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Big Bone Lick State Park
Big Bone Lick State Park, Union, Kentucky.
The park is located on Beaver Road and is geographically between
the communities of Beaverlick and Rabbit Hash


!! with a few roads worth mentioning thrown in !!
( New ones nearly every week ~ I check ALL names sent in, NO fake names)

These are names of actual locations around the world:
* New to list since started

Acock’s Green (West Midlands, UK)* thank God it’s only one

Advent (a parish in Cornwall, UK) *

Ae pronounced Ay as in ABC (Dumfries, Scotland) *

Affetside (near Bury, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, UK) *

Agay (France) *

Air (Aberdeenshire, UK) *

Alderbeer (Cornwall, UK) * for the OAPs

Ale and Cakes (a copper mine 1884, Cornwall, UK) *

Alewife (Boston, MA, USA) * clay pipes and chewing tobacco spring to mind!

Allanstank (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) * too much haggis I think

Almond (Wisconsin, USA) *

Appletreewick (North Yorkshire, UK) *

Amble by the Sea (Northumberland, UK) *

Antler (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Ardfork (Aberdeenshire) *

Ardgay (Ross & Cromarty, UK) *

Ardlaw (Aberdeenshire) *

Ardtoe (Argyllshire) *

Ardullie (Ross and Cromarty, UK) * boring ~ boring

Armed Knight (Cornwall, UK) * a rock off Lands End, what did Merlin do to Sir Lancelot.

Arnybogs (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Arsoli (Lazio, Italy)

Assawoman (VA, USA) *

Assloss (Ayrshire, Scotland) *

Assmannshausen (Rüdesheim am Rhein, Hesse, Germany) *

Auchtertool (Fife, Scotland) *

Avalanche (Wisconsin, USA) *

Arsoli, a town in Lazio, Italy
Arsoli, a town in Lazio, Italy

Baan Baan (near Bong Bong, St Dapto, NSW, Australia) *

Babes Well (Durham, UK) *

Babys (Cornwall, UK) * from an 1884 survey

Backside (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Backus Mill (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Bachelors Bump (Essex, UK) *

Backside (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Bad Driburg (Höxter, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) *

Badgers Mount (Kent, UK) *

Bake (Cornwall, UK) *

Bakers End (Hertfordshire, UK)*

Bakewell, Derbyshire,UK) *

Bald Knob (Arkansas, US) *

Bald Knob (NSW, Australia) *

Balldale (NSW, Australia) *

Ballownie (Angus, UK) *

Ballplay (Tennessee, US) *

Balls Creek (NSW, Australia) *

Balls Cross (Sussex, UK) *

Balls Falls (Twentymile Creek, Ontario, Canada) *

Balls Green (Kent, England) *

Balls Mills (Pennsylvania, US) *

Ballsbridge (Dublin, Ireland) *

Ballville (Ohio, USA) *

Balzac (Alberta, Canada) *

Bangers Whistle (Cornwall, UK) * hamlet, 1884 survey

Bangor (Wisconsin, USA) *

Bangor (Gwynedd, Wales, UK) *

Bare (Morecambe, Lancashire, UK) *

Bare Down, Yonder (Cornwall, UK)* field -5 acres, 2 roods and 9 perches 1843 survey

Bareleg Hill (Staffordshire, UK) *

Barefolds (Aberneenshire, Scotland) *

Bargain, Sorry (Cornwall, UK) * 1841 survey

Barking (Essex, UK) * barking mad, a hunting dog that barks at a tree for no reason now taken to mean anybody who has strange or different ideas “that mans barking”

Bashley (Hampshire, UK) *

Basswood (Wisconsin, USA) *

Bastard (Norway)

Bastardstown (Co. Wexford, Ireland) *

Batman (S.E. Turkey) *

Beaver (Oklahoma, US)

Beaver (Ohio, US) *

Beaver (Pennsylvania, US) *

Beaver (West Virginia, USA) *

Beaver Creek (Minnesota) *

Beaver Crossing (Nebraska) *

Beaver Dam (Wisconsin, US) *

Beaver Falls (Pennsylvania) *

Beaver Head (Idaho, USA)

Beaverkill (Roscoe, New York, USA) *

Beaverlick (Kentucky, US) * there's even a Beaverlick Baptist Church

Bedlam Bottom (Hampshire, UK) *

Beetown (Wisconsin, USA) *

Beer (Devon, UK) *

Beermullah (WA, Australia) *

Beeswing (Cornwall, UK) * prehistoric burial mound

Beeswing (Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland) *

Beggars Bush (Sussex)* passed her prime

Belchertown (Massachusetts, US) *

Bell End near Lickey End (Worcestershire, UK) * very saucey!!

Bell End which turns into Mincing Lane (road names in Rowley Regis, West Midlands, UK) *

Bellyside Hill (Northumberland, UK) *

Benewah (Idaho, US) *

Bender's Landing (Texas, US) *

Bendalong (NSW, Australia) *

Bendick Murrell (NSW, Australia) * Ouch!!

Benjabbering WA, Australia) *

Benny Mill (Cornwall, UK) * wasn't he a comedian ;)

Besses o’ th’ Barn (south o Bury, Greater Manchester, Lancashire)

Bethlehem (Georgia, USA) *

Big Beaver (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Big Bogue Homo Creek. (Mississippi, US) *

Big Bone Lick (Kentucky, US) *

Big Flats (Wisconsin, USA) * properly named as it’s been knocked flat a few times by tornadoes.

Big Knob (Kentucky, USA) *

Big Ugly (West Virginia, US) *

Bim (West Virginia, US)*

Binges (Cote-D'Or, Bourgogne, France) *

Binnaway (NSW, Australia) *

Bird-In-The-Hand, near Blue Ball & Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA) *

Birdlip (Gloucestershire, UK)*

Bishops Itchington (Staffs, UK) *

Bishops Norton (Glouctershire, UK) * clergy on a motorbike?

Bitche (Lorraine, France) *

Bitchfield (Lincolnshire, UK) *

Bitter End (Tennessee, US) *

La Butte es Gros, a small town in Normandy, France.

Black Braes (Northumberland, UK) *

Black Car (near Wymondham, Norfolk, UK) *

Black Charlie's Opening (Australia) *

Black Earth (Wisconsin, USA) *

Blackadder (near Berwick upon Tweed, UK) *

Blackdikes (Angus, UK)*

Bladda (Paisley, UK)*

Blairduff (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) * social comment?

Blackhead (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) *

Blankets (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Blindcrake (near Cockermouth, Cumbria) *

Bliss (Idaho, US) * on the above blankets maybe?

Bliss Gate (Worcestershire, UK) * heavens door?

Blockhouse (Aberdeenshire)

Bloodman's Corner (Suffolk, UK) *

Bloody Bridge (County Down, Ireland) *

Bloody Bush (Northumberland. UK) * Is there one in the States?

Bloody Dick (Montana, USA) *

Blow Me Down (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) *

Blowhole (NSW, Australia) *

Blubberhouses (near Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire) *

Blue Ball (Pennsylvania, USA) * You can't have Blue Balls, PA without Virginville, PA, of course just down the road you soon get to Intercourse, High Point, and Climax ~ Thanks Sam

Blue Knob (NSW, Australia) *

Boat of Garten (Inverness-shire, Scotland) *

Bobalong (WA, Australia) *

Bobbin Head (Australia) *

Boca Ratones translates "Rat's Mouth." (Florida, US) * The Spanish word boca (literally mouth) was often used to describe an inlet, while ratón (literally mouse) was used by Spanish sailors to describe rocks that gnawed at a ship's cable, hence a rocky inlet.

Bohner’s Lake (Wisconsin, USA) *

Boggy Bottom (Abbots Langley, Herts, UK) *

Boghead (Ayrshire, UK)*

Bogmoon (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Bone (Cornwall, UK) *

Bone's Knob (Queensland, Australia) *

Boneyard (Arizona, US) *

Bong Bong (NSW, Australia) *

Boobs Flat (Tasmania, Australia) * a plain/flatlands

Booby's Bay (nr Padstow, Cornwall, UK) *

Booger Hole (West Virginia, US) *

Bootlegger Crossing (Arizona, US) *

Booze Moor (Nth. Moor, UK) *

Bopeep (Kent, UK) *

Boring (Oregan, US.. it's near Clackamas) *

Bottom Boat (West Yorkshire, UK) *

Bottomley (West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, UK) * a hillside hamblet with an Upper and Lower Bottom

Bottoms (Mossley, Greater Manchester) *

Bowlegs (Oklahoma, US) *

Boyland (Queensland, Australia)

Boysack (Angus, Scot.) *

Bradfield Combust (Suffolk, UK) *

Brainjohn (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Braintree (Boston, MA, USA) *

Breed (Wisconsin, USA) *

Brest (France) *

Broadbottom (near Hyde, Cheshire, UK) *

Broken Bridge (Co Limerick) *

Broken Nose (Queensland,Australia) * the peak of a hill

Brokenwind (Aberdeenshire) *

Brown Willy (Cornwall,UK)

Brownspit (Cornwall, UK) * chewing tobacco ?

Bruce (Wisconsin, USA) *

Buck Snort (TN. USA) *

Buckshott (Durham, UK)*

Bud (West Virginia, US) *

Bufflick (West Virginia, US) *

Buger (Majorca, Spain)*

Bugtussle (Tennessee, US) *

Bukalong (NSW, Australia) *

Bullock (GA, USA) *

Bullshit Hill (Sth Australia) *

Bullyhole Bottom (Monmouthshire, Wales, UK) *

Bumbang Creek (Victoria, Australia) *

Bumberry (NSW, Australia) *

Bumble Bee (Arizona, US) *

Bummers Hill (bowl barrow, Hertfordshire) *

Bumpass, (VA. USA) *

Bumpass Hell (Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA, USA) *

Bunyan (nr Canberra, Australia) *

Bur Oak (Wisconsin, USA) *

Burnfoot (County Donegal, Ireland) *

Burnt Cane Crossing (Arkansas, US) *

Burnt Houses (Co. Durham, UK) *

Burnt Oak (Sussex, UK) *

Burnt Tree (Staffordshire, UK) *

Burnt Tom (Northumberland, UK) *

Burnt Walls (Northumberland, UK) *

Burrumbuttock (NSW, Australia) *

Burpengary (QLD, Australia) * I know a windeeee Gary too!!

