D ~ D ~ D

Ray's Dad's Cadillac - Joni Mitchell..

Big Dog Daddy - Toby Keith ..
Cat Daddy - Rej3ctz .

Daddy's Shoes - Jami Grooms .
Daddy - Korn
Daddy and the Devil - Wade Bowen
Daddy Big Boots - Elvis Presley..
Daddy Come Home - George Jones
Daddy Cool - Boney M.
Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man) - Merle Haggard And The Strangers .
Daddy Get That Cash - Styles.
Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind - Confederate Railroad ..
Daddy Played the Banjo - Steve Martin ..
Daddy Sang Bass - Johnny Cash ..
Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man - Dolly Parton
Daddy's Come Around - Paul Overstreet
Daddy's Eyes - Jake Coco .
Daddy's Gonna Miss You - Yellowjackets
Daddy's Hands - Holly Dunn .
Daddy's Home - Karen Peck And New River
Daddy's Lambo - YelaWolf
Daddy's Little Girl - The Mills Brothers ..
Daddy'S Money - Ricochet .
Don't Cry Daddy - Elvis Presley.
Go Daddy O - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy .
Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes
Hungry Freaks, Daddy - Frank Zappa..
I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus - RuPaul; Kip Addotta; Dr. Demento ..

I'm A Long Gone Daddy - Hank Williams III
Love Me Daddy Blues - Bessie Smith..
My Girlfriend's Dad's A Vicar - Toy Dolls.
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line - Waylon Jennings
Step Daddy - Hitman Sammy Sam
They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore - Loretta Lynn
To Daddy - Dolly Parton
Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father) - Lindsay Lohan

U Ain't My Daddy - Iggy Azalea
Who's Your Daddy? - Toby Keith


10 Foot Pink Daffodils - The Seventh Dawn
Awakening Daffodils - Subha
Bombshells and Daffodils - Brother Sly
Bumblebees and Daffodils - Hello Rio
Daffodil - Boxer Kid

Daffodil Banjo - Garage Sale

Daffodil Blues - Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three
Daffodil Lament - The Cranberries
Daffodil Rock - Jack Leonard
Daffodil Yellow - Fuzzpod
Daffodils - Angela C. Howell
Daffodils and Pills - Joshua Madore
Daffodils Aren't For Picking - Hello Vixen
Daffodils in Winter - Georgette Dashiell
Daffodils + Gasoline - Misty Murphy
Daffodils That Sway Just So - he Golden Motors
Dancing with the Daffodils - Solid Ground
Dear Daffodil - Enharmonic Souls
Devils and Daffodils - Beta Two Agonist
Dust and Daffodils - Asura
Hey Daffodil - Justin Love
Fair Daffodils - West Coast Mennonite Quartet
March Of The Daffodils - Ray Hearne
Morning Daffodil - Michael Marcus
My Baby Is A Daffodil - The Cas Carnaby Five
Golden Daffodils - Gary Prim
Rainy Days And Daffodils - Gary Smith
Ring Around the Daffodils - Ervin Litkei
Pain Pills and Daffodils - Witness My Weakness
Seven Daffodils -
The Limeliters / Jonathan Edwards & The Seldom Scene .
Seven Daffodils (Seven Golden Daffodils) - Lonnie Donegan ..
Spinning In Daffodils - Them Crooked Vultures
The Dance Of The Demon Daffodils -
John Kirkpatrick
They May Only Be Dafodils - Honour Before Glory ..
To Daffodils - Maria Lagios and Dalton Baldwin
Violets and Daffodils - Barefoot Jerry .
When the Daffodils Bloom - Kathy Reed
Where The Daffodils Grow - The Carny

House of Flying Daggers - Raekwon..

Daily - The Anointed Pace Sisters
Daily Bread - Chris Ledoux
Daily Crime - Cold Rush
Daily Dose - MindMirror
Daily Grind - Sweet Spot
Daily Growing - Altan
Daily Misery - The Crybabys
Daily News - Fatty Sunroad
Daily News Blues - Ralph Morgan
Daily Nightly - The Monkees .
Daily Operation - Gang Starr
Daily Rag - The Pete Daily Band
Daily Routine - Animal Collective
Daily Trouble - Pete Daily
I Die Daily - Elle R.O.C.
My Daily Ray of Sunshine - The Winnerys ..
Need It Daily - Tedashii ft Pro
On Da Daily - Pyourpane
The Daily Charm - Maple
The Daily Grind - No Use For A Name
The Daily Mail - Radiohead
The Daily News - Donnie
Two Rainbows Daily - Hugh Hopper ..
You Are My Daily Bread - Fred Hammond with The Straight Gate Mass Choir

The Carpenter And The Dainty Bride - Primus..

A Daisy In December - Mick & Winifred Horan McAuley .
A Field Of Yellow Daisies - Charlie Rich ..

Buttercups and Daisies - Baby Genius .
Daisies of the Galaxy - Eels.
Daisy - Brand New
Daisy a Day - Jud Strunk.
Daisy Bell - Miss Aimee Leigh
Daisy Chain - Jane Jensen
Daisy Cutter - 311
Daisy Glaze - Big Star
Daisy Jane - America.
Daisy Jane - TNT .
Daisy Lady - Seventh Wonder .
Daisy Lane - Stereophonics.
Daisy Mae - The 5 Chords .
Daisy Petal Pickin' - The Fireballs Ft Jimmy Gilmer .
Daisys Up Your Butterfly - the Cramps.
Field of Yellow Daisies
- Tom Jones ..
Fresh As A Daisy - Emitt Rhodes.
Gypsy Daisy - Woody Guthrie .
Oopsy Daisy - Chipmunk.
Pickin' Daisies - Adam Sandler
Please Don't Eat the Daisies - Doris Day
Pull My Daisy - David Amram Quartet
Push The Little Daisies - Ween.
Pushing Up Daisies -
Garth Brooks
The Lazy Daisy Chain - Paul McBurney ..
Trample On Daisies - Ghosts of Jupiter
Trippin' On Daisies - Stone Poets .
Wake Up Daisy - B. Willie Dryden
White Daisy Passing - Rocky Votolato .
Whoopsie Daisy
- Terri Walker
Wilted Daisies - Joshua James .

Yellow Daisies - Fertile Ground .

DALEK ... Myth, Magic & Monsters ... pg-all ...
A Dalek Never Apologizes - Insekt L0gic
Asylum of the Daleks - Alex Carpenter
Coffee Dalek - Lloydnoise
Dalek - Yellow Note
Dalek City Effects - Barry Gray
Dalek Genesis - Danny Stewart
Daleks in Our Midst - The Wildlife
Dance With The Dalek - Mokushi
Evolution Of The Daleks - Murray Gold
Garlic Dalek - Chris Vaux
Klingons vs. Daleks - The Phantom Surfers
My Mother The Dalek - Mike Harding
Sympathy for the Daleks - Nerds with Guitars
The Daleks - Murray Gold


DAMN -> Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll -> XXXX words
'Bout Damn Time - The Skatastrophes
Damn You Bubba -
Trace Adkins.

A Really Cool Dance - Bowling For Soup.
Abstract Dancin' - Broken Rules .
Air Dance - Black Sabbath.
American Ghost Dance - Red Hot Chili Peppers..
Ballroom Dancing - Paul McCartney .
Batdance - Prince.
Boris Dancing - Jethro Tull.
Bride & Groom Dance - Bobby Morganstein ..
Cannibal Dance - MTee .
Dance Around Molly - Huber Banjos
ft Cia Cherryholmes .
Dance, Ballerina, Dance - Nat King Cole.
Dance Girl - The Charts .
Dance Like an Egyptian - Pharaoh .
Dance of the Clouds - Origen .
Dance of the Wild Faeries - Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule ..
Dance To The Music - Sly and the Family Stone.

Dance Tonight - Paul McCartney .
Dance With Me Tonight - Olly Murs .

Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross.
Dancing Alone - Ashlee Simpson.
Dancing Days - Led Zeppelin.
Dancing December - Katatonia .
Dancing In Fog - Fish.

Dancing In The Air - Sunny Side Of The Razor.
Dancing In the Dark - Bruce Springsteen.
Dancin' In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me in Its Spotlight) - Thin Lizzy..
Dance Of The Druids - Pagan Altar.
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - London Symphony ...
Dancin' On A Dime - Rachel Gould .
Dancin’'on the Boulevard - Alabama .
Dancing on the Sun - Admiral Twin.
Dancing On The Telephone - Steve Harley.
Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) - Captain Beyond....
Dancing Nancies - Dave Matthews Band
Dancing The Night Away - David Lee Roth ..
Dancing with Mephisto - Enigma.
Dime a Dance - Vicki Lawrence .
Dime-A-Dance Romance - Steve Miller Band..
Dollar's Dance - The Dollar Brand Trio.
Dolphin Dance - Tangerine Dream.
Dolphin Dance - Grover Washington Jr.
Don't Ever Dance With Maria -
Brave Combo.
Donkey's Dance - Tolga Trio.
Dragon Dance - Galbatron.
Do You Wanna Dance - Cliff Richard &the Shadows
Fairy Dancing - The Fairies .
Fancy Dance Song - Honoring The People ..
Fancy Dancer - Bobbi Humphrey .
Ghost Dance - The Cult, (Hawkwind, Overkill, et al).
I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys.
I Can't Dance (I Got Ants In My Pants) - Louis Jordan..
I'm In The Mood For Dancing - Nolans .
January (Feel Like Dancing) - Slide ..
John, I’m Only Dancing - David Bowie.
Land Of 1000 Dances - Cannibal & The Headhunters..
Last Dance - Donna Summers.
Magic Dance - David Bowie.

Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers...

Retro Dance Freak - Lady Gaga.
Russian Dance - Tchaikovsky.
Ten Cents A Dance - Bette Middler/ Maynard Ferguson..
The Dance of the Puppets - King Crimson

The Hamster Dance - Blue Man Group.
The Waiter's Dance - Giora Feidman.
They Dance Alone - Sting.
They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More - Jimmy Buffett.

Violet's Dance - Collide.
We Dance To The Beat - Robyn.
You Gotta Dance - Alice Cooper
Zombie Dance - Alice Cooper.

A Dandelion Dies In The Wind - Elton John .
Dance Of The Dandelions - Soft Sounds
Dandelion - Rolling Stones
Dandelion Blue - Stillyano
Dandelion Blues - The Incredible String Band
Dandelion Bouquet - Merrily Wright
Dandelion Clock - Medwyn Goodall
Dandelion Days - Wendy Manley; Adam McHeffey
Dandelion Dreamer - Eien
Dandelion Dreams - Jett Kelly
Dandelion Garden - David Hakan
Dandelion Heart - David Gamboa
Dandelion Parachute - Magic Mushroom Band
Dandelion Pop - Yellow Drum Machine
Dandelion Rain - Dean Fields
Dandelion River Run - Mimi & Richard Farina
Dandelion Smile - Phil O'flaherty
Dandelion Snow - Rachel Kanter
Dandelion Star - Tim Janis
Dandelion Wine - Bonnie Leigh; Blackmore's Night .
Dandelion Wish - Brenda Wise
Dandelions - Eric Weber; Angela Turner;
Dandelions At Play - Boof
Dandelions Blues - Fc Five
Dandelions Cry - Master B
Dandelions in Bullet Holes - Sarah Harmer
Dandelions Meets Roses - China .
Dandelions On Fire - Simone Massaron
Dandelion's Roar - Sponge
Dandelions Suck - Worm Quartet
Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow - Franz Ferdinand
I Tell Time By The Dandelion Clock - Sarah Manning
Like Dandelion Seeds to the Wind - Nate & Kate
Little Dandelion - Rennie Foster
Marigolds and Dandelions - Jamie Rattner .
O Dandelion Yellow As Gold - Maria Sangiolo
Rose and the Dandelion - Nixons
Shake Your Dandelion - Ishi
Sunshine And Dandelions - Cosmo Jarvis
The Dandelion Song - Kaz Simmons
Where the Dandelion and Lily Abide - Natalie Farr .
Wherever The Dandelion Falls - Aslyn
White Dandelion - Mina Mauldin

Dude Danger - Shades Apart .
Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) - Tokyo Police Club..

Bored And Extremely Dangerous - Bad Religion..

After Dark - Blue Oyster Cult
Afraid To Feel - Anacrusis.
Amsterdam After Dark - George Coleman .
Angel in the Dark - Nemesea .
Angel Of Darkness - Hot Tuna .

Are You Afraid Of The Dark - Short Stack.
Beyond the Doors of the Dark - Savatage.
Cold Dark World - Weezer..
Coming Out of the Dark - Gloria Estefan
Dancing In the Dark - Bruce Springsteen.
Dark Allies - Light Asylum .
Dark Cloud - Arnold Tempo .
Dark Dull Day - Dirty Mojo ..
Dark Eyed Cajun Woman - The Doobie Brothers
Dark Eyes - Bob Dylan .
Dark Horse - George Harrison.
Dark Light Daybreak - Now It's Overhead ..
Dark March - James Dooley .
Dark Now My Sky - Barclay James Harvest .
Darkest Hour - Arlo Guthrie.
Darkness Washed Over The Dude - A Day At The Fair.
Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean - Nightwish..
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark - Robert Cray.
Even In The Darkest Hour - Jay Jay Johanson.
Heartbeat In The Darkness - Don Williams.
Home Before Dark - Neil Diamond..
In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth.
In Our Darkest Hour - Phantom Planet.
Kiss In The Dark - Strange Advance.
Lights Out For Darker Skies - British Sea Power.
Long Dark Road - Hollies.
My Darkest Hour - Scary Kids Scaring Kids.
On the Dark Side - John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band
Promises In The Dark - Pat Benatar .
The Dark End of the Street - Eels..
Under Cover Of Darkness - The Strokes ..

DARKLING ... Myth, Magic & Monsters all

A Darkling Diversion - Quinn
Darkling - Mario Viele
Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee - Joe Crookston ..
Darkling Down - Walter Becker

Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) - John Lennon..
Cheers Darlin - Damien Rice .
Darling Buds Of May - Viva Brother ..
Darling Nicki - Prince.
Happy Birthday Darlin' - Conway Twitty ..
Hello Darlin’ - Conway Twitty
Move Over Darling - Doris Day.
Susie Darlin' - Robin Luke.

DASH -> Vehicles -> vehicle miscellaneous
100 Yard Dash - Raphael Saadiq


Anyone's Daughter - Deep Purple
Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter - Iron Maiden
Coal Miner's Daughter - Loretta Lynn.
Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father) - Lindsay Lohan
Daughter - Pearl Jam / Smashing Pumpkins
Daughter Of Darkness - Tom Jones
Daughter of the Chairman - Chris Berry and the Retrofitters .
Daughters - John Mayer
Devil and Daughter - Black Sabbath.
Farmer's Daughter -
Rodney Atkins.
Fathers And Daughters - Paul Simon.
In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride
Mickey's Son and Daughter - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band..
Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter - Herman's Hermits.
Preacher's Daughter - Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Soldier's Daughter - Tonic.
Son And Daughter - Queen.
The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice.
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady - Gene Kelly .
The Judge's Daughter - Green Day.
The Mortician's Daughter - Black Veil Brides.
The Pornographers Daughter - Northstar
Zion's Daughter - Boney M

A Frozen Dawn - Kaledon.
At Dawn They Sleep - Slayer.
Break Of Dawn - Michael Jackson
Dawn (Go Away) - The Four Seasons..
Dawn Atmosphere - Norberto Tamburrino .
Dawn Is A Feeling - The Moody Blues
Dawn Patrol - Megadeth

Dawned on Me - Wilco

Delta Dawn - Tanya Tucker/Helen Reddy.
From Daybreak Till Dawn - Hookstown Brown .
Grey Dawn Breaking - Tiger Army.
Kiss The Dawn - Guano Apes.
Minstrel Of The Dawn - Gordon Lightfoot
Princess Of The Dawn - Accept .

