Ben Watt .
Where Emma Meets John - Grace & Tony .

Johnnie Fedora Et Alice Bluebonnet - Edith Piaf
Johnnie Walker, Old Granddad, Jackie Daniels And You - Neil Sedaka .

A Love Like Johnny and June - Kassie Miller ..
Angry Johnny - Poe.
Be Good Johnny - Men At Work.
Can't Keep Johnny Down - They Might Be Giants ..
Here's Johnny - Weird Al Yankovic
It's Johnny's Birthday - George Harrison.
Johnny - David John
Johnny 99 - Bruce Springsteen.
Johnny Ace Is Dead - Dave Alvin ..
Johnny And June - Heidi Newfield .
Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry.
Johnny Belinda - Active Child.
Johnny Bye-Bye - Bruce Springsteen .
Johnny Can't Read - The Hit Co. /Marsha Swanson ..
Johnny Come Home - Fine Young Cannibals.
Johnny Get Angry - Joanie Sommers.
Johnny Hep Cat - Louis Jordan.
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye - Irish antiwar song (1820)
Johnny Lobo - Kris Kristofferson.
Johnny Moon - Heart.
Johnny One Note - Ella Fitzgerald..
Johnny One Time - Brenda Lee..
Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton
Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed - Thin Lizzy...
Johnny's Dead Aka Vincent Mason - De La Soul .
Johnny's Garden - Crosby, Stills & Nash.
Leave Her, Johnny - Bedlam Abbey
Little Johnny Hooker - Grand Funk Railroad..
Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! - Orrin Tucker Orchestra ft Bonny Baker.
One For John Gee - Jethro Tull.
Rave On John Donne - Van Morrison.
Read 'em John - Carolina Chocolate Drops
Sloop John B - Beach Boys.
The Last Gig Of Johnny B. Goode - Leo Sayer...
The Letter That Johnny Walker Read - Asleep at the Wheel ..
The Rebel-Johnny Yuma - Johnny Cash.
Uncle John From Jamaica - Vengaboys.
When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Patrick Gilmore aka Louis Lambert - US Civil War Song.
Whiskey Johnny - The Guillaume Trois .
Who's Johnny? - DeBarge

Beep Beep Johnson's Pond - The Drive..

Jonathan And Jane - MAP .

Along Came Jones - Coasters

Glory, Glory, Joseph Maxwell - Latin For Truth .

JOSH ... ...lys...
Josh - Molly Venter
Josh (is Dead) - Skasmopolitan
Josh And Sarah's Belated Wedding Present - Hanalei
Josh Freese Is Ready - Josh Freese
Josh Just For Me Abney - A Night To Dismember
Josh Marcus - Pretty Balanced
Josh Mcbride - The Head And The Heart
Josh's Song - Hannah Combs
Josh's Song - The Flameing Fearies
Josh's Terrible Headache - Abbott Hayes
New Josh Anthem - Josh Small
Song For Josh - Joan Of Arc

JOSIE ... ...lys.......
Closer Josie - Chris Norman
Jimmy & Josie - Kyle Bennett Band .
John & Josie - David Roth.
Josie - Donovan
Josie - Steely Dan
Josie - Honey Wagon
Josie - Young Man
Josie - Kris Kristofferson
Josie - Smut Peddlers
Josie - Apparatjik
Josie - The Harlots
Josie (Everything's Gonna Be Fine) - blink-182
Josie and the Pussycats - Josie & the Pussycats
Josie Anderson - John Vanderslice
Josie Josie - Troy M.
Josie's House - Jupiter Sunrise
Josie's Song - William Fitzsimmons
Josie's Tune - Chris Rea
The Ballad Of Josie - Seth Lakeman
The Inlaw Josie Wales - Phish.
The Outlaw Josie Wales - Jerry Feilding..

JOSEY... ...lys...
Four Josey - I Tried To Save The World Once
Josey - Deep Blue Something
Josey - Hey Monday
Josey Wales - Supermachine
Outlaw Josey Wales - Love, She Wrote

JUDD ... ...lys.......
Bride of Judd - The Prangers .
Judd's Paradox - Duckworth Lewis Method (The)

Judas Cart - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.
Judas Kiss - Petra/ Lucky Machine.
Kiss Of Betrayal (Hug Of Judas) - Shabazz The Disciple..
Saint Judas - Natalie Merchant.
The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest - Bob Dylan....
The Judas Kiss - Metallica.

Hey Jude - Beatles

Junior’s Farm – Paul McCartney & Wings.

Killer Kane - Dexter Bentley .

Captain Kelly's Kitchen - Dropkick Murphys..

Kinky Ken - Shampoo.

Captain Kennedy - Neil Young.

KENT... ...lys...
Further down page -> regions, states, counties

KEVIN ... ...lys...
Chris And Kevin's Excellent Adventure - Liquid Tension Experiment .
Cousin Kevin - The Who.
Full On Kevin's Mom - Soundgarden
Give My Love To Kevin - The Wedding Present
Kevin - Pansy Division / The Lovely Bad Things / Th' Faith Healers
Kevin Carter - Manic Street Preachers
Kevin Hart Speaks - B.O.B
Kevin Is A Lunatic - The Lillingtons
Kevin Spacey - Murs & Slug
Kevin Weaver - Bowling For Soup
Kevin's Graduation - Randy Newman
Kevin's Song - The Goo Goo Dolls
Kevin's Telescope - The Gathering
Kevin, You're Such A Disease - You Blew It!
Megan & Kevin - Anne Heaton.
Ode To Kevin Arnold - Ludo.
Ode To Kevin Arnold - Ludo.
R.I.P. Kevin - Tru
R.I.P. Kevin Miller - Isaiah Rashad
She And Little Kevin - Box Office Poison

KIDD... ...lys...
Alex Kidd In Miracle World - Chunk ! NO, Captain Chunk
Ballad Of William Kidd - Running Wild
Captain Kidd - Great Big Sea / Cowboy Junkies / Johnny Mathis
Tales Of Kidd Drunkadelic - People Under The Stairs
Undisco Kidd - Funkadelic

KYLE... ...lys...
Calling Kyle - Les Claypool and the Holy Mackeral
Kyle - Katie Stone Spooky Tooth
Kyle Hope - Whiskey Myers
Kyle Petty, Son Of Richard - Soundgarden
Kyle Quit The Band - Tenacious D
Kyle's Mom Is A Bitch - South Park
Kyle's Mom's A Bitch - Kid Rock
Speechless Ft. Kyle James - Anna Margaret

LANCE ... ..........................lys.................
Brotime With Lance - Fuck The Kids
Fer De Lance - Tunisiano
First Lance Of Spain - Dark Moor
Lance Butters Vs. Captain Jenny 16tel Vbt11 RR - Lance Butters
Lance Jr. - Courtney Barnett
Lance Of Destiny - Allied Vision
Lance Rocket - Ben Ricour
Lance the Turtle - Veggietales
Lance's Song - Zac Brown Band
Major Lance - Masters Of Reality
The Great Lance - Deicide

LARRY... ...lys...
A Moment Of Silence For Larry Levan - C+C Music Factory
A Visit With Larry Hoover - Geto Boys
Ballad Of Larry Bird - Vermont
Fuck You Larry Koesche, I Hope You Starve And Die Someday - The Broadways
Happy As Larry - Plan B
Hats Off To Larry - Del Shannon
Hey Larry - Dean Friedman
I Remember Larry - Weird Al Yankovic
I Still Like Larry - Five Iron Frenzy
James & Larry Earley - Blitzen Trapper .
Just Like Larry - Dispatch
Larry - The Melvins
Larry Pastorus - The Elwins
Larry The Logger Two-step - Doobie Brothers
Larry's - The Wedding Present
Larry's Exotic Blend - Hex Hector
Legs Larry At The Television Centre - John Cale
The Adventures Of Larry And Tina - Wax.
The Larry Routine - Beastie Boys
The Night Before Larry Was Stretched - Elvis Costello
When Larry And Gary Get Married - AMFM.

LAWRENCE... ...lys...
Boy From Lawrence County - The Felice Brothers
Find Echo Lawrence - Halfway To The Moon
God Bless Lawrence Livermore - Mr. T Experience
Lawrence - Mia Rose / Camel
Lawrence Liquors - Xiu Xiu
Lawrence, Ks - Josh Ritter
Lawrence of Arabia Overture - Maurice Jarre
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Utada Hikaru
Mr. Lawrence, Sir - Al Stewart
St. Lawrence River - David Usher
St. Lawrence Spits - Joe Purdy

Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris - Jonathan Painchaud...
Cathy Lee - Sam Beeton .
Dixie Lee Junction - Elf..
Donna Lee - bebop jazz standard .
Emma Lee - Buffy Sainte-Marie .
Emma Lee - Taddy Porter .
Frankie Lee - Leo Sayer.
Free Arthur Lee - Hopkirk & Lee.
Georgia Lee - Tom Waits .
Georgia Lee Brown - The Cramps .
Jeffrey Lee - The World/Inferno Friendship Society .
Jennie Lee – Jan & Amie .
Le Fils De Jerry Lee Lewis - Eddy Mitchell ..
Lee And Molly - Ziggy Marley / Keith Richards.
Lee Harvey - This Evening.
Mr. Frank Lee - Gie Few ..
Nancy Lee - Vintage Trouble .
Ruby Lee - Joe Cocker.
Ruby Jean And Billie Lee - Seals & Crofts..
Suzy Lee - The White Stripes.
The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest - Bob Dylan....
The Ballad Of Lea & Paul - K's Choice.
Under The Gun (For Jeffrey Lee Pierce) - Blondie .
Vera Lee - Clover .
Vera Lee - Insane Clown Posse.

LEFTY... ...lys...
Hank & Lefty's Ghost - Stan Cox
Lefty - Soft Machine
Lefty Dog (Run, Caper, Run) - Melt Banana
Lefty's Gone - George Strait
Pancho & Lefty - Merle Haggard/Emmylou Harris/Counting Crows/et al.
Woody's And Lefty Lou's Theme Song - Woody Guthrie


LENNY ... ...lys...
Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore - Phil Ochs
Eulogy To Lenny Bruce - Nico.
Fat Lenny - Ween
Lenny - John Mayer / Stevie Ray Vaughan
Lenny Bruce - Bob Dylan.
Lenny Kravitz - Electric Six
Lenny Soda - Shantel
Lenny Valentino - Luke Haines
Lenny Whats Gotten Into You? - The Paper Chase
Lenny's - Papa Roach
Lenny's A Drunk - Darkbuster
Lenny's Tune - Tim Hardin
One For Lenny - Warren Wolf
When Lenny Meets Lorca - Legendary Pink Dots

A Song For Leonard Cohen - Amanda Shires
Gloria Leonard - Lambchop
Leonard - Merle Haggard / Randy Newman
Leonard Peltier In A Cage - The Goats
Leonard Rising Night Of The Whip - Satan's Wrath
Leonard Says - The Brunettes
The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles - Exodus .

LEROY... ...lys...
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce.
Bring Back That Leroy Brown - Queen.
Bye Bye Leroy Brown - Sylvie Vartan
Hey Leroy, You're Mama's Calling You - Jimmy Castor /Jimi Hendrix Experience..
Leroy - Wheatus / Jack Scott
Leroy and Me - No More Kings
Leroy Carr's Hop - Barrelhouse Chuck
Leroy Faster - Black Lips
Leroy The Magician - Gary Burton
Leroy The Redneck Reindeer - Joe Diffie...
Leroy The Redneck Reindeer - Joe Diffie
Leroy's Dustbowl Blues - Steve Earle
Leroy's Dustbowl Blues - Del McCoury
Mrs. Leroy Brown - Loretta Lynn
What You Gonna Do Leroy - Buddy & Julie Miller

LESTER ... ...lys...
Doctor Lester (Aka African Doctor) - Toots & The Maytals
Jump Lester Jump - Lester Young .
Lament For Lester - Buddy Rich .
Lester - Crowded House
Lester Fiddled The Tax Man - The Toy Dolls
Lester Sands (Drop In The Ocean) - The Buzzcocks
Lester The Arrester - Blue Cheer
Lester Young - Gutterball
Lester's Ballad - Harvey Danger
Sometimes (Lester Piggott) - Aaron James
e Ballad Of Lester Walker - The Whitlams

Levi and Daniel - Elephant Micah .

LEVON ... ,,,lys...
Levon - Elton John / Bon Jovi
Levon's Dream - Hurray For The Riff Raff
Listening To Levon - Marc Cohn
Mr. Levon - Shawn Colvin

A Place Called Lewis - Jamie Hutchings
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - Stay...
Heather Lewis - Weston.
Le Fils De Jerry Lee Lewis - Eddy Mitchell ..
Lewis - Yo La Tengo
Lewis (Mistreated) - Radiohead
Lewis And Clark - Wax .
Lewis Boogie - Jerry Lee Lewis
Lewis Boogie Blues - Waylon Payne
Parker Lewis Can't Lose (But I'm Going To Give It My Best Shot) - Fall Out Boy
The Ballad Of Harry Lewis - Allan Sherman.
Welcome Home, Mr. Lewis - Richard Thompson.
Where's Jerry Lewis? - The Frogs .

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LINDEN ... ...lys...
Linden Arden Stole the Highlights - Van Morrison.
Linden Lea - Johnny Flynn / Gary Brooker

LIVINGSTON ... ...lys...
Dr Livingston - Crowded House
Livingston's Gone To Texas - Jimmy Buffett
What About Livingston - ABBA

LLOYD ... ...lys...
Avoid The Lloyd - Smartbomb
Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura
So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Simon & Garfunkel ..
Uncle Lloyd - Darrell Scott

(Tony, This Song Is Called) Lou Weed - Dandy Warhols .
Betty Lou - Bob Seger.
Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight - Bob Segar..
Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes - Neil Young.
Lou's Got the Flu - Roger Miller
Louisiana Lou And Three Card Monty John - The Allman Brothers ..
Marty and Lou - Peter Mulvey .

LOUIE ... ...lys...
Brother Louie - Hot Chocolate / Modern Talking.
Brother Louie -Modern Talking
Don't Cry For Louie - Vaya Con Dios
Evil Louie - Deep Purple
King Louie - Taddy Porter
Latin Louie - Bell Sisters
Louie Bag - Blood Raw / Young Jeezy
Louie Gucci - Chief Keef
Louie, Louie - Kingsmen
Miss Ol' St. Louie - JJ Cale
Oh Louie - Shannon and the Clams
Pack Up The Louie - Caro Emerald
Papa Satan Sang Louie - The Cramps
Sorry Louie - Eazy-E
St. Louie - Nelly
You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie - Allan Sherman

LOUIS ... ...lys....
Baby Louis - Niagara
Bye Bye Louis - Joe Dassin
East St. Louis Blues (Fare You Well) - Blind Willie Mctell
Gardenias From Louis - Diana Ross.
Gucci Louis Prada - Twista
Hey, Louis Prima - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Joe Louis' Furniture - Kate Campbell
Louis 19 - Macbeth
Louis Collins - Mississippi John Hurt
Louis Loon - Barenaked Ladies
Louis Quatorze - Bow Wow Wow
Louis Vuitton - J. Cole
Louis XIII - Xzibit
Meet Me In St. Louis - Basement
Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis - Judy Garland
Mona Louise - The Wailin' Jennys .
Rue Saint Louis En L'île - Brigitte Fontaine
Saint Louis Avenue - Nits
Song For Louis - Siobhan Wilson
Spirit Of St. Louis - Rochester
St. Louis - Blur
St. Louis - The Easybeats
St. Louis (Anthem) - Out Of Order
St. Louis Alumni - Ali
St. Louis Blues - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra/..et al
St. Louis Tickle - Arlo Guthrie
St. Louis Blues - Peter Cincotti
St. Louis Blues March - Glenn Miller ...
The St. Louis Blues - Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra
You Came A Long Way From St. Louis - George Shearing / Marvin Gaye
You Can't Blame Louis - Level 42
You Sound Like Louis Burdett - The Whitlams

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LUCAS ... ....lys.....
Cabo San Lucas - Toby Keith / Krystal Keith
Chewin' George Lucas' Chocolate - Butthole Surfers .
Cool Hand Lucas - Stickshift Rocketship
Death Of Sarah Lucas - Luke Haines .
George Lucas Is The Biggest Douche This Side Of Tattooine - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual .
Hans Lucas - 90 Day Men
I Have Dreams About The Man(an Ode To Will Dupree From Lucas Turner) - Recall.
Lucas - Phavian
Lucas McGraw - Petra
Lucas Toole - Down The Sun
Lucas With The Lid Off - Lucas
Mad Lucas - The Breeders
Ol? Ben Lucas - Kinky Friedman .
Victoria Lucas - Moby .

LUKA ... ... lys ...
Luka - Suzanne Vega / The Lemon Heads
Luka Indonesia - Superman Is Dead
Luka Megurine - Vocaloid
Luka's Song - Racoon

LUKE ... ... lys ...
Al Luke Special Announcement - Dj Butter
Cold Snow Cones For A Luke Warm Day - Brian With Wings
I'm Luke - Yoda Pop
Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys - Marc Bolan & T Rex
Lucky Luke - Dany Placard
Lucky Luke Rides Again - Roger Miller
Luke ; Angie - Teenager .
Luke Perry (i'm Saving Myself For) - Gwen's Prosthetic Arm .
Luke Perry And The Sweatlodge - Endeavor .
Luke Skywalker - Olli Banjo / Broder Daniel
Luke Talkin Shit - Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz
Luke's Guitar - Stompin' Tom Connors.
Luke's Hymn - King Tut
Luke's Wall / War Pigs - Black Sabbath
Luke, Mike And John - Revolver..
Original Luke - The Minus 5
Requiem For Luke The Drifter - Across Tundras
St. Luke's Summer - Thea Gilmore
This Is To Luke From The Posse - 2 Live Crew
Unlucky Luke - Benny Hill .

LUTHER ... ... lys ...
Alligator Chomp (The Ballad Of Dr. Martin Luther Frog Jr.) - Shooter Jennings..
Avenue Martin Luther - Vicelow
Dr. Luther's Assistant - Elvis Costello
Luther Campbell - Chris Rock
Luther Ingo's Star Cruiser - Ash
Luther Lane - Cherry Poppin' Daddies.
Luther Played Guitar - Stan Ridgway
Luther's Got The Blues - Sarah Harmer
Martin Luther Ave. - Strays Don't Sleep
Martin Luther King - Harry Belafonte
Rev. Luther - Green on Red

Brave Connor Mac - The Lord Weird Slough Feg .
Mac And Brad - Beanie Sigel ft. Scarface .
Mac Cain - S-crew .

MACK ... ...lys....
Beanie (Mack Bitch) - Beanie Sigel
Big Mack - Kay Adams
Big Mack Attack - Lenore
Charlie Mack (1st Out Of The Limo) - Dj Jazz Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Craig Mack - Sway & King Tech
Cuz I'm The Mack - Jacka (The)
Don't Stop The Meter, Mack - Dan Hicks
Fetty Chico And The Mack - Spice 1
Fuck Mack 10 - The Relativez
Girl Can Mack - 3LW aka 3 Little Women
Hey! It's Jimmy Mack - Everybody Was in the French Resistance... Now!
Interlude 'The Mack' - Dj Taz
Jack N Tha Jacka [feat. Moochie Mack] - Ludacris
Jack The Mack - Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
Jimmy Mack - Martha And The Vandellas / ...et al
Le Mack - Lord Kossity
Life As A Mack - Ke'Noe
Mack 10 - Bang or Ball
Mack 10's The Name - Mack 10
Mack Attack - Too $hort
Mack Biggers Flow - Lil HeadMack Bitch Flow - Tite
Mack Daddy - Say Anything
Mack Daddyz - N2deep
Mack Don Illz - Large Professor
Mack Down - Sage The Gemini
Mack Down - Tyga
Mack Game - Totally Insane
Mack Hand - JT The Bigga Figga
Mack Maine Checks In - Lola Monroe
Mack Maine Supreme - Yo Gotti
Mack Minister - E-40
Mack the Black - Judy Garland
Mack The Knife - Louis Armstrong / Bobby Darin / ...et al
Mack Truck - John Rich
Mary Mack - Fiddler's Green
Mary Mack - Mc Twist & The Def Squad
Mary Mack - Celtic Folk
Mattress Mack - Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone
Miss Mary Mack - traditional / Babyface/...et al
Much Too Much (Mack A Mil) - Gang Starr
Original Mack Daddy - Rahee
Real Mack - Grand Daddy I.U.
Return Of The Mack - Mark Morrison
Ride With The Mack - Lil' Wayne
Sista Mack - Sista
Stay With The Mack - Lil B
Stuckie Mack - WC And The Maad Circle
Tek To A Mack - Roc Marciano
The 10 Mack Commandments - Shawn Lov
The Ballad Of Mack The Knife - Dee Snider
The Mack - Mann Ft Snoop Dogg & Iyaz
The Mack Daddy On The Left - De La Soul
The Mack Is Back - Kool Keith
The Mack Pactpack Rat - Machete
Violent J's The Mack - Insane Clown Posse
Who's The Mack? - Ice Cube

MANCINI ... ...lys...
Boom Boom Mancini - Warren Zevon
Mancini - Presque Oui

Manar Was A Rat - Tera Melos .

MANNY ... ...lys...
El Manny Flores - Los Tucanes De Tijuana
Jammin' John & Mixin' Manny - John Reuben
Manny & Meche - Peter McConnell
Manny Fresh Mix - U.N.L.V.
Manny Marc Beat - Blokkmonsta
Manny's Bones - Los Lobos
Manny's Hat Song - Jerry Jeff Walker
Manny, Moe And Jack - The Dickies
Pete & Manny - Bruce Hornsby .
Tony A Tué Manny - Mac Tyer
Manny, Moe And Jack - The Dickies..

MARIO ... ... lys ....
Bar Mario - Ligabue
Bobby & Mario - Latin Giants of Jazz .
Do The Mario - K.C. Redd
Domani - Mario Pomar - Carlos Di Sarli
El Mario De Pagia - Sergio Endrigo
Heavy Mario - Game Over
Hey Mario - Patent Pending
Mario (Your Own Way to Paradise) - Bow Wow Wow
Mario Kart Love Song - Sam Hart
Mario Man - Super Furry Animals
Mario Minor - Powerglove
Mario Speaks - They Might Be Giants
Mario Speedwagon - Evergreen Terrace .
Mario Takes A Walk - Jesse Cook
Mario Tennis - Clockwork
Mario Thrash - Anti-Ben
Mario Twins - Group X
Mario Vargas Yoni - The Fatima Mansions
Mario's Cafe - Saint Etienne
Mario's Flaming Whiskers 3 - Deerhoof
My Name Is Mario - Mario
Peach Cheated On Mario With Bowser - Blast The Stereo
Super Mario - Loco Locass
Super Mario Balotelli - Imon B
Super Mario Bros Rap - Mc Chris
Super Mario Land [Instrumental] - Ambassadors of Funk
Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle - The Mountain Goats

MARK ... ...lys...
40 Mark Strasse - The Shins
666 (Mark Of The Devil) - Mystic Circle
8000 Mark - Supershirt
A Question Mark - Elliott Smith
Beauty Mark - Rufus Wainwright
Beauty Mark - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Beauty Mark - Natalie Grant
Beauty Mark - Judas Factor
Big Mark - Chopper Read
Black Mark - Death Wolf
By The Mark - Gillian Welch / Dailey & Vincent / Dry Branch Fire Squad
Cheating Mark - Moving Atlas
Cupid Missed His Mark - Burden Of A Day
Cween Of The Mark - Forefather
D-Mark - Pur
Dialogue, With A Question Mark - The Chariot
Do You Wear The Mark - Danzig
Don't Leave Your Mark On Me - Meat Loaf / John Parr
Erasing The Mark - Eight Fingers Down
Every Sin (Leaves A Mark) - Engel
Everything Leaves A Mark - Pictures And Sound
Exclamation Mark! - Andrea Parker
Find Your Mark - Megafaun
For Mark - Tori Amos
Free Will And The Question Mark - Tradition
Gnaw Mark - That Petrol Emotion
Go Mad And Mark - Envy
Her Mark - Peter Koppes
Hey Mark! - Now.Here
High Water Mark - Iced Earth
High Water Mark - Agregator
How Mark Got His Sanity Back - Adam Selzer
I Heart Question Mark - Taylor Swift.
Inside His Mark - Sonne Adam
Last Night Mark Eitzel Saved My Life - Ad Frank
Leave Your Mark - Just Say Go!
Left Your Mark - Champion
Love Will Leave A Mark - Red
Made Your Mark - The Jane Austen Argument
Make A Mark - Sick Of It All
Make Our Mark - The Maddigans
Make Your Mark - Skindred
Make Your Mark - Aaron Benward
Marijuana Makes Mark Paranoid - MAP
Mark - Refused
Mark - Shed Seven
Mark - Betzefer
Mark Bowen - Faith No More
Mark Chapman - Prop Dylan
Mark David Chapman - Mindless Self Indulgence
Mark Has Bedroom Eyes - Living With Lions
Mark Imperial The Acieed That Ate New York - Hercules And Love Affair
Mark It - Fokus / Ryan Donowho
Mark It A Zero - Brandston
Mark Like Mine - Waking Ashland
Mark McGwire - Future
Mark My Words - Tristitia
Mark My Words - Hatebreed
Mark My Word - Allison Moorer
Mark My Words - The Coronas
Mark My Words - For All Those Sleeping
Mark My Words - P.O.D.(Payable On Death)
Mark My Words - Havoc Mass
Mark My Words - Pro-pain
Mark My Words - Drive Like Carson
Mark My Words - Vroom
Mark My Words - The Sleeper Picks
Mark Of Cain - Sworn Vengeance .
Mark Of Cain - Therion .
Mark Of Cain - Noa .
Mark Of Caine - Billy Idol .
Mark Of Chaos - Angst For The Memories
Mark Of Damnation - Dragonlord
Mark Of Excellence - Verona
Mark Of The Beast - Immortal Technique
Mark Of The Beast - Lord Belial
Mark Of The Beast - Manilla Road
Mark Of The Beast - Boogiemonsters
Mark Of The Beast - Saviour Machine
Mark Of The Beast - Up For Nothing
Mark Of The Devil - Kult Ov Azazel
Mark Of The Devil - Pulp
Mark Of The Gun - Deathstars
Mark Of The Legion - Deeds Of Flesh
Mark Of The Squealer - Leeway
Mark Of The Triangle - Evergrey
Mark Of The Wolf - Overlorde
Mark Of The Usurper - Shadow Keep
Mark Of Wrath - Thorium
Mark On The Bus - The Beastie Boys
Mark Says Alright - Grand Funk Railroad
'Mark' The Cubby Chaser / Newport Sweater Fat - Guttermouth
Mark The Days - Clan Of Xymox
Mark The Lines - Veil Of Maya
Mark Trask - Sparkles in the Milk
Mark Twain - Harry Belafonte / Kingston Trio
Matthew And Mark - Amycanbe .
Missed The Mark - Ayria
Money Mark - Sportfreunde Stiller
No Mark - Lilly Wood & The Prick
Off The Mark - Lucerin Blue
On Your Mark - Chage&Aska
On Your Mark - Ghibli Studio
On Your Mark - H.A.W.K.
Question Mark - K.U.R.O
Question Mark Man - Ali Vegas
Question Marks - Ben Marwood
Saffronia's Mark - Heart
Sixth Day Mark - Vaya
SKID MARK - Kinya Kotani
Song For Mark And Joel - The Mountain Goats)
Southern Mark Smith - The Jazz Butcher
Space Before The Question Mark - Audio Crush
St. Mark - Cutting Pink With Knives
The Belle of St. Mark - Sheila E.
The Center Of The Mark - 4Him
The Dark Mark In The Sky - Voldemort
The Demon's Mark in my Skin - Malkuth
The Easy Mark & the Old Maid - Bad Books
The High Water Mark - Robots And Racecars
The Mark - Jet Set Satellite
The Mark - Swords Project
The Mark - Saint
The Mark - Black Light Burns
The Mark 2:14 - Overkill
The Mark of Cain - The Stone Coyotes
The Mark Of Dr. Z - Necrodeath
The Mark Of Evil - Paganizer
The Mark Of My Pen - 2CENTS
The Mark Of Power - Keep Of Kalessin
The Mark Of The Bear - Battlelore
The Mark Of The Beast - Sonny Shotz
The Mark Of The Beast Part 1 - Salem
The Mark Of Cain - The Stone Coyotes .
The Mark Of The Claw - Procol Harum
The Mark Of The Faithful - Impending Doom
The Mark Of The Gun - Deathstars.
The Mark Of The Judas - Darkest Hour
The Mark Of Your Letter - Saved By Grace
The Mark That Lies Beneath - Drowning The Light
The Scarlet Mark - Stream Of Passion
The Soldier's Mark - Les Sages
The Soundless Dawn Came Alive As Cities Began To Mark The Horizon - Red Sparowes
Thick Black Mark - Andrew Paul Woodworth
This One's Gonna 'Leave A Mark' - John Michael Montgomery
Those Who Bear The Mark - Grief Of Emerald
Those Who Don't Wear The Devil's Mark Shall Burn In Crematories Of Eternal Hell - Anima Damnata
To Wear The Mark - Aura Noir
Traitor's Mark - Madder Mortem
Tronan Yvir Þusand Landskaps Mark - Arckanum
Wake Up Call - Mark Ronson - Maroon 5
Warning Mark - Empires
Wear The Mark - Path Of Resistance
Where Only the Seasons Mark the Paths of Time... - Thy Primordial
Yes Mark It Is Tentative - Witches With Dicks
You Can Mark It Down - The Grascals
You Will Leave A Mark - A Silent Film

MARLEY ... ....lys......
Barbie Vs Marley - Gue Pequeno .
Bob Marley - Gudda Gudda .
Bob Marley - Gucci Mane .
Bob Marley Prelude - Dean Brody .
Everybody Loves Bob Marley - Macka B.
Jacob Marley's Chain - Aimee Mann .
Marley - Danakil
Marley - Nobodyzero
Marley - Kenny Chesney
Marley & Me (remix) - Smoke DZA
Marley Bugs - Anti-Ben
Marley Foly - Tiken Jah Fakoly
Marley Marl Scratch - Marley Marl
Marley Purt Drive - Bee Gees
Marley's Ghost - Kristeen Young
Pete Rock/Marley Marl Freestyle - Dom Pachino ft. Ninth Prince&Killa Sin .
Play Bob Marley At My Funeral - Bent Left .
Tribute To Bob Marley - Prince Far I / Christophe Maé

MARTIN ... ...lys...
A Dash Of Dean Martin - Potentially Yours
Abbie Martin - Joshua James.
Abraham, Martin and John - Dion / Marvin Gaye /..et al ..
Alligator Chomp (The Ballad Of Dr. Martin Luther Frog Jr.) - Shooter Jennings.
Aston Martin - Michael Hernandez
Aston Martin (Let's Go) - Kylie Minogue
Boulevard St. Martin - Hannes Wader
Canal Saint-Martin - Les Fatals Picards
Dean Martin - Something For Kate
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - Stay...
Good Friend Martin - Erin Mckeown
Henry Martin - Joan Baez / Figgy Duff
Jonestown Martin - Crippled Black Phoenix
Like Strother Martin - Walt Wilkins
Martin - Soft Cell
Martin - Zac Brown Band
Martin - The Tom Robinson Band
Martin (The Vampire) - Mortician
Martin Court - Saint Etienne
Martin Sheen Or JFK - Yellowcard
Martin Show!! - Plus-Tech Squeeze Box
Martin's In A Fix - Special Needs
Martin's Song - The Jayhawks
Martin's Theme - Lisa Stansfield
Martin, Doom! It's Seven O'Clock - The Boo Radleys
Mr. Martin - Starflyer 59
Ms. Martin - Ricky Martin
Song for Martin - Judy Collins
St Martin - Rock Traffic
St Martin's Summer - Craig Bickhardt
Trayvon Martin - Lil Scrappy
Trayvon Martin Tribute - Papoose
Tribute To Barry Martin - Rodney Carrington
White Wind From Mr. Martin (Pata's Nap) - X Japan

MARTY ... ... lys ...
88 Miles Per Hour (the Ballad Of Marty Mcfly) - Rudie Can't Fail
God Speaks Of Marty Robbins - The Who
Happy Birthday, Marty Ryan - David Mead
Marty - Five Iron Frenzy
Marty And Henry - Randy Newman .
Marty and Lou - Peter Mulvey .
Marty Mcfly - Anxiety Attack / Hiding With Girls
Marty Mcfly, Nostrodamus, And I - The American Scene
Marty Robbins - Pete Townshend [instrumental]
Marty The Maggot - Johnny Rebel
Marty The Martian - Barbra Streisand.
Marty's Diary - Gift Horse Mouth
Marty's Mam - The Toy Dolls
Marty's Mom - Middlewater
Meat Hook Marty & The Pajama Party - The Sawtooth Grin,
Party Hardy Marty - Nightlights
Waiting For Marty - Kelly Joe Phelps

MATTHEW ... ...lys....
Arise (Matthew 9:21) - Weak For His Glory
Dear Matthew - This Ship Will Sink
Go Down Matthew - Melissa Mcclelland
Hey Matthew - Karel Fialka
Matthew - The Last Broadcast
Matthew - Jose Vanders
Matthew - Kish Mauve
Matthew - Iona
Matthew - John Denver
Matthew & Son - Cat Stevens
Matthew 11:14-19 - The Mountain Goats
Matthew 20 16 - Bishop Lamont
Matthew 24 - Kitty Wells / George Jones
Matthew 25 - Seventh Day Slumber
Matthew 25:21 - The Mountain Goats
Matthew 6:21 - Mammoth Volume
Matthew And Mark - Amycanbe .
Matthew And Son - Cat Stevens.
Matthew And Toby - Rocketnumbernine .
Matthew Kaplan Superstar - Helen Love
Matthew Modine - Pony Up!
Matthew Twenty-Four (Is Knocking At The Door) - Johnny Cash
Matthew's Anthem - Living With Lions
Matthew's Baby - Sharks
Matthew's Magpie - Lupen Crook
Rodney Matthew Artwork - Magnum
Saint Matthew Returns To The Womb - Botch
The Matthew Effect - Nothing More
The Power Of Matthew Parkman - Miracle Is Now (The)
Tonight Matthew - Million Dead
Tonight Matthew, I'm Going To Be... - Despite My Deepest Fear
Wake Up Matthew - Bailey Tzuke

Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max - Allan Sherman
Sinning Artist Max - D.I..

MAXWELL ... ...lys...
Enstasy (The Theory Of Maxwell's Demon) - I Shalt Become
Glory, Glory, Joseph Maxwell - Latin For Truth .
Maxwell - Dowsing
Maxwell Dynasty - Angelic Upstarts
Maxwell Murder - Rancid
Maxwell Park - Mike Vass
Maxwell Street Blues - Chico's Jugband
Maxwell's Silver Hammer - The Beatles.
Me And My Maxwell House - Subb
The Ballad Of Maxwell Demon - Shudder To Think

9 Lashes (When Michael Smacks Lucifer) - Vast Aire
20 Minutes With Michael Kerney - Moonraker
A Letter To Michael - Driftless Pony Club
A Prayer For Michael Vick And T.I. (We Love You Family) - Jay Electronica
A Razor Can't Cut Time (But Michael J. Fox Can!) - The Eastern Mile
Blues for Michael - Country Joe Mcdonald
Bye Annie, Bye Joe, Bye Michael, Bye Jake - El Ten Eleven ...
Careless Michael - Colossal
Chris Michaels - The Fiery Furnaces .
Crazy Man Michael - Fairport Convention
Dear Michael - Michael Jackson
Farmer Michael Hayes - Christy Moore
For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me - Jethro Tull.
God Loves You, Michael Chang - Dent May
Hey Hey Michael You're Really Fantastic - Rachel Stamp
I Know You Slept With Michael Jackson - Building Rome
Is It Michael - Randy Newman
Message To Michael - Dionne Warwick / Deacon Blue
Michael - Suzi Quatro
Michael - Prefab Sprout
Michael - Bedlight For Blueeyes
Michael - Charlie Marshall
Michael - The Coffin Caddies
Michael - Gipsy Kings (Instrumental)
Michael - Son Of Sam
Michael - Red House Painters
Michael - Joan Baez
Michael - Franz Ferdinand
Michael - The-Dream
Michael - Telepathe
Michael - Nate & James
Michael - Glee Cast
Michael (Jump In) - No More Kings
Michael (Row The Boat Ashore) - Highwaymen / Peter, Paul & Mary/..et all .
Michael (The Lover)" - C.O.D.'s.
Michael And Maria - Steven Curtis Chapman.
Michael And Peter - Frank Sinatra.
Michael and the Slipper Tree - The Equals
Michael Blackson Skit - Chief Keef
Michael Caine - Madness
Michael Collins - The Mighty Boosh
Michael From Mountains - Joni Mitchell
Michael Has Gone For A Soldier - Blue System
Michael In Reign - Shun
Michael In The Garden - Ralph McTell
Michael Jackson - Negativland
Michael Jackson - The Mitchell Brothers
Michael Jackson - Das Racist
Michael Jackson Freestyle - 50 Cent
Michael Jackson Is Dead - Jon Lajoie
Michael Jackson's Jacket - Saving Abel
Michael Joined The Navy? - Narcoleptic Youth
Michael Jordan - That Dog.
Michael Jordan - Five For Fighting.
Michael Jordan - King Louie.
Michael Jordan - Tha Joker.

Michael Jordan's Ball - Original Broadway Cast of The Full Monty.
Michael Knight - Curren$y
Michael Monroe Smoke Screen - Hanoi Rocks
Michael Myers Resplendent - The Mountain Goats
Michael Picasso - Ian Hunter
Michael Praytor, Five Years Later - Ben Folds Five
Michael, Time To Wake Up - The Flaming Lips
Michael Who Walks By Night - Strawberry Switchblade
Michael X - Casper
Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For - Duran Duran
Michael's Bar - The Levellers
Michael's Bones - Morrissey
Michael's Lullabye For Homer - The Simpsons
Michael's Song - The Coral
Michael's Song - Mason Jennings
Michael's Song - Celine Dion
Michael's Song - David Lamotte
Michael's Song - Nanci Griffith
Michael's White Hands - The Angels Of Light

Michel Jordan - Kendrick Lamar.

Much Respect To Michael Jordan - Mos Def.
My Name Is Michael - The Miracles
Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer's Fall - Luca Turilli
Oh, Michael - Jenny Petra
One More For Saint Michael - Game Theory
Paint A Picture Of Yourself (Michael) - Harry Chapin
Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing - Minutemen
Poor Michael's Boat - Mark Olson
Queen Of Santa Fe Ii (poor Michael Went Down) - Grateful Dead
Recycle Michael - Mrs. Kate Carpenter .
Show Respect To Michael Jackson - James Kochalka
Song For Michael's Pipe - Dead Milkmen
The Ballad Of Michael Valentine - The Killers
The Better Other Side Michael Jackson Tribute - The Game
The Ethics Of Michael Corleone - Redline
The Hills and Michael Jackson - Lights Resolve
The Michael Four Flow - Neako
The Michael Keaton Backslash - Burns Out Bright
Walkin' With Michael Douglas - A Wilhelm Scream
What To Do With Michael - Candy Butchers
White Michael Jordan - Eminem .
You Can't Kill Michael Malloy - Primus

MICK ... ...lys.....
Any Mick'll Do - Celtic Folk
Cut Me Mick - Liberty n' Justice
Cut Me, Mick - Yellowcard
Die the Mick Joggers - Knochenfabrik
Mick - Distortion
Mick Boogie, The A&R - Little Brother
Mick Jagger (What Makes Your Lips So Big?) - Jonathon Brandmeier
Mick McManus' Haircut - Chumbawamba
Mick's A Hippie Burning - Big Audio Dynamite
Mick's Celebration [Instrumental] - Bob Patterson
Mick's Tape - Lifter Puller
Mick's Up - The Style Council
Rosey And Mick - Jewel
Swagger Like Mick Jagger - And She Whispered
Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today - Fall Out Boy
That's What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song) - Tori Amos

MICKEY ... ... lys .....
Drinking With Mickey Mantle - The Taxpayers
Earth To Mickey - Chaka Khan
Emily & Mickey - Yann Perreau
Get Up You Son Of A Bitch, Cause Mickey Loves Ya - The Bled
Goobye Mickey Finn - Something With Numbers
Hello Mickey - Henri Salvador
Hey Mickey - B*witched /James LaBrie2 /The Riplets /Lolly /Bring It On
Metal Mickey - Suede
Mickey - Lucky Fonz III
Mickey - Toni Basil / Zebrahead / B*Witched / Sweet Suspense
Mickey - Jackie Gleason
Mickey Avalon - Dyslexic Speedreaders
Mickey D's - 336 Boyz
Mickey D's - Rick Ross
Mickey Is A Geezer - The Priceduifkes
Mickey Macaroni - The Residents
Mickey Mantle - Little River Band
Mickey Marmalade - Gilby Clarke
Mickey Mause - Mickey Factz
Mickey McChuckles - D Team
Mickey Mouse - The Sparks
Mickey Mouse - Wavves
Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man - Grinderman
Mickey Mouse Beneath The Crown - Arcane Zero
Mickey Mouse Club March - Beat Crusaders
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme - They Might Be Giants
Mickey Mouse Freedom - Lucky Dube
Mickey Mouse In Moscow - The Busters
Mickey Mouse Is Dead - Subhumans
Mickey Mouse March - Hilary Duff
Mickey Mouse Polka - Brave Combo
Mickey On Tuneoil - Flux Of Pink Indians
Mickey Rat - Messer Chups
Mickey Remedy - Joy Wellboy
Mickey Slipper - MC Lyte
Mickey the Monkey - Tiny Tim
Mickey's Big Mouth - Gutterball
Mickey's Girl - Mickey Avalon
Mickey's Monkey - The Miracles / The Hollies /..et al
Mickey's Son and Daughter - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band..
Mickey's Tune - Nick Drake
Texas Mickey - Silverstein
The Way Mickey Wears Her Shades - Amyst
Tough Shit Mickey - Conflict
When Mickey Died - None More Black

MIKE ... ... lys ....
A Song For Mike Gigliotti - PAPA
Admiral Mike - Monkees.
& Mike Shiver - Elevation Ft. Carrie Skipper
Ballad Of Mike Hutchens - S.o.d.
Ballad Of One Eyed Mike - Hank Snow
Big Mike Intro - Gucci Mane
Bring Back The Mike - Sunz Of Man
Dj Mike Hot Mix - Terry Brival
Drop The Mike - Weatherbox
Fact: Mike Peecher Rollerblades - Daggermouth
For Mike - Jason Anderson
Gangsta Mike Mix - Mack Maine
Go Home Bible Mike - The Fatima Mansions
Go Mike G - Mike G
Hang On Mike - Candy Butchers
Hey Mike - Yellowcard
I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson - Dj Jazz Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request - Todd Snider
Jesus Loves Mike D. - The Deathray Davies
Locksmith Vs. Mike T - Sway & King Tech
Magic Mike Cuts The Record - Dj Magic Mike And The Royal Posse
Me Blindfolded vs. Mike Tyson - Monster Machismo
Me, Mike & John Wayne - The Bones
Mighty Mike Tyson - Spoonie Gee
Mike - Xiu Xiu
Mike - Thurrteen
Mike - Opposing Perfection
Mike 'The Mangler' - Mountain Brothers
Mike Aitken - 46itchy
Mike And Ike - Indigo Sled
Mike Bivens - Hologram Kizzie
Mike Black - Mo Kolours
Mike Booted Our First Song So We Recorded This One Instead - Mad Caddies
Mike Caminiti Slipped Me A Roofie - Too Late The Hero
Mike Check - Tom Green
Mike Clark - Spinvis
Mike Cwel - Acid Drinkers
Mike D Is In Love - Mike D
Mike Dexter Is A God, Mike Dexter Is A Role Model, Mike Dexter Is An Asshole - Zebrahead
Mike Duce's Symphony No.11 In D Minor - Lower Than Atlantis
Mike E. Song - The Expendables
Mike Hammer - Moist
Mike In His Prime - Mayko Greenleaf
Mike Kalinsky - Clem Snide
Mike Kennedy Is A Bad Friend - The Wonder Years
Mike Lowery - Far-Less
Mike Lowery - Skepta
Mike Mcconnell - Junior Electronics
Mike Meyers Never Runs, But He Always Catches Up - Evergreen Terrace
Mike Mills - Air
Mike Morowitz, The Fantasy Fuck - Daughters
Mike On The Mic - Beastie Boys
Mike P. Does Coke - Kids Like Us
Mike Portnoy Drum Solo - Dream Theater
Mike Post Theme - The Who
Mike Ski's Voice - Pitboss
Mike Sold Out Twice - The Dumpster Divers
Mike Stone - Height
Mike T's Funky Scratch - Compton's Most Wanted
Mike Teavee - Danny Elfman / Charlie and the Chocolate factory
Mike Tyson - Ginuwine
Mike Tyson - Endwell
Mike Tyson Thinks He's Tough Because He's A Rapist - Anti-Ben
Mike Tyson's Punch Out - Totally Radd!!
Mike Vallely's Got My Back - XfilesX
Mike Vick - Action Bronson
Mike's Hard Lemonade - Ashlee Hewitt
Mike's Mom - Froggy Fresh
Mike's Revengs - Dumbfounded
Mike's Song - Phish .
Mike's Song - Strung Out
Mike's Song - Idiots For Hire
Mike's Waiting - The Cootees
Money Mike (Skit) - Shawnna
Morocco Mike - Murs .
Mosh Against Mike Solids - Crucial Unit
Moving Like Mike - Mac DeMarco
Mr. Mike - Mike Boyd.
Mr. Mike R. Fone - Playdough.
Mr. Mike Tyson Flow - Lil' Wayne.
My Man Mike - Phresh Air
Open Mike Love Song - Percy Shaw
Open Mike Night - Thirstin Howl III
Passin' The Mike - 45 King
Roll My Blues By Mike Good - Jolie Holland
Sex With Mike - Ghost Runner On Third
Sulley And Mike - Randy Newman
The Ballad Of Mike And Beth - The New Amsterdams
We Are Oscar Mike - Anchors
Where The Hell Is Mike Sinkovich? - Less Than Jake
Won't You Be My Valentine Mike Dawson Even Though You're A Bigoted Child Molester - We`ll Dance Like Ghosts On Rooftops

MIGUEL ... ...lys...
Affair In San Miguel - Rippingtons
Miguel - Gordon Lightfoot
Miguel Abburido - Will Haven
Miguela Y Miguel - Dr. Sapo
San Miguel - The Beach Boys
San Miguel - The Kingston Trio
Song For Miguel - Moon Hooch
The Ballad of Padre Miguel - Deadman

MING ... .....lys....
Do Jeht Ming Frau - BAP
Hail Ming - Wednesday 13
Ming Ming Bai Bai Wo De Xin - Jackie Chan with Sara Chen
Ming Stadt - Cat Ballou
Ming The Merciless - Jedi Nemesis
Ming's Theme (In The Court Of Ming The Merciless) - Queen
Yao Ming - David Banner

MOBY / MOOBY ... ...lys...
Moby Dick - Led Zeppelin.
Moby-Dik - Sonic Youth
Mooby The Golden Calf - Dogma..
The Moby Dick Trilogy - Dark Order
Tribute To Moby Dick - Sodom

Manny, Moe And Jack - The Dickies..

MONTY ... ...lys...
I'll Take Whats In The Box, Monty - The Lawrence Arms, The
Liz And Monty - Purple Love
Louisiana Lou And Three Card Monty John - The Allman Brothers ..
Monty - Spiderbait
Monty And Me - Rick Springfield
Monty Got A Raw Deal - R.E.M.
Oh For The Days When 'Spam' Was Just A Monty Python Sketch! - Attila The Stockbroker
Poison Ivy And The Full Monty - Jan Garbarek
The Full Monty Medley - Tom Jones / Robbie Williams

MORGAN ... ...lys .......
Captain Morgan - Two Man Advantage
Captain Morgan's Revenge - Alestorm
Catherine Morgan - Bad Astronaut .
Dexter Morgan - My Rockets Up .
Letter To Morgan - Privaledge
Miss Morgan - Eli Mattson .