Bushy Bottom (West Sussex, UK) *

Bushygap (Northumberland, UK) *

Butcher Hollow (Kentucky, USA) *

Butt Hollow Road (Virginia, USA) *

Butt of Lewis (Hebrides, Scotland, UK) *

Butte (Montana, US) *

Butte City (Idaho, US) *

Butter Pot (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) * a mountain

Butternut (Wisconsin, USA) *

Buttock (near Barley, Lancashire, UK) *

Buttocks Booth (Northampton, UK) * renamed Booth Lane by a "PC" council in the 1960s

Butty Moss (area near Macclesfild, UK) *

Buttzville (New Jersey, USA) *

Butt Of Lewis, at the northern point of the Isle of Lewis,
Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK

Camp (Devon, UK) *

Camp Dix (Kentucky, US) *

Camps Town (Yorkshire, UK) *

Cannard's Grave (Somerset, UK) *

Canyon Sin Nombre/Canyon Without a Name (San Diego County, California)*

Cape Cockburn (NT, Australia, near Croker Island)*

Carlingcott (Avon, UK) * we know their bedtime drink!

Care Village (Leicestershire, UK) *

Carefree (Arizona, US) *

Carhart (Cornwall, UK) * engine or fuel tank

Carp (Ontario, Canada) *

Carsluith (Kirkcudbrightshire) * automobile detective?

Cat’s Ash (Monmouthshire, Wales) *

Cat’s Common (a village in Norfolk, UK) *

Catbrain (Gloustershire, UK) *

Catchall (Cornwall, UK) *

Catholes (Cumbria) *

Catsgore (Somerset, UK) *

Catslip (Oxfordshire, UK) *

Cattle End (Northamptonshire, UK)* which end?

Caynham (Shrops, UK) *

Chatterley (Durham, UK) *

Chapel on Leader (Roxburgshire)*

Charles Bottom (Devon, UK) *

Cheeseville (Wisconsin, USA) *

Chilham (Kent, UK) *

Chili (Wisconsin, USA) *

Chinaman's Knob (hill in Victoria, Australia)

Chinn (Northumberland, UK) *

Christmas (Florida, US) *

Chorlton Cum Hardy ( Lancs, UK) *

Christmas (Michigan, US) *

Clap Hill (village in Kent, UK) *

Clappersgate (Westmorland, UK) *

Clay Bottom (Bristol, UK) *

Click Em In (Northumberland, UK) *

Climax (Colorado, USA)

Climax (Decatur County GA.,US) *

Climax (Michigan, US)*

Climax (Minnesota, US)* just down the road from Fertile, MN ... the famous newspaper headline about a fatal car accident...."Fertile Woman Dies in Climax"

Climax (NC, USA) *

Climax (Pennsylvania, USA) *

Climax (Saskatchewan) *

Climax Springs (Missouri, USA) Gosh - you seem to have fun all over the place on the other side of the big pond, climax's everywhere!

Climping (Sussex, UK) *

Clinch (Northumberland, UK)*

Clint's Well (Arizona, US) *

Clitheroe (Lancashire, UK) *

Clitsome View (Somerset, UK) *

Colby (Wisconsin, USA) * very cheesey! .

Clones (Co.Monaghan Ireland) *

Clouds (Herefordshire, UK) *

Crazies Hill (Reading, Wokingham UK) * with a Crazies .Hill Primary

Coal Harbour (Northumberland, UK) * miles from the sea

Coaltown of Burnturk (Fife, Scotland)

Cock Alley (Calow, UK) *

Cock & Bell Lane (Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK) * . a road worth a mention

Cock Bridge (Hope, Derbyshire, UK) *

Cock Green (nr Braintree, UK) * I knew they had brains growing there!!

Cock Lane, Tutts Clump (Berkshire, UK) *

Cock Law (Northumberland, UK) *

Cock of Arran (Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK) *

Cock Up Bridge (Wicken Poor's Fen, Cambridgeshire, UK) *

Cock Wash (Sth Australia, Australia) *

Cock-A-Dobby (Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK) * this is a road, but unusual and funny!

Cockaleechie (SA, Australia) * for the business minded - Tena Lady for Men??

Cockburn (South Australia) *

Cocked Hat (Delaware, US) *

Cockermouth (West Lake District, Cumbria. UK)

Cockermouth (Cornwall, UK) *

Cockernhoe (nr Luton, UK) *

Cockfosters (London, UK) *

Cocking (Midhurst, ,West Sussex, UK) *

Cockintake (Staffordshire, UK) *

Cockington (Devon, UK) *

Cockland (Ohio, USA) *

Cocklebiddy (WA, Australia) *

Cocklett (Nth. Yorkshire, UK) *

Cockpit Hill (Derbyshire, UK) *

Cockplay (Northumberland, UK) *

Cockpole Green (near Henley-On-Thames, UK) *

Cocks (Perranporth, Cornwall, UK) *

Cocks Moor Leisure Centre (Birmingham, UK) *

Cocksgag (Ohio, USA) *

Cockshot (Northumberland, UK) * Ouch!

Cockshoot Close (Stonesfield, Witney, Oxfordshire, UK) *

Cockshut Hill School (Birmingham. UK) *

Cockshutt Wood (Sheffield, UK) *

Cocktown (Wexford, Ireland) *

Cockup (Lake District, Cumbria. UK)

Coconuts (Queensland, Australia)

Condon, a pretty little town in south west France

Coffee Pot (NSW, Australia) *

Coffin Rock (St Buryan, Cornwall, UK) *

Coffinswell (Devon, UK) *

Cold Ash (Newbury, Berkshire) *

Coldass Creek (Nth Carolina, US) *

Cold Blow (Pembrokeshire, Wales) *

Cold Christmas (Hertfordshire, UK) *

Coldhome (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Coldsides (Durham, UK) *

Coldwind (Cornwall, UK) *

Colgate (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Come by Chance (Newfoundland) *

Come-to-Good (in the Parish of Feock, Cornwall, UK) *

Conception Junction (Missouri, USA) *

Conception Bay (Newfoundland) *

Condom (Sth. West France) *

Constable Burton (Leyburn, North Yorkshire) * ello, ello, ello

Coon Valley (Wisconsin, USA) *

Cooter (Missouri, USA) *

Corny (by the Meuse River, near the Belgian border, France) *

Corsehouse (Ayrshire, Scotland) *

Cost-Is-Lost (Cornwall, UK) *

Coulterfanny (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Cow Head (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) *

Cow Roast (Herefordshire, UK) *

Cow-y-Jack (Cornwall, UK) *

Cowards (Hertfordshire, UK) *

Cowbit (Lincolnshire, UK) * ouch

Cowfold (Sussex, UK)*

Cowgill (Cumbria, UK)*

Cowley Peachy (Hillingdon, London, UK)*

Cowpen (Northumberland, UK) *

Coxsackie (New York, US) *

Crab Orchard (Tennessee, US) *

Crackenback (NSW, Australia) *

Crackington Haven (Cornwall, UK) *

Crackpot (North Yorkshire, UK) *

Crappo (Maryland, USA) *

Crapstone (Devon, UK) * different to a gallstone

Cream (Wisconsin, USA) *

Crimp (Cornwall, UK) *

Cripplesease (Cornwall, UK) *

Crooked Oak (Durham, UK)*

Crooklets Beach (Cornwall, UK) * the opposite to Police Academy, maybe?

Cross O' Th' Hands (Derbyshire, UK) *

Crotch Lake (Ontario, Canada) *

Crotch Crescent (Marston, Oxford, UK) *

Crow’s Nest (Cornwall, UK) *

Crown King (Arizona, US) *

Cuckoo's Corner (Hampshire, UK) *

Cucumber (West Virginia) *

Cum (Co Mayo, Eire) *

Cumming (GA. USA) *

Cunt (Spain)

Cunter (Switzerland)

Cury (Cornwall, UK) *

Cut & Shoot (Texas, US) *

Cutcare (Cornwall, UK) *

Crackpot is a village in Swaledale, Yorkshire, England. Crackpot cave contains a fine example of a column - where a stalactite has joined up with its stalagmite

Damboring Rocks (Western Australia) *

Dandy Cock Inn (Disley, UK) *

Dangerous Corner (Yorkshire, UK) *

Dead Bastard Peak (Wyoming, US) *

Dead Man's Flats (Alberta, Canada) *

Deans Bottom (Kent, UK) *

Death Valley (CA ,USA) *

Deepsick Lane (Calow, Derbyshire, UK) *

Defiance (Ohio) *

Delicate Nobby (NSW, Australia) *

Delhi pronounced Del-High (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Deputy Row (Northumberland, UK) *

Devils Dyke (Kent, UK) *

Devil's Dyke (West Sussex, UK) *

Devils Elbow (Nth Carolina, US) *

Devil’s Jump (Cornwall, UK) *

Devil's Lapful (Northumberland, UK) *

Devil's Marbles (Conservation area, Nth Terr, Australia) *

Devizes (Wiltshire, UK) *

Diapur (Victoria, Australia) *

Dick Court (Lanarkshire, Scotland) *

Dick Place is intersected by Cumin Place and Findhorn Place (Edinburgh, Scotland) *

Dickeyville (Wisconsin, USA) *

Dikshit (India)

Dildo (Trinity Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)

Dime Box (Lee County, Texas, USA) *

Dimple (Derbyshire, UK) *

Ding Dong (Texas, USA) *

Dirt Pot (Northumberland, UK) *

Dirty Devil River (Sth. Utah, feeds into the Colorado River, US)*

Dirty Gutter (Staffordshire, UK) *

Dismal Swamp (Queensland, Australia) *

Diss (Norfolk, UK) *

Dog & Gun (a village, Lancashire, UK)*

Dog Hill (Oldham, UK)*

Dog Village (Devon, UK)*

Dogdyke (Lincolnshire, UK)* ugly lesbian?