(the days of the week .. higher up the page)
2 Day & 2 Morrow - Denis Melody ..
5 Days In May - Blue Rodeo ..
7 Days - Craig David.
7 Days to the Wolves - Nightwish..
9 Days of Wine & Roses - Warcloud...
21 Days - Blink-182.
99 Days - The Precious Littles .
6 Months, 8 Days, 12 Hours - Brian McKnight...
7 Months, 39 Days - Hank Williams 111..
11 Months And 29 Days - Johnny Paycheck.
(365) Year To The Day - Van Halen..
A Day At The Races - Jurassic 5
A Beautiful Day - Andrew Hill.
A Day In The Life - Jeff Beck
A Day of... - Biffy Clyro
A Fortnight and Some Odd Days - Victum of the Week ..
A Relatively Calm Day - Charming Hostess.
A Thousand Days Of Yesterdays - Captain Beyond..
A Thousand Rainy Days - Sophie Carpenter ..
A Year or A Day - Uriah Heep.
Action This Day - Queen
All Day And All Of The Night - The Kinks.
Amazing Day - Billy Redfield.
Angry Days - Lagwagon.
Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) - Chuck Jackson .....
Another Tricky Day - The Who .
August day song - Bebel Gilberto.
Back In The Day - Megadeth.
Back In The Goodle Days - John Hartford...
Bad Day - Daniel Powter.
Bad Days - Flaming Lips.
Bang The Drum All Day - Todd Rundgren..
Best Day Ever - Mac Miller.
Best Day Of My Life - Jesse McCartney.
Best Days - Blur.
Best Days - Graham Colton.
Best Days - Matt White.
Best Days Of Your Life - Kellie Pickler.
Better Days - Bruce Springsteen.
Beautiful Day - U2.
Black Day In July - Gordon Lightfoot..
Blue Days Black Nights - Buddy Holly...
Blue Morning, Blue Day - Foreigner...
Bright Sunshine On This November Day - J A Forster ...
Clear Days - Yes.
Cold Day In July - Dixie Chicks..
Cold Day In The Sun - Foo Fighters..
Cry Like A Rainy Day - Etta James ..
Daisy a Day - Jud Strunk.
Dancing Days - Led Zeppelin.
Dark Dull Day - Dirty Mojo ..
Day After Day - Badfinger
Day By Day - The Hooters
Day Dreaming - DJ Drama
Day Late & A Dollar Short - The Rockit King ...
Day 'n' Nite - Kid Cudi .
Day Of The Baphomets - The Mars Volta.
Day Of The Locusts - Bob Dylan
Day of The Sunflowers (We March On) - Basement Jaxx ..
Day Old Blues - Kings Of Leon..
Day Trip To Bangor (Didn't We Have A Lovely Time) - Fiddler's Dram
Day Tripper - Beatles.
Day Tripping - Sharleen Spiteri
Days Are Forgotten - Kasabian
Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) - The Alan Parsons Project
Days Go By - Lifehouse
Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
Days Like These - Jason Aldean
Days Like This - Trace Adkins
Days Of The Phoenix - AFI
Days Of The Week - Stone Temple Pilots.
Days Of Wild - Prince
Days Of Wine And Roses - Henry Mancini ..
Days Turn Blue To Gray - Machine Head.
Days Were Different. - Lisa Loeb
Daysleeper - R.E.M.
Death Day - Alien Ant Farm
December Day - Willie Nelson .
December Days - Tim Hanauer .
Decent Days and Nights - The Future Heads.
Demon Days - Gorillaz.
Don't Count The Rainy Days - Michael Martin Murphey..
Dreadful Day - Blind Boy Grunt (Bob Dylan) .
Dull Days, Wild Nights - Hard Fall Hearts ...
Eight Days A Week - The Beatles..
Extreme Days - TobyMac .
Fell On Black Days - Soundgarden
First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes
Five Days in May - Blue Rodeo..
Four Day Creep - Ida Cox..
Four Seasons in One Day - Crowded House...

Giant For A Day - Gentle Giant.

Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen
Golden Time Of The Day - Frankie Beverly and Maze..
Great Day in December - Joan Osborne ..
Greatest Day - Take That.
Grey Day - Madness.
Groundhog's Day - Primus
Hard Days Night - Beatles..
Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling - Cher/Sonny & Cher ..
Hero of the Day - Metallica.
In Only Seven Days - Queen
It's A Beautiful Day - Queen
It's My Lazy Day - Merle Haggard; Willie Nelson.
Independence Day - Bruce Springsteen
July 16, Dog Days - Mark Massey ...
Just A Day - Feeder
King For A Day - Green Day .
Last Day of June '34 - Al Stewart ...
Last days of May - Blue Oyster Cult .
Last Hour Of The Last Day Of Work - Less Than Jake..
Lazy Day - Spanky & Our Gang.
Lazy Day Parade - Dkstr ..
Lazy Days - Enya .
Lazy Days, Crazy Nights - Tesla ...
Light Of Day - Bruce Springsteen / Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.
Little Miracles (Happen Every Day) - Luther Vandross ..
Lotus Blossom Days - Ronald Douglas ..
Mad Days of Lazy Born Children - The Static Rising ...
Mayday - Flobots.
Modern Day Cowboy - Tesla.
November Days - Andrew StetS & Inside The Sound .
Have A Nice Day - Bon Jovi.
New Black Day - Abney Park.
New Years Day - U2.
Nine Million Rainy Days - Jesus and Mary Chain ..
Numbered Days - Killswitch Engage
On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever) - Barbra Streisand.
One Bright Day - Ziggy Marley..
One Day I'll Fly Away - Randy Crawford ..
One More Rainy Day - Deep Purple ..
One Of These Days - Pink Floyd / Weird Al Yankovic .
One Rainy Day - Godsmack ..
One Summer Day - The Push Stars..
One Sunny Day - Fleetwood Mac ..
Peaceful Day - Daddy X .
Perfect Day - Lou Reed.
Rainy Day - 10,000 Maniacs .
Rainy Day - John Lee Hooker (different song) .
Rainy Day Blues - Ronnie "Razorback" Gibson & The King Bees/Invisible ..
Rainy Day, Dream Away - Jimi Hendrix ..
Rainy Day In June - The Kinks / Alan Jackson ..
Rainy Day Man - Tom Rush/James Taylor/Bonnie Raitt ..
Rainy Day Parade - Staind...
Rainy Day People - Gordon Lightfoot..
Rainy Day Shuffle - Jimi Hendrix ..
Rainy Day Song - Neil Diamond ..
Rainy Day Sun - Spinal Tap ..
Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 - Bob Dylan.
Rainy Days And Mondays - The Carpenters / Fac 15...
Seven Day Weekend - Elvis Costello..
Seven Days In Sunny June - Jamiroquai ...
Shower Days - Nofx.
Six Days on the Road - Dave Dudley ..
Six Thousand Days - Daniel Gay .
Some Day In Some Month In Some Year - Teresa Teng ..
Some Day One Day - Queen
Some Day Soon - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
Some Days I See The Point - Billy Bragg..
Some Other Day, Some Other Time - Freddie King.
Stalker's Day Off (I've Been Hanging Around) - Robbie Williams..
Strange Days - Doors.
Summer Day - Coconut Records .
Summer Days - BB Bunes .
Summer Job Days - David Nail .
Sunday For Seven Days - Hank Marvin..
Sunny Day - Brandy /Hi-Standard.
Sunny Day Strut - Hot Tuna ..
Sunshine On A Dull Day - Victor Feldman ..
Sunshine on a Rainy Day - Zoe.
That'll Be The Day - The Crickets
The Best Day - Taylor Swift.
The Best Days - Nikki Webster.
The Day Before You Came - ABBA
The Day The Dollar Die - Peter Tosh ..
The Day The World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails.
The Day We Caught The Train - Ocean Colour Scene.
The Days I Recall Being Wonderful - Fightstar.
The Days of the Phoenix - AFI.
The Days The Rains Came - Jane Morgan
The Good Old Days - The Libertines..
The Promise Of A New Day - Paula Abdul ..
The Twelve Days Of Christmas - Traditional ..
These are Days - 10,000 Maniacs
These Are The Days - Van Morrison
These Are the Days of Our Lives - Queen
These December Days - Mark Schneider .
Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer - Nat King Cole....
Those Were The Days - Mary Hopkins
Troubled By These Days and Times - Savoy Brown.
Turquoise Days - Echo & The Bunnymen.
Twelve Days Awake - The American Dollar .
Two Days In February - Goo Goo Girls..
Two Days In November - Jazzooo/Doug Robinson ..
Uncloudy Day - Willie Nelson .
Unicorn Day - The Penny Sweets.
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights - Freddy Fender.
Weep Day - They Might Be Giants
Where Were You On St Rhino's Day - John Powell..
Wonderful Day - O.A.R. .
Worthless Day - Jerks in Jeans .

808 Daybreak - Sean Ray .
Along About Daybreak - The Bluegrass Album Band / Bill Monroe And His Bluegrass Boys
Always Eventually Daybreak - Matthew Labarge
Angel Daybreak - Paulina Logan
Arizona Daybreak - Craig Chaquico .
Before Daybreak - N&R Project .
Call Of Daybreak - T-Lexx .
Chasing Daybreak - Jeff Ball
Chilly Autumn Daybreak - H.T. Roberts .
Color Of Daybreak - Juraj Stanik .
Crying At Daybreak - Howlin' Wolf .
Dance Break At Daybreak - Tk Wizard
Dark Light Daybreak - Now It's Overhead ..
Daybreak (from "Son Of Dracula") - Nilsson
Daybreak - Barry Manilow /AirSupply/Janet Jackson /Dinah Washington /Liam Jones Band / et al
Daybreak And A Candle End - Deep Blue Something
Daybreak And Dreams - Geri Allen
Daybreak Appears - David & Steve Gordon
Daybreak At Camelot - Volker Leiss
Daybreak At Peniel - Lee Mcderment
Daybreak Blues - Doc Watson and Ricky Skaggs Earl Scruggs .
Daybreak Bravery - Jared Nelson Smith
Daybreak Celebration - Lenedra Carroll .
Daybreak Depends On Darkness - Ian Fitzgerald
Daybreak Express - Duke Ellington .
Daybreak in Alabama - Audra McDonald
Daybreak In Dixie - The Stanley Brothers .
Daybreak in My Soul - Elvira Clare .
Daybreak in the Mountains - Fiddle Fever .
Daybreak Message - Jimmy and Amber Akers .
Daybreak On The Bayou - Dre'sco
Daybreak Polkas - Sam Proctor
Daybreak Prophecies - Kite
Daybreak Serenade - Jess Stacy
Daybreak Skat - Daso Franke .
Daybreak Someplace - David Hope
Daybreak Song - Lucyan
Daybreak Star - Iwori .
Daybreak's Bell - L'Arc-en-Ciel .
Daybreaker - ELO
From Daybreak Till Dawn - Hookstown Brown .
Hold Back the Daybreak - Long John Baldry
Jane's Daybreak - Robert Hitz .
Just Before Daybreak - Grant Simpson .
Leaving At Daybreak - Hans Theessink
Nightmares At Daybreak - Labtekwon .
Short Of Daybreak - Underoath .
Silent Daybreak - Visual Sphere .
Some Golden Daybreak - Allen Karl .
Sudden Daybreak Awakening - The Rhythm Messiahs
You're The One Daybreak AM - Paul Hardcastle ..

11:00am (Daydreamer) - 10 Years ..
A Daydream Away - All Time Low .
A Daydream Between Nightmares - Aapo Heinonen .
Alabama Daydream - Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil
American Daydream - Electric Guest
Autumn Daydream - David Huntsinger .
Barcelona Daydream - Local Hero
Beautiful Daydreams Waltz - Beautiful Daydreams
Caribbean Daydreams - Atherton Brothers
Crystal Daydream - Canvas
Cosmic Daydream - Brandon Hyder
Dancer In A Daydream - Ace of Base
Daydream 26 - Aria Rostami .
DayDream - The Babylons
Daydream - The Lovin' Spoonful / Art Garfunkel
Daydream - Journey
Daydream at Midnight - Lily Bee .
Daydream Believer - The Monkees
Daydream By Design - Gaby Moreno
Daydream By Night - Driftback .
Daydream Car - Shaye
Daydream Cowboy - Gary Mcmahan
Daydream Downfall - Stilltone
Daydream Generation - Vid Vai
Daydream Girl - Albero Berul ft Mufasa
Daydream In Blue - I Monster .
Daydream Me Home - Heather Bishop
Daydream Nightmare - Grace Slick & The Great Society .
Daydream One - DR .
Daydream Romance - Ray Stevens
Daydream Tripper - Collioure .
Daydreamer - David Cassidy
Daydreamer - Adele
Daydreams - Breanne Düren / John Denver
Daydreams About Night Things - Ronnie Milsap ...
Daydreams & Danger - Carol Grimes
Daydreams & Lies - Keren
Daydreams and Nightmares - Vicki Shae .
Daydreams Aren't Happening - Scheme
Daydreams In Stereo - Reagan Browne
Daydreams of a Better Life - SvenUnique
Daydreamer - David Cassidy
Death By Daydream - Kat Disimone
Drowning In a Daydream - Corrosion Of Conformity
Dutch Daydreams - Rens Newland
Electric Daydream - Viva Brother
Froth on the Daydream - The Mai 68's
Future Daydream - Pinhead Gunpowder
Going By Daydreams - Billy Joe Royal
Gypsy Daydream - Red Rock Hot Club
Holy Daydream - Sherwin Sleeves
I Like to Daydream - Corn Mo
I Start to Daydream - Champagne Francis
Ice Cold Daydream - Shuggie Otis
Idealistic Daydream - Amy Jo Johnson
In a Daydream - The Freddy Jones Band
Just a Daydream - Justin OH
Lady Daydream - Twin Sister .
Like A Daydream - Ride
Livin' Daydreams - Basement What?
Livin' In A Daydream - A Buncha Kids
Living in a Daydream - Cathi Walkup
Living On A Daydream - Scott Silipigni
Lost In A Daydream - Depthide .
Lost In My Daydream - Dope Hex .
Memories and Daydreams - Red Blaze
Midnight Daydreams - Storrow
Midsummer Daydream - Reading Zero .
Midsummer's Daydream - Triumph .
Moonage Daydream - David (Ziggy Stardust) Bowie.
Nighttime Daydreams - Royce Campbell .
No More Daydreams - Skinny
Nothin' but a Daydream - Morris Code
Nuclear Daydream - Joseph Arthur
Once Upon A Daydream - The Police .
Pictures, Daydreams & Stars - David Higgins
Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria - Townes Van Zandt ..
Rock and Roll Daydream - The Josh Cox Experiment .
Same Daydream - The Night Cart
Summer Daydreams - Kevin Kern
Sunshine Daydream - Flatheads .
Sunshiny Daydream - Splitsville .
Supersonic Daydream - Libido
The Daydream - Colin Owens
Thirty-Five-Cent Daydream - Greg Mahan ..
This Is Not A Daydream - Alien Factory
Unresolved Daydream - Calvin Keys
Urban Daydreams - David Benoit
Vegas Daydream - Stereocrash
What a Day for a Daydream - The Vogues / The Lovin' Spoonful
When My Daydreams Are Over - Honey Blonde

As Daylight Fades - Steven LLoyd
Back To Daylight - Dub Pistols ft. Ashley Slater
Between The Daylight And The Dark - Mary Gauthier
Beyond Daylight - Vanden Plas
Broad Daylight - Amir Sulaiman
Burning Daylight - The Tone Generators
Daylight - Coldplay / Michael Angelo
Daylight - Matt and Kim
Daylight - Kelly Rowland
Daylight & Darkness - Smokey Robinson
Daylight Again - Stills & Nash Crosby .
Daylight At Midnight - Travis Haddix .
Daylight Breaks - Mobile
Daylight Come - New Crystal Dolls
Daylight Dancer - Lacuna Coil
Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage
Daylight Dreamers - Alex Serpent
Daylight Fading - Counting Crows
Daylight Fright - Sequel
Daylight Hours - Charles Lawrence
Daylight Is Here - David Swidrak
Daylight Is Overrated - PrinsJan & Dennis Ruyer
Daylight Katy - Gordon Lightfoot .
Daylight Retreats - Last Kingdom
Daylight Robbery - Imogen Heap
Daylight Saving - Tn Starlings
Daylight Savings Time - Grandpa Jones / Dillinger
Daylight Stars - Aaron Heick
Daylight The Dog - O.A.R.
Daylight's Burnin' - Wildwood Valley Boys
Drunk In the Daylight - The Koffin Kats
Dust Of Daylight - Son Volt
Fight The Daylight - Super Paolo
Goodnight at Daylight - Freshman 15 .
In The Bright Daylight - Landstrom
Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight - Oak Ridge Boys
Midnight Till Daylight - Mrs G-ezz .
Narrow Daylight - Diana Krall
On The Nature Of Daylight - Max Richter
Prayin' For Daylight - Rascal Flatts
Tennessee Before Daylight - Outformation
The Daylight - Andrew Belle
The Living Daylights - A-ha
The New Daylight - Dash Berlin
Wasted Daylight - Stars
When Daylight Dies - Heaven Below
When The Daylight Comes - Ian Hunter