Morgan - Dont Sigh Daisy
Morgan - Skulker

Morgan City Fool - Delbert McClinton
Morgan Le Fay - Paul Roland
Morgan Library Takeover - Randy Newman
Morgan Street - Turnpike Troubadours
Morgan The Pirate - Mimi & Richard Fariña
Morgan Tracy - Chief Keef
Morgan's Dance - Jack Hardy
Morgan's Song - Immanu El
Mr. Morgan - Avail .
Mrs. Morgan - The Go-betweens
Mrs. Morgan - DC Talk
Officer Morgan - SkillinJah
Roy Jordan And Ed Morgan - Dave Lippman ...
The Curse Of Captain Morgan - Battleheart
The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan's Gin - Hank Snow
The Secret Life Of Morgan Davis - Ben Folds Five
Webster Morgan - Chris Webby

MOSES ... ...lys...
Amos Moses - Hank Williams Jr./ Conway Twitty /..et al
Another Day at Moses Brown - David Roth
Another Moses - The Ethiopians
Books Of Moses - Tom Waits
Border Song (Holy Moses) - Aretha Franklin
Brown Moses - Frank Zappa
Get Down Moses - Joe Strummer / Louis Armstrong / Arlo Guthrie
Guns'N Moses - Holy Moses
Little Moses - Joan Baez
Midnight Moses - Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Moses - Coldplay
Moses - Patty Griffin
Moses Brown - The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies
Moses Children - Bunny Wailer
Moses In The Wilderness - Larry Norman
Moses Ritooraliay - Clancy Brothers
Moses Smote The Water - John Lee Hooker
'Moses' The Prophet - Peter Tosh
Moses Vs Predator - Dan Deacon
Moses With A Gun - Chumbawamba
Old Man Moses - Les Humphries Singers
Six And Seven Books Of Moses - Toots & The Maytals
The Revelations Of Black Moses - Vader
You Made A Way For Moses - Twothirtyeight

Arnold And Willis And Mr.Drummond - Five Iron Frenzy ..
Assistant to Mr. Friendly - Bobby & the Chuxx .
Christopher, Mr. Christopher - Styx .
Dear Mr. Christian - Derek Minor .
Dear Mr. Fantasy - Traffic ..
Diggity Cow And The Dandy Mr. Clyde - Idiot Flesh.
Goodbye Mr A - The Hoosiers
Goodbye Mr. Tron - Under the Radar .
Happy Birthday Mr. President - Marilyn Monroe ...
Hey Mister - Custom .
Hey, Mister Sun - Bobby Sherman..
Hello Mr. Banker - Charlie Cheney ..
Hello Mr. Heartache - Dixie Chicks ..
Help, Mr. Wizard - Andy Logan ..
Hey, Mr. Banjo - East Bay Banjo Club ..
Hey, Mr. D.J. - Shrimp City Slim .
Hey Mr Dream Maker - Cliff Richard .
Hey Mr. Starlight - Tarbox Ramblers ..
Mean Mr. Mustard - The Beatles..
Mister Fiddle - Eddie Cochran.
Mister Otter - Michael Ketover .
Mister White Keys - Cherry Poppin' Daddies ..
Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony? - Ween.
Mr. Adam's Daughter - KMC.
Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favorite Dish?) - Macabre..
Mr. Alphabet - The Cure.
Mr. Alphabet Says - The Glove.
Mr. Apollo - The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Mr. Arthur's Place - Michael Johnson.
Mr. Bad Guy - Freddy Mercury.
Mr. Badger - Rick Wakeman .
Mr. Banker - Lynyrd Skynyrd .
Mr. Banker Man - Chuck Redden .
Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy) - Sugar Ray..
Mr. Bass Man - Johnny Cymbal ..
Mr. Bill Collector - Bone Thugs N Harmony.
Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra..
Mr. Boll Weevil - Ron Surrey .
Mr. Brown - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Mr. Brownstone - Guns 'n' Roses
Mr. Cab Driver - Lenny Kravitz.
Mr. Chris T. Ian - Ill Harmonics ..
Mr. Clancy - The Walkabouts .
Mr. Columbus - Grace Potter And The Nocturnals .
Mr. Dick - Bill The Banker feat. Mr.Jinkinz
Mr. Drifter - Nepaul .
Mr E's Beautiful Blues - Eels..
Mr. Ed Theme (A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course) – TV Theme ..
Mr. Fancy Pants - Jonathan Coulton ..
Mr. Farmer - The Seeds.
Mr. Fire Coal Man - Stiff Little Fingers.
Mr. Frank Lee - Gie Few ..
Mr. Freeze - K's Choice.
Mr. Friday Night - DJ Cally .
Mr. Fruity - Metro .
Mr. Ghost Goes To Town - Dr. Demento..
Mr. Green Genes - Frank Zappa.
Mr. Harvey Wall Banger - Buddha Monk.
Mr. Heatmiser - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Mr. Hummingbird - The Homestories .
Mr. Japan - Guided By Voices.
Mr. Jaws – Dickie Goodman .
Mr. Jones - Psychedelic Furs
Mr. Know It All - Kelly Clarkson .
Mr. Limousine Driver - Grand Funk Railroad..
Mr. Lonely - Bobbie Vinton / Akon.
Mr. Mackerel - Smother Party .
Mr. Make Believe - Dragonfly
Mr. Manatee - Manatees .
Mr. Mike - Mike Boyd.
Mr. Mike R. Fone - Playdough.
Mr. Mike Tyson Flow - Lil' Wayne.
Mr. Mockingbird - Rodney Hayden .
Mr. Monday - Kobo Town.
Mr. Monday - The Original Caste.
Mr. Moonchild - Infrasonic .
Mr. Moonlight - The Beatles .
Mr. Moonshine - Fat Mattress .
Mr. Morgan - Avail .
Mr. Negative - Jetty Boys
Mr. November - The National .
Mr. Norris - Swingin' Utters .
Mr. Participation Billy - Joan Of Arc.
Mr Pawnbroker (Pawn Broker Blues) - B.B. King .
Mr. Persuasion - Agnetha Faltskog
Mr. Pie Eyes - Drink Up Buttercup ..
Mr. Pine - The Renaissance.
Mr. Pink - Clouds .
Mr. Pitiful - Otis Redding.
Mr. Pope - Kubiks .
Mr. Popeil - Weird Al Yankovic
Mr. Preacher Man - George Walker .
Mr. President Let's Start Over a New - Jennifer L-Lopez
Mr. Right - Rick Wayne / Brown Boy
Mr Saturn - Eldorado .
Mr. Slater's Parrot - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
Mr Smooth Talker - Vicki Shae
Mr. Soul - Neil Young /Buffalo Springfield .
Mr. Sparkle - Slap Madcap .
Mr. Starstruck - Ella G'sell
Mr. Sticks - Deer Tick .
Mr. Sunshine - Barclay James Harvest.
Mr. Super - Manatee
Mr. Tambourine Man - Byrds..
Mr. Telephone Man - New Edition / Dream ..
Mr. Toad - Ken Moule .
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - Tower Of Power .
Mr. Too Damn Good - Dump
Mr. Tuesday Man - Myracle Brah.
Mr. Universe - Adam Scone .
Mr. Waiter - Los Chicharrines.
Mr. Walden In The Cattle Wagon - Ales Brezina .
Mr. Wizard - The Irregular Orchestra .
Mr. Wonderful - John Waite.
Mr. Zebra - Tori Amos .
No More Mister Nice Guy - Alice Cooper.
Oh Mr. Porter - Marie Lloyd .
Oops! Mr. Mingus - Teo MacEro .
Oops Mr. Toots - Burke Harris & Pamela Young .
Please Mr. Genie - Bennie Spellman ..
Please Mr. Jackson - Willis Jackson .
Please, Mr. Organ Player - Milt Buckner .
Please Mr. Please - Olivia Newton-John .
Please Mr. Postman - The Marvelettes .
Please, Mr Sun - Johnnie Ray .
Son Of Mr Bull Dog - The Mebusas ..
Son of Mr. Green Genes - Frank Zappa..
Welcome Home, Mr. Lewis - Richard Thompson.
Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler? - Wild Billy Childish & The Blackhands
You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Glee Cast..

MUSTAPHA ... ...lys....
Mustapha - Queen
Mustapha Dance - The Clash

NATHAN ... ....lys.....
A song for Nathan Patterson... - Revive
Adam and Nathan Totally Kick Ass - El Ten Eleven.
Floating [or] The Waltz Of Tommy And Nathan - Pretty Balanced .
Nathan - Jeri Bourrous
Nathan - Azealia Banks
Nathan - Okkervil River
Nathan Ate The Last Box Of Crayons - With Resistance
Nathan Collier - Palatka
Nathan Jones - The Supremes / Bananarama
Nathan La Franeer - Joni Mitchell
Nathan's Phase - The Chameleons
Nathan's Reel - Steeleye Span
The Diary of Nathan Adler - David Bowie
The New Nathan Detroits - Braid

Ned Kelly - Johnny Cash

NEAL ... ...lys........
Ash O'Neal - Rude Buddha
How Do You Deal With Neal? - The Toy Dolls
Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come - Tom Waits .
Nathalie Neal - Swans .
Neal - Chester French
Neal And Jack And Me - King Crimson .
Neal Cassady Drops Dead - Morrissey
Neal's Blues - Neal Casal
Neal's Fandango - The Doobie Brothers
Tony Neal Speaks - Juvenile

NEIL ... .....lys.....
Adam and Nathan Totally Kick Ass - El Ten Eleven
Dedication: Fred Neil - Currituck Co.
Fred Neil Medley - Jerry Jeff Walker.
Mairseal O Neil - Alan Stivell
Neil - Almost Cool
Neil - Born Against
Neil Armstrong - Proof
Neil Armstrong - Starkicker
Neil Armstrong - Races To April
Neil Jung - Teenage Fanclub
Neil Young (once Again) - Iori's Eyes
Neil Young Is Watching Me - Farmer Sea
Neil, You've Lost Your Touch - So Long Davey!
Peggy O'Neil - Frankie Carle & His Orchestra
Peggy O'Neil - The Harmonicats
Peggy O'Neil - Ruby Murray
Ronnie And Neil - Drive-By Truckers .
The New Neil Young - Philadelphia Grand Jury
Theme From The Neil Miller Show - Lambchop
Vine Neil - Dayglo Abortions
We All Love Neil Young - Bill Frisell
Young Neil - Blonde Redhead

NELSON ... ... lys ...
A Drop Of Nelson's Blood - Jarvis Cocker
Babyface Nelson - Goodbye Blue Skies
Charlie Bill Nelson - Lee Hazlewood..
Drug Dog Thinks He's Willie Nelson - Rodney Rude
Either Nelson - Guided By Voices
Full Nelson - Limp Bizkit
Full Nelson - Redman
Full-Nelson Cunt-Bust - Artery Eruption
Greedy Nelson - All I Can Say
Half-Nelson - Gods Of Blitz
Hark To The Tale Of Nelson - The Simpsons
Hey Nelson, Go Jump On The Garbage - Daggermouth
I've Just Heard Willy Nelson / Encore - Christy Moore
Nelson - A Day In Hollywood - A Night In The Ukraine
Nelson Mandela - The Specials
Nelson's County - Deaf Havana
Nelson's Farewell - Dubliners / Joe Dolan
Ntozake Nelson - The Lonelyhearts
Song For Nelson - Self
Storm Nelson - The Chesterf!elds
The Ballad Of Melody Nelson - Placebo / Serge Gainsbourg
The Nelson Highrise Sector 1 (the Elevator) - Alphaville
Willie Nelson - Clutch
Willie Nelson And A 12 Pack - Hoods
Willie Nelson And All - Plus One

NEMO ... ...lys....
Black Nemo - Okkervil River
Captain Nemo - Sarah Brightman .
Captain Nemo - Ace Of Base / Act Fast
Epilogue: Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus [Instrumental] - Yearning
Finding Nemo - Pries
Little Nemo In Nightland - Grateful Dead
Nemo - Tarja Turunen / Nightwish........... This is me for forever
Nemo - Umphrey's Mcgee ..... No assumption should be worth listing
Sleep Little Nemo - Trophy Scars

NESTOR ... ...lys ...
Nestor, The Long Eared Christmas Donkey - Marty Robbins / Hank Snow..
Pt.1: Nestor's Saga (the Tale Of The Ancient) - John Surman
Tonton Nestor - Georges Brassens

NICK ... ...lys...
A Badger Called Nick Lowe - Luke Haines
A Star For Nick - Lana Del Rey
Drinking With Nick Drake - Tom Flannery
For Nick And Kat - Chris Merritt
Going To Grip Nick - Bloods & Crips
I Saw Nick Drake - Robyn Hitchcock
Just In The Nick Of Rhyme - Common Sense
Just In The Nick Of Time - Nicolette Larson.
Lagartija Nick - Bauhaus
Let's Nick A Mustang - Peter Pan Speedrock
Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys/Hanson /She & Him/Captain & Tennille/...et al
Lock Me in the Nick - Meisce
Nick & Phil - Unwritten Law .
Nick And Joni - Angela Kinczly .
Nick And Ross Drink Lead Paint - I Voted For Kodos.
Nick Cannon - Set Sail
Nick Carraway - Fresh Produce
Nick Cave Dolls - Bongwater
Nick Drake - Laakso
Nick Drake - Russian Red
Nick Drake Tape - Clem Snide
Nick Hall In The Mist - Spies Like Us
Nick J Is Off The Chain - Jonas Brothers
Nick Long Ding Barn - Trumans Water
Nick Mess - FFD
Nick Nack Man - Frank Zander
Nick Name - Qadir
Nick Northern - Snuff
Nick Of Time - AC/DC
Nick Of Time - Marcin Rozynek
Nick Of Time - Dave Harris
Nick Of Time - ZOEgirl
Nick Of Time - Bonnie Raitt
Nick Of Time - Cigar
Nick Of Time - Jin
Nick Teen And Al K. Hall - Rolf Harris
Nick The Stripper - The Birthday Party
Nick The Whip - D.I.
Nick's B. Danube - Spongebob Squarepants
Nick's Noodle - Alison Krauss
Nick's Song - Rebecca Schiffman
Nutmeg Nick - The Sign Posters
Oh Nick Please Not So Quick - E-Rotic
Ol' St Nick - Hey Sholay
Pick Nick - Nasty
Pig Nick - Farmer Boys
Rick Vs Nick - Before Their Eyes
St.Nick On The Fourth In A Fervor - Ha Ha Tonka
The Lonely Life Of Sir Nick - Catchlove
The Piggy Bank's Gone, Nick! - New Mexican Disaster Squad
Waiting For Nick At Rick's Cafe - Dead Combo

NICOLAS ... ...lys
Grand Saint Nicolas - Anne Sylvestre
La Rumba De Nicolas - Gipsy Kings

NIGEL ... ...lys...
Making Plans For Nigel - XTC / Primus / Robbie Williams/...et al
Nigel - Hepcat
Nigel & Fiona - Beth Hirsch .
That Must Be Nigel With The Brie - Off With Their Heads

NOAH ... lys........
As In The Days Of Noah - Misty Edwards
Ballad Of Noah - K-Os
Dear Noah - The Wild
Dr Noah - Mani Matter
Exodus (Noah's Ark 2001) - Boney M.
God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign - Current 93
God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign - Ralph Stanley
Hello! I'm Noah! - Intohimo
Just Like Noah's Ark - Elton John
Noah - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Noah - Bruce Low
Noah - Dirty Penny
Noah - Devendra Banhart
Noah - Bob Seger
Noah - Harry Belafonte
Noah - Skinlab
Noah - Circleslide
Noah - Lisa Chappell
Noah - Frank Sinatra / Kay Starr
Noah (Ghost In A Sheet) - Fionn Regan..
Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord - Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Noah The African - Sonny Shotz
Noah Was A Knower - Mortification
Noah's Ark - Cocorosie
Noah's Ark - Young Heretics
Noah's Ark - The Stone Coyotes
Noah's Ark - David Lynch
Noah's Ark - The Jezabels
Noah's Ark - Marit Peters
Noah's Ark - I Blame Coco
Noah's Car - Danny Peck
Noah's Days - Stealing Sheep
Noah's Dove - 1910 Fruitgum Company / 10000 Maniacs
Noah's Dream - Heaven's Gate
Noah's Nameless Wife - Bryan John Appleby
Noah's New Ark - Stuart Davis
Noah's Rainbow - Molly Irene
Noah's Song - Phil Keaggy / Nate Pike
Noah's Titanic - Antje Duvekot
Noah's Toilet - Coldcut
Noah, Build Me An Ark - Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking
Papa Noah - Seeed
Sons Of Tomorrow (To Noah James) - Inhale Exhale
Tell Noah About The Rain - Aroah
Thank You, Noah Lowry - Tigers Jaw
The Noah Plan - Peter Schilling

NORMAN ... ... lys...
Cease-Fire, or, Mrs. Norman Maine - Franz Nicolay .
Cousin Norman - Marmalade
Intro-The Legend Of Norman Paperman/Kinja - Jimmy Buffett
Jeanie Norman - Charley Pride.
Norman - Boilermaker
Norman - Nameless Shame
Norman - Sue Thompson
Norman Always Knew - Arlo Guthrie
Norman Bates Wardrobe - Sleepwithzzz
Norman Blake - Crambo
Norman Normal - Peter, Paul & Mary
Norman Park - Tim Brantley
Norman's Way - David Roth
Searching For Norman Underwood - Gimp
Song For Norman - Alison Krauss
There Goes Norman - Undertones
There's Something Wrong With Norman's Mom - Blink

NORRIS ... ...lys...
Andy Norris - Badfinger .
Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris - Jonathan Painchaud...
Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris - Jonathan Painchaud
Chuck Norris Doesn't Sleep, He Waits - Rosematter .
Chuck Norris Is A Sick Ass Whiteboy - Sycamore Dreams.
Chuck Norris Vs. David Hasselhoff - Undergod..
Mr.Norris - Swingin' Utters .
Ms. Norris - Harry And The Potters .
Stillssternlange&norris - None More Black
What Would Chuck Norris Do - Attila

OLIVER ... .....lys ......
Fred Olivier - The Toy Dolls .
Moments With Oliver - Rachael Yamagata
Ode To Oliver - Bertie Botts Every Flavor Band
Oliver - Björk
Oliver - Kara's Flowers
Oliver (reprise) - Oliver!
Oliver & Juniper - Beau
Oliver Blues - Jackie Leven
Oliver Boy (All Of Our Boys) - Flogging Molly
Oliver Cromwell - Monty Python
Oliver Dalston Browning - Keaton Henson
Oliver Green - Hokey
Oliver James - Fleet Foxes .
Oliver North Is A Communist - Pretentious Flamedogs
Oliver Part II - The Game
Oliver Stone - The Felice Brothers
Oliver Twist - Fandangle
Oliver Twist - Luke Haines
Oliver Twist - D'Banj
Oliver Twist - Avey Tare
Oliver Twisted - The Vaselines
Oliver Twisted - Sage Francis
Oliver Under The Moon - Pistolita
Oliver Wood - The Basilisk In Your Pasta
Oliver Would - The First Task Is Dragons
Sweet Polly Oliver - Sarah Brightman /traditional..
The Many Faces Of Oliver Hart - Eyedea / Oliver Hart

OTTO ... .....lys.......
Crazy Otto - CCR .
Otto - The Replacements
Otto Titsling - Bette Midler
Otto Wood The Bandit - Doc Watson
Otto's Journey - Mylo
The Crazy Otto [instrumenal] - Johnny Maddox

PABLO ... lys...............
Blues for Pablo - Miles Davis / Manhattan Transfer.
Gone To Pablo - Luka Bloom
I'm Pablo - Billie The Vision And The Dancers
Juan Pablo Shoe - Slowdown Virginia
Pablo - Gucci Mane
Pablo At The Park - Aeon Spoke
Pablo Picasso - Jonathan Richman / John Cale / The Modern Lovers
Pablo Picasso - Johnny And The Self Abusers [Simple Minds]
Pablo Picasso - David Bowie
Pablo Picasso - Citizen Cope
Pablo Pinkpants - The Max Levine Ensemble
Pablo's Cruise [instrumental]- The Avalanches
Pablo's Heart - Four Tet
Rocky Pablo - Ak-9ine

PADDY ... .... lys....
(No More) Paddy's Lament - Flogging Molly
Come Back Paddy Reilly - Percy French
Jigs: Paddy Clancey's Fancy - Steeleye Span
P Stands For Paddy (Lament For Johnny) - Cara Dillon
Paddy - Just Me Again
Paddy Fields - Opposition
Paddy Goes To Holyhead - Paddy Goes To Holyhead
Paddy Lay Back - Bobby Murray
Paddy McCarthy - The Corrs
Paddy On The Beat - Steve Earle
Paddy on the Beat - Del McCoury
Paddy On The Railway - Luke Kelly
Paddy on the Turnpike [Instrumental] - Bill Monroe
Paddy Wagon Rape - X-Cops
Paddy Wont You Drink Some Cider - Reeltime Travelers Paddy's Gone - Antony and the Johnsons
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore - The High Kings
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore - The Chieftains
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore - The Battlefield Band
Paddy's Lament - Celtic Folk / Sinead O'Connor
Paddy's Sick Note - Dubliners (The)
Poor Paddy - The Pogues
Punjab Paddy - Gaelic Storm
Reel Rakkish Paddy - Baqqhus
Rock 'n' roll paddy - Shane Macgowan

PANCHO ... ...lys....
It Was Pancho Villa - The Broadways
Pancho - Don Williams
Pancho And Lefty - Townes Van Zandt / Counting Crows/ Steve Earle/..et al
Pancho Villa - Sun Kil Moon
Sancho Pancho - Sunny Bizness
Viva Pancho Villa - Hoyt Axton

PAUL ... ...lys...
13th Apostle Paul Was Gay - Sonny Shotz
A Box For Black Paul - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
All Because Of Paul - Sparkles in the Milk
Armer Paul - Interzone
Ballad Of Paul And Sheila - Mason Jennings
Billy Paul - Vince Gill.
Billy Paul Said - Michael Roe.
Bob, Paul & Seneca - Daniele Groff..
Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney On Heather Mill's Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs On The White House) - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Chris Paul - CTE World .
Chubb Rock Can You Please Pay Paul The $2200 You Owe Him - Prince Paul
Eddie, Bruce And Paul - NOFX ..
From St. Paul's To Seattle - Conflict
Go To Sleep, Paul Revere! - Allan Sherman
Gordon Paul - The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die .
Hang On Paul - Nazz
Hey Paul - Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Hostage Life Are Fucking Alive And Well Or Paul Miller's Armada Featuring Eric Gaudet - HostageLife
I Love Apostle Paul - Apologetix
I Love Paul - Nina Hagen
It's Paul - Virus Syndicate
Jean Paul Sartre - The Crabs .
July 06, When John Met Paul - Mark Massey ...
Just Paul Wall - Paul Wall
Katrina And Paul - J Church.
Lil Paul - MC Lyte
Lil' Flip Vs. Paul Wall - Lil' Flip
Me And John And Paul - The Grascals
Me And Paul - Willie Nelson / Johnny Cash
Midnight Ride Of Paul Revised - Capitol Steps
My Brother Paul - The Residents
Not Paul Simon - The Gods Hate Kansas
O Paul - Palace Brothers
Old Paul - Mc Paul Barman
Paintings Of Paul Revere - Fireworks
Paul - Eminem
Paul - Smoking Popes
Paul - Bobby Bare / Shel Silverstein
Paul - Insane Betty
Paul - Endeavor
Paul (Skit) - Xzibit
Paul Allen - Antagonist A.D.
Paul and Jon - Daniel Romano
Paul And Paz - Vinnie Paz
Paul And Peter Walked - Allan Hall
Paul And Silas - Phish
Paul & Silas In The Jail - Ari Eisinger
Paul And Virginia - Over The Rhine.
Paul Baloff - Ill Bill
Paul Bison - Trees Above Mandalay
Paul Bogle - Abdel Wright
Paul Brown Petty - Brandon Heath
Paul Cow-boy - Pierre Rapsat
Paul Cries - Think About Life
Paul Crump - Phil Ochs
Paul Et Virginie - Celine Dion
Paul Hardly Speaks - Randy Newman
Paul Henry - Assembly Of Dust .
Paul In Your Black - Q-Tip
Paul Is Dead - Retro Stefson / Transistor Transistor
Paul Kee - Malia
Paul Kern Can't Sleep - The Dimes
Paul Kersey To Jack Kimball - P.O.S. .
Paul Leni (Deep Mix) - Japanese Gum
Paul Malls - Latin For Truth
Paul McCartney - Scissor Sisters
Paul Mccartney - SR-71
Paul Newman - Lula
Paul Newman - Vaqueros Paganos
Paul Newman and A Ride Home... - The Motorcycle Industry
Paul Newman Vs. The Demons - The Avett Brothers
Paul Newman's Eyes - Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Paul Reubens - Murs & Slug
Paul Revere - Beastie Boys
Paul Simon - The Russian Futurists .
Paul Speak On Mix Tapes - Dj Butter
Paul Stanley - Dj Muggs Vs Ill Bill
Paul Stanley - The Hellacopters
Paul Stanley's Chest - 7000 Dying Rats
Paul Two And Heif Wanted This One - Countdown To Life
Paul Verlaine - The Clientele
Paul Wall Speaks - N.O.R.E.
Paul Wolfowitz - David Rovics
Paul's A Sucker - Stetsasonic
Paul's Grotesque - Man Man
Paul's Guitar Story - Visioneers
Paul's Law - Mad Crowd Disease
Paul's Ministry - Kitty Wells
Paul's Not Home - Adrenalin O.d.
Paul's Revenge - De La Soul
Paul's Solo - Mr. Big
Paul's Solo - Racer X
Paul's Song - Chancellorpink
Paul's Song - Bullet (US)
Paul's Song - M. Ward
Paul's Tomb - Frog Eyes
Paul's Tune - Clash, The
Paul, With Da 45 - Three 6 Mafia
Pin Ball Paul - Glenn Miller
Poor Paul Getty - The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth
Pope John Paul - The Lovely Feathers.
Pope John Paul The 3rd - The Left Rights .
Pretty Paul - Cannonball Adderley.
Prince Paul - Everlast
Pulpo Paul - El Almirante
Punching Paul - Cueball
Punk Rock Paul - TwiceBorn
Sally, Sue, Jake And Paul - Monte And The Machine...
Satan And St.Paul - John Fullbright
Sean Paul (Get 'Em Crunk) - Youngbloodz
Should Have Shot Paul - The Strange Boys
Slippery St. Paul - Doobie Brothers
Solo Paul - Gillespi
Something Paul Revere - Merchant ships
Song For Paul - Jaymay
St. Paul - We The Living
St. Paul - The Rembrandts
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues - La Dispute
St. Paul's Cathedral At Night - Trembling Blue Stars
St. Paul's Song - Pierce Pettis
Tall Paul - Annette Funicello
The Ballad Of Candlepin Paul - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
The Ballad Of Lea & Paul - K's Choice.
The Ballad Of Paul - Hooray! For Everything
The Ballad of Paul K - McFly.
The Battle For Paul Bunyan's Axe - Northsoutheastwest
The Bells Of St. Paul - Linda Eder
The Ghost Of Saint Paul - Gravenhurst
The Last Charge Of Lt. Paul - Micah P Hinson
The Mourners Of St Paul - Liam Frost
The Paul The Dan - Drapht.
The Shipwreck Of St. Paul - Julian Cope
Young Paul Mccartney Face - A Shattered Hope

PERCY ... .......lys....
Blues For Percy Carey - Count Bass D .
Lady Percy - King Charles
Mr. Percy - KRS-One
Percy - Head Of Femur
Percy Is A Prat - Gred And Forge
Percy The Poet - Ian Dury
Percy Warner Park - Boy and Bear
Percy's Song - Bob Dylan / Fairport Convention / Arlo Guthrie
Percy's Song -
Pot Lucky Percy - The Toy Dolls
Remnants Of Percy Bass - Rasputina
The Ballad Of Mr. Percy Weasley - Peeved

PERRY ... .............lys.............
Admiral Perry - David Byrne
Come Home Perry - Phineas And Ferb
I Love Katy Perry - Future Idiots .
Luke Perry (i'm Saving Myself For) - Gwen's Prosthetic Arm .
Luke Perry And The Sweatlodge - Endeavor .
Perry - Perfume Genius
Perry - Butthole Surfers
Perry Como Gold - Aloha
Perry Mason - Ozzy Osbourne
Perry Mason Theme - The Blues Brothers
Perry Street - Jill Sobule
Perry Thrust Combo - Jovian
Robert Perry - Kool Keith .
Steve Perry - Matt Mulholland .
The Perry Rhodan Online Fanclub - Believing In June
Tonight, Dave Perry Will Be Rod Stewart - Wild Blue New Mexico ...
Wayne Perry - A-Mafia .

PETE ... ........lys.........
Abner Louima V. Gov. Pete Wilson - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
Big Boy Pete - Coco Montoya / Grateful Dead
Cuban Pete - Jim Carrey
Cuban Pete - Desi Arnaz
Desert Pete - The Kingston Trio
Drunk Uncle Pete - Methods Of Mayhem
For Pete's Sake - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
For Pete's Sake - Everclear
For Pete's Sake - The Monkees
For Pete's Sake - Yellowcard
For Pete's Sake (Don't Let Him Down) - Barbra Streisand
Gay Marriage & My Uncle Pete - Wyatt Cenac
Grown So Ugly By Robert Pete Williams - The Captain Beefheart
Here's Pete - Herbie Mann .
Hey Pete - Type O Negative
Home For Pete's Sake - Dolly Parton
Indian Pete - Mest
On The Beat Pete - Madness
Outlaw Pete - Bruce Springsteen
Peg And Pete And Me - Stan Ridgway .
Pete - Fireside
Pete - Rainbow Tornado
Pete & Manny - Bruce Hornsby .
Pete And Repeat - Daniel Amos
Pete Beat - Letters To Cleo
Pete Best - Benoit Carre
Pete Is Murder - Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
Pete Jackson Is Getting Married - Less Than Jake
Pete, Jesus And Me - Jack Ingram .
Pete, King Of The Detectives - Big Black
Pete Kelly's Blues - Ella Fitzgerald.
Pete Mahaffey - A Stained Glass Romance
Pete Martell And His Revenge To The Wood - Floss
Pete Rose - Nappy Roots
Pete Rose's Home Run Derby - Usurp Synapse
Pete Standing Alone - Boards of Canada
Pete The Killer - Calla
Pete Tong Plays Steppenwolf - True Identity
Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous - Cobra Starship
Pete Wentz Motherfucker! - Atomic Potato
Pete's Dad - Porno For Pyros
Pete's Jazz - Pete Rock
Pete's Music City - Alabama
Pete's Rap - Nick Cannon
Pete's Sake - Sick Of It All
Pete's Shoes - Ten Foot Pole
Pete's Song - Willis
Pistol Pete - The Ziggens
Pistol Pete Matty - The Prize Fighter Inferno
Pistol Pete Was Here - Just Like Always
Poor Pete Is A Bit Self Conscious - Say Hi To Your Mom
Song Of Pete - Pascow
Steve's Hammer (For Pete) - Steve Earle
Sweet Unique Pete - Kool Keith
Texas Pete - Texas Rider
The Story Of Pete - Grannysmith
The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete - The Smashing Pumpkins
Uncle Pete - Adam Brand
Waiting For Pete Doherty To Die - The Indelicates

Black Peter - Grateful Dead.
Crank Dat Peter Pan - Crank Squad.
Hey St. Peter - Flash and The Pan
In Search Of Peter Pan - Kate Bush .
Michael And Peter - Frank Sinatra.
Peter Brophy Don't Care – Lindisfarne .
Peter Gun - Dickie Dale
Peter Gunn Theme - Duane Eddy
Peter Griffin Rap - Family Guy
Peter, James and John - Gold City ..
Peter Piper - Run DMC.
Pete Rose Way - The Baseball Project ..
Peter Street - Fables.
Peterbuild Prison - Tim Wilson.
Skeeter On My Peter - David Allen Coe.
So Peter, You've Become A Pirate Now - Scene Asthetic.
St. Peter - Paper Mache.
Where Now St. Peter - Elton John.

Nick & Phil - Unwritten Law .



Picasso's Last Words - Paul McCartney..

POPEYE ... ... lys ...
El Popeye - Arley Perez
Popeye (The Hitchhiker) - Chubby Checker.
Popeye The Sailor Man - Face To Face / Popeye

PUNKY ... ...lys ...
Punky Brewster - Down By Law
Punky Princess - Avril Lavigne
Punky Reggae Party - Bob Marley & the Wailers
Punky Says - Transvision Vamp
Punky's Dilemma - Simon and Garfunkel / Barbra Streisand .
Punky's Whips - Frank Zappa
Punky-Punk - Anarko

QUINN ... ...lys...
A Lilac Harry Quinn - Half Man Half Biscuit
C'mon Quinn - Tim Barry
Martha Quinn - Jr. Gone Wild
Mrs. Quinn's Daughter - Mike West
No Holly For Miss Quinn - Enya
Quinn - Chris Merritt / The Sunstreak
Quinn Boys - Jandek
Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) - Bob Dylan/ Manfred Mann's Earth Band

RAFE ... ...lys...
Cruising With Rafe - Ry Cooder
Rafe - Fauxliage

RALEIGH ... ...lys...
An American Werewolf in Raleigh - Widow
Pretty Girl From Raleigh - The Avett Brothers
Raleigh - Arcwelder / Rookie Of The Year
Raleigh And Spencer - Yonder Mountain String Band.
Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. I - Sublime
Send Jolley To Raleigh - Des Ark

RANDY... ...lys...
Blue Randy - Beck
Cousin Randy - Infectious Grooves.
Fat Randy - Voodoo Glow Skulls
For Randy - My Victim
Macho Man Randy Savage - The Endless Steppe
Omg!!! Randy Jackson! - Chasing Aurora
Randy - Dolly Parton / Blue Mink / Cat Stevens /...et al
Randy Savage - Waka Flocka Flame
Randy Scouse Git - The Monkees
Randy The Musical - Action Bronson
Randy's Hot Tonight - Electric Six
Randy's Song - The Bicycles
Talkin' Randy Tate Specter Blues - Mudhoney
The Return Of Randy - The Travoltas
This One's For Randy - Hot Rod Circuit

RASPUTIN ... ...lys ...
Let Rasputin Do It - Fireside
Old Rasputin - The Odd Couple
Rasputin - Boney M

RAY / RAYMOND ... ...lys-p5g...
1 Fo Ya Ass 'raymond's Dead' - Ray Luv
A Sunny Ray - Latin Giants of Jazz
Albino Ray - The Sack .
Cousin Ray - Ron White .
Go ! Raymond Go ! - The Slugz
Hessel, Raymond K. - The Dust Brothers
Little Stevie Ray Charles Mingus - Victor Wooten ..
It's A Shame About Ray - Lemonheads .
Mona Ray - Leo Kottke .
Manta Ray - Man Or Astroman?
Rapping Rowdy Raymond - The Psycho Bejesus Monkey
Ray - Millencolin
Ray Charles - Bangladesh .
Ray Charles - Chiddy Bang .
Ray Charles Dream - Water Liars.
Ray Of Light - Madonna
Ray's Dad's Cadillac - Joni Mitchell.
Raymond - Brett Eldredge
Raymond 1969 - Schoolboy Q
Raymond O'Byrne - The Go Set
Raymond Up The Road - Poison Clan
Raymond's Shop - Stereophonics
Restaurant Chez Raymond - Lynda Lemay
Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond) - Ringo Starr

Uncle Remus - Frank Zappa.

Reuben's Banjo - Pine Tree String Band .

Reynard The Fox - Fairport Convention.

Billy And Rex And Oral And Bob - Johnny Cash..

Cherry Lime Rickey - Deep Blue Something..
Richard Cory - Them / Simon & Garfunkel
Ricky - Weird Al Yankovic
Ricky Wants A Man – Bruce Springsteen
To Ricky And Uncle Tony - Sun Eats Hours.

Brian & Robert - Phish.
Robert De Niro's Waiting - Bananarama
Robert Montgomery - Urge Overkill
Robert Perry - Kool Keith .

ROBIN ... ...lys..pp-12, jz-7, r&b-6,
4 Robin - Dwayne Dolphin
A Little Robin Told Me - In Hearts Wake
Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith - Nanci Griffith
Batman & Robin - Snoop Dogg.

Brave Sir Robin - Monty Python
Christopher Robin (is Saying His Prayers) - Melanie
Fern and Robin - Loscil .
Fly Robin Fly – Silver .
His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin - Carly Simon
Jazz Robin - Carmel
Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road - Robert Wyatt
Lonesome Robin - Bob Coltman / Luka Bloom
Red, Red Robin - Al Jolson
Robin (The Hooded Man) - Clannad
Robin Adair - Traditional
Robin And Gamblin - Bob Coltman
Robin Had A Dream - The Choir
Robin Hood - Randy Newman
Robin on the Frost - Kathy Tugman
Robins And Roses - Tommy Dorsey
Robins Nest - Count Basie & His Orchestra
Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day/Gene Vincent/The Hollies/The Jackson 5/...et al
The Day The Robin Sang To Me - The Manhattans
The Robin - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along - Julie London/Dean Martin/Al Jolson/...et al.
Young Robin - Greg Brown

Tonight, Dave Perry Will Be Rod Stewart - Wild Blue New Mexico ...

RODERICK ... ...lys...
Waldo Roderick Dehammersmith - The Miracles.

The Saga Of Rodney Toady - Giles, Giles & Fripp.

Chelsea Rodgers - Prince.
Jolly Roger - Roger McGuinn .
Roger & Out - Neil Young

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner - Warren Zevon

(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet - The Reflections.
Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet – Henry Mancini .
Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits.

Ron Jeremy (Skit) - Necro .
Roni Roni Bat Zion - Paul Wilbur.
Ronnie - David John
Ronnie – Four Seasons
Ronnie And Clyde - Rihanna .
Ronnie And Neil - Drive-By Truckers .
Ronnie, Talk To Russia - Prince .

Nick And Ross Drink Lead Paint - I Voted For Kodos.

My Dead Dog Rover – Stu, Dave & Hank .

Hats Off to (Roy) Harper - Led Zeppelin
Roy and Billie - Brian O'Blivion .

Roy and Gillian On the Road - John Williams..
Roy Jordan And Ed Morgan - Dave Lippman ...
Roy's First Encounter - John Williams

Ruben James - Kenny Rogers.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Harry Brannon / Gene Autry / Red Foley / others..
Randolph's Tango - Thin Lizzy.

Rudy - Supertramp
Rudy Can't Fail - The Clash

Rufus Wants A Hug - Kid Dynamite.
Song For Rufus - Bob Seger.

Uncle Salty - Aerosmith.

Don't Step On The Grass, Sam - Steppenwolf ..
Goodbye Sam hello Samantha - Cliff Richard .
Red Sam - Flyleaf.
Sam - Olivia Newton-John
Sam, As In Samantha - Tiger Lou .
Sam Bass - Michael Martin Murphey .
Sam the Snake - Cowboy Bob .
Sam's Rhapsody - Bluegrass Banjo
Sam's Song (Ask Any Working Girl) - Kris Kristofferson.
Sam's Town - The Killers
Sammy Da Bull - Proof.
Sammy's Mean Mustard - Unrest...
Son Of Sam - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Telegram Sam - Marc Bolan-T.Rex / Bauhaus.
The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice - Jimi Hendrix .
The Touch - Sam's Theme - Stan Bush .
Uncle Sam - Madness.
Uncle Sam Blues - Hot Tuna..

Run Samson Run - Neil Sedaka.

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Sean Paul (Get 'Em Crunk) - Youngbloodz

Bob, Paul & Seneca - Daniele Groff..

Shackler's Revenge - Guns 'n' Roses

Shilo – Neil Diamond

Paul Simon - The Russian Futurists .
Simon The Bullet Freak - Uriah Heep..
Simon Says - 1910 Fruitgum Company
Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear – Alan Price
Simons Cross - Judge Drain
Simple Simon Says (Put Your Hands In The Air) - Ohio Xpress

SNOOPY ... p-all
Funky Snoopy - David Easton Band
Hang On Sloopy (Reggae) - Rick Derringer
Joe Cool's Blues (Snoopy's Return) - Wynton Marsalis Septet .
Mr. Snoopy, Mr. Sharky - Snoopy
Snoopy & Woodstock - Wynton Marsalis Septet
Snoopy Dash - Chris Hawkins
Snoopy Doo - Dave Shepherd
Snoopy on the Moon - Frank Sharman
Snoopy Track - Jay-Z
Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen..
Snoopy's Back - Stan Getz
Snoopy's Christmas - The Royal Guardsmen
Snoopy's Island - Wally Jericho
Snoopy's Love Song - Paul Norfleet
Snoopy's Search - Billy Cobham
Surfin' Snoopy - Vince Guaraldi Trio
The World According To Snoopy - The Company
We Go On Snoopy - Christophe Beck

SPENCER ... p21
Raleigh and Spencer - Yonder Mountain String Band.
Spencer's Lullaby - Teddybears
The Days of Pearly Spencer - Funky P

SPIKE... p31
Big Spike Hammer - The Bluegrass Album Band
Head on a Spike - The Bluetones
Saddle Old Spike - Fred Stoneking
Spike - Bob Dylan
Spike Drivin' Blues - Chris Knight
Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder - The Membranes
Spike's Revenge - David Jarvis

Stephen's Song - Young Jazz Giants

Adam And Steve - Spacehog.
Steve Bradley - Aces Over Kings .
Steve Dude Vs. Taurus Too - Calvin Krime ..
Steve McQueen - Sheryl Crow
Steve Smith, Coal Miner Jr. - The Sidekicks.
Steve Perry - Matt Mulholland .

Goodbye Stevie - The Spencer Davis Group
Little Stevie Ray Charles Mingus - Victor Wooten ..

2-Up Steven - Sheryl Crow..
Steven - Alice Cooper

Tonight, Dave Perry Will Be Rod Stewart - Wild Blue New Mexico ...

Boogie with Stu - LZ

Teddy Bear - Elvis Presley.


Dave Thomas - Taking The Fourth .

Timothy - UFO

Matthew And Toby - Rocketnumbernine .

Banker Tom - Bodenständig 2000 .
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues - Bob Dylan.
Kitty "Tommy, Quick! Get Up. I Can Hear Clogs Goin' Up the Street." Tom - Richard Thompson ..
Mean Old Tom Cat Blues - Tampa Red ....
Poor Tom - Led Zeppelin.
The Ghost of Tom Joad - Bruce Springsteen.
Tom Cat – The Rooftop Singers.
Tom Cruise, You are a Great Actor! - Papa Razzi and the Photogs .
Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio
Tom Of Finland - Cat Rapes Dog.
Tom Pillibi - Jacqueline Boyer

As Tommy Fixes Fight - Clue To Kalo
Billy Bad Ass Vs. Tommy Tough Nuts - Below The Tide ..
Brief Tommy - Down By Law
Floating [or] The Waltz Of Tommy And Nathan - Pretty Balanced .
Gotta Get Away From Tommy - New York Dolls
I Love Tommy Mottola - Regurgitator
Kitty "Tommy, Quick! Get Up. I Can Hear Clogs Goin' Up the Street" Tom - Richard Thompson ..
Little Tommy Tucker - Sally Timms
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't - Brand New.
Peeping Tommy - Agent Sparks
The Ballad Of Tommy And Marla - Rugburns.
The Ballad Of Tommy Claytion & The Rawding Millionaire - Of Mice & Men
The Ballad Of Tommy Foster - Sara Storer
The Hitman Tommy Stearns - The Ernies
There Goes Tommy - The Jeff Burgess Band
Tommy - Frenchie
Tommy - Portugal. The Man
Tommy - Show Of Hands
Tommy - Wax Poetic
Tommy - Daphne Rubin-vega
Tommy - Elsa Deutschbein
Tommy - Mathematics
Tommy - Big D And The Kids Table
Tommy - Kelly Joe Phelps
Tommy - Celtic Folk
Tommy - At The Close Of Every Day
Tommy - Fine Excuses
Tommy & The Warchild - Slipstream
Tommy Bolin's Guitar Solo - Deep Purple
Tommy Bones - Darla Farmer
Tommy Bovello - Alaska
Tommy Boy - Snoop Dogg ft. DAZ
Tommy Boy's Big Mistake - Ed Motta
Tommy C - Dan Le Sac
Tommy Davidson - Nana Mouskouri
Tommy Dollars Likes My Band - Carpathian
Tommy Gentle - The Get Up Kids
Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out - The Replacements
Tommy Goes Berserk - The Melvins
Tommy Gun - The Clash / Face To Face .
Tommy Gun - Justin Sane / Anti-Flag
Tommy Gun Angel - Bardo Pond
Tommy Gunn - Ann Beretta
Tommy Gunz - Nipsey Hussle
Tommy Hall - You Me And Iowa
Tommy Jackson - Randy Rogers Band
Tommy Johnson - Big Sugar
Tommy K - The Saw Doctors
Tommy Kowey's Car - The Toy Dolls
Tommy Lee - Thumbs Up
Tommy Rockwood - The Little Willies
Tommy Shooter - The Fall
Tommy Shots - Young Heart Attack
Tommy Story - Tony Yayo
Tommy The Bat - Infected Mushroom
Tommy The Cat - Primus.
Tommy The Redwood, Pt. 2 - Super Famicom
Tommy the Texas Termite - Tom Cornwell
Tommy Tsunami - Adelphi
Tommy Tucker - Bow Wow Wow
Tommy Was... - The Rabble
Tommy's Coming Home - Elvis Costello
Tommy's Disease - The Paddingtons
Tommy's Doll - Ernest Tubb
Tommy's Down Home - Tesla
Tommy's Dub (real Version) - Bum Ruckus
Tommy's Holiday Camp - London Symphony Orchestra/The Who
Tommy's In Love - Status Quo
Tommy's Lied - Gaby Rückert
Tommy's Theme - Made Man
Tommy, Can Your Hear Me - Bigott
Tommy-gun - Royal Republic
Tommywander (Killing Me, Tommy) - Chaos Of The Phoenix
Uncle Tommy - The Rumjacks

(Tony, This Song Is Called) Lou Weed - Dandy Warhols .
139.. Tony Touch - Big L
5 Boro Tony - All 5 Boros
Bullet Tooth Tony - Extra Kool
Chip N' Tony - Alejandro Escovedo
Chris And Tony - Steve Towson.
Cleo & Tony - Eddie From Ohio .
Don't Get Old (in Tony's Britain) - Angelic Upstarts
Early Mornin' Tony - Murs & Slug
Fuck Tony Montana - La Coka Nostra
Hey Grace, Hey Tony - Grace & Tony.
Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza - Kill Whitney Dead
Keep The World Safe, Tony Saprano - Peachcake
Let's Save Tony Orlando's House - Yo La Tengo
Mr.Tony - Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise
One Trick Tony - You Am I
Phony Tony - Millencolin
Pretty Tony - Chase N. Cashe
Prince Tony's Head - The Gladiators
Saint Tony - Coles Whalen
Simply Tony - Lisa Germano
Slept On Tony - Ghostface Killah
The Look On Tony's Face - Betty Curse
The Weird, Wild And Wonderful World Of Tony Potts - The Monochrome Set
To Ricky And Uncle Tony - Sun Eats Hours.
Tony - Bang Sugar Bang
Tony - Patty Griffin
Tony & Maria - Los Lobos
Tony / Montana - Cormega ft. Ghostface Killah
Tony Adams - Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros
Tony And The Gang - Our Time Down Here
Tony Blair - Chumbawamba
Tony Blair Clip - Aphex Twin
Tony Blair: Fucknut - Plans And Apologies
Tony Caesar - Deaddoginblackbag.
Tony Danza Versus Groin Pains [instrumental] - A Black Rose Burial
Tony Don't Play That - Tony D
Tony Fatti - White Denim
Tony G - Tech N9ne
Tony Guitar Watson - Hi-Tek
Tony Hawk - Chevy Woods
Tony Jacket - Saint Etienne
Tony Little, Jack Daniels, And The Open Road - The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Tony Marshall - J.B.O.
Tony Montana - Future
Tony Montana - Yer Mom
Tony Montana - Meek Mill
Tony Navaja - Tony Touch
Tony Neal Speaks - Juvenile
Tony Randall - Bikini Kill
Tony Talks Tripe - The Toy Dolls
Tony Tarzan - Phoebe Buffay
Tony The Beat - Hugh Grant
Tony The Beat - The Sounds
Tony The Pony - Morrissey
Tony The Tiger - Manchester Orchestra
Tony Told Me - Shudder To Think
Tony Victory Knows How To Party - Charles Bronson
Tony Vs Yann - Marco Prince
Tony Was An Ex-Con - The Coronas
Tony West - Duck. Little Brother, Duck!
Tony Yayo Explosion - 50 Cent
Tony's Favorites - David Lee Garza
Tony's Girl - Laymen Terms
Tony's Money - Ghostface Killah And Trife Da God
Tony's Roulette - Bonfire
Tony's Theme - Pixies
Uncle Tony's Ute - Clelia Adams
What Does Tony Really Know - Possible Oscar

VICTOR ... ...lys...
A Fast Pony For Victor Jara - Apostle Of Hustle
The Matyrdom of St. Victor - Monty Python
The Sacrifice Of Victor - Prince
To The Victor The Spoils - Morbid Angel
Victor - Blondie
Victor Comrade - Drottnar
Victor E - Gilbert O'Sullivan
Victor Jara - Arlo Guthrie
Victor Nobel - Nuff Said
Victor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician - Grace Jones

Brian And Vince Experience - Suburban Legends.
Chuck, Jf, Alex, Vince - Road Kills ..
Just Like Vince Taylor - Golden Earring
L'Amore Vince - Alexia
Vince Taylor - Adam Ant
Vince The Loveable Stoner - The Fratellis
Vince Vaughn - My Ruin
Where's Vince - The Smashing Pumpkins

VINCENT... ...lys....
1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson
Gene Vincent - Luke Haines .
Johnny's Dead Aka Vincent Mason - De La Soul .
Sweet Gene Vincent - Ian Dury and the Blockheads ..
The Ghost Of Vincent Price - Wednesday 13.
Vincent - Don McLean
Vincent Come On Down - Brainiac
Vincent of Jersey - Big Head Todd & the Monsters .
Vincent Price - Deep Purple
Vincent Price Blues - ZZ Top
Vincent Price Excerpt - Michael Jackson
Vincent Price Monologue - Alice Cooper
Vincent the Christmas Virus - The Arrogant Worms
Vincent Van Gogh - Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

VINNIE ... ...lys...
Behold The Pale Horse (For Vinnie And John) - Sleeping Giant.
Vinnie - AFO
Vinnie's Hooch - Johnny Socko
Wise Words Of Vinnie Stigma - 7000 Dying Rats
Yo Cousin Vinny - Joe Pesci.

VULTAN ... ...lys....
Vultan's Theme (Attack of the Hawk Men) - Queen..

WALDO ... ...lys...
Rhinelander Waldo - Randy Newman
Waldo Roderick Dehammersmith - The Miracles.
Waldo's Gotta Be Here Somewhere - The Bottom Line
Waldo The Weirdo - Porter Wagoner.
Where's Waldo - Doe B

WALTER ... ...lys...
Arnold And Willis And Mr.Drummond - Five Iron Frenzy
Bob Willis Special - Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Do You Remember Walter? - The Kinks
July 17, Walter and His Mouse - Mark Massey ...
The Ballad Of Walter Roberts - The Spin Cycle
Uncle Walter - Ben Folds Five
Walter - Petula Clark
Walter & Gail - Tomte.
Walter And John - Ben Watt .
Walter Henry Hagan - Dolly Parton .
Walter Reed - Michael Penn
Walter The Occultist - Paul Roland
Walter Westinghouse - The Residents
Walter's Lips - The Melvins
Walter's Theme - R.E.M.
Walter's Walk - Led Zeppelin
When Walter Went Crazy - Drive-By Truckers

Wayne Perry - A-Mafia .

WILLIAM ... ...lys,hm-all, pg-12, pp-3, bl-all.
Ballad Of William Joe - Ray Boltz
Ballad Of William Kidd - Running Wild
Ballad Of William Worthy - Phil Ochs
Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) - Van Halen / Merle Haggard .
Big William - Fairport Convention
Christopher Williams - Liza Manili .
I Shot William H. Macy - Head Automatica
Like William McKinley - Al Stewart
Little Sir William - Sarah Brightman
Monsieur William - Leo Ferre
Poor Dead William - Michelle Lewis
Sir William Wray - The Fall
Sweet William - Beaver & Krause / Johnny Flynn
The Last Time I Saw William - Alannah Myles
William - Patrick Wolf / The Others
William And Rose - Heart
William Brown - Randy Newman
William Francis - Chumbawamba
William H. Bonney - Deep Blue Something
William It Was Really Nothing - The Smiths
William McGovern - Wheatus
William Shakespeare's in My Cat - The Arrogant Worms.
William Tell Overture - Rossini..
William The Streak - Bob Franke
William's Last Words - Manic Street Preachers
William's Tale - Manowar
William's Vision - Kate Campbell
William's Welcome - William S. Burroughs

WILLIE ... ...lys,hm-all, pg-12, pp-3, bl-all.
Blind Willie McTell - Bob Dylan .
Kissing Willie - Jethro Tull.
Willie And The Hand Jive - Cliff Richard / Johnny Otis .
Willie Brown Blues - Ry Cooder...
Willie The Pimp - Frank Zappa.