Dog's Nest (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Dollarbeg (Clackmannanshire, Scotland) *

Dollarfields (Clackmananshire, Scotland) *

Dong Rack (Thailand-Cambodia border)

Dongo (Congo - Democratic Republic)

Donkey Street (Kent, UK) * not a street, a hamlet

Donkey Town (Surrey, UK) * not a town, a village

Doomore (County Sligo, Ireland) *

Doomsday Green (Sussex, UK) *

Dorking (Surrey, UK) *

Downer (Minnesota, US) *

Drain (Oregon, US) *

Dresser (Wisconsin, USA) *

Drift (Cornwall, UK) *

Drinkstone (Suffolk, UK) * only if it is Stone's ginger beer

Droop (West Virginia, US) *

Drybrook (Gloucestershire, UK) *

Dry Doddington (Lincolnshire, UK) * a village with no pub!

Duck End (Essex, UK) *

Due West (South Carolina, USA) *

Duff (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Duffstown (Co Antrim, Ireland) * where Homer's beer comes from?

Dull (Perthshire, Scotland) *

Dumb Hope (Northumberland, UK) *

Dumbog (a Parish in Fife, Scotland) *

Dumfries (Virginia, Manassas) *

Dunnose (Hampshire, UK) *

Dunnville (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Dunedoo pronounced Dunnydoo (NSW, Australia) *

Dunvegan (Inverness-shire, Scotland) * now just a veggie

Dyckman Street (New York City, US) * thought that was an oxymoron!

Dyckesville (Wisconsin, USA) *

Fucking is a p
retty village nr Salzburg, on the Austrian/German border.
Could put "gone" at the top of this sign.
Funny 'Fucking' newspaper article at the end of this page!!

Earth (Lamb County, Texas, USA) * ??? the only Earth on Earth ???.

East Breast (Inverclyde, Scotland)

Easter Bogs (Banffshire, Scotland) * I can't wait that long

Effin (Limerick, Ireland)

Egg Harbor (Wisconsin, USA) *

Eggs and Bacon Bay (Sth. of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) * get good brekkies here

Egypt (Hamps, UK) *

Eighty-Four (Pennsylvania, USA) *

Elbow (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Elbow (Northamptonshire, UK) *

Elephant Butte (New Mexico, USA) *

Elmers End (London, England) *

Embarrass (nr. Wisconsin, USA) *

Enigma (Berrien County, GA, USA) *

Erect (NC, USA) *

Erewhon (Wanganui-Manawatu, New Zealand) * nearly nowhere backwards!!

Eureka (Wisconsin, USA) *

Exile (Wisconsin, USA) *

Eye (Suffolk, UK) *

Eyebrow (Saskatchewan) *

Fuxingmen Station is an interchange station on Line 1 and Line 2 of the Beijing Subway.
Fuxingmen means "Gate of Revival".

Fagg (Montgomery County, Virginia, US) *

Faggot (Northumberland, UK) *

Fair Play (Wisconsin, USA) *

Fan-Y-Big (Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK) *

Fannie Bay (near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia) *

Fanny Barks (Durham, UK) *

Fanny Hands Lane (Ludford, Lincolnshire, UK) * (yes this is a road, but worth a mention!!)

Fanny Shoal (Farallon Islands, off the coast of San Francisco, CA, US) *

Fannyfield (Ross and Cromarty, UK) *

Far Forest (Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK) *

Farleigh Wallop (Hampshire, UK) *

Farmers (Llanwrda, Dyfed, Wales) *

Fattiehead (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Featherbed Rocks (Durham, UK) *

Fence (Wisconsin, USA) * Al's favourite town?

Fertile (Minnesota, US) *

Fertile (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Fiddlers Elbow (Cornwall, UK) *

Fiddlers Folly (Colchester, UK) *

Findlater (Saskatchewan) *

Fingringhoe (Essex, UK) * they have a Whalebone!

Fisherville (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Flash Bottom (Staffordshire, UK) *

Flash Head (Staffordshire, UK) *

Flashader (Inverness-shire)

Flasher (North Dakota, US) *

Flat Cat Canyon (San Diego County, California) *

Flat Lick (Kentucky, US) *

Fleatown (Ohio, US) *

Fleming (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Flesh Shank (Northumberland, UK) *

Flintstone (Walker County, Georgia, USA) *

Flippin (Arkansas, US) *

Floss (Arizona, US) *

Floyds Knobs (Indiana, US) *

Flushing (Nr Penryn, Cornwall) *

Fockbury in the Parish of Catshill (Worcestershire, UK) *

Foggy Bottom (Washington, D.C)* "Foggy Bottom" is often used as a metonym for the United States Department of State, whose headquarters is located in the neighborhood.

Folly Gate (Devon, UK) *

Forget (Saskatchewan) *

Fort Gay (West Virginia, US) *

Fort Whoop-Up (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) *

Foul Anchor (Cambs, UK) * 70 miles from the sea? or has their butter churdled

Foul Bay (Sth Australia, Australia) *

Foulness Island (Essex, UK) * bordered on the north by the river Crouch.

Fountain City (Wisconsin, USA) * they like to make a big slash of things here.

Four Forks (Somerset, UK) *

Four Foot (Somerset, UK) *

Four Gotes (Cambridgeshire, UK) * they can't spell in Cambridgeshire

Four Throws (Kent, UK) *

Foxhole (Gower Peninsula, Sth Wales UK) *

French Lick (Orange County, Indiana) *

Frisby On The Wreake (Leics, UK) *

Frog Station (Wisconsin, USA) *

Frog Suck (Wyoming, US) *

Frognot (Texas, USA) *

Frogpool (Cornwall, UK) *

Frolic (Northumberland, UK) *

Frost (Devon, UK) *

Fruitfall Cove (Cornwall, UK) *

Fryup (North Yorkshire, UK) *

Fucking, (Austria) *

Fucu (Mozambique) *

Fuku (Shensi, China)

Fukue (Honshu, Japan)

Fukui (Honshu, Japan)

Fukum (Yemen)

Fukumama (Fukuoka, Japan) *

Fulking Hill (West Sussex, UK) *

Furhouse (Cornwall, UK) *

Fuxingmen (Beijing, China) * Fuxingmen means "Gate of Revival".

Golden Balls Roundabout, at a little hamblet, Oxfordshire, UK

Gad (Wisconsin, USA) *

Gale (Lancs, UK) *

Gallows Inn (a village in Derbyshire, UK) *

Galong (NSW, Australia) * pronounced Gaylong

Garfield (Wisconsin, USA) * so full of cats

Gay (Meriwether County, GA, US)*

Gay (Michigan, US) *

Gay (West Virginia. US) *

Gay Head (Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts) *

Gay Street (Sussex, UK) *

Gay Town (Co Donegal, Ireland) *

Gays Hill (Cornwall, UK) *

Gays Mills (Wisconsin, USA) * they actually make them in this town?

Gaysport (Ohio, USA) *

George (Washington, US) *

Gets (Alpine town, France) *

Ghost Town (California, USA) *

Giggleswick (Staincliffe, Nth. Yorkshire, UK) *

Gin Gin (QLD, Australia) * and t-t t-tonic

Glasscock (Texas, USA) *

Gobblers Knob (PA, US) *

Godolphin Cross (Cornwall, UK) *

God’s Blessing Green (Dorset, UK) *

Golden Balls (Oxfordshire, UK) *

Goldhill (Durham, UK)*

Goobertown (Arizona, US) *

Goobies (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) *

Good Easter (Essex, UK) *

Goon Gumpas (Cornwall, UK) *

Goonoo Goonoo (NSW, Australia) *

Goonpiper (Nr Falmouth, Cornwall, UK) *

Gooseham (Cornwall, UK) *

Goose Pimple Junction (VA, USA) *

Goosey (Oxfords, UK) *

Goring-by-Sea (Sussex, UK)* no white horses in their waves , no they have bulls! ~ surf if you dare

Grong Grong (NSW, Australia) *

Groswater Bay (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) *

Gotham (Nottinghamshire, UK) * it is best know for the villagers feigning madness in order to avoid a Royal Highway being built through the village, as they would then be expected to build and maintain this route. Madness was believed at the time to be highly contagious, and when King John's knights saw the villagers fishing for the moon in village pond and putting a fence round a tree to keep the cuckoo in, the knights swiftly withdrew and the King's road was re-routed to avoid the village.

Grandpa's Knob (Rutland, Vermaont, USA) *

Grannys Gut (Tasmania, Australia) *

Gravelly Bottom Road (nr Langley Heath, Kent, UK) *

Greasy Creek (town in Kentucky, USA) *

Great Butts (Sussex, UK) * maybe worth a visit

Great Cockup & Little Cockup (2 hills in The Lake District, UK)

Great Cozens (Hertfordshire, UK) * kissing ones?

Great Horwood (Bucks, UK) *

Great Snoring and a Little Snoring (Norfolk, UK) *

Great Rollright (Oxfordshire, UK) *

Greystones (Durham, UK) * me Tarzan!

Greystones (Sheffield, UK) * me Jane!

Greenhead (Durham, UK) * I'm from Mars!

Green Bottom (Cornwall, UK) * and I am worried!