2:20 Daytime - Lull in Conversation .
A Thousand Daytimes - Mary Gerwin .
Asleep In The Daytime - Brewster
Blues In The Daytime - Rodney Crowell
Car Lights On In The Daytime Blues - Love
Daytime - Jack Dolgen / Cat Stevens
Daytime Blues - Wes Charlton
Daytime Boozer - Antoine Lester Solo Gig
Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love) - Ramones
Daytime Don't Know Dark Night - Na Ying
Daytime Dreamer - Sandi Morreno
Daytime Dreaming - Taco & Da Mofos
Daytime Drinking - Shadow Dancer
Daytime Drunk - House of Tomidas
Daytime Emmy - Town And Country
Daytime Fireflies - Emily Hurd
Daytime Friends (And Nightime Lovers) - Kenny Rogers....
Daytime Funk - Robert Charles & Edwin Bagshaw
Daytime Girl - Billy Nicholls
Daytime High - Rob Murat
Daytime Hustler - Bette Midler
Daytime In Heaven - Steven Harrison
Daytime Kiss - Jake Slazenger
Daytime Love Affair - Hank Locklin
Daytime Lover - Moses Patrou / Graves
Daytime Lullaby - Alex Hickey
Daytime Moon - Elvis Nagel And Smith
Daytime Nightime - Joe Dolan .
Daytime Nightime Suffering - Wings .
Daytime Sandman - Smokey
Daytime Song - Alexis Korner
Daytime Stroll - Josep-Maria Balanyà
Daytime Theatre - MacHine Men
Daytime Zombie - Jazzbox
Daytime's Broken - Piekoz
Don't Sleep In The Daytime - Tommy Keene
Don't Turn Your - Car Lights On In The Daytime Blues - The Jetty
In the Daytime - The Bigfellas
Love Me In The Daytime - Doris Day
Moon in a Daytime Sky - Scott Geier
Night-time, Daytime Requiem (part3) - Komeda Project .
Nighttime Love, Daytime Pain - Frank O Johnson .
Nighttime People I A Daytime World - Bettie Black .
Screaming In the Daytime - dj accident
She Drove Me To Daytime Television - Funeral For A Friend
She Paints The Daytime Black - The White Birch.
Sleepin' In The Daytime - Jimmy Webb
The Daytime - Gie Few

Lazy Daze - 2AM .
Lazy Daze in California - Language Arts Crew ..

Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus.
Bluebird Is Dead - Electric Light Orchestra .
Boris Karloff Is Dead - Corn On Macabre.

Dead Man's Fog - Giant Squid.
Dead Pony - Nico Stai .

Drink With the Living Dead - Ghoultown
From Dead To Worse - Witchery.
Johnny Ace Is Dead - Dave Alvin ..
Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
Momma's Not Dead, She's Just Playing Possum - Tim White ...
Orgy of the Dead - Slitch .
Pity The Dead - Bad Religion.
Rock Is Dead - Marilyn Manson.
Secrets Of The Dead - Chimaira
The Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On One - Relient K ...
Tuesday’s Dead - Cat Stevens .
Aunt Sara's Death - John Williams ..
Death March - Black Label Society .
Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family) - Type O Negative..
Brendan's Death Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers..
Death Of A Clown - Dave Davies .
Kissed By Death - Zero-X .
Peaceful Death - Dead Horse .
The Banjo of Death - William Harper .
The Groom's Song.. Till Death Do Us Part - Jack Valentine ..

The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll - Cage The Elephant ..
Bullfighters Die - Animals Killing People .
Die Hard The Hunter - Def Leppard..

Die In Amsterdam - D-Sisive .

March Or Die - Motorhead .

One May Die So Lonely - Jaymay ...

Dear Angie - Badfinger.
Dear Ben - Jennifer Lopez.
Dear Catastrophe Waitress - Belle & Sebastian.
Dear Elaine - Ron Wood.
Dear Jean (I'm Nervous) - City Boy..
Dear Jessie - Madonna.m
Dear Judge - Ernest Tubb.
Dear June - Nickasaur! .
Dear Heart - Andy Williams.
Dear Hearts and Gentle People - Jim Reeves / Dinah Shore / others..
Dear Prudence - The Beatles.
Dear Yoko - John Lennon.
Dear Yvette - LL Cool J.
Mother Dear - Barclay James Harvest .
Ruby Dear - Talking Heads.

1978 December - Sonia Leigh.
2000 Decembers Ago - Kim Fast .
A Daisy In December - Mick & Winifred Horan McAuley
A December To Remember - Aaron Tippin .
A Warm December - Trevor Stark ..
A Long December - Counting Crowes
After December - Hypofixx
Alone In December - Underoath.
Another December - Jolie Vigen
Back To December - Taylor Swift .
Birds Of December - Wake Up Slow ,
Children of December - Slip .
Cold Day Last December - Full Minute of Mercury
Cold December - Aiden .
Cold December Flies Away - Ed Goldfarb .
Cold December Night - Boyz 11 Men ..
Come December - Sonos
Cruel December - Dennis Melton .
Dancing December - Katatonia .
December - Kent
December - George Winston / Weezer / Static X / Shadows Fall /
December 13th - The Boxcars .
December '63 - Four Seasons .
December Boy - The Loves .
December Breeze - Another Dave .
December Child - Cyndi Lauper .
December Day - Willie Nelson .
December Days - Tim Hanauer .
December December - Rum 37
December Depression - Monastir .
December Flower - In Flames.
December Girls - Monkey House
December Gone - Jarrod Birmingham
December In New York - Thea Gilmore
December Is Christmas Too - Maureen Budway
December Makes Me Feel This Way - Dave Koz
December Moon - The Henry Girls .
December Morning - Mark Douthit .
December Of Love - Imogen Heap .
December Peace - David Russ
December Rain - Appaloosa
December Sky - Tomi Swick Ft Julian Lennon ,
December Snow - The Moody Blues
December Song - Jim Hamilton
December Surf - Edgewater Beach
December Tale - Robert Stoddard
December To Remember - Brian Wiltsey .
December Wave - Jeff Libman
December's Child -
December's Jewel - Chrissy Flatt .
December's Morning - Monoseven
December's Rays - Magnetic United
Every December Sky - Mae Robertson .
Flowers In December - Mazzy Star .
Forever December - Rob Thomas
Get Me Through December - Alison Krauss
Great Day in December - Joan Osborne ..
Hail Hail December - Zodiac Death Valley
Here It Is December - Tom Horner
Home In December - Damian Follett .
Hot December - Jacob First
I Remember December - Rosanne Simunovic, Patricia O'callaghan, Timmins Youth Singers .
Icy December - Margot Krimmel & Beth Leachman-Gadbaw
If We Make It Through December - Merle Haggard
In December - Jeremy Aggers
It's Raining in December - Beatnik Turtle
June Degrees in December - Bing Ji Ling ..
Lady December -The Sweptaways .
Lonely December - December
Long December Nights - Ivan Drever
Loneliest Night Of December - Benedicte Adrian
Low December Sun - Air Formation
May-December - Mos Def .
Ms December - Branch Avenue .
My December - Josh Groban / Linkin Park
No Christmas For Me - Zee Avi
Oh December - Jane Taylor
On December Twenty-Fifth - Herbert Huffman
Once Upon a December - Sarah Morgann .
One Nine December - David Van Juice ..
Our December - Thriving Ivory
NorthWest of December - Don Latarski ..
Remember December - Demi Lovato .
Sometime In December - The Mikey Bowers Band
Taking Back December - Walter Rodriguez .
The Coming of December - Parachute Express
The Lights of December - Amy Sky .
The New December - Fol Chen .
The 25th of December - Tim Kobza .
These December Days - Mark Schneider .
Warm December - Julie London .
We'll Remember December - Frank Gambale .
Worst December - Sugarcult .

Charming Deceiver - Instanzia.

Deep Cover - Caz Layzie Bone .
Deep Freeze - Judas Priest.
Deep Frozen - Delain.
Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin) - LL Cool J..
How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees.
The Deepest Grey - All That Remains.

DEER ... Creatures -> animals
. ... pg-8, jz-all ...
2nd Week Of Deer Camp - The Laughing Hyena Band
A Pheonix And A Deer - Face Tomorrow.
A Word From The Deer - The Laughing Hyena Band
As The Deer - John Troutman/Cadet/Daywind Studio Musicians/David Nevue/...et al
Deer - Manchester Orchestra
Deer Chase - Peter Feldmann & the Pea Patch Quintet
Deer Creek Canyon - Sera Cahoone
Deer Hunter - Mr. Acker Bilk
Deer Hunting Is Great - The Laughing Hyena Band
Deer In The Headlights - Owl City.
Deer Lake - DJ Starchild
Deer Rifle - Damnation
Deer Stand Shuffle - The Laughing Hyena Band
Deer Stop - Goldfrapp.
Golden Deer - The Roaring Twenties/Charleston Players /The Ragtime Magicians
John Deere Green - Joe Diffie..
New Moon At Deer Wallow
- Rain Tree Crow

People Of The Deer - The Trews
Running Deer - Lobo,
Second Week of Deer Camp – Da Yoopers .
Snow Deer - Smokey Montgomery & The Lightcrust Doughboys
Snow Deer Rag - Joe "Fingers" Carr
The Deer's Cry - Shaun Davey/ /Lisa Kelly/...et al

June Degrees in December - Bing Ji Ling ..

Monkberry Moon Delight - Paul McCartney...
Orgy Of Unearthly Delights - Forest Of Impaled ..

Miss O'Dell? - George Harrison.
Fern Dell - Mandy Moore .
Travertine Dell -
50 Cent Haircut

Delta Dawn - Tanya Tucker/Helen Reddy.
Delta Lady - Joe Cocker

DEMON ... Myth, Magic & Monsters ...p18g...
Attack the Demon - Black Widow
Act of Demon or the Work of God - Raid (Hellsing Soundtrack)
Beat a Demon - Rick Patterson
Blood, Demons And Whiskey - Al Atkins
Buried Alive By Demons - Truth Corroded
By Demons Be Driven - Pantera
Circle Of Demons - At All Cost
Cold Blooded - Demon Revmatic
Damsels & Demons - Torpedoes
Dancing With Demons - Dreamscape
Demon Boogie Fever - Tremors
Demon Dance - Lorie Wolf
Demon Days - Gorillaz.
Demon Deceiver - Al Atkins
Demon Fire - The Animal Five
Demon Girl - Tommy Lee Sparta
Demon Hunter - Shadow Host
Demon In Disguise Randy & the Handstand Band
Demon In Me - Jeremiah Akin -
Demon Lover - Steeleye Span.
Demon Nights - Silverimage
Demon Preacher - Deathwish
Demon Rain - Ramses Orion
Demon Reggae - Shuffle Demons
Demon Souls - The Venture Bros.
Demon Street - Billie Reid
Demon Whiskey - Virginia Grey
Demonoid Phenomenon - Rob Zombie
Demons - Fatboy Slim
Demons - Brian McFadden
Demons Are Real - Guided by Voices
Demons Eye - Deep Purple
Demons Of Insanity - Metalium
Dragons and Demons - Herbs.
I See a Demon - Candice Gordon
Inner Demons - High Hopes
Living Demons - Mindtrap
Love Your Demons - Melody Black
Mind Demons - Suzi Quatro
My Demons - Starset
Occasional Demons - Jethro Tull
Releasing The Demons - Godsmack
Screamin' Demons - The Pack
She Is the Demon - Madness of the Night
Skyscraper Demon - Son of Ruin
Sleep With Demons - Hellsonics
Sleeping With Demons - Black Widow
Speed Demon - Michael Jackson
Speedcar Demon - The Flattrakkers
Sweet Dark Demon - Willow
Sweet Demon - Jenny McCormick
The Demon Dance - Sideburn
The Demon Inside - Deadlight
The Demons Have to Go Somewhere - Lasher & Walsh
feat. The Pied Piper
The Wolf Demon - U-235
Tiny Demons - Todd Rundgren.
Uncle Demon - Tommy Lee Sparta
Waltz Of The Demons - Frank Strozier
When Demons Come Around - Cremators
White Demon Disco - Brian Grainger
Zombie Demons - Rise Robots Rise.

December Depression - Monastir .
Manic Depression - Jimi Hendrix.

Desert Moon - Great White .
Desert Orgy - Phace & Misanthrop .

Dull Flame Of Desire - Bjork ..
Church Of Desire - Richie Sambora .
Worthless Desire - No Greater Sky .

Desperate Andy - Cranberries.

Eve Of Destruction - Barry Maquire .
Orgy Of Destruction - Rage

Symphony Of Destruction - Megadeth

... Myth, Magic & Monsters ... p12g ...
(You're The) Devil In Disguise - Elvis Presley
Beat The Devil's Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Better the Devil You Know - Kylie Minogue
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Count Basie & His Orchestra
Black Devil - Prodigy
Chase The Devil - Max Romeo
D'Evils -
Jay Z
Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin / Ke$ha / Cozy Powell
Dancing With The Devil In Pale Moonligh
t - Hester Prynne
Deal With The Devil - W.A.S.P
Devil - Stereophonics
Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean - Nightwish..
Devil & Us -
Flatbush Zombies
Devil At the Crossroads - Gonoreas
Devil Came a Calling - Prefab Sprout
Devil Can't Harm a Praying Man - The Dixie Hummingbirds
Devil Doll - Roy Orbison
Devil Digger - Judas Priest.
Devil Gate Drive - Suzie Quatro
Devil Got My Woman -
Skip James
Devil In A New Dress - Kanye West
Devil In Jersey City
- Coheed and Cambria
Devil In Me - Gin Wigmore
Devil In My Car - The B-52's.
Devil In the Midnight Mass - Billy Talent.
Devil In The Mirror -
Richie Fields
Devil Inside - INXS
Devil Is a Loser - Lordi
Devil Man - Blues Pills
Devil May Care - Jamie Cullum / Glenn Miller
Devil On Your Back - The Letter Black
Devil Take My Soul (Radio Edit) Son Of Dave
Devil Wants My Soul
French Montana
Devil Whip - Donald Byrd
Devil With A Blue Dress On - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels.
Devil With The Green Eyes - Matthew Sweet..
Devil Without A Cause - Kid Rock
Devil Woman - Cliff Richard / Marty Robbins
Devil Wouldn't Recognize You - Madonna
Devil's Answer - Atomic Rooster
Devil's Appetite - Tarrus Riley
Devil's Been Talkin' - Needtobreath
Devil's Bread _ Flame
Devil's Child - Airbourne
Devil's Choir - Black Veil Brides
Devil's Dance - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Devil's Dance Floor - Flogging Molly
Devil's Daughter -
Ozzy Osbourne
Devil's Food - Alice Cooper.
Devil's Gallop - Charles Williams & His Concert Orchestra
Devil's Game - Oblivion Dust
Devil's Gonna Get You - Bessie Smith
Devil's Ground - Primal Fear
Devil's Haircut - Beck
Devil's Harlot - Ov Hell .
Devil's Highway - Hello Stranger
Devil's Highway - The Rabble
Devil's In The Jukebox - Ray Lamontagne.
Devil's Inside - Mindy Smith
Devil's Island Gin Blues - Roosevelt Sykes
Devil's Lullaby - Lordi
Devil's Nachos - Hanson
Devil's Nightmare - Oxide & Neutrino
Devil's Radio - George Harrison
Devil's Resting Place - Laura Marling
Devil's Ride - Absurdus
Devil's Run Peter - Jacques Band
Devil's Sidewalk - Neil Young
Devils Song (This Feels Like A Nightmare) - Anthony Green
Devil's Trill - Vanessa Mae
Devils - Lil Boosie
Devils Don't Fly - Natalia Kills
Devils Night - Motionless In White /D12
Devils & Angels - Peter Brown
ft. Jonathan Ulysses
Disco Devil - Lee "Scratch" Perry
Don't Let The Devil Ride - Neal Roberson
Don't Let The Devil Take Your Mind - Jackie Greene
Don't Walk With The Devil - Seven Mary Three
Handsome Devil - The Smiths
Have You Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight? - Jamestown Story
Hey Devil - Tobymac
Horny Lil' Devil - Ice Cube
I'm The Devil -
Lil B
If You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows) - Rodney Atkins.
Get The Devil Out Of Me - Delain
Goddamn Devil - Ugly Kid Joe
Got The Devil - Raven
Kiss The Devil - The Eagles Of Death Metal.
Let Me Go, Devil - Johnny Bond
Lil' Devil - The Cult
Little Devil - Neil Sedaka
Me And The Devil - Gil Scott-Heron
Me and the Devil Blues - Robert Johnson
Never Say Devil Woman - Judy Thomas
Old Devil Moon - Rosemary Clooney /Frank Siatra / Chet Baker /...et al
Race With The Devil - Gun
Rose of the Devil's Garden - Tiger Army..
Run Down The Devil - Alice Cooper
Runnin With the Devil - Van Halen
Sailin' 'cross The Devil's Sea - Allman Brothers Band
Say No To The Devil - Reverend Gary Davis
Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine
Shake Hands With the Devil - Kris Kristofferson
Shame The Devil -
No Malice
Shout At The Devil - Motley Crue
Some Say (I Got Devil) -
Melanie Safka
Speak Of The Devil
- Randy Rogers Band / Sum 41
Suzanne Beware Of The Devil - Dandy Livingstone
Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones / Guns n Roses
Talking Devil - Blind Boy Grunt (Bob Dylan) ; .
That Ole Devil Called Love - Alison Moyet /Billie Holiday..
This is Nostra, this is Devil's Playground
The Devil - PJ Harvey
The Devil Drives - Death
The Devil In Me - Kate Voegele