WILLIS ... ...lys,hm-all, pg-12, pp-3, bl-all.
Arnold And Willis And Mr.Drummond - Five Iron Frenzy ..
So Bruce Willis Was A Ghost The Whole Time? - Lakeland
The Wesley Willis Fiasco - Wesley Willis
Willis - Romantic Gorilla
Willis Avenue Bridge - David Berkeley

WILLS ... ...lys,hm-all, pg-12, pp-3, bl-all.
Bob Wills Boogie - Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys.
Contest Of Wills - Deeds Of Flesh
God Wills It - The Gates Of Slumber
III Wills - Shout Out Louds
Let's Write Our Wills Tonight - Fell Far Behind
Many Wills - Darkseed
Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman - Fairport Convention .
Rock N. Wills Audition - Big L
Solar Wills - Angel Corpse
Test Of Wills - Magellan / Power Of Omens
Wills - Dylan Jay
Wills Dissolve - Isis
Wills From Without - I Farm
Wills Less Resolute - Malefaction
Wills Of The River - First Aid Kit

WILLY ... ...lys,hm-all, pg-12, pp-3, bl-all.
Dirty Willy - Lords Of Acid
Dubby Dirty Willy - Simon Jaxx
Fire Marshall Willy - The Dreadnoughts
Free My Willy - Wezz Devall
Free Willy - The Dickies
Hey Willy - The Hollies
Hey Willy Boy - Townes Van Zandt
Hillbilly Willy - Dolly Parton
I've Just Heard Willy Nelson / Encore - Christy Moore
Ice-Pick Willy - Weather Report .
Iron Willy - D.H. Peligro
Kick Willy Rd. - April Wine
Little Willy - Sweet / Poison
Ooh Life Willy G - Deejay Willy G
Nature Vs. Steamboat Willy - Public Access
Pig Farm Willy - Stress Factor 9
See Willy Fly By - Graham Parker
Sweet Willy Rollbar - The Melvins
The Story Of Willy - King Missile
The Willy - Avatar
Willy - Joni Mitchell
Willy (Don't Be Silly) - Buju Banton
Willy & The Hand Jive - Cliff Richard / Johnny Otis
Willy And Toots - Jake and the Rest of the Jewels
Willy Bubba - Insane Clown Posse
Willy Bum Bum - Alien Red Wolf
Willy In The Air - John Otway
Willy O' Winsbury - Pentangle
Willy Ruby - Bill Lloyd
Willy Wagtail Song - Willy Wagtail Song
Willy Willy - Willy Davis and The Starliters
Willy's Beat - Willy and His Giants
Willy's Melody - Willy and His Giants
Willy's Song - Hank Green

YODA... ...lys...
Looks Like Yoda - Paragon Of Beauty / Parkway Drive
Yoda - Weird Al Yankovic
Yoda Is On A Pepsi Bottle (Skit) - Puppetmastaz

YOSHI ... ..lys...
Midnight at Yoshi's - Sanders Pharoah.
My Yoshi - Rebecca Runge
Res Vs Yoshi - Rap Contenders

ZIGGY... ...lys...
La Chanson De Ziggy - Michel Berger/Starmania
Ziggy - Céline Dion
Ziggy Says - Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Stardust - David (Ziggy Stardust) Bowie.

ZORBA ... ...lys...
Zorba - Acid Drinkers
Zorba The Greek - Elton John
Zorba's Dance - Marcello Minerbi

ZORO / ZORRO ... ...lys...
El Zorro - Calibre 50
Eyes Of Zoro - One Piece
Lonesome Zorro - Arno
War Baby, Son Of Zorro - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Zorro - The Bluetones / Chordettes
Zorro's Ascent - Alice Cooper

Old Brown's Daughter - Great Big Sea .
Prince Charming - Adam & the Ants.



ABIGAIL ... ...lys..............
Abegail Anne - Jeremy Enigk .
Abigail - Nesey Gallons
Abigail - King Diamond
Abigail - Fair To Midland
Abigail - Motionless In White
Abigail - Bertine Zetlitz
Abigail - The Broken West
Abigail - Frontier Ruckus
Abigail Adams - The City and Horses
Abigail Beecher - Freddy 'Boom-Boom' Cannon
Abigail Boulevard - Weeknight Remedy
Abigail Crow - Sycamore Smith
Abigail Silk - Ugly Duckling
Abigail's Lullaby - Dethklok
Abigail's Questions (in An Infinite Universe) - Jan Garbarek / Beardfish
Abigail, Belle Of Kilronan - The Magnetic Fields
Abigail, Cops and Animals - Joan Of Arc
Pink Lights (Abigail's Song) - Pushmi-Pullyu
Rabid Abigail - She Swings, She Sways

ABBIE ... lys...................
Abbie Martin - Joshua James.
Abbie's Song - Joe Purdy
Dear Abbie - Kinky Friedman
Gaslighting Abbie - Steely Dan
I Think I'm Turning Into Abbie Hoffman - Tom Flannery

ADELINE ... ...lys...
Adeline - Johnny Hallyday / Dr. Dog / Craig Gerber/..et al
Adeline, Out Of Tune - The New Amsterdams
Ballade Pour Adeline - Richard Clayderman
Lost In Adeline - Junction 18
Ruby Adeline - Minnie Driver
Sweet Adeline - Elliott Smith
Sweet Adeline (My Evaline) - Weezer

ADIA / ADRIANA ... ...lys...
Adia - Sarah McLachlan / Avril Lavigne
Adriana - The Stone Coyotes
Pretty Little Adriana – Vince Gill

ALEXA / ALEXANDRIA ... ...lys...
Alexandria - Kamelot
Alexandria As Our Lens - Socratic
Alexandria Knows - Jandek
Downeaster Alexa – Billy Joel
Sweet Sister Of Alexandria - Azimuth Split
The Ghosts Of Alexandria - Anti-Flag

ALICE ... ...lys...
A Boy Called Alice - Boy George
Alchemy Alice - Rishloo
Alice - Tom Waits
Alice - Moby
Alice - Pogo
Alice - Avril Lavigne
Alice - Stevie Nick
Alice - Noir Désir
Alice - The Sisters of Mercy
Alice - Raven-Symoné
Alice - Cocteau Twins
Alice - Mylène Farmer
Alice (Who The Fuck Is Alice) - Roy "Chubby" Brown
Alice 2000 - Taurina Bros
Alice Alice - Victim Effect
Alice & Interiors - Manchester Orchestra
Alice & June - Indochine .
Alice And Mr Lucifer - Souls In Chains
Alice Blue Gown - Duke Ellington / Ann Neagle / Freddy Cannon/..et al
Alice Childress - Ben Folds Five
Alice Deejay - Alice Deejay
Alice Everyday - Book Of Love
Alice I Want You Just For Me - Full Force
Alice In Blunderland - The Captain Beefheart
Alice In Chains - Wesley Willis
Alice In My Fantasies - Funkadelic
Alice In No Man's Land - Mandi Perkins
Alice In Slaughterland - Buckethead
Alice In Wonderland - Neil Sedaka.
Alice Is At It Again - Noel Coward
Alice Long (You're Still My Favorite Girlfriend) - Tommy Boyce
Alice On The Rooftop - Jackie Greene
Alice Said - Screaming Trees
Alice Springs - Liz Phair
Alice What's The Matter - Terrorvision
Alice's House - Psychedelic Furs
Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie.
Alice-Marie - Bad Form, Peter .
Aliceanna - Splitsville .
All the Young Girls Love Alice - Elton John / Emeli Sandé
Blue Alice - Ayria.
California Über Alice - NOFX
Go Ask Alice (real title: White Rabbit) - Jefferson Airplane..
Go Ask Alice - The Legendary Pink Dots
Goodbye Alice In Wonderland - Jewel
Great Turtle Alice - 50 Cent Haircut
Hard Hearted Alice - Alice Cooper..
Heard Hearted Alice - Alice Cooper
Her Name Is Alice - Shinedown
Here Comes Alice - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Hey Little Alice - Aaron Neville
Hoedown At Alice's - Steve Martin
Johnnie Fedora Et Alice Bluebonnet - Edith Piaf
Little Alice - Back One Out
Living Next Door To Alice - Smokie / New World .
Living Next Door To Alice - Smokie
Lullaby For Alice - Curtis Stephan
Malice Saves Alice - Snoop Dogg
Song For Alice - Paul Weller
The Balled Of Alice Cooper - Bon Jovi
Watching Alice - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
We're Both Dead Now, Alice - The Fugs
Who the Hell Is Alice - Scooter Lee .

ALISON ... ...lys...
Alison - Slowdive
Alison - Elvis Costello
Alison - Jordy Lemoine
Alison And Her Killer Bees - MAP
Alison Gross - Steeleye Span
Alison Hell - Annihilator
Allison Road – Gin Blossoms
Alison Sleeps - Alaco Affair
Allison Wonderbread - The Weasels
Alison Wonderland - Hedley
Alison's Starting To Happen - The Lemonheads
Alison's The Bomb - The Huntingtons
Always For Alison - Paul Gilbert
Peggy Alison - Robert Burns .
Pink Floyd And Alison - Chris Porro.
Song for Alison - Andy Logan

AMANDA ... ...lys...
Amanda - Boston
Amanda - Waylon Jennings / Don Williams
Amanda Amante - Roberto Carlos
Amanda Diva Skit - Pitbull
Amanda is a Scalape - Jeffrey Lewis
Amanda Jones - Mothermania
Crazy Amanda Bunkface - Sum 41
Go Amanda - Steve Earle
Good Night Amanda - Bonfire
Miss Amanda Jones - Rolling Stones
Practical Amanda - Ben Folds
Te Recuerdo Amanda - Joan Baez

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AMELIA ... ...lys...
Amelia - Joni Mitchell
Amelia -The Mission
Amelia - Cocteau Twins on their 1984 album Treasure
Amelia - Wayne Cochran and The C.C. Riders
Ai Que Saudades Da Amelia - Roberto Carlos
Amelia Bedilia Is A Whore - Attila
Amelia Bright - Ben Folds Five
Amelia Earhart - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Amelia Jean - Jack's Mannequin.
Amelia's Missing - Jon McLaughlin
Miss Amelia - Johnathan East
Sweet Amelia - Aaron Neville
The Ballad Of Amelia Earhart - Tom McRae
Waiting For Amelia - Gretchen Peters

Airline Amy - Weird Al Yankovic.
Amie – Pure Prairie League
Amy – Ben Folds Five
Amy Jane - James Bonamy.
Amy’s Back In Austin – Little Texas
Amy Hit The Atmosphere - Counting Crows..
Amy's Song - Peggy Stern .
Miami , My Amy - Keith Whitley.
Once In Love With Amy - Barry Manilow..
The Ballad Of Jack And Amy - Fact Not Fiction .

ANASTASIA ... ...lys...
Anastasia – Pat Boone
Anastasia - Slash
Anastasia Says - Darling Violetta
Anastasia's Eyes - Dan Fogelberg
Anna, Anastasia - Kevin Hearn.
I Am Anastasia - Love Spit Love
Yes, Anastasia - Tori Amos

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ANGELA ... ...lys...
Angela - Jarvis Cocker
Angela - Bee Gees
Angela - John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Angela - Mötley Crüe
Angela - Saïan Supa Crew
Angela - Super Junior
Angela -Toto
Angela: theme for Taxi by Bob James
Angela Baker and My Obsession With Fire - Senses Fail...
Angela Blues - ELO
Angela Dangerlove - Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Angela Jones – Johnny Ferguson / John D. Loudermilk
Angela Surf City - The Walkmen
Angel’s Blues - Woody Guthrie
Free Angela - Santana
Miss Angela - Beenie Man

ANGELIA ... ...lys...
Angelia - Richard Marx

ANGELICA ... ...lys...
A Town Called Angelica - Special Needs
Angelica - Anathema
Angelica - Lamb
Angelica - Moi Dix
Angelica - Oliver
Angelica Faith - Santana
Angelica Maybe - The Wonder Stuff

ANGELINA ... .....lys.......
Adieu Angelina - Nana Mouskouri
All For Angelina - The Stone Coyotes
Angel, Angelina - George Strait
Angelina - The Mike Mcclure Band
Angelina - Louis Prima & His Orchestra
Angelina - Harry Belafonte
Angelina - Gulliver
Angelina - Taylor Swift
Angelina - Alex Hepburn
Angelina - Guardian
Angelina - Deric Ruttan
Angelina - Neurotic Ousiders
Angelina - Adam Stephens
Angelina - Joe Venuti
Angelina - Slade
Angelina - The Bravery
Angelina - Gary Brooker
Angelina - Smokie
Angelina - The Ugly Americans
Angelina - Marillion
Angelina - Olsen Brothers
Angelina - Buddy & Julie Miller
Angelina - Jess Klein
Angelina - Tom Faulkner
Angelina - Golden Earring
Angelina - Neal Casal
Angelina - David Berkeley
Angelina - Ray Charles
Angelina - Shearwater
Angelina - Nameless
Angelina - Billy Bob Thornton
Angelina - A Month Of Somedays
Angelina - Richard Ashcroft
Angelina - Ten Times A Day
Angelina - Mark Chesnutt
Angelina - Dogs D'Amour
Angelina - Twice The Sun
Angelina (The Waitress at the Pizzeria) - KnightsBridge / Graham Blvd..
Angelina: Chthonian Earth: Her Face Forms Worms - And Oceans
Angelina Jolie - Edie Sedgwick
Angelina Valintina - Aceyalone
Angelina-Zooma Zooma - Jimmy Fontana
Another Song About Angelina - The Newsies
Eva Angelina - Coma Cinema
Farewell Angelina - Bob Dylan/ Joan Baez/ Jeff Buckley/ John Mellencamp/ Bobby Bare
Oh, Angelina - The Impossibles
Wax Ecstatic (to Sell Angelina) - Sponge

ANGELINE ... ...lys.....
Almost Angeline - A.J. Croce
Angeline - Elton John
Angeline - Joe Cocker
Angeline - David Wilcox
Angeline - Gun
Angeline - Wet Wet Wet
Angeline - Joan Baez
Angeline - Jayhawks
Angeline - Jo Dee Messina
Angeline - Building 429
Angeline - Blackberry Smoke
Angeline - Janez Detd
Angeline - O'Death
Angeline - Jonathan Fagerlund
Angeline - Allman Brothers Band
Angeline - Jamiroquai
Angeline - Janez Detd
Angeline - Groove Coverage
Angeline - Siobhan
Angeline - Faithless
Angeline - Billy Burnette
Angeline - Tom Flannery
Angeline [Instrumental] - The Association
Angeline Is Always Friday - The Seekers..
Angeline The Baker - Lonesome River Band
Song For Angeline - Hologram
Sweet Angeline - Mott the Hoople.
Sweet Angeline - David Allen Coe
Sweet Angeline - Elvis Presley
The Mermaid Angeline - Apollo Sunshine

ANGIE ... .....lys.......
Angie - Rolling Stones
Angie - Rolling Stones/Avril Lavigne/Stereophonics/Tori Amos/La Ley/BB Band/...et al
Angie - 9Flip6
Angie - Bernie Paul
Angie - For Every Life Is X
Angie - Opus
Angie - Cobra Starship
Angie [Instrumental] - Bert Jansch
Angie Ange Checks In - Lola Monroe
Angie Baby - Helen Reddy / Barbara Dickson / Alan O'Day
Angie, Don't You Love Me? - Chris Norman
Angie Girl - Stevie Wonder
Angie La La - Zara McFarlane
Angie My Love - Toni der Assi
Angie, Save Me - The Breezeway
Angie's Fucked - Four Tet
Angie's Heart - Modern Talking
Dear Angie - Iveys / Badfinger.
I Am Angie Bowie (Sine Waves) - Coil
Luke ; Angie - Teenager .
Oh Angie - Neal Morse
Stoned Like Angie - M-Dash

Anita - Neva Dinova
Anita - LCT
Anita - Pastor Troy
Anita Dollars - Chase N. Cashe
Anita Grey - Screaming Trees
Anita On The Banks - Daniel Isaiah.
Anita Pettersen - Vincent Delerm
Anita Sonic Love - Colorfinger
Anita You're Dreaming - Norma Jean /Waylon Jennings
Anita's Miracle Suntan Lotion - Magic Dirt
Fuck Anita Bryant - David Allen Coe

ANN / ANNE ... ........lys...............
(Strawberry Ann) Switzerland - Braid .
A Signed Photo Of Anne - The Vermicious Knid
Abegail Anne - Jeremy Enigk .
Andie Anne - Lindsay Katt
Ann - The Stooges
Ann (Don’t Go Runnin’) – Tommy Overstreet
Ann Jane - Jayhawks.
Ann Marie - Maggie Walters .
Anne - John Frusciante
Anne - Kayak
Anne - Clinic
Anne - Josh Ritter
Anne - Santogold
Anne Arbour - The Get Up Kids
Anne Aviar - Joan Of Arc
Anne Bonny Rag - Laura Veirs
Anne Braden - The Flobots
Anne Claire - Guano Apes .
Anne Dreud's Last Entry - Into Another
Anne Elephant - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Anne Frank - Telephant .
Anne Louise - Manchester Orchestra .
Anne Marie - Emery .
Anne Marie - Prefab Sprout .
Anne Marie - Big Heavy Stuff .
Anne Marie - Angkor Wat .
Anne Marie - Slik Willy .
Anne Marie - The Brodys .
Anne Marie - Ari Hest .
Anne Marie - Kleenex Girl Wonder .
Anne-Marie - Nicole Rieu .
Anne-Marie - The Cautions .
Anne-Marie - Claude François .
Anne Miranda - The Church .
Anne Neggen - Budgie
Anne Of The Thousand Days - Shawn Colvin
Anne Sofie - Gasolin' .
Anne Will - Steve Bug
Anne With An E - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Anne You Will Sing - The Promise Ring
Anne's Plan - Chip Tha Ripper
Anne's Song - Faith No More
Anne-Sophie - Mustang
April Anne - John Phillips
As Written On The Epitaph Of Anne Elizabeth - Fire Restart
Ballad Of St. Anne's Reel - David Mallett
Barbara Ann - The Beach Boys.
Big City Miss Ruth Ann – The Gallery .
Carrie Ann - Styx.
Carrie Ann With The White Dress - Poni Hoax.
Carrie Anne - The Hollies.
Carrie Anne - Charles Hamilton.
Catherine-Anne - Don Peris .
Charlotte Anne - Julian Cope .
Church Of Saint Anne - Mercyful Fate
Dear Anne (Stan Pt. 2) - Lil' Wayne
Diary Of Anne Heche - Stickshift Rocketship
Gift For Meldody Anne - The Avett Brothers
Goodbye, Carol Ann - Ben Folds Five .
I Surrender Complete Control To Anne - God Is My Co-pilot
I Want To Punch Anne Murray In The Nose - Anti-Ben
In The Manner Of Anne Frank - Portastatic
Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne – Looking Glass ..
Jo-Ann – Playmates .
Julie Anne - Kenny .
Julie Anne - Nanci Griffith .
Kari-Anne - The Features .
Kathy-Anne's Waltz - Andy M. Stewart .
Lady Anne - Emilie Autumn
Lady Mary Anne - Karan Casey .
Leslie Anne Levine - The Decemberists .
Letter To Anne-Marie - Horse .
Lily Anne - Lake Of Tears
Lilly Anne - Chalk Farm
Little Anne - Screaming Females
Little Anne's Not An Angel - Memento Mori
Lucid Anne - Self
Mary Anne - Billy Bowers .
Mary Anne - Sarai .
Mary Anne - Gwar .
Mary Anne - Spacemen 3 .
Mary Anne - Gene Clark .
Mary-Anne - Adam Richman .
Mary-Anne (with the shaky hands) - The Who..
Miss Ann - Mel Brown .
Mistress Ann - Twelve Step Revenge .
My Anne - Craig's Brother
Polly Anne - Reigning Sound .
Polly Anne - Agent Sparks .
Queen Anne - The Wedding Present.
Queen Anne - Terminal.
Queen Anne (neverland) - Travis Bryant.
Queen Anne Chair - Sonic Youth.
Queen Anne's Lace - Del McCoury.
Queen Anne's Only Request - The Last Great Bridge Jumper .
Queen Anne's Revenge - Zandelle .
Queen Anne's Revenge - Casual Wish .
Queen Anne's Revenge - Flogging Molly .
Raggedy Anne - Down In The Dumps
Sally Ann - Carolina Chocolate Drops .
Saint Anne - Bob Hillman
Sainte Anne [Instrumental] - Alamont
San Ferry Anne - Paul McCartney
Sheila Anne - The Great Depression .
Sister Ann - DKT/MC5 .
Soeur Anne - Edith Piaf
Song For Anne Bannon - Team Dresch
Song For Anne Lovett - Christy Moore
St Anne's Lullaby - Becoming The Archetype
St Anne's Reel - Michelle Shocked / Barefoot Boys
St.Anne - Make Do And Mend
Stacie Anne - The Fratellis .
The Ballad Of St. Anne's Reel - John Denver
The Difference (in The Garden Of St. Anne's-on-the-hill) - King's X
Three Ohs About Anne - Mary Reilly
Winds of St. Anne - Evangelista

Ana Ng – They Might Be Giants
Ana’s Song (Open Fire) – Silverchair
Anna - Bad Company
Anna (Go To Him) – Arthur Alexander / The Beatles
Anna, Anastasia - Kevin Hearn.
Anna Bradley - Anna Bradley .
Anna Marie (All We Need) - We The Kings .
Anna Marie - Whiskey Myers.
Anna Marie - Jim Reeves .
Aliceanna - Splitsville .

ANNABELLA ... ...lys...
Annabella - Demis Roussos
Annabella Umberella - Elton John
Wicked Annabella - Kinks.

Annie Christian - Prince ..
Annie Get Your Gun - Squeeze
Annie Jane - The Unwinding Hours .
Annie Over – Hank Thompson
Annie Was a Cowgirl - Cowboy Bob
Annie's Lament - Annie Ross
Annie's Song - John Denver.
Bristol Twistin’ Annie – The Dovells
Bye Annie, Bye Joe, Bye Michael, Bye Jake [instrumental] - El Ten Eleven ...
Dreamboat Annie - Heart..
Little Sexy Annie - Mahogany Rush ..
Orphan Annie and the Dump Truck - Grace Basement .
Pagan Annie - Richard Greene
Polk Salad Annie – Tony Joe White / Billy Branch
Wildflower Annie - Memphis Crawl .

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ARIEL ... ...lys....
Ariel - Rainbow
Ariel - The Cure
Ariel - Dean Friedman
Ariel - Braid
Ariel - Babes in Toyland
Ariel - Diane Birch
Ariel - Elway
Ariel - Lunarin.
Ariel - October Project
Ariel - Sex Gang Children
Ariel - Slut
Ariel - Stateless
Ariel - Alex Pfeifer-rosenblum
Ariel [instrumental] - Genie
Ariel Ramirez - Richard Buckner
Four Days After Ariel Was Shot - Tiny Hawks
Premonition (Wake Up Ariel!) - Mindflow
Song for Ariel - Panda Bear
Spectre Ariel - Basketball .

ATHENA ... ......lys.......
Athena - The Who
Athena - Grey Skies Fallen
Athena - Metalium
Athena - Marry Me Jane
Athena's Song - Ahimsa Sunrise
Black Athena - Almamegretta
Curse Of Athena - The Lord Weird Slough Feg
La Chanson D'Athena - Walt Disney
Love Athena - The Olivia Tremor Control
Pallas Athena - David Bowie
Pallas Athena - Kashmir
Rape Athena - Old Man Gloom
The Athena Decree - Adolescents

AUBREY ... ....lys...........
Aubrey - Bread
Aubrey's House - The Know How
Aubrey's Lil Sister (laurens Song) - Standing By Lou

AUDREY ... ...lys...............................
As Inspired By The Late Audrey - The Truth About Moviestars
Audrey - Mike Heron
Audrey - Say Hi To Your Mom
Audrey - Chris Flew
Audrey - Meltones
Audrey - Walking Concert
Audrey (Squishing Butterflies) - Reclinerland
Audrey and Eli - Canoe.
Audrey Hepburn Complex - Pizzicato Five
Audrey Hepburn In Pill Form - The The Stiletto Formal
Audrey In Sacramento - A Day In The Life
Audrey Is Sad - Fourth Floor Collapse
Audrey Macy - PT Walkley
Audrey Rose - 7000 Dying Rats
Audrey's Alone At Last - The Toy Dolls
Audrey's Davenport - The Gamits
Audrey's Eyes - Velocity Girl
Audrey's Wake - Mike West
Audrey, Start The Revolution! - Anberlin
If I'm James Dean You're Audrey Hepburn - Sleeping With Sirens
My Fair Lady Audrey - Mud Flow
Song For Audrey - Backseat Goodbye

Ava Adore - Smashing Pumpkins .
Ave Maria - Connie Francis / Aaron Neville / Many Others .
Frank & Ava - Suzanne Vega.

BABA ... ....lys....
Ali Baba - Dark Lotus
Ali Baba - John Holt
Ali-Baba's Camel - The Bonzo Dog Band
Baba - Alanis Morissette
Baba Baby - Kelly Key
Baba Ghanooj - The Cavedogs
Baba Hooker - Zap Mama
Baba Love - Arthur H
Baba M1 - Pete Townshend
Baba O' Riley - Nirvana / The Who / Mr. Big
Baba Says Cool For Thought - Lupe Fiasco.
Baba Yaga - William Sheller
Chi Baba - Perry Como
Hajji Baba (Persian Lament) - Nat King Cole
Hey Baba Reba - Brave Combo
Stara Baba - Warsaw Village Band
The Hut Of Baba Yaga - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

BABS ... ...lys...
Babs And Babs - Daryl Hall

BARBARA... ... lys...
Aunt Barbara's Place - Steve Baxter .
Ballad Of Barbara - Johnny Cash
Barbara - Roy Orbison
Barbara - Frank Sinatra
Barbara - Rufus Wainwright
Barbara (Shangri-la) - Stranglers
Barbara Allen - Ritchie Blackmore / John Travolta /Joan Baez /Frank Turner/Dolly Parton/..et al
Barbara Allen's Grave - Adam Selzer.
Barbara Ann - The Beach Boys.
Barbara Ella - Kula Shaker
Barbara Jean's Ass (A Christmas Song) - CKY .
Barbara Joe - Bobby Bare
Barbara Paints The Seven Deadly Sins - Extra Kool
Barbara Song - Megan Mullally
Barbara Sue - The Oak Ridge Boys
Barbara Walters - Charles Hamilton
Electric Barbarella - Duran Duran.
Lady Barbara - Herman's Hermits
Major Barbara - Aerosmith
My Best Friend Barbara - Connie Francis
Please Don't Ask About Barbara - Bobby Vee

BARBARELLA... ... lys ...
Barbarella - Scott Weiland
Barbarella - Alisha's Attic
Barbarella - Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
Barbarella Fortuneteller - Boney M
Electric Barbarella - Duran Duran

BARBIE ... ...lys...
Backwoods Barbie - Dolly Parton
Barbie At The Tollgate - Paper Bird
Barbie Barbie - Mitsuki Aira
Barbie Doll - Ebony Eyez
Barbie Doll Syndrome - Tessa Rae Newman
Barbie Dolls - Lower Class Brats
Barbie Eat A Sandwich - Care Bears On Fire
Barbie Girl - Aqua
Barbie Got Killed - The Bones
Barbie Q - Buzz Poets
Barbie Shit - Azealia Banks
Barbie Vs Marley - Gue Pequeno.
Barbie's Dead - UK Subs
Barbie's Gone Bad - Janis Ian
Bitterness Barbie - Lunachicks
Black Barbie - Maino / Little Jackie
Blowjob Barbie - Blood God/Jane Jensen
Boy With A Barbie - Ben Lee
Broken Barbie Doll - Rialto
Bye Bye Barbie - Daniel Johnston
Caribou Barbie - Ray Stevens
Lizard-Skin Barbie - Burnt By The Sun
Modern Barbie - Reina Del Cid
More Beautiful Than Barbie - The Jesus Lizard
Not A Barbie Doll - Kerli
Pheno Barbie Blues - Scott Thomas
Rehab Barbie - Radon
Ritalin Barbie - Afraid Of Figs
The Wreck Of The Barbie Ferrari - John Hiatt
Twist Barbie - Shonen Knife
Ugly Girl (Barbie Girl Parody) -Weird Al Yankovic..
Urban Barbie - I Hate Myself

BEATRIX ... ...lys...
Beatrix - Cocteau Twins
Beatrix Runs - Elizaveta
Beatrix Theme (Final Fantasy IX) - Final Fantasy Game
Buried Like Beatrix - Abel Is Dying
July 28, Beatrix - Mark Massey..

BELA / BELLA ... ...lys-b...
(Ma Come Beli) Bella Bimba - Dean Martin
Bela - Kinnie Starr
Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus.
Bella - Santana / Big Country
Bella Ciao - Chumbawamba
Bella Donna - Stevie Nicks
Bella Linda – Grass Roots .
Bella Luna - Rippingtons
Bella Notte - Britney Spears / Demis Roussos
Bella Nova - Asia
Bella Rosa - Harry Belafonte
Bella Símamær - Bjork
Bella Sin Alma - Jamiroquai
Bella The Butcher - Macabre
Bella Vita - DJ Antoine
Bella's Lullaby - Robert Pattinson
Bella's Song - Madeline Adams
Cannon For Bela - J.J. Johnson
Ci Sarà Una Bella Luce - Afterhours
Ciao Bella - Traditional Italian song
I Shot Bela Lugosi In The Dead - Echos Myron
Marcia Bella - Ricky Martin
Miss Bella Mae - Nothing Still
Need A Girl (To Bella) - Puff Daddy
Niña Bella - Michael Stuart
Oh, Bella (all That's Hers) - Humble Pie
That Night At Bella's Party... - Left Out

BELINDA ... ...lys...
Belinda - Roy Orbison
Belinda - Eurythmics
Belinda - Smokie
Belinda - Bobbie Gentry
Belinda - Mike Heron
Belinda - Ben Folds
Bob And Belinda - The Rejects .
Bye Bye Belinda - Die Flippers
Johnny Belinda - Active Child.
Little Sweetheart Belinda - Ronny
Pretty Belinda - Dr Victor & the Rasta Rebels .
The Rise And Fall Of Belinda And Ivan - Dogwood.

BELLE ... ...lys...
A Southern Belle - Sonny
Bayou Belle - Eric Bibb
Belle - Bic Runga
Belle - Patrick Fiori, Daniel Lavoie and Garou
Belle - Disney: Beauty and the Beast
Belle - Al Green
Belle De Jour - Steven Wilson
Belle From Barcelona - Dean Martin
Belle Isle - Bob Dylan
Belle Maman - Frankie Jordan
Belle Of The Ball - Waylon Jennings
Belle Of The Ball - Aztec Camera
Belle Of The Boulevard - Dashboard Confessional
Belle Of The Earth - Manfred Mann'S Earth Band
Belle Starr - Mark Knopfler / Emmylou Harris / Woody Guthrie
Belle vs. The Golden Idol - Poppy Hollander
Bogey's Bonny Belle - Christy Moore / Dick Gaughan / Richard Thompson
China Belle - Brian May
Creole Belle - Arlo Guthrie
Frankie Belle - Rhonda Vincent .
Gypsy Belle - 38 Special
Jazzy Belle - Outkast
I Want To Be You by Belle - Eddy Mitchell
Belle Amour - Paule Desjardins
La Belle Dame Sans Regrets - Sting
La Belle Et La Bete - Babyshambles
La Belle Jeane - Bay City Rollers
La Belle Vie - Sacha Distel
Ma Belle - The Smashing Pumpkins
Ma-ma-ma Belle - Electric Light Orchestra
Ooh, Belle - The Barr Brothers
No Belle - Keane
Portobello Belle - Dire Straits
Southern Belle - Elliott Smith
Stingin 'Belle - Biffy Clyro
The Belle of St. Mark - Sheila E.
The Belle Of The Ball - Beneath The Sky
Tra Voi, Belle - Luciano Pavarotti
Virginia Belle - Pat Green

BERNADETTE ... lys.........
Bernadette - The Four Tops
Little Bernadette - Harry Belafonte
Pictures Of Bernadette - Talk Talk
Song Of Bernadette - Aaron Neville/ Bette Midler/ Jennifer Warnes/ Leonard Cohen/..et al
The Village Of St. Bernadette - Andy Williams

BERNADINE ... ....lys...
Bernadine – Pat Boone

BERNICE ... .....lys...
Ah Bernice - Paul Guerra.
Bernice Bobs Her Hair - The Divine Comedy
Dr. Bernice - Cracker
Me & Bernice - Mumpsy

BERTHA ... ...lys....
Bertha – Grateful Dead / Los Lobos
Bertha Butt Boogie – Jimmy Castor Bunch ..
Bertha May - Memphis Slim
Bertha's Big Back Yard (Skit) - Clutch

BESS ... ... lys...
Bess - Daniel Lavoie
Bess St. - White Denim
Bonny Black Bess - Daniel Fred & Julie..
Harry and Bess - Ferraby Lionheart.
Wo Bess Du Hück Naach, Marie? - BAP
You And Me, Bess - Joanna Newsom

BETH ... ....lys......
Ask Beth - Dr. Frank
Beth - Kiss / Glee Cast / Peter Criss
Beth - Spencer Bell
For Beth - Coffin Break
Life After Beth - Cows
The Ballad Of Mike And Beth - The New Amsterdams
Where's Beth? - Ray Harrington

BETTE ... .....lys.....
Bette Davis - Wilt
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
Cyborg Bette - Clutch
Where Did You Go Bettie Page - Rick Vito

BETTY ... ...lys....
Along Came Betty [Instrumental] - Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers
Aunt Betty - Middle Class Rut
Back Stabbin' Betty - Cage The Elephant
Betty - Walt Mink
Betty - Mad Caddies
Betty - Brooke Fraser
Betty - Kate Walsh
Betty - Kevin Michael
Betty - Tiffany
Betty and Dupree - Peter, Paul & Mary .
Betty and Dupree - Harry Belafonte /The Brothers Four /Billy Lee Riley .
Betty and Dupree - Brownie McGhee / Taj Mahal / Sonny Terry / Chuck Willis .
Betty An' Dupree - Harry Belafonte
Betty And Dupree - Taj Mahal
Betty And Me - Jonathan Coulton
Betty Ann - Greg Brown
Betty Baby - Richard Anthony
Betty Bebop's Song - Al Jarreau
Betty Betty - Bubba Sparxxx
Betty Blue - The 69 Eyes
Betty Blue Eyes - Allardyce & Gilbert
Betty Boop - Kings Of Swing
Betty Grable - Neil Sedaka
Betty Jean - Chuck Berry .
Betty Jean - Tim Curry.
Betty Krocker, Punk Rocker - Furious George
Betty La Rue - Hoyt Axton
Betty Lonely - Cowboy Junkies
Betty Lou - Bob Seger.
Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight - Bob Segar..
Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes - Neil Young.
Betty Rocker - Field Mob
Betty Stout - Rick Ross
Betty Sue Is Dead - Anti-Flag
Betty Wrong - David Bowie
Betty's Being Bad - Sawyer Brown.
Betty's Body - The Residents
Betty's Song - Roy Drusky.
Betty's Waltz [Instrumental] - Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Betty's Worry Or The Slab - Hunters & Collectors.
Black Betty - Ram Jam.
Bouncing Betty - Hardwell
C'mon Betty Home - The Kingston Trio
Fat Sweaty Betty - Insane Clown Posse
Grunge Betty - The Dandy Warhols
Jonny And Betty - Meryn Cadell
Little Betty Falling Star - Gene Pitney
Livin With Betty - Jamie T
My Betty - Chris Cummings
Song for Boxcar Betty - David Rovics
The Lonesome Death Of Helen Betty Osborne - The Wooden Sky
Tom And Betty Joe - KI:Theory
Truckstop Betty - Levi Hart
Turning Into Betty - Lisa Germano

BEVERLEY ... all
Barefoot In Beverley Hills - Grace Jones
Beverley - Finn / Don Campbell / John Martyn /Pistol Shrimp
Beverley (Crass Moments) - Monsters Of Rock
Beverley Groves - The Bleedin Noses
Beverley Jean - Curtis Lee .
Beverley Street - Blue Rodeo
Beverley Terrace - Sloan
Blues For Beverly - Gordon Jenkins ft. Marshall Royal
Dearest Beverley - Jimmy Cliff
Miss Beverley - Ijahman Levi
Oh Beverley - Neville Crozier

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BRENDA ... .. lys ...
Brenda - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Brenda X - Poco
Brenda's Got A Baby - 2Pac
Brenda's Iron Sledge - Robyn Hitchcock
Flying Home (Brenda's Song) - Chantal Kreviazuk
Lake Brenda - Ass Ponys.
O Brenda Brenda - Bertrand Louis

BRIDGET ... ...lys...
Bridget - The Gourds
Bridget Cruise - Maggie Sansone .
Bridget McGuire - Cole Porter
Bridget O'Malley - Silly Wizard
Bridget Riley - Death By Chocolate
Bridget The Midget (Queen of The Blues) – Ray Stevens

BRITNEY ... ...lys...
A Song For Britney - Jon Lajoie
Britney - Busted
Britney Spears - Wesley Willis
Britney Spears - Intimidated
Britney's Still A Virgin - Sara Nunes
Britney, Britney - Yellin Keller
I'm Afraid Of Britney Spears - Liveonrelease.
Kill Britney - Lack
Thou Shalt Not Britney Spear - TISM

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CARA ... .................p10.......................
Cara A Cara - Marc Almond
Cara Mia - Jay & the Americans / David Whitfield.
Cara Owens - Jeff Mullins Band
Cara's Castle - Joni Mitchell

CARMEN ... .......lys.......
Carmen - Toto
Carmen - Paula Cole
Carmen - Lush
Carmen - Anything Box
Carmen - Steve Spurgin
Carmen - The Bonaduces
Carmen - Lana Del Rey
Carmen - Celine Dion
Carmen (Instrumental) - Carmen Consoli
Carmen Cicero - The Mountain Goats
Carmen Is Sleeping - R. Stevie Moore
Carmen Jones - Enrique Bunbury
Carmen Queasy - Maxim (The Prodigy) / Skunk Anansie / Skin
Carmen' Boogie - The Andrews Sisters
Carmen's Revolution - Marco Prince
Carmen's Story - Edith Piaf
Goodbye, Carmen - Wilson Phillips
Pepsi's Carmen - Beyonce Knowles
Soul of Carmen Miranda - John Cale
They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More - Jimmy Buffett.
Tonight, Carmen - Marty Robbins
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? - Rockapella / Tilt

CARMELITA ... .........lys.............
Carmelita - Warren Zevon/Counting Crows/Linda Ronstadt/Rachel Stamp/Puffball/GG Allin/Adam Duritz/Dwight Yoakam/...et al
Carmelita - Cowboy Junkies / Fred Eaglesmith
Carmelita - Steve Wariner
Carmelita Skiffle - Michael Bloomfield
Carmelita's Eyes - Neil Diamond

CARMILLA ... ......lys...........
Carmilla - Thorns Of The Carrion
Camilla Horn - Bruce Springsteen.
Carmilla Whispers From The Grave - Lord Vampyr
Carmilla's Masque - Cradle Of Filth
Surrender Into The Roses" (Carmilla) - Kate Bush

CAROL ... ....lys......
A Buskers Carol - Jon Windle
A Carol - Celtic Folk
A Carol for Lorelei - The Cryan' Shames
Ballad of Carol Lynn - Ryan Adams / Whiskeytown..
Birthday Carol - Todd Rundgren
Calling Out To Carol - Stan Ridgway
Candlelight Carol - Neil Diamond Mary / Chapin Carpenter / Joseph McManners / ..et al
Candy Carol - Book Of Love
Carol - Chuck Berry /Rolling Stones/The Doors/ The Beatles /Status Quo/..et al
Carol - Al Stewart
Carol - Seventh Avenue
Carol - Giuni Russo
Carol - Slint
Carol - English Dogs
Carol (with Burden) [Instrumental] - Alfred Deller & the Deller Consort
Carol And Brian - Taking The Fourth.
Carol And Shine - Guano Apes
Carol Ann - Coheed And Cambria
Carol Ann [instrumental] - Michael W. Smith
Carol Brown - Flight Of The Conchords
Carol Caroline - Michael Runion .
Carol Channing - The Jim Yoshii Pile Up
Carol Dodds Is Pregnant - The Toy Dolls
Carol In Black - Autophobia
Carol Jane - Everly Brothers.
Carol Kaye - Laura Veirs
Carol Jane - Everly Brothers
Carol Kaye - Laura Veirs
Carol Masters - Alphaville
Carol Of The Bells - Robert Shaw Chorale /Richard Carpenter /Johnny Mathis /Kenny Rogers /Celtic Women/..et al
Carol Of The Kings - TobyMac
Carol Of The Season - Parenthetical Girls
Carol Vorderman - Kunt And The Gang
Cherry Tree Carol - Sting / Judy Collins
Christmas Without Carol - Elliott Yamin
Corpus Christi Carol - Jeff Buckley / Jeff Beck
Coventry Carol - Anthony Newley / Annie Lennox / Sting / Elaine Paige/ Tori Amos/.. et al
Cutting Carol - Didjits
Dammit Carol, You Burnt The Bratwurst - Trust Me I'm a Doctor
Don't Kill It Carol - Manfred Mann' Earth Band
Frankie Carroll - Thin Lizzy
Goodbye, Carol Ann - Ben Folds Five .
Hello Carol - The Gladiators
Huron Carol - The Canadian Tenors
Irish Carol - Julie Andrews
Moping Carol - Dark Reality / Dark Opera
My Carol - Mark Olson
Oh! Carol - Neil Sedaka/ Eddie Peregrina/ General Saint ft Don Campbell/ Blue Diamonds/Paul Anka /...et al
Oh Carol - Boyzone
Oh Carol - Smokie
Past Three O'clock, Carol - Clare College Choir & the Cambridge Orchestra
Rocking Carol - Kate Rusby/et al...traditional
Ruby Carol - Dan Sartain
Shepherd's Pipe Carol - Kindred Spirits
Sister Carol - Barrington Levy
The Atheist Christmas Carol - Vienna Teng
The Cherry Tree Carol - Jose Feliciano / Joan Baez / Peter, Paul & Mary
The Coventry Carol - Alison Moyet
The Digwell Carol - Leslie Fish
The Huron Carol - Crash Test Dummies
The In-house Carol - I Am Baby Cakes
The Star Carol - Aaron Neville
The Wexford Carol - Loreena McKennitt
Utah Carol - Marty Robbins
We Love You, Carol And Alison - Game Theory
Welsh Carol - Linda Ronstadt
Wexford Carol - Trace Adkins
Wexford Carol - Michael McDonald
When Last I Spoke To Carol - Morrissey
Wildwood Carol - Jane Siberry

CAROLINE ... ...lys.....
41 Union Drive, Caroline Springs 3023 - Tamas Wells
Baby Caroline - James Taylor
Back To Caroline - Jamey Johnson
Bright Caroline - PW Gopal
Callin' Caroline - Darryl Worley
Care For A Little Caroline - Select Start
Carol Caroline - Michael Runion .
Caroline - Old Crow Medicine Show
Caroline - Lemar
Caroline - The Belleville Outfit
Caroline - Jawbreaker
Caroline - Harry Chapin
Caroline - Sanders Bohlke
Caroline - William Clark Green
Caroline - Takida
Caroline - Seventh Day Slumber
Caroline - Sugarplum Fairy
Caroline - Gleedsville
Caroline - The Shoreline
Caroline - Freedy Johnston
Caroline - Mercy Arms
Caroline - Dan Hill
Caroline - Bernie Paul
Caroline - Alex Clare
Caroline - Colourful Grey
Caroline - Crush Luther
Caroline - Cathy Davey
Caroline - Citizens!
Caroline - Kim Mitchell
Caroline - Nataly Dawn
Caroline - Locksley
Caroline - Wizards
Caroline - Kirsty MacColl
Caroline - Chicago
Caroline - The Fortunes
Caroline - Rhubarb
Caroline - The Epilogues
Caroline - Rhett Miller
Caroline - Crematory
Caroline - Steppenwolf
Caroline - Alphaville
Caroline - Status Quo
Caroline - The Hang Ups
Caroline - Jefferson Starship
Caroline - Fleetwood Mac
Caroline - Charles Aznavour
Caroline - David Gray
Caroline - Concrete Blonde
Caroline - John Butler Trio
Caroline - Heavy Load
Caroline - Danny Kirwan
Caroline - Capital Lights
Caroline - Brandi Carlile
Caroline - Velvet Underground
Caroline - Harry Nilsson
Caroline - Firewater
Caroline - The Rejects
Caroline - Brooks & Dunn
Caroline - Angie Aparo
Caroline - The Clarks
Caroline - Badloves
Caroline - Noah Gundersen
Caroline - Clouseau
Caroline - Halou
Caroline - J Roddy Wlston & The Business
Caroline - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
Caroline - Benjamin Baker/ Thomas Baker Band
Caroline And I - Kentucky Nightmare
Caroline And I - The Go-betweens
Caroline And Sue - GG Allin .
Caroline Avenue - Tarkio
Caroline Costa Together - Caroline Costa
Caroline Goodbye - Colin Blunstone
Caroline I See You - James Taylor
Caroline Is Waiting - Bottle Of Justus

Caroline Isenberg - Alarm
Caroline Jones - Dorsey
Caroline Knows - Splitsville .
Caroline Leaving - Volbeat
Caroline, London 1940 - Sleep Station
Caroline, No - Brian Wilson/Beach Boys/America/ They Might Be Giants/Eric Carman/Charles Lloyd/...et al
Caroline, Please Kill Me. - Coma Cinema
Caroline Says I - Lou Reed
Caroline Street - The Hope Fallacy
Caroline The Wrecking Ball - O.A.R. (Of A Revolution)
Caroline Welton - The Spikeweed
Caroline Williams - The Band Of Heathens
Caroline, Yes - Kaiser Chiefs
Caroline's A Victim - Kate Nash
Caroline's Pony [Instrumental] - Bill Haley
Caroline's Radio - Bubblegum Lemonade
Caroline's Still in Georgia - Mac Davis
Caroline's Suitcase - Sham 69
Caroline's Supposed Demon - His Name Is Alive
Come To Caroline - Stuart McNair
Does Caroline Know? - Talk Talk
Funky Caroline - Big Soul
Goodbye Caroline - Riding Bikes
Goodbye Caroline - Aimee Mann
Hills Of Caroline - Dailey & Vincent
His Daughter Caroline - Chuck Berry
I Did Acid With Caroline - Daniel Johnston
Katie And Caroline - Of Montreal
Keep Caroline - Toys That Kill
King & Caroline - Guided By Voices
Lost In Caroline - Greg Bates
Miss Caroline - Peter And The Wolf.
Name It Caroline - Big City Lights
O Caroline - Max Gazzè / Matching Mole
Oh Caroline - Cheap Trick
Oh Caroline - Jay Jay Pistolet
Oh My Darling Caroline - Ronny
Poor Caroline - The Wooden Sky
Roses 'Caroline' - Armand Van Helden
Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond / Glee Cast/ Roy Orbison/ Bobby Womack/ Frank Sinatra/..et al
Sweet Caroline - Emily Haines
Sweet Caroline - Mad Sin
The Hills of Caroline - Alison Krauss & Union Station / Vince Gill
Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street - Jimmy Buffett

CAROLYN ... ......lys......
Carolyn - Merle Haggard /*Eddy Arnold /*Nat Stuckey
Carolyn - Matt Goss
Carolyn - The Overtones
Carolyn - Black Veil Brides
Carolyn - Lunascape
Carolyn - The Wedding Present
Carolyn - ZOX .
Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn - Dry Branch Fire Squad
Carolyn Sells - Timothy Seth Avett As Darling
Carolyn's Bootie - The Presidents Of The USA
Carolyn's Fingers - Cocteau Twins
Carolyn's Hook - South Park Mexican
Carolyn's Song - Rain Parade/ This Mortal Coil
Carolyna - Melanie C
The Taming Of Carolyn - Lowest Of The Low

CARRIE ... .....lys.............
Always Carrie - No Use For A Name
Carrie - The Hollies / John Miles
Carrie - Cliff Richard / Hank Marvin
Carrie - Europe
Carrie - Speak
Carrie - Scott Grimes
Carrie - Tarkio
Carrie - Shiny Toy Guns
Carrie - Michael Bolton
Carrie Ann - Styx.
Carrie Ann With The White Dress - Poni Hoax.
Carrie Anne - The Hollies.
Carrie Anne - Charles Hamilton.
Carrie Brown - Steve Earle / Del McCoury
Carrie Cooksey - Rocketship
Carrie Flannagan - Rudie Can't Fail
Carrie Jean - Sic Alps .
Carrie Satan - Kirlian Camera
Carrie White - Warhead
Carry Me Carrie - Dr. Hook / Shel Silverstein
Carry Me Oh Carrie - Blue System
Motion Pictures (For Carrie) - Neil Young
Shasta (Carrie's Song) - Vienna Teng
Sleeping In Carrie's Car - Off With Their Heads

Cass & Henry - The Von Bondies .

CASSANDRA ... ..lys.....................
Cassandra - Emmy The Great
Cassandra - Kayak
Cassandra - Abba
Cassandra - The Galvatrons
Cassandra - Theatre Of Tragedy
Cassandra - The Crüxshadows
Cassandra - Akin
Cassandra - Dennis Brown
Cassandra - Bishop Allen
Cassandra - Keaton Simons
Cassandra - No Blame
Cassandra - Paper Rival
Cassandra - Ashent
Cassandra Complex - Star One
Cassandra Crossing - Valas
Cassandra Gemini - The Mars Volta
Cassandra Syndrome - Dead And Divine
Cassandra With Brando Hair - The I In Team
Cassandra's Cry - Mindsnare
Cassandra's Nightmare - Morgul
Helen And Cassandra - Al Stewart
Kissing Cassandra's Eyes (In Fog Like A Parade Of Ghosts) - All Bets Off
Taking Cassandra To The End Of The World Party - Fear Before The March Of Flames

CASSIE ... ....lys..............
Cassie - Flyleaf
Cassie - Chris Batson
Cassie Eats Cockaroaches - Acid Bath
Cassie's Back In Texas - Luke Kaufman
Cassie's Brother - Drive-By Truckers
Cassie's Song - Lance Baker
I'll Have To Dance With Cassie - God Help the Girl
Marie Cassie - Édith Butler

CATALINA ... ...lys.....
26 Miles (Santa Catalina) - The Four Preps.
Alpha Double Negative: Going To Catalina - The Mountain Goats
Catalina - Seven Foot Wave
Catalina - Raekwon ft Lyfe Jennings
Catalina - Descendents
Catalina - Hot Water Music
Catalina - A Moment's Worth
Catalina Dreams Of California - Bye Bye Birmington
Catalina Wine Mixer - Work Drugs
Catalina Wine Mixer - Solid Gold Thunder
Catalina´s Reward - Mental As Anything
Kids in Catalina - Summer Fiction / Bill Ricchini

CATH ... ..........lys.........
Cath - The Bluebells
Cath... - Death Cab For Cutie
Cath Carroll - Unrest

CATHERINE ... ........lys...............