Green Gutter Head (Staffordshire, UK) *

Greensplat (Cornwall, UK) *

Groptitz (Germany) *

Grumbla (Cornwall, UK) *

Gum (West Virginia, US) *

Gummow,s Shop (Cornwall, UK) * a hamlet

Gun Barrel City (Henderson Co., Texas, USA) *

Gurney Slade (Avon, UK) *

Guy's Forest (Victoria, Australia) *

Hell is a tourist village on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean named after the Lava Rock Formations. Years ago a Dignitary from another country came to visit the Grand Cayman Islands, saw these wierd formations, said they looked like Hell and the name stuck.

Hackballscross (Dundalk, Ireland) *

Hagdon (Northumberland) *

Hagersville (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Hairy Hill (Alberta, Canada) *

Ham, near Sandwich (Kent, UK) *

Hamlets (Middlesex, London, UK)*

Hampton Gay (Oxfordshire, UK) *

Happy Jack (Arizona, US) *

Happy Valley-Goose Bay (Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada) *

Hare Law (Durham, UK) * wonder if they have the same ways as rabbits

Hardbedlam (Aberdeenshire,Scotland) *

Hardhorn (Lancs, UK) *

Hardscrabble (Delaware, USA) *

Hawsker-cum-Stainsacre (Scarborough, Nth Yorkshire, UK) *

Hay Creek (Wisconsin, USA) *

Hay Stack Corner (Wisconsin, USA) *

Hay Street Hockers (a legalised sex business on Hay St, Kalgoorlie, Australia)

Head Butts (Western Australia) *

Head Of Grassy (Kentucky) *

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump (Alberta, Canada) *

Headroom (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Hearts Delight (Kent, UK) *

Heatherslaw (Northumberland, UK) *

Heavens Door (Somerset, UK) *

Hell (Cayman Islands) *

Hell (Michigan, US)* The residents here had a huge celebration on the date 06/06/06

Hell (Norway)* The name Hell stems from the Old Norse word hellir, which means "overhang", "cliff cave". The Norwegian word 'hell' can also mean "luck". The Norwegian word for hell is "helvete", and there are several places in Norway with that name as well. A yearly blues festival, the Hell Blues Festival, takes place in the area around Hell each year. The festival changed its name to Hell Music Festival in 2006.

Hell (Texas)*

Hell Fer Sertain (Leslie County, Kentucky, US)* forget the ones above & below ... this place is proper hell !

Hell Gate (East River, Manhattan/Queens, New York, US) *

Hellhole Canyon (San Diego County, California) *

Hell's Beach (Vik, Iceland) *

Hell's Mouth (nr Abersoch, Wales) *

Helstone (Cornwall, UK) *

Herpes (village in France) *

Herodsfoot (Cornwall, UK) *

Herringfleet (Suffolk, UK) *

Hetton-le-Hole (Co. Durham, UK) *

Hicksville (New York, USA) *

Hicksville (Ohio, USA) *

High Cold Knott (Durham, UK) *

High Easter (Essex, UK) *

High Ham (Somerset, UK) *

High Point, Climax, With Intercourse (3 neighbouring US towns, PA) *

Higher Sharpnose Point (Morwenstow, Cornwall, UK) *

Hill of Petty (Aberdeenshire)*

Hillo’ManyStanes (Scotland, UK) *

Hoey (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Hogeye (Texas, USA) *

Hoggie (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Hogsty End (Buckinghamshire, UK) * sadly, now renamed Woburn Sands

Hole Bottom (Yorkshire, UK) *

Holly Bush (Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK) *

Hollybush (Ayr, Scotland) *

Hollywood (Birmingham, UK)

Holywell (Cornwall, UK) * is that where holy water comes from?

Homerville (Georga, US) * Derrr

Hominy Falls (West Virginia, US) *

Honeybarrel (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) * favourite destination of Pooh Bear

Hoo (Rochester, Ken. UK) *

Hook (Swindon, Wiltshire; Goole, Yorkshire; and a 3rd in Basingstoke, Hampshire all in UK) * Ah ... but which one is the Captain

Hookersville (West Virginia, US) *

Hoot and Holler Crossing (Texas, USA) *

Hope (Derbyshire, UK; also Co Durham, UK; Northumberland, UK; Wrexham, Clwyd; and yet another, a 5th one in Kingsbridge, Devon, UK) *

Hope Point (Greenland)

Hopeulikit (Bulloch County, Georgia, USA) *

Hopton Wafers (Shrops, UK) *

Hor Point (Cornwall, UK) *

Hornepayne (Northern Ontario, Canada) *

Horneyman (Kent, UK) *

Hornyold Road (Malvern Wells, UK) *

Hornytown (North Carolina, USA) *

Horrible Gap (QLD, Australia) *

Horse and Jockey (County Tipperary, Ireland) * a village not the pub

Horsehay (Shropshire, UK)*

Horseheads (Chemung County, New York, USA) *

Horsehouse (Yorkshire, UK)*

Horwood (Devon, UK) *

Horwood Riding (Gloucestershire, UK) *

Howl John (Durham, UK) *

Howlong (NSW, Australia) *

Hucking (Nr.Sittingbourne, Kent, UK) *

Humptulips, (Washington, USA) *

Humpy Creek (Kachemak Bay, Alaska, US) *

Humpty Doo (near Darwin, Northern Terroitory, Australia) *

Hundred of Willey (northwest corner of Bedfordshire, UK) *

Hungry Bentley (Derbyshire, UK) * I thought they were thirsty

Hungry Mother State Park (S.W.Virginia, US) * within this park there is a place called Hemlock Haven, which brings into mind black widow spiders.

Hurricane (Wisconsin, USA) *

Hustler (Wisconsin, USA) *

The country store in the town of Hell, Michigan, US

Imalone (Wisconsin, USA) * sounds more Yorkshire than American!

Inchbare (Angus, uk)*

Inchmore (Aberdeenshire) *

Indented Head (Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong, Australia) *

Infinite Loop (Cupertino, CA, USA) *

Inkpen (Berkshire, UK) *

Innaloo (Western Australia) *

Institute (Wisconsin, USA) *

Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA)

Intercourse Island, West Intercourse Island, East Intercourse Island, Middle Intercourse Island, West Mid Intercourse Island, East Mid Intercourse Island (a group of islands which lie off the coast of Western Australia) * .... WOW!!! it makes you wonder about these Aussies!!!

Iron Knob (SA, Australia) Hey... you'll need one if you go visiting those Islands on your western shores!!

Isle of Dogs (an island in the Thames at Tower, UK)*

Itzehoe (Steinburg, Germany) *

South of the city of Kennewick in southeastern Washington lies a
gentle hill called 'Jump Off Joe Butte'. Being the highest point in that area,
it is the site of numerous communications towers and wind turbines.

Jabiru (pronouned Jab-a-roo; Northern Territory, Australia) *

Jacks Bush (Hampshire, UK) *

Jack's Hatch (Essex, UK) *

Jam (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Jim Thorpe (formerly Monkchunk, Pennsylvania, USA) *

Job's Tenement (Cornwall, UK) *

Joe Batt's Arm (Newfoundland, Fogo Is, Canada) *

John Butte Road (near Bluewell/Bluefield, West Virginia) *

Johnnycake (West Virginia, USA) *

Jolly's Bottom (Cornwall, UK) *

Jump (West Riding, Yorks, UK) *

Jump Off Joe Butte (Washington, USA) *

Jump River (Wisconsin, USA) * A pity Running Bear didn't.

Lord Hereford's Knob, Fan-y-Big is close by!! (also a mountain)

Keith Inch (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Kickapoo (many states, USA) * there is a Kickapoo in Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Missouri; there is also a carbonated soft drink, Kickapoo Joy Juice (The Kickapoo people, are a Native American nation) .... BUT... you are meant to play soccer with a ball.

Kidlaw (Northumberland, UK) *

Kilbride (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) *

Kill (Co Kildare, Ireland) *

Killiecrankie (Perthshire, Scotland) *

Killin (Perthshire, Scotland) *

Kilmany (Fife, Scotland) *

Kinbog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) a place, not a piece of soggy ground

Kinki Cemetry (NSW, Australia) *

Kingskettle (Fife, Scotland) *

Kinmount (in Ontario, Canada) *

Kirktown of Deskford (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Kiss Me Arse Steps (Lansallos, Cornwall, UK) *

Kissimmee (Florida, US) *

Kissing (Germany) *

Knave-Go-By (Cornwall, UK) *

Kneesworth (Cambs, UK) *

Knob Lick (Kentucky, USA) *

Knob Lick (Missouri, USA) *

Knob Noster (Missouri, USA) *

Knockancurin (Ross and Cromerty, UK) *

Knockbog (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Knockdown (Wiltshire, UK) *

Knockemstiff (Ross County, Ohio, US) * named such, because of the moonshine makers there, powerful stuff, it really did knocked them stiff, it is now a ghost town.

Knockerdown (Derbyshire, UK) *

Knockglass (Caithness, Scotland) *

Knockin (Shrops, UK) *

Knocksoul (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Knott (Inverness-shire, Scotland) *

Knott End-on-Sea (Lancashire, UK) *

Knotty Ash (Liverpool, UK) *

Knotty Corner (Devon, UK) *

Koolyanobbing (Western Australia) *

Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayutthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udom Ratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Phiman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanu Kamprasit (Thailand) *
translates: "The city of angels, the great city, the eternal jewel city, the impregnable city of God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, the happy city, abounding in an enormous Royal Palace that resembles the heavenly abode where reigns the reincarnated god, a city given by Indra and built by Vishnukam" ~ to us, Bangkok, (banghead after all that!!) NOT in common use anymore, so not recognised as the longest name in Guin.B.R.