The Devil In Him - Betoken
The Devil In The Wishing Well - Fiv
e For Fighting
The Devil Is In The Beats - The Chemical Brothers
The Devil Is In The Details - The Chemical Brothers
The Devil Made Me Do It - Rory Gallagher
The Devil May Care (Mom And Dad Don't) - Mania
The Devil Takes Care Of His Own - Band of Skulls
The Devil Went Down To Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band
The Devil Within - Digital Daggers
The Devil's Beat - Sandi Thom

The Devil's Contract - The Plot In You

The Devil's Den - Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner
The Devil's Eye - Chris De Burgh
The Devil's Hand - Pentatones
The Devil's Inside Me - Vaselines
The Devil's Own - Five Finger Death Punch

The Devil's Right Hand - Steve Earle

The Devil's Tears - Angus and Julia Stone
The Mark Of The Devil - Pulp
The Silver Tongued Devil and I - Kris Kristofferson.

To Beat the Devil - Kris Kristofferson
To The Devil For A Dime - Tinsley Ellis .
When The Devil Gets The Best Of Me - Big & Rich
When Devils Strike - South Park Mexican
Where The Devil Don't Stay Lyrics - Drive-By Truckers
You And Me And The Devil Makes 3 - Marilyn Manson

Honeysuckle Dew - Michael Ubaldini .
The May Morning Dew - The Chieftains ..
Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew - Alison Krauss...

Ace of Diamonds - George Kapardelis .
Black Diamond
- Kiss.
Black Diamond Bay - Bob Dylan.
Beyond The Black Diamond Gates - Opera IX.
Diamond - Christina Milian
Diamond Dave - The Bird and the Bee.
Diamond Dogs - David Bowie
Diamond Hoo Ha Man - Supergrass
Diamond On A Landmine - Billy Talent
Diamond Ring - Sheryl Crow
Diamond Rings - Chipmunk
Diamonds And Guns - Transplants.
Diamonds & Rust -
Judas Priest / Joan Baez.
Diamonds Are Forever - Shirley Bassey
Diamonds for Fields of Clover - Marv Machura ..
Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Kanye West.
Diamonds On The Inside - Ben Harper
Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes - Paul Simon
Liquid Diamonds - Tori Amos.
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles..
Precious Little Diamond - Fox The Fox.
She Loved Like Diamond - Spandau Ballet
Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd.
This Diamond Ring - Gary Lewis and the Playboys.
White Diamonds - Friendly Fires.

Peaches & Diesel - Eric Clapton .

A Different Kind of Fame - Punchface ..
Different Kind Of Wonderful - Fisher..

What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful) - Backstreet Boys.

Difficult For Weirdos - Robbie Williams.
Difficult to Cure (Beethoven's Ninth) - Rainbow...

Diggin' My Potatoes - Paul Butterfield & Elvin Bishop James Cotton
I Dig Rock and Roll Music - Peter, Paul and Mary ..

DIGGER ... All In A Journey -> Vehicles .....lys.....
Bone Digger - Bear Hands Brass Digger - Starlight Mints
Coal Digger - Everybody Was in the French Resistance... Now!
Deal With The Digger - Okta Logue
Devil Digger - Judas Priest.
Digger - Digger
Digger Is A Dancer - Digger Dance
Digger's Camp - Balance Problems
Dirty Digger -
Ditch Digger -
16 Horsepower.
Don't Mash My Digger So Deep - Bo Carter
Eric And The Digger Blue - Evergreen .
Gold Digger - Kanye West.
Gold Digger - Dolly Rockers
Gold Digger - Ms. Sancha
Gold Digger - Kanye West / Lucy Spraggan /Glee Cast / Jamie
Gold Digger - EPMD/ Ludacris / Bobby She's dangerous, super fast. Better watch
Gold Digger's Dream - J.W. Cudd
Grave Digger - Andras
Grave Digger - Dave Matthews Band
Grave Digger - Fire & Ice
Little Digger -
Liz Phair.
Mud Digger - Colt Ford / Lenny Cooper .

No Gold Digger - Will Oldham / Bonnie Prince Billy
The Cloud Digger - Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey.

The Gold Digger's Song (We're in the Money) - Fred Astaire
The Grave Digger - Grave Digger
The Grave Digger - Matmatah
Trench Digger - Soda Jerk
Trigger Digger - ClickClickDecker
Two Headed Yellow Bellied Hole Digger - Kingmaker

2 Dimes - Stranger .
4 Nickels and a Dime - Melissa ..
A Dime A Dozen - Devin The Dude & Leathal .
A Dime Away From A Hotdog - Jr. Oscar Brown .
Ain't Got a Dime To My Name - Bing Crosby.
Ain't Gotta Dime - Boo Boo Davis
Beg a Dime - Caim
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime - Mandy Patinkin/ Barbra Streisand/ Bing Crosby .
Can't Make a Dime (On a Broken Heart) - Jd2 .
Dancin' On A Dime - Rachel Gould .
Dime - Ivy Queen / Cake / Elvis Martinez
Dime a Dance - Vicki Lawrence .
Dime-A-Dance Romance - Steve Miller Band..
Dime a Dozen - The Incontinentals.
Dime a Dozen Guy - Marshall Crenshaw ..
Dime and Suture - Gifts From Enola
Dime Block 08 - Goon June .
Dime, Dime, Dime - Conjunto Primavera
Dime Donde - Probly Pablo
Dime Donde Y Cuando - Los Bukis
Dime For Jones - Ronald Stein
Dime La Razón - Alex Rivera
Dime Mi Amor - Pedro Fernández
Dime Piece -
Big Moe / Nick Cannon
Dime Porque - Los Dandy's
Dime Que Falto - Zacarias Ferreíra
Dime Que Me Quieres - Banda Sinaloense El Recodo De Cruz Lizarraga
Dime Que No Te Perdi - Los Bukis
Dime Quien - Borja
Dime Quien Es - Los Rieleros Del Norte
Dime Si El - Aliados De La Sierra
Dime Si Te Vas con Él - Flex/Fernando Cabrera Mr. Saik
Dime Song - Luke Roberts .
Dime Store Heroes - Bill Chinnock ..
Dime Store Horsey - Doomsday Student ..
Dime Store Mystery - Lou Reed.
Dime Ven - Motel
Dime Western - Screaming Trees.
Dimes & Discourses - The Sky Life
Dollar Ain't Worth a Dime - Sean Patrick McGraw .
Dollars and Dimes - Owen Temple .
Don't Drop That Dime - Velvet Revolver
Don't Cost A Dime - Martina McBride
Don't Put Another Dime in the Jukebox - The Flirts.
Drinking My Last Dime - Rusty Zinn ..
Drop the Dime - The Green Jacket
From A Dollar To A Dime - Carla Olson .
Heartaches For A Dime - Wynn Stewart .
Hot Like Dimes - Pretty Lights .
I Need A Dime - Mike Jones
If I Didn't Have A Dime - Gene Pitney
Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime - The Flirts .
Last Dime Blues - Blind Willie McTell..
Life Turns On A Dime - Original Cast ..
Little Ole Dime - Paris Studio Orchestra & Singers .
Livin' On Credit Workin' For A Dime - Neil Austin Imber
Loan Me a Dime - Duane Allman
Lone Star Dime (ft. Zeal Truce) - Gauge .
Love at the Five and Dime - Nanci Griffith/ Kathy Mattea ..
Lucky Dime - Calexico.
Message From A Dime - Poppie Pharaoh .
My Girl Is A Dime - Charlie Wilson .
Nickel & Dime - Journey.
Nickels & Dimes - Fiona Boyes .
Number 1 Dime - The Ranger$..
Old Five And Dimers (Like Me) - Waylon Jennings/ Jerry Jeff Walker/ Willie Nelson ..
One Dime At A Time - The Steep Canyon Rangers ..
One Thin Dime - Reba McEntire/ Mance Lipscomb ..
Pennies & Dimes - Brian Andrew Lee .
Pity For A Dime - Creed.
Rhymes Like Dimes - MF Doom
ft. DJ Cucumber Slice .
Shortie Is A Dime! - Tye-Emz, Y.U.N.G D 2d Musiq
ft. Cloud 9.
Somebody Loan Me a Dime - Back Porch Rockers .
Spend a Dime - Moonlight Ale
Ten Cents Short of a Dime - Albert Carey Project ...
The Company Dime - The Get Up Kids
They Call Me Dime - Dime .
This Doesn't Cost a Dime - Roy Price
To The Devil For A Dime - Tinsley Ellis .

Turnin On A Dime - Shoshyn
Two Dimes And A Nickel - David Davis & the Warrior River Boys .
Wish I Had a Dime - Michael Callen

You Dropped Your Dime - Joe

Dimple Chin - B.O.T.
Dimples - John Lee Hooker /The Animals /Canned Heat/...et al
Dimples And Cherry Cheek - Andrew Sisters
Dimples Filled With Lies - Nora Collins
Dimples For Hire - Preston Boyd
Dimples in the Closet - Jon Galfano
Dolly Dimples - Paul Whiteman Orchestra
Girl's Dimples - S.O.S
Perfect Dimples - Fuzzy Killing Machine
Where Will The Dimple Be? - Rosemary Clooney /Alma Cogan


DINOSAUR ... Creatures - extinct . ... pg12 ...
Death to the Dinosaur! - Jayme Gutierrez
Diggin' Dinosaurs - The String Beans
Dinosaur - Ke$ha
Dinosaur Act - Matthew Sweet
Dinosaur Alley - Temple Songs
Dinosaur Bones - White Orange
Dinosaur Song - Kevin MacCallum
Dinosaur Stomp - Captain Al
Dinosaur Stomp N' Chomp! - Little Beat The #1 Chinchilla Featuring DJ Willy Wow!
Dinosaurs Don't Eat People - Donny Marchand
Dinosaurs Will Die - NoFX

Rock and Roll Dinosaur - Jimmy Scott
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - Alice In Chains
The Dinosaur Dance - Barnes & Barnes
The Dinosaur Song - David Williams
The Dodo & The Dinosaur - Dennis Speake .
Walk The Dinosaur – Was (Was Not)

Dirt And Wildflowers - David Jacobs-Strain ft. Bob Beach .
If Dirt Were Dollars - Don Henley .

Red Dirt Road
- Brooks & Dunn ..

Dirtee Cash - Dizzee Rascal.
Dirty Amsterdam
- Bad Hat .
Dirty Bling - Crunk23 .
Dirty Boots - Sonic Youth.

Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson.

Dirty Digger - Tankard.
Dirty Joker - Slade.
Dirty Old Egg Sucking Hound - Johnny Cash...
Dirty Snake - Louis Jordan.
Dirty White Boy - Foreigner..
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts - INXS ...
Low Down Dirty Mean - Allman Brothers Band...

720 Diplomat - Verbal Accult .
Diplomats Diss - Cru Chicago Rappers United
Ghetto Diplomat - Late ft. Musical Sniper & Jai Boo
The Bankers And The Diplomats - Uncle Don Ridgeway .
To Be A Diplomat - The Diplomats Present J.r. Writer

Dirtee Disco - Dizzee Rascal
Disco 2000 - Pulp.
Million Dollar Disco - Rare Gems ..

Angel In Disguise - Walkers Cross .

Ditch Digger - 16 Horsepower.
The March Ditch - Colum Sands .
Witch in the Ditch - Erasure.

Casta Diva - Nana Mouskouri
Conversation Diva -
Diva - Beyonce
Diva - Lordi
Diva Fever - Spinal Tap
Diva Satanica - Arch Enemy
Imaginary Diva - Westlife
Space Diva - Luscious Jackson.
Virtual Diva - Don Omar

DIVIDE bts done ALL
Across the Divide - Don Campbell
Beautiful Divide -Spiral Diary
Beyond the Great Divide - Emmylou Harris
Blue Divide - Former
Colors Divide - Let Go Ghost
Continental Divide - Michael Mcfarland
Crack 'n' Divide - Ricky Warwick
Cross That Divide - Cool Blue Oasis
Crossing the Divide - Patrick O'Hearn
Dark Divide - Wil Seabrook
Divide - Ghost Parade
Divide and Conquer - Roger Placer
Divide And Multiply - Ma Kelley
Divide and Rule - Cutting Room
Divide By Zero - Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff.
Divide Me, Revive Me - Cloud Gavin ..
Divide the Storm - Das Binky
Divine Sweet Divide - Tanya Donelly
Earth Divides - Red Light Sound
Great Divide - The Cardigans
Grey Divide - White Light Riot
Heart's Divide - You And I
Hope's Great Divide - Soft Canyon
Let No Walls Divide - Doris Day
Life's Divide - Gene Moore
Nine Divide - The Estate .
New Divide - Linkin Park
No Great Divide - Billie Rainbird
Nothing Can Divide Us - Dhavid Posselt
On the Great Divide - Errol Herrick
Nothing Can Divide Us - The World-Band
Railroading On The Great Divide - Carter Family
Ride Blue Divide - Sniff 'n' The Tears
Sad Divide - Arrison Kirby
Silence of the Great Divide - Circuit Riders
Silver Blue Divide - Astropulse
Soul Divides - Paul Murphy Band
The Great Divide - Alannah Myles / Willie Nelson
The Same Divide - Doug Powel
The Sunset Divide - G-New
This Divide - Peter Buffett
Till the Sky Divides - Jake Rowan
When Worlds Divide - The Clutters
Where the World Divides - Junkanoo Brothers
Wherever Walls Divide - Randy Hunter
Your Divide - Kris Searle

Dizzy - Tommy Roe
Dizzy - Boney M.
Dizzy - Jimmy Eat The World
Dizzy Atmosphere - Dizzy Gillespie .
Dizzy, You're A Dreamer -
Louise Goffin.
Dizzy's Goatee -
Joe Strummer
Dolls Dizzy -
Goo Goo
Dizzy Miss Lizzy - The Beatles..

Felling Dizzy - Everything But The Girl
Life Is Feeling Dizzy - H-Blockx.
So Dizzy - Rehab.
You Got Me Dizzy - Jimmy Reed

Calling Dr. Love - Kiss .
Dear Doctor - Rolling Stones
Doctor Brown - Fleetwood Mac.

Doctor Doctor - UFO / The Who
Doctor Jeep -
Sisters Of Mercy
Doctor Jones - Aqua
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief - Betty Hutton / Hoagy Carmichael ..
Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Browne
Doctor Robert - The Beatles
Doctor Stalker - Christian Beadles.
Dr. Beat - Gloria Estefan.
Dr. Bones - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Dr. Genie - Jorg Kaaij Quintet .
Dr. Greenthumb - Cypress Hill..
Dr. Inhaled - Gie Few
Dr. Intro - Gie Few
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume? - Artie Shaw
Dr. Luther's Assistant - Elvis Costello .
Dr. Strangelove's Assistant - Chris Stamey W/ Yo La Tengo .
Dr. Zeus - Bryan Mcnamara & Souls' Calling .
Dr. Zeus' Travelling Freak Show - Steve March .