Amazonia The Catherine Miles Story - Altar Of Giallo
Catherine - Simon Joyner
Catherine - Nathalie Nordnes
Catherine - Inkubus Sukkubus
Catherine - The Rosemarys
Catherine - David Nail
Catherine - Weeping Willows
Catherine - A.C.T
Catherine - Daniel Darc
Catherine - PJ Harvey
Catherine (Damn This Situation) - Good Charlotte
Catherine (For Lack Of Definition) - The Champion Weekend
Catherine* And The Unexpected Guest - Anderson
Catherine and Georgia - David Roth .
Catherine Antrim's Kid - The Mountain Goats
Catherine At The Wheel - Skyclad
Catherine Avenue - Biirdie
Catherine Before - Honey
Catherine Blake - My Dying Bride
Catherine Elizabeth - Ladybug Transistor .
Catherine Howard's Fate - Blackmore's Night .
Catherine, I Feel Sick - Tripwires
Catherine, I'm In The Arms Of A Woman I Hardly Know - Archer Avenue
Catherine Morgan - Bad Astronaut .
Catherine The Waitress - Teitur.
Catherine Wheel - Sarah Brendel
Catherine Wheels - Crowded House
Catherine's Lullaby - Emo Side Project
Catherine's Magic Stone - Patty Griffin
Catherine's Wheel - Rialto
Catherine's Wheel - Blackbird Raum
Catherine-Anne - Don Peris .
Cathy Catherine - The World/Inferno Friendship Society .
Chanson De Catherine - Edith Piaf
Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel - Simple Minds
For Catherine - Laura Cortese
Mountain Girl (Catherine's Song) - Judy Collins
Oh Catherine, The Sea Is On Fire - Erison
Proceeding With Catherine - Zachery Quinn
Roaming On Sainte-Catherine Street - Yesterdays Ring
Saint Catherine - Jf Robitaille
Saint Catherine (Idiot's Waltz) - Molasses
Saint Catherine St. - Sea Wolf
Sainte Catherine - Charles Trenet
Song for catherine - K's Choice
St. Catherine St. - Deltron 3030
St.Catherine's Day - The Blue Nile

CATHY ... ....lys............
Carrying Cathy - Ben Folds
Cathy Catherine - The World/Inferno Friendship Society .
Cathy Lee - Sam Beeton .
Cathy Rattlesnake - Textbook Tragedy
Cathy's Clown - Everly Brothers
Cathy's Clown - Reba McEntire
Cathy's Clown - You Am I
Cathy's Corner - Terri Hendrix
Cathy's New Clown - John Wesley Harding
Cathy, Come Home - The Twilights
Goodnight Little Cathy - Woody Guthrie
Song For Cathy - G.B.H
The Room (For Cathy) - Jack Mcduff

CECILIA ... ..................lys.......
Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkel / Suggs / Gaelic Storm / The Vamps/..et al
Cecilia - Chet Atkins/Jack Montrose/Whispering Jack Smith/Bob Crosby/Bob Gordon/Dick Todd/..et al
Cecilia - Colin Giles
Cecilia - Ace Of Base
Cecilia - Thomas Dybdahl
Cecilia - Act Fast
Cecelia & Her Selfhood - Villagers
Saint Cecelia - Leaves' Eyes

Our Darling Daughter You Are, Little Cecillia Marie - The Prize Fighter Inferno .
Cecilia & Her Selfhood - Villagers
Cecilia And The Silhouette Saloon - The Blood Brothers
Cecilia In Black And White - Trembling Blue Stars
Entering White Cecilia - The New Pornographers
Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) - The Vamps
Saint Cecilia - John K. Samson
Saint Cecilia (Ode To Music) - Denison Witmer

CELIA ... .................lys....
Celia - Necare
Celia - The Kicks
Celia - Phil Ochs
Celia Inside - The Cardigans
Celia of the Seals - Donovan.
Celia's Dream - Slowdive
Celia's Skin - Everlea
Come Celia - Keegan DeWitt
Marry Gus And Celia - Emily Loizeau
Oh, Celia! - Randy Newman
To Celia - Taken To The Sky

... ..........lys..........
Chanel - Saigon Kick
Chanel - Modern Skirts
Chanel No.5 - American Music Club
Chanel No.5 - Calexico
Chanel No. Fever - De La Soul
Chanel Solitaire - Mireille Mathieu
CK II Chanel No.6 - Solefald
Clear Chanel (Fuck Off!) - Leftover Crack
Hello Chanel - Piney Gir .
Platinum Chanel - Dom Kennedy

CHARLENA ... ................lys
Charlena - Los Lobos

CHARLINE ... ...lys......
Charline - Gil
Charlene the Chuckwagon Queen - Cowboy Bob

CHARLOTTE ... ..lys.
Charlotte - Air Traffic
Charlotte - Leilujh
Charlotte - Stairs to Nowhere
Charlotte - Macc Lads
Charlotte - Huey Mack
Charlotte - Tom Helsen
Charlotte - Kittie
Charlotte - Matt Paxton
Charlotte - Rosie Thomas
Charlotte - Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions
Charlotte (Instrumental) - Booka Shade
Charlotte Anne - Julian Cope .
Charlotte Carrington - Vincent Delerm
Charlotte Corday - Al Stewart
Charlotte Corday - Al Stewart
Charlotte Couldn't (Charleston Ladies Of The Ensemble) - Dean Martin .
Charlotte For Ever - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gets New Eyes - Weak Lazy Liar
Charlotte Rampling - Kinky Machine
Charlotte Sometimes - The Cure.
Charlotte Street - Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
Charlotte The Harlot - Iron Maiden.
Charlotte's a'Sailin' - Ryan Magor
Charlotte's Conversations - Stephen Duffy
Charlotte's Song - Ben Monder
Charlotte's Song - Rebecca Lavelle
Charlotte’s Web – Statler Brothers /The Brady Bunch
Dear Charlotte - Craig's Brother
Frozen Charlotte - Natalie Merchant
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte – Bette Davis / Patti Page / Gerry Mulligan
Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte - American Werewolves
I'm Leaving You Charlotte - Hella Fly Cool Kids
Poor Charlotte - The Miracles
Suite Charlotte Pike - Transatlantic

Charmaine - The Bachelors
Charmaine Champagne - The Fiery Furnaces

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My Cherie Amour – Stevie Wonder

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Chiquitita - ABBA

Chloe – Elton John

Christie Road - Green Day
Christine - Hall And Oats
Christine - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Christine Irene - Gin Blossoms .
Christine Sixteen – Kiss
Marie Christine - Gordon Lightfoot .

Cinderella - Suzy Bogguss / Firefall / Billy Brown
Cinderella Jones - Petula Clark
Cinderella Man - Eminem / Rush
Cinderella Mary Jane - The Lost Child Sound ..
Cinderella Rockefella - Esther & Abi Ofarim.
It’s Midnight Cinderella – Garth Brooks

CINDY ... ......lys....
Backstep Cindy/ Purple Bamboo - Abigail Washburn
Cindy - Ricky Nelson /Johnny Cash /Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Cindy - Bruce Springsteen
Cindy - The Sugarcubes
Cindy - The Temptations
Cindy - Mike Farley Band
Cindy - Tammany Hall Nyc
Cindy - Pete Seeger
Cindy (Rotten Tanx) - Thurston Moore
Cindy Absent - Barry Louis Polisar
Cindy C - Prince
Cindy, Cindy - Elvis Presley
Cindy Crawford - Gianni Togni
Cindy Dolls - Julian Dawson
Cindy, I'll Marry You Someday - Robert Plant and The Band of Joy
Cindy Incidentally – Faces / Del Amitri
Cindy Lou - Uncle Brian
Cindy Of A Thousand Lives - Billy Bragg
Cindy Oh Cindy – Eddie Fisher / Beach Boys /...et al
Cindy Tastes Of Barbecue - Luna
Cindy Tells Me - Brian Eno
Cindy's Around - Tom Flannery
Cindy’s Birthday – Johnny Crawford
Cindy's Lament - Rod Stewart .
Cindy's On Methadone - Screeching Weasel
Cindy's Song - Meredith Bragg & The Terminals
Cindy's The Hostess - Sifl And Olly
George & Cindy - Action Figure Party.
Get Along Home Cindy - Robert Plant
Hi, My Name Is Cindy - Self
Hurricane Cindy - Liz Phair
I Found Love (Cindy's Song) - Bebe & Cece Winans
Indie Cindy - Pixies
Indie Cindy And The Lo-Fi Lullabies - Lemon Demon
Oh, Cindy - The Kingston Trio
Pictures (Of Cindy) - Josef Ke
Sexy Cindy - Secret Story 3
Shut Up Cindy - For Science
Song For Cindy Sheehan - David Rovics
Stutterin' Cindy - Charlie Feathers
Taste Of Cindy - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Windy Cindy - People Get Ready

Anne Claire - Guano Apes .
Claire - Gilbert O'Sullivan
Claire's Kitchen - Soho
Mary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane - Eddy Arnold...
Oh Claire - Cheap Trick
Planet Claire - The B-52s.

Aunt Clara - In Our Cups .
Clara Bow - Paul Spencer & the Maxines

Claudette - Roy Orbison/Everly Brothers
Claudia - Jared Astin Trio with Leo Goya

Ballad Of Cleo And Joe - Cyndi Lauper
Cleo - 4TU
Cleo - Ivan Graziani
Cleo - Built To Spill
Cleo - John Cale
Cleo & Tony - Eddie From Ohio .
Cleo's Apartment - Marvin Gaye
Cleo's Mood - Junior Walker & the All-Stars
I Should Have Called Ms. Cleo - Emmure
Years/Cleo's Song - JBM

Constantine's Sword - Brain Surgeons NYC .

Coral - Al Di Meola

Corinna Corinna – Ray Peterson / Big Joe Turner
Corrine, Corrina - Bob Dylan/Bo Carter/(traditional)

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DANA ... ...lys...
Dana Dump Your Man and Marry Me - DJ Real .
Dana Leigh - Promise Of Redemption
Dana Walker - Hopesfall
Dana You Can Bang Her - Master P
Dana, My Love - Frank Farian
Dana's Theme - Elmer Bernstein.
Mesec Dana - Amadeus
Song For Dana Plato - The Mountain Goats
Who's Holding Donna Now - Debarge

DANI ... ...lys...
Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dani's Song - Gone Wrong
Dani's Story - Bligg

DARLENE ... ...lys...
Darlene - Led Zeppelin
Darlene - T. Graham Brown
Darling Darlene - Farewell
Lovelee Sweet Darlene - My Bloody Valentine
To You (In Memory of Darlene Ragle) - Soft Charisma

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DEANIE ... ...lys...
Hey Deanie – Eric Carmen / Shaun Cassidy.

DEBBIE ... ...lys...
Debbie - The B-52s
Debbie & Kim - Redd Kross.
Debbie Be True - The Queers
Debbie Denise - Blue Öyster Cult.
Debbie Do - Lee Hazlewood
Debbie Don't Worry Doll - Ben Kweler.
Debbie Is Cooler Than You - Hiding Out Loud
Debbie Loves Joey - Helen Love
Debbie Stokes - The Rookie Lot
Debbie's Gone - Orson
Little Debbie - Charles Bronson
When Debbie's Back From Texas - Stina Nordenstam

DEBORAH / DEBRA ... ...lys...(b)
Deborah - George Frideric Handel
Debra - Beck
Debra Jean - The Queers.
Debra Kadabra - Captain Beefheart / Frank Zappa
Deborah - T. Rex
Deborah Carne - White Rose Movement
Deborah Müller - Element Of Crime
Deborah's French Feast - Saint Etienne
Deborah's Theme - Sissel / Ennio Morricone
Memories Of Deborah - Roger Davidson
Not About Debra - Lucky Boys Confusion
Song Of Deborah - I Hate Sally

Jay Dee’s Revenge With Danny Brown - J Dilla cuts By D.j. Dez ..

DELIA ... ...lys...
Dearest Delia - Today I Caught the Plague aka The Kindred
Delia - Blind Willie Mctell /Harry Belafonte / Bob Dylan
Delia's Gone - Burl Ives / Eric Bibb / Al Stewart / Johnny Cash
The Murder of Aunt Delia - Van Heflin ..

DELILAH ... ... lys...
Beautiful Delilah - Rolling Stones / The Kinks
Damn Delilah - Stoner Kings
Dear Delilah - Grapefruit
Delilah - Tom Jones
Delilah - Queen
Delilah - The Dresden Dolls
Delilah - The Cranberries
Delilah - Mavado
Delilah - Victor Young
Delilah Was A Libra - Edwing .
Delilah's Power - Ike & Tina Turner
Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
Idle Delilah - Azealia Banks
Lay Down Delilah - The Grahams
Lying Delilah - Warmen
Modern Day Delilah - Kiss
Ollie & Delilah - Testa Rosa
Sam And Delilah - Ella Fitzgerald / Duke Ellington
Samson And Delilah - Middle Of The Road / Grateful Dead
Sort Of Delilah - Anna Nalick
Sweet Delilah - Hurt.

DENISE ... ...lys...
Debbie Denise - Blue Öyster Cult.
Denise - Randy & the Rainbows
Denise (My Love) - Les Wampas
Denise Martinez - Les Cowboys Fringants
Denise, Denise - Beatnik Termites
Stay Gold, Denise Hoffman, Stay Gold - Honor Bright

DIANA ... ...lys...
Brigidine Diana - Sinead O'Connor
Cocaine Diana - Kid Loco
Come Alive Diana - Everything Everything
Diana - Paul Anka
Diana - Bryan Adams
Diana - One Direction
Diana - Wayne Shorter
Diana - Comus
Diana Boredom - The Magnificent
Diana Conspiracy - Alaska
Diana Gone Wrong - Eighteen Visions
Diana Goodbye - The New Vaudeville Band
Diana Ross - Kashmir
Diana Sweets - Don Kerr
Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson
Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson.
Hot Diana - Marsal Ventura
How Long Diana? - Ezra Furman and the Harpoons
I've Got A Crush On You (feat. Diana Ross) - Rod Stewart
Lady Diana - Les Fatals Picards
So Little Time - Diana Dors - Morrissey
Speak Plainly Diana - Joe Pug
What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana - Randy Travis

DIANE ... ...lys...
Diane - The Bachelors
Diane - Hüsker Dü
Diane - Guster
Diane Cool And Beautiful - Joan Of Arc
Diane De Montrouge - Nino Ferrer
Diane Young - Vampire Weekend
Goodbye Diane - Terence Trent D'Arby
Jack & Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp/Countdown Singers/Aural Pleasure/Angry String .
La Diane - Les Shades
Little Diane – Dion
My Diane - The Beach Boys
Oh Diane - Fleetwood Mac

DINAH ... ...lys...
DeDe Dinah – Frankie Avalon
Dinah - Duke Ellington / Fats Waller / Al Jolson /..et al
Dinah And The Beautiful Blue - Anywhen
Dinah Flo – Bozz Scaggs
Dinah, Pt. 1 - Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra
Dinah's Blues - Dinah Shore
Dinah-moe Humm - Frank Zappa
Twistin' In The Kitchen (With Dinah) - Sam Cooke

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DOTTIE ... ... lys...
Aunt Dot - Lil' Kim.
Back The Way (Dottie's Point Of View) - Carly Simon
Dear Dottie - Lunachicks
Dottie - Danny & The Juniors
Dottie Dawn And Julie - Eyes Adrift
Dottie In A Car Crash - The Legion Of Doom
I'm A Loner Dottie A Rebel - Transit
I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel - Get Up Kids
I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel - The Get Up Kids..
I'm Still A Loner, Dottie - Troubled Coast

DOLLY... ...lys...
Baby Rocked Her Dolly - Red Sovine
Could You Love A Poor Boy Dolly - Eddie Rabbitt
Dance With a Dolly - Bill Haley
Dance With a Dolly (With a Hole in Her Stocking) - Louis Prima & His Orchestra
Dolly - Suede
Dolly And Hawkeye - Lee Hazlewood
Dolly Boy - Electric Eels
Dolly Dagger - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Dolly Dawn - Harry Belafonte
Dolly My Baby (remix) - Notorious B. I. G.
Dolly My Love - The Moments
Dolly Parton - The Briefs
Dolly Parton's Tits - Roy "chubby" Brown
Dolly Rocker - Syd Barrett
Dolly Unit - The Orb
Hello, Dolly! - Louis Armstrong
Jolie Dolly - Éric Charden
Call On Dolly - Barbra Streisand
La Dolly Vita - The Smashing Pumpkins
Last Call At The Dolly - These Green Eyes
My Dolly - Woody Guthrie
My Wubba Dolly - Ella Fitzgerald
Texas Dolly - The Number 12 Looks Like You
Voodoo Dolly - Siouxsie And The Banshees
What Would Dolly Do? - Kristin Chenoweth
You Ain't Dolly - Ashley Monroe

DOMINIQUE ... ...lys...
Dominique – Singing Nun / Debby Reynolds
For Dominique - Paula Campbell
Sweet Dominique - Adam Cohen

DONNA ... ... lys ...
A Una Donna - 99 Posse
Aqua Donna - Vic Hennegan
Bella Donna - The Avett Brothers
Belladonna - The Legendary Pink Dots from their album The Maria Dimension
Belladonna - UFO from their album No Heavy Petting
Belladonna - Siouxsie and the Banshees from their album Hyæna
Belladonna - Vannelli and Gianni Bella
Belladonna - Madrugada
Diamond Donna - Mad Man and the Metaloids
Donna - Richie Valens / Marty Wilde
Donna - 10cc
Donna, Get Off That Crack - Nazareth
Donna Maria - Nino D'Angelo .
Donna Means Heartbreak - Gene Pitney
Donna Please - Steve Perry
Donna, Donna - Joan Baez
Donna, Donna Mia - Toto Cutugno
Donna Lee - bebop jazz standard .
Donna, the Prima Donna - Dion.
Hey Donna – Rhythm Syndicate .
Hey Donna - Rhythm Syndicate
Hold Back The Wind, Donna - The Swirling Eddies
Mad Donna - T Rex
Mon Ami M'a Donné - Edith Piaf
Oh Donna - Richie Valens
On m'a donné - Charles Aznavour
Pre Madonna / Prima Donna - Missy Elliott
Prima Donna - Christina Aguilera
Prima Donna - Uriah Heep
Prima Donna - Hot Leg
Prima Donna - Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical The Phantom of the Opera)
Prima Donna - Chicago
Prima Donna - Chevelle
Prima Donna Of Swans - Jackson C. Frank .
Primadonna - Alla Pugacheva
Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds
Song For Donna - Gary Moore
Sophia, Donna, I was Down the River Waiting - Blackout Beach.
Tra Uomo E Donna - Zucchero
Viso Di Donna - Demis Roussos
Who's Holding Donna Now? - El Debarge

DORITA ... ...lys...
Dorita - Lou Reed

DRUSCILLA ... ...lys...
Druscilla Penny - The Carpenters.

You Can’t Have Your Kate & Edith Too – Statler Brothers .

Harry Cross (A Tribute To Edna) - The Toy Dolls.

Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners
Everybody Loves Eileen - Steelheart..
Little Eileen - Hank Sundown & The Roaring Cascades

Dear Elaine - Ron Wood.
Elaine - The Smithereens

Eleanor - Turtles
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
Eleanor Put Your Boots On - Franz Ferdinand.
Maria Elena - The Smithereens / Dr. Abbi's Jazz.
Goodbye Eleanor - Toto.
Lady Eleanor - Lindisfarne.

A Letter To Elise - The Cure.
Audrey and Eli - Canoe.
Eli, The Barrow Boy - The Decemberists.
Eli's Coming - Three Dog Night

Catherine Elizabeth - Ladybug Transistor .
Elizabeth - Statler Brothers / Billy Gilman
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - The Allman Brothers Band/Aerosmith.
Samantha Elizabeth - Smokie .
Too Bad About Elizabeth - Half Japanese .

Ella Guru - Beefheart Captain.

A Letter To Elise – The Cure
Eloise - Barry Ryan
Sweet Eloise – Glen Miller & His Orchestra

Lazy Elsie Molly - Chubby Checker..

Elvira - Oak Ridge Boys

Emily - Adam Green
Emily Jean Stock - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah .
Emily Sparkles - Mike Keeney .
Emilly Blunt, I Want To Be Your Personal Assistant - Papa Razzi and the Photogs
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her - Simon and Garfunkel
Miss Emily's Picture - John Conlee.
See Emily Play – Pink Floyd

EMMA... ... lys ...
A Song For Emma - Eric Schoon
A Song For Emma Watson - Memories & Jersey
Baby Emma - Scout Niblett
Big Leg Emma - Frank Zappa
Emma - 7 Years
Emma - Hot Chocolate
Emma - Lovebugs
Emma - Alkaline Trio
Emma - Neal Morse
Emma - Jonathan Edwards
Emma - America
Emma - Little River Band
Emma - July For Kings
Emma - John Wetton
Emma - Mooney Monday
Emma - This Car Up
Emma - Sisters of Mercy
Emma - Nicole Croisille
Emma - Les Vieilles Valise
Emma - Matmatah
Emma - Les Tetes Raides
Emma - Véronic Dicaire
Emma - Les Vieilles Valises (instrumental)
Emma - Edie Carey (instrumental)
Emma Blowgun's Last Stand - Beulah
Emma Bovary - Patty Pravo
Emma Discovery - The Anniversary
Emma Grace - Daniel Isaiah .
Emma Hartley - Dylan LeBlanc
Emma J - Brendan Benson
Emma Jean's Guitar - Chely Wright.
Emma Klein - Hannes Wader
Emma Lee - Buffy Sainte-Marie .
Emma Lee - Taddy Porter .
Emma Pearl - John Vanderslice
Emma Ruth - Mike Mains And The Branches .
Emma Stanton - Tété
Emma Watson - AJ Rafael
Emma Watson - Rocket Me Nowhere
Emma Zero - Sybreed
Emma's House - Field Mice (The)
Emma's Reason - Jekyll & Hyde
Emma's Song - Sinead O'Connor
Emma's Song (not Alone) - Jason Upton
Emma, Get Me A Lemon - The Walkmen
Emma, My Dear - Colin Blunstone
For Emma - Bon Iver
Miss Emma Peel - Dishwalla.
Modern Day Emma Goldman - Pretty Girls Make Graves
My Red, Red Moon (Emma O) - Nightfall
O Come O Come Emmanuel - Spencer Capier
Red Emma - Kakistocracy
Song For Emma - Joe Walsh
Song For Emma - Saxon
The Ballad Of Emma DeLoner - Midnight Choir
When Alexander met Emma - Chumbawamba .
Where Emma Meets John - Grace & Tony .

Enid - Barenaked Ladies

The Ballad Of Stringbean And Estelle - Sam Bush ..

Evangeline - Emmylou Harris/Matthew Sweet/Jerry Garcia
Space Age 4 Eva - 8Ball & MJG ...

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Bittersweet Faith - Bitter:Sweet .

Fannie Mae - Buster Brown.
Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) – Bee Gees
Short Fat Fanny - Larry Williams/Little Richard..


Albino Faye - Spencer P. Jones .

Fifi The Flea - Hollies.

Me & Fiona - The Mighty Manatees
Nigel & Fiona - Beth Hirsch .

Frances The Mute - The Mars Volta
Francine - ZZ Top

Frankie And Johnny - Sam Cooke/Jimmie Rodgers/traditional

GAIL ... ....lys.....
Gail - Alice Cooper
Gail's Electric Dream - Jotto
My Girl Gail - Billy Bowers
Walter & Gail - Tomte .

Gemma Gemini - Vantage Point .

20 Miles To Georgia - Josh Kelley
A Letter To Georgia - The Airborne Toxic Event
All The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Jonathan Rado
Barrels In Georgia - Crash The Satellites
Burn, Georgia, Burn - Alabama
Catherine and Georgia - David Roth
Devil Went Down To Georgia - Johnny Cash/Charlie Daniels
Georgia - Hanson
Georgia - Elton John
Georgia - A Rose By Any Other Name
Georgia - Far-Less
Georgia - Ashlee Hewitt
Georgia - Wayne Bergeron
Georgia - DJ & Christian
Georgia - Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Georgia - Jackie Greene
Georgia - Cee Lo Green
Georgia - Disturbing Tha Peace / Ludacris / Field Mob
Georgia - The District
Georgia - Yuck
Georgia - Cartel
Georgia - Boz Scaggs
Georgia - Nivea
Georgia - Bubba Sparxxx
Georgia - Cunninlynguists
Georgia - Werewolves
Georgia - Alex Day
Georgia - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Georgia - Joshua Fletcher And The Six-shot Romance

Georgia Lee - Tom Waits
Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles/ Michael Bolton
Sweet Georgia Brown - Ethel Merman / Django Reinhardt / Cab Calloway / Ella Fitzgerald / Anita O'Day/..et al
Sweet Georgia Girls - Mac Powell
Tall Trees In Georgia - Eva Cassidy
The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band/ The Levellers/ Toy Dolls/ Primus/ KMC/..et al
The Little Grave In Georgia - Charlie Louvin
The Moon Over Georgia - Shenandoah
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Vicki Lawrence / Reba McEntire
Through Hell and Half of Georgia - Still I Rise
Ticket Back To Georgia - Head East
Two Miles Out Of Georgia - Suzi Quatro
Walkin' Back To Georgia - Jim Croce
We Dem Georgia Boyz - Pastor Troy
What About Georgia - Miranda Lambert
When the Sun Goes Down in Georgia - Corey Smith
Why Georgia - John Mayer

GEORGY... ..lys............
Georgy - Devin The Dude
Georgy Girl - Seekers/ The Lettermen/ Judith Durham
Georgy Porgy - Toto/ Faith Evans/ Eric Benet

GIDGET... ..lys...............
Gidget – James Darren
Gidget Goes To Hell - Suburban Lawns
Too Big For Gidget - The Brunettes

GILLIAN ... .........lys
Gillian - Tom Hambridge
Gillian - The Waifs
Gillian Played Me A Song - Ane Brun
Gillian Was A Horse - Damien Jurado
Roy and Gillian On the Road - John Williams..

Gina - Johnny Mathis
Ginnie Bell – Paul Dino
Gina In The Kings Road - Al Stewart..

Gloria - Them/Laura Branigan/Patti Smith/The Doors/U2
Gloria Swansong - Hollies..
Gloria's Eyes - Bruce Springsteen
Gloria's Muse (The Yoga Song) - Blaze
Sunburst And Gloria - Lions!Tigers!Bears! .

Amazing Grace - Sacred Harp Choir + over 6,000 versions
Aunt Grace - Roddy Rod .
Emma Grace - Daniel Isaiah .
Hey Grace, Hey Tony - Grace & Tony.
Grace Beneath The Pines - The For Carnation .
Grace Kelly - Mika.
Grace Of Libra - Fez Combo .
Mercy and Grace - The Bowling Family
Ms Grace - Tymes.
Pretty Amazing Grace - Neil Diamond..
Saved By Grace - Kevin Spencer & Friends
Your Grace Is Enough - Matt Maher .

Guinnevere - David Crosby
Your Auntie Grizelda - The Monkees

Halley's Waitress - Fountains Of Wayne.

H-H-Hannah - Gemma Ray
Hannah Jane - Hootie and the Blowfish.
Mojo Hannah - Neville Brothers

The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll - Cage The Elephant ..

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Heidi Is A Headcase - Ramones .

Helen Lane - Mal Webb.
Helen Reddy - Trembling Blue Stars
Helen Wheels - Paul McCartney & Wings.
Helena – My Chemical Romance
Hey, Hey Helen - ABBA

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IESHA ... lys......
Iesha – Another Bad Creation

INGRID ... lys.....
Ingrid And The Footman - Jane Siberry
Ingrid Bergman - Billy Bragg / Wilco / Woody Guthrie
Ingrid Thulin - Julie's Haircut
Ingrid's Oily Tongue - The Residents
Ingrid's Song - Stephen Kellogg
Silver Ingrid - Ani DiFranco

IRENE ... ... lys....
Christine Irene - Gin Blossoms .
Goodnight Irene - Leadbelly / Weavers / Frank Sinatra / Ernest Tubb & Red Foley/... et al.
Harry Irene - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
I've Got Wings, Irene - The Amazing Pilots
Irene - TobyMac
Irene - Beach House
Irene Wilde - Ian Hunter
Irene's Kiss - The Brodys
It's Morning Irene - Deadstring Brothers
Pirrende Irene - TNT

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Marie Isabelle - Yo Yo Mundi .

JACKIE ... lys.......
Aunt Jackie - Jason Fox .
Bossa For Jackie - Fantastic Plastic Machine
Come Back Jackie - The Toy Dolls
Have You Seen Jackie? - Dukes Of Stratosphear
Hoe Happy Jackie - AZ
If I Were Jackie - Chely Wright
Jackie - Blue Zone
Jackie - Sinéad O'Connor/ Placebo
Jackie - The New Pornographers
Jackie - Jackie Blue
Jackie - Scott Walker
Jackie Big Tits - The Kooks
Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils /Smashing Pumpkins .
Jackie Boy Is Leaving Town - Eternal Tango
Jackie Brown - John Cougar Mellencamp.
Jackie Chan - The Dollyrots
Jackie Chan - Gucci Mane
Jackie Chan - Soulja Boy
Jackie Collins Existential Question Time - Manic Street Preachers
Jackie Ia An Atheist - Huntingtons
Jackie In The Morning - Genevieve Maynard
Jackie Jab - Swingin' Utters
Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me) - Sally Shapiro
Jackie Jackie Packer - Steve Towson
Jackie O - John Mellencamp
Jackie Skates - Janis Ian
Jackie Tequila - Skank
Jackie Wants A Black Eye - Dr. Dog
Jackie Was A Junkie - One Way System
Jackie Washington - Blackie & The Rodeo Kings
Jackie Will Save Me - Shiny Toy Guns
Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile) - Dexys Midnight Runners / Van Morrison
Jackie's Eyes - Thee Armada
Jackie's Strength - Tori Amos
Jackie's Train - Mary Gauthier
Jackie, Dressed In Cobras - The New Pornographers
Jackie, Is It My Birthday? - The Wolfmen
Jackie-ing - Ben Allison
Jackie-O - Strung Out
Jacky - Jacques Brel / Marc Almond
Jacqui - Clifford Brown and Max Roach
Johnnie Walker, Old Granddad, Jackie Daniels And You - Neil Sedaka .
Joyeux Noël Jackie - Mendelson
Little Jackie - Crystal Lewis
Me & You & Jackie Mittoo - Superchunk
Oh Jackie - Tiffany
Poor Jackie - Man Man
Sweet Jackie - Sugarplum Fairy
Swing, Jackie, Swing! - Ward Mccary
The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail - Deacon Blue
The Return Of Jackie And Judy - Tom Waits / The Ramones

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JAIMIE ... ...lys.....
Jaimie - Drew Holcomb
Jaimie And Tom - Jonathan Keyes
Time for Tiger Woods to See Porn ,Burgler, Shoplifter Waitress Jaimie Nude Round 300 - Chief Kooffreh.........
Theme From Jaimie Mcpheeters - Bee Gees

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JANE ... ... lys .......
(Take Me Back) Mary Jane - Young Heart Attack.
A Weekend With Jane - Pale Sunday
After Jane - Joan Osborne
Amazing Jane - Sonia Dada
Amy Jane - James Bonamy.
Ann Jane - Jayhawks.
Annie Jane - The Unwinding Hours .
Antonia Jane - Lightning Dust
As Sane As Jane - The Contes
Autumn Jane - Homie
Aunt Jane's Blues - Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee ..
Averly Jane - Lost Trailers
Babe Jane - Impatto .
Baby Jane – Rod Stewart/..et al
Beasty Jane - Moriarty
Blame Mary Jane - Lloyd Cole .
Blue Collar Jane - The Strypes
Breakneck Jane's Fifteen Minute Escape - Nostra Nova
Calamity Jane - Grant Lee Phillips
Calamity Jane - Supreme Beings Of Leisure
Calamity Jane - The One AM Radio
Calamity Jane - Mindy Jostyn
Candy Cane Jane - The Laurie Berkner Band
Carol Jane - Everly Brothers.
Cinderella Mary Jane - The Lost Child Sound ..
Cocaine Jane - Guided By Voices
Cotton, Jane Doe - Decker
Crazy Jane - Dizzy Balloon
Crazy Jane On God - Van Morrison
Crow Jane - Skip James / Sonny Terry / Big Bill Broonzy / Derek Trucks Band .
Crow Jane - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
Crow Jane - Two Gallants.
Crow Jane Alley - Willy DeVille.
Daisy Jane - TNT .
Daisy Jane - America .
Darling Jane - John Loudermilk
Dear Jane - Ryan Buckner
Dear Jane Letter - Dead Hearts
Death Of Jane Doe - Triosphere
Death Of Queen Jane - Irische Lieder
Dick and Jane - Bobby Vinton .
Ebony Jane - Le Trio Silversound & Marc Fosset .
Favourite Thing About Jane - Jyrojets
Free Mary Jane - The Kgb .
G.i. Jane (Fill Me Up) - Jackson And His Computer Band
Go On Jane - Scott James
Goodbye Jane - Nicki
Goodbye To Jane - Antichrisis
Goodbye, Liza Jane - Elana James .
Gorgeous Jane - Grand Analog
Gotta See Jane - R. Dean Taylor / The Fall
Gudbuy T' Jane - Slade.
Hannah Jane - Hootie & The Blowfish .
Happy Birthday Jane - The Enemy
Hazey Jane I - Drake Bell
Hey Jane - Spiritualized
Hey Jane - The Pink Spiders
Hey Jane - Low Millions
Hey Jane - The Displacements
Hey Jane - Motorpsycho
Hurricane Jane - Black Kids
Hurricane Jane - Collin Raye
Hurricane Jane - Beverley Knight
Hypnotized By Jane - Cinema Bizarre
I Do Both Jay And Jane - Larissa
I Do It For You Jane - Harry Chapin
I Love You Mary Jane - Cypress Hill ft Sonic Youth .
Ich Tarzan, Du Jane - Marsimoto
It's Not You Lady Jane - Black
Jane - John Wetton
Jane - Golden Smog
Jane - Aunt Bettys
Jane - Elf Power
Jane - The Loved Ones
Jane - Dead Moon
Jane - Century
Jane - Ben Folds Five
Jane - Stephen Duffy
Jane - EMPD
Jane - Shannon Murray
Jane - Mike Heron
Jane - Catie Curtis
Jane - Stanfour
Jane - Snickers And The Chicken Fighter
Jane - The Loved Ones
Jane - Jefferson Starship
Jane - Minus Six
Jane - Barenaked Ladies
Jane - Dan Bern
Jane - Stevie Nicks
Jane Allen - Billy Bragg & the Blokes
Jane B. - Serge Gainsbourg
Jane Became Insane - Beatsteaks
Jane Below - Dover
Jane Bird - Florian Mona
Jane Describes John - Braid
Jane Doe - Whiplash
Jane Doe - Mr. Big
Jane Doe - Systematic
Jane Doe - Alicia Keys/ The Black Halos
Jane Doe - Converge
Jane Doe - Within Temptation
Jane Doe - NeverShoutNever
Jane Doe - Nik Kershaw
Jane Doe - Little John
Jane Fakes A Hug - The Wrens
Jane Fonda - Mickey Avalon
Jane Fonda Called Again - Gary Burton
Jane Fonda Sucks Part 2 - Impetigo
Jane Gallagher - The Antistar League
Jane Is A Groupee - Sly And The Family Stone
Jane Is Fat - Oh No! Oh My!
Jane Jane - Golden Earring
Jane Jane (the Hurricane) - Blue Öyster Cult
Jane Mary, Cry One Tear - Swans .
Jane on the Roof - Lucky Fonz III
Jane S. Piddy - Sixto Rodriguez
Jane Says - Poe / Jane's Addiction / Linkin Park
Jane She Got Excavated - Ocean Colour Scene
Jane The Queen Of Love - Frank Black And The Catholics
Jane, Vanessa, And I - J Church .
Jane Whitfield Is Dead - Thought Industry
Jane's Law - Jane Blaze
Jane, I Still Feel The Same - Matthew Ryan
Jane, Jane - Peter, Paul & Mary
Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing - Mc Shan
Jane, Vanessa, And I - J Church .
Jane's Daybreak - Robert Hitz .
Jesse Jane - Matt & Kim .
Jonathan And Jane - MAP .
Just Mary Jane - The Helio Sequence .
Just Tell Him Jane Said Hello - Susanna & The Roomates .
Killing Mary Jane - The Bronx Casket Co .
Lady Jane - Rolling Stones / Patrick Bruel / David Garrick
Lady Jane - Queensrÿche
Laura Jane - Howard Carpendale .
Lazy Jane - Jenny O
Lazy Line Painter Jane - Belle And Sebastian
Li'l Liza Jane - Alison Krauss & Union Station /Nina Simone/ Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys/..et al .
Little Elijah Jane [Instrumental] - Big Walker
Little Jane-Marie - Smoking Popes.
Little Liza Jane - Huey Smith And His Rhythm Aces ..
Liza Jane - Vince Gill.
Looking For Jane - Roxette
Mary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane - Eddy Arnold...
Mary Jane - Pete Townshend .
Mary Jane - De/Vision .
Mary Jane - Collie Buddz .
Mary Jane - Kris Dane .
Mary Jane - Tori Amos .
Mary Jane - Megadeth .
Mary Jane - Rick James / Mary J. Blige.
Mary Jane - Kekai Boyz .
Mary Jane - Shwayze .
Mary Jane - Love/hate .
Mary Jane - Quietdrive .
Mary Jane - The Click Five .
Mary Jane - Sheep On Drugs .
Mary Jane - Janis Joplin .
Mary Jane - Ill Scarlett .
Mary Jane - Bali .
Mary Jane - Tha Alkaholiks .
Mary Jane - Spin Doctors .
Mary Jane - Alanis Morissette .
Mary Jane - Blue Mountain .
Mary Jane - Bow Wow .
Mary Jane - Scarface .
Mary Jane - Danny Kirwan .
Mary Jane - Wishbone Ash .
Mary Jane - CyHi The Prynce .
Mary Jane - illScarlett .
Mary Jane - 213 .
Mary Jane - Erin Mckeown .
Mary Jane - Throbbing Gristle .
Mary Jane - The Vines .
Mary Jane (I'm in love with) - Coolio .
Mary Jane And Cabernet - Sterling Simms.
Mary Jane & Jagermeister - Th e Supervillains .
Mary Jane Holland - Lady GaGa.
Mary Jane/Mary Lane - Reefer Madness .
Mary Jane Shoes - Fergie.
Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers...
Me And Baby Jane - Leon Russell
Me And Jane Doe - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Me And Mary Jane - Black Stone Cherry .
Me And Mrs Jane - L.A.D
Me And My Jane - Angie Aparo
Me And Sarah Jane - Genesis .
Me Protools You Jane - Liger
Me-Jane - PJ Harvey
Memphis Jane - Buddy & Julie Miller
Mermaid Jane - Katy Rose.
Merry Jane - Redman
Miss Mary-Jane - Brea .
Mistress Snow And Mary Jane Green - Eddie From Ohio .
Money Jane - Baby Blue Soundcrew
Ms Jane - Kid Ink
My Blue-Eyed Jane - Jimmy Rogers
My Name's Bud (And My Sister's Mary-Jane) - NOFX .
Oh Jane - Anvil
Paint Them A Picture, Jane - Bob Seger
Pharmacy Jane - Jon Levine
Pixie Jane - Blinker The Star
Plain Jane - Van Zant
Plain Jane - John Miles
Plain Jane - Kim Lukas;
Plain Jane - Gucci Mane
Plain Jane - Chantal Kreviazuk
Plain Jane- B.J. Thomas
Plain Jane Can Maim - A Cascade Dream
Plain Jane - Sammy Hagar
Plain Jane - Bobby Darin
Queen Jane - Barzin
Queen Jane - Kingmaker
Queen Jane Approximately - Bob Dylan.
Rainy Jane - Neil Sedaka
Reflections After Jane - The Clientele
Rest In Peace: Jane Doe - Take The Crown
Salvation Jane - INXS
Same Jane - Kix
Sarah Jane And The Iron Mountain Baby - Steve Martin / Edie Brickell ..
Saro Jane - The Kingston Trio .
Say Your Name, Dear Jane - Peter Breinholt
See Jane Dance - Brooks & Dunn
See Jane Run - Trace Adkins
Sincerely, Jane - Janelle Monae
Sista Jane - Black Country Communion
Sister Jane - Mercenary
Sister Jane - New World
Sleep Baby Jane - Over The Rhine
Soldier Jane - Beck
Song For Jane - Fact Not Fiction
Song For Sarah Jane - Hawksley Workman.
Song That Jane Likes - Tribe Of Heaven
Strange Jane - Thompson Twins
Susan Jane - Wilson.
Suzi Jane Is Back In Town - Lee Hazlewood.
Sweet Baby Jane - U2
Sweet Jane - Velvet Underground / The Sugarcubes / Mott The Hoople / Lou Reed
Sweet Jane - Krayzie Bone
Sweet Jane - The Cowboy Junkies
Sweet Jane - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Sweet Lady Jane - Dakota Moon
Tarzan & Jane - Toy-Box / Aqua
Tarzan And Jane - The Sparks
Thanks Jane Goodall... - Thin Dark Line
The Ballad Of Jane - L.A. Guns
The Death Of Queen Jane - Joan Baez
The Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin
The Famous Jane - The Arc Angels
The Garden Of Jane Delawney - Dark Sanctuary
The Saga Of Jesse Jane - Alice Cooper
The Song That Jane Likes - Dave Matthews Band
The Thoughts Of Mary Jane - Nick Drake
Understanding Jane - Icicle Works
Wait For Jane - Tammany Hall Nyc
We Belong Together (Tarzan And Jane) - Stephen Curtis Chapman
What About Jane? - Oppnox
What's The New Mary Jane - The Beatles
When John Doe Met Jane Doe - Dead Emotions
Who Slayed Baby Jane? - W.A.S.P.
Willow Jane - Neal Casal
Yesterday O Lady Jane? - Lucio Dalla
You Jane, Me Funky - Five Fingers Of Funk
Zoe Jane - Staind.

JANIE ... ...lys......
Hey Janie - Backseat LoveStory
Janie - Off With Their Heads
Janie - Further Seems Forever
Janie Hawk - Roger Miret & The Disasters
Janie Is A Nazi - Sloppy Seconds
Janie Janie - Ahmed Jahanzeb
Janie Jones - The Clash
Janie Runaway - Steely Dan
Janie's Got A Gun - Aerosmith.
Janie's Not Alone - Gotthard
Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town - Bon Jovi
Miss Janie - Frank Foster
Sweet Jannie - Van Morrison.

JAYNE ... ....lys...
A Man Named Jayne - The Great Luke Ski
Ballad Of Jayne - LA Guns
Hey Jayne - Robert Plant
Jayne - Stereophonics
Jayne Harlett - Fluent
Jayne's Blue Wish - Tom Waits
Kara Jayne - The Vines
Mary Jayne - Silvertide
The Man They Call Jayne - A Sailor's Grave

JEAN ... p20g.......
5 Green Queens And Jean - The Pogues
Amber Jean - Neil Young
Amelia Jean - Jack's Mannequin.
Auntie Jean - The Bolshoi
Barbara Jean's Ass (A Christmas Song) - CKY .
Barefoot Blue Jean Night - Jake Owen ...
Betty Jean - Chuck Berry .
Betty Jean - Tim Curry.
Beverley Jean - Curtis Lee .
Billie Jean - Michael Jackson /et al .
Billie Jean - Spencer Bell .
Billy Jean is M.I.A. - Jonny Was
Blue Jean - David Bowie.
Blue Jean Baby - Scotty McCreery
Blue Jean Baby - Showaddywaddy
Blue Jean Blues - ZZ Top
Blue Jean Bop - Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps
Blue Jean Sky - Over The Rhine
Bobby Jean - Bruce Springsteen.
Britney Jean - The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger
Carrie Jean - Sic Alps .
Chlorine In The Jean Pule - Gnarwolves
Creepin' Jean - The Kinks
Dance Little Jean - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Dance Little Jean - John Denver
Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel - Donovan
Dear Jean (I'm Nervous) - City Boy..
Debra Jean - The Queers.
Earl Jean - Beachwood Sparks .
Emily Jean Stock - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah .
Emma Jean's Guitar - Chely Wright .
Five Green Queens and Jean - Pogues..
Goodnight, Jean-Marie - Vulgar Boatmen .
Hey Jean, Hey Dean - Dean & Jean .
I Am Jean - Blu & Exile
I Love My Jean - Camera Obscura
I'll Go Home with Bonnie Jean - Jack Cassidy/ Gene Kelly
In My Jean - Bad Apologie
Jean - Jimmy Dean / David Hasselhoff
Jean - Dan Hill
Jean - Kelly Jones
Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine - The Metal Hearts
Jean Basket - Kennedy
Jean Baudrillard - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Jean C - Pipas
Jean Claude Jackette - The Mighty Boosh
Jean Desprez - Country Joe Mcdonald
Jean Et Martine - Edith Piaf
Jean Experience - Jean Grae
Jean Genet - David Garza
Jean Is Dead - Descendents
Jean Jackets Don't Make You Cool - Leah Stargazing
Jean Paul Sartre - The Crabs .
Jean Shorts - Burns Like Fire
Jean Slim - Salif
Jean's T.V. - Bright Eyes
Lead Poisoned Jean - Frenzal Rhomb
Lean Jean - Bill Haley & His Comets
Little Liza Jean - Nina Simone .
Macking Jean-rayzor (skit) - Trick Daddy
Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood - The Byrds .
Norma Jean - Jackie Boyz .
Norma Jean Baker - Jane Birkin .
Norma Jean Riley - Diamond Rio.
Official Historian On Shirley Jean Berell – Statler Brothers.
Oh Jean! - The Proclaimers
Ruby Jean And Billie Lee - Seals & Crofts ...
Run Jeannie Run – Jeannie C. Riley
Selfish Jean - Travis .
Shirley Jean - Foghat .
Skinny Jean - Powderfinger
Starlet Starlet On The Screen Who Will Follow Norma Jean? - Dory Previn.
String Bean Jean - Belle And Sebastian
Taper Jean Girl - Kings Of Leon
Texas and Norma Jean - Brooks And Dunn .
The Ballad (Denny And Jean) - Todd Rundgren
The Jean Genie - David Bowie.
The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean) - Blue System.
Who Killed Norma Jean - Pete Seeger.
Wycleaf Jean - Perfect Gentlemen

JEANNIE... ...lys...............
Bonnie Jeannie O Bethelnie - Dick Gaughan
If (Jeannie's Song) - Butch Walker
Jeannie - William Tell
Jeannie - Good Riddance
Jeannie - Curry & Coco
Jeanie Norman - Charley Pride.
Jeannie Is Dancing With The Sun - Fool's Garden
Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie – Eddie Cochran
Jeannie Needs A Shooter - Warren Zevon
Jeannie Nitro - The Fratellis
Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair - Al Jolson/ Joan Baez /..et al (old classic)
Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark - Dolly Parton
Jeannie's Diary - Eels
Little Jeannie - Blue System
Little Jeannie – Elton John
Little Meanie Jeannie [Instrumental] - Bill Haley
Laura Jean - Lonesome River Band .
Marie Jeanne [instrumental] - Star Academy 4.
Run Jeannie Run - Jeannie C. Riley
Theme From The Travels Of Jeannie Mcpheeters - Bee Gees

Cover It Over Quick, Jemima - Harry Champion.
Electric Aunt Jemima - The Persuasions ..

867-5309 (Jenny) - Tommy Tutone ..
Cotton Jenny - Gordon Lightfoot
Jennifer Eccles - The Hollies
Jennifer Juniper – Donovan
Jennifer Tomkins – Street People
Jenny Don't Read No More - Monork to Die .
Jenny From The Block – Jennifer Loez
Jenny, Jenny - Little Richard
Jenny Kissed Me - The Delta Rhythm Boys .
Jennie Lee – Jan & Amie .
Jenny Marie (Don't Go) - Cowboy Mouth .
Jenny Rebecca - Olivia Newton-John.
Jenny Take A Ride - Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.
Jenny Was Dream Girl - John Stewart
Poor Jenny - Everly Brothers.

Jesamine - The Casuals

Jig for Jessica - Mr. Mike & The Willis Clan .
Jessica - Rick Springfield/ The Allman Brothers Band/Aerosmith

Aunt Jessie's Chicken Ranch - Billy Joe Shaver ...
Clyde Warrior & Jessy Colt - The Gang.
Dear Jessie - Madonna.
Frank And Jesse James - Warren Zevon ..
Jesse Jackson - Kris Krisofferson
The Ballad of Frank and Jesse James - Johnny Dowd.

Rock N Roll Jezebel - Brandon Bush Band .
The Ballad of Black Jack Jezebel - The Clockwork Dolls...

Jack & Jill - Avant.
Jack & Jill - Big Fish.
Jack And Jill - Kim Richey / Katie Herzig.
Jack And Jill - The Lift Band.
Jack and Jill - Raydio.
Jill And Jack - Rendezvous With The Kidnappers .
Jill Plays Tricks, Jack Plays God - Sent By Ravens .
Pumpin For Jill - Iggy Pop

Hello, This Is Joanie (The Telephone Answering Machine Song) - Paul Evans
Her Name Was Joanne - Mike Nesmith
Jo-Ann – Playmates ..
Joanie's Butterfly - Aerosmith.
Joanna - Kool and the Gang / Iggy Pop
Joanne – Michael Nesmith
Joanni - Kate Bush
Little Joanna - McFly .
Nick And Joni - Angela Kinczly .
Visions of Johanna - Bob Dylan

Jody - Jeff Beck Group
Jody and the Kid - Kris Kristofferson
JoJo – Boz Scaggs
Jolene - Dolly Parton
Josie - Steely Dan / Donovan
Ta Ta, Jozi, Ta Ta - Plush.

Come Josephine in My Flying Machine - The Mellomen With Thurl Ravenscroft
Concerning Aunt Josephine - Thomas Newman .
Hello Josephine - Them / The Shades
Josephine Baker - Al Stewart .
My Girl Josephine - Fats Domino .
Yes Tonight Josephine - Johnnie Ray.