Kunting (The Gambia, Africa) *

The old warehouse at Hell Station, Norway, with the sign "Gods-expedition", an old spelling of the Norwegian word for cargo handling office, "godsekspedisjon" would be the current spelling.

La Butte es Gros (Normandy, France) *

Lac La Biche (Alberta, Canada) *

Lady (Orkney, Scotland) *

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg (Massachusetts,US) *
translates in local Indian language: Englishmen at Manchaug at the Fishing Place at the Boundary

Lake Minnewanka (Canada) *

Lake Muck (NSW, Australia) *

Lake Poopo (Peru / Bolivia) *

Lake Titicaca flows into Lake Poopo (Peru / Bolivia) *

Land of Nod (East Riding of Yorkshire, UK) *

Landewednack (Cornwall, UK) *

Lark Hill (but not a hill, Lancashire, UK) *

Leatherhead (Surrey, UK) *

Left Hand (West Virginia, USA) *

Lego (West Virginia, USA) *

Letch Lane (Bourton-on-the-Water, The Cotswolds, UK) *

Libanus (Breconshire, UK) *

Liberty Pole (Wisconsin, USA) *

Lick Creek (town in West Virginia, USA) *

Lickar Moor (Northumberland, UK) *

Lickfold (West Sussex, England)

Lickey End (Worcestershire, UK)

Licking (between Anutt and Success, Missouri, US) *

Licking Place (NSW, Australia) *

Linch (Sussex, UK) *

Little Beside (St. Day, Redruth, Cornwall, UK) *

Little Dix Village (West Indies)

Little Hell Bay (Tasmania, Australia) *

Little Horwood (Bucks, UK) *

Little Mountain (Flintshire, Wales) *

Little Snoring and also Great Snoring (Norfolk, UK) *

Little Sodbury, Chipping Sodbury, Old Sodbury (Glouc, UK) *

Little Spott (East Lothian, Scotland) *

Little Stinking Lagoon (Northern Territory, Australia) *

Little Tongues (Lancashire, UK) *

Little Town (Cumbria, UK) *

Little Wratting (Suffolk, UK) *

Littlehampton (Sussex, UK) * hampton is short for the cockney rhyming slang 'Hampton Wick' meaning prick (or even penis), UK has a lot of hamptons including a Southampton and a Northampton.

Littlehillie (Aberdeenshire) *

Lizard Lick (North Carolina, USA) *

Lizard Town (Cornwall, UK) * a village

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (Wales, uk) *
Translation: "The church of St. Mary in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St. Tysilio's of the red cave."

Lob's Hole Ravine (Snowy Mtns. Australia) *

Lobb's Shop (St Austell, Cornwall, UK) *

Loanhead (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)* sometimes I think mine is on permenant loan

London Apprentice (St Austell, Cornwall, UK) *

Lochbuy (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Loinveg (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) * as good as meat and 2 veg

Long BentonLong (Newcastle UK) *

Long Dong (Guangxi, China) *

Long Point (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Longbottom Lane runs from Whipass Hill .. (Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK) *

Longdyke (Northumberland, UK) * tall lesbian ?

Longpole, West Virginia, USA) *

Loo (Estonia) *

Looe (Cornwall, UK) *

Looneyville (West Virginia and Texas, US) *

Loose (near Maidstone, UK) * with it's famed Loose Women's Institute!

Lord Berkeley's Knob (Sutherland, Scotland)

Lord Hereford's Knob (near Hay-on-Wye, UK) *

Lost (Aberdeenshire, Scotland, uk) *

Love (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Love Canal (New York, United States)*

Loveladies (NJ. US) *

Lovejoy (GA. USA) *

Lovelock (Nevada, US) *

Lovely Bottom (Tasmania, Australia) *

Lover, near Sandy Balls (New Forest, UK) *

Lovesome Hill (North Riding, Yorkshire, UK) * not a hill

Lowbanks - the home of Sandy Shoe Trailer Park (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Lower Balls Falls (Twentymile Creek, Ontario, Canada) *

Lower Down (Shrops, UK) *

Lower Fattahead (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Lower Piddle on the Marsh (Gloucestershire, UK) *

Lower Sharpnose Point (Kilkhampton, Cornwall, UK) *

Lower Slaughter & Upper Slaughter (Cotswolds, UK) *

Lower Swell with its Golden Balls Inn on the banks of River Dikler (Gloucestershire, UK) *

Loyalsockville (PA, USA) *

Luke's Shop (Cornwall, UK) * a hamlet, not a shop

Lusty Glaze Beach (Newquay, Cornwall, UK)

Dildo (Newfoundland, Canada)
Dildo is a small seaside town in Newfoundland, Canada

Ma-Me-O Beach (Alberta, Canada) *

Mackeys Spur (Wisconsin, USA) *

Mad Point (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) *

Maiden Rock (Pierce County, Wisconsin, US) * named after a cliff ("Maiden Rock") just south of the village. In the Princess Winona legend, the daughter of Dakota Indian Chief Red Wing (for whom the nearby town of Red Wing, Minnesota is named) jumped from this cliff after her lover, a member of the rival Chippewa tribe, who was killed by Dakota warriors under orders from Red Wing. A plaque still stands near the base of the cliff, memorializing the village's namesake.

Maidenhead (UK) *

Maggie's Nipples (Wyoming, US) *

Make Me Rich & Makemerich (Two different hamlets in Northumberland, UK) *

Mamshit (Israel) * ancient Nabatean city which was an important station on the Incense Trade Route of Antiquity.

Manassas (Virginia, US) *

Many Farms (Arizona, US) *

Mammoth (Arizona, US) *

Marblehead (Boston, US) *

Mark Cross (Crowborough, East Sussex. UK) *

Marrowbone (Kentucky, USA) *

Martin (Hampshire, & one in Lincolnshire, UK) *

Martin Dales (Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire) *

Matching Tye near Matching Green (Essex, UK) * There is a Faggotters Lane running past the village too!!

Mavis Enderby (Lincolnshire Wolds, UK) * who are these Lincolnshire people!!!

Maxim (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Mabe Burnthouse (Nr Falmouth, Cornwall, UK) *

Meanus pronounced mee anus (Co Kerry, Eire) *

Meeteesee (Wyoming, US) *

Meetoos (Saskatchewan) *

Meeteetse (Wyoming, US) *

Merry Meeting (Cornwall, UK) *

Mianus, (Ct. USA.) *

Miassole (Le Vigan, France) *

Mid Yell (Shetland, Scotland) *

Middle Intercourse Island (Australia)

Middle Wallop (Hampshire, UK) *

photo with courtesy of Jaye Caulfield - Thankyou!

Middlesex (UK & US) *

Midge Hole (Calder Valley, UK) *

Minge Lane (Upton-On-Severn, Worcs, UK) *

Misery (near Fountainbleau, France) *

Misery Mountain (NSW, Australia) *

Mockbeggar (Kent, UK) *

Mockbeggar (Hampshire, UK) *

Mockbeggar Plantation (Bonavista, Newfoundland) *

Moggerhanger (Bedfordshire, UK) *

Money Hill (Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, UK)*

Monkey's Eyebrow (Kentucky) *

Monster (South Holland, The Netherlands) *

Monemore (Perthshire, Scotland) *

Moneyacres (Ayrshire, Scotland) *

Moneydie (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Moneydie (Perthshire, Scotland) *

Moo Cow Road (near Bluewell, West Virginia, US) *

Moon Valley (Wisconsin, USA) *

Moonies Hill (WA, Australia) * do they really go there!!

Moose Factory (Moose Factory Island, Ontario, Canada) * It is the site of the Cree Village and was first English speaking settlement in Ontario.

Moose Junction (Wisconsin, USA) *

Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Morehead City (NC, USA) *

Moreheadville (Pennsylvania USA) *

Mouldy Hole Bay (Tasmania, Australia) *

Mound (Minnesota, US) *

Miassole, Le Vigan, in the South of France

Mount Buggery (Victoria, Australia) *

Mountgerald (Ross and Cromarty, UK) *

Mountjoy (Cornwall, UK) * what does Joy have to say about it?

Mount Mee (Qld., Australia)

Mount Ringwood (NT, Australia, SE of Darwin)*

Mount Titlis (Switzerland) *

Mount Tom Price (town in WA, Australia) *

Mount Willey (New Hampshire, USA) *

Mountain (Northumberland, UK)*

Mountain Air (Monmouthshire, UK) *

Mountain Ash (Glamorgan, UK) *

Mousehole (Cornwall, UK) *

Mozart (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Much Haddam (Hertfordshire, UK) *

Muckle Flugga (Shetland Isles, UK) uninhabited island with lighthouse, situated one mile off the coast of Unst; this is the most northerly point in the United Kingdom.

Mudd (Cheshire, UK) *

Muff (County Donegal, Ireland)

Muggleswick (Durham, UK) *

Muleshoe (Texas, USA) *

Murdering Creek (Queensland, Australia) *

Mush Island (Nth Carolina, US) *

Mytholmroyd (West Yorkshire, UK) *

Famous singpost inKent, UK~ thanks to Katherine for the photo.
Famous old "Ham Sandwich" signpost in Kent, UK

Nancy (France) *

Nanfan (Cornwall, UK) * proud of your granny?

Nasty (near Stevenage, Herts, UK) *

Nempnett Thrubwell (Somerset, UK) *

Neptune (Wisconsin, USA) *

Nether Pratis (Fife, Scotland) *

Nether Wallop (Hampshire UK) *

New Diggings (Wisconsin, USA) *

New Invention (Cornwall, Shropshire & in Staffordshire, UK) *

Newbiggin (Northumberland UK) *

Nine Maidens (Cornwall, UK) *

Nirvanna (Michigan, US) *

No Name Street (Rohnert Park, California) *

No Place (Co Durham UK) *

Noah’s Ark (Hertfordshire, UK) *

Nob End (South Lancashire, UK) *

Nobber (County Meath, Ireland)

Nobs Crook (Hampshire, UK) *

Nomansland (Devonshire, UK) *

Nomansland (Herts, UK) * a 15th century common steeped in violent history of disputes, battles, murders and ambushes, ironically this was where the "Wicked Lady", a highwaywoman, (said to be Lady Katherine Ferrers) terrorized travellers, and hold up, mainly the men of wealth.