Good Doctor -
Robbie Williams
I Am Your Doctor -
Wyclef Jean
I Don't Need No Doctor - Ray Charles ..
I Need A Doctor -
Dr. Dre .
Somebody Get Me A Doctor - Van Halen
The Doctor - Doobie Brothers
The Witch Doctor - David Seville

(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding.

DODO ... Creatures -> extinct ... jz-al, pp-al, reg-al, rk-al ...
Dodge The Dodo - Esbjörn Svensson Trio /Sylvie Bourban
Dodo A Dude - Tri Sestry
Dodo, Baby Dodo - Les Soeurs Etienne
Dodo Charlie - Milou Largo
Dodo Dub - Monsieur Dodo
Dodo Hos - LaBrassBanda
Dodo Jr. - Jonas The Plugexpert
Dodo Monster - B.V.S.M.P.
Dodo Tango - Jan Jankeje
Dodo's Blues - Dodo Marmarosa
Dodo's Bounce - Dodo Marmarosa
Dodo's Dance - Dodo Marmarosa
Dodo's Dream - 3 Im Roten Kreis /The Gordon Giltrap Band
Dodo's Lament - Lucky Thompson Quartet
Flight Of The Dodo - Jerry Bergonzi & Dick Oatts
La Dodo La Do - Celine Dion
Louisiana Fais Dodo - Charlie Daniels
Petit Homme, C'est L'Heure de Faire Dodo - Django Reinhardt
Planet Dodo - Moonflowers
Song Of The Dodo - Paul Herder
Spirit of Dodo '89 - Roy Ayers
The Diminished Dodo - Ozz Jazz
The Dodo & The Dinosaur - Dennis Speake .
The Dodo's Dream - Gordon Giltrap
The Last Dodo Bird - Rigel Michelena
The Last Dodo Egg - Chris Velan
The Way Of The Dodo - The Streets
Up In Dodo's Room - Dodo Marmarosa
Waltz for a Dodo - Sailor Days

... Creatures -> animals . ... mkay,+, ...
A Dog and Pony Show - Coparck ..
A Salty Dog - Procol Harum.
All Dogs Have Their Day - Overdrive
Atomic Dog - George Clinton.
Big Dog Daddy - Toby Keith ..
Bird Dog – Everly Brothers.
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin.
Bull Dog Blues - Mississippi Fred McDowell..
By-Tor and the Snow Dog - Rush
Call Me A Dog - Temple Of The Dog
Call Out The Dogs - Gary Numan.
Cattle Dog - Back Forty .
Cats And Dogs - Camille.
Dead Dogs, Bad Kittens - The Violet Jive .
Diamond Dogs - David Bowie
Dirty Ol’ Egg-Suckin’ Dog – Johnny Cash
Dirty Water Dog - Van Halen.
Dog & Butterfly - Heart
Dog Days - Atlanta Rhythm Section
Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine
Dog Don't Bite - Rhino Bucket
Dog Eat Dog - Ted Nugent / Adam & The Ants
Dog-Gone It Baby, I’m In Love – Carl Smith
Dog Head Pipe - Electric Jellyfish
Dog House Boogie – Hawkshaw Hawkins
Dog Years - Rush.
Dogs - Pink Floyd / The Who / Bee Gees
Dogs in a Cage - Angelfish
Dogs Of War - Pink Floyd
Dogsong (Sleep Dog Lullaby) - Be Good Tanyas

Dolphin Dog - Sam Squared .
Drowned Dog / Black Night - Richard Thompson

Favorite Dog - 7Mary3
Ghost of a Dog - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians.
Giving The Dog A Bone - AC/DC

Gonna Buy Me A Dog – The Monkees
Hair Of The Dog - Nazareth
Hey Bulldog - The Beatles
Honeysuckle Dog - Chris Smither .
Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom) – Perry Como
Hound Dog - Big Mama Thornton; Elvis Presley.
Hound Dog Man - Fabian.
(How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window? - Patti Page / Lita Roza
How Come There's No Dog Day? - Tommy Cooper
I Love My Dog - Cat Stevens
I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
I Won't Be Your Dog Anymore - Paul Kelly
I Wouldn't Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me) - Bobby Bland
July 16, Dog Days - Mark Massey ...
Just An Old Cattle Dog - Slim Dusty .
Keep the Dogs In, Mrs Jones - Three Bonzos And A Piano .
King Of The Dogs - Iggy Pop
Mad Dogs And Englishmen - Noël Coward...
Me and You and a Dog Named Boo - Lobo
My Dead Dog Rover – Stu, Dave & Hank .
My Dog & Me – John Hiatt
My Lazy Dog - Chris Martin.
Old Dog - Mad Cobra
Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine - Tom T. Hall.
Old Salty Dog Blues – Flatt & Scruggs
Peace Dog - The Cult
Pig Tight Cattle High - The Successful Failures .
Police Dog Blues - Hugh Laurie ..
Prairie Dog Town - Bruce Hornsby
Rain Dogs - Tom Waits
Shoot The Dog - George Michael
Sick As A Doge - Aerosmith
Slug Dog Boogie - Sam Crain ..
Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen
Son Of Mr Bull Dog - The Mebusas ..
Space Dog - Tori Amos.
The Cattle Dog's Revenge - Jack Drake & Roger Ilott
The Doggie In The Window – Patti Page
The Missouri Hound Dog - James Bland.
This Old Dog - Procol Harum
Tiger, Dog and Hen - Mark Kennedy ..
Top Dogs - Instant Sunshine
Walkin' My Cat Named Dog - Norma Tanega.
Walkin' The Dog - Rufus Thomas / Aerosmith / et al
Who Let The Dogs Out - Baha Men
Wild Pack of Family Dogs – Modest Mouse
You Lie Down With Dogs - The Alan Parsons Project
Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne – Jim Stafford

Junkie Doll - Mark Knopfler .

1 Trillion Dollar$ - Anti-Flag .
6 Million Dollar Man -Cam Smith ..
14 Dollars In the Bank - The Stacy Jones Band ..
20 Dollar Cover - Alexander C. Castillo
Ft Palace Brown ..
100 Dollar Groom - Paul Westerberg ..
7000 Dollars and You
- Stylistics .
$13 Check - Mike Benjamin ..
A Dollar and a Dream - Mighty Mighty Bosstones .

A Million Dollars - Joel Plaskett Emergency .
Almighty Dollar - The All Mighty Flyers Rod Piazza

Ballad Of Forty Dollars - Tom T. Hall ..
Bet Your Bottom Dollar Bill You're A Playboy - Queen
Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper ..
Billion Dollar Nookie - Deville Ft. Chi-city & J.R. Dot ..
Boom Boom Dollars - King Kong D'Jungle Girls .
Bottom Dollar - Ric Ocasek .
Day Late & A Dollar Short - The Rockit King ...
Dollar Ain't Worth a Dime - Sean Patrick McGraw .
Dollar Bill
- R. Kelly.
Dollar Bill Blues - Townes Van Zandt ..
Dollar Wine - Leston Paul .
Dollars & Cents - Radiohead.

Dollars and Dimes - Owen Temple .
Dollar's Dance - The Dollar Brand Trio.
Each Dollar A Bullet - Stiff Little Fingers ..
Emerald City Dollar Bin - Partman Parthorse ..
Fifty Dollar Love Affair - Joe Jackson..
Fist Full Of Dollars "Green Eyes" - Andre Nickatina ....
Five Dollar Bill - The Corb Lund Band ..
Five Dollar Fine - Chris Ledoux .
For A Few Dollars More - Will T. Bear
Fred's Dollar Store - Super Chikan ..
From A Dollar To A Dime - Carla Olson.
Funky Dollar Bill - Parliament/ George Clinton and the Funkadelics ..
Greenback Dollar - Woody Guthrie ..
Heartspark Dollarsign - Everclear ...
Hundred Dollar Hickey - Black Rain .
Hundred Million Dollar - E(dot) Milz .
I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five And Ten Cent Store) - Bing Crosby ......
I Need A Dollar - Mic Check ft. Chris Webby & Mac Miller.
I Wish I Had A Dollar - Uncle Kracker .
I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night - George Jones ...
If I Had A Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies .
If It Don't Make Dollar$ Then It Don't Make Sense - Plat'num .
If Dirt Were Dollars - Don Henley .
If You Got A Dollar - John Lee Hooker
Last Dollar (Fly Away) - Tim McGraw.
Last Three Dollars - Poonanny ..
Love & American Dollars - D'Jungle Girls King Kong ..
Million Dollar Baby - Hal Ketchum ..
Million Dollar Bash - Bob Dylan & The Band .
Million Dollar Bill - Whitney Houston ..

Million Dollar Chick - Me'k ..
Million Dollar Disco - Rare Gems ..
Million Dollar Girl - Trina-Keri Hilson-Diddy ..
Million Dollar Man - Kutless ..
Million Dollar Mermaid - Kylie Minogue ..
Million Dollar Secret - Helen Humes ..
Million Dollar Smile - 1985 .
Million Dollar Spot - E-40 featuring 2Pac and B-Legit .
Million Dollar Stars - Lifestyl South Park Mexican ..
One More Dollar - The Wailin' Jennys .
One More Silver Dollar - Allman Brothers ..
One Silver Dollar/Un Dollaro Buccato - The Film Studio Orchestra ..
Pimp Lyrics & Dollar Signs - Sean T ...
Queen Of The Silver Dollar - Emmylou Harris/ Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show..
Recycle The Black Dollar - Above the Law ..
Satan, Lend Me a Dollar - Hill Of Beans .
Silver Dollar - Bobby Darin / The Ace of Klubs .
Six Million Dollar Man (Theme) - Cathodic Orchestra ..
Ten Dollar Man - ZZ Top..
The Day The Dollar Die - Peter Tosh ..
The Dollar - Jamey Johnson
The Dollar Bill Song - Livingston Taylor ..
The Two Dollar Spit - Pigmeat Markham ..
Thirty Dollar Cowboy - Chris Ledoux ..
Throw Dem Dollars At Her - Omega & Omega Ft. Gorilla Zoe
Twenty Dollar Gig - George Thorogood ..
Two Dollar Bill - The Virginia Mountain Boys ..
Two Dollar Hooker - Trash ..
Two Dollar Novels - Darden Smith ..
Two Dollars In The Jukebox - Eddie Rabbitt..
You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire - Queens of the Stone Age.

DOLPHIN ... Creatures -> fish .... jz-all, pp-all, rk-all, fk-9
A Dolphin's Dream - Andre Donawa
A Dolphin's Prayer - Colleen O'grady
After The Dolphin - Crosby, Stills & Nash
Brothers of the Dolphin - Bobby Reed & Tommy Cox
Dolphin - Les Baxter
Dolphin Bay - Jazz On the Vine
Dolphin Blue - Jude Edwin-Scott
Dolphin Dance - Grover Washington Jr /Larry Williams /Herbie Hancock
Dolphin Dance - Tangerine Dream.
Dolphin Dog - Sam Squared .
Dolphin Girl - Wozny Project
Dolphin of the Night - Tom Ross
Dolphin Rodeo - Sea Horse
Dolphin Tango - The I Am Experience
Dolphin Waters - J.D. Daniel
Dolphin's Dance - Peter Ratzenbeck
Dolphins - Tim Buckley
Dolphins At One - Bob Frye
Dolphins Make Me Cry - Martyn Joseph
Dolphins On the Bow - Pete Harris
Dolphins Play in the Marco - Fremont John
Chasing the Dancing Dolphin - Curtis Macdonald
Fall Dolphin - Sifare Smooth Jazz Band
Fly, Dolphin~Porpoise, Fly - Dick Weaver
Green Dolphin Street - Eric Dolphy Quintett /Herb Harris Jazz Trio /...et al
March of the Dolphins - Marc West
Man With Blue Dolphin - Stan Rogers
On Green Dolphin Street - John Coltrane Quintet ft. Miles Davis /...et al
Pink Dolphins - Michael On Fire
Platypuss & Dolphin - Pat Zelenka .
Searching for the Dolphins - Al Wilson
Tears of the Dolphin - The Surf Kings
The Dolphin Has A Message - Bud Freeman
The Dolphin's Cry - Live
The Dolphins Were Dancing - Dean Friedman
The Dream Of The Dolphin - Enigma
The Legend of Black Dolphin Road - Teague Alexy with the Feelin Band
Transplanted Dolphin - Sifare Smooth Jazz Band
Two Dolphins - Hal Lefferts

Domino - Jessie J
Domino Dance - Shakatak
Domino Dancing - Pet Shop Boys
Domino Fawn - Dunebuggy.
Domino Line - Casiopea .
(Fallin' Like) Dominoes - Donald Byrd
Girls Fall Like Dominoes - Nicki Minaj
The Domino Theory - Steve Wariner
The Last Domino - Genesis .

Babies Don't Like Blue Anymore - Yukon Blonde ..
Baby, Don't You Break My Heart Slow - Vonda Shepard...
Baby I Don't Care - Transvision Vamp .
Don't - Elvis Presley
Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age - Bob Wills
Don't Be Careless Love - Paul McCartney
Don't Be Cruel - Elvis
Don't Believe Everything You Read - Doug MacLeod ..
Don't Blame It on Me - Jetty Boys
Don't Blame Me - Everly Brothers
Don't Break The Heart That Loves You - Connie Francis ..
Don't Carry It All - The Decemberists .
Don't Come Home A Drinkin' - Loretta Lynn
Don't Come Around Here No More - Tom Petty
Don't Crawfish Me, Baby - Jonathan Edwards ..
Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House / Paul Carrack..
Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer - Kenny Rogers/ Kim Carnes ..
Don't Feel Like Doing Drugs - Dramarama..
Don't Fence Me In - Bing Crosby / Gene Autry
Don't Fight The Feelings of Love - Charlie Pride .
Don't Forbid Me - Pat Boone
Don't Forget About Us - Krayzie Bone ft Mariah Carey & Juelz Santana ..
Don't Forget The Sky - Sky Cries Mary ..
Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Duke Ellington
Don't Give It Up - Robbie Patton
Don't Go Away - Buckcherry ..
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) - Pretty in Stereo .
Don't Hide Your Love - Cher
Don't Hold Back Your Love - Hall and Oates
Don't Know Why - McFly .
Don't Know Why I Love You - Jackson 5 .
Don't Laugh (I Love You) - Ween
Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me - Motorhead
Don't Let Go (Love) - En Vogue
Don't Let Him Know - Prism
Don't Let It Slip Away - Glenn Hughes .
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight - James Taylor..
Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You - Wilson Pickett...
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes - Perry Como
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying - Gerry and the Pacemakers
Don't Look Any Further - Dennis Edwards .
Don't Look Away - The Heart Of The Flame .
Don't Lose Your Head - Queen
Don't Make Me A Superstar - Melody .
Don't Mean Nothing - Richard Marx .
Don't Need Your Love - The Game.
Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Beastie Boys Ft Santigold
Don't Say Nothing Bad About My Baby - The Cookies .....
Don't Say Ouch - Tom Gavin ..
Don't Scream (It's Only Halloween) - Andrew Gold
Don't Sit On a Cactus - Joel Frankel .
Don't Stack Them With Apes - Pluto Monkey .
Don't Step On The Grass, Sam - Steppenwolf ..
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Derrick Lara & Trinity
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) - Glenn Miller, Andrews
Don't Take My Love Away - The No Limit Band ..
Don't Take Your Guns To Town - Johnny Cash
Don't Talk, Just Kiss - Right Said Fred
Don't Tell Me Lies - Breathe
Don't Tell Me The Time - Martha Davis
Don't Tell Me You Love Me - Night Ranger.