Hey Jude - The Beatles
Fuck You Judge Judy - Ten Times A Day..
Jewel Eyed Judy - Fleetwood Mac .
Judith – A Perfect Circle
Judge Judy - Chamillionaire.
Judy - J.J. Johnson
Judy In Disguise (with Glasses) - John Fred and the Playboys
Judy Mae – Boomer Castleman .
Judy's Turn to Cry - Lesley Gore..
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills & Nash.
Tudy Fruity Judy - T La Rock .

Check Yes Juliet - We the Kings.
Groove For Julie - Bob James
Julia - The Beatles
Julia - Conway Twitty
Julia Lane - Assess The Validity.
Julie - Porter Wagoner
Julie Anne - Kenny .
Julie Anne - Nanci Griffith .
Julie July - Sparkles in the Milk.
Julie Through the Glass - Carly Simon
Julie, Do You Love Me - Bobby Sherman.
Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad - The Clash.
Julie's Just Gone - Family Of Man
Juliet - The Four Pennies / Oak Ridge Boys
(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet - The Reflections.
Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet – Henry Mancini .
Oh Julie - Barry Manilow/ Shakin' Stevens
Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits.
Sweet Julienne – Harry MacDonough

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Kat's Groove - Sergio Lara

Cattle Kate - Trinity Seely .
I Love Katy Perry - Future Idiots .
Kate – Johnny Cash
Kate Bush (Instrumental) - Viva City
Samantha Kate - Hooray!.
You Can’t Have Your Kate & Edith Too – Statler Brothers .

Katherine Kiss Me - Franz Ferdinand.


Kathy - Simon and Garfunkel
Kathy-Anne's Waltz - Andy M. Stewart .
Kathy-O – The Diamonds
Kathy’s Song – Simon & Garfunkel

Katie - Mary Black
Katie Mae - Lightin' Hopkins.
Katie Marie - Bobby Tinsley .
Katie Wants A Fast One – Steve Wariner & Garth Brooks
Katie's Been Gone - The Band
The Ballad of Katie Gallows - Buttercup .
What Katie Did - The Libertines

Katrina And Paul - J Church.

Daylight Katy - Gordon Lightfoot .
K-K-K-Katy (Stammering Song) - Billy Murray
Katy Did – Porter Wagoner
Katy Too – Johnny Cash

Kay – John Wesley Riles
Kay Dali - Sam Concepcion .
Kay's Lament - Kay Starr .

(Fucking) Henry (fucking) Kelly (you Fucker) - Last Years Youth.
Grace Kelly - Mika.
Kelly the Singing Waitress - Link Montana and the Roamin Catholics..
Kelly's Eyes - Andre Cymone.
Machine Gun Kelly - Taylor James ..
Ned Kelly - Johnny Cash / Manfred Mann' Earth Band
Pete Kelly's Blues - Ella Fitzgerald.

Kari-Anne - The Features .

Cool As Kim Deal - Dandy Warhols.
Debbie & Kim - Redd Kross.
Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream - Sonic Youth ..
Kim the Waitress - The Green Pajamas .
Kimberly - Patti Smith Group
Mama Kin - Aerosmith.

Kissin' Kitty - Bullet Boys.
Kitty "Tommy, Quick! Get Up. I Can Hear Clogs Goin' Up the Street" Tom - Richard Thompson ..
Kitty's Back - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Kristina - Rick Springfield

Don't Worry, Kyoko - Yoko Ono.
Kyrie - Mr. Mister

Lacy’s Song (Help Pour Out The Rain) – Buddy Jewell
Lalena - Donovan

LARA ... ...lys...
Lara's A Bitch - Human Collapse
Lara's Castle - Yann Tiersen
Lara's Song - Ella Larsson
Lara’s Theme (Dr. Zhivago) – Roger Williams /Jo Anne Castle

LAURA ... .....lys...........
Laura - Billy Eckstine/Charlie Parker/J. J. Johnson/Woody Herman/Frank Sinatra/Julie London/...400 others (1945 film)
Laura - Aquablue
Laura - Anthony Warlow
Laura - Ween
Laura - Flogging Molly
Laura - Andy LaVerne
Laura - John Graas
Laura - Vincent Gallo
Laura - Scissor Sisters
Laura - Lush
Laura - Bat For Lashes
Laura - Billy Joel
Laura - The Babys
Laura - Carly Simon
Laura - Mavericks Punk
Laura - Jimmy Nail
Laura - Billy Joel
Laura - The Lion & The Sail
Laura - Fields Of The Nephilim
Laura - Darin
Laura - Fields Of The Nephilim
Laura - Phox
Laura - The Standards
Laura - Trooper
Laura - The Accidents
Laura - Fields Of The Nephilim

Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)" - Kenny Rogers
Laura Jane - Howard Carpendale .
Laura Jean - Lonesome River Band .
Laura Palmer - Bastille
Love Theme From Eyes of Laura Mars – Barbara Streisand
Tell Laura I Love Her - Ray Peterson/Ricky Valence/John Leyton.
Think of Laura – Christopher Cross

Aubrey's Lil Sister (Laurens Song) - Standing By Lou.
Lauren Marie - Girls .
Lauren McCann Loves Jake Corrigan - Daughter Darling .

Layla - Derek and the Dominos / Eric Clapton
Leah – Roy Orbison
Leila - ZZ Top
Lilah - Don Henley
Lyla - Oasis
Sweet Leilani – Bing Crosby

All For Leyna - Billy Joel
Leona – Stonewall Jackson / Sawyer Brown
Leah - Roy Orbison

Leslie - The Daffodils
Leslie Anne Levine - The Decemberists .

Five Quid Lil - Clifford T. Ward ..
Lillian, Egypt - Josh Ritter .

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Bella Linda – Grass Roots .
Linda - Buddy Clark with Ray Noble's orchestra / Charlie Spivak
Linda Lou - Lee Greenwood
Linda on my mind - Conway Twitty
Linda Paloma - Jackson Browne
Lindsay Quit Lollygagging - Chiodos
Lindy Comes To Town - Al Stewart.
Lovely Linda - The Farewell Drifters

Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Larry Williams / The Beatles..
Goodbye, Liza Jane - Elana James .
Hey Lisa (Hey Yvonne) - Gunter Gabriel.
I'm Not Lisa - Jessi Colter
Li'l Liza Jane - Alison Krauss & Union Station /Nina Simone/ Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys/..et al .
Little Liza Jane - Huey Smith And His Rhythm Aces ..
Lisa (Sad Lisa) - Cat Stevens.
Lisa Ling And Lucy Liu - Mike Doughty.
Lisa Marie - Lil' Wayne.
Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) - Mel Tormé ....
Liza Jane - Vince Gill.
Lizzie and the Rainman - Tanya Tucker..
Lizzie Borden – Chad Mitchell Trio
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters - Elton John...
My Name's Not Lisa - Jessie Colter.

Lois Lane - Tiffany Evans .

Frank And Lola - Jimmy Buffett.
Lola - The Kinks
Lola's Theme - Shapeshifters.
Poor Lola - April March .

Adam and Lorraine - Ben & Jason.
Hey Loretta – Loretta Lynn .
Lorelei - Styx
Loretta's Scars - Pavement
Lorraine - Toto
Quiche Lorraine - The B-52s.
Sweet Lorraine - Uriah Heep / Nat King Cole .

Anne Louise - Manchester Orchestra .
Louise - Robbie Williams / Maurice Chevalier

LOVEY ... ...lys...
Aunt Lovey '99 - Calvin Keys ..
Lovey - Calamine
Lovey Dovey - The Clovers / Otis Redding / Carla Thomas / Buddy Knox / Clyde McPhatter/...et al
Lovey Dovey - DMC ft Doug E.Fresh
Lovey Dovey - Local Heroes
Lovey Dovey - Split Enz
Lovey Dovey - Livvi Franc
Lovey, Dovey - Bizzy Bone
Lovey Dovey Kind Of Love - Brenton Wood
Lovey Dovey Lovely One - Imelda May
Lovey Dovey Stuff - Geri Halliwell
Lovey Kravezit - Dean Martin
Lovey Love - He Is We
Lovey Problem - Kevin Cadogan
My Lovey-dovey Baby - Newsies

LUCILLE ... ...lys...
Big Lucille - Two Gallants
Goodbye Lucille #1 - Prefab Sprout
Lady Lucille - Johnny Hallyday
Letter To Lucille - Tom Jones
Lucille - Little Richard / Waylon Jennings / The Beatles /...et al
Lucille - Kenny Rogers / Billy Currington /...et al
Lucille - Vasco The Era
Lucille - Fatal Charm
Lucille - Susie Suh
Lucille - The Datsuns
Lucille - Anthony Hamilton
Lucille - Her Horses
Lucille - Kieran Goss
Lucille Crawfield - Pure Prairie League
Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up - Frank Zappa
Lucille's Midnight Cabaret - Goodnight & Goodnight
My Lucille - B.B. King

LUCINDA ... ...lys....
Ask Lucinda - Juice Newton.
Lucinda - Jesse Malin
Lucinda - Status Quo
Lucinda - Randy Newman
Lucinda - Tom Waits
Lucinda Williams - Vic Chesnutt
Oh Lucinda (Love Becomes A Habit) - The Only Ones

Lucretia Mac Evil – Blood Sweat & Tears

LUCY ...
A Room Lives In Lucy - And Also The Trees
Almost Lucy - Al Stewart
Aunt Lucy - Joe Scruggs .
Aunt Lucy Broadwood - Mr Fox
Danny & Lucy (11 PM) - Volbeat .
Das Lied Von Lucy Jordan - Charly Brunner .
Diamonds In The Sky With Lucy - Cold Wet Candy
Disco Lucy – Wilton Place Band
Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball - 3rd Bass
Forgetful Lucy - Adam Sadler.
Fuck You Lucy - Atmosphere
Going Back To Lucy - Kentucky Nightmare
Goodbye Lucy - Matt Willis
He Visto A Lucy - Gustavo Cerati
Hoppin Lucy aka Texas Two Step [Instrumental] - Bob Wills
Hot Lucy - Angels
I Ate Lucy - Critters Buggin'
I Dream Of Lucy - Fineprint
In The Morgue Of Lucy Sanders - Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space
Jucy Lucy - Backyard Babies
Juicy Lucy - The 69 Eyes
Juicy Lucy - Klaatu
Juicy Lucy - The Getaway People
Juicy Lucy - Michelle Shocked
Linus & Lucy - Wynton Marsalis Septet / The Ergs!
Lisa Ling And Lucy Liu - Mike Doughty.
Little Lucy - Smokie
Little Lucy's Blues - Glen Burtnik
Loose Lucy - Grateful Dead
Lucky Lucy - The Sea Nymphs
Lucy - Toploader
Lucy - The Hollies
Lucy - The Commodores
Lucy - Candlebox
Lucy - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Lucy - Hanson;
Lucy - The Divine Comedy;
Lucy - Hanne Hukkelberg
Lucy - Julian Lennon
Lucy - Maggie Reilly
Lucy - Alliage
Lucy - Anna Tsuchiya
Lucy - Philmore;
Lucy - Skillet
Lucy - Pepper ;
Lucy - Over The Rhine
Lucy - Goodshirt
Lucy - Dogpiss
Lucy - Sprung Monkey
Lucy - Real J.O.B
Lucy - Dropping Daylight;
Lucy - Jealousy
Lucy - DJ Hixxy;
Lucy - Medicine
Lucy - Tom Dice
Lucy - Fools And Horses
Lucy - Hypnogaja
Lucy - The Iry
Lucy [instrumental] - Randy Newman
Lucy And Mary - Helldorado.
Lucy At The Gym - Jill Sobule
Lucy Blues - Uriah Heep
Lucy Can't Dance - David Bowie
Lucy Dee - Steve Earle / Vince Gill
Lucy Doesn't Love You - Ivy
Lucy Fair - Hugues Aufray
Lucy Fears The Morning Star - Diablo Swing Orchestra
Lucy Ferre - Myl-n So
Lucy Forever - King Diamond
Lucy Got Lucky - Chris Cummings
Lucy Had A Dream - The Flower Kings
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles..
Lucy In The Subway - Phish / The Dude Of Life
Lucy Lastic - Macc Lads
Lucy Line - Rumplestitchkin
Lucy Lovemenot - Milburn
Lucy Lucifer - Danny Cohen
Lucy One - Madrugada
Lucy Pearl's Way - Lucy Pearl
Lucy Peaupaux - Royal Trux
Lucy Pharr's May - Siderartica / Kirlian Camera
Lucy Rider - Alberta Cross
Lucy September - Dream Academy
Lucy The Castle - Twisted Wheel
Lucy Vida - Moby
Lucy Watusi - Calum Graham
Lucy Wears Red - Ernie Halter
Lucy Westenra - Estate
Lucy's About To Beach - Dum Dums
Lucy's Door - Harry Belafonte
Lucy's Eyes - Clouds
Lucy's Eyes - Papermoon
Lucy's F*ck*ng Sky - Lords Of Acid
Lucy's Lucid - Brandon Henderson
Lucy's Lullaby - Pickers
Lucy's Sad - Hrsta
Lucy's Seduction - Erika Paul
Lucy's Seduction Of A Bored Violinist & Postlude - Frank Zappa
Lucy's Shoe - Spacehog
Lucy's Song - Betchadupa
Lucy's Talkings - Kid Loco
Lucy, Venus - Tecla
Lucy-on-All-Fours - The Kill Devil Hills
Lurex Lucy - Criminal Brainstorm
Miss Lucy - Liz Phair
Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches - Emilie Autumn
Reflections of Lucy - Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
Rubber Lucy - The Hollies
Saint Lucy - Catie Curtis
Sons Of Lucy - Army Of Lovers
St Lucy's Gate - Snowpony
Sweet Lucy - Michael Hurley
Take Miss Lucy Home - Molly Hatchet
Tales Of Lucy Blue - Bob Seger
Temporarily Lucy - Kendra Smith
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan - Dr. Hook / Marianne Faithfull
The Lucy Joke - Deadbolt
The Noise in Lucy - Daddysmilk
There Goes Lucy - The Kingsmen
There Goes Lucy - The Rembrandts
To Lucy, Not Knowing Why - Misophone
Watch Out For Lucy – Eric Clapton
What Lucy Found There - Sherwood
When Lucy's Down - Kingmaker

Ballad of Carol Lynn - Whiskytown..
Rebecca Lynn - Brian White .

Hello Mabel - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

Madeline the Quaker - The Whiskey Boys .

Lady Madonna - The Beatles.
Madonna Of The Wasps - Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians .

Cara Mia - Jay & the Americans/David Whitfield.
Daisy Mae - The 5 Chords .
Fannie Mae - Buster Brown.
Frankie Mae - Looking For Alaska.
Judy Mae – Boomer Castleman .
Katie Mae - Lightin' Hopkins.
Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood - The Byrds .

Magdalene Lane - Don McLean .

Harry And Maggie - Swervedriver .
I Can't Let Maggie Go - Honeybus.
Lazy Maggie - JFK and the Presidential Suite .
Little Maggie - Dueling Banjos .
Mad Maggie - Rhino Bucket.
Maggie – Redbone
Maggie & Dave - The Sainte Catherines .
Maggie And Milly And Molly And May - Natalie Merchant ...
Maggie Creek Road - Reba McEntire.
Maggie Magill - The Doors
Maggie May - Rod Stewart.
Maggie's Farm - Bob Dylan.

Mame – Bobby Darin
Mandy - Barry Manilow / The Jazz Giants
Mandy (The Pansy) - Eddie Calvert.
Mandy Lane - Tinkabelle .

Its Me Again Margaret - Ray Stevens
Little Margaret - Carolina Chocolate Drops
Margaret Barry Broke My Heart - Brian Kennedy.
Margie - Eddie Cantor / Con Conrad / J. Russel Robinson
Margie’s At The Lincoln Park Inn – Bobby Bare
Waiting For Margaux - Al Stewart

Ave Maria - Connie Francis / Aaron Neville / Many Others .
Don't Ever Dance With Maria - Brave Combo.
Donna Maria - Nino D'Angelo .
Maria - Johnny Mathis /Blondie
Maria Elena - The Smithereens / Dr. Abbi's Jazz .
Maria Elena (Always In My Heart) - Ray Conniff .
Maria From Bahia – Starlighters
Marie Laveau - Bobby Bare
Maria Magenta - Donovan.
Maria, Maria - Santana
Michael And Maria - Steven Curtis Chapman.
My Maria – B.W. Stevenson / Brooks & Dunn
Take A Letter Maria – R.B. Greaves

Adieu Marianne - Georges Chelon
Ballad For Marianne - Wayne (Metal)
Berceuse De Marianne - Jacques Douai
C’mon Marianne – Four Seasons / Donny Osmond / Grapefruit
Dear Marianne - Out Of The Grey
Hold On Marianne - The Grass Roots
Marianne - Chubby Checker/Chicory Tip/Bob Scobey/Lawrence Welk/Belafonte Folk Singers/Dick Curless/Easy Riders
Marianne - Coldplay
Marianne - David Blue
Marianne - Tori Amos
Marianne - Cliff Richard
Marianne - Human League
Marianne - The Brothers Four
Marianne - Harry Belafonte
Marianne - Georgia Fair
Marianne - Matt Wertz
Marianne - Stephen Stills
Marianne - Normie Trice
Marianne - Mental As Anything
Marianne - I am Harlequin
Marianne - Sergio Endrigo
Marianne - John Hiatt
Marianne - Jackson Browne
Marianne - California Wive
Marianne (Ice Queen) - Poesie Noire
Marianne & Marie-jeanne - Black Kent
Marianne You've Done It Now - Vandaveer
Marianne's Son - First Aid Kit
Marianne, I'm Falling - Phil Shöenfelt
Que Marianne était Jolie - Nolwen / Michel Delpech
So Long Marianne - Leonard Cohen / John Cale .

MARIE ... ...lys...
(Marie's the Name of) His Latest Flame - Elvis Presley.
Absolutely Sweet Marie - George Harrison /Bob Dylan.
Alice-Marie - Bad Form, Peter .
Ann Marie - Maggie Walters .
Anna Marie (All We Need) - We The Kings .
Anna Marie - Whiskey Myers.
Anna Marie – Jim Reeves .
Anna Marie - Jim Reeves .
Anne Marie - Emery .
Anne Marie - Prefab Sprout .
Anne Marie - Big Heavy Stuff .
Anne Marie - Angkor Wat .
Anne Marie - Slik Willy .
Anne Marie - The Brodys .
Anne Marie - Ari Hest .
Anne Marie - Kleenex Girl Wonder .
Anne-Marie - Nicole Rieu .
Anne-Marie - The Cautions .
Anne-Marie - Claude François .
Ask Marie - Sonny James
Assolutamente Sweet Marie - Valerio Sanzotta
Bella Bella Marie - Bobby Solo
Bella Marie - Megafaun
Black Maria - Todd Rundgren.
By the River Sainte Marie - Carl Fischer Orchestra
Chanson Pour Marie - Nicola Ciccone / Patrick Abrial
Dear Marie - John Mayer
Der Sonntag mit Marie - Cliff Richard
Down On Marie - Little Man Tate
Eh La Marie - Ricet Barrier
Faith Of Marie - U.S. Bombs
Forget Marie - Lee Hazlewood
Get Ready Marie - Patty Griffin
Give My Love To Marie - Gene Clark
Goodbye Marie - Kenny Rogers
Goodnight, Jean-Marie - Vulgar Boatmen .
Hello Marie - Christopher Laird
Hello Marie-Lou - Bel Air
Hey Marie - Paveier
Jenny Marie (Don't Go) - Cowboy Mouth .
Katie Marie - Bobby Tinsley .
La P'tite Marie - Edith Piaf
Lake Marie - John Prine.
Lauren Marie - Girls .
Letter To Anne-Marie - Horse .
Lisa Marie - Lil' Wayne.
Little Jane-Marie - Smoking Popes.
Little Marie - Chuck Berry
Marie - Irving Berlin /Big Band/Bunny Berigan/Jackie Gleason/Jimmy Dorsey/Steve Earle/ .. et al
Marie - Randy Newman
Marie - Bruce Springsteen
Marie - The Felice Brothers
Marie - Max Mutzke
Marie - Left Boy
Marie - Justin Hayward
Marie - The Honeycutters
Marie - Pat Robinson
Marie - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Marie - Altico
Marie - Hosh
Marie - Treat Her Right
Marie - Fear Cult
Marie - Dynamite Hack
Marie - William Clark Green
Marie - The Closer I Get
Marie [instrumental] - Castelhemis
Marie Antoinette - Hobbs Angel Of Death
Marie Antoinette - Curved Air
Marie Celeste - The Union
Marie Celeste - The Polecats
Marie Chenevance - Barbara
Marie Christine - Gordon Lightfoot .
Marie Flore - Joan Baez
Marie France - Mike Krüger
Marie Is Hot - 21 Pennies
Marie Isabelle - Yo Yo Mundi .
Marie Jeanne [instrumental] - Star Academy 4.
Marie Jolie - Demis Roussos
Marie Laveau – Bobby Bare
Marie Lavaux - Dr. Hook / Shel Silverstein
Marie Madeleine - Lais
Marie Magie - Michels
Marie Marie - Shakin' Stevens / Los Lobos / MXPX / Lars Frederiksen
Marie Marie - Children Collide
Marie, Marie - Marlene Dietrich
Marie, Marie, Marie - Birdpaula
Marie Mouri - Linda Ronstadt
Marie Provost - Nick Lowe / J Church
Marie Quand Tu T'en Vas - Charles Aznavour
Marie Raspberry - Dan Bigras
Marie Trottoir - Martha Wainwright
Marie's Song - Tom Flannery
Marie's Wedding - Van Morrison / Fiddler's Green /.. et al
Metal Marie - Steve Forbert
My Marie - Engelbert Humperdinck
Nora Marie - Tyler Hilton.
Oh Marie - Roxette / Sheryl Crow
Oh Marie - Michael Buble'/ Louis Prima
Oh Marie - Sal Mineo .. Do you know what you're doin to me - Love is no plaything
Oh Marie - Jose Marcello /Joni James / Roy Milton /Jerry Vale / Bobby Vinton /Sam Butera /Dean Martin
Our Darling Daughter You Are, Little Cecillia Marie - The Prize Fighter Inferno .
Rosa Marie - Deadman .
Rose Marie - Andy Kaufman .
Rose Marie - Slim Whitman / Jim Carrey .
Rose Marie Polka - Lina Margy.
Rusholme Ruffians (Marie's The Name) - The Smiths
Ruth Marie - Mark Kozelek / Red House Painters
Saint Marie - Piano Magic
Sainte Marie - Jan Allain
Sara Marie - Farewell Cameron.
Sault Saint Marie, Sleeping Bear - Sufjan Stevens
Sha-Marie - Wynn Stewart
Shannon Marie - Joe Firstman
Since Marie Has Left Paree - Frank Sinatra
Speedy Marie - Frank Black And The Catholics
Sub Marie - Lucky Fonz III
Sugar Marie - John Mellencamp / John Cougar
Sweet Marie - Thin Lizzy
Sweet Marie - Neutral Milk Hotel
Sweet Marie - Hank Snow
Sweet Marie - Country Joe Mcdonald
Sweet Marie - Hothouse Flowers
Sweet Marie - Anniversary
Sweet Marie - Crooked Fingers
Sweet Marie - Kardinal Offishal
Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria - Townes Van Zandt ..
Rose Marie - Slim Whitman.
Take A Message To Marie - Gram Parsons
The Ballad Of Marie Curie - Army Of Lovers
The Curse Of Marie Antoinette - Legendary Pink Dots
The Day I Met Marie - Olivia Newton-John
The Necklace Of Marie Antoinette - Hannah Fury
Tina Marie – Perry Como .
Vierge Marie - Tino Rossi
Ville Marie - Tristan Malavoy
Visionen Von Marie - Max Prosa
Voodoo Queen Marie - Holy Modal Rounders (The)
Waltz For Marie - August And After
Wings for Marie, Pt. 1 - Tool.
Wo Bess Du Hück Naach, Marie? - BAP

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The Ballad Of Tommy And Marla - Rugburns.

MARLENA ... ... lys ...
Adios Marlena - Michael Stein
Marlena - Gob
Marlena - The Four Seasons / Frankie Valli
Otis And Marlena - Joni Mitchell

MARLENE ... ... lys ...
A Toi Lili Marlene - Anne Vanderlove
Lady Marlene - Katzenjammer
Lili Marlene - Marlene Dietrich / Connie Francis / Amanda Lear /...et al
Marlene - Black Rust
Marlene - Todd Rundgren
Marlene - Demis Roussos
Marlene - Jackson C. Frank
Marlene - Lightspeed Champion
Marlene - Liz Durrett
Marlene - The Mess Hall
Marlene On The Wall - Suzanne Vega
Marlene Strand - Roll The Dice-Shake It Up Soundtrack
Marlene, La Vecina Del ártico - Love of Lesbian
Miss Marlene - Donald Fagen
Too Late Marlene - Duran Duran

Aunt Martha's Sheep - Dick Nolan ..
For Martha - The Smashing Pumpkins
Little Martha - Leo Kottke / Allman Brothers Band
Martha - Jefferson Airplane /Tom Waits / Larry Clinton
Martha, Ah! So Pure - Adrian Rollini And His Orchestra .
Martha Say - John Cougar Mellencamp
Martha's Harbour - All About Eve.
Martha's Madman - Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
Mostly Martha – Crew Cuts

(Take Me Back) Mary Jane - Young Heart Attack .
A Girl Named Mary And A Boy Named Bill - Dean Martin.
Ah Mary - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals .
Along Comes Mary - The Association
Arms of Mary – Sutherland Brothers
Black Maria - Todd Rundgren.
Blame Mary Jane - Lloyd Cole .
Bloody Bloody Mary - The Defectors .
Bloody Mary - Whitesnake .
Bloody Mary - Lady Gaga .
Bloody Mary - Barrence Whitfield & The Savages ..
Bloody Mary Blues - Smashed Can .
Bloody Mary Land - Dave Jellison .
Bloody Mary Morning - Willie Nelson .
Bloody Mary Sunday - Surviving On Wine .
Bloody Mary Wants To Get Married - Oil On Canvas .
Blue Bloody Mary - of Arrowe Hill .
Church of Bloody Mary - Guns of Nevada .
Cinderella Mary Jane - The Lost Child Sound ..
Contrary Mary - Lightnin' Hopkins
Cotton Mary Alone - Richard Robbins .
Cousin Mary - John Coltrane .
Creek Mary's Blood - Nightwish..
Cross Eyed Mary - Jethro Tull.
Free Mary Jane - The Kgb .
Hairy Mary - Craig Barr .
Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson
Help Me Mary - Liz Phair
I Believe in Bloody Mary - Creepersin
I Love You Mary Jane - Cypress Hill ft Sonic Youth .
Jane Mary, Cry One Tear - Swans .
Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne – Looking Glass ..
Jitterbug Mary - The Del-Vikings .
John & Marsha – Stan Freberg .
Just Mary Jane - The Helio Sequence .
Killing Mary Jane - The Bronx Casket Co .
Lady Mary Anne - Karan Casey .
Lazy Mary (Luna Mezzo Mare) - Lou Monte.
Lets All Go To Mary's House - The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band..
Lucy And Mary - Helldorado.
Mary - Jefferson Starship
Mary & Molly - Sterling Simms.
Mary Anne - Billy Bowers .
Mary Anne - Sarai .
Mary Anne - Gwar .
Mary Anne - Spacemen 3 .
Mary Anne - Gene Clark .
Mary-Anne - Adam Richman .
Mary-Anne (with the shaky hands) - The Who..
Mary Bloody Mary - Defleshed .
Mary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane - Eddy Arnold...
Mary Did You Know? - Kathy Mattea
Mary Had a Little Lamb – Paul McCartney & Wings .
Mary Had Brown Hair - Gary Wilson .
Mary In The Morning - Al Martino/ Elvis Presley/ Glen Campbell/Guy Fletcher.
Mary Is A Grand Old Name - George M. Cohan...
Mary Is A Sunbeam - Silouan .
Mary Jane - Pete Townshend .
Mary Jane - De/Vision .
Mary Jane - Collie Buddz .
Mary Jane - Kris Dane .
Mary Jane - Tori Amos .
Mary Jane - Megadeth .
Mary Jane - Rick James / Mary J. Blige.
Mary Jane - Kekai Boyz .
Mary Jane - Shwayze .
Mary Jane - Love/hate .
Mary Jane - Quietdrive .
Mary Jane - The Click Five .
Mary Jane - Sheep On Drugs .
Mary Jane - Janis Joplin .
Mary Jane - Ill Scarlett .
Mary Jane - Bali .
Mary Jane - Tha Alkaholiks .
Mary Jane - Spin Doctors .
Mary Jane - Alanis Morissette .
Mary Jane - Blue Mountain .
Mary Jane - Bow Wow .
Mary Jane - Scarface .
Mary Jane - Danny Kirwan .
Mary Jane - Wishbone Ash .
Mary Jane - CyHi The Prynce .
Mary Jane - illScarlett .
Mary Jane - 213 .
Mary Jane - Erin Mckeown .
Mary Jane - Throbbing Gristle .
Mary Jane - The Vines .
Mary Jane (I'm in love with) - Coolio .
Mary Jane And Cabernet - Sterling Simms.
Mary Jane & Jagermeister - The Supervillains .
Mary Jane Holland - Lady GaGa.
Mary Jane/Mary Lane - Reefer Madness .
Mary Jane Shoes - Fergie.
Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers...
Mary Lady Bobby Kins - The Melvins .
Mary Long – Deep Purple
Mary Lou - Ronnie Hawkins/Bob Seger
Mary Manatee (A Sea Cow) - Jimmy Cassell ..
Mary Mary - The Monkees
Mary Mary – Run DMC
Mary Mercury - Peter Lindahl .
Mary Skeffington - Olivia Newton John
Mary the Fairy - Key Wilde and Mr Clarke .
Mary the Fairy from the Bog - Richi.h ..
Mary Won't You Call My Name? - Morphine..
Mary's Boy Child - Harry Belafonte
Mary's Faith - Simon Le Grec
Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson
Mary's Swinging Lamb - Myron Lee & The Caddies .
Me And Mary Jane - Black Stone Cherry .
Midnight Mary – Joey Powers
Miss Mary-Jane - Brea .
Mistress Snow And Mary Jane Green - Eddie From Ohio .
My Name's Bud (And My Sister's Mary-Jane) - NOFX .
Nightshade Mary - T Bird and the Breaks.
The Bloody Mary Song - Darin Talbot .
Oh Mary - The Border Surrender
Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival / Ike & Tina Turner.
Rose Mary - Fats Domino .
Sweet Little Mary Pickford - P.S Earle and Edna Williams ..
Sweet Mary - Wadsworth Mansion / UFO.
Take A Message To Mary - Everley Brothers.
The Bloody Mary Song - Darin Talbot .
The Conjuring of Bloody Mary - Alan Hoal .
The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix
Un Bloody Mary - The Latin Caribbean Boys .
Virgin Mary - Lonnie Donnegan
What Will Mary Say – Johnny Mathis

Matahari - Admiral Twin
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - Pogues...
Waltzing Matilda - traditional.

Aunt Maudie's Fun Garden - Jerry Reed ...

Maureen - Sade
Sweet Maxine – Doobie Brothers

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Maybellene - Chuck Berry / Johnny Rivers

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Megan & Kevin - Anne Heaton.

Come Away Melinda - Uriah Heep .
Gary And Melissa - King Missile .
Melanie - Weird Al Yankovic
Melissa - The Allman Brothers Band
Sweet Melissa - Allman Brothers Band.

Fly High Michelle - Enuff Z Nuff
Jack Daniels And Michelle - Bill Pekar .
Michelle - The Beatles / Overlanders
My Michelle - Guns 'N' Roses

Maggie And Milly And Molly And May - Natalie Merchant ...

Minnie From Trinidad - Judy Garland .
Minnie The Moocher - The Blues Brothers/ Cab Calloway
My Aunt Minnie - Allan Sherman .

Anne Miranda - The Church .
Miranda July - Michael Idov .

MISS / MRS / MS (only used as/with a name)
(Miss Sadie Mae) Curl My Babys Hair - John Lee Hooker ....
Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All) - Type O Negative...
Cease-Fire, or, Mrs. Norman Maine - Franz Nicolay .
Dizzy Miss Lizzy - The Beatles..
Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard/Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels..
Good Morning Miss Brown - Taj Mahal...
Hello Mrs. Sun - Carlo Ruetz ..
Hey Miss Fannie - The Clovers .
Keep the Dogs In, Mrs Jones - Three Bonzos And A Piano .
Me and Mrs Jones - Billy Paul
Miss Ann -Little Richard / Mel Brown .
Miss Caroline - Peter And The Wolf.
Miss Emily's Picture - John Conlee.
Miss Emma Peel - Dishwalla.
Miss Fourth Of July - Bon Jovi ..
Miss January - The Procussions ft Talib Kweli .
Miss Mercury - Lara Macmillan .
Miss Molly - Willie Nelson.
Miss Morgan - Eli Mattson .
Miss Mule - Major Holley .
Miss Nothing - The Pretty Reckless .
Miss O'Dell? - George Harrison.
Miss Otis Regrets - Linda Ronstadt/Bette Midler/Jose Feliciano.
Miss Pitiful - Etta James .
(Miss Sadie Mae) Curl My Babys Hair - John Lee Hooker ....
Miss Scorpio - Babyjane .
Miss Sun – Boz Scaggs
Miss Waitress - Icon.
Miss Williams Guitar - Jayhawks.
Mistress Ann - Twelve Step Revenge .
Mrs. Banker - MelonHeadMan .
Mrs. Bluebird - Eternity's Children.
Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter - Herman's Hermits...
Mrs. Mongoose (Original Mix) - Mongoose .
Mrs. Morgan - The Go-betweens .
Mrs. Morgan - DC Talk.
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow - Brian Wilson.
Mrs. Penny Farthing - Karmasequence ..
Mrs. Porter - The Crookes .
Mrs. Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel
Ms. December - Branch Avenue .
Ms. G.O.A.T - Lil' Kim.
Ms. Gemini - Micranots .
Ms. Grace - Tymes.
Ms. Norris - Harry And The Potters .
Ms. Pelican - Erik Deutsch .
Ms. Pinky - Frank Zappa .
Ms. Radio - River Jetty
The Hellish Mrs. Haskell - Bruz Fletcher .

Mitzi Dupree - Deep Purple .

MOLLY ... ...lys...
3 Card Molly - Xzibit
Black Molly - Mountain Goats (The)
Cold Molly - Mark Lanegan
Dance Around Molly - Huber Banjos ft Cia Cherryholmes .
Dance With Me Molly - Keith Whitley
Dark Eyed Molly - Eva Cassidy
Every Man Has A Molly - Say Anything
Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard..
Handsome Molly - Mick Jagger / Bob Dylan
I Aint Got Molly - Cheech Bundy
I Wish That You Was My Gal, Molly - Irving Berlin
Lazy Elsie Molly - Chubby Checker..
Lean Molly - Tony Yayo
Leave The Rest To Molly - Harry Nilsson
Lee And Molly - Ziggy Marley / Keith Richards.
Maggie And Milly And Molly And May - Natalie Merchant ...
Mary & Molly - Sterling Simms.
Miss Molly - Willie Nelson.
Molly (16 Candles Down the Drain) - Sponge
Molly - Mindless Self Indulgence
Molly - Mike Oldfield
Molly- Ween
Molly- Cedric Gervais
Molly - Tyga
Molly - O - Steve Earle
Molly Ban - Alison Krauss
Molly Bawn - Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Molly Brown - Vince Gill
Molly By Da Gram - Lil' Wyte
Molly Cool - Atmosphere
Molly Darling - Billy Walker/Jim Ed Brown
Molly Dee - The Kingston Trio
Molly Makeout - The Friday Night Boys
Molly Malone - Foster & Allen /The Dubliners/ Sinead O'Connor/ Danny Kaye/et al
Molly Neuman - The Queers
Molly Smiles - Jesse Spencer
Molly Was Immoral - The Toy Dolls
Molly's Blues - Charlie Robison
Molly's Chambers - Kings Of Leon
Molly's Got A Crush On Us - Tullycraft
Molly's Jig - Izz
Molly's Lips - Vaselines / Nirvana.
Molly's Mustard - Sweet Hello .
Moly Lovely Molly - Emily Smith
My Irish Molly - Patsy Watchorn
Oh Molly - Show & Tell
One More Molly - Trinidad James
Only Molly Knows - Travis
Popped A Molly I'm Sweatin' - Melker Project
Song For Molly - Shannon Murray
Song For Molly - Lucy Kaplansky
Sweet Molly - Adrian Nation
Sweet Sweet Molly - Eddy Arnold

A Mona Lisa - Counting Crows
Birthday Waltz For Mona - Benny Andersson Band
Black Mona Lisa - Lamya
Farewell, Mona Lisa - Dillinger Escape Plan
Lifeboat Mona - Peggy Seeger
Mona (I need You Baby) - The Rolling Stones.
Mona - The Beach Boys
Mona - Bo Diddley / Quicksilver Messenger Service
Mona And The Preacher - Cold Chisel
Mona Bone Jakon - Cat Stevens
Mona Is Leaving Home Today - Cyril Morin
Mona June - Slightly Stoopid
Mona Lisa (When The World Comes Down) - The All-American Rejects
Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole / Conway Twitty /..et al
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters - Elton John...
Mona Lisa Eyes - Ocean Colour Scene
Mona Lisa Jones - Jean-Patrick Capdevielle
Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile - David Allan Coe ..
Mona Lisa Smile - Seal
Mona Lisa Suite - Daniel Balavoine
Mona Lisa Talking - Al Stewart
Mona Lisa's Eyes - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Mona Lisa, Mother Earth - Swans
Mona Lisas - Sister Hazel
Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters - Heart
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters - Elton John
Mona Louise - The Wailin' Jennys .
Mona Mona - Peter Cetera
Mona Ray - Leo Kottke .
Mona, The Carnivorous Circus - The Deviants
My Mona Lisa - Pax Baldwin / Viza
Schon Wie Mona Lisa - Demis Roussos
Smile Like Mona Lisa - All 4 One/ Will.I.Am/ Vagabond
The Ballad Of Mona Lisa - Panic At The Disco
The Ballad Of The Dime Store Greaser & The Blonde Mona Lisa - Blue Rodeo
The Lifeboat Mona - Dubliners (The)
The Mask Of Mona Lisa - Bad Examples
The Mona Lisa - Brad Paisley
The Night Belongs To Mona - Donald Fagen
Why Mona Lisa Smiled - Chris De Burgh
You And The Mona Lisa - Shawn Colvin
You Could Be My Mona Lisa - Asteria

MONICA ... ..lys...
Cali n' Monica - Rocky Loves Emily
From Brighton Beach To Santa Monica - The Clientele.
Monica - Dan Bern
Monica - The Kinks
Monica - Extreme
Monica - Cold Chisel
Monica - Before Dark
Monica - Yer Mom
Monica - Coma Cinema
Monica (the Waltz) - Idiots For Hire
Monica Efrain Wedding - Josh Rouse
Monica And Veronica - The Bonaduces .
Monica Gems - The Horrors
Monica Interview - Chris Rock
Monica Macht Minus - Al-Gear
Monica's Song - Call It Sleep
Santa Monica - Savage Garden.
Santa Monica - The Front Bottoms.
Santa Monica - Everclear.
Santa Monica - Theory Of A Deadman.
Santa Monica - Speechwriters LLC.
Santa Monica - The Salvadors.
Santa Monica - Jay Malinowski / Bedouin Soundclash.
Santa Monica ( Kissing A Man With A Beard ) - Solex.
Santa Monica Bay - Johnossi.
Santa Monica Dream - Angus And Julia Stone.
Santa Monica Nights - David Hasselhoff.
Splashin Over Monica - Mr. Live And Tony Bones
Telegram To Monica - Manfred Mann'S Earth Band
The Salt Mines Of Santa Monica - Sunday's Best.

MONIQUE... ...lys...
69 Monique No.1 - Easy Mo Bee
Monique - Fuzigish
Monique - Frank Sinatra
Monique The Freak - Ween.
Monique's Room - Dj Drama ft. Fred The Godson
She's Not Just Another Woman (Monique) - Biz Markie

MONY / MO ...
Is That You Mo-Dean? - The B-52s.
Mony Mony - Tommy James & The Shondells

MURIAL ... ly....s
Murial - Tom Waits

NADIA ... ..lys...
Follow Me Nadia Fares - Eric Serra
Nadia - Little Beirut
Nadia - Cancerslug
Nadia [Instrumental] - Jeff Beck
Nadia's Song - Les Vedettes
Nadia’s Theme (Theme From The Young & Restless) – Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin Jr.

NADINE ... ...lys...
Hello Nadine - Mungo Jerry
Hey, Hey, Nadine (a.k.a. Small Town Girl) - R.E.M.
Nadine - Frank Black And The Catholics
Nadine - New London Fire
Nadine - Brad
Nadine - Men Without Hats
Nadine - Schatzi
Nadine (Is It You) - Chuck Berry / Dion / George Thorogood/ Led Zeppelin/..et al
Nadine Hat Fachabitur - Fred Timm
Sweet Nadine - The Arc Angels
Where Are You Loca Nadine? - Red 40

NANCY ... ... lys...
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy - Show Of Hands
Adieu, My Lovely Nancy - Altan
Bye Nancy Boy - Hot Snakes
For Nancy - Pete Yorn
Fancy Nancy - Skip and Flip .
Go Tell Aunt Nancy - traditional..
I Love You Nancy - Kool Keith & Kut Masta Kurt
Knuckle Sandwich Nancy - Slade
Leaving Nancy - Eric Bogle
Letter To Nancy - Anachronaeon
Little Nancy - Fionn Regan
Modern Day Sid And Nancy - Dexter Danger
Nancy - Craig Bennett
Nancy - Audience
Nancy - Patchwork Grace
Nancy - Entrain
Nancy - Tim Wakefeild
Nancy - G. Love And Special Sauce
Nancy - Troubled Hubble
Nancy - The Deep Dark Woods
Nancy (let Your Hair Down For Me) - Prefab Sprout
Nancy (With the Laughing Face) - Frank Sinatra .
Nancy & Tarzan - Arthur H
Nancy Baker - Lisa Papineau
Nancy Boy - Buffy Musical
Nancy Boy - Placebo
Nancy Drew - Relient K
Nancy Drew - Tuscadero
Nancy From London - Mooncoin
Nancy Spain - Christy Moore .
Nancy Whiskey - The Irish Rovers
Nancy From Now On - Father John Misty
Nancy Lee - Vintage Trouble .
Nancy O - The Brothers Four
Nancy Ramone - Nancys Rubias
Nancy Reagan's Head - Mission Of Burma
Nancy Sin - Beat Happening
Nancy Sinatra - Granville
Nancy Sings - Jandek
Nancy Sings - Lewis and Clarke
Nancy Spain - Christy Moore
Nancy The Tavern Wench - Alestorm / Battleheart
Nancy Whiskey - The Dubliners/ Celtic Folk / Gaelic Storm /..et
Nancy's On The 7th Floor - Prop 808
Night Miss Nancy Ann's Hotel for Single Girls Burned Down - Tex Williams
Point Dexter [you Nancy Boy] - The Weiners
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy - Leonard Cohen
Shaky Nancy - Richard Thompson
Shirly And Nancy - Dirk Darmstaedter
Sid And Nancy - The Fight
Streams Of Nancy - Kate Rusby
Sweet Nancy - Peter Elkas
Take That Nancy Kerrigan - Lenore
The Diaries Of Nancy Thompson - Jairus
The Nancy & Mary Music - Frank Zappa
Tuesday In Nancy - Bumblefoot
We've Been Like Sid & Nancy For Months Now - Lions & Vultures
William And Nancy's Parting - John Wesley Harding

NANETTE ... ...lys........
Harry Frazee And No, No, Nannette - Forgive Durden.
My Nanette - Zachary Richard
Nanette - Bette Midle
Nannette - Scattered Fall

NATALIA ... ...lys....
Natalia - Van Morrison
Natalia - Joan Baez
Natalia, Where Did You Go? (left Me Insane) - Point Taken

Nathalie Neal - Swans .

NELLIE ... ....lys......
Fat Nelly - Manfred Mann'S Earth Band
Glory Of Nelly - Caravan Palace
Hey Nelly Nelly! - Shel Silverstein
Nellie - Uncle Outrage
Nelly The Elephant - Toy Dolls
Nellie The Lily Of The Valley - Tim Mcnamara .
Oh Nelly - Nelly
Run for the Roundhouse Nellie (He Can't Corner You There) - Zeke Masters and his Band.

NESSIE ... ...lys...
Chairman Of The Nessie Alliance - Grace Gale
It Ain't Easy Bein' Nessie - Full Service
Nessie - The Real Mckenzies
Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster - Battlefield Band..
Ole' Nessie - Mastodon
Sleep, Nessie - The Bella Cullen Project

Darling Nicki - Prince.
Nikita - Elton John

Nina - Noël Coward
Nina And Albert - Joel Plaskett
Nina Bobo - The Jumping Jewels
Nina Pretty Ballerina - ABBA..
Nina's In Jail - Liquid Soul

Norma Jean - Jackie Boyz .
Norma Jean Baker - Jane Birkin .
Norma Jean Riley - Diamond Rio.
Starlet Starlet On The Screen Who Will Follow Norma Jean? - Dory Previn.
Texas and Norma Jean - Brooks And Dunn.
The Wind Cries (Who Killed Norma Jean) - Blue System.
Who Killed Norma Jean - Pete Seeger.

Nora Marie - Tyler Hilton.

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OPHELIA ... ........lys........
Cry Ophelia - Adam Cohen
Dear Ophelia - Abney Park
Dig Ophelia - Rasputina
Hanna, My Ophelia - Justin Vernon
Hey There Ophelia - MC Lars
In A Parked Car, Exhuming Ophelia - The Feminists
Miss Ophelia - Fisher
Ophelia - Natalie Merchant
Ophelia - Tori Amos
Ophelia - Tear Garden
Ophelia - The Band
Ophelia - Kashmir
Ophelia - L'Arc-en-Ciel
Ophelia - Peter Hammill
Ophelia - Kaya
Ophelia - Kula Shaker
Ophelia - Dawnstar
Ophelia Act 1 - Every Little Thing
Ophelia Act 2 - Every Little Thing
Ophelia On My Mind - Alberta Cross
Ophelia Rag - James Scott
Ophelia Sinking - Landmine Spring
Ophelia's Crown - Autumn Tears
Ophelia's Eyes - Forever Slave
Ophelia's Lament - Coven 13
Ophelia's Song - Musetta
Reviving Ophelia - Eleventeen
Sweet Ophelia - Wicked Lester
The Ophelia's Ghost - Lord Vampyr
The Wandering Of Ophelia Through The Untamed Countryside - Ebony Lake

Christian And Pam - Mark Chadwick .
Polythene Pam - The Beatles

Pamela - Toto
Pamela, Pamela - Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders
Pamella - Remmy Ongala

Pandora's Box - Captain Beyond

Pat & Jack's Blues - Pat Green.
Pat's Blue Rhythm - Liquid Daydream
Pat's Early Morning Blues - Sundown Songs ...

Patricia – Prez Prado & His Orchestra

Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy) – Scritti Politti

PAULA ... ...lys ........
All About Paula - Limp
Ana Paula [instrumental] - Porter
Drug Song For Paula - Arab Strap
Hey Paula - Paul & Paula
I'm In Love With Paula Pierce - Mr. T Experience
Leave It To Me (Paula Wasn't Completely Right) - Inspection 12
Make Up Your Mind, Paula - Lisa Dal Bello
Paula - Zoé
Paula - Nemesis
Paula & Janet - Too $hort .
Paula Abdullah The Butcher - Leave It At The Door
Paula C - Rubén Blades
Paula Deen's Suicide Note - Maria Bamford
Paula's Jam - Paula Perry
Paula's Lied - Anja Krabbe
Paula's Porch - Sam Shaber
The Unfamous Paula Spencer - The Tossers
When Paula Sparks - Copeland

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Peg - Steely Dan
Peg And Pete And Me - Stan Ridgway .
Peggy Alison - Robert Burns .
Peggy Sue - Bling 182.
Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly.
Peggy Sue Got Married - Buddy Holly / The Crickets.
Peggy Sue is Dead - Trashcan Darlings.
Peggy's Blues - Dump
Pretty Peggy-O - Bob Dylan .

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Piggy's Fantasy - The Muppets.

007 (Ce Fa Na Pippa) - The Orange Man Theory..

Polly – Nirvana
Polly Anne - Reigning Sound .
Polly Anne - Agent Sparks .
Polly Put Your Kettle On - Sonny Boy Williamson
Polly Vaughn - The Dillards
Polly Walks At Sundown - Randy Casey .
Polly's Mountain Kettle - Buffalo Creek Stringband .
Pollyanna Flower - Alanis Morissette.
Sweet Polly Oliver - traditional..

Dear Prudence - The Beatles.

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Ramona Was A Waitress - Paul Dempsey.

Rapunzel - The Dave Matthews Band

Jenny Rebecca - Olivia Newton-John.
Mary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane - Eddy Arnold...
Rebecca Lynn - Brian White .

Renee and Eugene - The Daffodils .
Renee Remains the Same - Material Issue
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
Walk Away Renee - Four Tops/ The Left Banke/ Linda Ronstadt.

Aunt Rhody - Traditional.
Help Me Rhonda - The Beach Boys
Tales of Rhoda Rat - Buddy Rich ..

Aunt Rita - Eric Shoutin' Sheridan .
Lovely Rita - The Beatles / Fats Domino .
Lovely Rita, Meter Maid - Alan Elsdon Band
Rikki Don’t Lose That Number – Steely Dan

Rolene - Moon Martin

To Romona - Bob Dylan.

I Can't Go On (Rosalie) - Fats Domino..
Rosalie - Thin Lizzy
Rosalie - Cole Porter
Rosalinda's Eyes - Billy Joel
Rosalita - Al Dexter and his Troopers
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Rosanna - Toto
Rosetta - George Fame & Alan Price
Rosetta - Ray Charles
Rosetta Stoned - Tool

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Roxanne - The Police

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A Rose & A Baby Ruth – George Hamilton IV.
Big City Miss Ruth Ann – The Gallery .
Emma Ruth - Mike Mains And The Branches .
Ruth Marie - Mark Kozelek / Red House Painters .
Song of Ruth (Wedding Song) - Lamb..

(Miss Sadie Mae) Curl My Babys Hair - John Lee Hooker ....
Jitterbug Sadie - The Four Blues .
Sadie & Andy - Princeton .
Sadie Green - Whitfield, Barrence & The Savages
Sadie Moonshine - New Vaudeville Band.
Sexy Sadie - The Beatles.