Nomansland (Wilts, UK) *

Normal (Illinois, USA) *

Normal (West Virginia, US) *

North and South Drumboy (Ayrshire, Scotland) *

North Bitchburn (County Durham, UK) *

North Piddle (Hereford & Worcester, UK) *

Northeast (Pennsylvania, USA) *

Norton Disney (Lincolnshire, UK) * the ancestral home of the Disney family which spawned Walt.

Noses Point (Durham, UK) *

Nothing (Arizona, USA) *

Notrees (Texas, USA) *

Nowhere Else (Tasmania, Australia) *

Nowheres (Western Australia) *

Noxapater (Mississippi, US) *

Nut Mountain (Saskatchewan) *

Nutterville (Wisconsin, US) *

Pity Me is a place near Durham, north of England, UK

Oblong (Illinois, US) * the village was once noted for the newspaper headline, "Oblong Girl Marries Normal Man."

Ocean Shores (Grays Harbor County, Washington, US) *

Oconomowoc (Wisconsin, US) * every other letter is an O

Odd (West Virginia, US) *

Odness (Orkney Islands, Scotland) *

Offton (Suffolk, UK) *

Oggal (County Cavan, Eire)*

Ogle (Northumberland, UK) *

Ogmore-by-Sea (Bro Morgannwg / Vale Of Glamorgan, Wales) *

Oich (Highlands, Scotland) *

Old and New Leake (Lancs, UK) *

Old Dailly (Ayrshire, Scotland) *

Old Shop (Cornwall, UK) *

Old Swan (Liverpool, UK) *

Old Wives (Saskatchewan) *

Old Wives Lees (Kent, UK) *

Oldwhat (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Onacock (Virginia, USA) *

Once Brewed & Twice Brewed (both near Corbridge, UK) *

Onehouse (Suffolk, UK) *

Ones Acre (West Riding Yorkshire, UK) *

Onthank (Ayrshire, Scotland)*

Onoway (Alberta, Canada) *

Ooze Lake (Tasmania, Australia) *

Osgodby (East Riding, Yorks)*

Ouagadougou pronounced Wagga-doogoo (Burkina Faso in West Africa)*

Ouse (Tasmania, Australia) * pronounced “ooze”

Ouse Washes (the Fens, Cambridgeshire/Norfolk, UK) * pronounced “ooze”

Ovens (County Cork, Eire) *

Over Peover (Cheshire, UK) *

Over Windyhills (Banffshire) *

Over Wallop (Hampshire, UK) *

Owlswick (Buckinghamshire) *

The beautiful Country pub, The Lickfold Inn at Lickfold.
The Lickfold Inn at Lickfold, a hamblet in Sussex, UK

Panic (Pennsylvania, US) *

Pantycacklode (Monmouthshire, UK) * found on a 1881 census for the Shirenewton area of Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

Paradise (Michigan, US) *

Paradise (Tasmania, Australia) *

Partridge Nest (Northumberland, UK) *

Paw Paw (Illinois, US) *

Peasedown St. John (Somerset, UK) *

Pecker's Point (Newfoundland, Canada)

Peculiar (Missouri, US) * The town motto is "Where the 'odds' are with you"

Pee Pee in Pike County (Ohio) *

Peep O'Sea (Northumberland, UK)*

Peniscola (Spain) *

Penisarwaen (village in Gwynedd, UK) *

Penistone (Sth Yorkshire, UK) *

Penny (B.C., Canada) *

Pennycomequick (Devon, UK) *

Peover Heath (Cheshire, UK)*

Peppermoor (near Cullernose, Northumberland, UK) *

Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania, US) * Indian origin "Where the cranberries grow"

Petawawa (Ontario, Canada) *

Pett Bottom (Kent, UK) *

Petting (Germany) *

Petty (Aberdeenshire)*

Phuket (Thailand) * Ph is pronounced F in Thailand

Pick Eyes (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) *

Pickle Street (a town in West Virginia, US) *

Piddle - North (Hereford & Worcester, UK) *

Piddle River (Dorset, UK) *

Piddletrentide (Dorset/Hants, England) *

Piddle - Wyre (Hereford & Worcester, UK) * in Old English Piddle actually means ‘marsh or fen’.

Pidley cum Fenton (Cambs, UK) *

Pig Oak (Dorset, UK)*

Pigüé pronounced Pee Where (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina)*

Piles (Costa Blanca, Spain ) *

Pilot Butte (Saskatchewan) *

Pilot Knob (Missouri, US) *

Pimple (Queensland, Australia) *

Pinch (West Virginia, US) *

Pinchgut Island (Sydney, NSW, Australia) * old colonial Jail like a small version of Alcatraz

Pincushion (Durham, UK) *

Pink Green (Worcestershire, UK) * they should call it shitty brown!

Pinkie Braes (Midlothian, UK) *

Pis Pis River (Nicaragua) *

Pishill (near Reading, UK) *

Piskies Cove (Cornwall, UK) *

Piss Pot Island (island on the South Branch Potomac River, West VA, US)*

Pisses (Greek island of Kea)*

Pisser Clough (Calderdale, West Yorkshire, UK) *

Pisspot Creek (Tasmania, Australia) *

Pissy (Picardy, France) *

Pitcox (East Lothian, Scotland) *

Pitfancy (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Pitscaff (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Pity Me (Co Durham UK) *

Pityme (Cornwall, UK) *

Placentia (Newfoundland, Canada) *

Playing Place (Truro, Cornwall, UK) *

Plodhill (Aberdeenshire, UK) *

Plugtown (Wisconsin, USA) *

Ponce (Puerto Rico) *

Ponckhockie (Ulster County, NY, USA) *

Pool of Muchart (Perthshire, Scotland) *

Poor Town (North Carolina, USA) *

Poopout Hill, (near Moonridge, CA) *

Poowong (Victoria, Australia) *

Popcorn Corners - (Highway 77, Chequamegon - Nicolet National Forest, WI, USA) *

Porth Joke Beach aka Polly Joke Beach ( Newquay, Cornwall, UK) *

Pound and Beaver (5 miles apart in NE Wisconsin, USA) *

Pound Bank (Worcestershire, UK) * a village, not a bank

Poverty (Kentucky, USA)

Pratts Bottom (Orpington, Kent, UK) *

Premier (West Virginia, USA) *

Prickly Bottom (Tasmania, Australia) * flatlands/plain

Prickwillow (England) *

Prince Albert (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Promised Land (Tasmania, Australia) *

Pu Ping Palace (Doi Suthep, Thailand) *

Pu-Ping River (Chang Mai, Thailand) *

Puddle (Cornwall, UK) *

Puddledock (Norfolk, UK) *

Puddledub (a hamlet, Fife, Scotland) *

Pumkintown (South Carolina, UK) *

Pussy Creak (Ireland) *

Buga Mama Restaurant, Guatemala
Buga Mama, a restaurant in Livingston,
Guatemala, Central America.

Quadring Eaudike (a village, Lincolnshire, UK) *

Quaking Houses (Durham, UK) * on a fault line?

Quality Corner (a village, Cumbria, UK) *

Quarrelton (Renfrewshire, Scotland) *

Quartalehouse (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Queen Camel (nr Yeovil, Somerset, UK) *

Queen's Letch (Northumberland, UK) * I would never have believed it!

Quick (West Riding, Yorkshire, UK) *

Quick (West Virginia, US) *

Quidhampton (Hampshire, UK) *

Quidhampton (Wiltshire, UK) *

Quilquox (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Quilty (Co Clare, Republic of Ireland) *

Quoit (Cornwall, UK) *

Quoyloo (Orkney, Scotland) * where the Quoys have a wee, pee?

Pratts Bottom is a Kentish Village in the UK
Pratts Bottom is a Kentish Village in the UK

Racket, near Peculiar (Missouri, US) *

Racks (Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland) *

Ragged Ass Road (Yellow Knife, NT, Canada) *

Ram Alley (Wiltshire, UK) *

Ramp (West Virginia, USA) *

Ramsbottom (Lancs, UK) *

Rattlesnake Bend (Florida, US) *

Rattlesnake Harbour (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Readymoney (Cornwall, UK) *

Really Rocks (English Channel, nr St Michaels Mount, Cornwall) *

Reklaw (Texas, USA) The town is named after Margaret Walker, who donated the land for the townsite, but a Walker, Texas already existed, so the town simply spelled her name backwards. Similarly, the nearby town of Sacul was also named with a spelling reversal.

Red Rice (Hampshire, UK) *

Red Wing (Minnesota, USA) * named after the great Dakota Indian Chief Red Wing

Rice (Cornwall, UK) *

Rimsting (Germany) *

Ring's End (Cambridgeshire, UK) *

Ripe (Sussex, UK) *

River Peover Eye (Cheshire, UK)*

River Piddle (Dorset, UK) *

Rock (Cornwall, UK) *

Rock (Somerset, UK) *

Rock (Sussex, UK) *

Romance (West Virginia, US) *

Rooty Hill (NSW, Australia) *

Rotten End (Essex, UK) * sounds nasty

Rottendorf (Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany) *

Rough and Ready (Californa, US) *

Row of Trees (Cheshire, UK) *

Ruddy Carr (Durham, UK) * i often say that

Rue de la Biche (Paris, France) *

Rumbling (Perthshire, Scotland) * has a bridge

Rumbling Bridge (Perthshire, Scotland) * has no bridge

Rural (Kentucky, USA) *

Toad Suck Park lies between the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, the pools formed by Toad Suck Ferry, Murray Lock and Dam, and Arthur V. Ormond Lock and Dam, reach 80 miles up the Arkansas River from Little Rock to Dardanelle, Arkansas.