Don't Think I Can't Love You - Jake Owen
Don't Think I Don't Think About It - Darius Rucker .
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan ...
Don't Throw It All Away - Legacy ..
Don't Throw Your Love Away - The Searchers .
Don't Treat Me Bad - Firehouse .
Don't Try So Hard - Queen
Don't Try Suicide - Queen
Don't Turn Him Away - C and Ma Gospel Singers
Don't Turn Your - Car Lights On In The Daytime Blues - The Jetty
Don't Walk Away - Post Adolescence ..
Don't Worry - The Game/ Aaliyah .
Don't Worry About It - N.E.R.D ..
Don't Worry About Me - Joey Ramone ..
Don't Worry About The Government - Talking Heads ..
Don't Worry About Tomorrow - Van Morrison ...
Don't Worry Baby - Beach Boys / B.J Thomas / Keith Moon ..
Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bob Marley / Bobby McFerrin ..
Don't Worry 'Bout Me - Joni Mitchell / Frank Sinatra / Billie Holiday/ Marty Robbins ..
Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby - Janie Fricke ...
Don't Worry Bout Mine - Z-Ro's ..
Don't Worry, Kyoko - Yoko Ono ..
Don't You Worry - Beloved .
Don't Worry Now - Britt Nicole ..
Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - Incognito / Stevie Wonder ...
Don't You Worry 'Bout That Mule - Louis Jordan ...

Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds ..
Don't You Remember - Adele
I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Elvis, Patti Page
I Don't Have a Gun Purpa Haze Zombie Dance - Snail Bob
I Don't Have To Be Me ('Til Monday) - Steve Azar.
I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) - Kate Smith/ Errol Garner
I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown Rats / Tori Amos.
I Don't Need A Man - Pussycat Dolls ..
I Don't Need No Doctor - Ray Charles..
I Don't Want To Talk About It - Rod Stewart ..
I Don't Worry About It - The Meteors .
I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore - Ben Colder
I Really Don't Want To Know - Les Paul and Mary Ford
If I Don't Get There - Thomas A. Dorsey .
If I Don't Get You The Next One Will - Lynsey de Paul .
If I Don't See You Again - Neil Diamond .
If I Don't Tell You Now - Ronan Keating .
If You Don't Know Me By Now - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes .
If You Don't Like My Twang - Justin Moore .
If You Don't Wanna Love Me - James Morrison ..
If You Don't Want The Goods Don't Maul 'Em - George Formby ..
Joe Don't Kill the Centipede - Marcella and George ...
Mama Don't Allow It - Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends .
Money Don't Help - Crown Jewels .
Money Don't Matter 2 Night - Prince.
Peter Brophy Don't Care – Lindisfarne .
Please Don't Read My Poetry - John Otway ...
Since I Don't Have You - Skyliners / Guns N Roses
They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More - Jimmy Buffett.
Things You Don't See Too Much of Nowadays - Spandex Ballet .
Why Don't You Love Me - Hank Williams
You Can't Be A Beacon (If Your Light Don't Shine) - Donna Fargo .
You Don't Fool Me - Queen
Why Don't We Do It In The Road? - The Beatles
Why Don't We Get Drunk - Jimmy Buffett
Why Don't We Just Dance - Josh Turner
Why Don't We? - Wishbone Ash
Why Don't You - Gramophonedzie
Why Don't You And I - Santana
Why Don't You Do Right? - Peggy Lee
Why Don't You Get a Job? - The Offspring
Why Don't You Love Me - Beyoncé
Why Don't You Love Me - Hank Williams.
Why Don't You Love Me? - Hot Chelle Rae
Why Don't You Smile - The All Night Workers
You Don't Know Me - Eddy Arnold / Ray Charles / Mickey Gilley

DONKEY ... Creatures -> animals .
... all
A Donkey Named Cheetah - Outlandish..
Club Donkey Ass (Interlude) - OutKast..
Blue Donkey Rag - William McNally
Dead Donkeys -
Jonathan Brandmeier
Delaney's Donkey - Val Doonican.
Darcy's Donkey - Gaelic Storm.
Do the Donkey Kong - Buckner & Garcia
Dominick the Donkey - Lou Monte
Donkey Boots - Blue Beat & The Tumblin Donkeys
Donkey For Sale - Railroad Earth lyrics
Donkey Jaw - America
Donkey Kosh -
Florence & The Machine
Donkey Ride - Rickie Lee Jones.
Donkey Riding - Fiddler'S Green / Great Big Sea.
Donkey Serenade - Perry Como.
Donkey Stroke - Bullitnuts
Donkey Town - Mark Knopfler.
Donkey's Dance - Tolga Trio.
Funky Donkey - Beastie Boys.
Highway Donkey - Millencolin.
Honkey Donkey -
Just Kickin' It Like A Wild Donkey - Minus The Bear.
Let Me Ride That Donkey - 69 Boyz.
Little Donkey - Traditional
Lucky The Donkey - GutterMouth.
Monkey Wash Donkey Rinse - Warren Zevon.
Nestor, The Long Eared Christmas Donkey - Marty Robbins..
Nodding Donkey Blues - Iron Maiden.
One Way Donkey Ride - Sandy Denny...
Pin The Tail on the Donkey - Naughty By Nature
Ride Your Donkey - Joe Strummer.
Shake You Donkey Up -
The Elecrified Donkey - Johnny Horton.
The Man And The Donkey - Chuck Berry

Dragonfly On Dope - herrB .

Bad Body Double - Imogen Heap..
Double Madness - Leo Vigil Band
Under the Double Eagle March - US Navy Band ...

Ain't No Doubt About It - The Game ..
Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promise - Avett Brothers ....

Mouldy Old Dough - Lieutenant Pigeon

Sweetheart (Waitress In A Donut Shop) - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks...

DOVE... Creatures -> birds . pg-8, j-all, pp-11
A Dawn Exalted as a Flock of Doves - Allan Browne Quintet
Ballad Of Lonesome Dove - The Scott Oakley Trio
Black-Dove (January) - Tori Amos..
Black Doves - Adisa Mckenzie
Black Light Doves - The Nautics
Blue Dove - P. Desmond
Cut 'n' the Dove - Stew Cutler
Dov'è L'Amore - Il Divo
Dove - Michael Beck Trio
Dove Cloud - Brian McMahon
Dove L'Amore - Cher
Dove Tail - Mark Sanderson Quartet
Dove's Eyes - Misty Edwards
Dove's Tale - Amy Duncan
Doves and Hawks - Groove Trio .
Doves Don't Cry - Escalate
Doves of Peace - Brigitte Von Bulow
Down Like a Dove - Mark Kelso
Eye Of The Dove - Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Fickle Dove - Madeleine Peyroux
Go Easy Little Doves, I'll Be Fine - Brooke Waggoner
La Paloma (The Dove) - Julio Iglesias
La Paloma Azul (The Blue Dove) - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Like a Dove - Amos Saint Jean
Little Black Dove - Briana Cowlishaw
Little White Doves - Dirty Vegas
Lonesome Dove - Trisha Yearwood
Lonesome Dove Tale - Andrea Hoag
Love Dove Hallucination - Taught By Animals
Midnight Dove - Jamie
Morning Dove - The Canton Spirituals
Morning Dove Blues - King Oliver
Mourning Dove - The Steep Canyon Rangers
My Dove, My Beautiful One - Martyn Bates
Noah's Dove - 10,000 Maniacs
O' For The Wings Of A Dove - Bob Wilber
On The Wings Of A Dove - Hal Ketchum /Leon Russell
One Dove - Antony And The Johnsons
Silent Dove - Cliff Nash
Song of the Dove - Randy Armstrong & Ken Laroche
Stones in the Dove - Shards Of Reason
The Black Dove - Christian Kiefer & Sharron Kraus
The Crying Dove - La Mazz
The Dove - Judy Collins /John Barry
The Dove's Return - The Owen Family
The Mighty Dove - Mark Nevin
The Motorbike and the Dove - John Barry
The Olive Leaf And Dove - Tia Fuller
The Serpent & The Dove - Lisa Gerrard .
The Wailing Dove - Louie Bellson
The White Dove - Jim and Jesse McReynolds
Turtle Dove - John Langstaff.
Turtle Dove Boogie - Jessie Lennox ..
Two Doves - Dirty Projectors
Voice of the Turtle Dove - Theresa Griffith
When Doves Cry - Prince
Where Doves Fly - J. Plunky Branch
White Dove Fly - Joachim Goerke & Band
White Doves - Cider Sky / Apollo 77
White Doves & Purple Silk - Asetta & Dixson Cadwallader
Wings of a Dove - Madness
Wings of a Dove - Bob Ferguson
Wings Of A Snow White Dove – Ferlin Husky
Wise As Serpents, Harmless As Doves - Steve Morrison.
Wishing Doves Could Fly - George Sulski
Yes, Dove - Gerald Wiggins

7 Years Down - Rancid..
Bass Down Low - Dev ..
Beautiful Letdown - Switchfoot.

Been Down So Long - The Doors
Bobby Brown Goes Down - Frank Zappa..
Bog Down In The Valley-O - World Music ..
Break It Down Again - Tears For Fears.
Break Me Down - Red.
Broke Down Engine - Jimmy Bowskill ..
Broke Down On The Brazos - Gov't Mule .
Brother Down - Sam Roberts.
Buck 'Em Down - Black Moon.
Burn Down The Trailer Park - Billy Ray Cyrus...
Burning Down the House - Talking Heads..
Can't Keep Johnny Down - They Might Be Giants ..
Chant Down Babylon - Bob Marley..
Cool Down - Kolohe Kai.
Count Down Meets Merlin And Amber - Ringo Starr...

Don't Let Me Down - Beatles
Don't Bring Me Down - EL
Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Don't Let Me Down - Hollies
Down And Down - Georgia Satellites
Down By The Lazy River - The Osmonds ..
Down By the Lake - McFly .
Down By The River - Pete Seeger/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/Neil Young.
Down Came a Blackbird - Lila McCann.
Down, Down, Down - Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush
Down Goes Another One - McFly ..
Down Home - Manfred Mann's Earth Band .
Down In Boogie Alley - Bessie Jackson.
Down In The Alley - Big Bill Broonzy.
Down On Deep River - Leon Russell.

Down On Me - Janis Joplin
Down On the Bay - Cheap Trick.
Down On The Corner - CCR .
Down On The Corner Of Love - Buck Owens..
Down on the Farm - Tim McGraw.
Down On the Street - The Stooges.
Down River - Hollies
/Spooky Tooth.

Down, Set, Go - Underoath..
Down The Line - Hollies.
Down The Moor - Maura O'Connell .

Down Town - Petula Clarke.
Down Under - Men At Work.
Down With The Clown - Insane Clown Posse.

Downbound Train - Bruce Springsteen.
Downtown - Petula Clark/The B-52s
East Bound And Down - Jerry Reed.
Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree - James Vincent McMorrow...
Get Down Moses - Joe Strummer & the Mescalero’s.
Get Down Tonight - KC and the Sunshine Band.
Go Down - AC/DC.
Goin' Down - Godsmack
Going Down - The Monkees
Going Down The Road - Roy Wood.
Going Down to Cuba - Jackson Brown.
Going Down to Liverpool - The Bangles.
Gone Down The River - Tom Rush.
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane - Jerry Lee Lewis / Norman Blake/Junior Wells and Pistol Pete/ et al ...
Hand Me My Banjo Down - Tony Trischka Band ..
Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) - Elvis Presley ..
Hit The Plane Down - Pavement..
Hollywood (Down On Your Luck) - Thin Lizzy..
I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down - Elvis Costello.
I Will Never Let You Down - Rita Ora
I'm Down - Hollies
If The World Crashes Down - Enrique Iglesias ..
Lay Down - Priestess
Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) - Melanie.
Lay Down and Die, Goodbye - Alice Coopper
Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton.
Lay Down Your Weary Tune - Bob Dylan
Lay It All Down - Fleetwood Mac
Lay It Down - Al Green
Let Down - Radiohead

Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun - Beastie Boys..
Low Down Dirty Mean - Allman Brothers Band...
Over, Under, Sideways, Down - The Yardbirds.
Mellow Down Easy - ZZ Top..
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down - Ramones
No Money Down - Chuck Berry / Lou Reed.
Put Down That Weapon - Midnight Oil.
Runnin' Down A Dream - Tom Petty..
Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) - Jackson 5.
Shoot The Preacher Down - Bulletboys.
Shut It Down - Motorhead
Slow Down - Hollies
Slow Down Jackson - Olivia Newton-John.
Shower Down - New Direction .
Sold Me Down the River - Alarm.
Sunday Down South - Earl Craig..
Swingin' Down the Lane - Frank Sinatra..
Take You Down - Chris Brown
Talk You Down - The Script
Tear Down The Grand Ole Opry - John Hartford..
The Bitter End - Sum 41 .
The Downfall Of Vampiria - False Start.
The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails
The Sun Goes Down - Thin Lizzy.

The Things We've Handed Down - Marc Cohn
Tie Your Mother Down - Queen
When The Rain Tumbles Down In July - Slim Dusty ..
When The Sun Goes Down - Arctic Monkeys.
When the Sun Goes Down Tomorrow - Dolly Parton...
Willing To Fall Down - Jann Arden..
Woman Put Your Weapon Down - Justin Nozuka.

A Dime A Dozen - Devin The Dude & Leathal .
Baker's Dozen - Guttermouth.
Dime a Dozen - The Incontinentals.

Dime a Dozen Guy - Marshall Crenshaw ..
One Dozen Roses - Jim Reeves..

DRACULA ... Myth, Magic & Monsters ... p6p.jalz...
Batman Wolfman Frankenstein or Dracula - The Diamonds
Blues for Dracula - Philly Joe Jones
Count Dracula - Alan B. Campbell Orchestra
Dracula - Gorillaz / Gene Krupa / Bob Marley/Basement Jaxx
Dracula - Iced Earth
Dracula Cha Cha - Bruno Martino
Dracula Cha Cha Cha - Henri Salvador
Dracula Eyes - Baboon
Dracula From Houston - Butthole Surfers
Dracula Moon - Joan Osborne.
Dracula Was a Ding Dong - Vasoline Tuner
Dracula's Castle - Mike Sarne
Dracula's Daughter - Tommy Mandel
Dracula's Lament - Jason Segal
Dracula’s Tango – Toto Coelo.
Dracula's Three Daughters - Ray Ellington
Dracula Paranoia - Etienne Brunet Zig Rag Orchestra
Dracula's Wedding - OutKast
Hungarian Dracula - Byron Nemeth
Kiss Me Dracula - The Simonetti Project
Old Dracula - Matt Rippetoe
Old Man Dracula - The Stutters
Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall) - Duponts
Soul Dracula - Hot Blood
Sunshine Dracula - Sunday Buckets

.. Myth, Magic & Monsters ...p12g...
A Dragon Town - Big Audio Dynamite
Ask The Dragon -
Yoko Ono ft. John Lennon
Becoming the Dragon - Trivium
Chasing the Dragon - Robby Longley
Cooper and the Dragons - Keydragon
Dragon Attack - Queen
Dragon Baby - Yoshida
Dragon Dance - Galbatron.
Dragon Lady - Blue Oyster Cult
Dragon Lullaby - Dave Volpe
Dragon Queen - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dragon Troubadour - Keydragon
Dragonhead - Throwing Muses
Dragons - Edwin McCain
Dragons and Demons - Herbs.
Dragons and Fables - Hawkwind
Dragons and Kings - Losfer Words
Dragons Awake - Guided by Voices
Dragons Breath - Bathory
Dragons Under My Bed - Kath Bee
Dragons World - Keydragon
Dragon's Ear 1 & 2 - Tyrannosaurus Rex
Dragon's Farewell - Talking Hands Talking Feet
Dragontown - Alice Cooper
Dungeons & Dragons is Gay - El Privates
Enter The Dragon - Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Futuristic Dragon - T. Rex
Heart Of A Dragon - DragonForce
Into the Dragons Cave - Losfer Words
Killing The Dragon - Dio
In the Dragon's Den - Symphony X

Nie Lang Dragon - Keydragon
Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary.
Red Dragon - Andy Billy Goat
Ride The Dragon - Manowar
Seven Dragons - Sonic Boom !
St. George And The Dragon - Toto
Sun Dragon Chant - Keydragon
Tears of the Dragon - Bruce Dickinson
That Dragon I Chased - Roger Brittain
The Beast And Dragon Adored - Spoon.
The Dragon - Gowan
/ Vangelis
The Dragon Prince - Keydragon
The Dragon's Breath - Medwyn Goodall
The Peasant and the Dragon - Keydragon
Theme For A Dragon - T.Rex
Theme From Enter The Dragon (Main Title) - Lalo Schifrin

DRAGONFLY... Creatures -> insects . ...p10g ...
Dragonflies - Eddi Reader
Dragonflies & Hummingbirds - Paulin Skoglund Voss .
Dragonfly - Dragonfly
Dragonfly - Mahogany Rush
Dragonfly - Fleetwood Mac
Dragonfly - Ziggy Marley
Dragonfly - Blondie
Dragonfly - Yngwie Malmsteen
Dragonfly - Ah-Ha
Dragonfly - Shamans Harvest
Dragonfly - Sponge Cola
Dragonfly - M.Craft
Dragonfly - Android Lust
Dragonfly - Paul Weller
Dragonfly - The Strawbs
Dragonfly - The Tornados

Dragonfly Cutter - Homma Honganji
Dragonfly Dreams - The Brimsek Brothers
Dragonfly On Dope - herrB .
Dragonfly Summer - Michael Franks
Flying Dragonflies - Marc Racordon
Little Lamb Dragonfly - Paul McCartney
Red Dragonfly - Taeko Kunishima .
Red Dragonfly (AKA Tombo) - Jane Bunnett .
Redpepper Dragonfly - Cho Yongpil
Return Of The Dragonfly - Joshua Kadison
The Dragonfly Races - Ellis Paul
The Time of the Dragonflies - The Parlor.
The Wasp and the Dragonfly - Provincial Parks

My Pink Half of the Drainpipe - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band ..