Goodnight Cowboy Sally - Sally Timms
Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton.
Long Tall Sally - Little Richard/The Beatles/The Tornados.
Moonshine Sally - Top Of The Poppers .
Mustang Sally – Wilson Pickett
Sally - Stetsasonic / Sam Sparro
Sally Ann - Carolina Chocolate Drops .
Sally Cinnamon - Stone Roses.
Sally G – Paul McCartney & Wings
Sally Go 'Round The Roses - The Jaynetts / Grace Slick & The Great Society.
Sally MacLennane - The Pogues
Sally, Sue, Jake And Paul - Monte And The Machine...
Sally's Pigeons - Cyndi Lauper
Sally's Quiche - Linda Allen .
Sneaking Sally Through The Alley - Ringo Starr.
Wake Up Sally, It's Saturday - Bob Dorough.
Who's in the Strawberry Patch With Sally? - Tony Orlando and Dawn.

SAMANTHA ... ....lys.....
Brigid And Samantha - Hank Green
Death Of Samantha - Yoko Ono/Boy George/Hermine Demoriane/Porcupine Tree.
Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha - Cliff Richard .
I Love You, Samantha - Bing Crosby /..et al (Cole Porter song)
Lady Samantha - Elton John / Three Dog Night / Shane Hales
Sam, As In Samantha - Tiger Lou .
Samantha - Village People
Samantha - Margaret Berger
Samantha - Hole
Samantha - Red River
Samantha - Madness
Samantha - Red Rover
Samantha - C-Murder
Samantha - Psychic Babble
Samantha - Disco Ensemble
Samantha - Mantar
Samantha - Theatre Of Tragedy
Samantha - Children 18:3
Samantha - My Early Mustang
Samantha Dawn - Adrian Mather
Samantha Doesnt Want Me - Huntingtons
Samantha Elizabeth - Smokie .
Samantha Kate - Hooray!.
Samantha Secret Agent - All Girl Summer Fun Band
Samantha The Great - Patent Pending
Samantha's Living Room - The Guess Who
Underestimating Samantha - MAP


Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee - Olivier Newton-John

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Aunt Sara's Death - John Williams ..
Death Of Sarah Lucas - Luke Haines .
Me And Sarah Jane - Genesis .
Sara - Jefferson Starship/Fleetwood Mac/John Anderson
Sara Marie - Farewell Cameron.
Sara Smile - Hall & Oates
Sara's Mask - CKY
Sarah - Bob Dylan
Sarah - Thin Lizzy
Sarah Gale - Riding Bikes .
Sarah Jane - Out Of Eden .
Sarah Jane - Tony Lucca .
Sarah Jane - Robin Noel Vaas .
Sarah Jane And The Iron Mountain Baby - Steve Martin ..
Sarah Saturday - The Bouncing Souls.
Sarah Smiles - Panic At The Disco
Sarah Yellin' - 3 Doors Down
Sarah's Lament - David Murray .
Sarah's World - Mark Scott
Song For Sarah Jane - Hawksley Workman.
The Ballad Of Sarah And Jack - David Holmes .
What Sarah Said - Death Cab For Cutie

Saro Jane - The Kingston Trio .

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My Sharona - The Knack
Shannon – Henry Gross
Sharon's Got A Drugstore - John Hiatt..

Sharleena - Frank Zappa
Shayla - Blondie

Lean on Sheena - The Bouncing Souls
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker - Ramones..

(Sweet Little) Sheila - Tommy Roe.
Harvey And Sheila - Allan Sherman.
Oh Sheila - Ready for the World
Sheila – Tommy Roe
Sheila Anne - The Great Depression .

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Official Historian On Shirley Jean Berell – Statler Brothers.
Shirley Jean - Foghat .

Bring Me Li'l Water Silvy - Leadbelly.
Inside Silvia - Rick Springfield
Sylvia the Psychic - The Shadow Kabinet .
Sylvie – St Etienne

Simone - Frank Foster

Skeeter On My Peter - David Allen Coe.

Anne Sofie - Gasolin' .
Sophia - Laura Marling
Sophie - JT86
Sophia, Donna, I was Down the River Waiting - Blackout Beach.
Sophie in Love - Simon Le Grec ft. Nesaya
Sophie's Lullaby - Larry Ochs, Wadada Leo Smith Andrew Cyrille with John Lindberg /

Lament For Stacy - Art Blakey .
Stacie Anne - The Fratellis .
Stacy's Mom - Fountains Of Wayne.

Stella By Starlight - Tuck Andress .

A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash.
Back-Alley Sue - Erling Kroner New Music Orchestra
Billy and Sue - B.J. Thomas.
Bobbie Sue – Oak Ridge Boys
Caroline And Sue - GG Allin .
Frankie & Sue - Darden Smith .
Peggy Sue - Bling 182.
Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly.
Peggy Sue Got Married - Buddy Holly / The Crickets.
Peggy Sue is Dead - Trashcan Darlings.
Runaround Sue - Dion and the Belmonts
Sally, Sue, Jake And Paul - Monte And The Machine...
Sing It Pretty, Sue - Johnny Cash .
Sue Egypt - Captain Beefheart
Sweet Sue - Jim Reeves / Mills Brothers / Don Lang.

SUSAN ... ...lys
Ballad Of Susan - Savage Circus
Black Eyed Susan - Joe Pug
Black-Eyed Susan - Paul Westerberg
Black-Eyed Susan - Morrissey
Black-Eyed Susan - Laura Veirs
Black-Eyed Susan - The Jayhawks
Black-Eyed Susan (Love Pt. 6) - Among Wolves
Blueberry Susan - Ian Tyson
Eggs And Sausage (In A Cadillac With Susan Michelson) - Tom Waits
Good Bye Susan - Rex Gildo
Hey Susan - Peter Salett
Hey! Susan - Jon Langford
Inside Susan - Pulp
Lazy Susan -The Bobs
Lazy Susan - Sweet Thing
Lazy Susan - White Hassle
Lazy Susan - Laura Nyro
Lazy Susan [Instrumental] - Dan Fogelberg
Lazy Susan - Shwayze .
My Name Is Not Susan - Whitney Houston.
My Name Is Not Susan - Whitney Houston
Naked Susan - Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
Oh No Not Susan - Electric Light Orchestra
Oh Susan - Billy Burnette
On Susan's Floor - Gordon Lightfoot / Shel Silverstein / Hank Williams Jr.
S Is For Susan - Park
Something About Susan - Brotha Lynch Hung
Song for Susan - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Susan - Dean Martin
Susan - The Exit / June And The Exit Wounds / American Pie 2
Susan - Subhumans
Susan - Aimee Mann
Susan - Country Joe Mcdonald
Susan - Super700
Susan - Head East
Susan - The Buckinghams
Susan Boyle - Max Boublil
Susan Falls Apart - Black 47
Susan Fingerie - Marykate O'neil
Susan Get Down - Almodóvar & Mcnamara
Susan Gets By on Love - Opposition
Susan Himmelblå - Kim Larsen
Susan Is A Lesbian Now - The Lollies
Susan Jane - Wilson .
Susan Miller Rag - Bright Eyes
Susan Sarandon - Les Innocents
Susan Surrender - Kevin Johansen
Susan Van Heusen - Gilbert O'Sullivan
Susan When She Tried - Elvis Presley / Statler Brothers
Susan's House - Eels
Susan's House - Jennings and Keller
Susan's In the Sky - Bubblegum Lemonade
Susan's Song - Spare Lead
Susan's Song - Al Jarreau
Susan's Strange - The Psychedelic Furs
Susan, Goodnight - Vulgar Boatmen
Switch Board Susan - Nick Lowe
Switchboard Susan - Gary Brooker
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting - Donovan..
Waiting For Susan - Ani DiFranco
Wake Up Susan - The Spinners
What Susan Said - Rich Mullins

SUSANNAH ... ...lys...
Oh Susannah - Al Jolson/ The Byrds/ Neil Young/ Bing Crosby/ James Taylor/ (traditional song)... et al
Oh, Susannah (Dust Off That Old Pianna) - Wingy Manone / Louis Prima
Susannah - Poco
Susannah's Still Alive - Dave Davies
Sweet Susannah - Kris Kristofferson
When Susannah Cries - Eva (2) / Espen Lind / Tim Weller

SUSIE ... .... lys....
Black Eyed Susie - The Triffids
Black-eyed Susie - Uncle Earl
Blackeyed Susie - Old Crow Medicine Show
Hello Susie - The Move / Amen Corner
If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie) - Al Jolson / Dean Martin / Gene Kelly / Eddie Cantor
Little Susie - Michael Jackson
My Friend Susie - Now You See Here Marryanne
Ode To Susie And Joey - beatnik termites
Oh Susie - Secret Service
Remember Susie - Pozo Seco
Rock N' Roll Susie - Pat Travers
Slip Away Susie - Bernie Paul
Susie - The Icarus Account
Susie - Daddysmilk
Susie - The Jazz Butcher
Susie (Dramas) - Elton John
Susie And Jeffrey - Blondie
Susie Cincinnati - The Beach Boys
Susie Darlin' - Robin Luke / Tommy Roe .
Susie High School - The Basement Heroes
Susie Q - Dale Hawkins/Rolling Stones/CCR/José Feliciano/Suzie Quatro/et al
Susie's Shuffle - Michael Bloomfield
Susie-Lou - Johnny Hallyday
Waiting For Susie - Screeching Weasel
Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Brothers/Suzi Quatro/Simon & Garfunkel/Cliff Richard/...et al
Where's The Playground Susie - Glen Campbell / Everything But The Girl

SUSSUDIO ... ...lys...
Sussudio – Phil Collins
Sussudio - Ol' Dirty Bastard

SUSY ... ...lys ...
Susy - Castelhemis
Susy Body - Alberto Fortis
Susy Forrester - New Trolls
Susy The Cat - Blue Peaches

SUZANNE ... ...lys...
A Song For Suzanne - Styx
Don't Walk Away Suzanne - Bad Boys Blue
Dr. Suzanne Mattox PHD - The Wombats
Goodbye Suzanne - June And Lula
Help Me, Suzanne - Rhett Miller .
I Love You Suzanne - Lou Reed.
La Chanson De Suzanne - Michel Faubert
Lament For My Suzanne - Current 93
Lola Suzanne - The Chain Gang Of 1974
Madame Suzanne - Marina
Oh Suzanne - Bucks Fizz
Pretty Suzanne - The Monks
Saving Suzanne - Neighborhood Friendly
Sorry Suzanne - The Hollies.
Suzanne - Leonard Cohen/ James Taylor/ Nina Simone/ Harry Belafonte/ Joan Baez/ Neil Diamond/..et al
Suzanne - Conetik
Suzanne - Journey
Suzanne - Weezer
Suzanne - Lisa Stansfield
Suzanne - Dan Bern
Suzanne - Rick Springfield
Suzanne - Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions
Suzanne - Evereve
Suzanne - Randy Newman
Suzanne - Levi Lowrey
Suzanne - Unwritten Law
Suzanne - Mark Geary
Suzanne - The Innocent Bystanders
Suzanne (Is A Liar) - Liquido
Suzanne And I - Anna Calvi
Suzanne Beware Of The Devil - Dandy Livingstone
Suzanne Is Getting Married - Screeching Weasel
Suzanne On A Sunday Morning - Ricky Nelson ..
Suzanne Vega - Murs & Slug
Sweet Suzanne - The John D. Hale Band
Sweet Suzanne - John Mellencamp / Joe Ely / John Prine

SUZIE ... ... lys ...
Aunt Suzie - Buckethead
Blue Eyed Suzie - Rankin Family
Dear Suzie - Tony Yayo
Doin' the Suzie-Q - Lil Hardin Armstrong
Downtown Suzie - The Rolling Stones
Heartbreak Suzie - Shaggy
Hello Suzie - Amen Corner
Hey Little Suzie (The Cause Of All That) - Billy Gilman
I'm The Man On Suzie's Mind - Roy Orbison
Listen Up Suzie - The Living End
Little Suzie - Kelis
Little Suzie - DJ Ötzi
Lonesome Suzie - The Band
Madame Suzie - Jeanne Cherhal
Satisfy Suzie - Lonnie Mack
Sister Suzie - Cock Sparrer
Suzi Jane Is Back In Town - Lee Hazlewood.
Suzi Q - Suzi Quatro
Suzie - Guano Apes
Suzie - Boy Kill Boy
Suzie - Laurent Wolf
Suzie - Threebrain
Suzie - Packfm
Suzie (Dramas) - Elton John
Suzie Blue - Ben Harper
Suzie, Don't Leave Me With Your Boyfriend - Samantha Fox .
Suzie Greenberg - Phish
Suzie Hold On - Saxon
Suzie Lightning - Warren Zevon
Suzie Q - Dale Hawkins, / Creedence Clearwater Revival/Johnny Rivers/ Rolling Stones/..et al
Suzie Q - Skillz
Suzie Q - Sheep_on_Drugs
Suzie Q Sailaway - Self
Suzie Safety - The Sparks
Suzie Sang - Jamie Ley
Suzie Smiled - Tygers Of Pan Tang
Suzie White Pills - Lafayette
Suzie, Don't Leave Me With Your Boyfriend - Samantha Fox
Sweet Lil' Suzie - Axel Rudi Pell
That’s My Little Suzie – Ritchie Valens
Tornerai Suzie - Nico Fidenco
Wake Up Little Suzie - Everley Brothers
When Suzie Sneezed - Barry Louis Polisar
Where's The Playground, Suzie - Jimmy Webb
Why Thank You, Suzie - Meet Me In St. Louis

SUZY... ...lys...
Big John Big Suzy - Jewly .
Black Eyed Suzy - Justin Townes Earle
Brad And Suzy - Jude .
Electric Suzy - Backyard Babies
I'll Be Suzy - Ghostland Observatory
Lil Suzy - Kelis
Son Of Suzy Creamcheese - Frank Zappa
Speaking Of A Girl Named Suzy - Stetsasonic
Steamboat Suzy - Victoria Justice
Suzy - Olsen Brothers
Suzy - Caravan Palace
Suzy - Clem Snide
Suzy - Kelly Jones
Suzy - Laurent Wolf
Suzy - Shotgun Jimmie
Suzy - Fool's Garden
Suzy 2003 - Diam's
Suzy & Jeffery - Blondie.
Suzy Creamcheese - The Caesars / Teddy & His Patches
Suzy Hang-Around - ABBA
Suzy Is a Head Banger - Ramones.
Suzy Lee - The White Stripes.
Suzy Lunacy (Mental Rock) - Golden Earring
Suzy Snowflake - Rosemary Clooney
Suzy's Revenge - The Bollweevils
Sweet Suzy - The 2 Live Crew
Tra La La La Suzy – Dean & Jean

SYLVIA ... ... lys...
Back When Ted Loved Sylvia - Nanci Griffith
Did You Hear What Sylvia Said - Engerica
Le Père De Sylvia - Sacha Distel
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out - Tori Amos / Shel Silverstein
Sylvia - Ralph McTell / Focus
Sylvia - Pulp
Sylvia - Emmy The Great
Sylvia - The Briefs
Sylvia - Eurythmics
Sylvia - Stevie Wonder
Sylvia - Elvis Presley
Sylvia - Creeper Lagoon
Sylvia - The Antlers
Sylvia - The Needs
Sylvia (If It Meant) - Lacrymosa
Sylvia Hotel - Cheryl Wheeler
Sylvia I - Butterfly Assassins
Sylvia Plath - Shannon Murray
Sylvia Plath - Ryan Adams
Sylvia Plath - Breathe Owl Breathe
Sylvia Plath - Nineteen Forty-five
Sylvia Said - John Cale
Sylvia [The Beekeeper] - The Envy Corps
Sylvia's Mother - Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show / Bobby Bare.
Waiting For Sylvia - Rachel Zeffira

Tammy - Debbie Reynolds / Ames Brothers

Shout 'Em Aunt Tilly - Chris Barber's Jazz Band ..
Tessie - Dropkick Murphys

St. Therese Of The Roses - Billy Ward & His Dominoes ..

Thumbelina - The Predenders
Tiffany Queen - The Byrds.

Jack And Tina - Morphine .
The Adventures Of Larry And Tina - Wax.
Tina - Flyleaf
Tina & Frank - Abfallsozialprodukt.
Tina Marie – Perry Como .

Christopher Tracy's Parade - Prince .
Traci Brown - Hanson.
Tracy - The Cuff Links

Trudy and Dave - John Hiatt.

Val's Lament - Ben Webster .

VALERIE ... ......lys...
Ballerina Valerie - Joni Mitchell.
French Kiss For Valerie - David Murray
Valerie - The Zutons/Amy Winehouse/Bruno Mars/Glee Cast/Panic At The Disco/Carlo Di Micco/et al
Valerie - Patti Scialfa/ Linda Ronstadt /Emmylou Harris
Valerie - Rocking Chairs
Valerie - Grateful Dead
Valerie - Timewaster
Valerie - Broadcast
Valerie - Richard Thompson
Valerie - The Weeknd
Valerie - Brother Firetribe
Valerie - Steve Winwood
Valerie - Major Accident
Valerie - Bad Company
Valerie - Baby Bird
Valerie - Endpoint
Valerie - Ghost Of The Robot
Valerie - The Murder Of My Sweet
Valerie - Reel Big Fish
Valerie - Crooked Fingers
Valerie - Frida Hyvonen
Valerie (Has Wings) - Tiny Time Machine
Valerie (The Truth Is In Your Eyes) - Place Vendome
Valerie 3933 - The Fauves
Valerie Flames - Starlight Mints
Valerie Is Getting Married - Masked Intruder
Valerie Loves Me - Material Issue.
Valerie Loves Me - Material Issue
Valerie Plame - The Decemberists
Valerie Teardrop - Ris Paul Ric
Valerie Yum - Dandy Warhols
Valleri - The Monkees
Virtual Valerie - Julie's Haircut

VANESSA ... ...lys...
Be My Baby (see Vanessa Paradis) - Lenny Kravitz
Curious Vanessa Black - The Gamits
I Left My Heart With Vanessa - Soldier City Legends
Jane, Vanessa, And I - J Church .
The Offspring / Vanessa - Chris Moyles
Vanessa - Kara's Flowers
Vanessa - Marion
Vanessa - Gene Clark
Vanessa - Billy Swan
Vanessa - Grimes
Vanessa [instrumental] – Hugo Winterhalter & His Orchestra
Vanessa From Queens - Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Vanessa Simmons - Barclay James Harvest
Vanessa's Father - Lauren Christy
Vanessa's Theatre Of Peace - The Library Is On Fire

VANNA ... lys.................
Stuck In a Closet With Vanna White - Weird Al Yankovic.

VERA ... ...lys....
A Tu Vera - Gipsy Kings
The Revenge Of Vera Gemini - Blue Oyster Cult .
Vera - Midwest Kings
Vera - Pink Floyd
Vera [instrumental] - Joe Jackson
Vera Blue - Chemlab
Vera Cruz - Santana
Vera Flew The Coop - Marian Call
Vera Lee - Clover .
Vera Lee - Insane Clown Posse.
Vinegar Vera - Rialto

VERONICA ... ...lys...
Archie & Veronica - Lovage .
Dear Veronica - Jank 1000
For Veronica's Sake - Alice Cooper
In Veronica's Head - Rick Springfield
Monica And Veronica - The Bonaduces .
My Angel Veronica - Mac Lethal
Not What Veronica Did - Alcoholic Faith Mission
There's Nothing Wrong With Veronica - Black Tie Revue
Veronica - Elvis Costello
Veronica - Hacienda
Veronica - Onyx
Veronica - Elvis Costello
Veronica - Beatnik Termites
Veronica - Tricky
Veronica - Heathers
Veronica - Huntingtons
Veronica - Paw
Veronica - Never Heard Of It
Veronica - Teenage Bottlerocket
Veronica [Instrumental] - Bert Jansch
Veronica Falls - Veronica Falls
Veronica Fever - The Raveonettes
Veronica Guerin - Christy Moore
Veronica Hates Me - Screeching Weasel
Veronica Mars Bringer Of War - In Defence
Veronica Said - Benmont Tench
Veronica Sawyer - Edna's Goldfish / Reel Big Fish
Veronica Sawyer Smokes - AFI
Veronica's Veil - Fan Death
Veronica's Veil - Refuel

VICKI ... ...lys...
Vicki - Nazareth
Vicki Enters Collinwood - Danny Elfman
Vicki Is A Pro - Jesus H Christ & The 4 Hornsmen Of The Apocalypse
Vicki Mayhem - Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Vicki My Sick Gills - Slowdown Virginia
Vicki Secrets - Kevin Michael
Vicki Waiting - Prince
PrinceVicki...Is This A Compromise? - Haste

VICKY ... ...lys...
Hey, Hey Vicky - Christoph Prager
Icky Vicky - Chip Skylark
Psst...Hey Vicky? - The Original Posers
Vicky - Einstuerzende Neubauten
Vicky - Brad Laner
Vicky Love - Biagio Antonacci
Vicky Mayhem - The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Vicky Verky - Squeeze
Vicky's Box - Throwing Muses
Vicky's Secret - Elijah Blake

VICTORIA ... ...lys...
Battered And Bruised Victoria Lyndsay - Bring Down The Sky
Becoming Victoria - Lizticket
Bleed Victoria - Tripped And Falling
Crown Victoria - Robbers On High Street
Crown Victoria (Leave Me Alone) - Aaron Moore
Down The Stairs (Victoria's Theme) - Sinead O'Connor
Dreamed Victoria - Paul Gilbert
Mrs. Victoria - Warlord
Point Blank, Victoria - Ten Second Epic
Pyrrhic Victoria - Joe Satriani
Queen Victoria - Leonard Cohen / John Cale
Squalor Victoria - The National
Victoria - Shane Macgowan & The Popes
Victoria - Birdeatsbaby
Victoria - Old 97's
Victoria - Demon Angels
Victoria - Swamp Baby
Victoria - Feeder
Victoria - 11 Minutes Away
Victoria - Eric Benson
Victoria - The Divinyls
Victoria - Rude City Riot
Victoria - The Kinks
Victoria - The Fall
Victoria - The Verve Pipe
Victoria - Krypteria
Victoria - Nazareth
Victoria - Eve 6
Victoria - John Mayer
Victoria - Hammerhead
Victoria - Abney Park
Victoria - Nomeansno
Victoria - Jukebox The Ghost
Victoria - Kashmir
Victoria - One Man Army
Victoria - Official Secrets Act
Victoria - No Means No
Victoria Day (April Showers) - Melissa Mcclelland
Victoria Divina - Graveland
Victoria Emmanuele - Shawn Phillips
Victoria Falls - The Divine Comedy
Victoria Gardens - Madness
Victoria Hotel - Mike West
Victoria Lucas - Moby.
Victoria's Lament - The Bella Cullen Project
Victoria's Racist Dad - MAP
Victoria's Secret - Toby Keith
Victoria's Secret - Lisa Germano
Victoria's secret - Zoe Lawrence
Victoria's Secret - Sonata Arctica
Victoria's Secrets - Augie March
Victoria's Song - Bracken Courage
Vincent And Victoria - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
Welcome Back Victoria - Jesus Jones
What's Victoria's Secret? - Rick Springfield
Winter On Victoria Street - The Clientele

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WANDA ... ...lys...
For Wanda - A Silver Mount Zion
Kinda Fonda Wanda - Neil Young
Tonda Wanda Hoy - Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis
Wanda - Forester Sisters
Wanda, The Worm Woman - The Residents
Wanda Iguana - Roger Miller
Wanda Introduction - Wanda Jackson
Wanda Lu - Tim Buckley
Wicked Wanda - Popa Chubby

WENDY ... ...lys...
Ballad Of Wendy Baker - Ben Kweller
Tomorrow Wendy - Andy Prieboy / Concrete Blonde
Wake Up Wendy - Elton John
Wendy - Beach Boys
Wendy Clear - Blink 182.
Wendy Sadd - Kim Wilde
Wendy Time - The Cure
Wendy Under the Stars - The Odds
Wendy Wonders - Eugene McGuinness
Wendy's House - Lupen Crook
Wendy's Song - Blackberry Winter

WYNONA ... ...lys...
For The Beauty Of Wynona - Daniel Lanois
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Primus...

YOKO ... ...lys....
A Small Eternity With Yoko Ono - Frank Zappa
Ballad of John & Yoko - John & Yoko Lennon / The Beatles ..
Be My Yoko Ono - Barenaked Ladies
Dear Yoko -John Lennon.
I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono - Dar Williams
John and Yoko - John Lennon .
Like A John Needs A Yoko - Atomic Swing .
Oh Yoko - John Lennon .
Whole Lotta Yoko - Yoko & The Rolling Stones
Yoko - Berner
Yoko Ono - Die Ärzte

YVETTE ... ...lys..
Dear Yvette - LL Cool J.
Yvette - Cold Crush Brothers / Kult / Clem Snide / Jason Isbell
Yvette Glover - Fearce Vill
Yvette In English - Joni Mitchell / David Crosby
Yvette, Yvette - Biagio Antonacci

YVONNE ... ....lys.....
Blaumeise Yvonne - Element Of Crime / Andreas Dorau
Hey Lisa (Hey Yvonne) - Gunter Gabriel.
My Yvonne - Jack Penate
Son Of Yvonne - Masta Ace
Still Remember Yvonne - Andy Baum
Vonnie - Bass X
Yvonne - The Saw Doctors
Yvonne's The One - 10cc

ZELDA... lys......
Beautiful Zelda - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
Black Zelda - King Tuff
My Zelda - Allan Sherman
The Legend Of Zelda - Smosh / System Of A Down
Zelda - Pete Townshend

Flowers For Zoe - Lenny Kravitz .
Zoe Is A Weirdo - Backyard Babies.
Zoe Jane - Staind.


Knights of Cydonia - Muse
Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia) - Sunn O
Beneath the Crimson Vaults of Cydonia - Bal-Sagoth

Khashoggi's Ship - Queen.

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NAME / NAMED (The Word)
A Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash.
A Donkey Named Cheetah - Outlandish..
Ain't Got a Dime To My Name - Bing Crosby.
Barry Is The Babys Name - Allan Sherman.
Bling Dawg Mi Name - Bling Dawg Aka Ricky Rudie .
Groovy Is My Name - Pizzicato Five.
Love Has Finally Called My Name - Natalie Brown...
Mary Is A Grand Old Name - George M. Cohan...
Mary Won't You Call My Name? - Morphine..
My Name Is Bling - Ed Shepp .
My Name Is Not Susan - Whitney Houston.
My Name's Not Lisa - Jessie Colter.
Stop! In The Name of Love - The Supremes ..
What's My Name - Rihanna ft. Drake.
What’s Your Mama’s Name - Tanya Tucker .
Where the Streets Have No Name - U2.
You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi..




AFRICA ... ........lys........
Africa - Toto /Chris De Burgh /Olivia Lufkin /Avant /Howie Day / Solifonica /Pyogenesis /Cole Vosbury/ Straight No Chaser
Africa - Rose Laurens
Africa - Hall & Oates
Africa - Paul Colman Trio
Africa - Die Happy
Africa - Melissa Nkonda
Africa - Sinsemilia
Africa - E-Type
Africa - Click Click
Africa - Ben Fitzgerald
Africa - Pinkle
Africa - Karl Wolf
Africa - D'Angelo
Africa - Bishop Lamont
Africa - Toto Cutugno
Africa - Doug E. Fresh
Africa - Quartered
Africa - Peter Mayer
Africa (Goin' Back Home) - Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew
Africa 2.0 - Lartiste
Africa Africa - Al Bano & Romina Power
Africa At Night - Nylon Beat
Africa Awaits - Tarrus Riley
Africa By Night - Bisso Na Bisso
Africa Challenge - Toumani Diabaté
Africa Dance N°1 - Bumcello
Africa Dream - Reflection Eternal / Hi-Tek/ Talib Kweli
Africa Dubwise Stylee - Africa Unite
Africa Fiesta - Mokobé
Africa I Come - Florian Ostertag
Africa Is Awaiting - Peter Broggs
Africa Jamaïca - Passi
Africa Just Wants to Have Fun - Volcano!
Africa Korps - Seguridad Social
Africa Man - Johnny Wakelin
Africa Must Wake Up - Damian Marley / Nas
Africa Online - Michael Franti And Spearhead
Africa Shine - Mi Casa
Africa Shox - Leftfield
Africa Suite - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Africa Talks To You "The Asphalt Jungle" - Sly And The Family Stone
Africa Unite - Bob Marley and the Wailers
Africa's Inside Me - Arrested Development
All The Way From Africa - Gary Moore
Back to Africa - The Dictators
Born In Africa - Dr Alban
Born In Africa - Jean Racine
Cry Blood Africa - Burning Spear
Down In A Africa - Inner Circle
Dub Africa - Deep Forest
Dying in Africa - Nicolas Makelberge / Sally Shapiro
Eagles Of Africa - Koudlam
Farewell To Africa - Hail Of Bullets
For the Fans (Warm Heart of Africa) - Childish Gambino
Free South Africa (The Remix) - Stetsasonic
From Africa 2 U - Nneka
From Africa to Málaga - JJ
From Argentina To South Africa - Nicolas Peyrac
God Bless Africa - Alpha Blondy
Greetings From Africa - Innocent
Heart Of Africa - Martin Solveig
Hello Mama Africa - Buju Banton
Hello Mama Africa Remix - Anthony B.
Hollywood (Africa) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Homeland Africa (Ship Ahoi) - Boney M.
I Ain't From Africa - Damu Ridas
Inna Africa - Sizzla
It Began in Africa - Chemical Brothers, The
It's Nearly Africa - XTC
Letter From Africa - Peter Heppner
Letter From Africa - Mark Olson
Likkle Africa - Alborosie
Locklat Africa - Zap Mama
LSD for Africa - Tales of Terror
Luciano Kenny B Africa - Not Easy At All Productions
Made In Africa - Stephen Marley
Mama Africa - Akon
Mama Africa - Peter Tosh
Midnight In Africa - Milk Inc.
Mother Africa - Santana
My Beloved Africa - Meta and the Cornerstones
Never Been To Africa - Otis Taylor
Notes From Africa - Devin Townsend
Out Of Africa - The Crimea
Out Of Africa - In Decades Decline
Pay Back Africa - Antibalas
Politics In Africa - Femi Kuti
Pride Of Africa - Yaki-da
Radio Africa -Latin Quarter
Save Africa - Symbols
Scatterlings Of Africa - Johnny Clegg / Juluka
Send 'Em All Back To Africa - Johnny Rebel
Sound Of Africa (Heyama) - Cherona
South Africa - Roy Harper
South Africa - Pushmi-Pullyu
South Africa - Back After Dawn
Storms In Africa - Enya
Straight Outta Africa Interlude - Crooked Lettaz
Taking Islands In Africa - Japan
The Streets Of Africa - Katja Maria Werker
The Whales Of Africa - D Team
Time For Africa - Shakira
Trigga In Africa - Trey Songz
Two Weeks In Africa - Caedmon's Call
United States Of Africa - La Mc Malcriado
Waka Waka (this Time For Africa) - Wyclef Jean
Warm Heart of Africa - The Very Best
Welcome To Africa - Solid Tube
Z.A.M. Africa Freedom - Hercules And Love Affair

(America's) Dirty Little Secret - Schleprock
(You Can Still) Rock In America - Nightranger
. God-slave America - Nasum
5 Minutes From America - Kevin Costner And Modern West
A Heartfelt Tribute To The Panhandlers Of America - Foul Mouth
A.d.d.(america's Dumbed Down) - T-Weaponz
Across America - Nanci Griffith
Adeus America - Bossacucanova
All America - Xuxa
All the Way From America - Joan Armatrading
Amen America - Justin Rutledge
America - Motorhead
America - Hugh Laurie
America - Frukwan
America - MC Ren
America - Bobby Susser
America - Aura Dione
America - Alev
America - Banaroo
America - Death Comet Crew
America - Delirious?
America - Roy Zimmerman
America - O-Town
America - Self
America - The Starry Field
America - Vigilantes Of Love
America - Wu-Tang Clan
America - Heaven's Gate
America - Neil Diamond / David Archuleta /Me First & The Gimme Gimme's
America - The Au Pairs
America - Stephen Lynch
America - BoA
America - Donna The Buffalo
America - Calibretto 13
America - The Prospect
America - Cumberland Blues
America - Channel Zero
America - Agent Orange
America - Buster Shuffle
America - Killing Joke
America - Gary Numan
America - The Milkman's Union
America - FM Belfast
America - Joni Fuller
America - Julien Aklei
America - Laura Veirs
America - Leonard Bernstein
America - Verse Simmonds
America - Imagine Dragons
America - Mac Miller
America - Mark Geary
America - Yes / Simon and Garfunkel / Josh Groban / America
America - Chris Tomlin
America - Kingdom Come
America - Marcy Playground
America - Sick Of It All
America - Heart
America - Children Lyrics
America - Ben Taylor
America - Modern Talking
America - Bree Sharp
America - Boaz
America - West Side Story / Glee
America - Society /Trick Daddy
America - Waylon Jennings /George McClure / Drew's Famous / AB Ivens / Bill Cunliffe / The Country Dance Kings
America - Jefferson Starship
America - The Indelicates
America - Andy Stochansky
America - Duece
America - Tori Amos
America - Shannon Murray
America - Warcloud
America - Sodastream
America - Stray Bullets
America - Ace
America - Santana ft P.O.D.
America - Razorlight
America - Spinal Tap
America - The Status
America - 5 Cent Deposit
America - Jewel
America - Bloodgood
America - Dave Smallen
America - The Infested .
America - K's Choice
America - Opiate For The Masses
America - Steppenwolf / Europe
America - Tracy Chapman
America - Prince
America - Stiltskin
America - AZ-Faktor
America - Nas
America - Pain Of Salvation

America, Fuck Yeah - film theme songTeam America: World Police

ARGENTINA ... ................lys...........
A Man From Argentina - Billie The Vision And The Dancers
A New Argentina - Madonna
Argentina - Epo-555
Argentina, Pts. I, II, III - Tokyo Police Club
Argentina, Pts. I, II, III - Tokyo Police Club
Coming Home To Argentina - Megadeth
Don't Cry 4 Us Argentina - The Business
Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Julie Covington / Madonna/ Joan Baez/ Katherine Jenkins/Barbara Dickson/..et al
Down Argentina Way - Eddy Duchin & His Orc/Bob Crosby & His Orc/Dinah Shore/Ambrose Orc/et al.
Miss Argentina - Iggy Pop
Nights In Argentina - BZN
Who's That Twat From Argentina? - Manchester United Football Club

AUSTRIA ... .......lys......
Austria - Kirlian Camera

Jesus & Austria - Cake Bake Betty.

AUSTRALIA ... ...lys....
Advance Australia Fair - Human NatureNikki / Webster
All Of Australia - Stemage
Australia - Conner Youngblood
Australia - Gyroscope
Australia - The Hippos
Australia - Jonas Brothers
Australia - Will Driving West
Australia - Bark Bark Bark
Australia - The Bicycles
Australia - Manic Street Preachers
Australia - Amanda Palmer
Australia - Magic Voices
Australia - Hesitant Ballad
Australia - Jesse Labelle
Australia - The Kinks
Australia - The Shins
Australia - Steeleye Span
Australia Is For Lovers - John Krueger
Australia New Zealand - Mod Sun
Digging With A Stone To Australia - Confusing Imogen
Far Away In Australia - Jill Anderson
Food In Australia - Steve Bug
Give Up For Australia - TISM
Glory To Australia - John Williamson
H.M.A.S. Australia - Redgum
I Still Call Australia Home - Peter Allen
I Watched The Biggest Loser Australia - House Boat
It's Always Australia For Me - Olivia Newton-John
Let's Stomp Australia Way - Bee Gees
People Of Australia - Midnight Oil
Pride Of Australia - Cryptic Wintermoon
Sing Australia - John Denver
Sounds of Then (This Is Australia) - GANGgajang
South Australia - Seekers / Gaelic Storm/ The Pogues/ Three Kings/ Les Marins d'Iroise
The Banks Of Australia - Paddy Goes To Holyhead
United State Of Australia - Erasa
Why I'm From Australia? - Holly Valance with Kylie Minogue

BANGLADESH ... .....lys....
Bangladesh - George Harrison / Star Academy 7
Oh, Bangladesh - Dave Matthews
On A Ship To Bangladesh - Three Mile Pilot
Song Of Bangladesh - Joan Baez

BARBADOS ... ....lys............
Barbados - Typically Tropical
Barbados - Randy Owen
Barbados - Models
Barbados - Poco
Barbados - Elisa Jordana
Joshua Gone Barbados - Johnny Cash
To Hell Or Barbados - Damien Dempsey

BELGIUM ... .....lys..............
Bedlam In Belgium - AC/DC
Belgium - Ghost Mice
Belgium - Bowling For Soup
Belgium Is Dead - E-Lycit
Belgium Or Peru - Cuff The Duke .
Just Like Belgium - Elton John
Letter From Belgium - The Mountain Goats
The Voice Of Belgium - Irving Berlin

BRAZIL ... .................lys....
Boys From Brazil - Simple Minds
Brazil - Full Service
Brazil - The Doves
Brazil - Naked Earth
Brazil - Wire
Brazil - Chris De Burgh
Brazil - Lapush
Brazil - Cranes
Brazil - Chris Smither
Brazil - Fuel Fandango
Brazil - Frank Sinatra /Kate Bush /Rosemary Clooney /Johnny Mathis /Les Paul /Pink Martini
Brazil (Instrumental) - Cristina Donà
Brazil (When You Look In My Eyes) - DJ Dean
Brazil Second Edit - Deadmau5
Bury You In Brazil - Minuit
Canto A Brazil - Gipsy Kings
Cherry Love Brazil - Pony Pony Run Run
Dancer From Brazil - Citizen Cope
Drivin' Down Brazil - Donna Summer
England Vs. Brazil - The Montgomery Conspiracy
From Brazil With Love - Alcazar
Going To Brazil - The Mountain Goats
Going To Brazil - Motorhead
My Brazil - Matteo Gariselli
No More Brazil - Prevent Falls
Noise From Brazil - Overdose
Non-Stop to Brazil - Astrud Gilberto
One Summer Night In Brazil - Rippingtons
Orbit Brazil - Flying Lotus
Scream For Me, Brazil! - Demise Of Eros
Sea Brazil - Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
Summer In Brazil - Antonio Cipriani Project
The Boys From Brazil - The Pop Group
To Brazil! - Vengaboys
Trains To Brazil - Guillemots

BULGARIA ... ........lys...
Bulgaria - City
Hairy Bulgaria - The Dead Kenny Gs

CAMBODIA ... ...lys............
Cambodia - Joan Baez / Kim Wilde / Fragma / Pulsedriver / Apoptygma Berzerk
Cambodia - Limp Bizkit
Cambodia - Team Sleep
Cambodia [instrumental] - Scooter
Charlie Goes To Cambodia - The Lillingtons
Holiday In Cambodia - Dead Kennedys / Boy Sets Fire / Boysetsfire / Lääz Rockit
Postcards From Cambodia - Bruce Cockburn
Radio Cambodia - Glassjaw

CANADA ... .......lys......
Blame Canada - Robin Williams / South Park
Bridge To Canada - Noisettes
Bridge To Canada - Braid
Canada - Heidi Happy
Canada - The Field Mice
Canada - Peter And The Wolf
Canada - Milow
Canada - Devin Townsend
Canada - Prizes
Canada - Dan Hill
Canada - Themselves & Why?
Canada - Andrew Osenga
Canada - Deerpeople
Canada Coast - Elsa
Canada Day - Emperor X
Canada Geese - Gordon Downie
Canada Has Better Heroin - NOFX
Canada In Springtime - The Free Design
Canada Is Pissed - No Means No
Canada Is Really Big - Captain Tractor
Canada Oh Canada - My Summer As A Salvation Soldier
Canada Shakespeare Canada - Hewhocorrupts
Canada Square - Basement
Canada Vs America - Broken Social Scene
Canada Will Rock Again Someday - D Team
Canada's Favourite Sport - Subhumans
Canada's Really Big - The Arrogant Worms
Damien Come To Canada - Sammops
Dear Canada - Mike Park
Hockey Night In Canada - Naturally 7
I'm Drinking Canada Dry - Flying Burrito Brothers
Lakes Of Canada - Stephanie Dosen
Moving To Canada - Cloud Cult
My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada - Avenue Q
No Canada - Self Serve
O Canada - Boston / Big Sugar/ Chantal Kreviazuk / Angelica
O Canada Girls - Dar Williams
Oh Canada - The Blow
Oh Canada - Kathleen Edwards
Oh, Canada - The Hereafter
Oh, Canada - Five Iron Frenzy
Oh... Canada - Classified
Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights In Canada) - John Denver
Squeegee Night In Canada - Dayglo Abortions
The Canada Song - D.B.S.
The Green Fields of America (or Canada) - The Chieftains
The Lakes Of Canada - The Innocence Mission
The Roads Are Long In Canada - Bob Franke
Trans Canada - The Constantines
Trans-Canada Highway - Gene Pitney
Upper Canada Fight Song - Kepler
Waiting In Canada - Jann Arden
You Can't Say Cunt In Canada - Kevin Bloody Wilson

CEYLON ... .............lys.............
Ceylon - Madita
Ceylon City - Cat Stevens

CHAD ... ....lys.......
Chad! - Clusteryiff
Chad Impossible - Emo Side Project
Chad Valley - Finley Quaye
Chad's Favorite Song - Defiance, Ohio
Hats Off To Chad Harper - Veltexans
Hero (Chad Kroeger) - Spiderman Soundtrack / Nickelback
O Chad - Allie Hughes
The Chad Who Loved Me - Mansun
The Stupid Chad - Name Taken

CHILE ... ........lys.......
Burn Chile - Beth Hart
Chile - Toad The Wet Sprocket
Chile Your Waters Run Red Through Soweto - Billy Bragg
Estadio Chile - Arlo Guthrie / Pete Seeger
Feral Chile - The Acorn
Highway Chile -Jimi Hendrix Experience
Honey Chile - Martha Reeves / Dick Hyman / Jackson 5 / Whitney Wolanin
Honey Chile - Lucinda Williams / Fats Domino
Pretty Girl From Chile - The Avett Brothers
Torture Chile - Abstract Artimus
Ugly Chile (You're Some Pretty Doll) - Johnny Mercer
Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix Experience
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix Experience / Gary Moore / Stevie Ray Vaughan / Frank Marino
When I Was A Chile - Makana

CHINA ... ............lys.........
(I'd Like to Get You on a) Slow Boat to China - Loesser Frank / Jimmy Buffett / Bette Midler / Emile Ford
A Place In China (Heaven's Not) - Camouflage
All The Tea In China - Peter Mayer
Berlin To China - Record
Big Dick In Little China - Abysmal Crucifix
Big Trouble In Little China - Municipal Waste
Black Head China Man - Prince Buster
Bone China - Pat MacDonald / 50 Foot Wave
Bone China - Pearl Jam / Mother Love Bone
Bone China - Kristin Hersh
Broken China - Minus The Bear
Bull In A China Shop - Barenaked Ladies
Bull In A China Shop - Honor Bright
Bull In A China Shop - Eye Empire
Bull In A China Shop - Grace Potter And The Nocturnals
C In China - Confetti's
Cheatin' Chick Form China - The Toy Dolls
China - Paul Kantner / Celebration
China - Red Rockers / Cowboy Mouth
China - Ongkara
China - Joan Baez
China - Sparkadia
China - Ian Hunter
China - Dark Mean
China - Nikki Jean
China - Bob Welch
China - Sammy Hagar
China - Tori Amos
China - Chris Holmes
China - Greg Brown
China - Cracker
China Airline - Matt the Electrician
China Belle - Brian May
China Bird - Patti Smith
China Blue - Julia Fordham
China Blue - Fancy
China Cat Sunflower - Grateful Dead
China China - Nana Mouskouri
China Crisis - Hefner
China De Sade - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
China Doll - George Hamilton IV / The Ames Brother / Ames Brothers
China Doll - Lana Del Rey
China Doll - Slim Whitman
China Doll - Birdeatsbaby
China Doll - Breach Of Trust
China Doll - Raine Maida
China Doll - Bruce Hornsby
China Doll - Jenny Bruce
China Doll Tragedy - Color Me Valiant
China Dolls - Pistolita
China Girl - David Bowie / Iggy Pop
China Girl - John Mellencamp / John Cougar / Moogue
China Girl - The 411
China Girl - James
China Go-Go - Doug Anthony All Stars
China Grove - The Doobie Brothers
China Gum - Riva Starr
China Head - Union Youth
China Heart - Sophie Ellis Bextor
China In Your Hand - T'pau / Amelia Lily
China In Your Hand - Fusion / Patric Scott
China Lady - Accept
China Love - Janet Jackson
China Man Vs Chinagirl - Benjamin Schoos
China My China - Brian Eno
China On A Sunday - Buzz Poets
China Part Breakdown - Curl Up And Die
China Pig - Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band / White Stripes
China Roses - Enya
China Shoes - Blondie
China Shop - Morgan and the Hidden Hands
China Shop Taurus - Jehst
China Silk - Live On Release
China Song - Craig Agans
China Song - Gilbert Bécaud
China Soul - Camp Lo
China Sunrise - Alpha Rev
China Syndrome - The Eternal Afflict
China Town - Van Halen
China Town - The Vandals
China Town - Folk Soul Revival
China Town - Speeed
China Town - Migos
China White - Scorpions
China White - Little Feat
China White - Dog Fashion Disco
China White - Volition
China White - Wang Lee Hom
China White - Barnabas
China White - Classic Case / He Is Legend
China Wine - Geisha ft. Elephant Man, Wyclief Jean & Tony Matterhorn
Communist China - Japan
Copenhagan China Box - James Kochalka
Crafted In China - Plans And Apologies
Crawl To China - Tourniquet
Fear Of The China Syndrome - Nasum
Fiesta China - Koko
Finale: Not For All The Rice In China - Irving Berlin
Fine China - Pitbull / Donnell Shawn / Marc Motzer / Chris Brown
From China With Love - Prize Fighter Inferno
Here 2 China - Dizzee Rascal ft Dillon Francis & Calvin Harris
Hole In My Heart (All The Way To China) - Cyndi Lauper
I Lost My Heart In China - Disney's Mulan / Man Doki
In China, Said The Moon... - Stephin Merritt
Indo China - Crucifix
Jupiter But I Want To Go To China - Casual Wish
Like China - Phil Collins
Liu Kang, Born In China - The Immortals
Living In China - Men Without Hats
Lonely Tears In China Town - Modern Talking
Made In China - Kyshera
Maid In China - Epo-555
Masters In China - Priscilla Ahn
Midnite In China - Warlock
Next Train To China - The Priory Of Sion
Oil For The Lamps Of China - Listening Pool
Old China - John Cale
Princess Of China - Coldplay / Rihanna
Slow Hole To China - Clutch
Slowcar To China - Gary Numan
So Long China - Winger
Somewhere Over China - Jimmy Buffett
South China Moon - Bishop Allen
Standing In China - Cody Simpson
The Boy Made Out Of Bone China - King Missile
The Empress Of China - Dory Previn
The Fog or China - Man Man
The Great Wall Of China - Billy Joel
The King Of China's Daughter - Natalie Merchant
The Train To China - The Tear Garden
Theme of China Gate [Instrumental] - Anu Malik
To China With Love - Mando Diao
Visions of China - Icicle Works
Wall Of China/One Man - Runrig
Weeping China Doll - Steve Vai
White China - Ultravox
White China Doll - Behind Crimson Eyes
White China March - Thomas Hunter and White China Gold
Winter In China - Mike Heron

COLOMBIA ... ....lys.........
Colombia - Local Natives
Colombia - Young Scooter
Colombia - Troy Ave
Colombia Goes Down - Crown Atlantic
England 2 Colombia 0 - Kirsty MacColl
Pure Colombia - Lil' Wayne

CONGO ... ........lys......
Ah Congo - Damon Albarn
Bingo Bongo, I Don't Want To Leave The Congo - Milking The Goatmachine
Congo - Genesis
Congo Lullaby - Paul Robeson / Comedian Harmonists
Congo Man - Billy Idol
Congo Sky - Tribe After Tribe
Congo Square - Sonny Landreth
Congo Square - Teena Marie
Congo Square - Great White
Down In Congo Square - Zachary Richard
Holiday in Congo - Rainbow Arabia
The Last Dinosaur In Congo - Dune

COSTA RICA ... ....lys...
Costa Rica - Prawn
Costa Rica - Kristin Hersh
Costa Rica - The Arrogants
Costa Rica - Jakob Dylan

CUBA ... ......lys........
Calling Cuba - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
Cuba - Dock Boggs
Cuba - Gibson Brothers
Cuba Dive - Ashes of Pompeii
Cuba Libre - Gloria Estefan
Cuba Libre - Aqua
Cuba Libre - Gigi D'Agostino
Cuba Rhumba - Hank Snow
Cuba/Peru - Rah Rah .
Going Down To Cuba - Jackson Browne
Living Through Another Cuba - XTC
Represent, Cuba - Orishas ft. Heather Headley
Rip Cuba Gooding Jr. - If Hope Dies
Surprise! I'm From Cuba, Everyone Has One Brain - Dance Gavin Dance
Thanks To Cuba Gooding Jr. - Faster Faster
The Boys From Cuba - JFK-where is the vision? The Rock Opera

CURACAO ... ...lys..............
Curacao Blue - Mansions

CYPRUS ... ...lys..............
Cyprus Avenue - Van Morrison
The Death Of Cyprus - Mariza Koch

DENMARK ... ...lys..............
Blood Over Denmark - No Privacy
Denmark - The Ocean Blue
Denmark - Jay Brannan
Denmark [instrumental] - The Chemical Brothers
Denmark 1943 - Fred Small
Denmark Street - The Kinks
Denmark Vesey - Through Possession
Flight 717: Going To Denmark - The Mountain Goats
Girls of Denmark - Eric Andersen
Now She Sleeps In A Box In The Good Soil Of Denmark - David & The Citizens
Queen of Denmark - John Grant / Sinead O'Connor
The Most High And Mighty Christianus The Fourth, King Of Denmark, His Galliard - Sting

EGYPT ... ...lys..............
10 Plagues Of Egypt - Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards
A Man Come Into Egypt - Peter, Paul and Mary
Ancient Egypt - The Orwells
Brothers Come To Egypt - Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Charlie Chan In Egypt - Michael Franks .
Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt - These Hearts
East Of Egypt - PostScriptum
Egypt - Kate Bush
Egypt - Valhalla
Egypt - Mercyful Fate
Egypt - This AM Static
Egypt - Tuxedomoon
Egypt - Raise Up Roof Beams
Egypt - Symphony X
Egypt (The Chains Are On) - Dio
Egypt Love Trance - Howard Jones
Egypt, I Am Dying - Scarred By Beauty
Egypt, The Red Earth - Necronomicon
Finland Red Egypt White - The Sisterhood / Sisters of Mercy
Freedom (Song For Egypt) - Wyclef Jean
Gods Of Egypt - Sunseth Sphere
Joseph In Egypt (Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Like Egypt Was - Michael Penn
Lillian, Egypt - Josh Ritter .
Little Egypt - Elvis Presley
Little Egypt Wavy - Robert Raimon Roy
Man Come Into Egypt - Peter, Paul & Mary
Memphis, Egypt - Jon Langford .
New Egypt - Spiral Stairs
New Egypt - Rocking Chairs / Graziano Romani
Nights Over Egypt - The Jones Girls
Nights Over Egypt - Incognito
Nine Plagues Of Egypt - Mystic Circle
Out Of Egypt - Betraying The Martyrs
Painting Pictures Of Egypt - Sara Groves
Plagues Of Egypt - Amenophiis
Princess Of Egypt - E-Type
Queen Of Egypt - Supreme Majesty
Return To Egypt - Amaseffer
So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt - Keith Green
Spirits Of Ancient Egypt - Paul McCartney
Sue Egypt - Captain Beefheart .
The Egypt Room - Richard Thompson
Trip To Egypt Intro - Star Murphy
ZZ Top Goes to Egypt [Instrumental] - Camper Van Beethoven

EL SALVADOR ... ......lys.
El Salvador - Red Tape
El Salvador - Peter, Paul & Mary
El Salvador - Joan Baez / Jackson Browne
El Salvador - Athlete
El Salvador - White Lion
El Salvador - Christy Moore
El Salvador (The Saviour) - Phil Joel
Song For El Salvador - Minutemen
Wish I Was In El Salvador - Jello Biafra / D.O.A

ESTONIA ... ...lys..........
Estonia - Marillion

ETHIOPIA ... ........lys.....
Ethiopia - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ethiopia - Joni Mitchell
Ethiopia - Forgotten Rebels
Ethiopia [Instrumental] - The Band AKA /
Ethiopia We're Coming Home - Peter Broggs
Radio Ethiopia / Abyssinia - Patti Smith

Europa - Santana
European Son - The Velvet Underground .
Sister Europe - Psychedelic Furs .