Sacul (Texas, USA) * The founders originally wanted to call the town Lucas after one of the area's principal land owners, but postal officials denied the application because there was already another town in the state with that name. The application was resubmitted with the name Sacul, a backwards spelling of Lucas, and was approved. Similarly, the nearby town of Reklaw was also named with a spelling reversal.

Sally’s Bottom (Cornwall, UK) *

Sandy Balls (New Forest, UK) *

Sandy Bottom (Cornwall, UK) *

Sandy Bottom Park (Virginia, USA) *

Santa Claus (Georgia, USA) *

Satans Kingdom (Vermont, USA) *

Scales Mound (Wisconsin, USA) *

Scarce Grease (Limestone County, Alabama, USA) *

Scraptoft (Inverness-shire, UK) *

Scrapton (Leicestershire, UK) *

Scratch Ankle (Alabama, USA) *

Scratch Arse Ware (Dancing Ledge, Dorset, UK) *

Scratchy Bottom (Dorset, UK) *

Scoutbog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Scowles (Gloustershire, UK) *

Scotland End (Oxfordshire) * around 350 miles from Scotland

Scrubby Bottoms (Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK) *

Seaman (Ohio, USA) *

Seven Kings (Essex, UK) *

Sexbierum (Friesland, The Netherlands) *

Sexburga Drive, Isle of Sheppey, England,
named after St. Sexburga / Queen Sexburga of Kent (died AD 699)

Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines)

Seymen (Turkey)

Shafter (California, USA)

Shag Cove (West Falkland, Falkland Isles) *

Shag Harbour (Nova Scotia) *

Shag Island (Indian Ocean)

Shag Point (South of Moeraki, New Zealand) *

Shaggart (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Shaggie Burn (Perth & Kinross, Scotland) * I wonder if it is famous for carpets?

Shaggs (Dorset, UK) *

Shank of Barry (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Sheepwash (Bedlingtonshire, Northumberland) *

Shelfanger (Norfolk, UK) * DIY problems

Shit (Iran) *

Shitagoo Lake (Quebec, Canada) *

Shitbritches Creek (California, US) *

Shitlingthorpe (Yorkshire, UK)

Shitterton (Dorset, UK) * It means ‘farm at the stream used as a sewer’ from the Old English ‘scitere’ and ‘tun’.

Shittington, (Bedfordshire, UK) *

Shop (Cornwall, UK) *

Short Hazels (Derbyshire, UK) *

Shortall (Texas, USA) *

Show Low (Arizona, US) *

Sint Niklaas (Belgium) *

Simonsbath (Somerset, UK) *

Six Mile Bottom (Cambridge, UK)

Skinners Bottom (Nr Blackwater, Cornwall, UK) *

Skirl Naked (Northumberland, UK) *

Skyfog (Pembrokeshire, Scotland UK) *

Slabtown (Eastiside of Elmira, NY, USA) *

Slackbottom (Yorkshire, UK)

Slackend (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Slapout (Alabama, US) *

Slappers Rock (North Helford, Cornwall, UK) *

Slaughterville (Oklahoma USA) *

Sleepy Eye (Minnesota, US) *

Sleepy Hollow (Illinois, US) *

Slicklizzard (Carbon Hill, Alabama, US) *

Slickpoo (Idaho, US) *

Slip End (Beds, UK) *

Slippery Rock (Pennsylvania, US) *

Sloley (Norfolk, UK)*

Slut (Vasterbotten, Sweden) *

Sluts Hole Lane (Besthorpe, Norfolk, UK) * this was due to a spelling mistake made by late Victorian census takers; maps and census documents held at Norwich's Library prove that it was originally known as Slutch Hole Lane. 'Slutch' is an old English word meaning slushy or muddy.

Slutswell (Gloucestershire, UK) *

Smackover (Arkansas, US) *

Smiley (Saskatchewan) *

Smelley (Alabama, US) *

Smiddyseat (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Smuts (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Snigs End (Gloucs, UK) *

Snods (Durham, UK)*

Snow Hill (Cheshire, UK) *

Snowhope (Co Durham, UK) *

Sober Hill (East Riding, Yorkshire, UK) * a hamlet

Sockburn (Co. Durham, UK) *

Sod (West Virginia, US) *

Soddy-Daisy (Tennessee, US) *

Sodom (Flintshire, Wales, UK) *

Sompting (Sussex, UK) *

Son of A Bitch Spur (Victoria, Australia) *

Soso (Mississippi, US) *

Spanker Knob (Victoria, Australia) *

Speed (Victoria, Australia) *

Spielberg (Black Forest, Germany) * translates Play Mountain, and the Oscar goes to, Steven...... Playmountain.

Spit Junction (NSW, Australia) *

Splatt (Cornwall, UK) *

Spooner (Wisconsin, USA) *

Spread Eagle (Wisconsin, USA) *

Spread Eagle (Newfoundland, Canada) *

Spy law, Spylaw, another Spylaw (Northumberland, UK) * FBI's county!

Staines (UK) *

Standalone (Durham, UK) * billy-no-mates home town?

Start (Devon, UK) *

Startup (Northumberland, UK) *

Starve Acre (near Hawley, south of Blackwater, Berkshire)*

Steeraway (Shropshire, UK)*

Stiffknee Knob (North Carolina, US) *

Stinking Bay (Arkansas, US) *

Stinking Creek (Knox County, Ky. US) *

Stop-and-Call (Pembrokeshire, UK) *

Stoptide (Cornwall, UK) * you can't, King Canute tried and failed

Stow cum Quy (Cambridgeshire, UK) *

Strange Creek (West Virginia, US) *

Street Houses, (Ainsty, Yorkshire) *

Stripeside (Banffshire, UK) *

Sucker River (Saskatchewan) *

Study Butte (Texas, USA) *

Sugar Tit (Kentucky, USA) *

Sugar Tit (South Carolina, USA) *

Sun Rising (Cornwall, UK) *

Sunset (Cornwall, UK) *

Sunset (Herefordshire, UK) *

Superb (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Superior (West Virginia, USA) *

Superior (Wisconsin, USA) *

Surprise (Arizona, US) *

Swastika (Ontario, Canada) *

Sweet Lips (TN, USA) *

Sweets (Cornwall, UK) *

Swilly (Plymouth, Devon, UK) *

This Twatt is a village in Orkney, Scotland, UK.
A twatt is Norse, meaning, a small parcel of land.
The most northernly Twatt in the UK is up in the Shetland Isles.

Tally Ho (Colchester, Essex, UK) *

Takeshita Street (Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan) *

Tampon (Reunion Island, France) *

Tarfat (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Tarts Hill (Flintshire, Wales, UK) *

Tarty (Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK) *

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauotamateturipukakapikimaungahoro-Nukupokaiwhenua kitanatahu (New Zealand) translates as "the place where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climbed and swallowed mountains, known as land-eater, played his flute to his loved one". This is the place name recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as The World's Longest Place Name.

Tarzan ( Texas, USA) *

Te Puke (New Zealand) *

Teachatt (Ross and Cromerty, UK) *

Tees (Alberta, Canada) *

Termonfeckin (County Louth, Ireland) * meaning "Feichin's refuge"

Texas City Dyke Recreational (Area in Texas City, Texas) *

The America aka America (near Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK) *

The Bastard (a mountain in Scotland, UK) *

The Blind Fiddler (not a pub, Cornwall, UK) *

The Blue Ball (Tullamore, Ireland) *

The Bottom (Saba, the Caribbean Netherlands) *

The Doom Bar (Cornwall, UK) *

The Little Piece (Kent, UK) * a village

The Moorcock Inn (Moorbottom Lane, Sowerby Bridge, UK) *

The Nostrils (Horseshoe Bay, Isle of Wight, UK) *

The Three Bears (English Channel, nr St Michaels Mount, Cornwall) *

The Twittocks (village in Gloucestershire, UK) *

The Wee House, Piddletrentide (Dorset/Hants, England) *

Thirdpart (Ayrshire, Scotland) *

Thong (hamlet in Kent, UK) *

Thorax (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Three Cocks (Breconshire, Wales, UK) *

Three Cocks Lane (Gloucester, UK) *

Three Holes Cross (Cornwall, UK) *

Three Fingers (Flintshire, Wales, UK) *

Thumb Creek (NSW, Australia) *

Thundergay (Isle of Arran, Scotland, UK) *

Tickle Cock Bridge (Castleford, West Yorkshire)* a pedestrian underpass under the railway line

Tiddy Widdy Beach (SA , Australia) *

Tillicum Beach (Nr. Camrose, Alberta, Canada) *

Tillyfar (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Tiltups End (Gloucestershire, UK) *

Tiny (Saskatchewan, Canada) *

Tiptoe (Hampshire, UK) *

Tiptoe (Northumberland, UK) *

Titcomb (near Inkpen, Berkshire, UK) *

Titless (Switzerland) *

Titley (Herefordshire, UK) *

Titson (Cornwall, UK) *

Teeterville (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Titting (Germany) *

Titty Hill (Sussex, UK) *

Tittybong (Victoria, Australia)

Titty Ho (Raunds, Northamptonshire, England) * a road by Hog Dyke

Titz (Germany) *

Toad Suck (Arkansas,US) *

Tofield (Alberta, Canada) *

Tokers Green (Berkshire, UK) *

Tom a' Char (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Tong Fuk (Japan)

Totties (West Riding, Yorkshire, UK) *

Tosu (pronounced Toss; Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan) *

Tosa (Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan) *

Tough (pronounced tooch, aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Treeroot (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

Treewince (Cornwall, UK) *

Tresparrett Posts (Cornwall, UK) *

Trewhiddle (Saint Austell, Cornwall, UK) *

Triangle (New York, USA) *

Trotters Bottom (Potters Bar, Herts, UK) *

Truth or Consequences (New Mexico, US) *

Tuba City (Arizona, US) *

Tunnel City (Wisconsin, USA) *

Turda (Romania)

Turkey City (Pennsylvania, US) *

Turkey Cock Lane (Colchester, Essex, UK) *

Turkey Point (Southern Ontario, Canada) *

Turner's Puddle (Dorset, UK) *

Turnham Green (Middlesex, UK) *

Turnip Hole (Pennsylvania) *

Tutts Clump (Berkshire, UK) * Cock Lane, Tutts Clump, Berkshire, what a funny address!!