Dreadful Day - Blind Boy Grunt (Bob Dylan) .

115th Dream - Bob Dylan.
A Bad Dream - Keane.
A Dollar and a Dream - Mighty Mighty Bosstones .
A Kiss to Build a Dream On - Mandy Patinkin.
Afraid To Dream - Benny Goodman.
Any Dream Will Do - Jason Donivan .
Bling Bling Dream - Allen$ .
Bored By Dreams - Marianne Faithfull.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
Bullfighter's Dream - Ottmar Liebert .
Caught in a Dream - Alice Cooper
Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House / Paul Carrack..
Dream - Priscilla Ahn
Dream A Little Dream Of Me - The Mamas & The Papas.
Dream About You - Andrew .
Dream Again - Franz Ferdinand .
Dream Away - George Harrison .
Dream Big - David Cook / Jazmine Sullivan.
Dream Brother - Jeff Buckley.
Dream Catch Me - Newton Faulkner
Dream Lover - Bobby Darin.
Dream Of A Miner's Child - Chuck Ragan..
Dream Of Me - Steve Wariner .
Dream Of Mirrors - Iron Maiden
Dreams of Rats - Above Ground .
Dream Of Sleep - The Love Kills Theory
Dream On - Aerosmith
Dream On Hayley - James Morrison
Dream TV - Bjork / Sugarcubes.
Dream Vacation - Christy Carlson Romano.
Dream Walkin' - Toby Keith
Dream Warriors - Dokken
Dream Weaver - Gary Wright
Dream World - ABBA.
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac / Allman Brothers/The Band/The Game
Dreams - Gabrielle
Dreams - Van Halen
Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife - Glen Campbell ..
Dreams Of The San Joaquin - Linda Ronstadt
Druid Dream - Ashtar.
Flying In A Blue Dream - Joe Satriani ..
Frozen Dreams - Wolfheart.
Fucked Up My Dream - Marty Caine..
Gemini Dream - The Moody Blues.
Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) - The Dixie Chicks..
Gold Miner Dream - Lazlo Bane..
Hippie Dream - Neil Young.
Hold On Tight To Your Dreams - ELO..
Honeysuckle Dream - Heidi Winzinger .
House Of A Thousand Dreams - Martina McBride.

I Can Dream About You - Dan Hartman .

I Dream of You (More than You Dream I Do) - Frank Sinatra
In Your Dreams Tonight - Agent Orange.
Infinite Dreams - Iron Maiden.
Island Dream - Geoff Long.
LT's Midnight Dream - Steve Miller Band.
Making Our Dreams Come True - Cyndi Grecco
Midnight Dream - Neil Diamond.
Never Had A Dream Come True - S Club 7
Nice Dream - Radiohead.
Nice To Meet You Anyway - Gavin Degraw
November Dream - Usherhouse .
October Dreams - Jon Kay .
Only In My Dreams - Debbie Gibson
Rainy Day, Dream Away - Jimi Hendrix ..
River Of Dreams - Billy Joel.
Runnin' Down A Dream - Tom Petty..
Sex Eat Sleep Drink Dream - King Crimson.
Silver Dream Machine - David Essex..
Street Dreams - NAS.
Sweet Dreams - Patsy Cline.
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics / Marilyn Manson .
Tambourine Dream - Lita Ford.
The Dream Is Still Alive - Wilson Phillips
The Dream of the Blue Turtles - Sting..
The Dreams Of Children - The Jam .
The Post War Dream - Pink Floyd
The Red Pony Suite: IIIa. Dream March - Joann Falletta ....
Together In Electric Dreams - Human League ..
Twenty Thousand Dreams - Garrett Ramquist .
Wicked Dreams - Elton John.
You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates

Dreamboat Annie - Heart..

Dizzy, You're A Dreamer - Louise Goffin.
Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer - Kenny Rogers ..
Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourne / Supertramp / Chris Brown
Midnight Dreamer - Journey.
Sad Sweet Dreamer - Sweet Sensation ..

Beyond the Dreaming Place - Steeleye Span.
Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo) - Alice Cooper..
Dreamin' - Weezer
Dreamin' - Cliff Richard
Dreaming - Blondie
Dreaming - System Of A Down
Dreaming From The Waist - The Who
Dreaming Of You - Selena / The Coral
Dreaming While You Sleep - Genesis .
Drifting and Dreaming - Orrin Tucker Orchestra .
I Must Be Dreaming - Giuffria
July 24, Dreamin' In Love - Mark Massey ...
Sleeping Angel (The Dreaming) - Trust Obey..
Sometimes When I'm Dreaming - Art Garfunkel
The Dreaming - Kate Bush

Dreamland Promises - Vince Roy .

Dreamlover - Mariah Carey

Dreamworld - Robin Thicke

Angel Dressed in Black - Warren Zevon ..
Birthday Dress - Lil Playy .

Devil With A Blue Dress
On - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels..

Dressed In Green - Basket Case.
I'm Going To Dress In Black - Them .

Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) - The Hollies...
Red Dress - Sugababes .

A Drifters Postcard - Ikce Wicasa
Dream Drifter - Emerge
Drifter - Shawty Redd
Drifter's Escape - Patti Smith
Drifter's Prayer - Rock Ridge
Drifters and Dreamers - Paul Thomas Butterfield
Broke, Lovesick, & Driftin' - Hank Williams III

Drifter's Dub - King Tubby
Drifter's Wind - Chuck Pyle
Drifting and Dreaming - Orrin Tucker Orchestra .
Echoing Drifters - Trouble Fait'
High Plains Drifter - The Beastie Boys
I'm A Drifter - Bobby Goldsboro / Johnny Cash
I'm a Drifter Sailing, You're a Sailor Drifting - Ethos.
Lonely Drifter - Katelyn & the Bruises
mr.drifter - Nepaul .
Modern Day Drifter - Dierks Bentley
Move On Drifter - Carla Thomas
Return Of The Drifter - Mark Brine
Soul Drifters - Tony Flynn
The Drifter - Neil Diamond /
20 Below / Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
The Drifter And The Gypsy - Rosi Golan .
The Return of the Drifter - Jehst
Wayward Drifter - J. B. Beverley & the Wayward Drifters

The Drifting Hosewife - The Drones.

Driftwood: A Fairy Tale - Cursive .

50 Cent Drinks - Youngflyanddangerous ..
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers - ZZ Top..
Beer Drinking Woman - Memphis Slim.
Drink Positive - RKL.
Drinking Champagne - George Strait .
Drinking In L.A. - Bran Van 3000.
Drinking My Last Dime - Rusty Zinn ..
I Am A Cider Drinker - The Wurzels.
Let's Drink Some Booze - The Raging Teens .
One Man Drinking Game - Mayday Parade ...
Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer - Billy Currington...
The Piano Has Been Drinking - Tom Waits.
The Power Of Positive Drinking - Lou Reed..
You Drink, You Drive, You Spill - NOFX

DRIVE... All In A Journey -> General ........lys......
(White Guys) Don't Drive By - Sugardrive
(You Drive Me) Crazy - Britney Spears / Darin
(You Drive Me) Crazy - Richard Cheese
(You) Drive Me Mad - Fiddler's Green
11.10.00 (the Long Drive Home) - Breathe In ..
117 Valley Drive - Adrian Belew.
155 Minute Drive - Alabama Thunderpussy.
17 Mile Drive - Rippingtons.
1985 Ekstasy Drive - Nina Hagen.
20 Hour Drive - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
30 Hour Drive - My Lost Cause.
35 Laurel Drive - MC Lars.
38 Groove Down Drive - Robert Lee Kumpf.
4 Wheel Drive - The Lacs.
41 Union Drive, Caroline Springs 3023 - Tamas Wells ..
441 Heavenly Drive - Dinkus 9.
5th Helena Drive - Pillbuster.
7-Hour-Drive - The Notwist .
76 Ocean Drive Apache - Nicola Fasano.
90er Drive-by - Eko Fresh .
A Drive - Metroschifter
A Drive By - Illuminati Gotti
A Drive To The Psychos - FI/SHE/S
A Heart With 4 Wheel Drive - 4 Runner
A Long Drive - Christmas Fuller Project
A Long Drive Home - Break Even
A Long Drive Home - Farwell
A Pleasant Drive In St. Petersburg - Eric Serra
A Sunday Drive - Aggression
Absolute Zero Drive - Hey Mercedes
All Drive - Cobra Skulls
All Wheel Drive - Moving Lights (The)
Alone At The Drive-in Movie - Olivia Newton-John
Alright To Drive - Switch Stance
Alta Mesa Drive - Dexter Danger
Always Drive A Cadillac - Everly Brothers
And We Drive - Kalan Porter
..and We Drive - Side Walk Slam
Anyone Want To Go To The Drive-in And Have Sex In My Backseat? - Two Days...
Arch Drive Goodbye - Eve 6
Arlington Drive - Man Overboard
At The Drive-Thru - Goldie Lookin Chain
Automatic Drive - Platinum Blonde
Baby Can't Drive - Slash & Friends ft. Alice Cooper & Nicole Scherzinger
Baby Let's Drive - Neil Diamond
Baby You Can Drive My Car - Melanie C
Baby's Too High To Drive Tonight - Small Arms Dealer
Back To Drive - The Chinkees
Bad Drive - BoA
Baylor Drive - Rude Buddha
Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) - Deftones
Before I Lay (You Drive Me Crazy) - Cece Peniston
Bend Over, Baby (And Let Me Drive) - Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys
Bend Over, I'll Drive - The Cramps
Bishop Allen Drive - Bishop Allen
Blind Drive - Livintrust
Blind Men Can't Drive Skit - Karina Bradley
Bling Bling Drive By - Kollegah
Blood Drive - Municipal Waste
Blood Drive - Absurdus
Born To Drive - Mike West
Brodeo Drive - Takaru
Can Feel The Drive - De/Vision
Can't Drive This Car Sober - The Boys and Crash
Carpool Drive By - Dizastor
Cemetery Drive - My Chemical Romance
Chapter Six. Moonlight City Drive - Dog Fashion Disco
Cherry Bowl Drive-In - Joshua Kadison
Church Of The Drive-Thru Elvis - Mansun
Cielo Drive - Pretty Maids
Cielo Drive - Car Bomb
Cielo Drive - Six ft. Ditch
Circle Drive - Take Steady Aim
Citizens Drive - Mischief Brew
Close Your Eyes And Drive - Up For Nothing
Crash Drive - Saxon
Curious Drive - The Maple State
Danger Drive - Hateen
Darling Drive - Boy
Darling Drive - Paul Janz
Dauphin Drive - Show & Tell
Desert Drive - Brian Wilson
Devil Gate Drive - Suzi Quatro.
Did You Drive - The Blow
Dip And Drive - One Hand Clappers
Disco Drive - Les Savy Fav
Diva Drive - Agoria
Don't Drive Angry - Iron Chic
Don't Drive Drunk - Stevie Wonder
Don't Drive Drunk - Wesley Willis
Don't Drive My Car - Status Quo
Don't Drive Yer Car Up Draycott Avenue - The Toy Dolls
Don't Even Try To Start A Honda Accord When It's In Drive - Neil Perry
Don't Tell Me How To Drive - Spanish Gamble
Donnelly Drive - Kyle Bennett Band
Dreadful Drive - Hank 3
Dream Car Ocean Drive - Oscar And The Wolf
Drift Drive - The Antlers
Drink And Drive - Creeper Lagoon
Drive - Soulajar
Drive - Bleach
Drive - Mike V & The Rats
Drive - Anymore / Halou
Drive - Pepper
Drive - Black Stone Cherry
Drive - Tyga
Drive - Bon Jovi
Drive - Joe 90
Drive - A Season Drive
Drive - El-P
Drive - Hazeldine
Drive - Easyworld
Drive - Iain Matthews
Drive - Miley Cyrus
Drive - Throwing Muses
Drive - The Iry
Drive - The Matches
Drive - Annihilator
Drive - Amen
Drive - Dj Layla ft. Radu Sirbu & Dee-Dee
Drive - Dispatch
Drive - Client
Drive - Curren$y
Drive - Kids In Glass Houses
Drive - Bobby McFerrin
Drive - Los Umbrellos /Blind Melon
Drive - When Tragedy Strikes
Drive - The String Cheese Incident
Drive - Warpaint
Drive - The Great Escape
Drive - Raunchy
Drive - Casey James
Drive - All Star United
Drive - Vanessa Hudgens
Drive - Count Your Blessings
Drive - Carly Rae Jepsen
Drive - Halogen
Drive - Gargantua Soul
Drive - Bic Runga
Drive - Jonas Brothers
Drive - Melissa Ferrick
Drive - Hawthorne Heights
Drive - Off With Their Heads
Drive - Rachael Sage
Drive - Rob Halford
Drive - Shannon Noll
Drive - CycleFly
Drive - Todd Rundgren
Drive - The Gaslight Anthem
Drive - The Chevin
Drive - Savedayzed
Drive - Namie Amuro
Drive - Back-On
Drive - Francisco Vidal Band / Francesco Paura
Drive - Charon
Drive - Kandles At Nine
Drive - Ed Kowalczyk
Drive - R.E.M. / Incubus / DJ Chikan / Cub / Roman Lob / Section / The Countdown Singers
Drive - Rise Electric
Drive - Travis Scott
Drive - Tyrehead
Drive - Orestea
Drive - Sloe
Drive - Intergalactic Lovers
Drive - Ashton Allen
Drive - Rialto
Drive - The Cars / Scorpions / Sixx: A.M / Our Lady Peace / Jordan Knight
Drive - Eleventeen
Drive - Plankeye
Drive - Assemblage 23
Drive - Textures
Drive - Wild Cub
Drive - Frickin' A
Drive - Rex Goudie
Drive - Moose Blood
Drive - Savatage
Drive - The Wedding Present
Drive - Cheyenne Jackson
Drive - Dawn Landes
Drive - Evenstar
Drive - Excel
Drive (For Daddy Gene) - Alan Jackson
Drive All Night - Bruce Springsteen .
Drive My Car - The Beatles.
February Morning Drive - David Francey ..
Lake Shore Drive - Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah.
Real Rock Drive - Billy Haley.
Sexual Overdrive - Big Bad Wolf.
She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals.
You Drive Me Nervous - Alice Cooper.

Drive-In Romance - Jimmie R. Vestal
Drive-In Saturday - David Bowie

Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo - Jens Lekman ..

Driven To Tears - The Police

Baby Driver - Simon And Garfunkel
Cab Driver - Daryl Hall
Death Alley Driver - Rainbow
Drug Store Truck Drivin Man - The Byrds
Driver - Phish
Driver 8 -
Hootie & The Blowfish
Driver's Seat - Sniff'n The Tears

In My Car (I'll Be The Driver) - Shania Twain
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver - Primus
Lorry Driver - Chris Moyles.
Mr. Cab Driver - Lenny Kravitz
Mr. Limousine Driver - Grand Funk Railroad..
Pizza Driver -
Acid Drinkers .
Screw Driver - White Stripes
Slave Driver - Bob Marley
Snakedriver - The Jesus and Mary Chain.
Taxi Driver - Gym Class Heroes
The Engine Driver - The Decemberists
The River Driver - Great Big Sea
Truck Driver's Prayer - Red Sovine.
Truck Drivin' Man
- Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Truck Drivin' Song - Weird Al Yankovic..