FIJI ... ........lys....
Fiji Baby - Goodshirt
Fiji Cooking - Heavy Hawaii
Fiji Mermaid - mewithoutYou
Let's Go To Fiji - Two Hand Fools
Weapons Of Fiji - 7000 Dying Rats
You Were My Fiji - John Vanderslice

FINLAND... .......lys......
Don't Move To Finland - Deltahead
Finland - Dark Mean
Finland - Monty Python
Finland - Cult Of Luna
Finland (Suomi) - Cultured Pearls
Finland Anthem (Finnland) - Nationalhymne
Finland Red Egypt White - The Sisterhood / Sisters of Mercy
Life in the Finland Woods [Instrumental] - Benny Martin / Buddy Spicher
Little Finland - The City and Horses
My Mama Came From Finland - Byn
Shores Of Finland - Doomsword
Tom Of Finland - Cat Rapes Dog.
Uncle Tom's Of Finland - 7000 Dying Rats

FRANCE ... .............lys....
Air France - Blueboy
Back To France - Another Tale
Ca Sent Si Bon La France - Maurice Chevalier
Cam Ye O'er Frae France - Barbara Dickson / Steeleye Span
Fields Of France - Al Stewart
France - Ghost Mice
France - The Libertines
France - Kimya Dawson
France - Grateful Dead
France - Nicole Reynolds
Genius In France - Weird Al Yankovic
Gentils Galants De France - Luc Arbogast
Get To France - Groove Coverage
God Save La France - Pendentif
Going To France - Mountain Goats, The
Goodbye France - Irving Berlin
Green Fields Of France - High Kings (The)
Greenfields Of France - Angelic Upstarts
Half Past France - John Cale
Holiday In France - Lofofora
Holidays In France - Susheela Raman
I See France - Welcome Home Travis
I'm From France - Girls Against Boys
In France - Frank Zappa
In France They Kiss On Main Street - Joni Mitchell
Lost In France - Bonnie Tyler
Made In France - France Gall
New France - Orbital
Paddy's Gone To France / Skylark (medley) - The Dubliners
Paris France - Lords Of Acid
Racetrack In France - Gil Scott-Heron And Brian Jackson
Scenes From France - The Promise Ring
Snow Cherries From France - Tori Amos
Some Town In Northern France - Zatopeks
Somewhere In France - Inouk
South France - Chris Paulson
South Of France - The Windowsill
South Of France - Jamie Randolph
Sudden Death In France - Facing The Porch
Superstar In France - Lambchop
The Green Fields Of France - John McDermott/Celtic Thunder/Dropkick Murphys/Paddy Goes To Holyhead
The Isle Of France - John Wesley Harding
The Ripper Tramp From France - Macabre
This Town Ain't Paris, France You Know - Kevin M. Kirker
To France - Mike Oldfield / Kim Wilde / Maggie Reilly / Blind Guardian /et al
Tour De France - Nathalie Nordnes
War In France - Perry Blake
We Should Go To France - Urban Cone
When A Movie Is Made In France It's Called Cinemas - Castevet
You Say France And I'll Whistle - Van Morrison

GAMBIA ... .....lys.........
Everyone Loves The Gambia - Jayzik

GEORGIA ... ....................lys
20 Miles To Georgia - Josh Kelley
All The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Jonathan Rado
Barrels In Georgia - Crash The Satellites
Burn, Georgia, Burn - Alabama
Catherine and Georgia - David Roth
For Georgia - Razorlight
From A Georgia Battlefield - Balsam Range
Georgia - Field Mob / Ludacris / Disturbing Tha Peace
Georgia - A Rose By Any Other Name
Georgia - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Georgia - Joshua Fletcher And The Six-shot Romance
Georgia - Ashlee Hewitt
Georgia - Wayne Bergeron
Georgia - DJ & Christian
Georgia - Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Georgia - Jackie Greene
Georgia - Cee Lo Green
Georgia - Hanson
Georgia - Elton John
Georgia - The District
Georgia - Yuck
Georgia - Cartel
Georgia - Boz Scaggs
Georgia - Nivea
Georgia - Bubba Sparxxx
Georgia - Cunninlynguists
Georgia - Werewolves
Georgia - Far-Less
Georgia - Alex Day
Georgia Bind My Ties - Poco
Georgia Blues - Ethel Waters / Leon Russell.
Georgia Bound - The Boro Boogie Pickers
Georgia Breeze - Wilder Adkins
Georgia Brown - G. Love And Special Sauce
Georgia Brown - Kasey Chambers
Georgia Clay - Josh Kelley .
Georgia Concrete Revival - Jump, Little Children
Georgia Dome - Ying Yang Twins
Georgia East - Jandek
Georgia Georgia - Elliott Smith
Georgia Girl - Collective Soul
Georgia Girl - Bluegrass
Georgia Girls - Diamond And Princess / Crime Mob
Georgia Guilt - Courtney Marie Andrews
Georgia In A Jug - Johnny Paycheck / Blake Shelton
Georgia Lee - Tom Waits .
Georgia Lee Brown - The Cramps .
Georgia Moon - Zach Lockwood
Georgia Moon On Fire - Greg Holland
Georgia Nights - Dolla
Georgia O'keeffe - Ellis Paul
Georgia On A Fast Train - Billy Joe Shaver
Georgia On My Mind - Hoagy Carmichael/Ray Charles/Louis Armstrong/Glenn Miller/Lester Young/Michael Bublé/....et al
Georgia Peach - Rasheeda
Georgia Peaches - Larry Sparks
Georgia Peaches - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Georgia Peaches - Lauren Alaina
Georgia Pine - Echolyn
Georgia Plains (Holy Grounds) - Witchdoctor
Georgia Rain - Trisha Yearwood
Georgia Rhythm - Atlanta Rhythm Section
Georgia Rose - Tony Bennett / Queen Latifah
Georgia Skin - Memphis Minnie
Georgia Slop - Nighthawks / Los Lobos
Georgia Stockade - The Kingston Trio
Georgia Take Me To The Sea - Jaguar Love
Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo - Yo La Tengo
Georgia Warhorse - Jj Grey & Mofro
Georgia Woods - Keith Urban
Georgia's Most Wanted - Gucci Mane
Georgia, Can You Hear Me? - Street To Nowhere
Georgia... Bush - Lil Wayne & Dj Drama
Going Back To Georgia - Nanci Griffith / Bill & Bonnie Hearne
Going To Georgia - The Mountain Goats
Heads In Georgia - JJ Cale / Eric Clapton
Hell's Broke Loose In Georgia - Bryan Sutton
Letters To Georgia - Buffalo Gospel
Lonely Night In Georgia - Marc Broussard
Long Way From Georgia - Ryan Bingham
Macon, Georgia County Line - Ryan Adams
Marching Through Georgia - Old Crow Medicine Show
Midnight Train To Georgia - Gladys Knight & the Pips/Cissy Houston / Neil Diamond /et al
My Little Georgia Rose - Bill Monroe
On My Way To Georgia - Nappy Roots
Out Of Reach And (Georgia) Peach - The Front Runner
Picking Time In Georgia - Jimmy Rogers
Rainy Night In Georgia - Brook Benton/ Ray Charles/ Otis Rush/ Little Milton/ Hank Williams Jr/ John Holt/et al
Ramblin` Wreck From Georgia Tech - Gregory Peck
Red, White And Blue Night In Georgia - Melissa Jones
Sleepy Time Down South Medley: When It's Sleepytime Down South/Georgia - Joe Fingers Webster
Sodom, South Georgia - Iron & Wine
South Georgia Sugar Babe - Justin Townes Earle
Start Over Georgia - Collin Raye
State Of Georgia - State Radio
Sweet Georgia Brown - Ethel Waters/Django Reinhardt/ Ella Fitzgerald/Anita O'Day/Ray Charles/Count Basie Band/et al
Sweet Georgia Girls - Mac Powell
Tall Trees In Georgia - Eva Cassidy
The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band / The Levellers / Toy Dolls / Primus / KMC Kru /et al
The Little Grave In Georgia - Charlie Louvin
The Moon Over Georgia - Shenandoah
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia - Vicki Lawrence / Reba McEntire
Through Hell and Half of Georgia - Still I Rise
Ticket Back To Georgia - Head East
Two Miles Out Of Georgia - Suzi Quatro
Walkin' Back To Georgia - Jim Croce
We Dem Georgia Boyz - Pastor Troy
What About Georgia - Miranda Lambert
When the Sun Goes Down in Georgia - Corey Smith
Why Georgia - John Mayer

GERMANY ... .......lys .....
1, 2, 3... Rhymes Galore (From New York To Germany) - Dj Tomekk
All The Best Wooden Toys Come From Germany [instrumental] - Brendan Canning
Backwards Over Germany - Fireside
Countrymusic Made In Germany - Joe Hodgkins
Cruisin' Southern Germany - Golden Earring
Died In Germany - Morten Abel
Different Germany - Jethro Tull / Ian Anderson
Elvis in Germany (Let's Celebrate!) - Gessle
England 5 - Germany 1 - The Business
Germany - Ghost Mice
Germany - Sloppy Seconds
Germany - Zeromancer
Germany - Bleeding Through
Germany - O Desolation
Germany Rocks - Sinner
Germany's Next Death Metal - Debauchery
Girl From Germany - The Sparks
Godarchy in Germany - Christcore
Goodbye, Germany - And One
Happy Days In Germany - bernd Spier
High Germany - The Dubliners / Tersive
High Germany - Cherish The Ladies
I Think About Germany And The End Of The World - Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
Impossible Germany - Wilco
In Germany Before the War - Randy Newman / The Extra Lens / Marianne Faithfull
Lost In Germany - King's X
Made In Germany - Bad Co. Project
No Heaven Over Germany - Endstille
Roads of Germany - Bob Geldof / Boomtown Rats
She Went To Germany - Violent Femmes
South Of Germany - Paul Kelly
Southern Germany - Richard Clapton
Tales From Germany - ActionMen
Telephone Radio Germany - The Kills
To Germany With Love - Alphaville
Under the Nights of Germany [Instrumental] - Act
Welcome To Germany - SS-Kaliert
West Germany - Minutemen
White Car In Germany - The Associates
Wind Wind Germany - Ryan Viscito / Victory Shoes
Zwei Mädchen Aus Germany - Paul Anka

GHANA ... ......lys...
Birth Of Ghana - Calipson
Ghana Emotion - Omar
Ghana Homage - Pigeon John
Pound Power Ghana Fufu Acoustic - Dell

Allone In Greece - Nicole
Greece - Clinker
Greece [instrumental] - George Harrison
In The Summer Sun Of Greece - A la Carte
One Night in Greece - David Rovics
Payed Vacation: Greece [Instrumental] - Camper Van Beethoven

GRENADA ... ........lys.........
Grenada - New Crystal Dolls
Grenada - Kind Of Like Spitting

GUATEMALA ... ......lys.....
Guatemala - Moss Icon
Guatemala Guatemala - Squallor
The Flowers Of Guatemala - R.E.M.

GUINEA ... ........lys............
Devil's Little Guinea Pig - Random Hand
Guinea - Gepe
Guinea Pig 2 - Mike Patton
Guinea Tea - Jewlia Eisenberg
Human Guinea Pig - Suicidal Tendencies
Human Guinea Pigs - Victim's Family
The Gospel Comes To New Guinea - 23 Skido

GUYANA ... .......lys.....
Guyana - Sean Kingston
Guyana Cult Of The Damned - Manowar
Guyana Punch - The Judys
Letter From Guyana - Spiritual Front
The Day Of Guyana - Agent Steel

HAITI ... .........lys........
Ay Haiti! - David Rudder
Da Kid from Haiti Interlude - Fugees
Don't Be A Playa, Haiti - Rucka Rucka Ali
Haiti - Radon
Haiti - Christy Moore
Haiti - Arcade Fire
Horrorday In Haiti - Gorerotted
I Left My Hat in Haiti - Fred Astaire / Woody Herman / Bobby Short
Let's Go To Haiti - The Exit
Little Haiti - Zoe Pound
Lost In Haiti Freestyle - Dj Whookid
Ride For My Haiti - Fat Joe
Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour) - Rihanna, Jay-Z, Bono and The Edge

HOLY SEE ... .............lys.
The Crown And The Holy See - The Famine


HONG KONG ... .................lys......
Café Hong Kong - Future Bible Heroes
Calling Hong Kong - Supernova
Colonel Hong Kong - J Church
Countess From Hong Kong - The Velvet Underground
Hong Kong - Screamin' Jay Hawkins / Gorillaz
Hong Kong - Epithets
Hong Kong Baby - Poxy
Hong Kong Bar - Tim Buckley
Hong Kong Blues - Hoagy Carmichael / George Harrison / Les Colocs
Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu - Cornershop
Hong Kong Boy - Tom Russell
Hong Kong Cemetry - Johnny Flynn
Hong Kong Fury - The Datsuns
Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Hong Kong Heartbreak (Sketch) - The Notorious MSG
Hong Kong Lullaby - I Am Kloot
Hong Kong Mambo - Tito Puente
Hong Kong, Mississippi - Bo Diddley
Hong Kong Money - Dr. Feelgood
Hong Kong Phooey - Sublime
Hong-kong Gardens - Uffie
Hong-kong Star - France Gall
Meet Me In Hong Kong - Plajia
My Father In Hong Kong - Gold Panda
Sheriff Of Hong Kong - The Captain Beefheart
The Hong Kong Cinema - Sajama Cut
The Hong Kong Triad - Thievery Corporation

... ............lys...............
F.O.O.D. AKA Aren't You Hungary? - Reggie & The Full Effect
Going To Hungary - Mountain Goats (The)

ICELAND ... .........lys........
Iceland - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Iceland - Mastodon
Iceland - Caravels
Iceland - Elizabeth Anka Vajagic
Iceland - Before God
Iceland - Vacabou
Iceland - The Fall
Iceland - The Uglysuit
Iceland Sword - Landguard
Long Iceland Ice Tea - Jonesmann
Mum's Gone To Iceland - Bennet
Reprise: Iceland Spar - The Tempest Armada

INDONESIA ... ........lys...
Indonesia - August Burns Red
Indonesia - Hieroglyphics
Indonesia - Amos Lee
Indonesia (instrumental) - Above & Beyond
Made In Indonesia - Self Serve

INDIA ... ...................lys........
A Machine In India - The Flaming Lips
A Song Of India - Sarah Brightman
Air India - Pooh
Away In India - The Doors
Back To India - Victor Wooten
East India Lanes - The Decemberists
Going To India - Boy Hits Car
I Love My India - Pardes
In India You - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
In The Times Of India (Bombay Valentine) - Jethro Tull
India - Corey Hart
India - X-Ray Spex
India - Eric Benet
India - Tim Christensen
India - Good Morning June
India - Tony Martin
India - Charm Farm
India - Xandria
India - Georg Danzer
India - Benet Eric
India - Puressence
India - The Pyschedelic Furs
India - Sadist
India (Instrumental) - Joe Walsh
India (Instrumental) - Roxy Music
India Action - Jesper Kyd
India Electric - Spirit Spine
India Ink - 311
India Rubber - Radiohead
India's Song - India Arie
Jesus Loves India - Project: Bad
Kissing In India - Courtney Seven
Little India - Deacon Blue
Mary's In India - Dido
Movie Over India - Apache Indian
Pink India - Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
Taste Of India - Aerosmith
The India Song - Big Star
To India's Shores - Serenity
United Provinces Of India - Cornershop
Way In India - Magic Weapon
Your Way To India - Sandra

IRAN ... ............lys.............
Another Iran Song - Country Joe Mcdonald
I Left My Heart In Iran - Forgotten Rebels
Iran - HighasaKite
Iran Scam - Infest
Iran So Far - The Lonely Island
Ska Of Iran - The Planet Smashers

IRAQ ... ..........lys........
Another Christmas In Iraq - Tom Flannery
Back To Iraq - Gwar
Letter From Iraq - Bouncing Souls
The Empire Strikes Iraq - Closet Monster

IRELAND ... .........lys....
A Little Bit of Heaven (Shure They Call It Ireland) - Allan Bruce
Bury Me In Ireland - The Dollyrots
Fair Ireland - Peter, Paul & Mary
Farewell To Ireland - The Dubliners
Farewell To Ireland (Instrumental) - Croquants
Give Ireland Back To The Irish - Paul McCartney
God Save Ireland - Paddy Goes To Holyhead / Irische Lieder
Goodbye Ireland - Erin Hay
Great Gaels Of Ireland - Damien Dempsey
I Am Of Ireland - Rua
I Hate Ben Ireland - The Electrician
I Would Bring You Ireland - Nanci Griffith
Ireland - Dredg
Ireland - Marianne Faithfull
Ireland - Shannon Murray
Ireland - Donna Lewis
Ireland - Mu330
Ireland - Tori Amos
Ireland - Garth Brooks
Ireland - Dar Williams
Ireland - Ghost Mice
Ireland Fortune Market - Little By Little
Ireland Her Own - Dick Gaughan
Ireland Sun - Rudimentary Peni
Ireland You Are Free - The Bollox
Ireland's Call - Celtic Thunder
Ireland's Shore - The High Kings
Ireland, Tonight - Fun Size
Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose in Ireland - Kay Kyser
Last Eyes Of Ireland - Camel
Me And Dick's Trip To Ireland - Tim O'Brien
My Sisters Return From Ireland - The Innocence Mission
No Ocean In Ireland - Brendan Rivera
Northern Ireland - Culture Shock
Say Ireland - Gilbert O'Sullivan
So Cold In Ireland - The Cranberries
Something About Ireland - Deacon Blue
Song For Ireland - Ian Cussick / Mary Black
Song For Ireland - Fern Knight
Song For Northern Ireland - Shawn Phillips
Song Of Ireland - Eddie Rabbitt
There Will Always Be An Ireland - The Mountain Goats
They Wounded Old Ireland - Andy M. Stewart
Train To Ireland - Howl At The Moon
Warriors Of Ireland - Fferyllt
Why Are We Still In Ireland? - Chumbawamba
Women Of Ireland - Mike Oldfield

ISRAEL ... .............lys............
Air Israel - As Long As We're All Living, We're All Dying
Fishing Bottles In The Middle Of A Lake, Akko, Israel - Arnoux
Great Shephard Of Thine Israel - Isaac Watts
Hope Of Israel - Michael W. Smith
Israel - Henry Rollins
Israel - Liana Bumstead
Israel - Bee Gees
Israel - Newsboys
Israel - Cinderella effect
Israel - Nouvelle Vague
Israel - Birmingham 6
Israel And Palestine: A Solution - Nanook Of The North .
Israel Hands - Sullivan
Israel Want to Be Free - The Ethiopians
Israel's King - Cocoa Tea
Israel's Son - Silverchair
Land Of Israel - Johnny Cash
Last Words of Israel - The Barely Legal
The Invasion Of Israel - Saviour Machine
The Temple Of Israel - Alpha III
Train To Israel - Step Lively
When Israel Was In Egyp´s Land - Gospelsongs
Wrestling Israel - The Flobots

ITALY ... ............lys.............
A Little Italy Rag - The Amazing Rhythm Aces
An Allusion To Italy - On The Might Of Princes
And From Thence I Had Great Desire To See Italy - Sting
B.T.B.W. North Italy - White Skull
Dream In Italy - Captain Chaos
Gunz From Italy - Club Dogo
Hey Italy - Halifax
I'll Take You Back To Italy - Irving Berlin
If You Really Come To Italy - Mao
Italy - Ghost Mice
Italy - Akron/Family
Italy - Julia Fordham
Italy! - Duende
Italy VS Helsinki - Laakso
Italy's Most Wanted - Flaminio Maphia
Little Italy - Little Comets
Mad In Italy - Mister.Y
My Stomach Is The Most Violent Of All Of Italy - Asia Argento
Postcards From Italy - Beirut / Florence And The Machine
Princess of Little Italy - Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul
Streets Of Little Italy - Bonnie Tyler
Take Me To Italy - Marie Moreshead
USA For Italy - Squallor
What If We Went To Italy - Mary Chapin Carpenter

JAMAICA ... ..............lys........
Air Jamaica - Cosculluela
Almost Jamaica - Bellamy Brothers
B.I.G. Live In Jamaica (Intro) - Notorious BIG
Christmas In Jamaica - Shaggy / Toni Braxton
Christmas In Jamaica - Janey Clewer
Come To Jamaica - Uncommonmenfrommars
Doctor Sails To Jamaica - Askers
Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica) - Mariah Carey ft. Mystikal
Down In Jamaica - Burning Spear
Funkin' For Jamaica - Tom Browne
Going To Jamaica - Mountain Goats (The)
Here In Jamacia - Bunny Wailer
How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica - Tracy Byrd
Inna Jamaica - Mellow Mood
Jamaica - Van She
Jamaica - Vybz Kartel
Jamaica - Theme Park
Jamaica - Elephant Man
Jamaica - Jah Cure
Jamaica - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Jamaica - Bobby Caldwell
Jamaica And The Wishing Shrine - Agent Ribbons
Jamaica Baby - Howard Carpendale
Jamaica Blue - Michelle
Jamaica Days - Skye
Jamaica Farewell - Harry Belafonte/Sir Lancelot/Jimmy Buffett/Sam Cooke/Pat Rolle/Carly Simon/Sting/et al
Jamaica Inn - Tori Amos
Jamaica Jerk - Right Said Fred
Jamaica Jerk Off - Elton John
Jamaica Love - Busy Signal
Jamaica Next - The Movielife
Jamaica No Problem - Tihuana
Jamaica Plain - Kurt Winikka
Jamaica Reggae - Los Pericos
Jamaica Say You Will - Jackson Browne / The Byrds
Jamaica Ska - Desmond Dekker
Jamaica Sunday Morning - Kim Carnes
Jamaica Will Break Your Heart - Little Feat
Jamaica's Alright If You Like Homophobes - NOFX
Joke About Jamaica - The Hold Steady
Kingston, Jamaica - DJ Khaled .
Move Up Jamaica - Freddie McGregor
Music Makers From Jamaica - The Gladiators
Music Of Jamaica - Dubplate 48
My Jamaica Collie - Max Romeo
Smile Jamaica - Bob Marley
Somewhere In Jamaica - Alyssa Milano
Sun Of Jamaica - Goombay Dance Band
Sweet Home Town Jamaica - The Toasters
Sweet Jamaica - Cat Stevens
Sweet Jamaica - Mr. Vegas ft Shaggy & Josey Wales
Sweet Jamaica - Inner Circle

Sweet Sweet Jamaica - George Nooks
Take Me To Jamaica - Ziggy Marley
Take Me to Jamaica - Toots Hibbert
The Devil Went Down To Jamaica - David Allen Coe
The Sexiest Man In Jamaica - Mint Royale
Uncle John From Jamaica - Vengaboys.
Wanted In Jamaica - KMC
What If Jamaica - Alborosie
You're My Jamaica - Charley Pride

JAPAN ... .............lys............
Back from Japan - Ecid

Big In Japan - Tom Waits
Big In Japan - Martin Solveig
Big In Japan - Alphaville / Keren Ann / Guano Apes
Big in Japan - Supreme / Promoe
Come Back To Japan - David Hallyday
Discovering Japan - Graham Parker
Draw Japan - The Horrors
Dreaming of Japan - Andy McCoy
Dreams Of Japan - Lackluster Life
Farmers In Japan - Thus Owls
Ghost Over Japan - From A Second Story Window
Going To Japan - The Mountain Goats
Hello Japan - A Blue Ocean Dream
I Love Japan - Tornado
I Love You Japan - Mr. Big
I'm Afraid Of Japan - Final Fantasy
I'm In Japan - Junesex
I've Got A Lover (Back In Japan) - Eurythmics
In Japan - Northern Lite
Initial U Japan - Sailor Moon
It Came From Japan - The Von Bondies
Japan - Siddharta
Japan - The Presidents Of The USA
Japan - The Lonely Island
Japan - Whitney Wiatt
Japan - Vertical Horizon
Japan - Cocorosie
Japan [Instrumental] - Giovanni Allevi
Japan Cakes - Riot
Japan Camera - Everything Was Perfect
Japan in a Dishpan - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
Japan It! - Ludo
Japan Man - Silly Kissers
Japan Sut Gua - My Little Airport
Japan Window - The Holidays
Japan's War Crime - Unholy Grave
Letters From Japan - Flux A.d
Little Japan - Los Lobos
Love Letter To Japan - The Bird And The Bee
Lovers In Japan / Reign Of Love - Coldplay
Made In Japan - Buck Owens & His Buckaroos
Made In Japan - The Great Kat
Moon Over Japan - Ghost Beach
Mountain Trip To Japan, 1959 - The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Move To Japan - The Band
Mr. Japan - Guided By Voices.
Murder Kills Japan - Ten Falls Forth
Once Upon A Rhyme In Japan - Nigo
Scientists In Japan - Sara Groves
Somewhere Near Japan - The Beach Boys
Southland To Japan - Mister D
Summer In Japan - The Snow Fairies
To Japan - Four Disorder
We Are Godzilla- You Are Japan - Lost Prophets
We're So Underground We're Practically In Japan - The Stairs
Welcome To Japan - Teh Strokes
What It's Like in Japan - Logan Whitehurst
Women Of Japan - Ralfe Band

JORDAN ... .........lys............
65 G'z In A Jordan Briefcase (Intro) - A-Wax
Air Jordan - Love Beats War
Ambient From Jordan - Jordy Paul
An Occurrence At The River Jordan - J. Tillman
Banks of the River Jordan - Aaron Neville
Brad Jordan - Isaiah Rashad.
Charlie Jordan - A .
Cold Jordan - Jenny Lewis And The Watson Twins
Crossing Jordan - The Sorrow
Das Lied Von Lucy Jordan - Charly Brunner .
Devil Went Down To Jordan - Apologetix
Far Side Bank Of Jordan - Alison Krauss
Going Down Jordan - Harry Belafonte
Hey Jordan - Lil Jordan
IF U C Jordan - Something Corporate
Jordan - Emmylou Harris
Jordan - Bellowhead
Jordan - Rival Sons / Andreas Kümmert
Jordan - Tara Maclean
Jordan - Katie Stone
Jordan - Laurel Canyon Ramblers
Jordan - Paul Baribeau
Jordan [instrumental] - Buckethead
Jordan (Interlude) - Dream
Jordan 3's - Curren$y
Jordan Billie Pets The Wild Horse's Mane - The Blood Brothers
Jordan Diddy Interlude - Future
Jordan On The Ductwork - Over The Line
Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo - Dream Theater
Jordan's 1st Choice - Against Me!
Jordan's Always Right - O Desolation
Jordan's Butterflies - Jeff Mullins Band
Jordan's Song - Vivian Green
Jordan's Stormy Banks - Kate Campbell
Jordan, Carry Me - Ron Block
Jordan, Minnesota - Big Black.
Jordan: The Comeback - Prefab Sprout
Jumpin Like A Jordan - Migos & Rich The Kid
Jumpin Like Jordan - Tyga
King Of Jordan - Deborah Conway
Message From Mister Jordan - Rick Vito
Michael Jordan - That Dog.
Michael Jordan - Five For Fighting.
Michael Jordan - King Louie.
Michael Jordan - Tha Joker.
Michael Jordan's Ball - Original Broadway Cast of The Full Monty.
Michel Jordan - Kendrick Lamar.
Much Respect To Michael Jordan (Nike Commercial) - Mos Def .
On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand - Jars of Clay
Over Jordan - Papa M
River Jordan - Dog Is Dead
River Jordan - The Secret Sisters
River Jordan - Janis Joplin
River Jordan - The Felice Brothers
River Of Jordan - The Whitstein Brothers / The Oak Ridge Boys
River Of Jordan - Peter, Paul & Mary / Pete Seeger
River Of Jordan - Kelita
Roll Jordan Roll - Acappella
Roy Jordan And Ed Morgan - Dave Lippman ...
Sail The Jordan - Kelly Joe Phelps
Saturday Love - Dj Tomekk feat. Bintia & Montell Jordan
Sydney Jordan - Montell Jordan .
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan - Belinda Carlisle / Dr. Hook / Marianne Faithfull / Shel Silverstein
The Jordan - Dance or Die
The Jordan Waltz - David Roth
The Micheal Jordan Of Drunk Driving - Andrew Jackson Jihad
The Shores Of Jordan - Iris Dement
We Are Goin' Down Jordan - Les Humphries Singers
White Michael Jordan - Eminem .

KAZAKHSTAN ... .........lys........
Kazakhstan National Anthem - Borat

KENYA ... .........lys......
Kenya - The Rippingtons
Kenya - William Martyr 17
Kenya Dig It - The Ruby Suns
Kenya Kane - Nils Landgre

KOREA ... ...........lys....................
Back From Korea - John Mayall
Black Korea - Ice Cube
From Korea - Mike Park
I Bombed Korea - Cake
Ice Cube, Korea Wants a Word With You - Skankin Pickle
Korea - David Rovics
Korea - Deftones
Korea - PSY
Korea Blues - J. B. Lenoir
Live At Korea - Dj Honda
My Korea's Over - Rucka Rucka Ali
North Korea - HeeSun Le

KUWAIT... ........lys..............
L.A., L.A. (Kuwait Mix) - Capone-N-Noreaga
Nba Kuwait - Young Chop
Welcome to Kuwait - Evildead

LAOS ...


LEBANON ... ...........lys.....
Cedars Of Lebanon - U2
Girl From Lebanon - Europe
Going To Lebanon - The Mountain Goats
Lebanon - Karl Wolf
Lebanon - Mortal Sin
Lebanon - Scatman John
Lebanon, Tennessee - Ron Sexsmith
Pittsburg To Lebanon - Butthole Surfers
The Groves Of Lebanon - Appendix Out
The Lebanon - The Human League


LIBERIA ... ..............lys.

Peace In Liberia - Alpha Blondy
Woman From Liberia - Jimmie Rodgers

LIECHTENSTEIN ... ............lys.
Liechtenstein Painting - Television Personalities

Lithuania - Dan Bern

LUXEMBOURG ... ...........lys...........
Jardin Du Luxembourg - The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger
Luxembourg - Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Luxembourg - Jesse Harris
Luxembourg - The John Steel Singers
Luxembourg Gardens - Piano Magic
Luxembourg Polka - Mantovani

MACEDONIA ... ...........lys.....
Macedonia Hotel - Bryan Scary

MADAGASCAR ... ...........lys.....
Madagascar - U.S. Bombs
Madagascar - Orso
Madagascar - The Black Atlantic
Madagascar - Guns'N'Roses
Mountains Of Madagascar - Anomy
Wedding In Madagascar - Van Dyke Parks

MALAWI ... .........lys........
Swazi Malawi - Cutting Jade

MALAYSIA ... ....lys.....
Malaysia - Bombadil

Malaysia - Bombadil

MALDIVES ... ....lys.....
Moonlight Over Maldives - Blank & Jones

MALI ... .............lys...
Mali - Freshlyground
Sali Mali - Super Furry Animals

MEXICO ... ...lys......
100 Miles from Mexico - Vince Bell
A Return From Mexico - Nevertheless2726
Adios Mexico - The Texas Tornados
Adios Mexico - Taylor Hodak Band
Ain't No God in Mexico - Billy Joe Shaver
Another Mexico Tripp - Burnsoutdoorways
Ballad Of Old Mexico - Paul Eason
Bay Of Mexico - The Kingston Trio
Beer In Mexico - Kenny Chesney
Best In Mexico - He Is Legend
Blame It On Mexico - George Strait / Ty England
Bullets Of Mexico - Phil Ochs
Crack Rock Steady Seven Mexico Theme Song - Crack Rock Steady Seven
Dawn In Mexico - Fontane
Down In Mexico - Jerrod Niemann
Down In Mexico - The Coasters / Brinsley Schwarz
Down Into Mexico - Delbert McClinton
Down To Mexico - Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
Down To Mexico - Paul Gilbert
Dreamville, New Mexico - Giant Sand
Drive To Mexico - Jericho Rva
Elf Tower New Mexico - Coheed And Cambria
Flying To Mexico - Eric Serra
Forgetting Mexico - Machete
From The Plains Of Mexico - The Residents
Germans In Mexico - Electric Six
Girl In Mexico - Meriwether
Go To Mexico - Cassandra Wilson
Goddamn New Mexico - Ariel Abshire
Goin' Down To Mexico - ZZ Top
Going To Mexico - Steve Miller Band
Going To Mexico - The Mountain Goats
Going To Mexico - Motorhead
Good To Go To Mexico - Toby Keith
Got My Mind On The Border Of Mexico - Dallas Frazier
Going To Mexico - Steve Miller Band
Going To Mexico - The Mountain Goats
Going To Mexico - Motorhead
Gulf Of Mexico - Clint Black
Gulf Of Mexico - Alabama
Gulf Of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues - Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby
Halfway To Mexico - Johnathan East
Heading Mexico - Sanctimony
Hello Mexico - Sparks The Rescue
Horse To Mexico - Trini Triggs
I Got Mexico - Eddie Raven
I've Been In Mexico - Blaine Larsen
In Mexico - Comedian Harmonists
Inna From Mexico - Jack Ingram
Jaurez, Mexico - In Pieces
Jesus Is Alive And Well (And Living In Mexico) - Audio Karate
Just Like Mexico - Spraynard
King Of Mexico - Bap Kennedy
Last Stop - Mexico City - The Jukebox Romantics
Laying Low In Mexico - Randy Meadows
Leaving Mexico - Crack Up
Little Mexico - The Downtown Struts
Lonesome New Mexico Nights - Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Long Way To Mexico - Roger Creager
Married In Mexico - Mark Wills
Maybe Mexico - Jerry Jeff Walker
Me And Mexico - Chalee Tennison
Mexico - Jimmy Buffett / James Taylor
Mexico - The Refreshments / Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers
Mexico - 48may
Mexico - 12 Rods
Mexico - Beat Radio
Mexico - Brandston
Mexico - Butthole Surfers
Mexico - Beck
Mexico - Clay Walker
Mexico - Cunninlynguists
Mexico - Cake
Mexico - Chris Hillman
Mexico - End of the Line
Mexico - Elvis Presley
Mexico - Firefall
Mexico - Hurry-Up Offense
Mexico - The Humphries Singers
Mexico - Hedley
Mexico - Incubus
Mexico - Jefferson Airplane
Mexico - Jump Little Children
Mexico - The Lemonheads
Mexico - Luke Kaufman .
Mexico - Locale A.M.
Mexico - Little John
Mexico - Laura Marling
Mexico - Leona Naess
Mexico - Mundy
Mexico - Montgomery Gentry
Mexico - Motel Motel
Mexico - Matt Lemche y
Mexico - Moe
Mexico - Nazareth
Mexico - Nine Days
Mexico - Nicole Reynolds
Mexico - Our Cat Philip
Mexico - Peter Von Poehl
Mexico - Raz B
Mexico - Romantica
Mexico - River City Extension
Mexico - Red Animal War
Mexico - The Soft Pack
Mexico - Sammy Hagar
Mexico - Sam Buck Rosen
Mexico - Save September
Mexico - Syd
Mexico - Samiam
Mexico - That Handsome Devil
Mexico - Vicci Martinez
Mexico - Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Mexico A Go-Go - Michelle Malone
Mexico Americano - Los Lobos
Mexico City - Anah Aevia
Mexico City - Jolie Holland
Mexico City - Tony Christie
Mexico City - Insane Clown Posse
Mexico City - Ettison Clio
Mexico City - Thousands Millions
Mexico City [instrumental] - I Am Robot And Proud
Mexico City Christmas - Dismemberment Plan
Mexico City Hangover - Hoyt Axton
Mexico Gold - The Hollies
Mexico In Mind - Brian Burns
Mexico Love - Steve Spurgin
Mexico Rain - Deacon Blue
Mexico, I Can't Say Goodbye - Bolland & Bolland
Mexico-4-Life - Shook Ones
Move To Mexico - Jimi Jive
New Life In Old Mexico - Robert Earl Keen
New Mexico - Jonathan Wilson
New Mexico - The Band
New Mexico - John Wiggins
New Mexico - The Cinematic
New Mexico - Mike West
New Mexico - The Remains Of Brian Borcherdt
New Mexico Song - Johnny Hobo & the Freight Trains
New Mexico Sunset - Jason Blum
New Mexico Territory - Claire Diterzi
New Mexico's No Breeze - Iron & Wine
O Mexico - Trisha Yearwood
Off To Mexico - The Priceduifkes
Ol' Mexico - Theredsunband
Ol' Mexico Way - Lawrence Arms
Old Mexico - The Go-betweens
Old Mexico - Son of Dave
Old Mexico - Bad Company
Old Mexico - The Summer Set
Old Mexico Way - The Lawrence Arms
Once Upon A Time In Mexico - Upon A Burning Body
Out In New Mexico - Johnny Horton
Out In New Mexico - Heather Nova
Plastic Mexico - Alberto Fortis
Postcard From Mexico - Nashville Cast
Postcards From Mexico - Girlyman
Raving In Mexico - Scooter
Ridin' My Thumb to Mexico - Johnny Rodriguez
Rodeo Or Mexico - Garth Brooks
Round The Bay Of Mexico - Harry Belafonte
Run To Mexico - The Babys / John Waite
Say Hey There (Gotta Go To Mexico) - Atmosphere
She Always Talked About Mexico - David Ball
Short Flight To Mexico - Winger
Somewhere Between Texas And Mexico - Pat Green
Somewhere in Mexico - The Barely Legal
Somewhere In New Mexico - Jill Sobule
South of the Border (Down Mexico Way) - The Jordanaires / Frank Sinatra / Chris Isaak
Stars Are Crashing In Mexico! - Hollowblue
Strange Day In Mexico - The Clintons
Streets Of Mexico - Fear Like Us
Take Me Down To Mexico - Inna
Ten Years In Mexico - Bacon Brothers
That's Why God Made Mexico - Tim McGraw
The Devil In Mexico - Murder By Death
The Gulf Of Mexico - Shawn Mullins
The Gulf Of Mexico - Steve Earle
The Road To Mexico - Dave Sharp
The Sands Of Mexico - The Chieftains / Ry Cooder
The State Of New Mexico Vs The Spider King - Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge
They All Went To Mexico - Carlos Santana
They're On Their Way To Mexico - Irving Berlin
This Is My Year for Mexico - Charley Pride
Till It Snows In Mexico - Reba McEntire
Two Lovers In Mexico - Bertie Blackman
Wild Gods Of Mexico - Ray Wylie Hubbard

MICRONESIA ... ...lys.
Micronesia [instrumental] - Planet X

MONACO ... ......lys.....
Goin' Mad In Monaco - The Leeches
Going To Monaco - The Mountain Goats
Slow Boat To Monaco [Instrumental] - Alan Freed
Streets Of Monaco - A Blue Ocean Dream
Weekend In Monaco - The Rippingtons

MOROCCO ... ...lys........
Going To Morocco - The Extra Glenns / The Mountain Goats
Morocco - Moon Taxi
Morocco - Beaver
Morocco - Jeff Martin and The Armada
Morocco - Judy Collins
Morocco - Wiz Khalifa
Morocco - Orange Blue
Morocco - Susanne Sundfør ft Odd Martin Skålnes
Morocco [instrumental] - The Rippingtons
Morocco Mike - Murs .
One Eye to Morocco - Ian Gillan
Road to Morocco - Bob Hope / Dorothy Lamour / Bing Crosby
Zippy Morocco - Vic Chesnutt

MOZAMBIQUE ... .............lys...
Mozambique - Bob Dylan
Mozambique - Amon Düül II
Mozambique [Instrumental] - Traffic
Mozambique Fantasy (Ouverture) - Paolo Conte
The Mines Of Mozambique - Bruce Cockburn

NAMIBIA ... ..........lys.............
Namibia - Ziggy Marley

NAPAL ... ....lys.....
Going To Nepal - Blink
Nepal - Kingston Wall

NETHERLANDS ... .......lys..............
Netherlands - Dan Fogelberg

NEW GUINEA ... ...lys.....
The Gospel Comes To New Guinea - 23 Skidoo

NEW ZEALAND ... ...lys.........
Australia New Zealand - Mod Sun
Dream Home In New Zealand - English Beat
God Defend New Zealand (National Anthem) - Hayley Westenra
New Zealand - Amanda Palmer
New Zealand - Caravels
New Zealand - French Films
New Zealand Pines - John Vanderslice
Shipyards Of New Zealand - Midnight Oil

NICARAGUA ... .......lys....
Guns For Nicaragua - MDC
Managua, Nicaragua - Freddy Martin & His Orchestra
Nicaragua - The New Relics
Nicaragua - Bruce Cockburn
Nicaragua - Paint It Black
Nicaragua - Screeching Weasel
Nicaragua, Nicaraguita - Billy Bragg
Nicaragua, Nicaraguita - Pete Seeger [same as Billy Bragg but in Spanish]

NIGER ... ......lys......
Niger Delta - Nneka
Niger River - Martha Wainwright
Sol Niger - Babylon Whores

NIGERIA ... ......lys......
Call From Nigeria - Punchers Plant
Nigeria - Stray From The Path

NORWAY ... .......lys....
Capital Of Norway - My Little Pony
Climbing The Fjelds Of Norway - Thus Owls
Gwin, King Of Norway* - Goresleeps
Live In A Norway - Blackthrone
Norway - Beach House
Norway - Eric Andersen
Norway In September - Darkthrone
On My Way (the Norway Song) - Billy Yates
Snow Mazes of Norway - Jenny Dalton
The Frostbitten Woodlands Of Norway - Carpathian Forest

OMAN ... ....lys........
Oman - Dead Can Dance

PAKISTAN ... ......lys.
Man From Pakistan - The Flaming Lips


Going To Palestine - The Mountain Goats
Israel And Palestine: A Solution - Nanook Of The North .
Long Live Palestine - Lowkey
Palestine - Sacha Sacket / David Rovics
Palestine Texas - T-Bone Burnett
Palestine Will Be Free - Maher Zain
Palestine, Tx 1979 - Tommy Bryan Ledford ........
Peace Anthem For Palestine - Tim Minchin
Your Own Palestine - Virulence

PANAMA ... ................lys....
A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama - The Fall of Troy
Panama - J Church
Panama - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Panama - Van Halen
Panama - The Cat Empire
Panama [Instrumental] - Harry Connick Jr.
Panama Freighter - Jethro Tull / Ian Anderson
Panama Limited Blues - Ada Brown
Panama Red - New Riders Of The Purple Sage / String Cheese Incident
Paraguay And Panama - Slow Club .
Teddy, My Pal, And His Panama Canal - 377 / Banquets
The Panama Canal - Animaniacs
The Panama Deception - Anti-Flag
Valentine in Panama - David Roth

PAPUA ... ........lys.....
Papua - China Crisis

PARAGUAY... ..............lys......

Girl From Paraguay - Slap Madcap
Paraguay And Panama - Slow Club .
Popemobile to Paraguay - Fatima Mansions
Postcards From Paraguay - Mark Knopfler

PERU ... .....lys.
Belgium Or Peru - Cuff The Duke .
Bobby Peru - Luna .
Bobby Peru - Mary and the Boy .
Cuba/Peru - Rah Rah .
I Hate Peru - Foreverdown
Leaving Peru - Eric Serra
Peru - The Wallace Collection
Peru - Roc Marciano
Peru To Baltimore - Manchester .
The Coast of Peru - A.L. Lloyd

PHILIPPINES (The) ... ..............lys.......
Child Of The Philippines - David Byrne & Fatboy Slim

Holiday in Poland Polka [Instrumental] - Bernie Goydish
I'll Meet You In Poland, Baby - Foetus
Phone Call From Poland - Bayside
Poland - Born Against
Poland Spring Fresh - Deena Jonez
Poland Springfield Acid Bag - Agoraphobic Nosebleed

PORTUGAL ... ........lys...
April in Portugal - Bing Crosby / Les Baxter & His Orchestra / Stanley Black
King Of Portugal - Al Stewart
Portugal - Animal & the Evolvers
Portugal - Hermes House Band
Portugal - Jan Allain
Portugal - Christian Kjellvander

ROMANIA ... ............lys.............
1001 Romania - Fly Project
Copii Romania - Barclay James Harvest
Dallas In Romania - Mischief Brew .
Once In Romania - Ink Dot Boy

RUSSIA ... ................lys.
Bomb Russia - Forgotten Rebels
Dominion / Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy ..............In the heat of the night, In the heat of the day
From Russia Infected - Gary Numan
From Russia With Love - John Barry/ Matt Monro/....et al
Girls Of Russia - The Tellers
Greetings From Russia - Animals Can't Laugh
Man From Russia - The Blow Monkeys
Mobilise For Russia - Henry Jackman
Mother Russia - Archontes
Mother Russia - Renaissance
Mother Russia - Iron Maiden
My Russia - Woven Hand
Nepoleon In Russia - Jandek
Princess Of Russia - Melotron
Remember Russia - Fischer-z
Ronnie, Talk To Russia - Prince .
Russia - Ramona Falls
Russia - No Assembly Required
Russia - Los ZappinG
Russia - Fat Freddy's Drop
Russia - Stage Bottles
Russia - The Pinkerton Thugs
Russia On Ice - Porcupine Tree
Russia Privet - Basshunter
Russia's Gay - Rucka Rucka Ali
Russia's On Fire - Stormwitch
Sweet Mother Russia - Clem Snide
The Truth About Russia - Magic Dirt
Ticket To Russia - Keepsake
To Russia My Homeland (Instrumental) - And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Trainrise In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii) - U.D.O.