Twatt (Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK)

Twatt (Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK)* the most northernly Twatt in the U.K.

Twelveheads (Cornwall, UK) *

Twitty (Texas, USA) *

Two Egg (Jackson County, Panhandle - Florida) *

Two Guns (Arizona, US) *

Two Pots (Devon, UK) *

Twydall (Medway, Kent, UK) *

The isolated Staffordshire village of Flash formerly had a reputation
for being a centre for illegal activities such as bare-fist fights, cock fights
and counterfeiting ('Flash money'); the counterfeit money used to be
exchanged at the nearby Three Shires Head, where Staffordshire,
Cheshire and Derbyshire meet on Axe Edge Moor.

Ubet (Wisconsin, USA) *

Uck (East Sussex, UK) * is it that bad in Sussex?

Ughill (Nr. Sheffield, UK) * maybe a cave man settlement

Ugley (Essex, UK) *

Ugley Green (at Ugley, DUR! , Essex, UK) *

Ugly Mountain (NSW, Australia) *

Unalaska (Alaska, US) *

Under the Wood (Kent, UK) * Sleepy Hollow springs to mind!

Underhoull (Shetland Islands, UK) *

Underriver (Kent, UK) * the winter of 2014!

Underriver Ho (Kent, UK) * and theyr'e laughing here at the winter of 2014!

Unity (Wisconsin, USA) * but, apparently there isn't any!

Unthank (Northumberland, UK) *

Unthank (Derbyshire, UK) *

Up End (Milton Keynes, UK) *

Up Nately (Hampshire, UK) *

Upend (Cambridgeshire, UK) *

Uphill (Somerset, UK) * That's a steep one

Uploders (Dorset, UK) * computer mad town or what!

Uplowman (Devon, UK) *

Upper Bleeding (Sussex, UK) *

Upper Bottomley and Lower Bottomley (Bottomley being a hillside hamlet in West Yorkshire, UK) *

Upper Chute (Hampshire, UK) *

Upper Dicker & Lower Dicker (East Sussex, UK) *

Upper Fattahead (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Upper Knockando (Moray, Scotland) *

Upper Ramsbottom (Lancashire, UK) * "Upper" to distinguish it from Lower Ramsbottom, you understand....

Upper Slaughter & Lower Slaughter (Cotswolds, UK) *

Upperthong (West Riding, Yorkshire, UK) *

Uretiti (pronounced 'Your a titty', New Zealand, North of Auckland) *

Urr Water (Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland) * give us a whiskey!

The village of Lover is close to Sandy Balls nestling in 120 acres
of glorious woods and parkland in the New Forest, UK.

Vatsetter (Shetland Islands, Scotland) * wish he would put it down a bit!!

Vernatt's Drain (Lincolnshire, UK) *

Veribest (Texas, USA) *

Vicarscross (Cheshire, UK) *

Vinegar Hill (Monmouthshire, Wales)*

Virginville (Pennsylvania, US) *

Vulcan (Alberta Canada) *

Wanker's Corner a village in Oregon, USA

Wacker (Illinois, US) *

Waikikamukau (pronounced 'Why-kick-a-moo-cow', New Zealand) * a bogus Maori word for an imaginary small rural town or locality in New Zealand. New Zealanders use the word for "any town" or to denote a particularly remote rural town.

Waipu (pronouced 'Why poo', New Zealand) *

Wags Plot (Dorset, UK) * is this place full of designer shops!!

Walley (Alabama, US) *

Wan King Path (Hong Kong) *

Wank (Germany)

Wankendorf (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

Wankener (India)

Wanker's Corner (Oregon, USA) *

Wankey (NSW, Australia) *

Wankheim (Nr Tuebingen, Sth. Germany) *

Wankie (Zimbabwe) now renamed Hwange *

Wanks River (Nicaragua)

Wankum (Germany)

War (West Virginia, USA) *

War Carr (Northumberland, UK) * a tank?

Warboys (Cambs, UK) *

Ward's Mistake (NSW, Australia) *

Washaway (Cornwall, UK) *

Wash Dyke (Norfolk, UK) * lesbian in need of a bath?

Washpit (West Riding, Yorkshire, UK) * maybe a prehistoric bath.

Wash Water (Berkshire, UK) *

Washer Willys (Fife, UK) *

Watanobbi (NSW, Australia)

Watchamacallit Dam (South Australia) *

Watchet (Somerset, UK) *

Watergate (Cornwall, UK) *

Waterhouses (Staffs, UK) *

Waxahachie (Ellis County, Texas, USA) *

Wedgetail Inn (Cocklebiddy, WA , Australia) *

Wedmore (Somerset, UK) * Liz Taylor must have stayed here

Weecar (Nottinghamshire, UK)* Reliant Robin perhaps

Weed (California, USA) * She's run away from the flowerpot men

Weed Patch (California, USA) * and now she lives here!

Weedon, in the Parish of Hardwick (Buckinghamshire, UK) *

Weedon Lois (Northampton, UK) * aaarrrr - why not Bert??

Weeford (Staffordshire, UK) *

Week (Devon, UK) *

Week Orchard (Cornwall, UK) * I wonder if time is fruitful here?

Weetyfoot (nr Wettyfoot, Banffshire, Scotland) *

Weeping Mary (Texas, USA) *

Welch (Oklahoma, USA) *

Well It Wasnt There Last Year Cave (South Australia) *

Westerly Bottom (Cambridgeshire, UK) *

Westerly Waterless (Cambridgeshire, UK) *

Westward Ho! (Devon, UK) *

Wet Beaver Creek (Coconino National Park, Arizona, USA)

Wet Rain (Yorkshire, UK) *

Wettyfoot (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Wetwang (East Yorkshire, UK) *

Whakaho (New Zealand) * WH is pronounced 'F' in New Zealand

Whakapapa Village (foot of Mt Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand) *

Whakarewarewa (Fuc-A-Ray-Wah-Rey-Wah; geothermal area, New Zealand) *

Whakatane (tane means boy; Bay of Plenty Region, New Zealand) *

Whaplode (Linconshire, UK) *

What Cheer (Iowa, US. ) *people cheer to leave the state, says the sender!!

Whim Knob (Nth Carolina, US) *

Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate (York, UK) * the smallest street in York, 35 metres long and was once the location of the city's pillory, hence the name. On older maps, the street was called "Whitnourwhatnourgate", "Whit nour what nour" meaning "neither one thing, nor the other" in Anglo-Saxon.

Whipass Hill .. accessed by Longbottom Lane (Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK) *

Whipsiderry (Cornwall,UK) *

Whiskey Dick Mountain (State of Washington, US) *

Whistle Bare (Northumberland, UK) *

Whiteface (Texas, USA) *

Whorehouse Meadows (Oregon, US) *

Why (Arizona, US) *

Wideopen (Newcastle, UK) *

Widows Row (County Down, Ireland)*

Wig (Montgomeryshire, Wales) *

Wiggle (Cornwall, UK) *

Wigtown (Wigtownshire, Scotland) * Scotland's National Book Town

Wigtwizzle (Yorkshire, UK) *

Willey (Herefordshire, UK) *

Willey (Shropshire, UK) *

Willey (Warickshire, UK) * lots of Willeys around the UK

Willey (Iowa, USA) * oooo... one in the States too

Windgap (County Kilkenny, Ireland) *

Windy Gap (Trinity Peninsula, Antarctica) *

Windy Yet (Ayrshire, Scotland) *

Wink (Texas, USA) *

Wiske Moor (North Riding, Yorkshire, UK) * not a moor

Withers (Georgia, USA ) *

Wanderoos (Garfield, Wisconsin, USA) * I thought this place was full of cats, not bionic kangaroos.

Wooda (Cornwall, UK) *

Wooden Box (Derbyshire, UK) * renamed Woodville, they could have renamed it Coffin

Woodsaws (Cornwall, UK) *

Woody's Point (Newfoundland, Canada) *

Wookey Hole Caves (Cheddar, Somerset, UK) *

Woolloomooloo (Sydney , NSW, Australia) *

Wormegay (Norfolk, UK) *

Wormelow Tump (Herefordshire, UK) *

Wormhill (Derbyshire, UK) *

Worms (Germany) *

Worms (Nebraska, USA) *

Wormwood Scrubs (London, UK) *

Wreaths (Angus, Scotland) *

Wyalkatchem (while-catch-em, Western Austrlia) *

Wyddial (Hertfordshire, UK) * why indeed, in this digital era

Wyre Piddle (Worcestershire, UK) *

Yelling (Cambs, UK) *

Yellow-Wort (Cornwall, UK) *

Yonder Bognie (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) *

Yondertown of Knock (Banffshire, Scotland) *

Yorkey's Knob (Queensland, Australia) *

You Bet (Nevada County, California, US) *

Yspitty (Carmarthenshire) *

Yspytty Ystrad Meuric, parish of Yspytty Ystwith (Cardiganshire, UK) *

Zap (North Dakota, US) *

Zip Down (Pennsylvania, USA) *

Zzyzx (CA, USA) *

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