Driving Home For Christmas - Chris Rea

Driving My Life Away - Eddie Rabbitt
Driving With The Brakes On - Del Amitri

Lake Shore Driving - Duran Duran


A Drug Against War - KMFDM
Addicted To Drugs - Kaiser Chiefs
All Drugs Out - Pato Banton
All The Drugs - Courtney Love
Autumn On Drugs - I Mother Earth
Better than Drugs - Skillet
Brain On Drugs - The Kottonmouth Kings
Cheerleaders On Drugs - Uncle Bonsai
Coming Down (Drug Tongue) - The Cult
Death Drugs - Violent Femmes
Depends on the Drug - Jello Biafra
Don't Feel Like Doing Drugs - Dramarama.
Drug (It's just a state of mind) - Duran Duran
Drug Addict - Quentin Arundell
Drug Ballad - Eminem.
Drug Fits the Face - Moby
Drug Free America - NOFX..
Drug I Need - Poster Children.
Drug Life - Glue Gun
Drug Lord - Helmet.
Drug Machine In Heaven - The Flaming Lips..
Drug Me - Dead Kennedys
Drug of Choice - Alice in Chains
/ Boy Meets Girl
Drug Overlord (Remix) - Hardfloor.
Drug Pusher - The Victims
Drug Raid At 4 AM - Lard
Drug Stabbing Time - The Clash
Drug Store - Stabbing Westward/ The Dwarves.
Drug Store Woman - John Lee Hooker/ Budgie.
Drug Thing - Motorpsycho
Drug Train - Social Distortion.
Drugface - The Passage
Drugged - Sand Rubies
Drug-God - Data Bank A
Drugs - Talking Heads
Drugs - The Lazy Cowgirls
Drugs and Kittens/I'll Drink to That - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Drugs and Money - Dakuta
Drugs Are Good - NOFX
Drugs In My Pocket - The Monks
Drugs Mean War - Jackopierce
Drugs Of Youth - Subhumans
Drugs On the Table - Dakuta
Drugs or Me - Jimmy Eat World
Drugs, God And The New Republic - Warrior Soul
Drugstore Novels - Cast of Shadows
Free Drug Zone - Seaweed
Handshake Drugs - Wilco
Her Drug - The Miss Alans
Hey or When the Drugs Wear Off - Flickerstick
Hug Me ('Til You Drug Me) - Meg & Dia.
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) - Marilyn Manson
I Need Drugs - Necro.
I Take Drugs - Murderdolls
I Wanna Be A Drug-Sniffing Dog - Lard
I Want A New Drug - Huey Lewis and The News
Indian Drug Carpet - Moodswings
Interesting Drug - Morrissey
Into Your Drug - Matthew Sweet
Is Everybody Here On Drugs? - Catatonia
Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad - The Clash.
Like A Drug (Sha La La La) - The Swans
Like A Drug I Never Did Before - Joey Ramone
Love Is The Drug - Roxy Music/ Grace Jones/ Divinyls
Mary Had A Little Drug Problem - Scratch Acid
Midnight Drug - Barclay James Harvest.
Miracle Drug - U2.
Miss Drugstore - Medicine.
More Drugs - Denis Leary
My Drug Buddy - The Lemonheads
Need You Like A Drug - Zeromancer.
New Drug - 24-7 Spyz
Phuture Drugs - Mondo Curio
Porno, Sex, Drugs, Lies, Money And Your Local Government - Death By Stereo
Pretty Like Drugs - Queen Adreena
Pump the Drug - Justin Wright
Red Shoes By The Drugstore - Tom Waits..
Same Drug - Cold
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll -
Ian Dury/Saliva...
Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll - Saliva/Kevin Bloody Wilson...

Sharon's Got A Drugstore - John Hiatt..
She's On Drugs - Jazz Butcher
Silence Is Their Drug - Sponge.
Suggestion For Drugs - Spectre General
Summer of Drugs - Victoria Williams.
Synthetic Drugs - Dakuta
Television: The Gateway Drug - Cottonmouth / Texas..
Tell Me About Your Drugs - Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
The Devil Does Drugs - My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
The Drug War - Noam Chomsky
The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve
The Drug's Not Working
The People's Drug - John Wesley Harding
The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails
The Young Drug - Game Theory
War On Drugs - Barenaked Ladies
We Are All On Drugs - Weezer
Wonderdrug - Jann Arden
You're My Drug - The Dukes of Stratosphear

DRUID ... Myth, Magic & Monsters ... p10p.palp.jalz.falk.
A Druids Passing - Cruachan
A Tale For Druids -
Dance Of The Druids - Pagan Altar.
Don't Mess With the Druids - Dan Marcotte
Done By a Druid - Geoffrey Leigh Tozer & His Swank Pharaohs
Druid - Tim Baker / James Cook
Druid Dream - Ashtar.
Druid Enchantment - Mitch Branson .
Druid Hills - Glenn Phillips
Druid Love - Jennifer Will Drown
Druid Stomp - Tim P Scott
Druid Time Lords - The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment
Druid's Dream - Arlene Faith
Druid's Potion - Flint
Druids In The Sky - Dagda
Druids' Lyre - Courtney Pine
Funky Druid - James Gray
Irish Druid Legend and Hobbits - Nuada Celtic Band
It's a Druid Eat Druid World - Alex Arrowsmith
Last of the Druids - Kurt Blackmore
March of the Druids - Serpent Throne
Message from the Druids - Celtic Reggae Revolution
Return Of The Druids - Hirilorn
Seminal Druid - Shuttle Bug
The Druid Ceremony - Mortum
The Druids - Toyah
The Druids are Here - Doctor and the Medics

The Last Druid - The Wolves of Avalon
Urban Druid - Cernunnos Rising
Wisdom of Druids - Stone Hedge Trio

Bang A Drum - Bon Jovi / Selena Gomez.
Bang The Drum All Day - Todd Rundgren. .
Bang The Drum Slowly - Bane.
Banging On My Drum - Lou Reed.
Beat A Drum - R.E.M .
Beat Of Your Drum - David Bowie.
Beat The Drum - Great Big Sea.
Beating Like A Drum - Eskimo Joe.
Biko Drum - Christy Moore
Broken Drum - Beck
D Is for Drums - They Might Be Giants
Different Drum - Linda Ronstadt.
Don't Bang The Drum - The Waterboys.
Drum And Bass Line - Aswad..
Drum Life - Brandy
Drum Machine Joy - MXPX
Drum Talk - Nik Kershaw.
Drums Of Sweet September - Tier-Ra-Nichi ..
Dull Drums - Andy Farley & Sam Townend .
Fiddle And The Drum - A Perfect Circle /Joni Mitchell.
Hit The Drum - Scooter
Hum Drum Boogie - ICP.
Jungle Drum - Emiliana Torrini
Kettle Drum - Beenie Man
Kick Drum - G. Love & Special Sauce
Kick Drum Heart - Avett Brothers.
Let There Be Drum - Incredible Bongo Band
Like A Drum - Cherish
Little Drummer Boy - David Bowir & Bing Crosby
She Bangs The Drum - Stone Roses
Skin On The Drum lyrics performed by Michael Franti & Spearhead.
The Little Drum Machine Boy - Beck
Tin Drum - Toni Childs.
Word Play Drum Beat - Adrian Belew

Drunk Again - Reel Big Fish
Drunk On A Tuesday - Right Side of the Tree .
Drunk On Tuesday - New York Rel-X .
Drunk With The Thought Of You - Sheryl Crow
Drunken Angel - Lucinda Williams
Drunken Ballerina Waltz - Spill Canvas..
Drunken Lament - Ludo
Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
Drunkship Of Lanterns - The Mars Volta
Seven Drunken Nights - The Dubliners
Why Don’t We Get Drunk? - Jimmy Buffett

Cool Dry Place - Travelling Wilburys..
Dry County - Bon Jovi
Dry County - The B-52's
Dry Ice - Green Day.
Dry Your Eyes - Sean Kingston / The Streets
Freeze Dried Man - Macabre.
Freeze Dried Pop - Bluetones.
Freeze Dry Seal - Stone Sour..
Junkie's Running Dry - Operation Ivy.
Water Runs Dry - Boyz II Men.

Do The Duchess - Consumed
Duchess - Genesis
Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread - Primus..
The Duchess -

DUCK ... Creatures -> birds . ... j-11, pp-5
Backward Duck Walk - Richard Moore
Blue Duck - Jazz On Demand Ensemble
Cold Duck - Al Jarreau
Cold Duck Time - Jeff Golub / New York Jazz Lounge/Joe Hurt Trio /...et al...
Dance of the Lame Duck - Glen Gray
Devil Duck - Deldongo Hip Jazz Trio
Disco Duck - Rick Dees & His Caste of Idiots/ The Hit Co.
Diving Duck Blues - Taj Mahal
Duck Amok - Duke Ellington
Duck And Run - 3 Doors Down
Duck Before You Drown - Dinah Washington
Duck, Duck, Goose - Larry Brown .
Duck Duck Grey Goose - Koo Koo Kanga Roo .
Duck Fever - Freddie Jackson
Duck Into The Groove - Ron Anderson
Duck n' Jump - Mr. Whit
Duck Ponds of Hell - Metal Duck
Duck Soup - Art Blakey and the Jazzmessengers
Duck To Water - The Blue Goat Quartet
Duck Trot - Cab Calloway
Duck Waddle - Boyd Raeburn
Duck Walk Serenade - Bill Schaeffer
Duck's Back - Fat Cat Five
Duck's Groove - Rob Reason
Ducks On The Wall - The Kinks
Huckleberry Duck - Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra
I Want a New Duck - Weird Al Yankovic
Lovely Weather For Ducks - Rosemary Clooney
Lucky Duck - Rich Stanley
March of the Sinister Ducks - The Sinister Ducks.
Miles Davis Meets Donald Duck - Lester Bowie
Mocking Ducks - Briskey Big Band
Nice Weather For Ducks - Lemon Jelly
O Pato (The Duck) - Coleman Hawkins
Ode to a Lame Duck - John Funkhouser Trio
One White Duck - Jethro Tull
Rubber Duck - Phil Robson
Rubber Duckie - Ernie from Sesame Street
Silver Duck - Greg Grant
Sittin' Duck - Gene Harris
Sitting Ducks - Jeff Richman
The Duck - Woody Herman
The Duck And Birdie - Shirim Klezmer Orchestra .
The Duck Song - Rik Gaynor
The Duck's Yas Yas Yas - James "Stump" Johnson
The Ducks of Boston - Ken Karsh
Ugly Duckling - Danny Kaye.
When A Duck Loves A Jellyfish - Dirty Squid ..
Yellow Duck - Lars Gullin /Zoot Sims

All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople / David Bowie.
Any Major Dude Will Tell You - Steely Dan..
Cut It Dude -
Darkness Washed Over The Dude - A Day At The Fair.
Do It Like A Dude - Jesse J
Don't Call Me Dude - Scatterbrain.
Dude Danger -
Shades Apart .
Dude (I Totally Miss You) - Tenacious D
Dude (Looks like a Lady) - Shakira / Aerosmith.
Dude Ranch -
Blink 182.
Dude Ranch Nurse - Sonic Youth..
Dude We're Finally Landing - Rivers Cuomo
Dude, What Is A Land Pirate? - The Wonder Years.
Dude, Where's My Skin? - Schoolyard Heroes.
Dude Yr So Crazy!! - Le Tigre.
Dump The Dude
- Dolly Parton.
Fruity Dude -
Avril Lavigne.
Hey Dude - Kula Shaker
Hippy Dude - Pansy Division.
I Could See The Dude -
I'm Feeling This Dude -
Avril Lavigne
Party At A Rich Dude's House - Ke$ha...
Rad Dude - Lawnmower Deth
Steve Dude Vs. Taurus Too - Calvin Krime ..
That Dude - Avant
The Dude -
Lords Of Acid
The Dude Just Wants His Rug Back - Daggermouth.
Totally Dude - Shop Boyz
Totally Nautical Dude -
Pink Razors.
We're All Dudes - Less Than Jake
Zero Dude - Tankard.

Duel Between a Fiddle and a Banjo - Rusty York & Lonnie Mack ..
Dueling Banjos -
Smokey River Boys /Bennie Boling & Mike Toppins /et al... .
Dueling Bongos - Incredible Bongo Band .

Dueling Fiddles - Benny Martin & Johnny Gimble .
Dueling Guitars - Heitor Pereira & Doug Smith .
Dueling Horns - Mon Valley Push .
Dueling Jingle Bells - US Navy Band ..
Dueling Ninjas - Trace Bundy
Dueling Retards - Nofx
Dueling Pianos - Calvin Jones .
Dueling Tubas - Eric Nagler .
Dueling Violins - The Irish Showtime Band .
The Dueling Club - The London Studio Orchestra .

A Dull Roar - Kevin McCabe
All Things Dull And Ugly - Monty Python .
Another Dull Night - Tony Travalini .
Be Gone Dull Cage - Kiev
Billy Eye Dull - Monork to Die ..
Dark Dull Day - Dirty Mojo ..
Dull and Gray - Nathan Bigman ..
Dull & Mean & Loud & Dumb - The Feebs ...
Dull And Ordinary - Tucker Tota .
Dull Boy - Mudvayne .
Dull Camera - Callum Read .
Dull Days, Wild Nights - Hard Fall Hearts ...
Dull Drums - Andy Farley & Sam Townend .
Dull Fangs - Hella .
Dull Flame Of Desire - Bjork ..
Dull It All - Wonderwall
Dull Knives - Life And Times .
Dull Life - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dull Lights - Eric Chenaux .
Dull Monday - Ewan MacColl .
Dull Murmur - Retching Red .
Dull Rainbows - Bloodline .
Dull Razor Blues - Lazy Ike and the Daredevils .
Dull Silver Ribbons - Faux Pride .
Dull Talk - Klaus König .
Dull Thud - A Rooster for the Masses
Dull To Pause - Junior Boys .
How Dull - Slava Flash
Make Me Dull - The Ends
Mentally Dull - Vitro .
Murder Dull Mind - Amen Dunes ..
My Sweet Dull God - Merel ..
Never a Dull Moment - Monkmode .
Never A Dull Omen - The Reddmen
Nineteen, One God, One Dull Star - Blackout Beach ....
Not A Dull Moment - Bad Astronaut .
Sad Dull Lights - J. Lamm ..
Sharpen The Dull - Shanna Kiel
So Dull - Los Olvidados
Sunshine On A Dull Day - Victor Feldman ..
The Dull Blade - Asg .
The Dull Miles - Cut City .
The Dull Roar Of Everyday Life - Nucalee ...

Daisy Duke - Rooney
Duke of Dubuque - Manhatten Transfer
Duke Of Earl - Gene Chandler / New Edition
Duke Of Prunes - Frank Zappa.
Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder.
The Duke - Blind Melon

Dull & Mean & Loud & Dumb - The Feebs ...
Dumb Waiters - The Psychedelic Furs / The Korgis.

DUMP bts done, ALL
Da Dump - Will Hale & the Tadpole Parade
Dana Dump Your Man and Marry Me - DJ Real .
Don't Dump On Us - Greavesey
Down In The Dumps - Dos
Down The Dumps - Kallocain
Dump In The Dark - Best Fwends
Dump It In The River - Terence Boylan
Dump Me - Frickin' A
Dump The Bosses Off Your Back - Utah Phillips
Dump The Dog - Loudon Wainwright III
Dump The Dude - Dolly Parton
Dump Truck - Free Dirt Band
Garbage Dumps and Cemeteries - Arms
Hump'em n' Dump'em - Wheatus
Info Dump - Strapping Young Lad
Love Dump - Static-X
Mellow Dump - Sicker Man
Orphan Annie and the Dump Truck - Grace Basement .
Ruinous Dump - Righteous Pigs
Taking a Dump At Work - Stuckey & Murray
The Dump - Lettuce
Up In The Air, Down In The Dumps - George Formby
Your Trendy Dump - Glasstown

Sapphire (Queen Of Dusk) - 13 Candles..

Angel Dust - New Order .
Another One Bits The Dust - Queen ..
Dust In The Wind - Kansas .

Dynamite - Cliff Richard



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