RWANDA ... ..................lys.
Children Of Rwanda - Essence
Down In Rwanda - Smith & Mighty
In All Rwanda's Glory - The Rx Bandits
Rwanda - Rancid

SAINT LUCIA ... .........lys...
Saint Lucia - The Graveltones

SENEGAL ... .........lys...
Senegal - Akon

SEYCHELLES ... ......lys.
Seychelles [instrumental] - Red Eye Express

SIERRA LEONE ... ......lys.
Children Of Sierra Leone - Bumblefoot
Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) - Kanye West / Jay-Z
Mouthful Of Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Wait What
Sierra Leone - Mt Eden
Sierra Leone - Big Sean
Sierra Leone - Frank Ocean

SINGAPORE ... ........lys......
Ah Singapore - Shonen Knife
Lost in Singapore - Pearl & the Beard
On A Little Street In Singapore - Manhattan Transfer / Glenn Miller
Singapore - Big Audio Dynamite
Singapore - Tom Waits
Singapore Silk Torpedo - Pretty Things

SOUTH AFRICA ... ......lys.....
Free All the People (South Africa) - Santana
Free South Africa (The Remix) - Stetsasonic
South Africa - Back After Dawn
South Africa - Roy Harper
South Africa - Pushmi-Pullyu

SPAIN ... ........lys........
American Tune/Spain [Instrumental] - Jerry Douglas
Arch Enemy Spain - God Dethroned
B-boy Portrait In Spain - Dr Who Dat?
Beautiful Spain - Venus Hum
Better In Spain - Fatty Gets A Stylist
Carnival In Spain - Magneta Lane
Castles in Spain - Armoury Show
Castles In Spain - Ulysses
Convalescing in Spain - Judybats
First Lance Of Spain - Dark Moor
Former Queen Of Spain - Brian Wright
Free Samba / Spain (I Can Recall) - Manhattan Transfer
Going To Spain - They Mountain Goats
Holiday In Spain - Counting Crows
In a Little Spanish Town - Dean Martin
In The Pay Of Spain - Jethro Tull
Lady In Spain - Ingrid Michaelson
Lady of Spain - Bing Crosby / Louis Prima / Eddie Fisher
Letter From Spain - Electric Light Orchestra
Locked in a Boxcar With the Queen of Spain - Joe Ely
Made In Spain - Molotov Jive
Maybe To Spain - Skye
Men Say That The Kinge Of Spain Is Making Gret Preparation - Sting
My Lady Of Spain - Michael Holm
Nancy Spain - Christy Moore .
Never Been To Spain - Elvis Presley /Three Dog Night /Ike & Tina Turner /Patty Griffin /Cher /et al
Off To Spain - Manchester United Football Club
One Night In Spain... - Human Waste Project

Our Spain - Tomatito
Peaches From Spain - Serafin
Plane To Spain - Basshunter
Raoul And The Kings Of Spain - Tears For Fears
Red Ships Of Spain - The Badger King
Runaway To Spain - The Lonely Kings
Sailing Back To Spain - Intercontinental Music Lab
Sand Of Spain - Anouk Aïata
Sketches Of Spain - Kid Brother Collective
Sketches Of Spain - Nits
Sketches Of Spain (For Miles) [Instrumental] - Buckethead
Snot Love In Spain - Golden Earring
South Of Spain - Flashmen
Spain - Sun Eats Hours
Spain - Ghost Mice
Spain - Mr. Gnome
Spain - Between The Trees
Spain - Caesar
Spain - The Ashtray Hearts
Spain - Carpark North
Spain - Blonde Redhead
Spain - Kristin Hersh

Spain (I Can Recall) - Al Jarreau
Spain in the Summertime - King Of Prussia
Stars In Spain - Lucky Fonz III
Steven In Spain - Voices In Reverie
The Kingdom Of Spain - The Decemberists
The News From Spain - Al Stewart
The Rain In Spain - My Fair Lady / Julie Andrews / Glee Cast
Think of Spain - Gangway
Two Weeks In Spain - Gentle Giant
Under The Name Of Spain - The Stranglers
Wild Spain - Ska-P
Your Spain - The White Birch

SRI LANKA ... ......lys.............
Sri Lanka - Britny Fox
Sri Lanka - Fidget
Sri-Lanka - Jack Jersey
Sri Lanka Sex Hotel - The Dead Milkmen

SWEDEN ... ............lys.......
A Hit In Sweden - Say Hi To Your Mom
Dog In Sweden - X-Ray Spex
Fly Me to Sweden - O Desolation / Josh Mcdermott
Hail From Sweden - 2 Ton Predator
Made In Sweden - E-Type
Operator...Get Me Sweden - Darren Hanlon
Purify Sweden - Lord Belial
Sweden - Mouses That Fight
Sweden - The Divine Comedy
Sweden - Rebellion
Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front) - The Stranglers
Sweden - 2Excess
Sweden Hockey Dreams - One Morning Left
Sweden Syndrome - Julie Zenatti
You Should Be In Sweden - Conor Oberst

SWITZERLAND ... ........lys.....
(Strawberry Ann) Switzerland - Braid .
Fondue Friends In Switzerland - The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
I Hate Switzerland - Les Wampas
Switzerland - J Church
Switzerland - Girls In Hawaii
Switzerland - Lemon Demon
Switzerland - The Bella Cullen Project
Switzerland - Ghost Mice
Switzerland - Jan Allain
Switzerland - Jen Foster
Switzerland - Piero Esteriore
Switzerland - Socratic
Switzerland - Last Bison

SUDAN ... .......lys........
Forgetting Sudan - Tom Flannery
Sudan - Crime In Stereo
Sudan - State Radio

SYRIA... ......lys............
Syria - Specimen

Taiwan Nights - Empire
Taiwan To Texas - Clipse
Unlimited Taiwan - Chthonic

TANZANIA ... ..........lys......
Tanzania - Alli Rogers
Tanzania - Anti-Flag

THAILAND ... ..........lys......
Rickshaw Ride Through Thailand - General Rudie
Teens Of Thailand - Desert Sessions
Thailand - Matty Pop Chart
Thailand - Vic Chesnutt
Ticket to Thailand - Chris Thompson

TOBAGO ... ..........lys......
Forged From The Love Of Liberty (Trinidad Und Tobago) - Nationalhymne.
Tobago - Tony Christie

TOGO ... ..........lys......
Pogo In Togo - Sportfreunde Stiller

TRINIDAD ... ..........lys......
Forged From The Love Of Liberty (Trinidad Und Tobago) - Nationalhymne.
Fresh Cherries In Trinidad - The Mountain Goats
Minnie from Trinidad - Judy Garland .
Plaza Trinidad - Destroyer
Trinidad - Eddie Money
Trinidad - Edguy
Trinidad - Pet Lions
Trinidad And A Dc - Avion
Trinidad Carnival Time - Harry Belafonte
When Rock And Roll Come To Trinidad - Nat King Cole

TUNISIA ... ..........lys......
A Night In Tunisia - Dizzy Gillespie / Ella Fitzgerald /et al .....The moon is the same moon above you
And The Melody Still Lingers On (Night In Tunisia) - Chaka Khan
Another Night In Tunisia - Manhattan Transfer

TURKEY... .....lys.......
Back Off Turkey - Les Claypool's Fancy Band
Christmas Turkey Blues - The Arrogant Worms
Cold Turkey - Lenny Kravitz / Billy Talent / Dirtbag / Imperiet
Cold Turkey - Lil' Eddie
Cold Turkey - Anthony David
Cold Turkey - John Lennon
Cold Turkey - Starlito
Crippled Turkey [Instrumental] - Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Grow Fins, Turkey - Cheeky
Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas) - Elton John
Is Love Just Jive Turkey? - Assfactor 4
Jive Turkey - Even Rude
Jive Turkey's - Doap Nixon
Kill The Turkey - Gregory And The Hawk
King Solomon's Marbles: Part II. Milkin' The Turkey - Grateful Dead
Let's Talk Turkey - Ima Robot
Let's Turkey Trot - Little Eva
Lonesome Electric Turkey - Frank Zappa & the Mothers
Stuff The Turkey - Alien Sex Fiend
Stuffy Turkey - Jimmy Owens
Talking Turkey - Electric Six
The Turkey Dump - Handheld

U.S.A ... ................p10gogle
Aftermath USA - Drive-By Truckers
An Englishman In The USA - Leo Sayer
Anywhere U.S.A. - P.Y.T
Back In The USA - Chuck Berry
Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen
Dancing Across The USA - Lindsey Buckingham
French Kissin'In The USA - Blondie
Girls In The USA - Nick Carter
God Bless The USA - Lee Greenwood
God Save The USA - Pennywise
Hit In The USA - Beck
I Don't Go to USA - Stephan Remmle
I'm So Bored With the U.S.A - The Clash
Living in the USA- Linda Ronstadt
Made In The USA - Yelawolf
Grave Robbing USA - Murderdolls
Oklahoma U.S.A. - Ray Davis
Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus
Rock In The USA - John Mellencamp
Servin USA - Redgum
Surfin' U.S.A - The Beach Boys
The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A - Donna Fargo
U.S.A - The Tossers
U.S.A. For U.S.A. - Carnivore
USA/USSR - Dan Hill

U.S.S.R ...
Back In The USSR - The Beatles
Sons Of The Ussr - Micah P Hinson
USA/USSR - Dan Hill
USSR - Rejjie Snow Ft. Jesse James

UKRAINE ... .....lys.........
Carry My Urn To Ukraine - Army Of Lovers
The Empress And The Ukraine King - Can
Troop Movements In The Ukraine - Mental As Anything

UNITED KINGDOM ... ..........lys...
UN - United Kingdom - Pitchshifter
United Kingdom - ABC
United Kingdom - American Music Club

UZBEKISTAN ... ..........lys...
Uzbekistan - The Sound Of Animals Fighting

VENEZUELA ... ................lys.....
From Venezuela, With Love - The Taxpayers
Sweetheart From Venezuela - Harry Belafonte
Venezuela - Burl Ives
Venezuela - Reclinerland
Wake Up (Miss Venezuela) - Straw

VIETNAM ... .....lys...........
Back In Vietnam - Lenny Kravitz
Beach Party Vietnam - The Dead Milkmen
C'mon Vietnam - The Brobecks
Disco Vietnam, Born To Dance - Sylvester Staline
Emile's Vietnam In The Sky - Elvis Perkins
Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag (Next Stop Vietnam) - Country Joe And The Fish
Good Morning Vietnam - Fard
I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam - John Lee Hooker
Letters From Vietnam - B.O.B
My Vietnam - Pink
New Vietnam - Kenin
Our Own Vietnam - Heideroosjes
Return To Vietnam - Master
Singin' In Vietnam Talkin' Blues - Johnny Cash
Talking Vietnam - Phil Ochs
The Cowboy Who Ate Vietnam - Pearls Before Swine
The Robot Vs. Heroin Battle Of Vietnam - Dance Gavin Dance
Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story) - Jedi Mind Tricks
Vietnam - Jimmy Cliff
Vietnam - Project Pitchfork
Vietnam - Bear Hands
Vietnam - Saukrates
Vietnam - Motel Motel
Vietnam - gheeá
Vietnam - John Grant
Vietnam - Crystal Castles
Vietnam - J. B. Lenoir
Vietnam - Los ZappinG
Vietnam - Miniature Tigers
Vietnam - Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards
Vietnam Is Back '94 - Aus Rotten
Vietnam Malaria Nostalgia - Spencer Kingman
Vietnam Serenade - Conflict
Vietnam Syndrome - Jerry's Kids
Vietnam Vet - Johnny Hallyday
Vietnam War - Lightnin' Hopkins
Vietnam, Dance! - Susanne Blech
War Widows Vietnam - Star Fucking Hipsters
You're Never Too Young To Have A Vietnam Flashback - Farwell

... .....lys........
Ancoats 2 Zambia - Tricky / The Baby Namboos

ZIMBABWE ... .....lys........
Letter From Zimbabwe - Australian Crawl
Zimbabwe - Bob Marley & the Wailers
Zimbabwe - New Navy


Alabama Getaway - Bob Dylan.
Alabama Jubilee - Kenny Price.
Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) - The Doors ...
My Home’s In Alabama - Alabama .
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

North To Alaska - Johnny Horton.

Alberta - Eric Clapton


Arizona Daybreak - Craig Chaquico .
Arizona Wedding March - Jeff Wyatt ..

Arkansas Traveler - traditional state song
Arkansas (You Run Deep In Me) - traditional state song
Oh, Arkansas - traditional state song

Atlanta June - Pablo Cruise .

Black Country Woman - Led Zeppelin.

Blue Ridge Mountains of Virgina - Laurel & Hardy.
My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy - Dolly Parton.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway - Jon Peterson ..
Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) - Billy Joel.....

California - Phantom Planet
California - Melissa Etheridge
California (All The Way) - Luna
California Bound - Carolina Liar
California Coast - Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
California Dreamin' - The Mamas & The Papas
California Girls - The Beach Boys
California Gurls - Katy Perry ft.Snoop Dogg
California, Here I Come - Ray Charles .
California King Bed - Rihanna..
California Love - Tupac
California Nights - Lesley Gore
California Sex Lawyer - Fountains of Wayne
California Songs - Local H
California Stars - Billy Bragg & Wilco
California Style - Eddy Grant
California Sun - Gin Blossoms
California Sunset - Neil Young.
California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys
California Vacation - The Game.
Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Going To California - Led Zeppelin
Heads Carolina , Tails California - JoDee Messina ...
Hotel California - Eagles.
Lazy Daze in California - Language Arts Crew ..

Canary Island Rhapsody - Tony Gayle .
Canary Islands - Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Carolina Drama - The Raconteurs
Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor
Carolina In The Morning - Jimmy Dorsey
Carolina in the Pines - Michael Martin Murphy.
Carolina Moon - Connie Francis
Heads Carolina , Tails California - JoDee Messina ...
Oh Carolina - Shaggy
South Carolina - The Outlaws.

Cape Horn - Asphyx.
Ghosts Of Cape Horn - Gordon Lightfoot..

Stairway To Cleveland - Jefferson Starship

Church On Cumberland Road - Shenandoah ..
Cumberland Gap - Lonnie Donegan

Darlington County - Bruce Springsteen

Detroit City - Bobby Bare.

Ain’t Just Whistlin’ Dixie - The Bellamy Brothers .
Daybreak In Dixie - The Stanley Brothers .
Dixie Chicken - Little Feat .
Dixie Flyer - Randy Newman
Dixie Lee Junction - Elf..
Dixie Lullaby - Pat Green .

Higher up the page -> Counties

Blue Hawaii - Elvis Presley.
Blue Hawaiian - Pavement.
Happy Hawaii - ABBA.
New Hawaiian Boogie - George Thorogood

Honolulu Baby - Ty Parvis with Laurel & Hardy

Back Home Again in Indiana - Original Dixieland Jazz Band
Gary, Indiana - Meredith Willson.
Indiana Wants Me - R. Dean Taylor

Iowa - Slipknot

Jersey Girl - Tom Waits
So Jersey - The Bouncing Souls

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

KENT... ...lys...
Clark Kent - Fullerton.
Collect From Clark Kent - Braid.
Iemand Kent Mijn Naam - De Mens
Kent Loves Gig Harbor - Daphne Loves Derby....
Kent State (I Guess The National Guard Didn't Finish The Job) - 7000 Dying Rats
Teddy's On Kent - The Fiery Furnaces
The Ballad Of Kent Marlow - Weird Al Yankovic

Blue Kentucky Girl - Loretta Young / Kitty Wells..
Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Bill Monroe.
Blue Moon Over Kentucky - Boxcar Willie.
Bourbon In Kentucky - Dierks Bentley .
Cold Kentucky Rain - Mountain Heart..
Kentucky Banjo - Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers .
Kentucky Bluebird - Keith Whitley.
Kentucky Coal Miners Prayer - Aaron Watson.
Kentucky Down Pour - The Band
Kentucky Mud - Nappy Roots
Kentucky Rain - Elvis Presley
Kentucky Woman - Deep Purple
My Old Kentucky Home - Al Jolson / Johnny Cash
Take California - Propellerheads
The Kentucky Waltz - Big Tom & The Mainliners

Louisiana Fairy Tale - Taft Jordan & The Mob .
Louisiana Leroux, New Orleans Ladies - Swamp Pop.
Louisiana Man- Doug Kershaw / others
Louisiana Saturday Night - Mel McDaniel ..
Louisiana Women, Mississippi Man- Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn ...
Louisiana: Worthless Leather - Ian Pace .

Massachusetts - Bee Gees
The State Of Massachusetts - Dropkick Murphys

Bogs of Mayo - LagansLove .

Especially In Michigan - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Saginaw, Michigan - Lefty Frizzell.

Mideast Vacation - Neil Young..

Midwest Midnight - Michael Stanley Band.
Midwest Skies And Sleepless Mondays - Augustana.

Jordan, Minnesota - Big Black.
The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnisota - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Louisiana Women, Mississippi Man- Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn ...
Mississippi - Pussycat
Mississipi Atmosphere - Norberto Tamburrino .
Mississippi Orgy - Lefty Williams .
Mississippi Queen - Mountain .
Mississippi Saxophone - James Cotton .
Roll On Missisippi - Charlie Pride ..

Meet Me In Montana - Dan Seals / Marie Osmond
Montana - Frank Zappa

Mull Of Kintyre - Paul McCartney

Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen

A Letter From New England - Mike Batt
New England - Big D and the Kids Table
Weekend In New England - Barry Manilow.
Whoever's In New England - Reba McEntrire

NEW MEXICO ... .....lys.
Dreamville, New Mexico - Giant Sand
Elf Tower New Mexico - Coheed And Cambria
Dreamville, New Mexico - Giant Sand
Going To Mexico - Steve Miller Band
New Mexico - Jonathan Wilson
New Mexico - The Band
New Mexico - John Wiggins
New Mexico - The Cinematic
New Mexico - Mike West
New Mexico - The Remains Of Brian Borcherdt
New Mexico Song - Johnny Hobo & the Freight Trains
New Mexico Sunset - Jason Blum
New Mexico Territory - Claire Diterzi
New Mexico's No Breeze - Iron & Wine

Out In New Mexico - Johnny Horton
Out In New Mexico - Heather Nova

Somewhere In New Mexico - Jill Sobule
The State Of New Mexico Vs The Spider King - Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge

A New South Wales - The Alarm

Blue As The Turquoise Night Of Neyshabur - Yo-Yo Ma.

Girl From The North Country - Bob Dylan.

Blue As the Iowa Sky - February Sky ..
Girl From Ohio - The Outlaws
Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Ohio Is For Lovers - Hawthorne Heights

My Aunt Oklahoma - Mary Cargill Blunt .
Oklahoma - Billy Gilman
Oklahoma - Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.
Oklahoma Borderline - Vince Gill

Orange Country Lumber Truck - Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention.
Orange County Girl - Gwen Stefani.

Pennsylvania Avenue - Reckless Kelly
Pennsylvania Polka - The Andrews Sisters / others.

Roses Of Picardy - Vince Hill / Perry Como / Frank Sinatra/...et al .

Tea In The Sahara - Police

South Bound Saurez - Led Zeppelin.

A Song For Skye - Case
Over The Sea To Skye - Des O'Connor & Roder Whittaker /
The Skye Boat Song - James Galway

South Side - Moby.

Sumter County Friday Night - Lee Brice .

Back to Tennessee - Billy Ray Cyrus.
Tennessee - Arrested Development
Tennessee River - Hank Williams Jr / Alabama .
Tennessee Waltz - Patti Page.
Tennessee Whiskey - George Jones.
Tennessee Whiskey & Me - Jenny Leigh .
The Legend of Middle Tennessee - Vic Mignogna

All My Ex’es Live In Texas - George Strait ..
Bluest Eyes In Texas - Little Texas ..
Deep in the Heart of Texas - Perry Como with Ted Weems and His Orchestra/others.
East Texas Red - Tom Russell.
God Blessed Texas - Little Texas .
Long Tall Texan - Beach Boys
Luckenbach Texas - Waylon Jennings .
Texas - String Cheese Incident
Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan / Johnny Winters.
Texas Radio And The Big Beat - The Doors..
Texas Rangers - Wreckshop Family.
The WASP (Texas Radio and The Big Beat) - The Doors
Waltz Across Texas With Me - Tubb Ernest..

Moonlight In Vermont - Jo Stafford

Meet Virginia – Train
Paul And Virginia - Over The Rhine.
Sweet Virginia - The Rolling Stones.
Virginia Plain – Roxy Music

June On The West Coast - Bright Eyes ...
The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man - The Rolling Stones...



Aberdeen - Cage The Elephant

Abergavenny - Marty Wilde
He Awoke On A Bench In Abergavenny - Tubelord.

Aberfan - Dulahan

Abilene - George Hamilton IV

Bonny House Of Airlie - Kate Rusby..

Theme from Alamo Bay - Ry Cooder.

Albuquerque - Weird Al Yankovic

Allentown - Billy Joel

Amarillo By Morning - George Strait.
Is This The Way To Amarillo - Tony Christie / Peter Kaye.

A Bar In Amsterdam - Katzenjammer .
A Windmill in Old Amsterdam - Fun Factory ..
Amsterdam - Coldplay/ Jacques Brel
Amsterdam After Dark - George Coleman .
Amsterdam Calling - Anthony Yarranton .
Amsterdam Wave - Simon Weiss .
Beautiful Amsterdam - Philip Whirlpool .
Bikes of Amsterdam - Marcos Souza .
Canal of Amsterdam - Dick Bakker Orchestra .
Die In Amsterdam - D-Sisive .
Dirty Amsterdam - Bad Hat .
Electric Amsterdam - Jason Rivas .
Escape From Amsterdam - MCJ
Hello Amsterdam - Harold G & Squidz
News From Amsterdam - Deephonia
On a Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago - Counting Crows .
Port Of Amsterdam - David Bowie & The Tony Visconti Trio .
Power of Amsterdam - Stephen Advance .
Sonntag In Amsterdam - Bert Landers
Sunny Morning In Amsterdam - Vintage&morelli ..
Tulips From Amsterdam - Max Bygraves .

Argyle - The Bouncing Souls

Streets Of Arklow - Van Morrison.

Arlington Airport - Kevin Mulligan .

Armworth - Captain Beyond

Moon Over Asbury - The Bouncing Souls

Starwood In Aspen - John Denver

Oh Atlanta - Badco

Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen

Avalon - Roxy Music

Babylon - David Gray/ Blue Cheer
Babylon's Burning - The Ruts
Chant Down Babylon - Bob Marley..
Rivers Of Babylon - Boney M.

November in Bad Driburg - Michael Ballus .

B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) - Outkast...

Streets of Bakersfield - Dwight Yoakam .

A Baltimore Love Thing - 50 Cent

A Passage To Bangkok - Rush
One Night In Bangkok - Murray Head.

Bagpipes From Baghdad - Eminem.
Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B.) - Outkast.


Peru To Baltimore - Manchester .

Barcelona - Freddie Mercury

Callin’ Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks .
Greenville To Baton Rouge - Drive-By Truckers.

BEAUMONT... ...lys...
5 Minutes With Beaumont - Simba ..
Beaumont - 3OH!3
Beaumont Rag - Alison Krauss & Union Station/..et al

Boycott Beijing Bling - El Chain Gang .

Belfast Child - Simple Minds

Belleau Wood - Garth Brooks

Leaving Beirut - Roger Waters

Fresh Prince Of Bel-air - Will Smith..

The Beltsville Crucible - Thrice.

Snow Patrol – Berlin

O Little Town Of Bethlehem - Jim Reeves

Beverly Hills - Weezer

Bombay Calling - It's A Beautiful Day.

Boot Hill - Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Whiskey Boot Hill - Neil Young..

Boston - Augustana
Boston Tea Party - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band ..
North of Boston - Ron Zabrocki .
The Boston Burglar - Delia Murphy .

Brazilia - Capubara / Earth Wind & Fire /

Brighton Rock - Queen

Guns Of Brixton - The Clash.

Hello Brooklyn 2.0 - Jay-Z ..
November In Brooklyn - Simon Williams .

Buckingham Blues - Weird Al Yankovic

Buffalo Gals - Malcolm McLaren

Night Boat To Cairo - Madness

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Vampire Weekend

Celebration - Kool and the Gang

Charleston Alley - The Charlie Barnet Orchestra .
Charlotte Couldn't (Charleston Ladies Of The Ensemble) - Dean Martin .

Chattanooga Man - Lucille Hegamin
Chattanooga Choo Choo - Glenn Miller/ Barry Manilow/ many others.
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy - Red Foley..
Chatting with a Chick in Chattanooga - Hank Snow..

Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis
Chelsea Hotel #2 - Leonard Cohen.
Chelsea Monday - Marillion / Fish.
Chelsea Morning - Joni Mitchell / Judy Collins.
Chelsea Rodgers - Prince.
Midnight In Chelsea - Jon Bon Jovi.

Chicago - Kate Voegele
Chicago (We Can Change The World) - Graham Nash
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago - Fall Out Boy

Tuesdays In Chinatown - Andy Bey .

Last Train To Clarksville - The Monkees.

Clifton in the Rain - Al Stewart.

The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle - Thin Lizzy...

COLUMBUS ... ............lys...
According To Columbus - A Skylit Drive
Careful Columbus, Don't Fall Off - Sic 'Em Buster
Casino Columbus - Letlive
Christopher Columbus - Duke Ellington / Guy Mitchell / Dinah Washington / The Ink Spots.
Christopher Columbus - Nazz .
Christopher Columbus - Gruff Rhys.
Christopher Columbus - Andy Kirk & His Clouds of Joy.
Columbus - Burning Spear
Columbus - David Crosby
Columbus - Snowmine
Columbus - Billy Corgan
Columbus - The Church
Columbus And His Robot Army - The Gtc
Columbus Ave. - Aimee Mann
Columbus Day Parade - Mike Viola
Columbus Day Weekend - King Missile
Columbus Exchange / Crack Spot - Ghostface Killah
Columbus Feeling - Spermbirds
Columbus Fest Is A Celebration Of Genocide - Crucial Unit
Columbus Stockade - Doc Watson / The Limeliters / Woody Guthrie
Columbus Wasn't Looking For America - Once Nothing
Columbus' Boat Ride - The Goats
Columbus, Ohio - Cinderleaf
Goodbye Columbus - The Association
Goodbye Little Columbus - Chris Rea
I Am Columbus - Guided By Voices
In 1492 Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blues - Dr. Demento....
Knights Of Columbus - The Subtle Way
Mr. Columbus - Grace Potter And The Nocturnals .
New Columbus - Julian Dawson
Port Columbus - Adam
Road Outside Columbus - O.A.R. (Of A Revolution)
Roll On Columbia - Woody Guthrie .
The Egg of Columbus - Extraordinaires, The
To My Future Columbus - Victory Heights
Where Next Columbus? - Crass
World Before Columbus - Suzanne Vega

Creole Alley - Lee Allen

9 am In Dallas - Drake.
Dallas - Alan Jackson
Dallas In Romania - Mischief Brew .

Dakota - Stereophonics

Darwin - Third Eye Blind

Lucky Denver Mint - Jimmy Eat World

Detroit - Frank Zappa
Detroit Attitude - Cooley Pope .
Detroit City - Bobby Bare
Detroit Rock City - Kiss
Panic In Detroit - David Bowie
Put Your Hands Up For Detroit- Fedde Le Grand

Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
The White Cliffs Of Dover - Vera Lynn.

A Dublin Lullaby - The Pogues
Dublin In The Rare Old Days - Blackthorn
July 10, On the Banks of the River Liffey (Dublin Song) - Mark Massey.....
Rocky Road To Dublin - Clancy Brothers
The Bells Of Dublin - Chieftans

Gates Of Eden - Bob Dylan.
The Garden Of Eden - Frankie Vaughan

Edinburgh Castle - Tangerine Dream
Flowers Of Edinburgh - Jimmy Shand
I Bought A Wife In Edinburgh - The Corries

El Paso - Marty Robbins

Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash..

Visitation At Fort Horn - Bruce Springsteen ..

Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind - George Strait ...
Fort Worth Blues - Steve Earle ..

Foxfield Junction - Andy McCoy.

Freeport Boulevard - Jackie Greene.

The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie - The Corries ..

Galveston - Glen Campbell

Galway Girl - Steve Earle

The Pink, Pink Waters of Gilmour - Power Craig...

Guernica - Brand New

Grand Prairie - Cheap Trick ..

Greenville To Baton Rouge - Drive-By Truckers.

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Grimsby - Elton John

Hamburg Song - Keane.

March Of The Men Of Harlech - traditional.

Angel Of Harlem - U2.
Harlem Nocturne - Chris Isaak
Harlem River Blues - Justin Townes Earle ..
Harlem Shuffle - The Rolling Stones.
Underneath The Harlem Moon - Randy Newman ..

Harper Valley P.T.A. - Jeannie C. Riley

Havana Moon - Chuck Berry/ Santana .

Hollywood (Down On Your Luck) - Thin Lizzy..
Hollywood Freaks - Beck.
Hollywood's Not America - Ferras.
Hooray For Hollywood - Syd Lawrence Orchestra/ Doris Day.
If Hollywood Don’t Need You - Don Williams.
July 13, Hollywoodland - Mark Massey..

Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie And The Banshees

Houston - R.E.M.
Houston - The Gatlin Brothers
Houstons Hot Tonight - Iggy Pop ..

Girl from Ipanema goes to Greenland - B-52's.
The Girl From Ipanema - Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto

Irvine - Kelly Clarkson

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants

Jackson - Flatt & Scruggs / Johnny Cash / others
Jackson Ain't A Very Big Town - Loretta Lynn
Slow Down Jackson - Olivia Newton-John.

So Jersey - The Bouncing Souls
Vincent of Jersey - Big Head Todd & the Monsters .

Jerusalem - Choir of King's College / Esther Ofarim
Jerusalem (Out of Darkness Comes Light) - Matisyahu
Jerusalem Tomorrow - Emmylou Harris.
Walking to Jerusalem - Tracy Byrd .

Kingston, Jamaica - DJ Khaled .
Kingston Town -UB40


Juarez - Tori Amos

Juneau - Funeral For A Friend

Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues - Jim Jackson ...
Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison
Kansas City Lights - Steve Wariner .

Katmandu - Bob Seger

Kimberly - Patti Smith Group

Kingston Town - UB40

Kokomo - The Beach Boys

La Grange - ZZ Top

The Man From Laramie - Jimmy Young

Streets of Laredo - Eddy Arnold / Johnny Cash / Joan Baez / many others.

Leaving Las Vegas - Sheryl Crow
Let’s Go To Vegas - Faith Hill .
Vegas - Sara Bareilles
Viva Las Vegas - Elvis Presley / ZZ Top

Lincoln Park Pirates - Steve Goodman.

Little Rock - Collin Raye

Going Down to Liverpool - The Bangles.
Long Haired Lover From Liverpool - Jimmy Osmand
Liverpool 08 - Ringo Starr

Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Last Train To London - E.L.O.
Lights Of London - David Gray.
London - Anthrax / Third Eye Blind
London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines - Panic At The Disco .....
London Bridges - Fergie / Bread .
London Calling - The Clash
London Girls - Tori Amos .
London In February - Coastal .
London Lost It's Fog - Rosaline..
London Pride - Noël Coward .
London Town - Paul McCartney.
Someone In London - Godsmack
Southern Belles In London Singing - The Faint ...
Streets Of London - Cat Stevens / Sex Pistols /Ralph McTell.
Tropical London - Rancid .
Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon .

Ain't No Honky Tonks in L.A. - 29 Mules
Drinking In L.A. - Bran Van 3000.
Electric Los Angeles Sunset - Al Stewart.
I Love LA - Randy Newman
L.A. Blues - The Stooges.
L.A. Is The Place - Kenny Koontz
L.A. River - Rancid.
L.A. Woman - The Doors
Los Angeles - X
Old L.A. Tonight - Ozzy Osbourne..
Out In L.A. - Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Aliens Of Los Angeles - Carol Stephenson
To Live And Die In L.A. - Wang Chung
Walking In LA - Missing Persons.

San Antonio Stroll - Tanya Tucker .

Eight More Miles To Louisville - Sam Bush ..
Louisville Burglar - Hickory Nuts .
New Louisville Burglar - Howard Fishman.

Lubbock Or Leave It - The Dixie Chicks

Luckenbach Texas - Waylon Jennings .

Rose of Mandalay - Bing Crosby .
Way to Mandalay - Blackmore's Night

Madison Blues - George Thorogood

Malibu - Hole
Malibu Gas Station - Sonic Youth..

The Road To Mandalay - Robbie Williams.

First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen
Manhattan - Kings of Leon
Manhattan From The Sky - Kate Voegele.
Manhattan Martian - Babylon Zoo.
Manhattan Project - Rush
Marching Bands of Manhattan - Death Cab For Cutie
The Man From Manhattan - Freddie Mercury

Marrakesh Express - Crosby, Stills & Nash

Matamoros Banks - Bruce Springsteen

All The Way From Memphis - Mott The Hoople
Memphis - Johnny Rivers / PJ Harvey
Memphis Hip Shake - Cult..
Memphis In June - Nina Simone .
Memphis, Egypt - Jon Langford .
Memphis Skyline - Rufus Wainwright
Midnight Train To Memphis - Kid Rock.
The Prettiest Waitress in Memphis - Cory Branan..
Walking In Memphis - Marc Cohn / Fat Domino

Mexicali Rose - Bing Crosby.

April 29, 1992 (Miami) - Sublime
Everybody's Got a Cousin in Miami - Jimmy Buffett.
Miami - Will Smith
Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) - Billy Joel.....
Miami , My Amy - Keith Whitley.
Miami Vice Theme - Jan Hammer
Summer In Miami - Jim Jones .

My Cousin In Milwaukee - Ella Fitzgerald.
What Made Milwaukee Famous - Rod Stewart

Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis - Tom Waits...

Midnight In Missoula - Nanci Griffith

The Missouri Hound Dog - James Bland..

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville - My Chemical Romance.

Montecarlo Nights - Chris Botti.

The Fog In Monterey - Mary Black.

Midnight In Montgomery - Alan Jackson.

Bonzo's Montreaux - Led Zeppelin.

Morecombe Bay - Peter Gabriel.

Roads To Moscow - Al Stewart.
Stranger In Moscow - Michael Jackson.

Night Train To Munich - Al Stewart

Nashville Cats - The Lovin' Spoonful.
Nashville Is A Groovy Little Town - Tom T. Hall...

Guns Of Navarone - Skatalites

Battle of New Orleans - Johnny Horton .
City Of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie / Judy Collins / Willie Nelson .
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans - Louis Armstrong
Going Back To New Orleans - Dr. John
King Of New Orleans - Better Than Exra
Louisiana Leroux, New Orleans Ladies - Swamp Pop.
New Orleans Bounce - DJ Jubilee
New Orleans Ladies - Louisiana LeRoux
New Orleans Nightmare - Lil Wayne
New Orleans Saints - Aaron Neville
New York To New Orleans - 50 Cents
The Witch Queen of New Orleans - Redbone.
Tryin' To Get To New Orleans - The Tractors
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - Freddy Cannon

Englishman in New York - Sting.
Boy From New York City - The Ad Libs
Fairytale Of New York - The Pogues.
Going To New York - Climax Blues Band
I Love New York City - Andrew WK
Jamaican In New York - Shinehead.
Leaving New York - R.E.M.
Moving To New York - The Wombats
New York - U2 / Snow Patrol / Paloma Faith
New York Airport - After Meridian ft Tiff Lacey .
New York Banker - Todd Snider
New York Boy - Neil Diamond
New York City - T-Rex / They Might Be Giants
New York City Blues - The Yardbirds
New York City, King Sized Rosewood Bed - The Charlie Daniels Band
New York City Man - Lou Reed
New York City Serenade - Bruce Springsteen
New York City's Killing Me - Ray LaMontagne
New York Groove - Ace Frehley
New York Is A Woman - Suzanne Vega
New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Have You Seen My Wife, Mr. Jones) - The Bee Gees
New York Minute - Don Henley / Eagles.
New York, New York - Frank Sinatra / Ryan Adams
New York State Of Mind - Billy Joel
New York To New Orleans - 50 Cents
New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones - Fear ..
New York's Not My Home - Jim Croce
Safe In New York City - AC/DC
The Only Living Boy In New York - Simon And Garfunkel
The Girl from New York City - The Beach Boy
When New York Had Her Heart Broke - John Hiatt ..
Yeah! New York - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Nokia - Cheap Trick

Nutbush City Limits - Ike & Tina Turner / Bob Seger

Oakland Univercity - Frank Zappa

Omaha Stylee - 311

Maid Of Orleans (The Waltz Joan Of Arc) - OMD
Royal Orleans - Led Zeppelin

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A Country Girl In Paris - John Denver
A Gondola Ride In Paris - The Messenger
A Mexican Funeral In Paris - Shane Macgowan & The Popes
A Night In Paris - Lovers Grave
A Rainy Night In Paris - Chris De Burgh
Ah! Les P'tites Femmes De Paris - Brigitte Bardot
An American In Paris - Gershwin Classic.
April In Paris - Frank Sinatra /Billie Holiday /Doris Day /Duke Ellington /Bing Crosby /Cleo Laine/...et al
August in Paris - Jennifer Cardini & Shonky .
Back To Paris - Cyril Morin / Red Baron
Ballade Des Places De Paris - Les Frères Jacques
Belles of Paris - Beach Boys
Bells Of Paris - Modern Talking
Bienvenue À Paris - Bill Baxter
Boy In Paris - Diana Vickers
C'est Pas Paris - Terres Blanches
Ca C'est Paris - Lina Margy
Cameras In Paris - The Fixx
Crimes Of Paris - Elvis Costello
Crimes of Paris - Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Dancing In Paris - Courtney Seven
Destinee & Paris - Disciple
Downfall Of Paris Part 1 - Salem
Dreaming Of Paris - Van Dyke Parks
Drunk In Paris - Type O Negative
Fleur De Paris - La Bande à Basile
Frühling In Paris - Rammstein
Free Man In Paris - Neil Diamond / Joni Mitchell
From Paris To Berlin - Infernal
Full Moon In Paris - Amber Rubarth
Funky Paris - Gilbert Montagné
Give Paris One More Chance - Jonathan Richman
Guess Who I Saw In Paris - Buffy Sainte-Marie
He Went To Paris - Jimmy Buffett
Heart Attack In Paris - Angelic Upstarts
I Love Paris - Etta Jones / Jack Jones
I Wish I Was In Paris - Richard Clapton
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris - Morrissey
If I Was From Paris - Grace Potter And The Nocturnals
In & Out Of Paris & London - The Divine Comedy
In Paris - Casper
In Paris They Know How To Build A Monument - Andrew Wyatt
J'aime Paris - Fred Adison / Bebe Lilly
J'aime Paris Au Mois De Mai - Charles Aznavour
King Of Paris - Silent Lucidity
La Plus Belles De Paris - Serge Lama
Last Mango In Paris - D:A:D
Last Tango in Paris - City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra/...et al
Last Time I Saw Paris - Kate Smith
Last Time In Paris - Queensryche
Latinos In Paris - Pitbull
Le Chevalier De Paris - Edith Piaf
Le Métro De Paris - Martha Wainwright
Leaving For Paris No. 2 - Rufus Wainwright
Les Filles De Paris - Paul Anka
Let's Tango In Paris - The Stranglers
Lonely Night in Paris - Julie London
Lost In Paris - Celine Mastrorelli
Love Goes Home To Paris In The Spring - The Magnetic Fields
Love In Paris - Jade
Lovely Love De Paris - Demis Roussos
Made In Paris - Burt Bacharach
Made In Paris - Dollar Bar
Mademoiselle de Paris - Danny Kaye
Meet You In Paris - Jonas Brothers
Midnight in Paris - Michael Hurley
Mode De Paris - Gilbert Laffaille
Moonlight Over Paris - Vanessa Williams
Never Been To Paris - Rebekka Bakken
New Paris - Strand Of Oaks
New York, Berlin, Paris - Blue System
Niggas In Paris - Kanye West / Jay-Z
Night Flight To Paris - Local H
Night Train To Paris - Jack Hardy
Ninjas In Paris - Watsky
Notre Dame De Paris - Belle
O To Be In Paris! - Michel Griffin
Ode To Paris Hilton - Lupen Crook
Oh Paris - Jon English
Oh Paris! - Dent May
Old Lady Paris - Charles Pasi
One Day In Paris - Martha And The Muffins
Poor People Of Paris - Winifred Atwell
Paris - Faith Hill / Perez Prado / Elton John / Anastasia/...et al
Paris - Eminem
Paris 1919 - John Cale
Paris Cannibals - Let's Eat Them .
Paris In Jail - Amber Hay.
Paris Is Burning - Ladyhawke
Paris, Tokyo - Lupe Fiasco
Paris And September - Sacha Sacket
Paris Bar '89 - Saint Etienne
Paris Bells - Marianne Faithfull
Paris Blues - The Doors
Paris By Air - Tygers Of Pan Tang
Paris Centre - Jarod
Paris Dies In The Morning - Leo Sayer
Paris Green - Babylon Zoo
Paris Hilton's Closet - Ke$ha
Paris In A Day - Ellis Paul
Paris In Flames - Thursday
Paris In Minneapolis - Chris Rea
Paris In Springtime - Papermoon
Paris in the Spring - Al Bowlly
Paris In Your Eyes - Janis Ian
Paris Is A Lonely Town - Judy Garland
Paris Is Burning - Ladyhawke / Lynch Mob / Dokken
Paris Is For Lovers (My Love) - Terranova
Paris Nocturne - Dan Fogelberg
Paris Paris - TTC
Paris Rain - Brenda Russell
Paris Rockin' - Winston McAnuff
Paris Perdu - Boxon
Paris Smith - Prefab Sprout
Paris Sunrise #7 - Ben Harper
Paris Wakes Up And Smiles - Irving Berlin
Paris Warlike - Mischief Brew
Part 1 - One Night In Paris - 10cc
Poor People of Paris - Les Baxter & His Orchestra / Billy Vaughn
Postcard From Paris - Glen Campbell
Québec-Paris - Christine Authier
Raining In Paris - The Maine
Sleeping In Paris - Rosanne Cash
Springtime In Paris - Nina Hagen
Streets Of Paris - The Teenagers
The Downfall Of Paris - The Dubliners
The Girls In Paris - Lee Hazlewood
The Last Time I Saw Paris - Vaughn Monroe / Connie Francis / Noel Coward
The Paris Match - The Style Council
The Paris Song - Harry Belafonte
The Poor People Of Paris - Lawrence Welk
The Widow Paris - Get Up Kids
Trouble In Paris - Eric Andersen
Under Paris Skies - Andy Williams / Sam Cooke
Under The Bridges Of Paris - The Pussycat Dolls /Dean Martin /Eartha Kitt
Une Rose De Paris - Nana Mouskouri
We Made It In Paris - Snoop Dogg
We'll Always Have Paris - Cherry Poppin' Daddies / Bright Eyes
We're All Paris Now - Arms And Sleepers
Weekend In Paris - James Taft
White Girl In Paris - JoJo
You Don't Live In Paris - Duncan
Zombies Dans Paris - Pow Wow

PHILADELPHIA ... ... lys.jalz ...
Band Aid For A Bullet Wound (come Back From Philadelphia) - Scenic Attraction
Bravado . Philadelphia . Corestates Center . Counterparts 30/4/94 - Rush
Dear Philadelphia - Ruiner
Fall In Philadelphia - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Good Evening Philadelphia - Deacon Blue
Goodbye Philadelphia - Peter Cincotti / Virginio Simonelli
It's Never Sunny In South Philadelphia - The Wonder Years
Leaving Philadelphia (Arriving In Seattle) - Denison Witmer
Patiently Philadelphia - Norma Jean
Philadelphia - Neil Young / Peter Gabriel
Philadelphia (the City Of Brotherly Love) - We Are Augustines
Philadelphia Bluntset - Long Distance Calling
Philadelphia Born And Raised - Meek Mill
Philadelphia Bound - Jo Jones
Philadelphia Boy - David Ford
Philadelphia Child - Ursula Rucker
Philadelphia Cream Cheese (commercial) - Bing Crosby
Philadelphia Experiment - Cage
Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John / Ike & Tina Turner
Philadelphia Lawyer - Bonnie Owens / Woody Guthrie
Philadelphia Mambo - Larry Harlow / Roy Ayers
Philadelphia Rocks - The Whomping Willows
Philadelphia Rush Hour - Eric Mintel Quartet
Quit! (Joel's in Philadelphia) - Rodeo Ruby Love
Sailing To Philadelphia - James Taylor / Mark Knopfler / America
Something In Philadelphia - Portrait
Sound Of Philadelphia - Reef The Lost Cauze
South Philadelphia (Drug Days) - Alec Ounsworth
Streets Of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen.
The Curse Of Philadelphia - Rambo
The Philadelphia Grand Jury - The Fiery Furnaces
TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia) - MFSB featuring The Three Degrees

PHOENIX ... ... lys ...
A Pheonix And A Deer - Face Tomorrow.
A Phoenix & Doves - Diane Cluck
A Phoenix Lament - Ministry Of Magic
And The Phoenix Is Reborn - Sabbath Assembly
By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Eddy Arnold / José Feliciano / Glen Campbell
Bobby In Phoenix - Bobby Womack
Bobby In Phoenix - Gorillaz
Enter The Phoenix - Machine Head
Fiery Phoenix, Burn - Backside Slappy
Flight Of The Phoenix - Grand Funk Railroad
For I Am The Phoenix - Forever The Fallen
Ice Cream Phoenix - Jefferson Airplane
I Cried A Single Phoenix Tear - Tom Riddle And Friends
I'm Not The Phoenix Yet - Moonface
Like Phoenix From The Ashes - RAW
Mass Of The Phoenix - Unearthly Trance
Mechanical Phoenix - Unexpect
My Little Phoenix - Tarja Turunen
Night Phoenix - Roster McCabe
Phoenix - Prodigy / Butterfly Effect / Wolfmother / Jesus Jones / Wishbone Ash /...et al
Phoenix Amongst The Ashes - Hate Eternal
Phoenix From The Ashes - Elis
Phoenix From The Fire - Beverley Craven
Phoenix From The Flames - Robbie Williams
Phoenix Ignition - Thrice
Phoenix in Your Footsteps - The Longshadows
Phoenix Park - The Tossers
Phoenix Pyre - Prozack Staple
Phoenix Ressurectio - 7th Nemesis
Phoenix Rising - Cheri Shanti / Destroyer 666 / Steve Winwood
Phoenix Song - Harry And The Potters
Phoenix Tears - Soulscar
Phoenix With A Heartache - Kids In The Way
Phoenix's Fire - Highlord
Planet Phoenix - The Raven Charter
Pt.6: Phoenix And The Fire - John Surman
Recollection Phoenix - Willie Nelson
River Phoenix - Nada Surf / Trip
Scream Phoenix - Cannibal Ox
Slaying Phoenix - Apocalypse .Eve
The Black Phoenix - The Anix
The Days of the Phoenix - AFI.
The Lights of Phoenix - And Also The Trees
The Masquerader And Phoenix - Theatre Of Tragedy
The Mass Of Phoenix - Tinieblas
The Phoenix - Marianne Faithfull / Magnum 44 / The Cult / Pepper
The Phoenix Alive - Monarchy
The Phoenix Dies - TrümmerWelten
The Phoenix Effect - Delta-S
The Phoenix Lament - Mary And The Grandpres
The Phoenix Mass - Death Ss
The Phoenix Returns To Ashes - Abaddon Incarnate
The Phoenix Rises - Jessi Colter
The Phoenix Will Rise - Blood Redemption
To Phoenix by Foot - Swift
Trip Machine Phoenix - De-sire Alterative - Black Rose Garden
We Burn Like The Phoenix - You Ate My Dog
Woman Of The Phoenix - Nanci Griffith
Year Of The Phoenix - Pyramaze
You Are The Phoenix - Judie Tzuke

POMPEII ... ... lys.p10g ...
American Pompeii - Anthrax
Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) - Virgin Steele
Our Lady of Pompeii - Secret History
Pompeii - Bastille / Sleater.Kinney / Gatsbys American Dream
Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung -The Flaming Lips
The Last Days of Pompeii - Nova Mob
This Was Pompeii - Dar Williams
Up Pompeii - Frankie Howerd

PORTLAND... ...lys...
Big Trip To Portland - Mary Black
Cello From Portland - Beautiful Eulogy
Jeane If You're Ever In Portland - Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Not Moving to Portland - Long Winters, The
Portland - Rainer Maria / The Replacements / Justin McRoberts /
Portland 3:15 - The Go Set
Portland Daheim - Joe Hodgkins
Portland Is Leaving - Rocky Votolato
Portland Life - Cool Nutz
Portland Lights - Banner Pilot
Portland, Maine And The Pouring Rain - The City On Film
Portland Oregon - Loretta Lynn
Portland Poetry Reading - Five Fingers Of Funk
Portland Rain - Everclear
Portland Town - Marianne Faithfull / Kingston Trio / Joan Baez
Portland Town - Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Portland Water - Michael Hurley
Portland, 1920 - Ever Since July
South Portland - Young Mountain
The Heart Of Portland, Oregon - Hefner
Tripped And Fell In Portland - Breathe Carolina

Redondo Beach - Patti Smith Group

All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) - R.E.M.

The Birds of Rhiannon - Faith and the Muse.

I Go To Rio - Peter Allen
Rio - Michael Nesmith
Rio - Duran Duran

Roma Airport - Ferry Tayle .

To Romona - Bob Dylan.

Goodnight Saigon - Billy Joel.

Saginaw, Michigan - Lefty Frizzell.

Snow in San Anselmo - Van Morrison

Ain't No Fun Being Alone In San Antonio - Gene Watson
San Antonio Girl - Steve Earle
San Antonio Rose - Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys.
San Antonio Stroll - Suzanne Prentice

Fake Tales Of San Francisco - Arctic Monkeys ..
I Left My Heart in San Francisco - Tony Bennett
San Francisco Bay Blues - Janis Joplin/Eric Clapton/Tom Rush..
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) - Scott McKenzie
San Francisco (Youv'e Got Me) - Village People
San Francisco Days - Chris Isaak
San Francisco Nights - Eric Burton & the Animals

San Jacinto - Peter Gabriel

Do You Know The Way To San Jose - Dionne Warwick

From Brighton Beach To Santa Monica - The Clientele.
Santa Monica - Savage Garden.
Santa Monica - The Front Bottoms.
Santa Monica - Everclear.
Santa Monica - Theory Of A Deadman.
Santa Monica - Speechwriters LLC.
Santa Monica - The Salvadors.
Santa Monica - Jay Malinowski / Bedouin Soundclash.
Santa Monica ( Kissing A Man With A Beard ) - Solex.
Santa Monica Bay - Johnossi.
Santa Monica Dream - Angus And Julia Stone.
Santa Monica Nights - David Hasselhoff.
The Salt Mines Of Santa Monica - Sunday's Best.

Santa Rosa - ABBA

26 Miles (Santa Catalina) - The Four Preps.

Scarborough Fair - Simon And Garfunkel

The Day Seattle Died - Cold

The Barber Of Seville - Arachnes.

Sioux City Sue - Dick Thomas

Silver Springs - Fleetwood Mac

Sin City - AC/DC

Come Back To Sorrento - Dean Martin.

St. Louis Blues March - Glenn Miller ...

Statesboro Blues - The Allman Brothers Band.

Stockholm Syndrome - Muse / blink-182

Suffragate City - David Bowie

Swansea Town - Max Boyce

Sydney Jordan - Montell Jordan .

Vacation in Tokyo - Urge Overkill.
Woman From Tokyo - Deep Purple

24 Hours From Tulsa - Gene Pitney.
Midnight In Tula - Tangerine Dream.
Tulsa Telephone Book - Calexico ..
Tulsa Time - Eric Clapton / Don Williams .

Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison.

Tuxedo Junction - Glenn Miller.

Venice Queen - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ventura Highway - America.

Waitress From Versailles - Neil Rosengarden .

Vienna - Billy Joel/ Linda Eder/ Ultravox/

Warwick Avenue - Duffy.

Rose Of Washington Square - Alice Faye / Thoroughly Modern Millie .

Waterloo - ABBA / Stonewall Jackson

Wichita Lineman - Glen Campbell.

Winchester Cathedral - The New Vaudeville Band.

Old Old Woodstock - Van Morrison
Woodstock - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Legend Of Xanadu - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Youngstown - Bruce Springsteen


Alice in Wonderland - Neil Sedaka.
Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men) - Queen..
Blue As The Turquoise Night Of Neyshabur - Yo-Yo Ma...
Caribbean Blue - Enya.
Creatures of Levania - Mannheim Steamroller.
Empire State - Fleetwood Mac .
Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z.
Fog On The Tyne - Lindisfarne.
July 14, Storm the Bastille - Mark Massey...
July 19, Stone of Rosetta - Mark Massey ...
Song from 'The Moulin Rouge' - Mantovani
The Beltsville Crucible - Thrice.
Mediterranean Sea - Admiral Freebee .
Monument in Green - Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Orinoco Flow - Enya
Pacific Coast Highway - Sonic Youth ..
River Clyde - Annie Keating .
Stonehenge - Spinal Tap
Southern Pacific - Neil Young.
The Blue Danube - 101 Strings Orchestra .
The Canterville Ghost - Edenbridge.
The Volga Boatsman Song - Boris Grebenshikov...
Titanic Overture - Alice Cooper..
United States of Whatever - Liam Lynch

Aunt Birdie's Wingback Chevrolet - Pine Mountain Railroad ..
Blue Chevrolet Ballerina - Ross Ryan..
Cadillac Ranch - Bruce Springsteen
Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind - Confederate Railroad ..
Guitars, Cadillacs - Dwight Yoakam.
Jaguar and a Thunderbird - Chuck Berry..
Left Hand Suzuki Method - Gorillaz.
Little Honda - The Hondells
Little Red Corvette - Prince..
Long White Cadillac - Dwight Yoakam.
Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
Pink Thunderbird - Jeff Beck.
Ray's Dad's Cadillac - Joni Mitchell..
Raleigh and Spencer - Yonder Mountain String Band.
Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood ..
















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